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  2. IC: NU-8020S (Northern Desert) "Excellent. Allow us to escort you aboard the transport." @Edelgard@Jakura Nuva@ZippyWharrgarbl@xccj IC: Tekmo and Waveahk (Metru-Koro, Outside Sans's Hut) "Are you alright, ma'am?" Tekmo asked Keitara. "I apologize if anything we did upset you." "No, that's it, I'm done." Waveahk walked back inside the Turaga's hut to speak to Sans again. Tekmo didn't take this well. "Wait! The line! YOU SAID THERE WAS A-oh, forget it." Stepping inside, Waveahk began to describe the outside situation to his, er, 'employer'. "So, outside there's a drunkard, a woman who changes colour and just regained consciousness, your friend Stannis is questioning your plan for idiotic reasons, and there's two obviously willing and able to help Toa with a bag full of dead slugs, which are of course, relevant to our mission, and would like to speak with you as soon as possible. And also a Zyglak. Which do you think should speak to you first?" @Azibo@EmperorWhenua@Keeper of Kraata@Snelly@Conway@TL01 NUVA
  3. IC: Matilda - Dangit Garuda "You knew I was going to go get dinner- you know what. Never mind." She walked in and set the pies down. "We have a visitor, so make sure to share." ~ IC: Armani - Spy Time The spies were probably her best lead. She headed down to where they were detained.
  4. IC: Yaushe - Northern Desert Yaushe had noted with annoyance that Mahryo had left her out of his list of companions when asking about the newcomer's approach, and as such didn't reply to Triki. After a minute, however, she did give him the decency of taking her hand brake off so he could roll her onto the ramp.
  5. Keitara's mind-??? IC: The matoran suddenly realized they were standing at the bank of a great canal. Silvery-blue liquid flowed serenely past, carrying the occasional small boat made of reed or scraps. "Where are we?" she asked. The figure, still indistinct, was staring out at the structures to their left. Massive arthropods with carapaces of glass and wire, their enormous legs sinking deep below the surface of a vast blue sea. The sun... no, she realized with dawning shock, suns plural, were setting. The lights within the massive beetles burned creamy gold. The matoran squeaked and clung to the larger figure's leg. "S-s-sorry," she stammered "I'm not very fond of the dark." A hand rested gently on her head. "That's perfectly all right." Their voice was calm, soothing. "This is Ga-Metru, the great district of waves and knowledge. We are safe here. Though I do not recognize those matoran there." The matoran looked over and her heart skipped a beat. "I know them! They're my friends! There's Dara and Nati, Tanma and Gavala, Neru, Takua..." Her voice trailed off. "But... that can't be right. Nati and Neru are dead, and Takua... he's been missing for years." She looked up at the figure "Is this a dream? Are we dreaming? If we're both dreaming, how are we dreaming the same dream? What if one of us is dreaming the other. Gods and Great Beings, what if when we wake up-" "Little one! Little one, be calm." The voice was soothing. "There is no need for panic." The matoran sniffled. "Well, that's me. Always the coward. I couldn't bear to leave the lightvine back home when the cave-glow dimmed. Well, except that one time Balta didn't come back. I searched and searched. His leg was always a bit iffy, and sometimes he'd fall and damage his pack, I thought he might be..." Her voice trailed off. "Well, that sounds plenty brave to me, little one. I think you are merely measuring yourself too harshly. Given time, I'd wager you could become quite the hero. Brave as any toa or avuurahk." The matoran nestled against the figure's side, yawning. "I... feel sleepy. Does that mean I'm waking up? I don't want to wake up if that means you might disappear!" The figure knelt down next to the matoran. "I'll tell you what. Why don't we both wake up at the same time? Then wherever we're going, we'll go together." The matoran gulped nervously, then nodded. The two figures closed their eyes... Keitara opened her eyes, groaning. She felt as though her back had been broken, then hastily reassembled by somebody who was not only using the wrong instruction book but also showed complete and total ignorance about the workings of the spine. She could move her hands and, albeit slightly, her neck. Anything else sent thunderbolts of pain shooting down her back. She looked up into a long, worried face that she recognized as... "Irna?" Suddenly the full context of her situation snapped back into focus. A slight flush crept to her cheeks as she realized the scene she had created. She looked back up at the woman who had woken her up. "Thanks, Irna. I'm... I'm sorry to make such a scene." She chuckled embarassedly as she painfully made her way to her feet. It was then that she noticed her hand. Or, more specifically, its color. "Oh...." (OOC: @Conway)
  6. 17 years since I became a member here. Wow.
