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About Criticism, A Contest, And A Challenge

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It seems to be that people react better to criticism that is more organized and less assaulting. This applies to the BBC and many other forums and MOCing outlets. Now, I'm not going to go and tell anyone to pull any punches if they feel like being a harsh critic, but saying "I'm only being mean to help you" seems like a rather moot point. I mean, I know that I don't go and pull my punches when I know that people can handle it, but I'd rather encourage people to get better than tell them that they're horrible, even if it is true at the moment. The mentality that everyone should just go and grow a thick skin and just handle harsh criticism is rather backwards.

I'm not saying that you should water down your statements. I just think that it could do without all the negativity sometimes. Offering possible solutions and trying to reinforce out of the box thinking, even if it's not fully realized at that point in time, is going to benefit the Bionicle Building community as a whole. We've already got plenty of System dudes who think that Bionicle is an inferior building medium than System. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a lot of people who could build incredible Bionicle creations that express more creativity than some System builds? If builders that are already pretty good put some effort and spread about good means of review (not to knock on the BBC Critics Club, but having a review be long by mandatory isn't very attractive to reviewers), I think that it's very possible that there will be a boom in the Bionicle Building Community. Currently, though, I just don't see it happening. And I'm not going to be some soapbox speaker. I"m going to offer some helpful tips over the next few weeks to builders that I think are capable of making some truly awesome MOCs, even if their parts selection is limited.

There are a few things that I think that can be done to move to a more creative BBC:

-A greater focus on interesting piece use
-Focus on offering advice instead of only focusing on the strong points and ignoring the weak ones.
-Focus on building more non-robotic, non-Bionicle Based MOCs

Now, what do I mean by building less Bionicle Based MOCs? I mean building MOCs that don't look like they would belong in the Bionicle Canon. Bionicle parts are good for building robots. That's what they're meant for. Lego bricks, on the other hand, are good for building a variety of things. Because of Bionicle's perceived limitation of usefulness, many System builders think that it is far and away inferior to System, at least from what I've learned from talking with some System dudes. Others are just bigoted against it. Anyways, I think that if the community as a whole can build more MOCs that look like they aren't robots, that are just plain awesome, I think that it would be a great triumph for Bionicle Builders as a whole. If we can prove that it is useful for things other than humanoid robots, we might be able to improve Bionicle's standing in the overall Lego community. And there are very few things that are more fun that sticking it non-believers.

So anywho, I've got a challenge for all of you (well, at least all of you that read this): Go out and make something that doesn't look Bionicle-y. Who knows, it might be easier or harder than you think. Go and help an aspiring builder who wants to be better (maybe influence someone who didn't think they could be better). There isn't a prize or reward for doing this (at least not one that I'm going to give out)

I don't really care for being a communitarian, but I think more community spirit around here would be good.

Well, I'll be seeing y'all around and what have you.

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Getting people to think outside the box when MOCing was exactly why I created the little weekly challenges I do on my blog.

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