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Rpgc-15 Villainous

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To the recipient of this notice,


You have been selected from millions of other nefarious beings to join the prestigious Guild of Villains. We assure you that this is a great honor indeed. Only the most elite and powerful denizens of the universe are ever asked to enter it. If you wish to proceed you are to read the contents of the enclosed book, Villainous, and report to the Dark Tower of Metru-Nui within forty eight hours. If you refuse, you will be terminated and your body dealt with most gruesomely.



-Bytur, Guild Recruiter



This book is the property of- TOA TAVOK.



About this book and I.

The Shadowed One is a wonderful leader indeed. I had the honor of speaking to him directly a few months ago. He gave me special orders to write this book as a guide for aspiring villains. It is a privilege to be penning the words which will inspire millions.

I am the author of this book. I would prefer not to give out my name, as hatred often follows visionaries such as I. You may refer to me simply as Mr. Unknown. Though my name be a secret nothing in this handbook is. Everything written here is on public record. This is not the first time that this information has been compiled.

This is, however, the first time that all this knowledge has been brought together for the express purpose of instructing beings in the way of proper villain technique and informing any skeptics of the Guild's ultimate goal, peace.

Continue to read, and may your doubt and confusion be cleared by the wisdom of our dear leader.

-Mr. Unknown

Dear leader? Is this a love letter?

Introduction to Villainy

Step One

To be a villain is to be one who stands for justice. You must unite the world in order to achieve peace. And to unite the world you must obey the commands of our dear leader, the Shadowed One. He has taken the term “villainy” and forever altered its meaning to the common Matoran. A villain protects and fights for order. They must often be harsh and cruel, but it is all for the greater good.

Heroes fight for justice by the command of Dume!

The greater good can only be achieved if we are of like minds and hearts. All our efforts must be centered around this final goal. Ultimately, to be a villain is to be one who would do anything, including the
putting aside of a so called ethical code
, for the greater good.

Cross Reference- Toa Code.

Yes, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself. But in the end, you must be able to sacrifice those around you without thought or feeling.

Then you will become a true villain.

A Brief History

The only thing we have learned from history is that we have learned nothing from history.

Years ago the illustrious Shadowed One respectfully asked Turaga Dume of Metru-Nui for permission to construct a small base of operations on the island city. The Turaga refused and greatly insulted the Shadowed One by doing so. Enraged by this atrociously discourteous act, the Shadowed One, in his infinite wisdom, sent a group of diplomats to the city in order to bargain one last time. If Dume continued to be belligerent, they were authorized to use force.

Diplomats, yeah right.

We all know the rest of the story. The Turaga scorned the Shadowed One and war broke out between the Toa and the Dark Hunters. The conflict finally ended when Nidhiki wisely turned against his evil Toa brothers and the Shadowed One learned of plots on other islands to send aid to the Toa. The reinforcements never arrived and Turaga Dume and his Toa legions were driven from the city.

Wisely turned? Doesn't mention brutal murder of Nidhiki.

The Shadowed One had claimed victory at last.

Under his leadership, the city of Metru-Nui flourished. Matoran were more productive than ever and the Vahki program expanded to include many islands in the surrounding area.
There was peace, order, and justice in the northern part of the land, the land that the Shadowed One presided over.

Cross Reference- History According to Dume

But in the southern part of the universe, the Toa still lived on. They began sneaking into northern society and terrorizing the inhabitants. Though they call themselves heroic, these beings want nothing more than to destroy your prosperity. Do not listen to anything they say, even if they claim orders from Mata-Nui himself. Know that the Shadowed One holds all the answers to any questions you may have. He is your friend. He will listen to your problems.

Unfortunately, the Shadowed One has not been viewed in public since the onset of the terrorist attacks. About a week after they began he granted audience to a group of six beings of power and majesty. All seven of them entered the topmost chamber in Dark Tower of Metru-Nui and none have been seen since.

Do not fret. The Shadowed One continues to provide us with his guidance through a series of letters to his highest officials.
He assures us that he is well, but must not be seen at this time due to an assassination plot against him.

Evidence suggests death of “dear leader”. See- Guild Structure, "The Six".

One of his most recent commands is the formation of a Guild of Villains, where the most elite beings of the universe can join together in harmony to fight rebellion and bring peace to the world. It is into this wondrous vision of the future that you are being drawn. Please join us in ridding the world of the tyranny of those who would tear down the peace that we have so painstakingly built.

Our future depends on it.

The Known World

The world is a dangerous place. It is dangerous because you exist.

The city of legends is still the center of the universe as well as the focal point of trade and commerce. Under the Shadowed One's reign it has become even more productive than in ages past.
The Matoran are not all rejoicing at this turn of events. The Vahki squadrons brutally enforce the law and many workers drop dead each day.
The central landmark in the city is the Dark Tower. Formerly the Colosseum, it was converted into a base of operations for the Shadowed One and his Dark Hunters. It is now the central hub of all Guild activities.
Rumor has it that the Shadowed One and the Six are performing some sort of tests underneath the city. No one knows for sure.

