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  2. [Sue, Above The Stray Tach, Lower Reaches] It was almost insulting, how the past five years could fit into two small suitcases. True, it was partly because aside from an embroidered robe for special occasions, Sue carried little in the way of clothing, which might fill out another being’s luggage quite a bit. StillーSunorhyyn thought, or had thought, that she had built more of a life during her time in Taris. But aside from basic, necessary tools and her personal vanities, there was little else. She hadn’t even amassed that many additions to her collections of oils, perfumes, and brushes. In fact, the only thing she appeared to have in any amount was her stash of credits. Some of it was in digital form, but she had never quite outgrown the smuggler’s mentality. Yet, despite the lack of physical evidence, Sue knew he had made something here. In the gloomy hours between sunset and sunrise, she had carved out a little piece of happiness--hot oil and warm conversation with the aid of well made social lubricant. She had thought it would last. She had thought a lot of things. Sue picked up her luggage. That was the easy part done. Now, she needed to go tell her employer. Maybe. Sue sighed, and shut the door to her apartment, stepping into the lift that would take her back to the shell of The Tach.
  3. @Smudge8 - Can I check just a moment, have I misinterpreted something? I took your Paju post from before the downtime to mean she had let Tarutu convince her that they should tag along on Tekmo's expedition, so that's what Tarutu has told him; but now that Paju's leaving for Atero, does that mean you didn't want her to be part of that? Sorry for the confusion! I just want to check that I understand what you want there, so that I don't accidentally have Tarutu sign Paju up for something that you're not on board with! ^^;
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  5. IC: Tacitus - Tesara The tall Skrall simply stood there, gauntleted arms folded over his bare chest, not a word leaving his enclosed helmet.
  6. IC: Big Sleep (Pala Koro) Rahkshi's blades flashed in the orange light, accompanied by the din of warfare and the screams of men and beast alike. A gauntlet shone in his left hand, tipped with claws just like theirs— perfect to stop their staves. Perfect to rip Kraata out of faces. A rumble through his bones, as the charging Kane-Ra's musk passed him in a wave, barely ducking out of the way in time. He brought a greatsword to bear. If I wanted to play chicken, he'd stick a huge lump of sharp rock in its way. See if it was so willing to gore him then. The taste of metal, of bile, as he held his burning side, both scared to look down and potentially see his guts spilling out and unwilling to take his eyes off of the Tarakava's baleful glare. A spike of crystal formed in his hand. He'd put those eyes out. He wouldn't let this thing kill him. He refused to die. Not here. The swelling flame in his chest overpowered the shock of its fangs going through his flank. It forced his bones to steady against the bull's promise of deadly reprisal. It drew a howl from his throat that matched his shadowy foes'. It consumed him. Deep within a small, rickety village, one pair of emerald eyes suddenly snapped open. It was... morning. Mid-morning. Morning? That wasn't right. He'd settled down against the wall for a nap in the afternoon. Warily, he scanned Pala-Koro's interior, looking for a read of his situation. He found... nothing much. Nobody much. The Vortixx, Kythera, who he'd had a close and cautious eye on. Kunitu, the Gukko Force member that he'd met on the road. Esao, the man of the jungle that was chief of staff in rebuilding this place and now their foremost firefighter. No sign nor sound of any of them. This lead to Tarex's first waking thought in four years. ...Where did they all go? OOC: Don't see any way to format fonts lol
  7. That's a nice screenshot! Great view of those planets, and the ship looks pretty dope as well. Reminds me of when I used to play a lot of Elite: Dangerous, was always snapping way too many pictures of the systems I'd find --Akaku: Master of Flight
  8. IC Odiina Brando - Insight: Being aboard a starship wasn't a new experience for Odiina, but she'd never actually been aboard one of the massive Imperial-I Star Destroyers before. Much less one made especially for the Inquisitorius. The enormous wedge shaped battleship felt familiar though, in so far as it met the same standards and layouts Odiina was already familiar with among imperial stations and ships. The difference was the quality. Everyone and thing aboard the Insight was perfection. So much so that Odiina felt almost out of place. Then again, she really was out of place. Pulled from Taris, away from her friends and squad to an Inquisitor ship and on the way to some other planet far away. It was unsettling. She sat in her new bunk, dressed in fatigues and idly played some game on her datapad without really paying it much attention. Her mind was far more occupied trying to figure out what the inquisitors wanted with her. They had left Dak on Taris. She wondered if she'd ever see the woman again. Some part of her doubted it. The time passed as she continued to think. ooc: mobile posting is suffering please ignore the fact that the whole post is italicised
  9. After BFVA, my interest in re-reading the whole legend was rekindled. I'm extremely grateful for both the pdf's and the website! I started reading on the flight home from BFVA. Thanks for compiling all this (and the TDN module ).
