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Why Does This Always Seem To Happen?

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Whenever I write a short story, or get an idea for a short story and start planning it out, I work a lot the first time I work on it, but afterward I never feel like working on it.


A few nights ago I was sitting in bed somewhere around midnight not all that tired and decided to write so I pulled out a notebook/pen and wrote out part of a short story and outlined the rest of it. Personally I am quite fond of the idea, and think it's pretty cool. But, as what always seems to be the problem with me, is that I haven't felt like writing much more since then.


Then of course there's that murder mystery that hasn't really been worked on in a while either. Ah, well. I just hope I can finish those by the end of the summer.


Then of course there's LSO [Library Summer Olympics] which I may or may not write something for, as well as the BS01 contest, which I definitely hope to write something for. I keep getting more and more ideas for that and haven't quite decided which one to go with. The idea is definitely an epic one, though.


Other than that, not much going on. Summer league for basketball has started [as well as conditioning], and surprisingly we won our first JV game [it was against one of the hardest schools we will ever play (not even in our normal league, but much higher) that has two JV teams -- they started with their second (yeah, so our reputation for being good isn't all that great =P), but they brought in their second team after we showed that we didn't want to loose. Turns out we won by a couple points]. So yeah that was fun.



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I would have to guess that by the time you've worked out the entire story in outline form and through your head, you've done just that. You've worked out the entire story. The completion of the story is really just the remodeling of your outline. My guess is that by the time you've worked it all out, it's gotten old hat and no longer interesting. Or, once you map everything out you've realized how much there still is left to do, and it's really just the boring details (Character development, scene setting, etc...), and there really isn't anything creative left. It's just the business of making your ideas fit together.


I know when I'm MOCing, I'm always the most excited about the MOCs I plan out for weeks in my head. These MOCs are also the ones I usually don't get anywhere on. I often find it more productive in the long run to just sit down and start fiddling with pieces. Of course I can't imagine that working out too well in story format.


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Laka is correct: NEVER plan out your stories. Write out the whole chapter/SS FIRST, then make any changes. Keeps it fresh in your mind.

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Yeah, that's probably the problem.


The thing is, though, is that planning out a story [or at least a general idea of where it's going] helps me write, but I don't often feel like writing. =P


But there's this site someone showed me where you have to write 750 words per day -- I've written more in the past two days than I have in like a month. I guess it's just a need to be motivated, and even something like this 750-words per day thing helps.


But anyway, I've been trying different things lately so we'll see if I start having better luck now.



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