Northern Continent:
This stretch of land is not nearly as large as its sister, the Southern Continent, but it still manages to be quite expansive. The population density is low, and villages are sparsely spread. Its isolation has made it the ideal place for the Shadowed One to produce his legions of Vahki Enforcers. Nearly all of the continent is one gigantic robot hive. Break a law here and you'll never come back. Please do not do this. We care for your safety and it would be best if you do not break a law.

Kanohi Underground Complex:
The Kanohi Underground, a group of terrorists, smugglers, and pirates, have constructed a hidden base somewhere within Guild territory. Do not worry, the Dusk Patrol is searching for it as we speak and will rout out the disturbers of the peace soon enough.
They have built their main facility hidden among the metallic innards of the Vahki Hive in the Northern Continent. It's the perfect place, really. Any electronic scans that the Vahki do only bring up the hideout as another part of the hive. However, their position is precarious. Fighting behind enemy lines is one thing, but living there is absolutely absurd.

The former Dark Hunter fortress has dwindled over the years until it is now practically a ghost town. The Shadowed One simply had no further use for it and he does not care for its well being, as all the sensitive materials have been taken to Metru-Nui already. This is wisdom in the Shadowed One, for if items of such importance had been deserted there, they surely would have been found.
The island has not yet been touched by Vahki forces. If anyone is seeking a safe haven from oppression head to Odina. Next League meeting to be held here in four days. Arrival by Kanohi Underground shipping is planned.

Reminder- Pack for trip to meeting.

Stelt and Xia:
These twin islands lay on the border of the Shadowed One's empire. Xia remains the island factory and shipping harbor that it always was, but Stelt has been converted into a prison for those beings who would be most hateful against our dear leader. Often times, people are imprisoned under false pretenses and never given a fair trial. The inmates are continually at work, building new cells and interrogation chambers for themselves and those to come.

In an attempt to cut off the southern islands from northern trade the Shadowed One ordered the formation of a siege blockade. Fortunately, these efforts have been futile due to constant smuggling of goods and supplies by the Kanohi Underground. The blockade slowly encroaches upon southern territory each day. It is unknown how long it will be until Guild troops land on the shores of the Southern Continent.

The Brotherhood of Makuta remains on somewhat friendly terms with the Guild. Having been removed from power by the Shadowed One's decisive conquest, they have retreated back to their fortress. Currently they have formed an alliance with the Guild. Any Brotherhood member gets free passage through Guild territories in exchange for periodically raiding the neighboring, nasty, hero filled islands.
It is our suspicion that the Brotherhood is up to much more than this. It has something to do with the Six.

Southern Islands:
Kinda funny how the author refuses to mention these places in his “map of the world”. Anyway, the Toa have fled to the Southern Continent and the surrounding islands and are now under the wise and strong leadership of Turaga Dume. Everyday we take in new refugees from assorted northern islands. In fact, one survivor brought us these books, so that we can know what the enemy is doing. Our supplies are running low, and it doesn't help that people have begun to question Dume. I for one am loyal to our Turaga and would do anything for him.

The island base of the Order of Mata-Nui. I haven't had the chance to visit yet, but I hear tell it is the most perilous island in the universe. The terrain is particularly treacherous. Vacations are not recommended.

Guild Structure

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

The Guild of Villains
is built of three main parts, called microfactions. This is all part of the genius plan that our dear leader has designed. He separated power between these three microfactions so that no one person besides himself could gain ultimate power.

-The Dark Hunters:
The Dark Hunters comprise the largest portion of Guild membership. They were the original inspiration for the Guild.
They continue to do what they've always done; steal and murder.
Any previous activities have been put on hold due to continued efforts at destroying the Toa. The Dark Hunters are the foot soldiers in this struggle against the evils of so called “heroism”. The puny Toa and their Turaga leader do not stand a chance.

How dare they question the ability of Turaga Dume!

-The Vahki Hordes:
Stationed in the immense hive of the northern continent, the Vahki are your average policeman and will attempt to enforce the law upon you no matter your station or rank. All six types have been mass produced and cover nearly every island in Guild territory. Only our dear leader himself can command them, so I suggest not starting a street fight or killing civilians at random.
They will hunt you down. Stay out of trouble at all costs.

-The Dusk Patrol:
The Vahki are robots and can only do so much. They don't think like real beings do and so can't form strategies outside programmed maneuvers. Enter the Dusk Patrol, the most loved group of law enforcers in the land. They keep the peace at all costs. They will listen to your pleas for mercy and acquit you if they see fit. The common pedestrian has nothing to worry about with them around. Just do not get on their bad side or they will exact the Shadowed One's justice upon you where you stand.

The Shadowed One knows nothing of justice. Look to Dume for guidance.

-The Six:
Recent intelligence from Kanohi Underground and Order spies suggest that there is another faction at play in this game. Their intentions are unknown, but we can piece together that they may have murdered the Shadowed One. More information must be gathered.