  10. KARDAS DRAGON recognizes the voice. It remembers all the good times it had with Vezon, and that there actually weren't any good times, they were all bad. It retaliates in a fury! You step into the mind of KARDAS DRAGON! It wasn't expecting company, so the place is a mess, and it chases you away before you have the chance to judge its lifestyle!
  11. Ok everyone here is my attempt at bringing a new group of Topics together, Topics meant to "Spark Creativity" and show off something you came up with and are proud of as well as asking advice on how to improve if you feel it's not the best (Just a not you may not feel it is great but you are your own worst critic, so others may think it is brilliant) in the true spirit of Bionicle and Lego as a whole. So here goes I hope this will be a great series. Our first topic in the series Kanohi Masks, whether the power of amazing almost supernatural feats or just very awesome design Kanohi Masks are the single most common element in the Matoran Universe with Matoran, Toa, Turaga, and many other races wearing them keeps them alive and can grant power if one's mind is less clouded and focused. But while many wear the same Masks no two Matoran's face are identical and have a unique appearance based on who wears them, yet at the same time being clearly a certain mask. But what kinds of Kanohi have we never seen? What contours, shapes and powers have not seen. What makes a design of Kanohi just right that almost all masks with that power will be shaped with the same base, the most Iconic mask in the series the Kanohi Hau with its Helmet like curve on top, three vent lines along the cheeks and the determined look in the eyes that almost screams "Come at me, I can take it" this mask really gives off a air of protection. But what of the other masks, do they say their nature from looks alone, and perhaps you've got a mask design with a power yould like to discuss. That is exactly what this thread is for. I would post my first mask creation if I were at my computer but I type this on my mobile so the Great Sakon will have to wait till tomorrow. Feel free to continue the thread and don't forget "Keep that Spark of creativity going till you have a flame of imagination!"
  12. Bionicle Heroes, now that was quite a surprise to see. Like I said, I've played that game a lot over the years. Not to brag, but I've found this game to be remarkably easy compared to all the other console Lego games (technically, I've played them all on PC, but you get the idea), so I would occasionally come up with ways to challenge myself, such as using each Toa exclusively (when capable) for their respective element area (Hahli on Vezok's Coastline, Matoro on Thok's Mountain, etc), and sometimes even skipping the 50% discount entirely (I happen to be OCD enough to pick up almost all the pieces that get dropped, allowing me to purchase everything well before reaching full completion). The way the levels are unlocked, you start with Vezok's Coastline, then completing just the first level unlocks both Thok's Mountain and Avak's Stronghold, clearing all four levels of one area unlocks Reidak's Desert, clearing all four levels of two areas unlocks Hakann's Volcano, clearing all four levels of three areas unlocks Zaktan's Jungle, and finally clearing all the levels of all six areas unlocks the final level with Vezon. I prefer to complete the four levels of one area before moving on to another area, rather than do a level in each area as you seem to be doing. (And since you at least remembered there was a pattern to those levels, here's a reminder of what they are: first level ends in a Rakhshi boss fight, second level ends by collecting a Zamor Sphere, third level ends in a Titan boss fight, and fourth level is entirely a Piraka boss fight.) For purchasing upgrades, I prefer to first focus on the armor of all six Toa equally, then upgrade their weapons equally, and only after both have been maxed out do I go for their special ability (my reasoning is that the armor allows you to survive longer against enemies and thus essential to have first, weapons only makes attacking easier, while the special abilities are useful only for accessing bonus rooms that you could come back to another time you play the levels and thus not a high priority). Only after all the Toa have been fully upgraded do I go for other purchases, starting with the canister locator, then the bonus levels, and finally the Piraka Playground equipment for last. (The hints are just very basic bits of advice, but they are very cheap and you can easily obtain them all after just ten thousand pieces or so.) Anyway, interesting for you to note that BZPower played a part in creating this game, because I do remember seeing near the end of the credits it mentioned BZPower and the usernames of a few certain members (I think you might've been among them, B6). Quite a shame to think that whatever content there might've been in relation to it at the time may have been lost with the original forums. And with all of that out of the way, I guess all I have left to say is that I'm certainly looking forward to see you continue through the rest of this game.
