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  2. We're over a year out from when this happened, but might as well put it out there--RotR moved off of BZPower during the downtime last year and onto its own forum, so this RPG is still on-going (albeit still rather slowly--thanks, life!) If anyone is interested in joining or continuing to follow, please feel free to PM me or add me on Discord (Parugi#5179) for the link. =)
  3. would it be mandatory to play both a bookie and a contestant or could the fighto crazy of us just opt to be pawns in the grand scheme of things and just play the fighters?
  4. IC: Gaius, Fau Swamp Normally, the trek through the boggy jungle mess was a pain. But it rained for a bit during the middle leg of the journey, which turned the ordeal into REAL pain. The ground was squishier than normal, and with all his extra weight being carried, his progress was extremely slow. He had expected to reach the spot on the map by twilight, instead, the moon was already high in the sky by the time he reached the shoreline of Zakaz. Gaius had been south, and west a bit. Here, the jungle crept so close to the ocean's edge there was hardly a strip of sand between the two biomes. Also bordering the jungle trees and the ocean were various rocks, carved by the ocean into smooth surfaces and sharp points. It was in these tide pools that Gaius would find his next ore; the mark on the map was labelled "Enlarge." The map didn't include any explanation for why such an ore was needed, but Gaius didn't need to know. He had a job, and was gonna get it done. Setting up camp sucked, plain and simple. The Swamp Toa decided to pitch his tent close to the canopy's edge in a somewhat clear spot. A mild application of his acid powers to the stump of the one tree corroded its base to the point of pushing it over. Gaius hauled the tree towards the edge of his camp before further melting away the remainder of the stump, clearing a space large enough for his tent, at last. After an hour, his tent was up, a rough outline of sticks jutted around the tent, and Gaius was asleep on the floor under his rough-yet-cozy blankets. Gaius rose with the sun, and strode along the beach to inspect the rocks to be mined. One thing about living in the jungle: it doesn't prepare you for an aquatic lifestyle. Gaius only barely understood the tides, and ocean currents, and aquatic Rahi. As he waded his ankles into the water, he felt out of his element, and lost. He knew he was looking for the milky streaks of protodermis inside the stones, but thus far, the water covered most of the stone. After an hour or so of walking back and forth, Gaius stubbornly walked back towards the beech and sat in the sand. "It must be high tide," he reasoned. "I'll give it some time." Gaius waited until about noon to wade into the water again, this time with much more success. Little pools of water were trapped in tiny, concave spots atop the rocks along with small sea creatures. It was hardly ten minutes before he spied that elusive ore vein. A ravine carved between two larger stones revealed the ore underneath. Gaius retrieved his pickax, then alternated swinging it with mild application of his powers to weaken the rocks between strikes. Gaius worked like this for a few hours. He hauled his latest load of stones onto the beach, placing them inside his knapsack. It looked fairly full and certainly heavy. Gaius pondered calling it quits here; it's not like he couldn't ever come back. Gaius dropped his pickax and strode towards the water's edge. The ocean was rising again, and the water level was necessitating a break anyways. Gaius sat in the wet sand, allowing the waves to softly crash around his feet and legs. Gaius never really took time off anymore. There was a time when he could slouch in his duties and rely on his brothers to pick up the slack, but that time had been a lifetime ago. Watching the clouds and the distant Rahi in the skies, listening to the crash of waves on the shore, and feeling the sand and the surf beneath him made the Mar-Toa feel more relaxed than he had been in some time. Ever since that pearl-armored Titan had died in his village, Gaius had been on edge. A giant head crashed into his world, and with it had come untold masses of newcomers. Clearly, some were good, or at least intelligent enough to unite against a shared threat. But they couldn't all be, realistically. Zakaz was full of evil as is; the island had no need for further wrongdoers. Gaius thought of his village- his friends and family- which was all he had left tying him to the world. If not for them, he would've fallen on his sword and followed his brothers-in-arms into that dark, new world. Yet he had cause to remain, and would continue to live and fight as long as a single Matoran remained in his care. As