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Oh I Wish...

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Taka Nuvia


I could do this: :smeag:


But I always get headaches from that. Horrible ones.


Aaanyways, HammerFall is awesome. Melodic, and , if I dare say so (please don't tear me apart 'cause I know nothing :cry: ) old-school.

I have to admit that I know zero about genres and what is what, so I go by what I hear.


And what do I hear?


"At the End of the Rainbow" by HammerFall. :D

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You know, I once heard about someone dying by going :smeag:, so many it's for the best that you don't do that... :P

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My brother is probably the greatest headbanger of all time :P He's a punk rocker and hair down to the middle of his back. He can keep it up for minutes at a time, lol. I don't know how he does it!

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The band-leader of Iced earth actually dislocated vertebrae and injured his neck because of headbanging. That is the reason why he's usually seen standing around kinda oblivious during concerts, just playing his guitar.

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I can, although I don't usually headbang while listening to music or playing guitar. If if I'm confident about not messing up I'll nod my head to the beat...

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