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Shame On You, Inferna :p

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Question for all. What are your top three RPG's for this contest?

1. CoR

2. Darkness Falls

3. Night Ride


-Inferna, Guardian Mistress

Lack of Villainous makes me cry. :crying:

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I need to read these entries at some point.


Cuz all I know of is CoR and Villains/Villainy/whatever the ending is.

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We all know your RPGs fail. She was only being realistic. :P



It's not a matter of 'if' Imagine fails, but 'when'.

Seriously though, Villainous had better do better than Abyssal Plain and Playground or we're all going to be very disappointed :P

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EW- :(


TPTI- Ah, but there's the point. I'm not going to let Imagine or Villainous fail. And Playground, for all intents and purposes, was actually pretty good. I wouldn't call 40 pages a failure. :P


The problem with IF and AP was that I gave up too early instead of pushing on. As soon as I declared it a failure it became a failure because I stopped trying.


Inferna- I know, lol.

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