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  2. Kilo-M9 NUVA - Kini-Nui: Searching database for ‘Tahtorak’ Entry found in Patiwairutiki’s database: Tahtorak are Rite-Born Kaiju. Kaiju must be eliminated. However, proximity to Kini-Koro is concerning. Matoran may be put in danger from immediate confrontation. “Ally Atamai, this unit believes Ally Sidra should be given opportunity to direct the tahtorak away from Kini-Koro before engaging,” the machine explained as it climbed into its kaita ACR. “Once the tahtorak is away from the city, this unit will eliminate it. Assistance will be helpful.” OOC: @~Xemnas~
  3. IC: Whisper - Antidermis Caldera Alone with her thoughts as she approached the place of her creation, Whisper was so startled by Stannis' sudden mental intrusion that she almost evacuated her armour. She tried to reach out, to reply, but there was no connection. Evidently Stannis had ventured into one of the Ruins or something. Her essence churned with trepidation as she crept down the slope and approached the shore of the antidermis pool. There was no telling when it would want her back, and being this close to it, she couldn't help but feel terrified that now was the time. But she couldn't turn her back, no matter how much she wished to. Not now. Not when she was so close to finally understanding. Of course, now that she was finally here, she was still left with the question of how to get what she needed. Drawing her tendrils up close to her dome so they didn't drag too close to the antidermis pool, Whisper attempted to levitate out over the surface, towards the island in its centre. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Sidra – Kini-Nui Turning away from the group, Sidra reached up to adjust the lens on her kanohi, zooming in on the craggy cliffs that surrounded the valley. She focused on a good spot midway up the formation, in the direction the clouds looked to be coming from, and shadow-travelled to it. Even as she initiated the jump, sinking into her own shadow, she could tell this power had also been impacted by the door’s insatiable draining. She could feel a… reluctance, a resistance, her every step through the dark feeling like she was wading through a marsh. But at last she stumbled out from the dark hollow beneath a sheltered outcropping on the mountainside. From there, she continued to carefully work her way upwards - on foot when it was safe to do so - and by teleporting when the power was recharged enough for her to continue upwards. "You picked one Karzahni of a hill to die on, Sidra," she muttered to herself, as she forced her tired body to walk ever upwards, "Get yourself killed unlocking a crazy Tahtorak-killing mech... nearly die again doing the same for someone else... then try to save the first Tahtorak that comes your way." It took another few minutes and several more jumps before she finally reached a position from which she was high enough to see over the mountainside and get a clearer view of the storm swinging in from the south. She looked out towards the heart of the rainy haze in the distance, admiring the fleeting flashes of lightning as she searched for some sign of the colossal creature that surely dwelled within. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: @Eyru Whisper attempting to investigate the Caldera, Sidra searching for some sign of Nektann
  4. Thông tin về đầu tư theo giá tiền điện tử Nhìn vào thị trường thế giới có thể thấy ở những nước chưa phát triển như Việt Nam tiền giấy vẫn là tiền tệ chính trong lưu thông. Ở các nước phát triển như Anh, Mỹ, Nhật,.. thì tiền online ( tiền điện tử, thẻ tín dụng) đang dần thay thế các loại tiền truyền thống. Vì vậy tiền điện tử chính là giai đoạn tất yếu sẽ xảy đến với bất cứ khu vực nào. Tiền điện tử hiển nhiên là không ổn định vì quy mô thị trường của chúng vẫn còn tương đối nhỏ. Khi vốn hóa thị trường tỷ giá các đồng tiền điện tử hôm nay ngày càng tăng lên, sẽ kéo theo đó là sự ổn định. Và một khi điều đó xảy ra, chúng có khả năng ổn định hơn so với tiền giấy do chính phủ ban hành . Tiền điện tử được thiết kế đáp ứng điều kiện vốn hiếm, và lạm phát của chúng phát triển với tỷ lệ chậm, kiểm soát được. Điều này có thể cho họ sự ổn định hơn so với các đồng tiền khác cái mà các chính phủ, ngân hàng trung ương và các tổ chức tài chính có thể “thêm một vài số 0” vào cuối tài khoản ngân hàng của họ khi cần. Tiền điện tử có tiềm năng để thay đổi thế giới tài chính theo nhiều cách chúng có. Bitcoin là đầu tiên, vẫn là lớn nhất và có cơ hội tốt nhất để đạt được sự chấp nhận chủ đạo, nhưng có rất nhiều loại tiền khác với những ý tưởng sáng tạo mà chúng ta không nên bỏ qua. Trích nguồn: kiemtiem.com
  5. Today The LEGO Group is celebrating International Women's Day early as well as the fortieth anniversary of its now iconic, 'What it is is beautiful,' ad campaign. They are launching a new initiative to champion gender equality and encourage girls and young women to chase their aspirations. Read on to learn more about the #LEGOFutureBuilders campaign and how you can participate in the movement!View the full article
