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Farshtey Feed (p315-317)

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Friday, June 11, 2010

• The rush of knowledge that Tahu received from the Ignika before receiving the Golden Armor was part of the Ignika's protocol for giving the Golden Armor to him. [source]
• It is doubtful that the prisoners of the Pit gained the ability to understand the Agori language. [source]


• Angonce most likely monitored only the battle between Mata Nui and Teridax on Bara Magna and following, not Mata Nui's adventure on Bara Magna up to that point. [source]

• Although there were likely Skrall trapped on Bota Magna after the Shattering, the baterra may well have wiped them out with any remaining leader class Skrall. [source]

• On why Mata Nui led the Glatorian to believe the elemental powers he gave them were generated by their weapons: "Because he didn't want them to know the power was in them, he wanted them to think it was in their weapons. The idea of elementally powered weapons wasn't new to them, they had those in the war. The idea of them themslves having elemental powers would probably have disturbed them." [source]

• The powers that Mata Nui had as Great Spirit of the Matoran universe belong to his robot body, not his spirit, which is why he does not access those powers when trapped in the body made for him by the Ignika. [source]
• On languages other than Matoran in the Matoran universe: "I consider them to be specific offshoots of programming language, sort of as if someone had a machine where part of it ran on COBOL and part of it ran on Visual C++, because those specific languages worked best for those specific situations." [source]

• When the Toa from Jovan's team took the Ignika to Karda Nui where he sacrificed himself to use it, Karda Nui's energy storms were occurring at low intensity. [source]
• Tahu Nuva's adaptive Hau changed shape so that he could breathe while flying at high speeds when he changed into his Mistika form, but it did not change to resemble any preexisting mask. [source]
• When Takanuva found Destral's teleporting device, he found that it was not working and did nothing with it. [source]
• The Toa Nuva did not take the Kanohi Nuva off their Suva and take them with them. As long as the masks are on the Suva, they have access to them. Since Makuta never saw the Toa Nuva as a threat during his control of the Matoran universe, he never had the Rahkshi remove the masks. [source]

• The teleportation method that Artakha uses, which appears to warp space itself, is different from the Makuta's brand of teleportation, which dissolves the user's substance and reconstitutes it elsewhere. [source]
• A Toa Nui is not possible to exist. [source]

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On why Mata Nui led the Galtorian to believe the elemental powers he gave them were generated by their weapons

Typo. And the last question clears up some stuff.

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