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  2. The cut off for Nuva/Proxima questions is 4 hours from now. Once we're at 5:30 Pacific, I'll be pulling all the questions into a single mass response.
  3. IC: Nuju | Kini-Nui “Well then,” Nuju whispered as Sala disappeared into the rift, “Maybe he does have it in him.” Sorilax descended into the dark below, leaving Nuju alone to his own thoughts and calculations. Nuju looked around Kini-Nui from his place by the rift to the Far Shore. He observed the rippling waters of the lake surrounding the temple, the intricate floating pathways that formed the temple itself, and the amaja circle at the Southern end of the complex. So much history, so much mystery, and all of it designed for a single purpose. Nuju chuckled at the thought, and awaited Sala’s return. His eyes narrowed as jungle foliage began to shift in the mountain sides around the temple. Two glowing portals opened, much like the one he stepped from himself. It was unexpected to see the softly glittering rainbow light flickering in open air. Furthermore, sealed bunker doorways became revealed in the wake of small landslides. Six sealed doorways with strange square symbols carved on them surrounded the valley of the temple of Kini-Nui. "So it begins," Nuju whispered to a small lizard that had joined him in his watch.
  4. - Von Nebula should have been given an actual motivation in the show. - Thunder and Meltdown should have done more. - Stringer had the best design of the first wave's Heroes and he deserved to appear more. He should also have been a large set instead of a small one during Breakout. - There wasn't much saving the Breakout episode, but the main Hero cast should have been Rocka, Breeze, Bulk, Surge, Stormer and Stringer (with a better villain) - I'd actually be willing to remove Stringer and/or Surge if it meant a more focused story with a smaller cast. - They should have explored that villain factory concept instead of Brain Attacks and IFB. - If IFB had to happen, at least they should have had the episode end on a pacifist note and not make Breeze's heartwarming moment with the queen pointless. - Speaking of her, Breeze deserved the same amount of prominence as Furno and Rocka. She seems like someone you could trust to lead a team.
  5. Chapter 23: The Scientist King ---- Rex was the first to regain consciousness. He opened his eyes and found that he was in a cage. Unlike the cages carried behind those strange tank-like vehicles, this was small, and he was its only occupant. That was the first thing he noticed. The second thing he noticed was he was in a building. It was a clean and pristine room, in sharp contrast with the dank tunnels that he and Chompy were exploring. It reminded him of the Dino Attack Headquarters hospital wing, or perhaps the research lab. The third thing he noticed was that several other cages were set up in the room he was in. Each one was occupied by a T-Rex, Pteranodon, Raptor, or some type of large lizard. None of them were mutants. Each one was frozen with fear or else desperately trying to escape. The smell of dinosaur urine and feces permeated the air, even with the facility's robust ventilation system. The T-Rexes, thought Rex, are the Adventurers' Island breed, so that must be where they're from. Same goes for the Pteranodons. But the Raptors, I don't think they're native to Adventurers' Island. The giant lizards... I have no clue whatsoever. Rex turned towards the nearest cage and spoke in saurian language to its occupant, a Raptor. "Excuse me," he asked, "but where are we?" "Don't know!" the Raptor replied. In Rex's mind, the Raptor's "voice" sounded extremely high-pitched and would have almost been comical if it were not so frightened. "I remember hiding from the abominations... then suddenly, I was boxed up!" "Abominations?" repeated Rex. "What do you mean?" "You haven't seen them?" the Raptor asked. "You're lucky! They're these ferocious types of dinosaurs, twisted images of our kind. They have strange powers, not natural at all! Most go on killing rampages, destroying everything!" "You mean the Mutants?" asked Rex. The Raptor made a gesture that seemed like a shrug. "Perhaps they're mutant. I'm not sure. I'm not sure of anything anymore! Ever since they took me from my home-" "Wait," Rex asked, "where are you from? Are there any minifigures where you live?" "It is a tropical island," replied the Raptor. "There are not a lot of minifigs, but one time some minifig tried to control us with strange orbs until more minifigs chased him off. I also recall some other minifigs observing us, watching us through a big black box. We do not usually see their kind. The island is ruled by four transforming dinosaurs - a T-Rex, a Styracosaurus, a Mosasaurus, and a Brachiosaurus, each able to transform into three other species - and they typically drive away minifigs so that we can live in peace. At least, they did, but they were forced into a cave when the abominations came." The clues were put together in Rex's mind. The Raptor's tropical island home must have been Dinosaur Island, a more obscure island discovered by LEGO Studios in 2001. Rex remembered hearing that Ogel was the one who tried to control the dinosaurs, and it must have been Alpha Team that defeated him. The other minifigs must have been the LEGO Studios crew, filming the dinosaurs with their cameras. If there was any remaining doubt, the four transforming dinosaurs could only have been the legendary Mesozoic Morphing Monsters of Dinosaur Island. Due to its relative obscurity (especially compared to the famous Adventurers Dino Island or Adventurers' Island), Dino Attack Team never treated the uncharted island as a high priority. Rex was thinking about these facts when he remembered the last thing he saw before he was captured: the tropical island at the far end of the tunnel. "And," he voiced the question in his head, "did you ever leave that island when you were brought here?" The Raptor began to reply, then stopped to think about it. "Actually... no, I believe we're still on the island." Rex's eyes widened. The source of the Dino Attack could have been on Dinosaur Island all along! ---- Databoard was walking down the hallway when Hawk approached him. "Data!" he shouted. "We've located a large group of Mutants over by the harbor. You in?" "Sure," Databoard said, and returned to his T-1 Typhoon, which had just been repaired. Hawk got into his Fire Hammer, and they joined a group of agents as they headed towards the harbor. Down by the harbor, Slash scouted ahead and scanned the area. "Hmm. Interesting," he remarked. Suddenly, he was nearly hit by lightning bolts. "Woah!" he cried out as he dodged. "Not more Elemental Pterosaurs!" He pulled out the handheld Xenon Launcher again, now set to Zap mode. He fired a ring of electricity from it, and the Pterosaur dropped dead. Databoard flew the T-1 Typhoon over the docks, scanning the area to find the Mutants. There were a few scattered here and there, but nothing major. Finally, a large blip appeared on the screen, inside a large warehouse. The Dino Attack vehicles surrounded the warehouse, and Databoard flew the T-1 Typhoon low over the harbor. He locked his weapons on the warehouse and prepared to fire. ***** Meanwhile, a lone Mutant Raptor moved silently through the sewers, looking for food. As it moved, it didn't even notice the fact that it passed through what was once a hidden door, now lying in ruin. Soon, it was now in a long silver corridor. It emerged into a large room, filled with abandoned machinery. Confused, the Raptor moved towards a large device that took up the center of the room. It looked towards the controls, which lit up upon sensing a presence nearby. It leaned in and accidentally bumped the controls. The device began to activate, and a strange humming noise filled the room. Suddenly, a beam of violet energy swept over the Raptor. Its molecules came apart... and then back together as something worse. ***** Suddenly, a loud humming noise flooded Databoard's ears. He covered his ears, trying to ignore the noise. "Databoard?" Hawk's voice could be faintly heard over the radio. Databoard tried to ignore the noise and fire on the warehouse, when suddenly, Mutant Pteranodons swarmed through the windows, speeding straight at Databoard's T-1 Typhoon. He dove low, nearly losing control of the helicopter as its rotor clipped the water below. However, they did not fly at him again. Instead they headed back towards the city, vanishing behind the rows of ruined buildings. More Mutants emerged from the warehouse, some smashing through walls to get out. However, much to Databoard's surprise, they didn't even bother trying to attack the Dino Attack vehicles. A few Fire Hammers tried to open fire, by the Mutants just avoided and continued into the city. Databoard scanned the warehouse, but there was nothing that could have caused the Mutants to flee so quickly. Unless, they weren't running away from something. What if they were heading towards something? Databoard flew over the warehouse, which the Dino Attack agents were now searching, and called Hawk. "I'm going to follow those Mutants," Databoard said. "I need you to track them on the ground." Databoard flew towards the Mutants, followed closely by Hawk in his Fire Hammer. ---- "So," the Raptor said, "I've said my story, what's your story?" Rex thought a moment, recollecting all his memories and choosing which ones probably make the most sense to a wild dinosaur. "I've come from an island that has desert, jungle, and volcanoes. We dinosaurs live in the jungle, along with several native minifigs. There's also several famous minifigs who often were on the island - does Johnny Thunder sound familiar?" The Raptor shrugged. "Never heard of him," replied the Raptor. "I would not know any minifig names, not even the ones that came to my island." "Ogel, the minifig who tried to control your island… he tried to control my island, too, but in a different way. Six years ago, when Ogel was freezing the world, Alpha Team had come to the island to defend us dinosaurs from his Ice Drones." Realizing that these names probably still meant nothing to the Raptor, Rex asked, "Did you receive any unexpected ice and snow five years ago?" The Raptor nodded. "Yes, but there wasn't an 'Alpha Team' to protect us. We just waited for it to thaw out and it did, but it took much longer than usual!" "I do not remember much after that. But, more recently, I have been working with a team of minifigs who are trying to stop the abominations. I also had a companion with me, my younger brother Chompy… wait, were any other captured T-Rexes brought here recently?" Rex asked urgently. "Well, there is that one," the Raptor said as he gestured to another cage nearby, in which an unconscious T-Rex lay on the floor. "Chompy!" called Rex. "Chompy, wake up!" Suddenly, a door opened, and a minifig dressed in a labcoat walked into the room. Rex realized that when he was calling Chompy's name, he had forgotten to speak saurian language and instead spoke English, and that would be a huge mistake if he was caught doing so. Evidently, he was still groggy from regaining consciousness and was not thinking straight. The scientist walked from cage to cage, inspecting each imprisoned dinosaur carefully. Rex instinctively