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Just Two More



Sent to bonesiii, who'll pass it on to the BSS for reviewing.


UPDATE: Read this entry, it contains the updated concept.


- - -


As we're all aware, there's been a recent outbreak of complaints as to the overabundance of elements and their seemingly random addition to the BIONICLE storyline. Most members now are strongly against the addition of any new elements within the boundaries of the MU, with the grounds that there are "just too many" of them. And they've got a good point, if the addition is indeed random, and without an initially established final number. So, BSS (and hopefully Greg), I present for your consideration:




This theory will attempt to explain why there is (or could be) a certain number of virtues, legendary powers, elements and hours within one day in the Matoran Universe.


Now, let's start off with one of the most basic concepts of BIONICLE The Three Virtues:

  • Unity
  • Duty
  • Destiny

There are also three legendary powers in the MU, which in a way could be associated respectively to each virtue:

  • Creation
  • Life
  • Time

Unity brings about creation, as it could be related to building, or constructing. Life can viewed as a duty to the others and/or yourself, depending on your goals. And destiny can only be unfolded within a certain time span.


So, we've got three virtues, and three principal powers. My primary idea is to have the number three be at the base of all other significant numbers, as each of them is comprised of it. There are six original elements, which were introduced in 2001, and six is divisible by three. We know of ten secondary elements so far, but let's assume that the total number is twelve. Twelve is divisible by both three and six. Furthermore, the complete number of elements in the MU would be eighteen, the product of three and six.


I've composed this chart, enlisting the three virtues, and the hypothetical eighteen elements:






Moving on, a BZP member recently presented the idea of there being thirty-six hours a day in the MU, with an eighteen-hour night and an eighteen-hour day, and that idea is currently being voted upon. If we assume that that idea becomes canon, then we've got one more significant number in the MU, one that fits perfectly in the virtue/element "matrix." Thirty-six is divisible by each preceding number three, six, twelve and eighteen, and it completes the cycle of the matrix.


Here's a list of the described equations:




And that is the essence of my theory. With your help and hopefully Greg's approval, we can make this a canon aspect of BIONICLE, and create room for two more elements. I realize that some people might not like the addition of new elements whatsoever, and that's understandable. But if we accept this idea, then such an addition would no longer appear arbitrary and uncalled for, plus such a matrix would pertain to the Great Being's way of work.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. smile.gif




bonesiii, for his idea to associate the three virtues with the three legendary powers.

Zakitano, for his sundial and thirty-six hour theory.


- - -

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Radiation? The Earth's magnetic field blocks out radiation from the Sun, so I guess it could be like some opposite element for Magnetism?
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I think it would great to finally have Acid as an element, after being shuffled around from element/sub-element/quasi-element/power for years. Other than that, either Sand or Crystal. Probably Sand, as it's the only Spherus Magna element we don't have in the MU.

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I heartily agree with this so long as there isn't a rush to fill the 'gap' of the two new elements. And hopefully these two new elements will be female elements.



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