fearful thoughts of what may happen to the Matoran without him intruded into his consciousness, Gaius shook his head and rose back to his feet. Such thoughts wouldn't do any good, so Gaius got back to work. He went back to his knapsack full of rubble and retrieved his pickax, then walked back towards the water. He carefully made his way across the slippery rock surfaces before arrived back at the now large gash in the stones. He was more just inspecting the job site to see if any more ore could be easily extracted- which didn't seem to be the case. So Gaius turned and walked back towards the shore. That's when the Tarakava struck. Gaius felt a strong punch to his back that sent him flying face-first into the surf. He landed hard on a rock, and tried to stand when he slipped, falling again. Gaius rolled around instead, turning to look up as a mighty blue punching-lizard towered over him. Another punch descended, yet Gaius activated his Kanohi Hau, blocking the attack. The beast backed a step, and Gaius turned to rise again. He deactivated his Kanohi and sprinted towards the beach. By the time he reached his knapsack, he turned to see the Tarakava half-submerged in the tide pools, staring back at the shore. Gaius was in no mood for a pointless fight with an animal before having to lug all of his stuff back to Mar-Koro, so he just stared back, allowing time for the Rahi to slink off somewhere. Gaius gathered his ores, and decided to sleep early and without supper. He'd rest without disturbance, and wake before the sun began to rise. Through the morning twilight, Gaius disassembled his camp, and as the sun rose in the sky once more, the pink-and-yellow Toa strode into the familiar, swampy jungle once again. Traveling back was about as slow as traveling down in the first place; the added weight of the ores made progress as slow as it was during the downpour. By the end of the day, he had returned to the familiar faces within Mar-Koro, many of them even greeting him. This time, Gaius knocked on Ollodor's door and waited to drop the ores off inside, rather than just drop and go as previously. Gaius would've liked to, but he felt like he needed some sort of update to keep his own morale up. "It's going well," Ollodor assured him. "We've got a regeneration disk ready to go, and two-thirds of a mind control disk. As I said before, we'll need a freeze disk to complete that one, but I'll get to that in a second. Moving on, the spirit disk. As I warned before, I'm only making an educated guess as to the steps needed to even craft such a disk..." Gaius' face was unchanging as the Fe-Matoran described his concerns. "These enlarge ores you've brought me should allow me to forge what I believe to be one of the three needed components: a disk of translation. The other two parts, in theory, are disks of flight and illusion. We actually have most of what we need for those, but... well, we're gonna need a few disks of teleportation and reconstitute at random for the flight disk. You see, to make a disk of flight, we actually need two disks that we combine, those being levitation and speed, so we need to first craft those disks which are actually pretty similar-" "The point, Ollodor, get to the point." "Right, sorry. In short, we need a freeze disk, and a few disks of both teleportation and reconstitute at random. Assuming I've even got the correct formula for this disk of spirit, or even this disk of reanimation. The catch: I have no idea where to find the right ores for the teleportation or reconstitute at random disks. I can't recall ever even handling such disks or talking to anyone who had. Well, actually, I can vaguely remember those De-Matoran who used to live way out on the seas on that floating village using teleportation disks to make noisy Rahi go away, but I haven't seen or heard from those people in literal centuries." "So you're saying, we have to give up?" Gaius tried bringing the Iron blacksmith back to the present. "No, I wouldn't say that. Look, we'll have to get creative for the other two, but a freeze disk, well, think about it. Where would get something like that? Well, up in the frozen wastes, of course! All you gotta do is wonder about in the snow for a bit, and I'm sure you'll find something." "Well, I thought the beach was a little uncomfortable, but a pleasant change of scenery. Maybe the snows will feel the same." Gaius knew in his heart this would not be the case. "Thanks again, Ollodor. I'll head out tomorrow and try and be back as soon as possible." The two said goodbye, and Gaius returned home. Hungry from skipping so many quality meals, he indulged in some of his decent cooking. While he ate, he stared at the five masks on the wall, and thought back on the meals the six of them shared together. Those thoughts of the past followed him into bed.
