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We're Back

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The Venom


... For a week-long.


Things are going smoothly in my life.

Certain BZPers have been sucking me in to play them in Halo PC.


I broke up with my gf just a month ago.

Too detailed to explain on here.


Civil War is running smoothly, surprisingly, which is awesome.


Computerized Comic Convention has started in Kahi's blog, and my spot will take place tomorrow,

with information on my comic series, V.3, Civil War, and a new series in the making.


Halo 3 is awesome.


I pre-ordered Halo Reach.


I finished my game called Pokie The Stickfigure- based on the creation of late BZP member Past Hope.

I'll link it sometime later.


And I have nothing else to say at the moment.

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