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Retrospective On The "troutwar"

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Bionicle Guru


Remember "troutwar" links? I sort of do, since I went so far as to mention it in my comedy, "BORNICLE." I think they were links people put in their sigs that led to bad pages or (in most cases) a silly picture of a trout. They caught the link-clicker off guard. If I a misremembering, somebody please rectify my crumbling memories.


Well, that's it for the retrospective. I was reminded of it while re-reading sections of "BORNICLE." I hope everyone is having a good day on BZPower and in real life (go outside! Get some sunshine!). I wish I could also frolic and enjoy this wonderful Friday, but alas, I'm trapped at work until 5 PM. I did get paid today, and although Illinois taxes gouged me again, I am still happy for what I got. To celebrate, I had some BK for lunch today. Triple Whopper = carnivorous delight.


Before signing off for now, I have a fun fact. Did you know BZP used to have annual "Year in Review" articles at the end of each year? They stopped doing this in 2004, and it has sadly never returned.

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