  6. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Jungle South of Kini-Nui With - Rahkshi One, Two, and Three This mask of Fate was absolutely incredible. Sorilax was able to see, comprehend, and react to things astonishingly faster than normal. Rocks, ferns, roots; they all were perceived and responded to with swift decisions. If he could feel gravity in a more normal way, he figured it might feel like he was gliding, or even flying, over the ground. His Rahkshi chased after him, doing surprisingly well even without Calixes of their own. They rushed through the underbrush, knocking aside low hanging branches or brushing past tall flowers of all colors. With his Life Kraata sensing, Sorilax easily avoided any predators, not that they would have attacked him anymore anyway, but he did so for his Rahkshi. What had once been a long distance quickly turned into a short sprint as Sorilax reached the part of the mountain Sala and he had climbed down. He wasted no time and constructed a hardlight ladder up into the snowy peaks. He took the rungs three at a time, rushing up the construct. His worry over misplacing a hand or foot was negated by the power flowing through his mask. One and Three teleported to the top of the mountain while Two more slowly followed after his father on the ladder. What had once taken half a day took only a few hours and soon Sorilax was atop one of the southern peaks that hemmed in Kini-Nui’s valley. As he looked south, concern grew in him. Where the marshes were supposed to be, vast and dreary, was instead a giant gulf filled with water. All that life, gone. For a moment he doubted if he had left the Far Shore. Was this still all some other twisted reality? But he had gotten his rewards. He was out. But if that was so, just what had happened in his month absence? He wished Sala was here so they could discuss the possibilities. Well, this only increased his want to see the residents of Le-Metru Nuva safe and well. Sorilax began his descent, creating a hardlight pole that he slid down instead of climbing down a ladder. As he navigated the mountain range with precision over the course of the next couple hours, it quickly became apparent that he would be free of it before a full day of travel. With the gathering rain clouds, the moon was hid most of that night, as were the stars. Although he no longer could sense Shadows, his glowing form and his constructs lit the way for him and his Rahkshi. The nigh unconquerable mountains were traversed with a speed Sorilax had never traveled before. But as he walked down the foothills that were now somehow covered with trees, he noticed something. He was trudging along now, stumbling as he went. He was moved by his urgency, but not by active thought. There was a mental drain happening to him, much like how his body had mysteriously been drained by the doorway. He tried to think over what might be causing it, but had a hard time thinking about anything. After a few minutes more of walking aimlessly, he realized it must be his mask. Apparently his subconscious being able to focus on his hardlight constructs for days did not directly translate to keeping a Kanohi powered on for several hours. Sorilax turned the mask off, actually forced to sit down and rest. One and Three began a mock fight with each other as Two went off to find some food. Two returned a short time later with a small Mahi. Two then proceeded to create duplicates of the Mahi until his brothers and him had their fill. They ate… ravenously. After they were finished, the original Mahi went free. Sorilax watched with pride as they filled themselves. He could not wait to see what the Aqua Sphere had in store for him. Surely the ability to create life outside of Taboos was near. He turned his head east. The storm clouds now lingered to the north and he could finally see the moon and stars. The moon cast its glint on the Aqua Sphere, which hung in the air like a droplet of water, reflecting the soft light. It spoke of his hope for a better future for all life. He was comforted and encouraged by the sight. After an hour of rest, his tireless body and mind was rejuvenated, so they continued south. They reached the water’s edge far faster than Sorilax knew was normal, the sun rising to the east providing illumination to the dark water below. The distance to the swamp from shore to shore, even if the marsh had simply disappeared, should have been farther away. So the island truly had shrunk in his absence. That was certainly concerning. It spoke to a problem beyond the scope of controlling Life and thus beyond him. Perhaps Nuju, even with his Aspect like ways, was correct. Maybe the Far Shore really did need to be traveled to find the Makoki stones and solidify reality in Tren Krom’s realm. Sorilax pondered this. He did not have time to undertake another journey, but perhaps he should tell the villagers of Le-Metru Nuva. They might be able to do something about it. The way down to the water far below was treacherous and sheer, as if the island had simply disappeared instead of only shrinking. Once again a hardlight pole allowed Two and himself the ability to safely and quickly make their way down. One and Three teleported to the other side already. No doubt they were inspecting the Fau Swamp while they waited. The rocks at the bottom of the channel were surprisingly clean of algae and barnacles. They were not even weathered by many days of rain and waves. This cleaving of the island had been recent. Sorilax looked around. He did not even see Rahi nests. Still, this was something to ponder later, potentially after learning how to use his second element. Sorilax created a hardlight boat and Two shoved off the vessel, quickly jumping in. Creating hardlight oars, Sorilax began rowing. He would get to Le-Metru Nuva far faster than he should have normally, it seemed.
