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Lunch Break

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Bionicle Guru


So I'm typing this while on my lunch break at work. See how much I care about you guys and girls?


Anyway, in my quest to make this blog just as peevishly annoying as those of the "regulars" on BZP, I've added some obnoxious content blogs to distract you from my writing, which has now been unduly crunched. I know you love it.


I stared for a long time at BORNICLE last night. I think I will update it soon because all the nice replies posted afterward without a single person whining about where the next update was going to happen. Thank you; I really appreciate the unspoken patience.


More to come soon regarding TRON: Legacy! At 1:30 PM Central time, something BIG is going to happen. Check out www.flynnlives.com/identityraid.


End of Line,

Bionicle Guru

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