  13. Chapter 8 Roodaka Norik felt a chill run down his spine at the sound of that name for some reason. “Out of curiosity,” he began, “do any of the other Barraki warlords have such fearsome generals under their rule like this Roodaka?” “I’m sure they do, but I don’t really know too much about them,” Kualus explained. “Let me guess, anyone who’s ever seen them doesn’t come back alive?” The researcher shrugged his shoulders. “It’s very likely, given the way Roodaka operates. It wouldn’t be too farfetched to assume the same goes for them. There are only two that I know of, really.” Kualus began to walk out of the room, seemingly as if he were in a trance. Confused, Norik opted to follow close behind. “Obvious now you know about the Queen of Ice, currently under the employment of Barraki Pridak. Then you have a being known as the Red Dragon, who is under the employment of Barraki Kalmah.” “What do you know about him?” the young mage asked. “From what I have gathered, about all I can tell you is he can be quite a fearsome opponent. He is clad in crimson and he wears some kind of special mask, somewhat like the ones you and I wear. I’m not quite sure what power it has, however. He’s also said to be quite a master of his element as well. Where Roodaka rules with an icy frost, the Red Dragon rules with blazing inferno.” Norik couldn’t help but stop in his tracks upon hearing this. Realizing what he just said, the researcher stopped and faced the young mage. “He is likely very gifted with the elemental power of fire, although I doubt you’ll really have to worry about him unless you actively seek him yourself. Either that, or you give him a reason to seek you out, first.” “So that’s all you know?” Kualus gave a nod. “Pretty much, although I might have heard something about there being a White Dragon as well who is said to share a rivalry with this Red Dragon. I don’t know anything about his abilities, appearance, or even his name, so your guess about him is as good as mine.” “You better believe he’s real, though!” came a commanding voice from behind. Startled, Norik nearly stumbled to the ground before catching himself against the wall. He looked over his shoulder to see a burly male clad in black with a determined look on his face. “Oh, no, not this again,” Kualus said with a sense of dread. “I’ve managed to catch a glimpse of him, myself once!” said the ebony clad newcomer. “This again, Bomonga?” The researcher said, as if he was ready to tune him out. “What do you mean ‘again’ Kualus?” Bomonga demanded. “What, you think I made him up or something?” “No, I believe you, but rather, what I don’t believe is the fact you apparently saw him when almost no one else has,” Kualus concluded. “That’s ‘cause no one else got lucky like I did!” Bomonga retorted. “It’s the dead of night, right? I was just minding my own business, you see, and then as I’m walking along the path with nothing but the moonlight guiding me along when out of nowhere, there’s this streak of white just passing by over my head!” Bomonga moved his hand in a swiping motion in front of Norik’s face. “At first I thought it was a dragon, but then I thought ‘Nah, that’s too small.’ I look up and I see what looks like some kind of warrior in white and blue armor. More importantly, he’s got these glowing wings like a real dragon and he’s soaring through the sky. I was caught off guard, but I stood my ground!” “You hid in the bushes because you got so scared. Pouks already told me the rest of the story of when he found you asleep afterwards,” the researcher said in a matter of fact tone. “Okay, so maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but I’m telling you I saw him!” Bomonga turned and faced Norik. “You believe me, don’t you, new guy?” “Um…” “Maybe you should at least introduce yourself before you go forcing your tall tales onto him, Bomonga,” Kualus said, somewhat annoyed. As the pair began to enter a seemingly heated debate, Norik found a window of opportunity to quietly slip away. He figured if he wanted to learn more about Roodaka or the Red Dragon, he could ask him at a later time. Without really thinking, the mage found himself going down two sets of stairs, passing the ground floor where he and Varian initially entered. His mind snapped to reality as he heard the sound of a hammer clanging against metal. He looked over to his right to find a glimmer of orange light with a