  7. IC: Kas | The Great Telescope "Hey, took you guys long enough," came a voice. "I've been waiting for what feels like months..." A familiar toa of fire rounded a stone outcropping, carrying a jagged piece of pipe on which a freshly roasted crab was impaled and steaming. "Got hungry, so I rustled up some dinner. Any chance you found my mask—" Then Kas caught sight of the titan who stood near the Matoran. He dropped his dinner with a yelp of surprise and raised a hand. A yellow-blue fireball smoked to life in his palm, ready to throw. "What's this... thing? It with you?" IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Brandishing her handful of glowing algae, Drokk stepped out of the water and, dripping, approached the walls of the grotto. She walked on the muddy, sandy ground, stepping over the footprints left by whoever had come here before her. The footprints, walking clockwise around the room, were not fresh: they were dried into the mud. Who knew how long it had been since they were made? For all she knew, the elderly skakdi might have been the first to step foot here in years. A closer inspection of the grotto's walls revealed three separate carvings, each spaced equidistantly from the others around the circular cave. The carving to the left of the grotto's entrance depicted a wizened being (a turaga) holding four disks. Three of the disks appeared to be in the process of merging together to produce the fourth disk, which was emblazoned with an unfamiliar symbol. The second carving, which lay directly opposite from the entrance to the grotto, depicted a diminutive being (a matoran) wearing a strange kanohi mask. From the nose down, it was a strikingly plain mask. But the top half had a disk-shaped protuberance incorporated into its forehead, like a circular tumor. This disk was engraved with another symbol. To the right of the entrance was the third and final carving, which depicted a taller, more muscular being (a toa) holding two disks, one in each hand. The two disks were identical, each bearing the same symbol.
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  9. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kini-Nui With - Sidra, Vulimai, Rahkshi One, Two, and Three A Tahtorak? Sorilax wondered if it was rite-born or natural. But Sidra seemed far too in a hurry for him to stop and ask. “Very well. Until we meet again, Sidra. Take care of yourself and those around you.” Then he turned to the south, the way he and Sala had arrived a month before. He activated his Calix, feeling the rush of increased reaction time, and sprinted off into the jungle, his Rahkshi gleefully rushing to catch up. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy @Sparticus147
  10. IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui Not this again... Sidra was in no mood for another argument, especially not the sequel to one she'd already won. There was no time to engage in another debate, and Nektann's life - no matter how much Viltia valued it - wasn't worth giving up a potential weapon. So naturally, Sidra took the path of least resistance and told Vulimai what she wanted to hear. "Sure," she said, "But if anyone on your side fires first, deal's off." She started to turn away, only to notice Sorilax waiting for her. "Unless you want to tag along while I try to have a chat with a Tahtorak, you might need to find your own way home. Sorry." @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian
  11. Hi, guys. On March 4, 2016, it was where The Journey to One, a Netflix show, was released. It was going good on the beginning and the graphics are an amazing way to describing the characters because they should be accurate to their sets (it’s like The Legend Reborn and Hero Factory, but more accurate to the sets), but it had a few bad things, like it is a Netflix show (I hate when it ate up my money), the 3-D animation looking 2-D, it used actors that we don’t know, it had only 4 22-minute episodes, the story felt rushed, the ending was terrible, and there were some animation errors. Pitiful. It also marks the end of Bionicle G2 because it got brutally cancelled for some reason, along with the show. Well, anyway, happy 5th anniversary to The Journey to One! What’s your greatest memories about it? For me, I love Umarak, Ekimu, Elemental Creatures, and the Toa. The ECs are quite cute.
