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Where I At?

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Bionicle Guru


Well well well. I lost Art Contest 11. Surprise surprise. It goes to show that the age of accurate-to-set drawings has yet to come.


In happier news, I am in Pittsburgh, living on the awesome CMU campus preparing for college life. So far, the activities have been pretty crazy. A hypnotist of sorts came the first night and guessed many people's locker combinations and names. I thought it was all rigged, until he picked people that I knew personally would not pretend to go along with a charlatan's charade.


The next day (yesterday) was a drag due to the SAT test, but it culminated in a loud, perky, sweat-fest known as Playfair. Basically, a dude on stage tried to makes us all in the Pre-College programs become good friends. Pfft. Well, I have six weeks. Let what may come, come (I hate using the same word twice).


Some random kid was wearing a Lego T-shirt; specifically, an old, Johnny Thunder Amazon Adventurers shirt from 1999. I gave him a high-five just for being a Lego fan (Adventurers in 1999 paled in comparision to their 1998 Egyptian predecessors).


I already have homework. Ugh. Blechh. ACKK PhhhpppT! The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I'm out.



The Bionicle Guru in Pittsburgh.

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