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  2. I agree, Makuta's dialog in MNOG is arguably the best. There's 2 lines from Mask of Light that carry a lot of weight, and bring a tear to my eye today: Jala: No, the duty was mine. You know who you are. You were always different... Hahli: It's time someone was YOUR chronicler!
  3. I think part of the problem might be that the lore started to expand beyond what could be made as sets. Well, there might have always been thousands of Matoran, but no one would ever expect unique sets for all of them. I felt like things really started to get silly somewhere around 2003 or 2004, especially with Metru Nui and how many Rahi were reported to be stored in the Archives.
  4. dragons and violence go hand in hand you know what else goes hand in hand with violence? the bzprpg i rest my case y'all
  5. I have recently started playing on your server and I have been having a great time, however I ran into a problem. When I was trying to build something on nimbus rock my game booted me to the log in screen, I restated the game and logged back in but whenever I try to log into my character it just boots me back to the log in screen.
  6. IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Dustpool Inn “No, thank you,” Datrox replied to the Matoran, still looking at Kohra. “We’re fine. Food looks great, right Kohra?” A false smile flashed across his Huna. It was a bit hard to pretend an almost-altercation had not happened, but he hoped their server would simply mind their own business. People still got rowdy in Po-Koro, didn’t they? Under the table, Datrox was rubbing his wrist. Girl’s got a grip, that’s for sure. OOC: @Vezok's Friend
  7. IC: Savrehn - Ko-Wahi - Abyss He swallowed hard. He recognized what Kreigero was trying to do for them—for him. Run away, live to brave the wastes another day. Savrehn couldn’t do that. He gave the other Ko-Matoran an apologetic look. Running would just delay the inevitable. He hoped she would understand. “Alright,” the mountaineer said to Syrik. “Lead the way, then.” OOC: @BULiK@~Xemnas~@Goose@Ghosthands
  8. [Hanaloi, Near Observatory (Fanai/NPC)] The Dastana warriors and their Plangori allies began to spread out slightly, although both Fanai and Mari stayed next to Askha. The later loosened the weapons on her back with her mindarm, eyes and mind alert for the signal from the willhammer next to her. Rina flickered out of sight once again, seeking to get lost in the undergrowth. Fanai walked forward, all senses psychic and otherwise focused on perceiving. OOC: @Keeper of Kraata
  9. alright, so, jumping the gun a little on this but hey, might as well get in some advertising: do you wanna be a dragon? do you wanna play a dragon? of course you do, why wouldn't you? get in touch with me by PMs or on discord if you'd like to be involved in an upcoming fun little event involving dragon mystix, which will act as a great opportunity to introduce new characters what's it about, blue? good question. you'll find out. will there be exciting opportunities involving violence? sure! i'm not really a violent sort, will there be interesting philosophical and sociopolitical ramifications a little further down the line that will be deepened by my character's involvement at this early stage? that's a very specific question, but that is also true, but moreso for later down the line! we got something for everyone! and by that i mean, WE HAVE DRAGONS don't delay, be a dragon TODAY (dragon mystix species details can be found in my profile page, link in the sig.) also worth mentioning - this isn't an exclusive thing, you'll be able to jump onboard at any point after the set-up post is up. but if you wanna be ground floor on this, now is the time
  10. I have to agree, dedicated Rahkshi packs wouldn't be a great idea. Even as a kid, I was getting bored with the repetitive builds. I think six was the max I was ever going to get. There's no way my parents would have dropped $100 in one sitting on a dozen color-swapped clones with slightly different aesthetics. I've noticed, too, that you tend to list information without commenting on it that much, Lenny. I used to do similar stuff when I was younger. It's cool that you can compile all this info, but it's just extra words for us to read if you aren't really interpreting it in any way. I don't see how it's "shameful" that there isn't a Rahkshi for every Kraata. Kraata are tiny pieces of rubber. It probably costs Lego half a cent to make each one, plus they're pretty easy to store as a collector, even if you get a lot: just get a large Ziploc bag. I have no idea what I'd realistically do it 36 extra full-sized canister sets. I mean this in the most respectful way possible, but it's interesting how you interact with the product Lego gives us. Having all these Kraata available never made me realistically expect Lego to release Rahkshi for all of them. It was like the tip of the iceberg for me, letting me get a feel for how big the Bionicle universe was supposed to be, but it encouraged me to build my own MOCs and try to flesh out the world myself as opposed to waiting for Lego to do it for me. Even as a kid, looking at the full Rahkshi color chart, I fleetingly thought, "Wow, it'd be cool to have all these Rahkshi set up," but even then I understood that wasn't necessarily practical or even desirable. In hindsight, the stuff I built myself and plotlines I came up with stick out in my memory way more than the official sets.