  7. IC: Irna | Outside Sans' Hut "Keitara!" Irna crouched next to the fallen woman, pressing her ear to her chest hard enough to still feel a heart beat underneath her armour -- the armour that had changed from black to white, grey to gold. But there wasn't time to think about that, not now, not while she was still unconscious. Careful to moderate her force, Irna raised a hand up and-- WHACK! --slapped Keitara across the face. "Wake up," she said. "Wake up." OOC: @TL01 NUVA -Void
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  9. There are like...453 extremely dangerous artifacts already in the Bionicle universe, many of which are just stored in somebody's safe or something. Whoever finds the ring would probably just go "Another fine addition to my...COLLECTION" and then put it in a box and forget about it.
  10. IC Collector - Metru-Koro “Wait a minute,” muttered Collector, and then they turned back to Atamai with a lurch, “If you were there when the Great Disks were turned in, and you saw them become one disk, did you see what happened to the machine? The one Turaga Dume had commissioned, that could empower anyone with the power of a Disk? The one to make an army of Matoran as strong as a Toa. What happened to the machine?” Their lips quivered like a Ta-Matoran in the icy wastelands of Ko-Metru. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Tarn @Snelly @Onaku Feel free to correct Collector on what Dume’s plan actually was, their knowledge is out of date. Also it’s worth noting Collector had mentioned he was a friend of Kanohi earlier, who Vashni might remember given that vision he shared with her.
  11. Name: Rek Breed: Wasteland Su-Skakdi Faction: Whoever pays most. Brief Description: Slight of build, but no less competent a fighter for it - what she lacks in muscle she makes up for in agility - Rek has primarily deep orange armour, underlaid by the occasional off-white highlight, and the typical Skakdi maw full of intimidating teeth. The skin of her skull is surprisingly smooth, aside from twin mandibles that jut from either side of her jaw; meanwhile the frills on her spine are each slit down the middle, giving her a more uncommon silhouette when they're raised, and she has a distinct scar down where her spine joins her back. She has two bandoliers slung in opposite directions across her torso, each sporting many small pouches, in which she carries mostly personal items and spare ammunition. Background/Occupation: Mercenary-for-hire. Rek grew up in one of the smaller settlements on Zakaz, alongside her older sister. Even despite the violence of their culture, the two girls were as close as could be; they stuck together through everything, even when their settlement was razed to the ground by another Skakdi tribe, leaving them amongst the few survivors. They grew, they helped each other, they became strong forces in their own right who would make any other Skakdi think twice about dealing with the brutally efficient sisters... until the day the older sister stabbed the younger one in the back for her own personal gain, leaving her in a ditch to die. The younger girl was stronger than her sister realised, however; picking herself back up, Rek sought out her sister and murdered her in retaliation, taking her heartlight as a trophy. Disillusioned with the idea of trusting others, she struck out on her own, not allowing herself to commit to any allegiance but simply becoming a mercenary, working for whoever paid her and not forming any bonds with others. Flaws: Rek has been damaged deeper than she truly realised by her late sister's betrayal. Not only is she now unwilling or incapable of trusting anyone, but she seems sometimes to teeter on the edge of emotional breakdown. Usually, in the everyday, she's fine; but then there are the times when something reminds her of the close bond she and her sister used to share, and crushing guilt will wrack her, rendering her all-but useless for a time as she grapples with the ghosts of her past (psychological issue). There's also the old Skakdi limitation where she can't use her elemental power except in conjunction with another (breed quirk) and she isn't physically strong (physical limitation), relying far more on agility than on brute force. Powers/Equipment: Aside from the Plasma powers that she can only access in conjunction with another Skakdi, Rek has as her species power the ability to heat up her skin until it's hot enough to burn anyone who touches it (primary power); the downside to this is that she can't maintain it for long without overheating herself. She also has thermal imaging vision (secondary power). The weapon she carries is a modified crossbow - not only does it shoot metal darts, but its hilt has been adapted to house a retractable blade for melee situations - and she has an ACR of her own. Name of ACR: Backstabber ACR’s Faction/Homebase: Unaffiliated Pilot of ACR: Rek Type of heartlight: Skakdi - that of her sister. The mech's named the way it is for a reason. Physical Description: Unlike its pilot, Backstabber is bigger and bulkier, serving as Rek's muscle in situations where her agility alone won't get her by. Shorter and more heavyweight than an Exo-Toa, it sports an angular design aesthetic. Onboard Weapons Systems: Backstabber's main weapon is a hefty broadsword, good for dealing heavy damage at close range but unwieldy to use, even for the powerful machine. Rek has foregone a second weapon system for the ACR in favour of powerful thrusters built into the feet; knowing how big and clunky Backstabber is, she has deliberately integrated these as a rapid-escape mechanism: should a situation become too hairy, the mech can use these thrusters to leap itself to safety. This does, however, come at the expense of a secondary weapon system; and the thrusters can only be used once in a two-hour period, as they require a significant recharge time. ( ooc: I've had this profile ready to go for days, I was just stuck on a name for the character xD; )
  12. IC: Vent - Zakaz, Metru-Koro Not too weirded out by his new friend's strange way of moving, the two soon arrived at Rose's place. It was worth a try to convince the giant Ta-Woman to join their adventuring party, after all. Vent knocked on the door of the shack. OOC: @Tarn @Burnmad
  13. GM IC: The Dais - The Arena As the three beings stepped up onto the dais, the ethereal lights once again began to emanate from the stones. One of the circles lit up green, then another, only for the third to flare red once again, and the lights dimmed once more.
