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*is Mad*

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You know, you guys are capable of doing things in my absence. I'm not the be all end all of my RPGs. The game is nothing, absolutely nothing, without the players. So buck up, and at least start acting like the most important and influential part of the game.



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I rely on the fluid replying of those I interact with, or at least a good flow to the story with plot part I can use. And even, so, I refuse to post a RP post all the time, because I like time gaps.


Not like I can really do all that much, anyways, lol.


So take a chill pill. Surely you should know you aren't the only one with RPGs that go like this. Nih's Sunder is going slow, too, so take it easy. You're right, the players are the most important part of an RPG, but can you blame them for being busy? Besides, Spink, that is.



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If a GM doesn't show his face once in a while, people assume he's abandoned the RPG. So they lose interest in it. Console sandbox games work because they always have the computer and the AI there, there's always a presence that there is something to work with you or against you. So in a sandbox TBRPG the GM has to do the same.

A sandbox console wouldn't work if the player was literally dumped in a giant sandbox with nothing around them, no instructions, no NPCs. Same goes for TBRPGs

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Yeah, it took me a little while to calm down. I know you've all suffered from this, which is why I didn't name a specific game. I was speaking of all games in general.


Sorry if ya'll took it differently, and yeah, I was mad. :P

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