  12. Oh wow, visually this is NICE. Your lighting effects are spectacular, and the animation is really smooth... and I know from recent experience how difficult that can be to achieve in 3D! I really liked the way you used the Bionicle Heroes texturing on the masks, and the music choices were on point; especially the Matoran Enclave piece at the opening, and equally the way you brought Lhikan's theme in perfectly in time with his entrance. If I could offer one suggestion, though? I feel like a bit more personality animation for the characters would be beneficial, there were moments where it felt like the Toa weren't moving as much as might be natural. I fully appreciate how tricky CGI can be, so this isn't a criticism; but since their ability to show facial expressions is naturally limited, it would really make the piece come alive even more if you were able to give them a little more room to express themselves with their gestures and body language ^^ Regardless though, this is some really, really nice work!
  13. IC Leklo | Kini-Koro, the Ambling Alp The slip of the tongue did not go by unnoticed by Leklo's quick mind, which was discreetly held close to his chest while he portrayed the outward appearance of a slow and incredibly calculated climber. Though he was not quick in most actions, his senses were trained to detect even the slightest of differences and flaws, and a verbal mistake no matter how smoothly brushed off, was no exception. He did not press the matter, however, instead choosing to bide his time and address it later, if and when it became something worth checking on, and instead added "Ca" to the back of his mind as a footnote pertinent to the enigmatic Wanderer's identity. He assumed, however, that Parnassus had come with Stannis on the airship, an easy conclusion to reach since he had not seen this traveler ever before and he had indeed come from Stannis' airship's hold, and with that erroneous narrative in mind he concluded to offer Parnassus aid just as he would to Stannis. In terms of appearance, Parnassus looked very much alike to the Wanderer's visage, weather-worn and wind-ravaged clothes and armor being the trappings of vagrants it seemed. "I can offer assistance, yes. You are new to the settlement. Where do you come from?" he asked, curious. "And what do you want to do here?"
  14. IC: Parnassus | The Ambling Alp "The name's Parnassus," the Aspect said, looking back towards the man Leklo. Now, watching him properly, they could see that he was a taller man than to be expected amongst the Builders -- or at least taller than either Caedast or Korruhn had been -- and rather ostentatiously decked out in polished chrome armour and a fluttering red cape which caught the stormy breeze ably. The Aspect was sorry to have brushed past him, for the two weren't so different in aesthetics, but time was of the essence. "We have a mutual friend in Ca-- in Stannis," Parnassus continued. "He told me that I could count on you as a guide in this place. Is this true?" OOC: @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui IC: Irna | Kumu Peninsula Irna dropped to one knee. She had heard stories of beings like this one -- what the maskbearers called Rahi-Nui and what the Zyglak referred to as Shepherd of All -- but had never dared to believe that she would be witness to one in the flesh. She had believed such things to be folktales told around the fire, and that if they had ever been real, they had all been killed by the maskbearers before even her birth. To see one ... to hear its voice... "Forgive us, Great One," she said. "We mean you no danger or disrespect in coming to your lands. We seek only knowledge to help a friend in need, and we believe that knowledge to be beyond your swamps in the place called Kumu. We humbly ask permission to pass through your territory." OOC: @Toru Nui @TL01 NUVA @Sparticus147 -Void
  15. IC Kanohi and “Collector” - Tobduk-Koro Councilor Kanohi nodded vaguely, but he had to disagree. This might be important. If only because if the Protoderms originally came from this island, then if this island is destroyed, there is a chance that no one would be left of their peoples. And that was … upsetting. As he paused Collector approached, coughing. “Oh um, Collector. Or, whatever you end up wishing to go by. Councilor NU is currently missing, so Ulkarr has been appointed as councilor in her stead by the other Vahki.” The Vortixx nodded slowly and said, “I have been thinking. My fixation on the element of Ice, the way my blade makes moisture in the air turn to mist. I will adopt the name Komisti, I think.” Kanohi sighed with relief, “That is wonderful, Komisti. Um, is something wrong?” They shook their head, drumming their Kanoka Blade’s hilt. “I was speaking to Sucordak, he is willing to offer us four spare disks of weakening. Given that we have another leader to monitor things, and we are prepared for an attack, should you, Sucordak, and I attempt to forge the blades now?” ”Oh, um, right,” He had forgotten about that, “Um, Councilor Ulkarr, Vahki, would it be alright if I leave for the moment to work in Forge of Vakama? One of the new defenses Akiri Vulimai and I discussed is to build Kanoka Blades of Weakening, to better equip our village and Kini-Koro. If you would not mind, I would like to begin working on the project.” OOC: @Toru Nui want to have Obedient intercept the message that the Rain Demon might be approaching Kini-Koro?