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  6. IC: Irna | Open Air Thunder crashed, lightning flashed, and Irna fell from the sky. She tumbled, end over end, the icy wind whipping at her body, until she could scarcely tell what was up and what was down, what was sky and what was ground. All she could glimpse was the way that the night sky seemed to bleed light, flashes and flames and lanterns on falling airships. She thought she saw Kei fall past her, but couldn't be sure. She couldn't even be sure if Keitara and Skorm had made it to the ground -- yet. It was hard enough to tell if she, herself, would make it to land in one piece. She was moving too fast, too wildly. She tried to remember something, something that might help-- "Do you see that, Irna?" her mother said, pointing up to the sky. It was another hunting trip -- just the two of them, mother and daughter. Food was growing scarce the further their village had been pushed into the mountains, leaving their people no alternative but to climb to the dark summits and clifftops to hunt the Infernavika and Mahi that made their homes there. But it was a perilous path to trek, and their hunting parties had needed to shrink to navigate the steep crevasses and the winding valleys. Sometimes, Perror of the Northern Continent travelled alone. But not this time. "Do you see how the 'vika glides through the air, Irna?" her mother said, kneeling down in the sand, her fingers notching an arrow without even looking down. "Its wings are so vast that it doesn't even need to flap them sometimes. They are so large and so flat that the wind pushes against the wings and keeps the bird aloft, so that the bird does not need to work as hard." Her mother drew back the bowstring, but she didn't fire. She waited, and waited, and waited. Then, the bird raised its wings and flapped, going up, when-- The arrow flew true. The bird fell from the sky. "The bird doesn't need to work so hard," Perror of the Northern Continent said, "it is more perceptive, then. Wait until it begins flapping, and its attention is elsewhere, Irna. Now, go fetch it for me." Her mother was probably dead by now, killed along with Mata-Nui. But Irna still remembered what she had taught her all those years ago, and so she flung out her arms and legs. It was terrifying, like letting herself go in the middle of the ocean -- but she felt herself slow. She felt the world no longer spin around her wildly, and begin to steady into a long horizon, a sky full of lightning and cannon fire. And a desert that was getting closer, and closer, and closer. Irna reached for the cord on her lev-chute. She didn't know, for sure, if this would work, if this what this device was designed to do. But it was too late to second-guess now. And besides, she needed to do something before she hit the dirt, or she was shot down by one of those ships. Like an arrow piercing a bird. She pulled the cord. *** It took more walking than she had expected, but Irna finally managed to find Keitara and the others gathering in the darkened desert. She raised a weary, shaking hand -- she had been shaking ever since she had landed with little more than a few scrapes and bruises -- and slowly made her way over to them. She laid her hand on Kei's shoulder, and surprised herself by leaning on the maskbearer, the exhaustion in her bones only now revealing itself. "Did everyone make it?" she asked, looking around. "Where's Skorm?" OOC: @TL01 NUVA @Tarn @Toru Nui @The UltimoScorp -Void
  7. I've pretty much got a girlfriend (we're unofficially official), I'm in University learning robotics, and I'll hopefully be moving into my own place before the end of the year. Other than all of the insanity that is 2020, my life is going pretty well!
  8. IC: Drukarus (The Nightmare Pit) Looking back up towards the edge where the skakdi combatants had taken their tumble, Drukarus was greeted by the sight of one of the onlookers helping up the skakdi he had thrown, the one he had assumed was not Boss. Being pulled out of the gaping pit, the newly victorious skakdi planted their gaze on him and Marrow. Recoginizing the unspoken challenge, Drukarus planted his maul, balancing its weight upon the head of it, and began a slow, methodical clap. "Congratulations on your newly won warskak. I will say, I can only imagine on the struggle that had occurred here." Although Drukarus said this with the intention of sounding sincere, Drukarus's normal, plaintative manner of speaking could come across as sarcastic to perhaps the wrong crowd. OOC: @Burnmad @Conway @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator @Keeper of Kraata
  9. IC Kathrine of the Flame - Wasteland: With the weight of Keitara in her arms, the dull fire of exertion in her muscles, and the shifting sands beneath her feet, Kat's progress to the others was slower than she'd have liked. Above her, behind her, the rage of battle continued. He spirit burned within her. Aching to take part in the clamor of battle, despite her body's disagreement. But they were too distant, and she was too small. But a flash of light and a resounding, thunderous noise that engulfed the land and shook her entire body with it's power stopped her in her tracks. And with it, inspiration struck. A fleeting memory of Lhii speaking to her about an old Master of Elements. A reclusive and powerful being that had according to some legends, granted the First Toa their powers, so many millenia ago. Kat had never put much stock into such things, but then, she had never known much outside her own island and this new world was vast and strange. If she could hold the power of two elements... maybe she could have stopped the ship properly. Maybe she could have been fast enough to save Farah on her own, and Reson wouldn't have had to go with those skakdi. She frowned. A dark thought crossed her mind that Reson... might not have made it after he'd left with them. She started walking again. Tears came to her eyes, hot and unbidden, and she angrily blinked them away. What use was all her unlocked power if she couldn't keep the people who relied on it safe? Was it her own failings? Was she simply not worthy of the abilities she'd been graced with? As the echoes of thunder began to die, she felt a resonating pull in her spirit. No... in a strange world such as this, she had to adapt and change her thinking. If there was a way to gain the power that she was looking for... she would find it. As She finally drew close to the Others, her own heat had dried her tears.
