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Minor Matters

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-- For those of you kind enough to ask, it is confirmed that I will NOT be at Comic-Con this year. I asked not to go because I have a family commitment around that time this year.


-- If you PM me a question, please make sure that your account is set up to receive PMs. I have had a number of people send me things that I then cannot answer because their settings are adjusted to not accept private messages.



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Its good that Greg gets a break from the BIONICLE world. He can have time to be the man of the family.

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It's a bit silly to ask someone a question if they can't answer...


As for me, I can't reach you for some reason, so I send my messages via generous BZPers...

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We talked about you probably not attending Comic-Con in the 2nd episode of the BS01 Podcast, but it is really sad to find out you won't be going for sure. :-/


Hopefully you can show up somewhere else. That would really be great.

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