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  2. "If you want to jump out, you can. The door is unlocked," I say, as I gesture towards the door.
  3. ohh, it's a big 'un... i love the shaping on the thighs and upper arms, and the detail of the cordak ammo belts. truly a beast of a moc, and it's a fine revamp of the original character that takes the basic concept to the most exaggerated and grandiose level. fine work. if there's any criticism i could attempt at, it's the ankles looking a bit stilt-y (although that might be an intentional choice)
  4. Two hands... More photos Built for BignicleCup2019 on twitter, this is a remake of Kongu Mahri stylized after Monev the Gale from the manga and anime Trigun. This MOC took a lot of time, money, and input from friends. While I feel like I could've done better, it feels nice to get it finished. It also felt nice to make a Toa again. And yes, the Cordak Blaster gauntlets do actually fire.
  5. As I mentioned in the chat, there was an audio issue where no sound came from the right speaker. After I first mentioned it, it became intermittent, frequently going on or off. It's something that's happened with the stream a number of times over the last few months, so I'm not sure what might be causing it or how to fix it. Anyway, with Piraka boss levels typically shorter than the other levels (despite Reidak's being the only one without any hero mode ever), it wasn't too much of a surprise that you were able to complete three levels on this stream. And as I previously mentioned, I suggested Hakann's Volcano for the next area because the only other one remaining is Zaktan's Jungle, which was the last one to be unlocked and therefore would make sense (in my opinion) to save that for last. With a total of 7 levels left to go, looks like you'll likely be finished a week or two before Christmas. If you're already looking for suggestions on which game to play next, I think that since you've already got your Xbox 360 set up, might as well stick with it by playing the only Lego game you said you needed that system for, which is Lego Lord of the Rings. (As I've mentioned before, that game is no longer available for digital sale, so hopefully you really do have an old physical copy of that game available.)
  6. wasn't 'love isn't canon' a misconception in its own right? i remember someone clarifying years ago that wasn't want greg meant, but everyone just rolled with it
  7. hi i want to share you my 3D Project at school https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dO3vqW
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  9. Thanks-I had always wondered where that was from!
  10. I had a pretty awesome moment one day when I realized that the Phantoka and Mistika were the Toa Nuva-til then I thought there were 4 teams (Mata/Nuva, Metru/Hordika, Inika/Mahri, Phantoka/Mistika) I also totally thought Vamprah was a girl for ages.
  11. I leap towards the "Shields Up" button, wanting to turn it off for no particular reason, kicking the Bo-Matoran for good measure while mid-air for good measure. I faceplant against the glass window in the door, which I had forgotten was there. But now that I have remembered that there is a door, and there is a window in that door, I resume my disturbing smiles as I glare out at the lot of you.
  12. The Biosector article on Toa Power says: "The amount of Toa Power that a Toa has has never been quantified. Based on the Toa Metru, six Toa collectively have enough power to create six Toa Stones, heal a mortally wounded ash bear, and revive several thousand comatose Matoran before ultimately running out of power." So in theory he would have still had a lot of Power left-unless the amount of Power a Toa has varies depending on what team they are a part of (which, to be fair could be true. I wouldn't have a hard time believing that the Inika have more power than normal Toa due to the influence of the Red Star). I agree-its a moving and very satisfying moment on an emotional level. But from a canon perspective it's always struck me as a bit dicey. How did an old Turaga book it over to Vakama so quickly? I believe the Vahi did affect him when he ran over (though that could have just been the movie using slow motion for dramatic effect), but if this is the case imagine how that scene would have looked in real-time. I'm not sure a Turaga can move so fast. But as I say that maybe my problem isn't with the Turaga but with the way the Vahi has been used in the story. I realize I'm kinda out on a limb here (and I've also totally derailed this topic so sorry about that), but I guess all I'm saying is I would have liked to see more of Toa Lhikan interacting with the Toa Metru. Canon suspicions aside (and if I'm wrong on those points please correct me!) I love the scene. It's a powerful moment in the movie and helps develop Vakama's character, while providing a non-cheesy stimulus for Vakama to discover his mask power.
  13. For one, at least, I know I was one of the many who believed for ages that Mata Nui had been awakened at the end of Mask of Light. Turns out, the movie directors had been under that misconception too, and it was only clarified in later years that it had never been part of the story team's plan that he would awaken then.
  14. As Alexander123 materializes on my ship, I see Kardas charging an energy blast. I leap toward a section of the control panel that houses a button labeled "Shields Up" and hit it, just as the power bolt approaches the ship.
  15. I wish I could've seen some of this stuff back in the day. If anyone has a recording of that Vakama/Hahli dialogue, I'd love to hear it.
  16. I launch an experimental nuclear device more powerful than the tsar bomba at Kardas, and the army of Switzerland decides to attack Kardas. Seeing these are my final soldiers I beam myself and my guards aboard Laval Master of Energy's ship to plan my next move.
  17. What were some misconceptions you had regarding the Bionicle storyline and sets. My two biggest one were from when I first got into it in 2008, I thought Vamprah was female and that the Toa Nuva/Mata, Inika/Mahri, and the Metru/Hordika were the same people.
  18. I was going to say it looks like a quick silicone cast with dust stuck in the mold judging by the back. Nice collection!
  19. Yeah, probably a knockoff. The reddish looking specks on the back are probably left over from the casting process. It is still really cool though and is a great find!
  20. Didn't he have to become a Turaga for them to become Toa? ("Where did your power go?" "It lives on in all of you!") He would've had more of a chance at least. How is dying in the climax to save a friend anticlimactic?
  21. Oh wow, love what you've done with Matau! He just feels so right for the character; the use of those leaf pieces is perfect, and the gold piece on his torso complements the lime shade surprisingly well, particularly with the black frame behind them both. I like the loose-limbed posture you've given him too, it really captures Matau's characteristic sense of energy ^^
  22. So I got caught up on the story today. Enjoyed all the fight scenes in the most recent chapter. Is there any particular reason you decided to go for the Sanok over Garai for Hewkii? I'll admit, I didn't remember which was which off the top of my head and assumed we were going to get a gravity vs. gravity fight until the Sanok was activated.
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