shadow of a being wielding a hammer. Curious, he quietly walked towards the orange light until he found himself to be in what appeared to be some sort of workshop. He looked around briefly until his eyes fell on the being clanging the hammer against a piece of metal resting on an anvil. Clad in armor as brown as sand, he stood tall and proud as he put all his might into each swing of the hammer. Judging from his physique and the way he swung the hammer, Norik imagined it weighed a lot to the point he would possibly need the help of someone else to lift it. Behind him was a large steel framework of what appeared to be some sort of vehicle. The hammer wielder stopped the moment he caught a glimpse of Norik. He looked up and gave a satisfied smile. “What do you think?” he asked. “Sure, it’s not much now, but it’s gonna be something great! It’s going to have an equipped blaster that can convert light into ammunition and travel at incredible speed! I’m thinking of calling it the Daybreaker.” “Uh… I think it sounds like it’s gonna be great!” Norik replied after some hesitation. “Good to hear it!” the craftsman said. “I know it sounds a bit crazy, but I have a good feeling about this. Say, I haven’t seen you around here before. You’re not some kind of spy here to steal my plans for the Daybreaker, are you?” Norik shook his head. “No, not at all! I just came here with Iruini and Miyaka.” “Ah, so you’ve met the old grizzly captain himself,” the craftsman said in an amused tone. “Guess if Miyaka trusts you, then you’re good in my books. The name is Pouks.” “I’m Norik. Wait, Pouks? Aren’t you the one who made this entire--?” “Our base of operations? You bet I did!” Pouks replied with high enthusiasm. As he rested the hammer besides the anvil, he turned and faced the steel framework of the Daybreaker. “It wasn’t easy, let me tell you, but after working out the plans and testing the structural integrity of the rock, it was a synch, especially with me and Bomonga doing most of the heavy work. Have you already met him by any chance?” The mage nodded. “He was talking to Kualus kind of seriously.” “Ah, those two are always at it. I bet he was talking about how he saw that White Dragon character again.” “So I take it he does that often?” Pouks nodded as he faced Norik. “You win that bet. He always tells that story to whoever he meets like some kind of old legend to make himself sound like a bit of a hero. We came from the same place, so I know him a little better than that. I’m a craftsman and he’s just a regular stock boy literally digging up pieces of old and forgotten history.” “Where are you both from anyway? I came from Kradus.” “Ah, I see, that’s one of the places full of Agorian like us. No, though, him and I came from some small place Nuhkor located smack in the middle of Carapar and Mantax territory. Miyaka apparently got word about some good craftsman and weapon smiths in the area, so she chose me out of all of them. Bomonga, thinking I was going off on some whirlwind adventure, practically begged to come along, so she agreed after I told her about how smart and strong he is.” Norik looked around the workshop some more and took note of some of the various swords he saw lying around. “That’s right, I can do weapons as well. I’m just as good, if not better, than any weapon smith you might find in Sergas. Since Miyaka is always going through swords, I’ve done my best to keep a few in stock just for her.” “So you’re an inventor and a weapon smith?” “Yup. I carry only the finest materials for high quality products.” “You almost sound like a salesman,” Norik mused. “I’ve thought about it, let me tell you,” Pouks joked. “Who knows, maybe after this nonsense with the Barraki is over and done, I might just go ahead and open up my own official workshop.” “I’ll be looking forward to it.” “You use any of this stuff, by any chance?” “Actually I’ve just gotten acquainted with using a shield and spear.” “Shields, I’ve got. Spears, I’ll probably have to get back to you on that, especially if you need them to be strong enough to handle magic power.” Norik looked at his hands, causing some small embers to crackle. “In that case, yeah, I’m definitely going to need them that strong.” *** Deep within the island of Ihu, right at the base of Mount Ihu, was a village that was once full of crafters and fisherman. That was, until, the Queen of Ice made her presence known and decided