  16. There were some fantastic Hero Factory builds people shared last month during Hero February, but they weren't all heroes. Take, for example Redd Klaw aka Jacques Thermidor, by Pohaturon, who used crustaceans as his inspiration for this chef-turned-villain. The first thing I'm drawn to are the angry eyebrows, which sell the build, but the claw arm, sail, and clam belt are all perfect touches. So if your caviar ever turns into crabs, you'll know that Redd Klaw has struck again!View the full article
  17. Three new projects have achieved ten thousand votes of support on LEGO Ideas over the past two days. Take a look at SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy (BFR) by haymaw99, Ancient Greek Temple by HP_Brixxter, and Succulent Garden by Succulent Joe, three very different models that all garnered a lot of support. All three builds feature amazing details and techniques and could be a great addition to the Ideas theme, both complimenting and contrasting the Winnie the Pooh set revealed earlier today. We wish them the best of luck when they enter their upcoming review phase! View the full article
  18. IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Kumu Peninsula) - Not You People Again "Oh no..." Mutated palm met mutated face. Just what he needed. "Your domain? I do beg your pardon, but it’s not as if there are any 'keep out' signs-" "You NEED to SHUT UP, Tekmo. Apex, relax. These people aren’t dangerous. Intentionally." Waveahk glared at Keitara, the whole giant crab incident not going unremembered. "I suppose I should be thankful that it’s only you, and that hothead and airhead are nowhere to be seen." @Sparticus147@TL01 NUVA@Void Emissary@Keeper of Kraata IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, The Ambling Alp, Exterior) - Rain of Terror 'Speaking with storms'. That was a new one. Certainly seemed as if there was a storm coming... @Void Emissary IC: Achro (Kini-Koro, Airdock, Landing Pad, The Taku, Exterior) - Oh No, My One Weakness Taking Kantai at his word, Achro used the elevator as Sanso did, and - if no one was going to stop him - shambled aboard the Taku. It looked like it was about to rain, and well, he didn’t like rain. Elemental tradition dictated it so. @BULiK IC: Gnabol (Kini-Koro, Airdock, The Taku, Exterior) - Tonight’s Forecast "Hmm. Looks as if it’s about to rain. Heavily, too. That’s odd, being in the middle of the desert." @NorikSigma
  19. IC: Vulimai (Kini-Nui, Bunker) Thankfully, this time her call went through, but the tone that responded only made her expression scrunch up in angered annoyance, her face flashing red with irritation. Just managing to keep herself from yelling back through the radio, she tried her best to calmly explain the situation to him...Of course, its pretty hard to be calm when someone picks up the radio like that. "First off, watch who you talk to with that tone." She said in a threatening tone, "Second off, I need you to get your rear end in the sky now. The Tahtorak is near Kini-Koro and I need a bead on its position." Irritated by Knichou's tone and having to deal with Sidra, she didn't give him a chance to respond before she hung up, focusing her attention on the NUVA. Sighing, she addressed Sidra as she responded to their pleas. "I have my doubts concerning what you are saying about It...but if you think you can keep it away from Kini-Koro, I suppose it might be worth a shot." What she said could have ended right than and there, but she added one more thing to the proposal, her tone making it obvious she won't budge on the matter. "But, after you're attempt, success or failure, assuming things don't go to Karzhani, you will let us at least take the Sphere to Nuju to at least examine." OOC: @BULiK @Gecko Greavesy IC: Apex (Fau Swamp) As Keitara, Irna, Tekmo, and Waveahk met each other once more, their voices faintly sounding out through the muffled jungle canopy, another voice joined them, like the sound of several Rahi being composited into ordinary speech. "Waveahk! What is it you have found?" Calling out, Apex broke through the nearby foliage, her full fearsome form on display as she noticed the gathering, her posture immediately dropping low in a defensive nature. "Interlopers, who are you to tread upon my domain?" She demanded. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Toru Nui @Void Emissary @TL01 NUVA