adopted an aggressive stance, knowing how a T-Rex would naturally act defiant when caged up. When the scientist reached the Raptor, the Raptor apparently did not share Rex's sentiments and instead cowered in the corner of his cage. The scientist then walked over to Rex's cage. He studied Rex for a moment. In turn, Rex studied the scientist, who was wearing safety goggles and a facemask; unable to see his facial features, all that Rex could tell was that the scientist was bald-headed. The scientist narrowed his eyes, carefully watching Rex. "Speak," he commanded, "if you can." Rex's eyes widened. The scientist spoke in a voice that sounded eerily familiar… no, more than merely familiar. It was nearly identical to Rex's own voice! Rex quickly forced himself to regain his composure and calm down, hoping the scientist did not notice his reaction. Then, he responded to the scientist by letting out a snarl, after mentally reminding himself not to speak English. The scientist stared at Rex for a moment, then moved on to Chompy's cage and observed the unconscious T-Rex. "Ah," he muttered, "so you're the one that our guards captured. You really shouldn't have upset them like that, but I must say that the result must have been… shocking for you." He snapped his fingers, and one of the two Hybrid guards, still wearing its helmet, strode into the room from an opposite doorway. "Tell me," the scientist inquired, "we have multiple caged T-Rexes in this room, but I only see one unconscious specimen. You said you brought two here today. Where is the other?" The guard said nothing, but it immediately pointed to Rex. "Ah, really?" the scientist said, although he did not actually seem that surprised as he glanced back at Rex. "Thank you for confirming. Bring them both into the lab!" The guard nodded as another guard stepped into the room. With incredible strength for creatures of a minifigure stature, the two Hybrids started to push Rex and Chompy's cages. ---- A few Dino Attack doctors checked on Stealth's condition. Her injuries had healed, but she had still not woken up since the incident on Vikings Isle. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, and she walked towards the door, oblivious to the people around her. "Wait!" one of the doctors shouted. "You have to stay here until you're fully recovered." Stealth turned and slammed him backwards with her tail. Two agents rushed into the room, but Stealth hurled acid at their lasers, melting them. She charged towards the window, smashing it, and then climbed down to the ground. Avoiding the Dino Attack agents below, she headed towards the source of the strange humming noise. "Not again..." muttered the doctor as he watched Stealth leave. ---- "Hold on," the scientist ordered, and the two guards let go of the cages. "We cannot forget standard procedure while transporting lab animals!" He whispered instructions to the two guards, and they nodded obediently. They left the room, then returned shortly afterward carrying two black sheets. They draped the sheets over the two cages, thus blinding Rex to anything outside of his cage. He felt himself being carried away. He heard footsteps, and he heard multiple doors opening. A few Mutant Dino roars could also be heard, as well as roars of non-mutants. After what seemed like an eternity, the two sheets were removed. At last, Rex could see outside his cage again. He looked around and studied his new surroundings. If there was any doubt before, he was sure that he was now inside a laboratory. Huge cases full of DNA samples and volatile reagents were found along the walls. Scientists scurried around, carrying experimental samples and lab notebooks. Needles, knives, pipettes, forceps, and tubes were neatly arranged on a nearby bench. X-Rays of various dinosaurs were hung on the walls. A book was located inside a glass case, probably guarded by invisible lasers if it held any importance. But what caught Rex's eyes were four stasis tubes on the far side of the lab. One was empty and had no occupant. The other three tubes contained a Mutant Lizard, a Mutant Raptor, or a Mutant Pteranodon, but they all looked slightly different from the common mutants. All of them were in stasis, their eyelids shut closed, giving them an eerie look as though they were dead to the world around them. A groan could be heard to the left. Rex turned and saw Chompy's cage. Chompy's eyes slowly opened, and he was getting up. "Where am I?" he asked Rex. Remembering to carefully speak the saurian language, Rex replied, "I don't know, some sort of laboratory or base or something. I could be wrong, but I've got a hunch we're on Dinosaur Island, the one discovered by LEGO Studios." Chompy nodded as he considered this theory. "Makes sense. The jungle here isn't like the one on Adventurers' Island, having more prehistoric flora and having less in common with an Amazonian rainforest. And plus, very few Dino Attack agents had gone to Dinosaur Island, so it was probably a perfect place to set up a secret base." The bald-headed scientist from earlier walked over to the two cages. Before, he was wearing a face mask and goggles, but now Rex could make out the unmasked scientist's features… and it was no coincidence that the scientist's voice sounded just like Rex. It was like looking into a mirror; the scientist's face was almost identical to that of Rex's human disguise, even having the same neatly-trimmed goatee! "Rex?" whispered Chompy. "Am I dreaming?" "If you're dreaming," Rex replied, still making sure to growl instead of speaking English, "then we must be sharing the same dream. This is just too crazy." The scientist looked at the two T-Rexes. "So," he said at last, "you are the two T-Rexes that apparently found our hidden headquarters, or so I heard? Yes, my guards told me about you two. One was particularly upset that one of you knocked off his helmet. He doesn't like when he's not wearing his helmet." He paced back and forth in front of them, as though he was a teacher lecturing his students. "Such bad behavior. And, as one knows, bad behavior does not get rewarded. It gets punished." The scientist stopped his pacing, and began to rub his hands together in anxious excitement. "And the punishment... is usually painful, is it not?" ---- Databoard flew over the city, watching as the Mutants moved through the city. Down below, he could see Hawk following them from a safe distance. However, it wouldn't matter if he was driving alongside the Mutants, as they seemed oblivious to Minfigs, vehicles, and even buildings in their path, only attacking if they were attacked first. As they got closer, the humming noise grew louder, making it harder for Databoard to concentrate. "That humming noise must be attracting the Mutants!" Databoard said to Hawk. "What humming noise?" Hawk replied. "You don't hear-" Databoard was about to ask, when he realized the humming must be at a frequency only Mutants could hear. Since Databoard was part-Mutant, he could hear it as well. Databoard soon found himself near the center of the city, where it appeared the Mutants were headed. He was surprised to see more Mutants arriving from other directions, but he guessed they were drawn there by the strange buzzing noise. He landed the T-1 Typhoon on a rooftop, and looked down to get a better look. A Mutant T-Rex had blasted a hole in the ground, and the Mutants were descending into the sewers. Suddenly, Databoard spotted Stealth, in the same trance-like state as the other Mutants, descending into the ground. He immediately climbed down, activated his camouflage, and hurried after Stealth into the sewers. Databoard moved silently through the sewers, avoiding being trampled by the Mutants as they hurried past. He could spot Stealth up ahead and hurried forward. Unfortunately, the loud humming noise was so intense, he was having trouble controlling his camouflage and was starting to become visible. Trying to ignore the noise, he continued into the sewers... ---- Frozeen, Libo, and Amanda walked through the tunnel. Fortunately, it seemed that the farther they walked, the lower the level of the sewage water became, so soon they were no longer walking in knee-high water. Suddenly, Libo stopped. "I think I hear something," he whispered, his cybernetic senses picking it up before his teammates. "It sounds like... an Iron Predator or some other large vehicle." It didn't take long before Frozeen and Amanda heard it too. Frozeen turned around, and Libo followed suit. Suddenly, Frozeen began to run in the direction of the noise. "Frozeen!" called Libo. "No!" He took off after Frozeen, followed by Amanda. Frozeen didn't stop until he saw it: a huge tank-like vehicle coming down the tunnel. He just stood there, arms crossed, waiting for the vehicle to approach. The tank-like vehicle, with a huge cage attached to a trailer, barreled closer and closer. Frozeen didn't flinch or move; he just stood there. It seemed the vehicle would plow him right over, but then it slowed down to a stop, inches from Frozeen. The two drivers of the vehicle climbed out, and they were clad in samurai-like armor with face-concealing helmets. They pulled out blasters and aimed at Frozeen. "You're not friendly, then?" said Frozeen, chuckling. He leapt up onto the hood of the vehicle and grabbed their weapons. "Good, because neither am I!" He pointed the blasters at the two Minifigs and fired, and they fell to the ground. Frozeen tossed aside the blasters, walked over to one of the dead tank drivers, and removed the helmet. The Alpha Team agent jumped back in shock; the driver's face was that of a black Mutant Lizard! The other driver had the face of a yellow Mutant Lizard. Frozeen muttered something under his breath, then threw the helmets into the sewage and dumped the bodies into the water. "Hey, Libo! Amanda!" he called as he saw his teammates arrive. "Looks like we've got a ride! All aboard the Dino Track Transport!" "What about them?" asked Libo, pointing to the cage behind Frozeen. Frozeen turned around and saw that the cage was full of non-mutated T-Rexes, Raptors, and Pteranodons. Frozeen nodded, then ripped off one of the sides of the cage, setting them free. After many grateful roars, they left the cage and began to run away from the vehicle. Libo and Amanda traded glances, then boarded the Dino Track Transport. ---- Hawk followed the Mutants in his Fire Hammer. He didn't know what was happening, but it couldn't be good. Suddenly, a strange creature burst through a nearby wall. It looked like a Mutant Raptor, but much worse. It was taller, covered in black, almost armor-like scales, and a row of crimson spines ran down its back. It spotted Hawk, and fired a green energy beam at him. He swerved to avoid it, and smashed into an abandoned car. Mutant Raptors can't do that! he thought. But then again, this clearly isn't a normal Mutant Raptor... Hawk spun the Fire Hammer around and sped towards the creature. Hawk swerved as another energy beam ruined everything behind him. He fired the Xenon Multi-Mode launcher, but the lasers bounced harmlessly off its scales. It turned, roared, and launched the spines off its back. The spines impacted against the side of his Fire Hammer, damaging it badly. It spun out of control and crashed. As the Raptor charged, Hawk knew he needed a plan. He aimed the launcher at