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I was supposed to go to the movie theater with a friend today, but it turned out he had some other arrangements so I ended up going by myself. I didn't mind, really, it rather contributes to the experience when you're alone. The movie of choice was none other than Inception.


The room was pretty empty, and I was at the backmost row, so it felt decent enough. The movie itself was astonishing. I found it well-paced, innovative and with just the right amount of action, effect and intrigue. Christopher Nolan definitely didn't disappoint. Perhaps the only aspect I found irritating was the focus on sci-fi and technological applications, rather than the generally surreal, unnatural and awe-inspiring aura of the dream world. The characters could've done a bit more reality checks, like the one with the wristwatches at the beginning. None of them seemed to have a hard time remembering that they were dreaming, while that's in fact, pretty difficult. "The kick" was an original idea, though, and the overall notion of planting a thought was a stroke of genius.


Did I mention Hans Zimmer is the best movie composer I've ever heard? I should.


"Inception" is probably one of the best movies I've seen in a while, and even though it lacks some of the elements I usually look for in a movie, like the presence of a subtle, deep and philosophical meaning, or the symbolic allusion to higher knowledge and awareness, it's still an incredible and thought provoking piece of work.

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