Personal notes for reference.

The Brotherhood of Makuta
is the final faction left in the known world. They have allied themselves with our dear leader and continue to be of great importance to our efforts. Please respect them as you would any Guild member. Only beings of the Makuta species may formally join the Brotherhood but they have many spaces available for lesser beings who wish to contribute to this great cause. The Brotherhood has no microfactions.

Allied with Six?

The League of Heroes
is an informal alliance between three microfactions. The goal is to bring down the villains and the Shadowed One's rule. But first we must survive.

-The Toa Union:
Most Toa who escaped Guild territory have banded together in a union of brothers and sisters dedicated towards restoring a true peace to the world under the leadership of Turaga Dume. He guides us in this quest and will not lead us astray. Mata-Nui would never allow it. There has, recently, been some unrest among the ranks of the Toa. Some say that Dume has been corrupted by his power and wish to incite rebellion against him. I am enraged at the very thought. All who protest our commander will be dealt with peaceably if we can, forcibly if we must. They must be exterminated.

-The Kanohi Underground:
The Matoran who make our battle against the Guild possible are those that serve in the Kanohi Underground, a group of freedom fighters who provide us with information, supplies, and refugees on a nearly daily basis. It is largely comprised of Matoran, but they often are able to better fight than many Toa I know. The identity of their leader is kept secret from all but Turaga Dume. Where would we be without them?

-The Order of Mata-Nui:
I never knew that this group of elite beings even existed until they revealed themselves to us very recently. They claim to have a mandate from Mata-Nui himself, through their prophetess/leader Helryx. I don't know whether or not Helryx actually communes with the Great Spirit, but her soldiers are great at any form of combat and are a huge help in battle. I'll tolerate their crazy religious devotion any day as long as they keep their swords sharp.

Rules of Villainy

The best way to control a population is through a system of punishments and rewards.

All BZP rules apply.

No G-Modding:
For newer players this means that you can’t do anything outside of the realms of reason or the bounds which have been set in this handbook to villainy. Yes, you can do crazy things, but they must have a complete explanation and cannot undermine the basic structure of the Guild.

No Spamming:
This is posting anything inside the RPG that does not relate in some way to the RPG.

No Flaming:
Seriously, nobody wants to hear you rant about everything from cheese to pie. If you feel angry don’t take it out on us. Go throw a temper tantrum somewhere else. If there is a dispute, take it up with the staff and we’ll try to sort it out. This rule includes being unnecessarily cruel to players, especially ones that may be new to RPGs.

Distinguish between IC
(In Character)
and OOC
(Out of Character)

Do not act like Guild Officers
(Staff) and reprimand other players. We as Guild Officers have probably noticed these problems and are getting to them. There is no need for you to do our job. If you feel there is a problem with a certain player then PM a Guild Officer and we will take care of it for you. You may make polite suggestions, but dealing out punishments is strictly forbidden.

Follow Guild Officer rulings
, but if you feel we are wrong on a certain subject feel free to tell us.

Guild Members are obligated to give recaps
or answer questions when requested. This is less of a rule and more of general RPing etiquette.

Do not control other Guild Members
(Playable Characters) without permission of the player.

Do not kill Guild Members
without the permission of the player.

Do something crazy.
I am dead serious about this rule. Games get stale unless there are things happening at all times. If you get bored, do something crazy and draw other players into your own little sidestory. That is an order.

Punishments and rewards are doled out based on a multitude of factors such as consistency, severity, and helpfulness.

Dume has nearly the same rules! Hmmm...


Guild Application

To join the Guild, please take the following application to the base on Discussion Topic Avenue before sending a personal message to the Shadowed One himself. Do not place the application in the base on Profiles Topic Avenue until you have been accepted into the guild. An unlimited number of applicants will be accepted, but we ask you to have moderation in this regard.

[b]Code Name:[/b]

Similar applications are accepted at the League of Heroes as well.

Guild Officers

They will keep you in line and enforce the rules of villainy.






There are devious beings who would wish to deceive you.

And now, my friends, we have reached the end of this enlightening journey. But there is more that I have to say. The knowledge you have acquire from reading these passages is precious. Guard it from devious beings who would wish to deceive you and lead you down another path.

They are the extremists of the world; Turaga that send their Matoran to distant lands without aid or oppress their charges into building monuments in commemoration of their greatness. There are traitorous Toa and murderous Matoran. An example would be of the terrorist Kanohi Underground, who bomb buildings on a regular basis in the name of peace.

Note to self- Question KU as to recent activities and inquire after success of bombing mission.

I ask you, are bombs, launchers, and swords peace? No, they are instruments of war and the Toa use them with reckless abandon. The Shadowed One does not want to engage in conflict; but he must, for the sake of the average denizen of the universe. Remember what you have learned and you will find peace.

May the wisdom of the Shadowed One and the light of Mata-Nui be your guide.

-Mr. Unknown.

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