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Pokemon: Stench Of Blood

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So, I was sifting through all my old files and I came across this one. Some of you will probably remember it because it was an awesome RPG. But reading over it, I can't help but think that I have become way too critical of games these days, as if there was a set manner in which games are supposed to be crafted and played out. A bunch of things in this game would be absolutely ripped apart by myself and the current lineup of judges. Perhaps I need to rethink judging philosophy.


Just for kicks I put it up here. Yes, it's the original format, BBC and spelling errors and all. :P


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A scientist bent carefully over his work. The blue glow of the computer screen illuminated his haggard face. Absorbed in his study, he did not see the black clad figure sneak up behind him. There was a bang and the smell of smoke and blood filled the air.


The being pulled a memory chip from the computer and placed it in his pocket. Then he snapped his fingers. A black behemoth melted out of the shadows and fell upon the body of the scientist, ripping it to shreds as it devoured the corpse.


No, this isn’t some horror game like Killer 7 or No More Heroes. This is a Pokemon world.


And you are in it.


Pokemon: Stench of Blood


Welcome to the first ever Pokemon RPG! If you don’t know what Pokemon is then you’ve lived in a cave all your life. If you do then you probably lament the horrendously weak plot line of the story ever since Gold Version. This RPG plans to rectify that.


Another outburst you may have is something along the lines of “Pokemon already is an RPGzorz!1111111111ONE!”. Yeah Pokemon is an RPG, but it’s an incredibly limited RPG. Why don’t you come and make your own adventure instead of relying on pre made quests and so forth?


Without further ado, let us begin.




Project Unbounded. The culmination of years of research and field study. The reason for the invention of the Pokedex. The true purpose behind sending trainers on journeys. Professors of all the islands were part of it along with several others. They never told a soul its true meaning.


Now Team Rocket discovered its existence. Agents were been sent out to assassinate prominent players in the project, such as Oak, Birch, and Elm. They succeeded and the crime syndicate began its own research into the possibilities of such a development.


The rewards of success are enormous. None could challenge their dominance. Team Rocket has nearly completed the project. They are just missing one crucial piece. In an act of desperation Lance, the champion of the Elite Four, placed the data inside a normal Pokeball. He never revealed its location and suffered hideous torture.


Since Lance was unable to send a message to his comrades, the remaining members of Project Unbounded set off on a quest to recover the Pokeball and save the world from Team Rocket. But the syndicate is also on a journey for the exact same purpose. They will not play fair. They play for keeps. Meanwhile, new Pokemon trainers are just beginning on their own travels. Oblivious to the conflict around them they trudge through the perils of this world.


The war in the shadows still rages and even those with a clogged nose can perceive the stench of blood.


Story Progression


Each faction has specific goals that they wish to accomplish but largely the progression of the story is completely up to you. There are thirty seven badges that can be obtained along with the Battle Tower and the Elite Four.


Story will be furthered by posts called Trainer Memos which give specific goals that must be accomplished for the story to continue. Of course you are free to explore the Pokemon world at your leisure. Just things could get stale very quickly.


Playing the Game




Pokemon Trainers: As the core faction in the game, you’d think they’d be more aware of the conflict around them. Not a chance! These trainers live for the pokemon they carry and are the only group with the ability to breed or battle the Elite Four. Some trainers have been recruited by the Scientist to help with apprehending Team Rocket.


Defining Characteristics


Ability to carry six Pokemon at once.

Ability to breed Pokemon.

Ability to enter the Battle Tower.

Ability to battle the Elite Four.




Obtain all thirty seven Gym Badges.

Defeat the Elite Four.

Become the world’s best Pokemon Trainer.

Aid the Scientists if possible.


Scientists: The remaining members of Project Unbounded are small in number yet still great in power. They race against the forces of Team Rocket in a grand effort to save the world from destruction. Having worked on Project Unbounded they know the consequences of misuse and they aren’t pretty.


Defining Characteristics


Only able to carry three Pokemon at once.

Each have a special mind power.

Ability to clone Pokemon.

Obtain two badges by completing goals instead of one.




Defeat Team Rocket in the race for the Pokeball.

Recruit Trainers to your cause.

Escape assassination by Team Rocket operatives.

Complete Project Unbounded or destroy all records of it.


Team Rocket: Organized crime at its finest, Team Rocket once ravaged the regions of Pokemon. Then they were disbanded by a young trainer. Now they have risen again, greater and more terrible than ever before. Nothing can stop them from achieving their goal of obtaining domination.


Defining Characteristics


Only able to carry two Pokemon at once.

Able to carry weapons.

Obtain up to two badges after a victorious battle.




Defeat the Scientists in the race for the Pokeball.

Recruit Trainers to your cause.

Assassinate Scientists.

Unleash the horror of Project Unbounded upon the world.

Crush all who stand in your way.


Universal Traits


Ability to utilize PCs.

Ability to utilize Pokemon Centers and Marts.

Ability to catch wild Pokemon.

Ability to trade Pokemon.

Ability to release caught Pokemon.




There are no made up Pokemon in this RPG, only those that have been featured in the Pokemon games. A list of Pokemon can be found here.


Catching, Breeding, Cloning, and Releasing


Catching: The standard way to obtain new Pokemon. Catching only occurs with wild Pokemon. Only certain Pokemon can be found in certain areas. For example you wouldn’t be able to catch a Slugma in an ice cave. Catching a Pokemon is guaranteed if you have at least one badge. Of course you can have it break out if you want. Pokemon unable to be caught include starters (except Pikachu) and legendaries.


