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Double Mocs

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Grey Snow


Out of boredom starting last Friday, and continuing last night and today, I have MOCed the characters of Double: Crime and the City.









(can't name since the character appears later on)



Unnamed avian being

Member of Lariska's species

Skakdi of Lightning (custom face and spine included, instead of reusing Thok or Vezok spines)


Partially complete:

Recht/Linke Toa form.*



*I'll probably order some masks from an online store, and recolor them to make them two tone, since that's where I'm stuck at. That, and the torso was a pain, but it works well enough.



I plan on MOCing the Dark Hunter from Day One, and other DH who appear as it goes on, as well as various Matoran we meet on the cases.


Hopefully the first pictures will be up by Sunday.

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I'll probably post all five Matoran once the fifth appears, and the DH and villains as they appear in story.


I don't know if I'm still going to do the Toa. As I worked on other MOCs, the Toa just seemed...off to me. I had a way to make him appear dual colored, but the more I looked at it, the worse it looked. I just scrapped it (and the custom Kanohi coloring ideas), and will just leave the Toa as either pictureless and up to the imagination, or a picture I'll draw at some point.

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