the roof of the building he'd just crashed in. He put the launcher on a timer and hurried away. The Raptor leapt at the Fire Hammer - just as it blew a giant hole through the roof. The already-badly damaged building collapsed, burying the strange Raptor and the Fire Hammer under tons of rubble. Hawk looked towards the building the Raptor had come out of, and decided to investigate... ---- Sam Sinister, Brickster, and Vladek arrived in a circular chamber. In the center, two turrets could be found. On the far side of the chamber, they saw two Minifigs repairing a large metal door. "Last I checked," Brickster muttered, "sewage tunnels did not lead to chambers that looked like this." The two Minifigs finished reconstruction of the door and began to walk back to the turrets. Suddenly, they noticed the intruders. It was made clear that these Minifigs were guards, since they ran to the turrets and began to fire at the villains. They jumped out of the way, and where the blast hit, there was a huge crater in the ground. "Split up!" ordered Sam Sinister. "Or one blast kills us all!" "Yes," muttered Brickster, "by all means, make those guards fire at least three times." Ignoring the sarcastic comment, Sam Sinister and Vladek split up. The guards continued to fire at them, but each villain had plenty of experience dodging attacks. Sam Sinister had to dodge booby traps; Brickster had to dodge extremely-hot pizzas thrown by Pepper Roni; and Vladek used black magic to deflect incoming projectiles. Sam Sinister dodged another blast. As soon as he got out of the way, though, he had to get out of the way of yet another blast. For every shot he dodged, he had another headed his way. Looking at his comrades, he found that they were experiencing the same troubles; as nimble as they were, they could not hold out forever. Suddenly, a huge tank-like vehicle drove into the chamber. It smashed into the two turrets and then spun around, and its rear smashed into the door and broke it down. Where the turrets once stood, there were now exposed wires shooting sparks. Bits and pieces of the two turrets, plus parts of the guards' armor, were sent flying in every direction. Sam Sinister batted away the rubble flying towards him. Then, when the dust cleared, he looked at the tank-like vehicle. He scowled as he saw Frozeen, Libo, and Claw climb out of the vehicle. "Never again will I agree to do that," muttered Libo, holding his head and stumbling about dizzily as he tried to keep his balance. Frozeen looked around and saw that they weren't alone. "Well, look, it's our favorite troupe of villains," he proclaimed. "So, we meet again?" Sam Sinister grabbed his revolver, Brickster cracked his knuckles, and Vladek readied his sword. "For the last time," hissed the scorpion knight. ---- Databoard moved through a ruined door, following the Mutants. The humming noise was so intense, he stopped trying to control his camouflage abilities. Fortunately, none of the Mutants noticed him. He looked into the room, and watched as Mutants gathered around the machine. This must be what caused that humming noise! Databoard thought. Suddenly, an energy beam swept over the Mutants. They seemed to dissolve, only to come back as strange, even further mutated versions of themselves. Doors opened in the walls, and the confused Mutants hurried out. Databoard spotted Stealth moving towards the machine. He rushed towards her, but knew he wouldn't be able to get her out of there before it activated again. As he neared Stealth, he fired his lasers. Green bolts of light arced through the crowd of Mutants - but not in time to stop the energy beam from activating. ---- Sam Sinister made the first move, firing his revolver at Claw. She ducked out of the way, then took out her own Sonic Screamer and fired at Sam Sinister. The next thing the Adventurers Villain knew, he was on the ground, his hand and hook over his ears, trying to block out the intense, humming noise that threatened to claim his senses. "Curse this Dino Attack technology!" he hissed. Libo and Frozeen both ran over to Brickster and Vladek. "Well, well, well," said Frozeen, cracking his knuckles, "if it isn't the ones responsible for PBB's death." "Shall we repay them?" asked Libo, smirking. "Pay them back for the pain they have caused us?" "Look, fellas," Brickster pleaded, backing away slowly, "Vladek and I mighta been the ones to do it, but it ain't my idea, nor my plan! Honest! It was Vladek's!" Vladek glared at his partner. "Thou liar!" he snarled. "Thy had nothing whatsoever to do with the planning of the death of PBB! It was thou who made the plan, trying to riddeth the world of a Brickster-Bot that doth not followeth thou!" Suddenly, Sam Sinister was sent flying through the air and crashed into the other two LEGO villains. Frozeen and Libo turned, expecting Amanda Claw to be the reason, but they had to catch her out of the air when they saw her flying towards her. "What's going on?" asked Frozeen. Amanda wiped some blood off her cheek, and then she pointed in the direction that she and Sinister had been fighting a few seconds ago. There stood the two Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrid guards, missing their helmets and parts of their armor, scratched and bruised all over, but angry and eager for a fight. Libo and the LEGO villains gasped, since they had not yet seen a helmetless guard. The Hybrid guards, fueled by rage, grabbed two energized spears. They crackled with electricity, and would probably hurt painfully even if the spearhead did not pierce the skin. Sam Sinister frowned. He grabbed Amanda Claw's Sonic Screamer off the ground and fired it at the Hybrids. They spun their spears so quickly, it seemed to form a shield. The rotating spears deflected the sonic blast right back towards Frozeen. Although the G.E. Body protects its wearer from physical attack, Frozeen quickly found out that Sonic Screamers were more of a mental attack, operating at a frequency that bypassed the G.E. Metal. His legs buckled, and he fell to the ground, his hands over his ears. But that couldn't block out the humming sound, ringing in his head. He lost consciousness soon afterward. Libo stared at Frozeen as he fell, then began to launch fiery bolts at the Hybrids. Once again, the Hybrids deflected the attack. Only this time, they were deflected towards Amanda and Brickster. Amanda ducked quickly, but Brickster didn't get out of the way in time. His knit cap caught on fire, and he ripped it off and threw it on the ground, trying to stop it out. Amanda saw this, grabbed the burning hat, and tossed it like a disk at the guards. The hat got past the energized spear and hit one of the guards, the one that had the head of a red-orange Mutant Lizard. It screeched angrily and fell to the ground as it tried to pull the burning fabric off its face. The other guard, with the face of a green-blue Mutant Lizard, snarled. Suddenly, it and its spear vanished from view. "It must have chameleon Mutant Lizard powers," muttered Libo. He, Brickster, Vladek, Sam Sinister, and Amanda poised to attack when it reappeared. The next thing Libo knew, he had extreme pain, like a thousand red-hot needles piercing his side. A hard blow to his head, and he was out cold. Brickster and Vladek were out next. Sam Sinister and Amanda looked around, amongst their unconscious companions. Suddenly, the guard reappeared right in front of them, startling the two of them. "Excuse me, you're a… hopefully intelligent… being," Sam Sinister said, holding his hand and hook up in the air, "maybe we can cut a deal! We team up, and then we kill this Dino Attack Agent, yes? If you're going to rule the world, you're going to need Dino Attack out of the way! Just like FUTURE said!" Amanda Claw glared at the villain, unable to believe that he was trying to negotiate with the Hybrid. The guard paused for a moment, as though it was considering his offer, then swung his energized spear, knocking out both Sinister and Claw at the same time. ---- Hawk entered the ruined building, laser aimed ahead. The building seemed to be in a state of disrepair, with a hole leading down into the darkness. Suddenly, a roar echoed through the building, and Hawk hid. Strange versions of the Mutants poured from the hole, moving out into the city. Hawk moved cautiously towards the hole. Whatever was causing all of this had to be down there. Nervously, he descended into the darkness. Hawk nearly jumped in the air when Slash suddenly popped in beside him. "Hey Hawk! What's up?" "Haven't you noticed the stronger Mutant Dinos?" asked Hawk. Slash shook his head and replied, "No. I've been dealing with Elemental Mutants!" "Interesting... err, never mind," murmured Hawk. "Anyway, the mutants appear to be coming out of this hole." "I'll scout ahead," offered Slash. "Besides, I heard that Stealth managed to escape the ER." "What?! How?!" exclaimed Hawk. "I think I'm partly to blame for that. Before I left, I tended to her physical wounds," said Slash. Hawk raised an eyebrow, knowing that Slash was not a trained doctor. "But how?" Slash pointed to the Cyber Matrix strapped on his wrist. "Hello, remember this?" "Oh yeah," said Hawk, "I keep forgetting that you have that fancy watch. Anyway, let's go." With that, both Dino Attack agents descended into the hole. ***** Databoard fell to the ground and tried to activate his chameleon power, but he couldn't. Suddenly, he looked at his reflection on a nearby computer screen and realized why: he was human! He looked over to Stealth, who had also transformed back into a human. He wondered why, and then realized the machine must have registered their half-Mutant DNA as one Mutant, and transformed that, leaving their human DNA behind. Then Databoard remembered the lasers he had fired at the machine, and turned around just in time to see the lasers obliterate the control panel. What happened next could only be described as chaos. Flames shot from the controls, startling the Mutants. As the machine began to explode, the Mutants charged towards the exits. Databoard tossed one of his lasers to Stealth, and they began rushing towards safety. They fired lasers to distract the Mutants, but it only seemed to anger them further. Fortunately, they managed to take cover behind the ruined machine as Mutants rampaged upwards. ***** Hawk and Slash moved downwards into the tunnel with their lasers aimed ahead of them. