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The Rpg Forum Is Dying And You Can Save It

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The best forum on this whole freaking site is dying a slow and painful death. But there is hope! We can save the forum! All you have to do is vote in the RPGC! Convince your friends to vote! Raise awareness of the awesomeness that penetrates the forum!


RPGC17 Contest Topic

RPGC17 Semifinal Poll 1 RPGC17 Semifinal Poll 2

RPGC17 Final Poll




Night Falls -Skakdi Warlord Gold

The long forgotten island of Mazran Nui was a beautiful place of peace and light. Then the Makuta attacked, and split the Gods of the land into beings of light and darkness. The epic conflict of good and evil continues even in this long lost land.


The Three That Are One

The Three That Are One -Twilight Titan Lord

As Ackar chronicles the history of the Grafting and the coming together of the peoples of the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna, he knows little of the ever present dangers that lurk in the shadows.



City of Steam -Toa of Dancing

Giant mechas and steampunk machines are the norm as Matoran society expands through the stars. But can the species survive the impending doom of intergalactic warfare with the Deities?


The Legend of Mata Nui

The Legend of Mata Nui -Imperial Officer

The plan failed for both the Makuta and the Toa. Without the Turaga or Toa to lead them, the Matoran tribes have soon descended into violent warfare. Where is the unity that once permeated this island paradise?



Break -TMV-Spirit Nui

The races of the world have left the virtues and the path of Mata Nui by creating an extremely corrupt organization known as the Great Council. Will you be the one to restore all that is right and good?



Onto the World -Tahuisgreat

The Blood Tide slumbers beneath the feet of the unsuspecting Matoran on Eldriis Nui. But outside forces threaten the solitude of the peaceful villagers. The tide of blood is coming.


Aku-Nui: Black Sun

Aku-Nui: Black Sun -The X

The Black Sun has struck Aku-Nui and sucked all light from its surface. Shadowy clones of the villagers are most of what remains under the vale of darkness. All hope has departed.


Top Secret: Operation Endgame

Top Secret: Operation Endgame -Tafu

Welcome to Cesren-Nui, Agent. The Great Empress is the ruler here and has been for who knows long. All the agencies want your skills at their disposal. Make sure to bring your license to kill.


Run For Your Life!

Run For Your Life! -I Am Become Death

The twisted world of Mata-Nui's dreams has fallen into chaos. The only hope of safety from the advancing horde lies in a far distant stronghold. Is this the end of the line and can we make it in time?



Darkspace -Lloyd the White Wolf

The Nightstars have invaded the lands of the Solar Legion, kidnapping and transforming helpless Matoran into mutated zombie cyborgs. Space is cold, an infinite night of darkness with few points of light in sight.



Realm of Darkness -Atomic Zombie Apocalypse

It has been fifteen years after the exile of Makuta Teridax and a golden age of light has spread throughout the Matoran Universe. But what happens when all the Av-Matoran in the world are kidnapped by a group of mysterious beings bent on undermining the very fabric of society?



A Fraction of Greatness -Exo-Fat

The Core War has just shattered Spherus Magna. Set forth as the only path to survival, the Glatorian Plan promises the haggard people their lives. But how much blood are they willing to pay for it?


A Midnight's Requiem: Night Everlasting

A Midnight's Requiem: Night Everlasting -In Brightest Day

The peoples of this world have seen many a civilization rise and fall. Metru-Nui, Mata-Nui, and others have been causalities in this enduring conflict. Once again, they are determined to rebuild their lives, but is it really worth it? Will the darkness truly last forever?



Legends -Madness

Several hundred thousand years have passed since the events of the BIONICLE saga. Few remain alive to pass on the stories of that era. All who possess elemental powers are cast out of society in an escalating conflict of twisted morals.



Riot! -Rue: TheGhostThatNeverWas

Tuyet rules her stunning Toa Empire with her fist of steel. Corrupt officials run the government on all levels. Slowly, but surely a revolution of enormous proportions in beginning to erupt from beneath the city.