Breeding: A technique only usable by Trainers to obtain new Pokemon, breeding runs hot and cold. It takes five IC posts to successfully breed a Pokemon. However, once it is hatched it can have any of the moves that either of its parents have. The Pokemon always hatches at the first stage of evolution. Breeding can happen at any time as long as you have a female and a male Pokemon.


Cloning: This ability is only available to Scientists and can only be performed at labs. Cloning occurs instantly yet it has some drawbacks. Cloning creates an exact copy and does not grant any special abilities.


Trading: If two players agree, they can each pick a Pokemon to trade between them. There are no trade backs so choose wisely.


Releasing: The act of releasing a Pokemon removes it from your PC or party into the wild. It cannot be caught again by anyone.




Evolution: This is caused when a Pokemon progresses through the stages of its life. It is caused when the player obtains a certain amount of badges and takes two posts to perform. Evolution is irreversible so once again choose wisely.


Evolve once with twenty three badges.

Evolve twice with forty seven badges.




Moves: Any Pokemon has the ability to use any of its moves that it could possibly learn A bred Pokemon can use all the moves of its parents. There are no real restrictions for moves. TMs and HMs must be found through quests or rewarded by staff.


Some moves have more potency against certain types than others. Using these moves gives you an additional advantage. Use this type chart to determine which moves are best and when.


Badges and Battling




There are thirty seven normal Badges and ten extra for a grand total of forty seven badges in the game. By completing the goals in each Memo, players can obtain even more badges.


8 each from Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto gyms.

5 from Orange Islands.

6 from the Battle Tower.

4 from the Elite Four.

? from Battles.

? from Goals

? from Rewards.


As you can see the possible amounts of badges are only dependant upon how long one plays the game and how long the game lasts. Long time players gain the obvious advantage over new ones because they have more badges. What is the importance of obtaining these Badges?


Battling of course!




The outcome of the Battle is swayed depending on how many badges the Players have in comparison to each other. Basically it’s a leveling system only player driven. Another factor in battling is the evolution level. Evolution erases all badge advantage for the opposing player.


Example: Player A (47) uses Caterpie while Player B (42) uses Metapod. Player A’s advantage has been removed because Metapod is a higher evolution level than Caterpie. The battle is now decided by the players.


Battles are not necessarily turn based and it is up to the player how they should battle with others. Winning a battle results in the opposing player rewarding you with either a badge or a Pokemon.


Battles are won when all the player’s Pokemon have been KOed.




Kanto: The setting of the games Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow and probably the first location that comes to mind at the mention of the word Pokemon.


Johto:[/u] The setting of the games Gold, Silver, and Crystal (the best ones) and known for its twin towers.


Hoenn: The setting of the games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and the site of the Elite Four.


Sinnoh: The setting of the games Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum and the location of the Battle Tower.


Orange Islands: A cluster of islands visited in a season of the anime series.


Joining the RPG


To join the RPG simply submit this form via a post in this topic. You may start with two characters at once.





Mind Power: (If applicable)

Weapon: (If applicable)

Home Region:





Each time you obtain a new Pokemon (evolution, catching etc.) notify staff and we will create a list of your Pokemon under your profile. Same thing with badges.


Rules and Rewards




No g-modding: This means no doing anything beyond the realm of the imaginable. Don’t abuse your mind powers either.

No spamming: Defined as anything unrelated to the RPG without anything else related to the RPG in the same post.

No Flaming: Seriously, nobody wants to hear you rant about everything from cheese to pie. If you feel angry don’t take it out on us. Go throw a temper tantrum somewhere else. If there is a dispute, take it up with me and I’ll try to sort it out.

Follow all established BZP rules and guidelines.

Distinguish between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) in some way.

Follow all staff rulings

Do not act like staff and reprimand other players. We as staff have probably noticed these problems and are getting to them. There is no need for you to do our job. If you feel there is a problem with a certain player then PM staff and we will take care of it for you.

Players are obligated to give recaps or answer questions when requested. Refusal to do so results in the loss of two badges. It is possible to have negative badges.

Do not control other PCs without permission of the player.

Do not kill PCs with the permission of the player.

Do not take the Pokemon of other players.

Players can only begin after submitting their form.


Rewards and Punishment




If you break any rules you will be punished on the context of the rule breaking and the severity of the rule.




The game naturally rewards long time players with abundance in badges and therefore an advantage in battle. There are some rewards that can be given out by staff only and are rewarded to good RPers.


Rewards include:



Rare Pokemon

Extra Chars








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Sorry Exo, but you might want to remove the links to that particular wiki. As awesome as it is, it contains forums and blogs.

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Dokuma III- I thought it was irrelevant since pretty much every wiki has some sort of commenting system or blog, but I removed the links anyway.


Bunda- Yeah, lol. I think a better title would have been Pokemon: Project Unbounded.

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Dokuma III- I thought it was irrelevant since pretty much every wiki has some sort of commenting system or blog, but I removed the links anyway.


Bunda- Yeah, lol. I think a better title would have been Pokemon: Project Unbounded.

True, but I have been asked by staff to remove that specific website from my posts when I've linked to it.


That would have been much better. XD



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