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Bara Magna Chronicles 2 Information

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Grey Snow


To anyone who has read/is reading the Bara Magna Chronicles, some new information as of tonight:


1. 40 chapters is the 2010 storyline. I am on, I believe, the 16th chapter as of today.

2. The chapters, instead of continuing "Round" is going to change, showing the change in storyline. It becomes "Sermon".

3. At the least, two short stories will be written and posted as companion storylines to go with the 40 chapters. One is instrumental in bridging the gap between the chapter I wrote yesterday, and the storyline that continues into today's chapter that I'm writing, and beyond to the final chapter. The other is just to bring some characterization that I want to get inside, but hadn't the room to put into actual chapters.

4. MOCs of most characters were done, and now, the only "unseen" characters will be Certavus and the Lords. Certavus is not the official image in real canon, but when we see the Lords, they will be, most likely. The Sisters of the Skrall will be drawn, not MOCed, most likely.


That's about it.

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