  10. IC: Nale Vella - Outside Metru-Koro She frowned. It wasn't a language she spoke, but she recognized it as the one Mantax had and, now that they were on the ground and not on a crashing airship, she could see that the maskless Ostrox was the same species. He was still complying, at least from what the Toa of Magnetism could tell, so she simply sighed and pulled out her retracted spear--just in case. Nale didn't expect him to try anything, and in the back of her mind she knew that the Leaguer would probably expect more aggressiveness from a Metru Nui survivor and use that against them, so the Fa-Toa acted neutral towards Ostrox as she watched the skies for her allies, taking note of a storm brewing above. Kat and Kei landed near them, the latter visibly exhausted, but Irna and Skorm remained unaccounted for. Before Nale could greet the two Toa, or ask about the whereabouts of the other two boarders, a volley of shots flew over their heads from the Wombat towards Metru-Koro. For the first time since the boarding, the Fa-Toa could really see the damage being done to the village, and she realized this didn't feel like a victory at all. More like barely surviving, if the village were to survive at all. "I'm...glad you two made it," Nale said, turning her attention back to Kat and Kei. "Where's--" A thunderclap rang out, the storm appearing to worsen, drawing Nale's optics to the skies again. "Was the weather like that before...?" @Conway@Keeper of Kraata@TL01 NUVA@The UltimoScorp@Toru Nui IC: Korio Karasha - Tactical Panda II Korio had been standing to the side, leaning against the wall like an cool dude to pretend Zataka's presence onboard the Panda didn't bring him...discomfort. He had assumed the mark would be dead by now, or at least treated more like a prisoner, but with the way she carried herself and stole attention away from him and others, Yumiwak was treating the warrior more like... "Ah, of course, Miss Yumi," the Vo-Skakdi replied, his demeanor suddenly shifting as he bowed slightly, the sneer on his face he'd had since returning to the ship reshaping into his signature Skak-grin. "It's been a day, yeah? Always good to unwind." @EmperorWhenua@pokemonlover360@Vezok's Friend
  11. Something is wonky with the display image, I’m not sure why.
  12. IC: Barius - Nightmare Pits The victorious Skak couldn't help but grunt in discomfort as Parnassus' inky tendrils wrapped around him, aggravating his wounds slightly. Glancing into the abyss one final time, it occurred to him that a good quantity of his own watered-down blood had poured into the volcano, alongside Boss. He wondered whether Irnakk had tasted him, then. He hoped the nightmare beast enjoyed it; it was all he'd be getting of Barius today. He alone crested the edge of the ledge where two had so recently vanished. Parnassus placed him on his feet, where he stood shaky, but under his own power. Clenching his fists and gritting his teeth, he renewed the ice that sealed his wound, fusing together the cracked pieces. Barius stared once more at the newcomers, his gaze daring them to get in the way. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Sparticus147 @Nato the Traveler @Keeper of Kraata @Conway IC: Ollem - Desert Suva Ollem shrugged. "They do wear out after a while. But they can last some time before that happens-- this one's probably got plenty of throws left in it. He bent forward, examining the disk. "The digits tell you what kind of kanoka it is. The first one is where it was made; the different Metru have-- well, had different techniques. This one's from Ga-Metru, which means it can change direction in mid-air, based on the thrower's thoughts. I'm told it takes some practice to get good at it, though. "The second number is what power it's got. You already know that this one is a freeze kanoka, of course. And the third digit is the power level, which varies greatly. 3 is alright." OOC: @Harvali
  13. Oh yeah, I’ve seen this before somewhere. I didn’t realize it was actually printed and shipped in a German catalog , though. If I remember correctly, speculation at the time was that this was concept art for the actual combo model. If you look closely, you can see that the combo uses two of the trans-purple skull villain torso armors despite Quake Beast only including one. It kinda looks like they took Umarak and slapped parts of the beasts onto him. Quake Beast’s arm as a stinger, Storm Beast’s tail as a tail, Storm Beast’s hands as knee-guards, Lava Beast’s mask as a crown, Lava Beast’s blades as wings, etc.
