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Double: Crime And The City

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Grey Snow


I have finally named the full version of my short story, Double. As you can probably see, it keeps the "Double" title, but expands on it more, to show what the epic is about.




It's a unique epic for me to write, to feature crime as the main purpose. A typical arc involves some form of crime taking place, and the investigation into it. That, as well as the "double" which is the meaning of the title. The power that Linke and Recht have through the Duos Stones, to merge into one single Toa and do battle (though combat chapters are actually rare. Most chapters focus on crime, as opposed to fusion combat).


Some basic updates that I'll share right now:

  • I will begin posting it as soon as a few things get run through C.I.R.C.L.E. and hopefully, approved. If not, I'll have to rewrite chapters or revise articles to try to get it to work in the C.I.R.C.L.E. universe.
  • The main protagonist is Linke. The character of Recht has his starring moments, but Linke is the main star of the epic.
  • Each chapter is titled without "chapter", but rather, "Day". The short story is actually going to be reposted and titled "Day One". The second chapter takes place the next day, and takes on the title "Day Two", and so on. Days will skip around, to pass time on Doppel Nui and the storyline. At the moment, I predict 40 chapters spanning 100 days. I believe I'm on Day Seventeen right now, which is about the tenth chapter.
  • There will be a small, side epic, composed of approximately five to seven chapters. This will be fundamental to understanding the entire storyline behind Double, but not a mandatory read. It's the origin story that we briefly glimpsed at the start of Day One, showing us how Linke and Recht became a team, got a hold of the Duos Stones, and arrived at Doppel Nui.
  • As seen in "Day One", we meet Gahla, and her unnamed partner-named Derr (thanks to Toa Ausar for that name). I confirm that they make up half of the initial main cast of characters (Linke and Recht, of course, being the other half). As we go on, we will meet more characters who will join the main cast. This, however, will be sporadic and no characters are safe (a practice I started in Bara Magna Chronicles).


And that's about it.

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As I previously stated in the Short Story Review Topic, I'm excited to see this full length Epic set in the primary C.I.R.C.L.E. Universe. :happydance:


I'm also eager to see what this side Epic will entail as well. :unsure:


Anyway, keep up the excellent work and thanks for the update. ;)


Until next time.


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I actually have no idea yet what the side epic will contain. All I know is it'll be the origin story. Other than that, I've really got nothing for it yet. So I'll be interested in seeing too.

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