to lay waste to the village. Not enough to completely annihilate it, however, in the event she wished to return for whatever reason. One of these craftsman desperately dragged himself out of his damaged hut, pulling himself until he found himself facing a white and silver heeled boot. Looking up, he saw an imposing female clad in white and silver, with only a few hints of black to break up her otherwise monotonous style of apparel. Weakly, he reached out and grabbed the female by the leg. “N-N-No…” he weakly moaned. The Vortixx female looked down with a look of disgust on her face. Her eyes were colder than the blistering winds that blew through the mountain, literally piercing his very soul with just one stare. “Such heroic nonsense,” she muttered before shoving him aside with her leg. As he writhed in pain, she walked over to look down upon him one last time. “Pathetic.” Behind her came the sounds of running footsteps. She turned to see a Vortixx female somewhat shorter than her clad in blue and silver panting heavily as she approached her. “General Roodaka!” she said, giving a salute as she caught her breath and regained her composure. “Ah, yes, what is it, Zhrika?” General Roodaka replied nonchalantly. “A messenger from Lord Pridak has arrived. He was too slow to come to the mountain, so I will deliver his message myself.” Roodaka gave a sarcastic laugh. “Leave it to that fool to have such weak underlings at his disposal. Good help is so hard to find these days, don’t you think?” “Um… yeah, I suppose so,” Zhirika replied somewhat nervously. She cleared her throat before speaking. “According to him, Lord Pridak wants you specifically to try and stop the one they call the ‘Blazing Wind,’ as she has attacked one of his valuable mining facilities and made off with two new recruits to her cause.” “Hmph,” Roodaka said to herself. “It’s his fault that little nobody is still even running around with her toy swords. If he acted sooner, then perhaps that fool wouldn’t have to come crawling to me for helps, especially long after I initially offered to do away with her myself.” Roodaka slowly walked over to Zhirika, towering over her. “Very well. I imagine that spineless messenger is going to take my response with him to that blathering idiot. In that case, tell him I will take care of his little pest problem, but if he agrees to meet my conditions. First, I am going to assemble a team of my own, seeing how well it has worked for Marlyx and her merry band of fools.” Zhirika nodded. “I take it you will not await his reply, right?” “Not at all,” Roodaka replied coldly. “He takes too long to make any decisions. He probably couldn’t even eat breakfast without any help. Even if he doesn’t accept, however, I will proceed with my plans anyway. Second, I am going to finally tell him about my little… request.” Zhirika blushed. “Oh! You mean…?” Roodaka nodded. “Yes. Given how boring this busy work has become, I think it will be time to think about finding someone worthy of my presence. What better time than when I’m looking to assemble a team of warriors? Since we’ve already spoken about my list of requirements, I feel there is no need to go into further detail.” “Very well, General Roodaka,” Zhirika said as she nodded. “After you speak with that messenger, go ahead and travel to the island of Zakaz… Actually, no, I will go to Zakaz myself. You will instead go to a remote village located to a forgotten island south of Nynrah. You’re going to look for a young mage who specializes with Shadow magic. His name is Zetherus, and he is to report to my headquarters in Xia.” “Yes, ma’am! If it is in my right to ask, may I assume you will be making use of the secret weapon for this plan?” “Why, yes, very astute of you, Zhirika. Before you head to find this mage, I’d like for you to check on her for me and make sure she has been taken care of as I have requested.” “Yes, ma’am! Right away, ma’am!” Zhirika gave one last salute before breaking into a dash down the mountain trail and vanishing behind a veil of snow. As she looked over at her handiwork one last time, she began to descend the mountain until she spotted a small spider walking towards her. Without warning, she began to repeatedly stomp on the spider until she was satisfied. “I hate spiders,” she muttered to herself. http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/27624-review-miyaka-the-blazing-wind/
