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Farshtey Feed (p234-235)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yeah... sometimes it's easier when I save this for Saturday.

• After pursuing Stronius after the battle at Roxtus, Gelu failed to capture him and is now with the rest of the Glatorian.
• The Skrall River has been undammed.
• Tarduk, Crotesius, and Kirbold had an encounter with the baterra after meeting the Element Lord of Rock while walking for hours along the banks of the River Dormus.


• Since the Matoran universe robot was constructed near the Great Being's fortress at the Valley of the Maze, it would follow that that fortress is where the Ignika was forged.
• On Tarduk's second trip up north made during the events of The Legend Reborn, he is already at the Valley of the Maze when Mata Nui meets him there.

• There is valley called Lein's Drift is on Bota Magna, at a drift (ford) in one of the rivers. Lein was a jungle Agori who first opened a trading post there. Lein is long dead and will not appear in story.
• The Spherus Magna Field of Mist is located in northern Bota Magna.

• The Great Beings used energized protodermis to stabilize the Matoran universe's preexisting power source; the energized protodermis did not replace it. This original power source is of the same type which the Element Lords seek in the Valley of the Maze.
• Lewa Nuva is not in possession of all of Tren Krom's powers while trapped in his body, since Tren Krom's powers are mostly mental and not physical.
• On Matoran healing capabilities: "They have no need to do so, for the most part, because their organic parts are shielded so well from outside forces. But just as the tissue spontaneously regenerates when you attach new parts, it can to a limited degree regenerate itself the same way ours can."
• The Red Star also contains energized protodermis and a power source similar to what the Matoran universe contains.
• When the Ignika devolves Tahu into his Toa Mata form, the effect is achieved over a long distance.

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