  14. IC: Juno - The Dais Juno does much the same.
  15. I think they would lock it up, if their psychic shielding stopped Sauron's corruption, since spending any resources for little to no gain would be useless. Also it doesn't matter if Teridax has revealed his plans at that point, the Brother was up to some dodgy stuff before hand (like the raid on Artakha or hunting down all known toa of iron and magnetism) so taking measures against them would be a decent priority, especially if the ring cannot corrupt Order of Mata Nui agents. I don't think Sauron would be completely diminished, but I could see him weakened by the lack of the Ring. More interestingly, it could weaken his control on Saruman, who might not enter the war on Sauron's side; with the One Ring missing, Sauron might seem weaker and Saruman might start petitioning some of the Dark Lord's commanders to change to his side (such a the Black Númenóreans and Harad) with Saruman might style himself as the true Dark Lord. However if the One Ring's removal does effectively the same thing as it's destruction, I could see the Elves leaving Middle Earth; remember that both Elrond's and Galadriel's power to maintain their realms was partially supported by their rings of power; which used the One Ring as a power source, so it losing power would doom their kingdoms and force them to leave the land. I do also like the idea of the Ignika and One Ring being switched; although I wonder if some powerful beings like the elves or Gandalf could try and tap into it's power. Admittedly those two would most likely be too cautious and disciplined than to that, but maybe a Ringwraith or Saruman might try.
  16. Keitara's dreams- ??? IC: "Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?" The Av-matoran groaned and opened her eyes. She couldn't recall where she was, but it seemed far too bright to be within the Core. She checked her back to feel if her flight pack had been damaged, but.... there was nothing there. Her body felt as though she were made of mist. Whispy and insubstantial, as if she might blow away at the slightest breeze... Mist... She looked down. Her body almost seemed to be made of the stuff, cloudy and indistinct. Like plant sap dripped into water. She then looked up at the figure who had addressed her. They were likewise indistinct, but a good bit taller than she was. Still, they offered her a hand and she felt as though she could trust them. As the figure helped her up, she addressed them. "Hello, I'm... I'm..." A look of mild panic flitted across the matoran's face. "I can't remember my name!" "Don't worry," the figure replied calmly, gently resting a steadying yet slightly insubstantial hand on her shoulder. "Neither can I. So at least we're in the situation together."
  17. IC: Nale Vella - "Po-Koro" "It's a sore spot, I'd really prefer not to," Nale replied. Thom's attempt at dueling her, their reconciliation, and his death all happened within the span of minutes. The Fa-Toa avoided thinking about it, just like how she avoided thinking of the other ugly things that happened in Metru Nui. "He tried to uh, help with the wound, I guess. But he was no doctor. That's all I can really say." @Biological Chronicler
  18. IC: Skorm (Metru-Koro) Mata Nui, I came back to civilization for this. Skorm sized up his options. If he threw the sack, it might create a distraction for long for him to shadow glide away. Get to the Muaka, drive off. He could become settle down and become a Mahi herder. Alternatively, he could run up by the giant head, fight a one-man war against what was left of the League. No, that wouldn't work. A part of him wanted to punish everyone present for insolence; it had been his prerogative back in the League. Stupid free will. Stupid promises. The Twi-Toa looked at the unconscious toa of light. "Does... does she have a condition or something? Is there a healer here we should take her to?" OOC: @Snelly @Toru Nui @TL01 NUVA
  19. Yeah. They’re so dark that it’s scary. You would be thinking “Oh, what’s behind this door” and if you try to open it, some monster would come and eat you. Lol. But, really. One can think like that when you go around unlocking temples. Plus, when Hahli uses the crystal to light up the Toa Stone statues, this caused her to have a vision of the spooky dark dream that she had at the beginning of the game and then teleported to Kini-Nui in a dark and cloudy day where you see three Rahkshi flying to somewhere, and then Hahli ended up back in Ga-Koro right before the game ended. Speaking of Mata Nui Online Games, Takua has some other creepy experiences. He had a dream of the Bohrok symbol before Matoro woke him up. Then, after Makuta’s defeat, Takua witnessed the Bohrok waking up in the dark, and he runs away for his life. Takua probably had traumatic experiences with the Bohrok before the events of the Bohrok Animations in 2002.