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling noise, followed by loud roars. "Look out!" Slash shouted, and they both dove out of the way as Mutants charged past them. After a few minutes, the last Mutants had passed. "What was that?!" Hawk exclaimed as the Mutants vanished into the darkness... ---- "Of course," continued the bald scientist, "I will only give punishments to those I know. It only seems fair that I may know who you are so I can deem whether you are deserving of punishment. So, perhaps one of you would like to tell me your names?" He chuckled as though he was joking, but it was hard to tell. Rex and Chompy traded glances. Rex then gave a snarl towards Chompy, which translated to, "I won't speak English because I've got a bad feeling about him. If I speak, perhaps it'll give me away." Chompy growled back, "Okay, gotcha." "No?" said the scientist, having not understood the snarls and growls, much to Rex's relief. "I guess then we'll have to perform DNA tests, then. DNA is the universal language, after all. Dr. Cyrista, Dr. Provencal, if you'd please…" He snapped his fingers, and two other scientists walked over, each one holding an injection needle. Rex and Chompy backed away from the sharp-looking needles as they were poked between the bars of the cage. "Oh, don't be such babies!" the lead scientist said with a smirk. "It's just a quick prick, that's all!" Rex could read the ID badge of the scientist who went to his cage: Matthew Cyrista. These syringes were a specialized length, long enough to safely reach Rex and Chompy in their cages without putting the scientists at risk. Rex snarled and tried to bat away the needle with his claw, but Dr. Cyrista managed to puncture him in the arm. Blood began to flow into the syringe, and when it was filled, the scientist finally pulled the needle away. Rex clutched his aching arm. Looking over into the other cage, he saw that the other scientist had also drawn Chompy's blood. Dr. Cyrista and Dr. Provencal walked towards the lead scientist, handing him the syringes as they passed. The lead scientist nodded and walked over to a computer and control panel. He inserted the needles into two slots, and a DNA test was performed on the computer. The scientist typed something into the keyboard. A computer voice said, "DNA sequence match confirmed." The scientist smiled. "Ah," he whispered, "I thought so." He turned towards the two cages and held his gaze on Rex. Chompy noticed this, and he growled softly to Rex: "That's not good. I think he's discovered you." The scientist continued to stare at Rex. "So, now I know you, perhaps I ought to let you know me? My true name is Dr. Ronald Alexander," he introduced himself, "but everyone here knows me as Dr. Rex. I am the founder, leader, and principal investigator of XERRD: Xenon Elite Researchers Regarding Dinosaurs. Not too long ago, I rediscovered a formula from one of Ogel's scrapped plans, retrieved from the Alpha Team archives. I myself had stolen it from an Evil OGEL Empire outpost about ten years ago, back when I worked for Alpha Team. When I saw that formula again... it was as if a voice had spoken in my head, and I heard it with such clarity. It was at that moment that I knew that Minifigkind was doomed to destruction, one way or another." Rex listened carefully to Dr. Rex. He had no doubt that the scientist must have been quite mad to come to such a conclusion, but if Dr. Rex was going to fall for the classic villain trope of monologuing his motives and plans to his helpless captives, then Rex had better pay attention. "Not everyone is as enlightened as I am," continued Dr. Rex. "You see it again and again throughout history. Devastating wars that claim millions of lives and threaten to turn our home planet into a nuclear wasteland. Great depressions as the economy cannot afford to sustain such an ever-growing population. Poor families and friends unfairly torn apart, never to see each other again. So much unbearable loss. Meanwhile, the greedy rich and elite continue to line their pockets… poisoning the planet and draining its necessary resources while they reap the benefits. Mark my words: Minifigkind has doomed itself and LEGO Planet along with it. And, like any infectious disease, Minifigs spread across the LEGO Universe… turning the limitless potential of imagination into chaos and destruction. If I stood idly, then the entire universe would collapse, like a LEGO model with a poorly-assembled foundation." "He certainly has a flair for the dramatic," observed Rex. "The Dino Attack could have only been created by such a charismatic madman." "There was only one thing to do: start anew," declared Dr. Rex. "Restore the planet to prehistoric times, before the corruption of humans. Bring back the age of the dinosaurs, and let them reclaim the planet they once ruled. The dinosaurs would devastate modern Minifig civilization and wipe the slate clean. Now, there would undoubtedly be survivors… XERRD, for instance, since we would not be so shortsighted as to doom ourselves; we are the elite, the best of the best, after all. Anyone else who found the courage, power, and wisdom to survive would surely be suitable material to start civilization anew, while all those corrupt gluttonous tycoons would be washed away. Survival of the Fittest, as they may say." "That's all this is to you?" Rex snarled. "Millions of lives lost, and you have the audacity to claim it was Survival of the Fittest? You dare to call yourself a scientist?" "Charles Darwin would be turning in his grave if he could hear this right now," grunted Chompy. "But," continued Dr. Rex, "simply returning the world to as it once was is not enough. How would prehistoric creatures bring down a world with suitably advanced technology? And besides, even if it did, the past would eventually give way to the present, as it always does, and the cycle would start anew. And so, I decided to… change it a little, spice it up, to ensure history wouldn't repeat himself." ---- Databoard and Stealth looked out from behind the wrecked machinery. The Mutants had gone, leaving behind a ruined laboratory. Bits of wrecked metal were scattered across the floor, and sparks shot from the now-exposed wiring on the walls. Databoard spotted a computer on the wall that had escaped the rampage, and activated it. Suddenly, the logo of the Shadows flashed across the screen. Confused, Databoard clicked on the logo and watched as information flashed onto the screen. Databoard watched as the image of a Shadows scientist appeared on the screen. He had a slightly worried expression, as if he knew something bad was going to happen. "We started this project about a month ago," he began to talk. "The objective of our project was to create a mind-control beam that could be used to further our plans." Footage of the device sweeping across a room of people could be seem, with the controls covered by a metal box to prevent the person at the controls from being affected. Databoard knew that it hadn't been there before. Something bad must have happened. The image on the screen switched back to the scientist, who resumed talking. "Unfortunately, that's when things began to go wrong..." ---- "I knew that, instead of simply letting wild dinosaurs loose and hope that they could reclaim the world, I would genetically alter them to make sure they do not go extinct again," said Dr. Rex. He stopped himself as he glanced at Rex and Chompy, and then he smiled and chuckled. "Of course, technically, dinosaurs are not extinct. You two are living proof of that. But you are only the modern-day descendants of the original Tyrannosaurus Rex, having evolved after 65 million years of inhabiting Adventurers' Island to be much smaller and weaker. If your ancestors went extinct globally, then you would stand no chance today… if not for me." Dr. Rex grabbed a chair and sat down, since he was getting tired of standing. Then, he continued: "You may be protected species thanks to the Adventurers' efforts, but it turns out that it's very easy to buy the loyalties of poachers and mercenaries to hunt dinosaurs. From Adventurers' Island, I took one T-Rex and one Pterosaur. From Dinosaur Island, I took one Raptor and one… well, some of my colleagues say it's a Compsognathus, but I believe it's a new undiscovered species that paleontologists have not yet named, so let's just call it a Lizard for now. I experimented upon them, using that formula that fool Ogel made a while ago. The result is what you can see there." Dr. Rex smiled and gestured to the four stasis tubes on the far side of the lab. Chompy glanced at Rex, worry in his eyes. Rex himself looked uneasy, now beginning to suspect why one tube was empty. Dr. Rex continued to exposit: "They were the 'prototypes,' shall I say, for the Mutant Dinos now roaming the planet, each one excessively stronger than the original. However, they weren't enough. By adding a bit of XERRD's own research to Ogel's original formula, I could give Mutant Dinos extraordinary power! Fire breath, acidic saliva, force fields, lightning, laser vision, nuclear furnaces, you name it! But what to do with those four prototypes?" Dr. Rex stood up and walked over to the empty stasis tube. "I put them all to sleep, and then into stasis. All… but one, the 'prototype' Mutant T-Rex, who resisted. We found another use for him, as a sleeper agent planted to destroy Dino Attack Team, the fools who dare to stand in the way of our salvation. But of course, as dictated by Murphy's Law, something went wrong, and our plan was foiled. We had no idea what ultimately became of our prototype T-Rex." Dr. Rex strode over to Rex's cage and looked at him as he rhetorically asked, "But you already know that, don't you?" Rex swallowed nervously, trading glances with Chompy. ---- "As we continued our tests, we learned there were... errors... in the program..." the Shadows scientist continued. "We were working on ways to affect the population on a large scale when it happened. At the time, we were planning to broadcast the mind-control wave in audio form. It wouldn't be as powerful, but it would draw them to the machine long enough for it to affect them perman-" "Get to the point," a voice said offscreen. Databoard realized something must have reactivated the machine, and the closest thing in the area was a Mutant. The machine's computers retuned themselves towards Mutants, and the mind-control broadcast had drawn them here. "Uh, anyway..." the scientist continued, glancing nervously off-camera, "we were about to test it, when one of those errors activated..." The image showed the machine sweeping over a group of Minfigs, who transformed into mutated creatures similar to the ones the Mutants became. They attacked everything in sight, ripping through the metal box over the controls. One leapt at the screen, and everything turned to static. The screen soon changed back to the Shadows scientist. "It started causing mutations. We aren't sure why at this time," he continued. "We think that an error in the code affected the beam, causing physical changes instead of mental ones. Anyway, the experiments were contained, but not before they damaged the entrance to the base. We hope to make repairs and finish this project as soon as we can." The screen switched back to the Shadows logo. Databoard could only assume that this footage was from shortly before the Shadows were defeated, leaving behind the ruined laboratory. Suddenly, he heard a noise nearby, and aimed his laser into the darkness... ---- "We placed that Mutant T-Rex in a Minifig disguise," Dr. Rex continued, "an organic suit bioengineered and modeled after my own features. We altered the T-Rex's vocal cords so that it could speak with my voice. We created a sleeper agent in my own image." "So that's why he looks and sounds like I did," Rex whispered to Chompy. "The sleeper has awoken, with the scraps of its Minifig disguise left in the ruins of an apartment building. We've since tried to recapture our asset… but apparently, the T-Rex has taken it upon itself to come to our doorstep," Dr. Rex concluded, staring at Rex. "And now, here you are. Welcome home, Rex." "So much for trying to stay undiscovered," Rex muttered. "What do we do now?" "I don't know. This was all a