  11. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Wise Man's Archive) When Priicu mentioned the Toa, Dahkapa turned around to glance at them. They did not appear familiar and seemed to be just regular customers, so he decided to ignore them for now. He nodded in response to the bowing Matoran assistant. Sixty widgets wasn't exactly a small sum, though he knew it was worth it to get a replacement card. After all, he had frequently used his old one back in the day, before the... Conversion. So why couldn't he just go back to his old habits now that peace had returned to his home? Yet as he dug up the required sum, he wondered if that was really the case. Was he really the same person he had been before? Could he really return to reading the misguided philosophies of those he now knew were ultimately heretics? He didn't feel confident enough to answer those questions. But in the end, he'd probably still need a card if he wanted to get the books he was looking for. Assuming, of course, that the card being offered would still be valid in the Sanctum. After he finally had sixty widgets on his palm, he handed them over to the Matoran. "There you go. May I borrow something right away?" OOC: @ARROW404
  12. [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn (Ranok)] Cryptic replies—alright, Ranok would bite. Sigrus seemed nice enough, for someone who clearly spent most of their time on philosophy. “Sojourner—good word, although it feels a little glamorous for what I do. A bard needs to move if they want to eat. I was actually planning on moving on from here soon. The lack of humidity is hard on my instruments, and it’s so dam quiet everywhere.” OOC: @Umbraline Yumiwa @BULiK
  13. IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] The Vortixx had frozen in her place, staring intensely at Datrox, wrist still firmly locked in her surprisingly strong grip. Another long second or two passed, and then just as suddenly. she let go, breathing heavily, almost panting. “I’m sorry…” she got out, now barely above a whisper. “I…I didn’t mean to…” “Besides—I think our food is ready.” Food? “Ah…yes…food. Good.” The Matoran approaching their table looked concerned. “Everything alright here?” they asked, putting the first dishes on the table. Their eyes wandered from the Toa to the Vortixx. Clearly they had noticed the exchange. “You…need help with anything?” Kohra opened her mouth again, as if to answer - then seemed to rethink the idea, closed it again and quietly shook her head. OOC: @Tarn
  14. IC, Atamai: Echelon’s Lair Atamai glanced from Syrik to Aerus. This is bad… could we make a run for it while they’re busy? he thought to himself.
  15. Yesterday
  16. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, Yukanna, afterdeck] From her vantage point, the commodore watched as the submarine began to gradually rise again and slowly right itself. Since Taz hadn’t reported anything about regaining control of the buoyancy, this had to be the Maru’s doing, even though she couldn’t see her at the moment. It was one thing to hear about the Toa’s abilities in tales - it was quite another to see them in action. The fact that the sea simply could be bent to one’s will…at least to a degree. The possibilities… But she couldn’t afford to be distracted right now and tore her eyes away from the Ryuu for a moment. She gave an affirmative nod to Timak. Keep it up. Their little trick had proven very valuable after all. She’d heard the sales pitch. She wasn’t fully familiar with all the intricacies of inter-Koro policies, but their delegation had spent enough time on the island to at least learn about the major political players. The implication that one of them would be unscrupulous enough to buy a stolen vessel with such obvious origins and would use it to bolster their own military strength was concerning. Something to look into once this situation was resolved. Once they created an actual Dasakan settlement, political dealings and trading were inevitable. Ga-Koro had treated them kindly and they had tried to be good guests - but it would be prudent to prepare for all eventualities. Yumi and the Toroshu would have their work cut out for them. The commodore didn’t reply audibly to what was said on the bridge. But Tazera was privy to her reaction. .:Well, thanks for the intel, buddy.:. She looked back to the Ryuu. Unmoored and with the open sea ahead. Crewed by just one person who had yet to RTFM, that was as good as being beached. .:Koso, what’s your status?:. .:Still in one piece. Managed to get below decks just in time to secure the hatch. Feet are wet but no major flooding.:. .:Understood. Head to the engine room. You know what to do. Just like the pirate drills. And then go give Inzu a hand.:. .:Aye, aye, ma’am.:. The commodore spun around on her heels, fast enough for her uniform coat to flare out dramatically with the motion. She could feel the eyes of the crew on her, waiting for instructions. .:Fetch the spare anchor chains and rig the mizzen top with boarding lines and hoists. You four -:. She indicated a quartet of Dashi sailors, .:- pair off. As soon as those lines and chains arrive I want you ready up there.:. They confirmed the order in unison, and began to climb. OOC: @Ghosthands @Razgriz @Rahisaurus @oncertainty
  17. Maybe that'll be a bonus episode, or if we end up having some time before Skywalker Saga comes out we'll get it done. If I get every other achievement, I might as well go all the way, lol. Just switching through them sounds easy enough, as long as I don't forget one level and then have to play back through them all, lol. Interesting, we'll definitely have to do that in February.
  18. IC: Aerus (Echelon's Lair) Aerus returned the hardness in Syrik’s eyes, but said nothing. Fine, then. Lead the way. OOC: @Ghosthands @BULiK @Tarn @~Xemnas~
  19. IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] Something flickered in Syrik's eyes as Aerus spoke, and then again as Kreigero cut the rope around her waist. Something like frustration, or anger. But his expression remained studiously sympathetic. "In time for your contract?" the Toa echoed with jocular incredulity. "I'd have thought any boss would accept a dragon, a blizzard and a fall down a crevasse as extenuating circumstances. Surely there's no need for you to hurry on that account." He smiled. "But I can understand that after everything you've been through, you'd want to get home as soon as possible. And let's not be overdramatic — the wound doesn't look so bad to me. It just needs proper dressing, and a little rest and warmth, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Take my advice: it's better that you all stick together out here. There's safety in numbers, and I shouldn't have to tell you that Ko-Wahi can be a dangerous place. So..." He turned back to Aerus for a moment, and this time there was a hardness, a warning, in the look he gave his new partner before turning back to the travellers. "...just give us a moment to fetch those bandages for you, and you can be on your way." OOC: @Goose @BULiK @Tarn @~Xemnas~
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