  20. IC: Crucia - Skakdi of Water and Cyclone Location - Eastern Sea The ocean was a peaceful breeze. It ebbed and flowed, gently drifting from here to there. Slow moving waves raising the lowering in repeating patterns. The way the morning sun reflected off the water was Crucia’s reason to keep going. As the sun rose over the ocean, so too would she rise above the complacency of those in the Rig as the warskaks grew ever more powerful. The ocean was a soothing friend. It embraced her with its cool arms, always inviting. It never slept and so was always there to keep her company. The way the noon sun filtered down from above to brush the kelp and fish beneath was Crucia’s reasoning for getting Desecrated. Even the ocean, bathed in light, still harbored its shadows. And so too did she. The ocean was a powerful ally. It swallowed everything gifted to it, rarely giving up what was offered. It could crush the shore with little thought, never caring for what might happen to the land. The way the sunset lit the waters was enough evidence for Crucia to see the power hidden in secret places. That glow spoke to more than just a play of the light. The air itself was seasoned with salt, the water full of life. In it Crucia had found her calling. She captured fish both to eat and to sell, providing food for many hungry Skakdi. It had its dangers. Takea sharks and Tarakava, among other things. It was hard work, but it was work worth doing. Or so she had lied to herself. She was being forced to catch fish, cheated of even her own meals for hundreds of years. What little she was given was never enough. The demand to catch more was always there, looming over her, a crushing weight that left her without breath under the stress. So she had sought help from the dark. She had found an Aspect aligned with her own goals. Crucia needed the power to change her life, this Aspect sought power to change her own. But then the world had been turned upside down. The Tahtorak had destroyed Crucia’s home, the Rig. The only thing that had saved her was being forced to work overtime to catch her quota the day of the attack. The worst part, her boss had survived too. The ocean sought to destroy. It crushed and killed. It shook and drowned. It roared and tossed. It grabbed all it could and gleefully smashed it all, dragging it down into its depths. The way the lightning illuminated the storm and the crashing waves was the reason Crucia had no hope. She couldn’t overcome that which was beyond her capability. The sharp pain left her side. Crucia looked down and held the knife wound to keep it from sparking. Her head was rocked to the side in an explosion of color as she was slapped hard and fell to the ground, head slamming on the deck of the boat of her boss, Silver. The Ko-Skakdi reached down and picked up Crucia by the frills, glowering at her, “Let that be a lesson to you, you piece of junk. Just because we’re nomadic now don’t mean you can SLACK OFF.” Silver slammed Crucia’s forehead into the deck. The Ko-Skakdi’s anger always manifested in the natural Skakdi way, violence. Crucia was too disoriented to be able to formulate a reply. It was always the same. Every. Single. Time. Silver would abuse her and demand more, Crucia would comply, but silently vow to use her powers to kill Silver next time. Then the next time would roll around and the fear would wash back over Crucia like the next wave upon the shore. She would seize up, not even being able to use her Kraata power of Cyclone to defend herself. Silver walked a few steps away and Crucia couldn’t hear her as she talked to her crew, who were jeering in the background. She came back over to Crucia, kicked the Ga-Skakdi in the side, and laughed, cruel and vicious. Then Crucia was lifted by two Skakdi and dragged to the side of the ship. Her knees dragged on the wooden deck and a stray strip of rope. They picked her up and threw her overboard to her smaller ship below. There was a moment of freefalling where she felt like this was the end and death was nigh. That she would hit a dangerous part of her boat and that would be it. Dead before she ever stood up for herself. Thankfully, her friends were able to catch her. They were always there. She wasn’t sure if she could continue without them. The minutes slowly ticked away, full of pain. The wretched noises of Silver’s crew taking all of her catch brought its own pain. As she slowly recovered from the physical trauma, one of her friends patched her knife wound. Crucia listened to the waves as they rocked her boat, trying her best to ignore the ever quieting engines as Silver’s ship moved away. The ocean, as it did every time, slowly calmed her, letting her sleep and recuperate.