bad idea. We're probably going to be interrogated and then killed, or worse," growled Chompy. Rex raised an eyebrow; Chompy was not one to hold back, but usually he had greater tact than that. In fact, Chompy himself seemed surprised that he had said it out loud. "So, do tell me," Dr. Rex asked, "how did you revert from being a Mutant T-Rex to a mere regular T-Rex? I assume the mutation did not simply wear off with time, did it?" "Dino Attack cured me, with a special formula developed by Dr. Frank Einstein." The words just spilled out of Rex's mouth as soon as he thought about them, and he had spoken in English. His eyes widened in shock. How could he be so careless? Dr. Rex smiled. "Ah, I see. They have already developed a cure? Where do they keep it?" he inquired. Rex found himself answering again. "It was stored in the research lab, but lost when the base was recently attacked by Mutant T-Rexes. They no longer have the antivenom, not until Einstein can synthesize some more." "Well, then, looks like the famous Frank Einstein is our next high-priority target," mused Dr. Rex. "You idiot! What are you doing?" hissed Chompy. Rex looked at his brother. "I... I don't know," he admitted, "the answers are just coming out of me... it's as if I can't stop saying what I'm thinking…" Dr. Rex chuckled. "Did it occur to you that I merely took blood samples and gave you nothing in return? I would not be so thoughtless; I always pay my debts! When Dr. Cyrista and Dr. Provencal drew your blood, the needles simultaneously administered our very own Verita Serum into your bloodstream. This chemical inhibits the necessary brain functions for lying, even by omission, so now you will truthfully answer any question I ask you." "A truth serum!" exclaimed Chompy. "Rex, don't say anythi-" "And now, my sleeper agent, time to see what you have learned… What is the weakness of the Dino Attack Team?" asked Dr. Rex. At first, Rex did not even know how to answer that question, and he was relieved about that. But then, he thought of one possible response. Rex desperately tried to keep his mouth shut, but as soon as the thought came to mind, he simply could not stop himself from speaking: "Dino Attack Team suffers the most from internal conflicts, especially what to do about the Mutant Dinos. They can be easily divided over idealist and realist viewpoints, to the point where they are willing to fight each other over it. My own insistence on capturing and taming Mutant Dinos was enough to provoke Kotua into waging war against his own teammates." A dark smile crossed Dr. Rex's face, and Rex felt a sense of dread overwhelm him. How was Dr. Rex going to use this intel against Dino Attack Team? What dastardly scheme did he have in mind? Even though Rex knew he was under the influence of the truth serum, he could not help feeling angry with himself for betraying Dino Attack and, in the end, becoming the very infiltrator he chose not to be. His own destiny had caught up with him. "Fascinating," murmured Dr. Rex. He then pointed at Chompy. "How about this T-Rex that accompanied you? Who is he?" "Chompy," Rex blurted out, unable to stop himself, "Alpha Team asset, Dino Attack ally, adopted son of Alpha Team agent Frozeen... and one of my younger brothers." "You're his brother?" said Dr. Rex, smiling as he glanced at Chompy. "How delightful that we are all here for a family reunion! Now, of course, it is time for you two to join the rest of your kind… as Mutant T-Rexes who will bring forth the apocalypse I have started!" ***** Frozeen slowly opened one eye. How long had he been unconscious? Minutes? Hours? Days? More likely hours, he thought. He found himself in a small room, which he quickly recognized to be a holding cell. It was clean and sterile, but had hardly anything more than a simple metallic bench to sit upon. There were only three physical walls, but the adjacent hallway was blocked off by an energy force field to prevent him from simply walking out. Frozeen stood up and walked as close to the force field as he could, so that he could see out into the hallway. He could see more holding blocks; Amanda Claw was locked in a cell directly across from him, and he could also see each of the LEGO villains in single-housed cells. However, he could not see Libo from his position. The hallway had the same clean, sterile aesthetic as his cell, which clued him in to the fact that they were no longer in the sewage tunnel and were now in some base or compound. But whose? Amanda Claw had also regained consciousness. She was sitting calmly, carefully assessing the situation to see if she could find a way out. Lord Sam Sinister was also awake, but he was pacing back and forth impatiently while shouting, "Where the blazes am I?" "If I knew the answer," muttered Frozeen, "I still wouldn't give it to you. But I don't, so I can't, so it doesn't really matter now, does it?" The Adventurers Villain glared at Frozeen. "Is this one of your little tricks, Alpha Team agent?" he asked, shaking his hook at him. Frozeen gestured to the energy grid that held him in his cell. "If it was, why would I imprison myself and Claw as well?" he asked rhetorically. "Who is responsible for this?" screamed Sinister. "Is this how you treat the Lord von Barron? I swear, once I break out of here, I'm going to-" Suddenly, a door on the far side of the hallway opened. One of the Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrid guards stepped into the room. It was wearing its armor and helmet, and still wielding the energized spear it had used to knock them all out. It walked up to Sinister's cell and hissed menacingly at him. Sinister gave a sheepish chuckle and insisted, "Me? Break out? Oh, no, I'm only joking! I am perfectly fine and cozy in here! Why would I ever want to leave?" As usual, Amanda Claw said nothing. She only sighed and shook her head. ***** A Minifig/Mutant Lizard Hybrid guard entered the laboratory. It walked towards Dr. Rex and whispered something into his ear. "Intruders? Yes, I see," murmured Dr. Rex, nodding. He looked at Rex and Chompy. "You will guard Rex and his brother," he ordered the guard. "Make sure they do nothing funny. I will have a word with these invaders you speak of." Then, the lead XERRD scientist left the room, leaving the strange Hybrid to guard Rex and Chompy. "How could you just tell Dr. Rex everything?" growled Chompy. "I know he injected us with a truth serum, but you could have just responded to all his questions in saurian language!" "It isn't that simple!" retorted Rex. "You don't understand because you're not bilingual… or forcibly programmed to speak multiple languages, like I was. Speaking the dinosaur language may be an instinct for me, but when it comes to Dino Attack matters, I am much more used to thinking and speaking in English." Chompy snorted, but he did not press any further. "Well, you got us into this mess. Any brilliant ideas on how to get us out?" he asked. "None at the moment," Rex replied, watching the guard. "Key words: at the moment." Chompy started moaning loudly and pretended to be in pain, convincing the annoyed XERRD scientists to leave the room and provoking the Hybrid guard to try prodding him with its energized spear. Chompy wrestled the spear out of the Hybrid's grasp, so the Hybrid began spitting acid at the cage, accidentally melting away some of the cage bars. When a large-enough hole was melted away, Chompy charged out of the cage with the spear, stabbed the Hybrid, took its keys, and freed Rex. ***** By now, everyone was fully awake. "What happened?" asked Brickster groggily. "There was that guard, he vanished into thin air, then Libo got attacked by an unseen force..." "Long story made short," summarized Frozeen, "that guard knocked everyone out and brought us here." "You ain't winning any awards in drama class, kid," grumbled Brickster. Frozeen muttered something underneath his breath. He glanced over at Amanda Claw. "Have you figured anything out yet?" he asked. She nodded, and then she gestured towards a control panel on the wall just outside her cell. There was a similar control panel outside Sinister's cell, and outside Brickster's cell too; Frozeen assumed that there was one for each cell. He realized that this would probably activate or deactivate the force field for each block. The catch-22 was that they would need to get through the force field in order to disable the force field. "Are you there, Libo?" whispered Frozeen, hoping that Libo was in one of the cells directly next to him. "I know you from your time as Little Bot, and you had enough tricks up your sleeve to make R2-D2 jealous. If you have anything that can access that control panel-" Before Frozeen could finish his thought, the door opened, and the Hybrid guard stepped aside. Into the room stepped... "Agent Rex?" exclaimed Frozeen, his eyes widening. "But, how…?" Amanda looked up at the familiar figure, just as surprised as Frozeen, to see a scientist who looked nearly identical to Rex while he was a Dino Attack agent. "Look, if this is about your pet Mutant T-Rex, it was nothing personal-" Sam Sinister started to say. As the scientist looked directly at her, Amanda's surprise faded away. She very quickly recognized, faster than anyone else, that while he had the same face as Rex, the brilliant yet maddened look in his eyes betrayed the truth: he was a very different person. She narrowed her eyes and scowled, shaking her head. "No, this is someone else..." agreed Frozeen, already suspecting the reasons why this scientist happened to look just like Rex's human minifigure disguise. The scientist smiled and nodded as he said to Amanda, "Quite correct. I see that you must have been one of agent Rex's teammates from Dino Attack. You may call me Dr. Rex." "Looks like we got someone who's really picky about his titles," muttered Brickster. "Does it really matter if we say 'Agent' versus 'Doctor'? Or would you prefer 'Sir' over 'Mister'?" "Yes, it does matter," insisted Dr. Rex, "because agent Rex was my asset and nothing more, while I am the genuine article who created agent Rex in my image. It will do you well to address me by my proper title. Do us all a favor and help prevent the matter from getting confusing." "That doesn't help, because I'm already confused!" said Sam Sinister. "And believe me, since I was involved in the whole Sinister Switcheroo, I have a high standard for being confused by names." "But enough about me, let us talk about you!" Dr. Rex said. "Let's see here... we've got Sam Sinister, the Brickster, Vladek, a Dino Attack agent, the elusive Libo himself, and… General Evil." As he said that last name, he looked directly at Frozeen with an expression that seemed to show a mixture of hatred and triumph. "What art thou talkingeth about?" asked Vladek, pointing at Frozeen. "Tis not General Evil! Tis-" "Don't listen to him," Frozeen interrupted, speaking in a lower pitch and adopting a British accent in an attempt to imitate General Evil. "As you can see, my great-great-great-great-great grandfather has gone rather senile since leaving medieval times." If I can keep up this charade, he thought, then perhaps I can learn more about whatever history Dr. Rex has with General Evil. Dr. Rex smirked as he said, "And that's what happens when you make deals with the Time Twisters. What business do the six