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Will Moc For Free!

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Grey Snow


Yup, I'm going to hire myself out. If you want a MOC created by me:


For all MOCS:



MOC: (Toa? Makuta? Titan? Vehicle? Rahi? Etc.)


For Toa/Makuta/Titan/Similar MOC:


Color Scheme:


Kanohi/Helmet: (if applicable)

Anything Else:


For Vehicle:


Vehicle Design: (motorcycle, boat, etc.)


Rider Size:

Anything Else:


For Rahi/Creature:


Animal Type:



Color Scheme:

Anything Else:





You can submit up to three proposals for me at any given time.

I will do them in the order that I receive them.

Post them here, do not PM them to me.

If I do not have the parts to complete your MOC, I will let you know and ask if any changes can be made to go with that. Otherwise, I will have to decline ones I cannot build.

I will post in my blog with a link to the topic that your MOC is hosted in upon completion.

Come back any time, but you must wait a week after I have completed your MOC(s) before you can request again.

I will finish within three days once I have taken your request, unless something comes up, or you will get rule-free requests-five of them-for one month, should I fail within the time limit.




Unfortunately, most of my new, best MOCs are still on my camera, and I will not upload them until they are needed. So here's only a few samples, not the best by any means, however, but pretty good.


Makuta Eish


Gallery for a contest, Deadshot


Mistika and Takanuva



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