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Zweierlei ( Now With New And Improved Topic Link!)

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^click for bigger picture


I'm never going to enter that BBC at this rate.


EDIT: Topic

(I still haven't made a topic for Heterocrhomion. I might want to get on that)

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Is that what you built when deviating from that BBC entry?


Nice MOC (I'm assuming it's one transforMOC, as it appears to be), in any case. I particularly like the thighs, with that cool use of the rubber band holder.



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@Ballom: Yup, and it is indeed one MOC.


@Draco: In fact, when I was making the feet, I was originally going to just leave them as Mata feet. Then I realized that this is really Vahki-ish and needed to make them more spindly.

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Explain the legs? I can't figure out which way the knee is supposed to bend in biped mode.


Also, how does it walk? My question might be answered by the answer to the one above, but walking with feet that big and weird knees can't be easy.


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