of you have to invade this place? And why are you villains working with this Dino Attack agent?" "'Working with'?" repeated Brickster. "More like battling against! This girl ain't been nothin' but trouble for us, and that's why we're gonna stop Dino Attack Team just as we're gonna stop the Dino Attack, for the good of this planet! And you ain't gonna stop us!" Dr. Rex raised an eyebrow and inquired, "Why, Brickster, why would you, or any of you villains, do such a thing 'for the good of this planet'?" The Brickster quietly muttered, "You can't make pizza when the best pizzerias are in ruin." As he interrogated his prisoners, Dr. Rex confirmed their theory that XERRD was behind the Dino Attack. He taunted them, and threatened what he'd do to them for discovering the laboratory. "You don't scare me," declared Frozeen. "What can you possibly do to me? Sic your mutants on me? With my G.E. Body, I am practically invincible, as you should already know." "Indeed, I do know that," said Dr. Rex. He walked over to the control panel outside Frozeen's cell and pressed several buttons. A neurotoxic gas immediately started to flood the cell. Frozeen fell to the floor, choking and unable to breathe. As Dr. Rex deactivated the gas, he said, "And you will know that I will kill you, Evil, even with your cheap suit. I put you in that G.E. Body when I left you for dead in that fire, ten years ago… and I won't make the same mistake twice." Even as he struggled to stay conscious, Frozeen's eyes widened. The implications were staggering. For the past six years, he thought, I've known that my archnemesis General Evil blamed my adoptive father, Zachary Abody, for the fire that left him scarred and needing a G.E. Body to survive. But, if what Dr. Rex said is true, then… my father was framed, and Dr. Rex was the real culprit all along! But then, Dr. Rex noticed that Libo had disappeared from his own cell while he was focused on Frozeen. A little robot that identified itself as the "D1-N0 Bot v1.0" informed Dr. Rex that Libo was fleeing the base, and so the lead scientist exited the room to track him down. Of course, the "D1-N0 Bot v1.0" was actually Libo in his Little Bot disguise. Dr. Rex was distracted long enough for Libo to free Frozeen and Amanda Claw, directly interfacing with the control panels to disable the force fields. "Hey, what about us?" shouted Lord Sinister. Frozeen, Amanda, and Libo traded glances, and then Frozeen simply replied: "What about you?" They left behind the three villains in their cells. Passing a window in the laboratory, Frozeen determined that they were on Dinosaur Island, based upon what he remembered of Alpha Team reports from 2001. Suddenly, something smashed the window, showering them with broken glass, and then Evil Ogel, General Evil, and a few Ogel Drones climbed into the lab through the broken window. "At last!" proclaimed Ogel. "No secret compound can keep out the great Evil Ogel!" The Lurcher Drone L-D1748 twitched anxiously, as was common behavior for Lurchers. "I-I still d-d-don't know why w-we c-c-c-couldn't have j-just used the front-t d-door-" he started to say. "SHUT UP!" snapped Ogel. He grabbed the Lurcher Drone and threw him back out the window. L-D1748 simply climbed back in through the window, completely unharmed, since they were on the ground floor. Although Frozeen and General Evil immediately prepared to fight one another, Ogel calmly declared, "You can lower your arms. There is no need to fight. Agent Frozeen, agent Claw, commander Libo… I have decided to form an alliance with the Dino Attack Team." Frozeen was shocked. General Evil was surprised as well, and he started to object: "But FUTURE said-" Ogel grimaced. "Yes, I know what FUTURE said. And we all know what happened to them, where their path would lead us. Fogel was an empty shell of his former self, pathetically clinging onto bitterness and spite. He kept dwelling in the past when he should have been looking to the future. He died as he lived: a failure. He disgusted me. Ironic... he wanted to change my timeline by molding me in his image, but I shall change the timeline by ensuring that I never become him! That's right, I propose an alliance. Heroes and villains working together, united by our common enemy: oblivion." Frozeen and General Evil both saw reason in Ogel's decision, but they felt uncomfortable working together. They glanced awkwardly at one another and kept their distance. Sam Sinister, the Brickster, and Vladek soon rejoined the group. When asked how they escaped, the Brickster simply laughed and said, "It ain't the first time I got out of jail free, and it won't be the last!" Deciding that it was in their best interest, the other villains also agreed to join the alliance. Rex and Chompy traveled down the hallways of the XERRD laboratory, and ran into Frozeen, Libo, Amanda, Ogel, General Evil, Brickster, Sam Sinister, Vladek, and the Ogel Drones. Frozeen then explained to Rex and Chompy that the villains were now allied with the Dino Attack Team, but Chompy refused to trust them. ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
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  7. Hi, guys. You know, HF was unpredictable in some ways as much as how we want the story to be finished. Well, here are some things that I believe HF could have done: 1. The first TV episode could have been Heroes fighting one of Von Nebula’s henchmen rather than two, like in Trails of Furno, which could have been in between the episodes with Corroder and Meltdown. The henchman could have been Corroder, Meltdown, or Thunder. Plus, Thunder and Vapor could have their own episodes, and Vapor could have helped his friends in the episode Von Nebula. 2. The TV show could have been more like Ninjago’s TV show, as there would be 10-13 22-minutes episodes per season rather than specials. Each season could be about one of the storylines. I mean, Hero Factory is a superhero theme. 3. Thresher’s full name could have been revealed. Maybe Von Ness, too, if Von is not his first name. 4. The Hero Factory FM could have talked about the events in the episodes. 5. Jetbug could have more screen time. 6. Surge could have his 2.0 upgrade before the defeat of the Fire Villains. Plus, he could have fought Dragon Bolt. 7. Lego could have released both Savage Planet episodes. 8. Core Hunter, Thornraxx, XT4, Breez’s Breakout form, Bulk’s Breakout form, and Nex’s Breakout form could have appeared in the Breakout episodes, and there could have been more Breakout episodes that could have made Breakout a TV season and show the Heroes finding and fight these villains, and Heroes in general find and fight villains from past storylines who escaped from prison. The first two Secret Mission books could have been Breakout episodes, and the Legion of Darkness could have been reformed, and had Core Hunter be a new member. I wonder what is Core Hunter’s real name, too? I don’t think he died when he used the Doom Box’s energies (we actually don’t know what happened to him). He may have teleported somewhere. Maybe he could find his way back. Plus, all of the villains could have been recaptured at the end of the Breakout storyline. 9. The new rookie and his villain, who are the combo models in 2012, shouldn’t have happened if they are not significant. Or, I wish there could have been two more rookies who are combo models of the other six Heroes and two more villains that are combo models of the other six villains, but either way, these guys are insignificant. They shouldn’t be canon. 10. I wish the Heroes could have the ability to combine, like the Toa from Bionicle. Lucas Valor looks like that rather than an actual Hero. He looked weird. He should have looked like one Hero, like Jovan from Bionicle. I wish there is a combo model for the other 1.0 heroes (Bulk, Surge, and Stringer), like Lucas. 11. I am not if Brian Attack and Invasion From Below are necessary storylines. I mean, there is a villain who got the plans of Hero Factory from Black Phantom and plans to use them to make evil versions of Heroes. That guy could be Von Nebula because of his arm. Plus, in Brain Attack, there is a guy who created the Brains. He could have his real name revealed (rather than the fan name, Dark Maker). The second three SM books could have been more episodes for Brain Attack. Also, the Brains are hiding in the giant hole in the Hero Factory building. 12. I wonder how Furno got promoted to lead other teams. I wish there is an explanation about it. Plus, I wonder what makes Furno unique from other Heroes because Mr. Makuro said something special about that. 13. I wish there could have been 1.0 versions of Rocka (Daniel is his real first name, right?), Nex, and Evo, 2.0 versions of Rocka, Bulk, and Stringer, 3.0 versions of Evo, Breez, and Surge, Brain Attack versions of Stringer and Nex and their Brain counterparts, and IFB versions of Stringer and Nex and their vehicles and mutated Jumper foes. I wonder what were some of these absent heroes were doing during most of the storylines. 14. I wish Stringer and Nex could have appeared more, and I wonder what happened to them during the even of IFB. 15. I wish we could have character development for the villains in general to learn more about their origins. They were kind of like video game bosses that you defeat. 16. I wish we could see what would Stormer’s normal sized version of his XL form and Furno’s look like. Rocka had a normal-sized form and an XL in Savage Planet. Plus, Stormer could have came with a motorcycle in his Lego set to fight Speeda Demon 17. I wish the Breakout game could have a level for Nex, so you can catch XT4 in Mechna. 18. I wish Faber could have just let the Heroes have peace with the Jumper species in the IFB episode rather than destroying most of the species. 19. Tom Kenny could have stayed voicing Evo after the Ordeal of Fire episode, but the other guy is okay. It’s reasonable for each Hero to have its own voice actor. I don’t get why Furno’s voice actor was switched. 20. I wish the IFB is like the other ten episodes rather than other stuff. I mean, four-fingered hands and cheap voice actors? Really? Sounds like a big downgrade. Plus, I wish the 2011 episodes could have five-fingered hands rather than four. 21. I wish there is a DVD for Episodes 8-11, and ITunes for these episodes and Ordeal of Fire somehow. Plus, I wish Lego would show concept art, unused ideas, and soundtrack for the TV show. Lego should celebrate HF’s 10th anniversary somehow. Anyone noticing anything about that? 22. I wish Lego would say that Hero Factory is a part of Bionicle G1’s universe, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some people like me are believing it, but Lego doesn’t say it because the line is inactive. I always have a theory where in Bionicle G1, when Spherus Magna was destroyed, at least one Great Being or two may have went to outer space, learned to English language from the planet Earth, then created Mr. Makuro, helped him create Makuhero City, the Hero Factory building, and the designs for Heroes on Makuro’s planet, could explain where did Makuro come from why do the Heroes look like Glatorian. It’s quite evident. Plus, the Great Beings are curious and like to create things. I have ideas that could have gone with these things: And What do you think could have happened in HF?