  21. Today LEGO is sharing the final result of their collaboration with Ben Alder on the LEGO Ideas Winnie the Pooh set. Available to VIPs on March 18th and everyone else on April 1st for $100, 21326 Winnie the Pooh captures the titular bear's house in the Hundred Acre Wood and all of his friends. As we've come to expect in these models, there's a ton of detail made up from the 1,265 elements, with everything you would expect after reading the original stories by A. A. Milne or the Disney adaptations over the years. Read on to check it out and and learn more about the set and the Ideas process!View the full article
  22. IC Stannis | The Far Shore Stanza 1 — Atramentous The Wanderer came to on a blistering hot surface. At first he thought it was a desert with the open pale-blue sky over his head and the sizzle of the hard surface that cooked his flesh whenever he moved, but the gentle rocking of the surface told him it was, in fact a boat. He sat up and looked around, astonished by the scene, and he quickly clambered to his feet. It was a boat alright, a small yawl by the looks of it, and there was no company for Stannis but the hungry cawing of cormorants far-off to the starboard side. The sails were not unfurled and the booms lazily hung off the mast without so much as an inkling of the wind’s tension. By all appearances it seemed as though it had remained where it was for quite some time, and upon some brief inspection Stannis discovered several other facts that led to no discernible conclusions. He checked in the small cabin at the stern end of the craft for a boat’s log, and while there was indeed a log it contained very little information. The boat was called the Atramentous, built in Stelt and being sold to an unknown benefactor. Stannis determined that it must not have been delivered yet since there had not been an entry by a proper captain yet, just the scribbles of a shipyard foreman, but the boat showed some small evidences of use: The sails had been folded away haphazardly, the ropes strewn about the deck had been coiled by an unskilled hand, and perhaps most perplexing of all was the lowered anchor that kept the craft mostly in place. Clearly the yawl had been occupied by someone. The Wanderer scratched his head in confusion; was he the one to have used the boat? He wondered how long he had been lying on the deck under the merciless beating of the sun. His cloak, once a dark charcoal, had been bleached to a pale complexion on the whole front side, and he compared the back of it to the front several times in aghast fascination at the contrast between the rich color on one side and the blanched on the other. By the looks of the evidence he could have been lying there for weeks. But that couldn’t be right—... could it? Stannis looked around the boat some more and found few other implements. In the cabin there was a table neatly set with navigational equipment: A chart of the sea was laid out, recently unfurled such that the corners curved up sharply and needed to be weighted with stones and a candelabra, and a sextant so new it was still stored in it's manufacturer’s box. Upon some analysis of the map he realized, with increasing despair, that he could still be anywhere in the world. The map was clearly only part of a larger whole, but it only revealed an expanse of ocean on three fourths of its area and a sliver of land at a far section. The Wanderer did not know what island it was supposed to be, he only knew it existed somewhere to the west end of the map. That was the question he kept in his mind as night fell upon the Atramentous. Stars popped into the dusk sky like flitting embers from a fire coming to rest on a slab of slate, and one by one Stannis counted them, cataloguing them in his mind and comparing what he saw to the skies he admitted to memory. The Wanderer was not limited to vocations of chronicling sagas or archiving possessions, serving instead as a recorder of events and fates, and in his eons sojourning the Matoran Universe he had observed countless starry skies and while his skill was not the same as an astrologer—Nixie still remained the foremost among those scholars—he nevertheless possessed sufficient knowledge for the purposes of understanding the patterns and movements of the celestial bodies. What surprised him, however, was that the stars were not aligning with any period of history he had recorded even though they were recognizable formations of constellations he knew. Pulling the sextant out in the middle of the nautical twilight he pointed it at the horizon, found his celestial beacon of choice, and calibrated his device accordingly. He did this several times, using several stars while he still could do so in the fading light, and logged the resulting coordinates he received after each use in a desperate, if methodical, attempt at answering two important questions: Where was he, and when was he? By the time the horizon was no longer demarcated visibly he had taken over a dozen measurements with the device and then turned to mark them on the chart as best he could. As best he could tell from what the the sextant was telling him he was somewhere to the southeast of the island’s coordinates. After dark he meditated on the idea and tried to rest easy with the knowledge that he needed to cast off northwest to reach land and hopefully further unravel the mystery of his situation and the Far Shore's mythos. He was eager to get to the bottom of things, and the line he told to Parnassus and others ringed in his head like a focusing mantra, Time is infinite but in insufficient supply. Whatever was the true nature of the Far Shore was both the reason he had come through the portal and what he hoped to solve sooner rather than later, regardless that haste meant little in a dimension of shifting realities and timelines. But one thing troubled him as he tried to rest and niggled at the back of his mind as he did so: If the stars and sextant told him the landmass