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More Books?

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Indeed, indeed. I was running errands today and thought I'd stop by a used bookstore that I had never been to before and only ~five minutes away from my house.


I only got seven things [lol only -- you'll see why later, but there was actually a very good selection there], mostly due to the price/quality of books. Though I'm being unfair, because these are actually pretty good prices [i'll list the prices] for a used bookstore. It's just that Book Off has really good prices. A row of $1 paperback; a row of unspecified paperbacks, which the most is usually $4 at most, usually less; a row of $1 hardback; and lastly a wall [and a little more] of $5 hardback books. And all of them are in really good condition. Some are a little used, but most are like new [they must get them from various publishers or something]. So yeah, I'd say these prices are pretty good for a normal used bookstore:

  • Memorial Day -- Vince Flynn. $6.95. Definitely worth the price -- it's a hardback, and even though it's not five bucks, it's still good and is in good condition.
  • Transfer of Power -- Vince Flynn. $6.95. Good condition, price could be a little less, due to being paperback, but that's probably just me. Got this and the one above because they're two of the four that I need [they had a third that I still needed, but it wasn't in very good condition] until I have all of his.
  • The Children of Hurin -- J.R.R. Tolkien. $6.95. Oh my goodness, yes! I've been looking for this for a while now [heard it's good, and Tolkien is awesome], and it is in VERY good condition, as well as hardback.
  • A Tolkien Miscellany -- J.R.R. Tolkien. $6.95. Another that I guess could be cheaper, for being paperback, but is in very good condition. And this I've never seen before, and looked awesome. Includes Smith of Wootton Major, Farmer Giles of Ham, Tree and Leaf, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
  • Night Chills -- Dean Koontz. $0.25. Haha, definitely worth the price. But it was on a special section, so yeah [and is in fairly good condition]. Anyway, I've been told this guy is good, so thought I'd try one out [and it's only twenty-five cents, so why not].
  • Sniper -- Adrian Gilbert. $2.95. This is the main one that I think should have been a lot less [like $0.25 or a dollar at the most], but they wouldn't make it lower than this [it was originally a dollar more, but I talked them into this =P]. I guess it's not that bad of condition, but if was a normal book I wouldn't have bought it. Only got it because it's a reference on snipers, and since two of my main characters are snipers, I thought it'd be good reference.
So yeah. I would have gotten more if it had prices like Book Off [like, a LOT more], but it's understandable, and this wasn't bad -- I'm actually incredibly pleased with what I got. For the Vince Flynn books, those [and two others] I haven't been able to find at Book Off, and the two Tolkien I haven't seen before either. So yes, I am very happy.


Not much else to talk about. I hope to finish the book I'm currently on today or tomorrow to keep up with the book-a-week thing I've been doing. Oh and if there's any books that I -have- to read, let me know and I'll look into them.


- Velox

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I need to read my copy of Children of Hurin, it sounds (from what I have heard) quite good, but I dedicated my time to reading The Silmarillion, and The Chronicles of Black Company first...

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