  8. Hi, guys. You know, whenever you are experiencing the Bionicle stories, have you ever felt like that things could have done a different rather than just completing the G1 story? Well, here’s my thoughts: 1. I wish the Toa’s fight with the Elementals in that cancelled game called The Legend of Mata Nui could have been canon because I would love to see where they got the Makoki Stones. 2. I wish Teridax and his kind never had the ability to undo fusions. The Toa Kaita could have defeated Makuta in no problem. 3. The Toa Metru and Toa Inika/Toa Mahri could have done their Toa Kaita. The Toa Mata/Toa Nuva should do their Kaita often, like Akamai Nuva. 4. A Toa Nui, Matoran Kaita, Turaga Kaita and Nui, Bohrok Kaita, and the Bohrok-Kal Kaita with Tahnok-Kal could have happened. 5. Matoran Nui could have happened more often. 6. Roodaka could have hired the Shadowed One, Sentrakh, and Voporak to hunt the Toa Hordika. 7. Matoro shouldn’t have died. It feels unnatural to have five Toa in a team rather than six. 8. Lesovikk and his friends could have helped the Toa Mahri in the 2007 storyline. 9. Mazeka could have helped the Toa Nuva while Vultraz could have helped the Makuta warriors in Karda Nui in the 2008 storyline. 10. The 2009 storyline has a lot of stuff that could have happened. It the Vorox whose stinger that Mata Nui broke is one of Malum’s Vorox, Malum would have fought Mata Nui in revenge. Malum, Sahmad and Telluris, could have helped the Rock Tribe and the Bone Hunters in their war with the tribes. Peditus, Crotesius, and the Kazium V3 duo would have fought Sahmad and Telluris in a vehicle-involved fight. Each type of Toa could have its own Element Lord while the Lord of Sand is still there. Mata Nui could have been shown using a hand-held Thornax Launcher, like his sets, in the story. 11. The Order of Mata Nui could have fixed Brutaka’s Olmak and gave Takanuva the Power Lance, a Midak Skyblaster, and a Virus that allows Takanuva to fly before they send Takanuva to Karda Nui. I mean, I believe the alternate universe thing kind of went out of hand. Mazeka and Vultraz should not have went to one of these dimensions, Vultraz being trapped in that dimension, or brought Alternate Teridax with Mazeka back to the prime reality. Vultraz should have been cured from being a Shadow Matoran. 12. The Great Beings could have left Spherus Magna when it was destroyed. True, some are trapped in Bara Magna and Bota Magna, but I believe there could have been at least one Great Being who left the planet and created Mr. Makuro from Hero Factory on the Hero Factory building’s planet (that could explain why Heroes from Hero Factory look like Glatorian). 13. The G1 Mask of Time could have been the bottom half of a larger and more powerful mask because it looks like that. Maybe Voporak has the upper half. 14. Voporak could have been an official member of the Dark Hunters. 15. The Shadowed One could have his real name revealed. Not only him. Some masks, like the Mask of Creation, and significant people, like the Makuta of Stelt and the Element Lords, have been been named. Same with the Rahkshi, and give the other types their own Kaita. 16. Nobua could have been canon rather than being exclusive in TLoMN. 17. Other types of Toa and their kind could have had more character development. Same with others, like Umbra and Lesovikk. 18. The Great Beings could have given each type of Matoran both genders rather than one. 19. Vezon shouldn’t have abandoned Kardas. 20. Artakha should have given Tahu Nuva new replacements for his destroyed Kanohi in general (or Ta-Koro’s people could have saved the masks from the village’s destruction). Plus, the Mask of Life should have changed Tahu Mata back to Tahu Nuva before Mata Nui went to sleep. 21. Mata Nui could have given Gelu Ice powers. 22. Teridax could have given the 2010 astral Shadow powers, like in the 2010 set description. 23. The Skrall could have asked the Glatorian for help against the Battera. 24. Gresh could have become a veteran Glatorian. 25. The Tarduk and his friends could have told their people about Surel’s whereabouts. 26. Takanuva could have socialized with Solek since they were long-time close friends. Plus, Gavla could have made friends with people in Metru Nui before Teridax took over the Matoran Universe. 27. The Earth Tribe could have gotten involved with some stuff. 28. The G1 story could have its own versions of G2’s stuff, like Okoto, Ekimu, and Umarak. I personally like to think that Okoto is on Aqua Magna, Okotans are a type of Agori, and the rest of the characters are created by the Great Beings for fun. 29. Vezon could have fixed back to Vezok. Plus, someone could have removed the Olmak from Vezon. Also, Nektann could have all of his powers revealed. 30. The Mask of Life could have changed Dekar-Hydraxon back to Dekar. Plus, the Mask could have the ability to revive people in general rather than sacrificing its bearers to heal Mata Nui’s giant robotic body. 31. We could have gotten some contests, like Artakha and Helryx, earlier in the 2001-2010 era. 32. It would have been nice if the 10th and 11th graphic novels hadn’t been cancelled. Plus, they could be expressed through my ideas: So, what do you think could have happened?
  9. That's a very cool initiative on Lego's part. Hopefully actual projects will come out of this. I'd gladly submit a few ideas, but it's not like I'm that good at drawing and I haven't MOCed in years - or even a master at it. EDIT: Here's my idea for an original constraction world. I tried to make the setting stand out from Bionicle and HF while still borrowing a bit. Feel free to contribute if what I've put so far inspires you!
  10. Ultimately, Greg is not the license holder he doesn't own the property; so really he has no say in the future of the franchise. It also sounds very much like Greg has not worked with Lego in the last few years, so really he has no clue what their plans are or lack of them. So far to my knowledge only a few Lego themes have actually gotten any anniversary recognition: 50th Anniversary of the Lego Brick celebrated in 2005-2006 (Toa Iruni was part of that "golden anniversary" effort actually) 60th Anniversary of the Lego Brick (2018) 40th Anniversary of Lego Trains (2020) 10th Anniversary of Lego Star Wars (2009) 40th Technic Anniversary (2017) 20th Anniversary of Lego Star Wars (2019) It is worth noting though all the classic themes that don't have anniversary sets. Classic Space, Pirates, Castle all lack anniversary tributes, Town/City sort of got celebrated with the Lego Brick's 50th Anniversary sets but never been celebrated on its own. Train and Technic both took 40 years to get their recognition. Star Wars is the only "modern" theme to get that same recognition, but it has to be noted that due to Star Wars's massive pop culture presence it will always demand that recognition since Star Wars fans celebrate the anniversary of almost every single film release. Expecting Lego to make a massive effort to mark Bionicle's anniversary is expecting to much. Yes it was iconic, but unlike any of the other anniversary themes it is not a currently ongoing product line at Lego. If there was any official anniversary recognition at best we could expect a small promo set like the Lego Trains one from earlier this year, but with the caveat that it would be a System or Technic focused build with almost no CCBS or classic Bionicle parts. I think more likely though if Lego were to recognize the theme on its 20th birthday it will be a brief social media post on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram that says something like "On this day in 2001 Lego launched Bionicle. Share your memories in the comments." The important thing to note is that Lego is keeping Bionicle under their watch still, you can see it in the Voya-Nui flight in the recent City airplane set, or the stickers in the various Hidden Side sets referencing Bionicle; or Mata-Nui and the Mask of Creation both showing up in the Ninjago City docks. Lego keeps the Bionicle trademark active and registered, and it is usually listed at the end of their "legalese" on their official websites. But Lego's nostalgia shouldn't be confused with them actively planning something. More likely, I think in a few more years we will see Bionicle obtain the same reverence that Classic Space, Pirates and Castle have and we might get the occasional Bionicle throwback set from time to time (albeit using Technic and System builds with very little classic Bionicle molds) much like how Classic Space has the occasional spaceman popping up in Creator, promo or Lego Movie sets. But... Lego's target audience is children, and children have very little reason to be nostalgic about a 20+ year old toy. I'd love to see a G3 as much as anyone (and would buy a ton of it, if it happened), but pragmatically speaking I think its in Lego's best interests to use their original IP slots to not repeatedly try and revive the memory of Bionicle (or any classic theme for that matter) and instead focus on creating new original themes for new generations to enjoy. Imagine in 2001 if instead of getting Bionicle Lego instead produced "15th Anniversary Blacktron sets" because a bunch of nostalgic adults on the internet told them that is what they wanted? In effect, I wouldn't want our nostalgia to rob children of today from having their own chance to experience their own stories.
  11. Come on. Rocka (according to the HF website) topped all of Furno's training missions with flying colours and is part of the same team as the one and only Commander Merrick Fortis. Plus he has a 2.0 visor that no other hero has. And hey, Rocka doesn't seem to have an evil side, while Furno kinda in another reality became rogue like Von Ness... and Core Hunter... and starts a rival bot factory... but Rocka's just cool. "Nice, Mr. Makuro, nice".
  12. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro outskirts "I... understand." She responded. "Though I hope we can avoid further bloodshed." @Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
  13. IC: Zaliyah - En-route to Metru Nui "And we appreciate the gesture," Zaliyah said, in a hasty effort to cut off any follow-up remark Ostrox might have been preparing. "But unless you intend to choose a side if or when the fighting starts, you'd best lay low while we're in the city." @Onaku @Toru Nui __________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Marrow - En-route to the Underhive The old Mesi was the last to enter, pulling the stone back into place behind him as he shuffled into the tunnel. "I hope one of you brought some means of making light," he said, as he rejoined the group. "We have little need for it down here, but I imagine you do." @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian @Burnmad
  14. IC: Apex (The Fau Swamp) Apex listened to what Morangad had to say and simply nodded along, silently agreeing with the words he spoke till at last speaking back in turn. "You are correct in still clinging to the opinion you hold concerning my kind. Aspects are deceitful, manipulative, self-centered...Traits I lack...For better or for worst." Slumping her head and shoulder's down, Apex pawed at the ground before her, as she contemplated what else to say. What was there to say. Both her and Morangad knew what was needed to be done, that they had a goal...But something nagged at Apex' mind, as if some truth was needing to be revealed. From her peripheral gaze, Apex looked towards Morangad, the black splotch that was the Kanohi upon his face. Internally, Apex winced at the sight, the black mark reminding Apex of what she had just done...And what she may have inadvertently cursed Morangad with. By why should she care, Morangad was a guide, a follower, nothing more...Right? No, no he wasn't and Apex knew that fact. And it was that fact why she needed to say to Morangad now before they continued forth. Rising and repositioning herself before Morangad, Apex locked eyes with the Tiokaha as she spoke her next words, the words having a calm yet flighty tone, like those of leaves blowng in a steady wind, or the flutter of butterfly wings, "Morangad...Are we friends? Because...I want us to be. I have been...I have been alone for so long. Decades, centuries, millennia, I do not know nor do I think I could comprehend...Not fully. I've told you of my imprisonment by...Nektann...Hrmph. But I have not told you what I found in my imprisonment...Before my entrapment, I used my element with abandoned for I thought I was the master of it...But within the darkness of that cave I learned that I was bound to the dark. Not the other way around..." As Apex spoke, a noticeable discomfort and awkwardness was evident in the Aspect's body language and speech, and as if to emulate her mood, the shadows around her placed the moon-lit meadow into a shaded grotto, filled with a depressive morose. "...Within that cave, I felt the pull of the void from whence I spawned and the longing desire to pass, yet unable to do so. That is why I am now afraid, afraid of what I am and what I was. I am afraid that one day, that pull will come again. And without something to keep me, that I would accept my end. That is why I fear to use my element, why after the ritual I held such a visceral reaction, and why I now fear for what I have done to you." "I have marked you with darkness, and what that means, I do not know and I hope that it does not drag you into the empty spiral that I pray to avoid. I pray that you remain by my side, to the end, but...I will relent to allow you to be free. If you so feel so." With that, Apex laid down low before Morangad, a submissive gesture reminiscent of many Rahi, as she waited for her companion's response, the shadows looming over her like a shroud of depression. OOC: @Burnmad IC: Zak-Yak (Dead Forest, Entering the Underground) “Tall Blue treats me like I am nothing. Your information is good to know. We can watch Tall Blue together. Stay safe. Use all three pairs of optics.” Continuing to follow after Providence, Zak-Yak responded, a seemingly different tone taking hold of the Mesi. "Yes, Tall Blue tried to hurt us once, tried to kills us evens. Many treats us likes nothings, or even worses...Wait...Three pairs?" OOC: @Kal the Guardian @Nato the Traveler @Unreliable Narrator @Burnmad @Vezok's Friend
  15. “He Who is Mighty” by Sovereign Grace.
