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9/30- Villainous Recap

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So you want to jump in to EF's awesome new RPG, Villainous, but it's moving too fast and too many things have happened with even more on the way. The story is incredibly convoluted and you have no idea where to start. That's what this blog entry is for. Just like with Imagine, this will be updated every Saturday as an ongoing recap. Unlike Imagine, this will use a listed recap format, much easier to manage.


Everything You Need to Know to Jump Into Villainous


1. The Shadowed One has comitted suicide.

-He appointed someone known only as Mr. Unknown to reign in his stead.

-No one knows who or where Mr. Unknown is.

-In his farewell speech, TSO inserted a hidden clue that says "Follow the Light of Mata Nui to Zakaz".

-The players have yet to decide on what exactly that means.


2. There is a secret faction known as "the Six".

-The faction is comprised of players who are notified of their involvement in the faction via PM.

-These characters must not reveal their identity.

-These characters will decide on future plot developments, notify me, and I will post the story advancements.

-Other players have an overriding quest to uncover the members of this faction and discover its goals before it's too late.


3. There is a League of Heroes meeting on Odina.

-All the leaders of the League Microfactions will be present.

-A mysterious figure known as the Silent One welcomes people to the meeting.

-Somehow, the Shadowed One appeared and detonated Odina.

-Turaga Dume was killed in the explosion.

-A shapeshifting Dark Hunter has taken his place.

-The League is relocating to Zakaz.


4. The Vahki have been reprogrammed and are taking over Metru-Nui.

-The robots proclaim themselves emperors of the known universe.

-The Vahki are killing everything in sight.

-Morrakh has assumed command of the hordes.

-No one knows who reprogrammed the Vahki.

-The Vahki are no longer a Guild Microfaction. They have created their own faction.



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