Solstice -Tohunga Tahnok

The denizens of the Matoran Universe have risen to the stars with the help of the Great Beings. However, perhaps not all expansion is a good thing. Whatever the case, the universe will never be the same.



War -Toa Nidhiki05

One thousand years of peace have followed the fall of Makuta Teridax. But that peace is about to end. The Red Star has collided with Spherus Magna, causing a world of hurt for those still alive to feel it.


Endless Boundaries: Ocean Cruise

Endless Boundaries: Ocean Cruise -Kal the Guardian

The perfect vaction is right at your fingertips. Are you hankering for a break from the monotony of daily life? Don't worry. Your safety is guaranteed.... we think.



A New Moon At Midnight -The Count of Neya Magna

Humanity has invaded the island of Mata-Nui! The survival of the Matoran race is in your hands. Which side will end up triumphant in the end?


And there you have it. These are the RPGC17 entries, all 19 of them, the lowest ever for an RPGC. I encourage you to vote for any of these. There is still time left! The RPG Forum needs your support! Fellow RPers! Link to this entry in some way shape or form to support RPing on BZP. Together we can save this forum!

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Recommended Comments

We still have the BZPRPG, which is far from dying [it's "dying," by the way; not "dieing" =P].


But yeah I'll try to vote. I didn't even know the polls were up lol, as I really only care about the BZPRPG [and therefore haven't been following this new contest]. I may join another RPG some time, though. Who knows.



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Actually, it is "dieing". :P


True, you have the BZPRPG, but what about Bionicle Kingdoms? What about the Bridge? What about the fact that the contests have been declining in participation for quite some time. But I can understand why you would focus mainly on the BZPRPG. It is an extremely large part of the RPG Forum.

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Freakishly enough, Exo is correct. "Dieing" is how you spell it, although "dying" can be substituted and hold the same meaning..

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It's 'dying.'


It is, and I've got the nearly-finished English degree to back that up.


"Dieing" has never been a correct spelling for the word. You won't even find it as an archaic alternative in the OED.

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"Dieing" has never been a correct spelling for the word. You won't even find it as an archaic alternative in the OED.


So Microsoft Word wasn't lying! :o


I already voted, only picked two and voted from one of the polls as I didn't really care for many of the other entries, call me picky.


(On the subject of misspelling words, I still think that "courpse" should totally have been some archaic way of spelling "corpse")



EDIT: And now I voted in the Final Poll, 'cuz I didn't think it'd go up tonight.

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The spelling doesn't matter, the implied meaning does.


I personally don't think it's that big of a deal -- interest in something like this is periodic, wanes and waxes with the years, people will naturally start to gravitate toward the RPG forum again after some time. Though if you want to speed up that process, sure. I'll help advertise.

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It would be a real shame if the RPG shrank to nothing. RPGs are one of the few things keeping me here, really.

I think part of the problem is that when newcomers arrive in the RPG forum they might find it elitist. I've tried to join the BZPRPG about thrice now and each time just gave up after being ignored too much. And I doubt imperial officer will be coming back after the bashing he got from pretty much everyone

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While the descriptor for my entry was somewhat inaccurate (Matoran, even in the revised plot [which still needs to be made more than a vague concept,] are still, in general, pretty much being screwed over by the Brotherhood of Makuta below the island. Meanwhile, Dark Refugees [i'm trying "Dark Outcasts" next time, sounds ten times as good in retrospect,] are Dark Hunters who don't take kindly to future humans trying to start a colony on Aqua Magna.) I still appreciate the effort taken to create this list.


Of course, all of this is subject to change for RPG Contest 18. Come to think of it, three months later, I had better ideas and now 4.5 later, I'm not even DOING that idea anymore.)


BTW, I still haven't gotten my review yet. (And the only reason the banner wasn't in Lloyd's post was because...yeah, I was trying to get it in but I didn't want to trouble Lloyd any more than I had and putting it at the bottom of "Staff" would have been silly. I would have more foresight next time, however.)


Neya Out. :miru:

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