was to the northwest then why were the bird calls invariably coming what he determined was the south? In the morning, he doubled his research and concluded that the birds were truly to the south and the sextant indeed told him the island should be to the north, both great pieces of evidence that conflicted with each other. Should he trust the sextant and the stars? Or should he trust in his intuition and self-reliance? He had all the knowledge he needed already, there was no more to garner and glean, and his taboos and magicks were of no use to him where he was, leaving him to decide with only what he already possessed. He held the sextant in his hand as he weighed its worth, as though his hand were some arcane scale that could measure the truth of the device, and then, finally, he made up his mind. While Stannis had failed somewhat as an airship pilot, he had in fact garnered a significant skill in sailing, and so it was not with his usual sluggishness or hesitation that he began to ready the Atramentous for movement. His hands moved deftly through the coils of rope, yanking the anchor up took almost no effort at all, and his footing on the rigging nets was remarkably sure as he climbed up to unfurl the sails and catch what little wind they could seize. At first they were empty as a prospector's goldpan, but yet again the old Wanderer maneuvered the boom with expert guidance to snatch the breeze just so, and soon afterwards the craft was moving. South, he had determined. The sextant was thrust to the wayside, a useless bauble that had only confounded him before. There was no function to it anymore as Stannis had decided its findings were unimportant; the Wanderer, the Prophet, would follow the advice of none other but himself. He knew best, after all—he knew the realities of life without the rose-tinted lenses of theoreticals, and his gut and mind alike had told him to put the sextant away. Stannis knew better than the device, that was a hunch he was willing to bet on. Sure enough, the sound of birds across the horizon became more pronounced over the day, lending credibility to his self-confidence. What his skills consistently mirrored, however, was that while Stannis was a capable enough pilot the practice of landing still eluded him on sea just as it did in the air. He found land on the eve of the second day of cruising. Indeed, he'd unceremoniously crashed into it.
  23. I remember how heavily Universe was originally pushed. I never did end up getting into it, so I guess I can't be too surprised what became of it.
  24. As much as I love Vladek, Ogel and Meca-One, they're all basically watered-down versions of Makuta. Evil plan to take over the world, always scowling, dark aesthetic, defeated by power of teamwork and things like that. Come to think of it, though, Ogel is the only villain character who isn't jealous of living in the shadow of someone else (Mata Nui, King Matthias or Sensei Keiken).
  25. Okay, I'll admit, listening to the later parts of this podcast episode really made me feel a little emotional, to think that some simple impatience resulted in the loss of such huge future potential for this game. Not to mention that, while I should have suspected this, it's only now that it really hit me that there were likely a lot of kids who really enjoyed Lego Universe and ended up devastated that it was shut down after only 15 months of activity. While I'm sure some lessons were learned following the closure of this game (even the guy at the very top acknowledged in hindsight that shutting down Lego Universe was a major blunder), it's still sad to think that so much time, effort, and money went into something that could've been epic for years, but instead simply ceased to exist too quickly. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but while I did get a copy of Lego Universe back in 2010 as a Christmas gift, I never got a chance to play it because I was busy in college at the time. That physical copy of the game I have is still sealed in its original plastic wrap, and I plan to hold onto it for a long time to see if it'll ever become something highly valuable. But on the other hand, now that I've actually learned at lot about Lego Universe, I just can't stop thinking about how I really missed out on something very special. Perhaps I might have even started playing other Lego games years earlier than I ultimately did if I had been able to have the opportunity to play Lego Universe back in the day.
  26. IC: Niidak (Relic Fields) She spotted her hoverbike and walked up to it, paranoically continuing to observe her surroundings in the case more Untethered would appear. Once she reached the bike, which was still where she had left it, she tried to focus on finishing the repairs. It took a short while, but with her knack for technology she was soon done. She quickly hopped onto the bike and hit the pedal to the metal to drive away from this place as fast as possible. It was somewhat difficult to navigate at night, but at least she could see the silhouettes of the ruins to avoid crashing into them. As she drove, she pondered where to go next. This journey was supposed to fund a small vacation of sorts, but the iStone she had found was probably not enough to fund one. She might have to go out scavenging for more, and next time she’d definitely go somewhere else. She was sick of the Junk Fields and their paper-filled crystal towers. The encounter with the Untethered had been the last straw. First, of course, she’d have to get rid of the items she had found, so she drove westward back to Ko-Pou. If Kini-Koroans wouldn’t buy her junk again, then perhaps the Tobduk-Koroans would. In either case, she’d need to go through the portal to Kini-Nui first. She noticed dark clouds gathering in the east, covering some of the stars. Looks like it was going to rain in Kini-Koro just as she was going there. Perfect timing, as always.
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