  16. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - The Fau Swamp The mask of Flight was odd. Very odd. You couldn’t stop in mid air, which she hadn’t ever thought about before and had caused a couple crashes. And the level of speed was hard to control. Taking off was easy, but slowing down in mid air or coming in for a landing was going to take some practice. And that was even with her being able to use her own mask easier and in greater depth. Full speed was great though. It was far faster than trying to walk through the swamp. Like riding the Kahu, she was able to fly much farther and much faster than when she was on her own. The mask power didn’t last forever, though, which was surprising. She could only go so far before being required to land, which really forced her to learn how to control the mask. While she was traveling through the blue sky, she was also searching, looking for the largest Nui-Rama hive in the distance. The sun was above and behind her as she flew, and she tried to view the swamp using the directions Morangad had mentioned before disappearing into the flora. There was some kind of Air Suva around here, apparently. Viltia was pretty sure Sidra had mentioned she had found her ice sword from a similar place. Suva something something. Or Something Suva? Flying on her own felt so freeing. Yes, she loved her Kahu friend, but being propelled under your own power, feeling the air as it slipped past you unfettered, it was nigh indescribable. It... almost felt like being a lone sunflower on a sunny and windy day, but that wasn’t quite right. There was more to the feeling. Much more. Her speed slowed without her consent, indicating the power was about to run out again. She swooped low to the canopy, a flash of gray catching her optics. Rocks? Or more of that giant robot? Viltia banked hard, the G’s affecting her body unexpectedly and throwing off her concentration. Her mask power shut off, leaving her in a free fall. She instinctively extended her tethers as far as they could go, dispersing the impact damage as she hit leaves and bark, trying to grab a hold of the branches she sensed around her. She eventually stopped falling, three of her tethers catching her. It was still wasn’t her worst landing. This time she didn’t hit anything larger than herself. She was getting better! As she lowered herself, her muscles pulsed. After the Shoal Turtle and then working so hard for her mask of Flight, she sure was getting worn out rather early in the day. If she found that other Vuata Maca Crystal, it might be best to leave it where it lay for now. Maybe. She really wanted to find it. Viltia fluidly descended through the canopy, tethers stretching, grabbing, and retracted in a natural motion others would have swore she had practiced all her life. She lightly touched the ground. But instead of walking, she let her tethers propel her forward so her muscles could rest. They pulled her through the swamp floor, over puddles, ponds, and shrubs. They avoided barbs, mushrooms, and sap as they moved with a flowing motion like seaweed in water. She moved as one with the plant life around her, breathing for them as they took in sun for her. The gray rock turned out to be a small temple. Viltia gingerly approached it, poking her head into the doorway. The inside space was mostly empty, with a hole in the wooden floor off to her right, several evenly placed pillars and archways, and symbols of a sun, or moon, above the door and then on the opposite side of the temple. Viltia stepped inside. Oh, no, the back symbol was a half circle, one completed by the plant growing atop the central structure in the room. What Viltia originally thought was just a broken pillar was actually a mural of some ancient history. She didn’t try to understand any deeper meanings it was trying to convey, but she noticed it was covered in a story of strange beings. As she walked around it, she saw the strange being rise up, with eventually Toa striking them down by merging together. Viltia’s Heartlight warmed at that. Merging was such a nice feeling. To be able to experience the world so closely with another was incredible. And being able to experience another’s life? It was potentially the best thing that had ever happened to her. Experiencing anything now held special value to her, though she couldn’t recall when she had started thinking so. She traced her fingers over the last image in the mural. The mythical Kaita standing tall under the stars. Oh, the stars! She wished she could be with Nektann again and try to reach out to them. Her hand idly rubbed the Kaita’s chest. Suddenly there was electrical prickling along her back that rushed up to her mind as it grew in intensity. Her mind expanded as suddenly she viewed the Fau Swamp from directly above and the knowledge from the Suva filled her mind. She saw the swamp as if high up in the sky and knew going past its border would take her out of the Suva’s range. The view was incredible and made her a little bit happy. This swamp was growing on her. And literally trying to grow on her sometimes, as well. She came back to herself, trying to make sense of what had just happened when suddenly it spoke in her mind! Current Inventory: -Mask of Levitation, origin Forgemaster Dume, power of levitation and personal weight control. -Sword of Avagah, origin Cravious, powerless. -Vuata Maca Crystal, origin unknown, power to store and release electrical charges. It paused for a moment, as Viltia tried to grasp what was happening as her mind filled with knowledge of what the Suva could do, almost like it had when she had gotten her tethers. Then it finished speaking: Toa Viltia registered. Element the Green. Maker Serene. Viltia waited for it to continue, but it didn’t. Serene was her maker? Well, kind of. Serene had given Viltia her Toa power, after all. Okay, that was kind of beside the point right now. Wasn’t Dume the Metru Nui guy? Oh! The one Sidra had killed! He used to make Kanohi? Cool. And Sorilax’s ACR sword, it was made by someone named Cravious? That name sounded oddly familiar. Maybe Nektann’s memories? She certainly couldn’t remember. She had been more focused on Miserix and Barius’ influence upon her friend’s life at the time. The knowledge of the Vuata Maca Crystal dropped her jaw. How lucky was she?! She could just find something equivalent in size to it and… Well… She didn’t like the idea of a crystal of such power in the clutches of a swarm of Nui-Rama. If they somehow used it to mutate themselves, that would be disastrous. She guessed she could always use this one if the Nui-Rama had destroyed the other one. That mask of Levitation, though, that was perfect. She wished she could use that while using her mask of Flight. Then she could take rests while the Flight power recharged. And she could actually stop to look at stuff, too. Sweet honeysuckle! She held up the masks she held up in her hands. She focused on her mental link to the Suva, inputting the mask of Quick Travel. It disappeared from her hand, space warping around it as it was plucked from her grip. The inventory of the Suva updated. She focused on her mask: -Mask of Quick Travel, origin Toa Viltia, power of teleportation within sight. Viltia beamed at that. That’s right! She was the origin! Booyah! Booyah? Why booyah? She never said booyah. Whatever. She input her mask of Flight, donning her mask of Rahi Control. The three masks sat there in the Suva, filling her mind with possibilities. But right now her largest wish was that she could somehow merge them like she merged Kanoka. She focused on the three masks through her link with the Suva, Levitation, Quick Travel, and Flight. She imagined them merging, becoming one. She sighed. Maybe one day. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @Eyru Posts in the Discussion Topic led me to believe that Suvas can function without needing GM input, with us only needing to tag the GMs when we use a Suva or attune to a different one. If this is not the case and I've overstepped, I'll gladly change the post. If this post is fine, then Viltia just touched where the Rahkshi Taboo used to be. When Sorilax touched it, it disappeared from the Suva. But the Infectious Kraata Taboo remains in the Grand Temple Ruins. So I don't know if the Rahkshi Taboo is still in the Air Suva Temple or not. Also, I have no idea if Viltia can even get Taboos. Secondly, Viltia is trying to create a Silver Mask, or three Kanohi in one. Does she succeed? Is the magic of a Suva and her wish enough?
  17. What a majestic creature! Remarkable feather details and leg designs. Reminds me of Kevin from the movie Up.
  18. So apparently, LEGO has just launched a new website called LEGO World Builder, where people can submit their ideas for potential new original LEGO Themes. The press release was kind of vague so we don’t know how exactly this is gonna work yet, but I’d say it’s definitely worth looking more into. For all those people out there looking to pitch a Bionicle G3 Idea to LEGO, this might be the place to do so. Here is a link to this newly launched website: https://worldbuilder.tongal.com/discover?page=1&q= 16 Any thoughts on this new platform? Will you guys try to pitch any ideas to it? Me and a couple of my friends are already working on a new LEGO theme idea to submit to this platform.
  19. Same here. I think a brand new Constraction theme that isn't tied to anything that came before it would be the best way to go. That's why I believe we should take full advantage of the new LEGO World Builder platform that just got released a few months ago, and pitch our own ideas for new Constraction themes to LEGO. If there is a future for LEGO Constraction, I think it lies within the LEGO World Builder platform.
  20. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro outskirts "I agreed before that I would come to Metru-Nui to help ensure peace." Iradra turned to look Ostrox's way, her expression as always hidden underneath the bronze facade. The way she spoke was calm and matter of fact. "I intend to uphold that agreement." @Toru Nui@Nato the Traveler
  21. Nuva Proxima states they need to find a new mask, yet Nuva says they need to choose a new mask. If you receive Nuva, do you get a free mask of your choosing immediately upon transformation?
  22. I have question to add regarding the Nuva's elemental powers. In canon, the Kingdom alternate version of Onua Nuva was able to "ward" the earth near the light barriers, which would allow him to sense when a being was walking there. Would our Nuva have this sort of power? I.e. Atamai creates a metal sheet that he wards so he can tell if someone steps on it.
  23. Earlier this year, MySnailEatsPizza uploaded photos of his Dust Slizer. At first I thought there must be some confusion, because Dust was released as a Roborider, but then I saw that the MOC actually has a transformation feature. The Slizer portion feels right out of a post-apocalyptic setting, especially with the color scheme of tans and grays with some red and brown highlights. But the transformed Roborider portion is quite solid, making it look like a formidable vehicle to encounter in the desert; he even has the harpoon spikes from the original set. Each of the builds stand out on their own, and the transformation between them is all the better. Very impressive!View the full article
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