  14. I use the Kanohi Komau. Maybe it can be controlled.
  15. IC: Paju-Tesara With that Paju left for the docks, planning on heading to New Atero next.
  16. The fact that it's called the Stolara is already a pun on it being stolen, so... Just read your post BTW, will get on it soon.
  17. I'd like to imitate Vezon in an attempt to get the dragon to obey me.
  18. Isn’t that how it always goes? You’re out minding your own business when suddenly the screen flashes and you find yourself pulled into a random battle! And not just any random battle, but a battle against the legendary secret enemy… KARDAS DRAGON appears! Take whatever action you think will stop the beast! I’ll respond and let you know how effective it is…or isn’t. Attack it, try to run, sing to it—try anything, just remember you only get 1 action per post. Maybe if we all work together we’ll actually stand a chance! I suppose I should lead the charge…I launch a Rhotuka at Kardas Dragon! KARDAS DRAGON catches the Rhotuka in its mouth like a Frisbee! 0 damage! KARDAS DRAGON hates fetch! It’s angry now! Oh dear…
  19. Ooc: how big is Ga-Koro? Is it still small like in MNOG or is it more developed up to a town or city? IC: Arero I think about going to a diner full of Ga-Koro Marines. It doesn’t sit well with me. What if I violated a small clause in some legal document or they saw me J-walk before entering the premises? I needed a bath. I wasn’t presentable in a diner. What if the book I was reading had been banned earlier this week and I didn't know it because of traveling? A brunch place with a tavern-y vibe however… “Let’s go to The Great Takea. You seem like the tavern-type. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Dorian or one of your other friends at the bar? I’ll bother someone for directions once we’re in town.” I lead the way down the sandy bluff and across the beach. The buildings are well developed. Impressive estates line the coast and the rest of Ga-Koro is on lily-pads stretching out into Naho Bay. The sounds of rigging clacking against the mast and the thrumming of boat engines carry across the water. At few Marines stand by the gates to Ga-Koro proper. “Excuse me,” I pipe up and throw in a timid wave. “I don’t mean to bother you but, um, well…” I look at Cipher with eyes that say help.
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  21. Every now and then a group of builders huddles in some corner of the Internet and plans out a collaboration or theme for them to build in. Some time later, our eyes are suddenly bombarded by a collection of awesome and interrelated MOCs, like the Toa Mangai who appeared earlier today. I don't have space to link to all eleven, so I'll just share the first three I saw, all by talented BZPers: Toa Lhikan - The True by DeeVee Toa Vinzena - The Truthsayer by Ballom Toa Naho - The Studious by Pohaturon Each one has its own unique character and style that brings the Toa to life. Be sure to check them all out!View the full article
  22. IC: Mirror - Tesara Guardhouse (Silvana Interrogation Room) "That's proof of what? Could be some robotics wiz with some new toys for all we know. If I'm to go back to the Captain and tell her Fe's back and has it out for us, I need more than your hunch." IC: Eoron - New Atero Parking District Eoron ground his teeth. "You two will be cleaning every berth from top to bottom, and you'll stay there till you drop dead if I have anything to do with it," he snapped, before wandering off to conduct his own investigation. Useless drivel.