  20. IC: Skyra Daring - Metru Koro - Skyra sat up, before pouting at Tekmo. "There's no need to yell man, it's not very cash money of you." With that firmly said, Skyra crawled over to the unconcious Keitara and started to slap her cheeks a little. "Hey, heyheyhey..." She put an ear down and listened... "mnnnm, nuuuuh. shilly caht, I don't have your cheethburger..." The Toa of light mumbled. "My god, she's suffering from a lack of cheeseburgers!" Skyra exclaimed, looking up at everyone. "Quick, we need some ####ing cheeseburgers stat!" @Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua@TL01 NUVA
  21. In the front pictures of the box sets for 2003 Makuta set and Icarax, their masks look like snake heads. That front part is the pointy tip on top of the flat face-like part of the mask, which is on top of the mask in the set boxes’ front pictures. I got the good understanding on what you guys are talking about, right? The flat face-like part does look like a three-tooth version of the Mask of Light. I never thought of that. Lol. I would have imagined this could have been the combination of the Mask of Light and the Mask of Shadow for Takutanuva because of that comparison. I guess Lego was trying to experiment fancy molds with the masks, and perhaps make the Mask of Shadows look like the polar opposite of the Mask of Light. Well, Makuta can shape-shift their masks, like how Bitil looks very different from his fellow Makuta of Karda Nui for how it is structured when he was mutated. He looks like a beetle with it. For some reason, in the Miramax trilogy, his mask has a flat face on the front while there’s nothing on the top while Makuta Teridax’s head is position horizontally, like in his 2003 set. Looks like that the parts of the mask are switched for some reason, probably to making Teridax look weird with the snake face or having two faces on his mask. Lol.
  22. IC: Taja | Metru-Koro "Jaa— watch out!" Too late. The Ko-Matoran, his arms so full of scrolls he could hardly see, stumbled over a box of maps and hit the ground with an oof! Scrolls went everywhere. Taja sighed and went to help him up. Sorry, she signed. He brushed her apology aside. No, no. I was carrying too much. The two of them began to gather up the scrolls. These few boxes were all that remained of Ko-Metru's vast library of star charts. A few scholars had managed to grab them, along with some iStones and some of the smaller telescopes, in the chaos of the evacuation. Now they were working to put together a space from which they could study these new stars. It was hard work. This new land was unforgiving and offered little in the way of building materials. The Toa of Sonics was disappointed that her powers weren't of more use. Were she a Toa of Stone, or Earth, or Iron, she could at least provide the raw materials necessary to construct shelters and buildings. Instead, all she could offer was her physical strength. Good for moving rocks around, but not much else. Nixie poked her head in, as if Taja's dejected thoughts had summoned her. "Taja! There you are. Can you help us with the telescope?" The Toa nodded and followed the astrologer to another room where two Matoran were huffing and puffing as they tried to fit the main tube of a large telescope into its cradle. Taking hold of the long metal tube, she carefully lifted it up and lowered it into place. Nixie tightened a bolt, locking it in. "There," she said, looking pleased. "That's two done. We're still waiting on the glass for the biggest one. You know, the one that cracked during the evacuation. It was supposed to be done today, but I think they had a problem at the new foundry..." The two Ko-Matoran scholars looked weary as the Ga-Matoran chattered on. Taja smiled ruefully, knowing that the silence of Ko-Metru felt like the most grievous loss they could had suffered. She hoped that one day they could recreate the peaceful atmosphere she had once known, but it was still far away. Survival was their first concern, along with the preservation of whatever artifacts they had managed to bring with them from the fallen city. It pained her to think about all that knowledge that was now in the hands of the Barraki—if it wasn't already destroyed. But she couldn't focus on that. Right now, her people needed hope, and that mean getting back to the status quo as quickly as possible. Making life feel normal. Founding new forges and temples and rebuilding the telescopes. Fortifying the city. Making it safe. Their life was here now. Destiny had sent them to this strange new island, and Taja trusted that, somehow, they would find a way to thrive.
  23. IC: Garuda - Tesara (Home) "Um... I got... hungry," she says quietly, her claw slowly creeping out of the box with another handful of cereal. IC: Kaenis - The Arena Kaenis sighed and took her indicated place on the dais. She warily watched the stone below her for any change. IC: Arkis - Cliffside (Office) Arkis cries out as he's shoved backward with surprising force, sending him staggering into a cart of tools. All but disregarding the pain in his frenzy, he pushes back off and tries to tackle Rakpazis before it sees his guest.
  24. Metru-Koro, outside Sans' hut IC: Keitara lies on the ground, muttering nonsense in her sleep. "mnnnm, nuuuuh. shilly caht, I don't have your cheethburger..." (OOC: @Toru Nui@Keeper of Kraata@Conway@EmperorWhenua
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