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Nick Admits Spongebob/patrick Are Gay?

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Grey Snow


So, going through channels today, saw the Valentine's Day Spongebob where he gets a giant valentine for Patrick. So, I watch a few minutes as it goes to commercial...and...it's Nick's "Secret Crush" weekend, or something like that.


The obvious answer?


They openly admit the relationship of Spongebob and Patrick? I certainly think they admitted it today...

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Like a chinese quote:


Da shih Chin Ma shih Ai


(When you hit (punish for someone's sins?) someone it means you have feelings for her. When you swear (out of good intention actually) someone it means you love her)



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Oh, Mata Nui...... :sick:


Well, there is A strange thing between them, but its A kids show, so I don't think so. But they do act like their five.

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