  23. OOC: From Onu-Wahi. Dialogue permissions from Unreliable Narrator. IC: Cipher (Ga-Onu Border) He seemed to think my life would be much more interesting than his own. That was the lasting impression I'd gotten of Arero in the three days I'd known him. He was sociable enough, easily, and wasn't the type where talking about himself was an anathema by any means. Those types were always much, much gloomier. Rather, he simply dismissed my questions with a chuckle and a wave, reassuring me that he really didn't have all that much to speak of. Not suspiciously, but more... from a feeling of self-awareness, I would venture. Kind of like me and my sense of direction, but dialing back the irritability in favor of shyness. Speaking of that, I was lucky that he was a spry thinker, especially for a Po-Matoran. By the third hour or so he'd already adjusted to checking back on me every so often as he lead the way, and redirecting me onto the road whenever I inexorably and inevitably veered off-course. After the first night, he was already a pro. I should thank him on that one, actually. Arero of Onu-Wahi, thank you for not making too big a deal of keeping me on the path. You have this humble wanderer's gratitude for your continued understanding. In return, I shared what understanding I could. .... Our first trip went smoothly, in and out of tunnels as one often did in Onu-Wahi. I'd given him first watch then, after recruiting his help in setting up the tent. Habitually, I liked to start camp around sundown, utilizing what ensured light I had left before rolling the dice on flames. I could do it myself without problem, but four hands were better than two. For the most part. "That corner looks a little flat. Pull up the stake and bring it..." I gave it a second's thought, leaning in to get a close look. "About three inches further back." "Ah. I'm sorry, this is all still new to me," Arero explained somewhat sheepishly. "I've only read about it." "S'fine." I returned to my work on the opposite side, getting the last line secure as I spoke. Only so much day left to work with. "It takes a couple goes to really pick up— And I'd rather a little slack as opposed to nearly snapping. If you pulled it too hard, once I put in tension on this side, we'd be liable to not have shelter anymore." Without complaint, he had corrected the mistake by the time I was done. Very coachable guy. That'd be good in the days to come, with the state the island was in currently; I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I think my life speaks for itself when it comes to surviving danger in the wild. The night passed uneventfully, with him reading for a few hours before waking me for my shift. .... "Excuse me," He said that a lot. "Excuse me," and "I'm sorry, but,". As though always a bother. Politeness was one thing, sure, but I didn't want the poor guy to be smothered by it. I'm a rough sort, you know? I'm fine with casual. The fact that I'm answering your questions about my battles should be good enough, right? I looked up from scraping the back of my knife against some flint. "You're a Toa of Plasma, aren't you? Why go through the trouble?" "Good question. I'm making sure I can still get a good spark," I replied, lazily pointing the knife back at him. "So I can show you. We can both use this method, but I doubt you can superheat things." A small "Ah," escaped his lips as understanding blossomed over his face, and he took a few steps closer to watch intently as I worked through the process in low and focused tones. Our impromptu pit was a simple ring of stone upon clear soil— easy enough to find here. As for the tinder you struck those sparks over, not so much. Onu-Wahi's surface was fairly stark and barren, a karst mess of stone pillars, black earth, and entrances to the many tunnels beneath. Not much vegetation beyond mosses and small shrubbery to go off of— the ground was too porous for rivers aside the occasional inlet from the sea. I'd had Arero help me hack off a few smaller branches and twigs from the two trees we'd passed that day. Thankfully, that relative lack of moisture meant that these hardier plants made for good tinder and good wood. We constructed the usual "teepee" of the twigs without issue, and once the dried shrubs caught, I let him stick the starter in the center. He had a good feel for how it all worked. .... "Have you taught someone before?" he asked later on, practicing a simple one-two in the air as the fire crackled. It was still slow and unfamiliar to him, but the coordination was coming together as he got more repetitions in. "Any of your friends?" He'd spent much of the day getting me to open up about them, about my coworkers, and the stuff I'd gotten up to in general. Guess we were starting to get