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Tale Of Dragons: Prologue

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Tale of Dragons


I, Charliezard, was originally a simple Matoran from Ta-Metru, I worked hard with my fellow Matoran friends.
I lived a perfectly normal life.

But one day, I and three other Matoran, not from Metru-Nui, were sent to a nearby island by our local Turaga
to discuss trading proposals.

When I first arrived, the thing that caught my eye was a huge white and golden temple, not only that
but there were Matoran at work everywhere! This island was known for being one of the most peaceful and technologically advanced islands, so I've heard.

Though I did not get to enter the temple, I and the other Matoran were going to meet in a almost as beautiful building; the Global Trade Station.

I was apparently the first to arrive, as I was told by the Turaga who led me to the Union Room.

Not shortly after, the three Matoran arrived, one by one.

The first was a female Ko-Matoran, who introduced herself as Glacias.
The other was a male Fe-Matoran, a Matoran of Iron, named Titanix.
Third of the Matoran was a Matoran of Lightning, before he had the chance to introduce himself, Glacias started to run towards him.

"Greetings Thonux!", Glacias cheerfully said with her arms high while she was running to hug Thonux.

"Hello sister!", Thonux said with a smile on his mask, while preparing to hug the Ko-Matoran.

Titanix did not say anything at first, neither did I, as I tend to be a
little bit shy.

We sat down and started to discuss the proposal to start trades between our villages,
Everything worked out fine, we came to decisions that would benefit
our cities, our tribes, everyone of our fellow citizens.

But suddenly we heard an alarm, and Matoran shouting!


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