  14. IC: Skyra Daring - Pridak's Crib - Skyra raised her arms up instinctively as the Cordak rockets exploded prematurely. The shockwave send Skyra flying backwards, though with the help of her Calix she managed to correct her fall and land on her feet. She quickly looked herself over, her armor was a bit singed and burnt in a few places, but it was no worse than some nights with Rose. Skyra looked at Pridak and couldn't help but grin a little, this fight was going to be even more fun than the one against Carapar. Waveahk had managed to actually wound Pridak in the back, for all his complaining and insults he liked to regularly throw at her and Rose, at least he was pretty handy in a fight, Skyra could respect that much. Skyra started to hover in the air with the help of her element and jetpack, flying around Pridak in a large circle till she had a good view of that wound Waveahk had inflicted upon the warlord. Skyra put holstered her guns for the moment in favor of a lower tech solution. Skyra pulled out a throwing knife from her belt before throwing it at Pridak, aiming for the wound. She then chucked two more knives at him, aiming for the same spot. Her aim was pretty solid, but throwing a few increased the odds of at least one of them successfully hitting the target location. @Vezok's Friend@~Xemnas~@EmperorWhenua@Kal the Guardian@Tarn @Toru Nui
  15. IC: Parnassus | Nightmare Pits It all happened faster than Parnassus could process -- as though, in one moment, Boss and Barius had simply vanished into the ashy smoke of the pit itself. Corrivalis was already drawing his weapon, ready to fight the interlopers. But Parnassus simply shrugged past him, the shadows around them twisting and writhing, the Aspect's hold over them slack and unfocused as they hurried to the lip of the smoking hole in the ground. They would have felt it if Barius had fallen, after all, they were certain of it -- but they were also a young Aspect, and their knowledge of the world was more horizon than anything else, to their great chagrin. They knelt by the pit, peering out over the edge." And there, that massive S.O.B. of a warskak hung, clinging to a heavy chain bolted to the smooth wall of the hole. Bloody. Battered. But breathing, if barely. Despite themself, Parnassus grinned. "Well, let's not hang around, then," they said, and shadows coiled down from the Aspect's hand, wrapping around Barius' waist. Parnassus stood up and stepped back, the tendrils of darkness hoisting the warskak up and out of the pit. OOC: @Burnmad @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 -Void
  16. Greetings all -- I'm back again in search of Kraata, and offering up many in kind, among various other collectibles. As usual, I'm also interested in Nestle items, particularly the throwing stars aka spinners. My target Kraata are the empty squares in the chart hidden below. Due to many duplicates, the Kraata I have on offer are tabulated in text form instead. Please also note the various other things I'm offering if they're of interest, including a handful of Krana as well as BIONICLE and Technic merchandise. I'm happy to negotiate pricing if anyone would like to buy or sell excess quantity in the course of trade as well. Thanks -- please post or PM if you have any questions or issues! Wanted Kraata: Kraata on offer: Krana + other merchandise on offer: ~~
  17. No problem. I am also undertaking a Bionicle project of my own. I won't say much. It's all hush hush. But I can say it's something that I enjoy doing. Big fan of Gathered Friends. I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast!
  18. Bambi

    Of Tattoos and Bionicle

    Not that I'm thinking about getting one, but how would you feel about a Bionicle tattoo?