used to eachother, and I had to admit that it wasn't altogether unpleasant to revisit some of the highlights with a captive audience. He'd gotten a good rundown: My first meeting with Dorian when I'd stirred up his fight with the Valkyr, our little dip underwater to the ruins of Xa-Koro when I'd taken his prized jacket hostage— The trek through Po-Wahi with Rhea Heartsflame and her group in tow seemed to be a favorite for both of us, not in the least because I gave a great retelling, in my opinion, of how we busted down Stannis Maru's using Skyra Daring as a battering ram. Wonder if she still had her stickerbook— no, right, I'd given it to Sola. It was nostalgic. "A little bit here and there," I replied, slowly dropping in to a knee and driving forward a bit off to the side from his shadowboxing. A solid, wrestling-style double leg takedown was next on my list of things to teach. Important that he learned how to hold somebody down as well as just knock them out. "It's not too often that I'm hanging around people who don't already know their way around a fight, so not terribly much." "Hm." He punctuated his thoughtful noise with the quickest jab and cross yet. Good progress. "Taught Flay how to work up her control over her element, I guess. Mainly I'm just teaching what I learned. Guess if you ever become a Toa in your life, remember what we're doing right here," I said, miming my rear hand near my jaw. Reminder to not drop your guard. He caught it quickly. "Start with the small stuff, get comfortable with it, then work your way up." The guardswoman in question was another of the group I'd gotten separated from in the drifts. Hoped she'd gotten used enough to working with fire to keep herself warm... .... "I'm sorry, but these are actually safe." "Huh? They're magenta, aren't they? Same as the ones you tried before." "Oh, no, not the berries." He held up a bundle of leaves to my confused face. "These make a very nice Ga-Koroan tea. I knew I'd recognized them. The toxins are all concentrated in the fruit, but you get a good smoky flavor if you steep the leaves long enough." To reinforce his assertion, he showed me the page in one of his books, denoting the specific three-pronged shape. "...Huh. Guess you're right, man. My bad." He had more useful tidbits in those things than I'd previously given them credit for. Even I could still learn. Guess I was lucky he kept managing to remind me of that, whether he meant to or not. .... It was a pretty good trip. Nice to not do these things alone, and without the weight of stuff much bigger than yourself over your head. We had eyes on the Koro proper by the middle of morning, a couple hours after he'd made a killing on his tea harvest. The gulls were already in the air, raucous as ever, the soil had given way to sand at our feet, and the distinct spray of salty ocean was carried along the breeze. Slowly making its way towards us from the horizon as Naho Bay, and the village nestled within. I got the sense of something strange going on there... but then again, we were living in strange times. It had been ages since I hadn't felt that way. "Brunch? Hm. I know a pretty good diner that the Marines like to frequent. Hear their sundaes are pretty killer. There's also The Great Takea if you're looking for something a touch more tavern-y. Not a bad atmosphere there." I'd've killed for some good, professionally cooked food. For weeks, Arero's half a homemade sandwich aside, I'd been subsisting off of my usual road fare. Dried meats, raisins, simple oats, stews... I'da killed. I fought to stay behind my guide, even though Ga-Koro was effectively straight ahead. I'd probably lose sight of the bay at the bottom of this hill, and from there there was no telling where I'd end up.
  24. I played Astral Chain for a good while the previous week. This week (and every week) I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft classic. Also regular World of Warcraft, and some Fate/Grand Order of course. The next games on my to-do list are the Link's Awakening remake on the switch, Untitled Goose Game, and most importantly I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator.
  25. IC: Tamaya - Tesara Outskirts "Must have made someone pretty mad." She comments quietly to herself. She then pipes up, "Can I help in any way?"
  26. IC: Matilda - Corpse Party Matilda shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other, stroking Garuda's hair. "Um, look. My sister's pretty young, I should take her home. Do you need anything else from us before we go?" ~ IC: Armani - The Tower, Upstairs Armani saluted. "I was told you were expecting me, Your Spikiness. I did wish to speak with you about recent events, if this is incorrect."
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