  19. What's with all these articles about Bionicle lately? Is there an anniversary coming up or something? Over at CBR, one of the largest comic book sites on the web, Matthew Attanasio has recently penned a piece titled "Bionicle: How Comics Brought the LEGO Franchise to Life." They definitely seem to have been a fan of the theme, with an opening line like, "Bionicle is LEGO's greatest gift to mankind," and it's great to see that appreciation from places outside the LEGO community. The article itself is mainly a brief overview of the story and a look at how comics were such an important part of what made the line special to so many of us. There's nothing new revealed that will blow your mind, but we have no complaints of the mention on such a large platform. Go check it out! View the full article
  20. Ah yes, I have missed the hundred-degree weather instantly evaporating me as soon as I step foot outside. I only wish it got hotter as the year went on so maybe my house would spontaneously combust from the intense heat... At night. But then again, being in the Carolinas it seems to always be getting hotter anyways lol.

  21. IC: Korruhn, Ruin of Ice The light from the lantern swung to and fro, casting brief, sharp shadows throughout the room. As the shadow and light danced their dance of chase and avoidance, Korruhn began to feel the pulse, the steady flow of the shadow quickly imbuing with his vascular systems. His grip tightened around the lantern's handle as he felt the physicality of the darkness travel from the jagged tips of his fingers, winding up his arm and straight into his heartlight. With each breath he took, his lungs seemed to fill with the blackest of voids, and he drunk it in with great lust. A low, almost unegisterable deranged cackle came from the depths of his mask, and his icy eyes narrowed to the new focus in his brain. Korruhn set the lamp back in it's place, and proceeded to remove his cloak. As he placed it onto the lantern, the room suddenly turned to a murky void of shadow. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
  22. IC: Yaushe - The Taku Yaushe completed her u-turn and set about dodging stray fire with surprising skill. It felt natural, as if she had flown before... not as natural as the van, but... Her reverie was interrupted by the sight of one of the ships, the only one not crashing (let them have parachutes, or something...), firing on the village. They'd evacuated, hadn't they? Surely they had... but... she still had to try and stop the carnage. Power crackled under the Taku's mighty metallic skin as Yaushe tensed, feeling the stormclouds that had been gathering, and reached out with her power, calling for their aid. The heavens answered, in a voice that boomed loud enough to rattle windows on the ground: The Taku, under Yaushe's influence, shared in her natural resistance to electricity. Other ships, however, would find some of their systems facing electrical interference. Airships really shouldn't fly in storms, after all. IC: Mega - The Taku, Yaushe's Van Mega, who had turned to reply to Triage, instead nearly fell out of the van from the sound. "Gah!"
  23. Bambi

    A Plantastic Day!

    Let me guess, cuppy was planted in a... Little baggie? I've been wanting to plant some stuff too, mainly pumpkins so they'll be ready for Halloween. I may be slightly too late, but if I ever stop being lazy and forgetful maybe I'll get some seeds and give it a shot lol.
  24. I've never seen that official combiner before... those proportions are so off putting.
  25. I noticed the later 2016 sets were ridiculously expensive even when they were just released, that's why I couldn't get any of them. Assuming they were even available anyway, because they were also very hard to come by, too.
  26. IC: Apex (Morangad's Hut) Apex, staring up towards Morangad, began to crane and extend her neck upwards, to limit the disadvantage she had to speaking up to the being. "If the bargain you speak of is the one that I believe it is, then I merely require an offering. As for what I desire, there are ancient ruins within this swamp, hailing from a bygone age, what I seek lies within them and I need assistance finding them. Will you offer this for me?" OOC: @Burnmad IC: Gore Fury (THE CUBE) “I’d be willing to invest half of your start up cost in exchange for...35% of your profits. And I’m willing to reinvest at whatever point you decide to upgrade your platform and means of distribution. I will also accept any and all requests within reason to be hired to create, repair, or acquire whatever you require.” Gore was...More than surprised at the sudden turn of events. What was meant to be a simply tune up on the Grillmeister became an outright business proposal. And just the kind words this skakdi said for his cooking, even if Gore could understand whether or not Cravious had said that to flatter him and to make the potentially bogus deal even more one-sided, he either didn't know or simply didn't care. With a wide grin across his face, Gore held out his hand towards the seated Cravious. "You got a deal my friend." OOC: @Kal the Guardian
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