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    Sorry not sorry. :P Yeah, at first I tried to pose Pohatu so that he was kicking Thok kind of like how Vakama is kicking Kongu, but I couldn't keep Pohatu up so then I looked at his fingers and thought, "This could work..."
  3. Domain: Po-Wahi & Ga-Wahi The Papaka is a tiny crustacean Rahi related to the larger Keras. It is easily frightened, and its dull, shovel-like pincers are useless for self-defense. When startled, it will dig itself deep beneath the sand on the beaches where it dwells in the blink of an eye. Built for a collaboration with other builders where we made new combiner models from certain waves. Check out the other creations via the links in the description!
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  5. IC: Iradra - Metru-Koro "Zaliyah?" Looking over, the toa hordika could see the bronze clad and grey robed toa approach the wreckage she sat near, Iradra's gaze hidden behind the expressionless bronze facade clearly moving about the battered site before coming to rest on the mutated Ce-Toa. "Thought I might find you here." @Nato the Traveler
  6. i never liked the concept ov the Marendar (what a name, i tell ya! lol)! the word "Marendar" apparently means "salvation" in Matoran! and it's purpose was to kill Toa! who the heck came up with this bull?! the Toa are supposed to be the main Heroes no matter what Toa team they're on! and the Marendar was made to freaking KILL THEM??? this is heresy! the Toa are the good guys and someone built the Marendar to kill the good guys! and what "salvation" does this bring? i'll tell you right now, IT DOESN'T!! the creator ov the Marendar (in the story, at least) was clearly some kind ov evil mastermind who saw the Toa as irrelevant and unjustifiable! and what it this mastermind trying to achieve by killing Toa? i think he's trying to prevent any Toa heroes to be part ov society and force the poor villagers (Matoran, Agori, Turaga, etc.) to suffer by being vulnerable to enemy attacks, disappearances, deaths, etc.! this is nuts! this is unholy! THIS IS ABSOLUTE HERESY!! grr! lol that being said; this MOC looks freaking awesome! it's very colorful with nice contrasts here and there! the Toa killing death laser looks really cool! and overall, it's a really interesting take on a monstrosity obviously created by a heretic! it also looks like one ov those weird mecha you see in like Ninjago or even in one (or many) ov those mecha anime series! nice job, dude! well done!
  7. I've been wanting to get back into MOCing lately and finally sat down for a bit yesterday and threw something together. (it's also worth noting, I know there are those canon contests going on right now and this character is a future contender, this was not designed with those in mind, this is obviously an artistic take on the character and not at all what I would assume to be canon.)
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    My BIONICLE Collection

    The only thing I see wrong with this picture is the Hero Factory sets. >:( Also lol @ Pohatu and Thok.
  9. Today, I got the box containing all my BIONICLE sets down from the top of the closet for the first time in probably a couple of years or so. Giant nostalgia blast. I decided to take a picture to commemorate the moment, but to make it funnier I posed them all duking it out in a huge side-less battle. Can you spot everything wrong with this picture?
  10. IC: Irna | Metru-Koro None of this made sense. But nothing had made any sense for the past week of Irna's life, either. She placed her head in both of her hands, eyes shut. The buzzing in her head had turned to a pounding sensation, so loud she scarcely hear herself think. Mazor had been her friend. Mazor had helped kill a universe. Mazor had wiped her memory, even if he hadn't meant to. Mazor was trying to help those children. "I...," she said, stammering, looking up at the man before her but unable to quite meet his gaze. "I need some time to think. But I can find a place for you and your companion ... and your children ... to stay in the village for the time being." OOC: @Smudge8 -Void
  11. 58? that's a lot ov old-timers! lol but do any ov those Turaga (excluding the nine in your video) have names, elements, etc.? can Greg Farshtey confirm anything about these Turaga? the curiosity is freaking killing me! lol off topic (sorry); i watched your video on YouTube and i see you are British! that's cool! there are some rather cool British folks in the world today! have you heard ov British YouTuber Ashens (real name; Stuart Ashen)? he reviews weird stuff and does other interesting stuff! he is funny as all heck and i enjoy his videos! i think he's from Norwich (which is somewhere in the UK), though exactly what section ov the UK Norwich is in i don't know, but whatever! i was just wondering if you'v heard about him here and there! if not, subscribe to him on YouTube cuz' he's awesome!
  12. IC: Arkius - Po-Koro Toa Arkius had remained by Kanohi's side for a time as he spoke with the Vahki, eventually reaching the conclusion that these Vahki weren't trustworthy based on the simple fact that he knew of no Vahki in Metru-Koro, and its following admission of having no knowledge of the settlement. He was about to say something when he noticed vehicles approaching from the desert, coughing and nudging Kanohi to alert him. When finally he could see those who piloted the vehicles, he himself was among the village walls, unseen from so far away, but knowing that those who approached were trustworthy. A group of people he had worked with prior to the universe's fall, and one whom he had felled a warlord alongside. To his surprise, just thinking back on that time seemed to spark a mild migraine in him, and excusing him from the scene with the knowledge that Kanohi and the approaching allies could handle things in his absence, he retreated into the village, grasping his head. What he'd thought of as a mild migraine proved itself far more insidious, how ever, as it magnified in his skull, bringing him to gritting his teeth. "Toa Arkius?" He heard from next to him, the voice belonging to a matoran of earth as he realised upon turning around to face them, one he recalled having seen a couple days prior among the populace, though he'd never spoken with her directly before. "Yes?" He responded, eyeing her with his singular eye curiously, a small distraction from his mounting headache, though it did not stop him from bringing a hand to his head in response to the pain. The matoran looked concerned, looking the Toa over, who realised he was clearly broadcasting his pain with both his posture and expression. Though he attempted to rein it back, it turned out to be difficult when the pain was only worsening. "Are you alright? You look... ill." Arkius gave a small chuckle along with a cocky smile, followed by a groan and his expression twisting with pain. "Just a headache... I might need to sit down for a moment." The matoran nodded, gesturing to within a certain hut they'd both been standing near, and though he had a had time focusing through the splitting pain in his skull, Arkius made his way through the low doorway and took a seat, clutching his head with both hands. The matoran stood by, a worried expression on her features, as Arkius sunk his head down until his elbows were resting upon his knees and his face was turned down toward the floor, his expression a static one of great discomfort which he narrowly kept from twisting into one of great agony. A picture flashed through his mind. Nale, firing her gun at the warlord. He'd been disappointed at the time. He'd seen how she'd responded to his disappointment. He regretted that. But that moment shot past, and he was back to his headache. Another picture shot through his mind's eye, the great warlord Mantax being brought to his knees by the mechanical prototype enforcer he'd come to consider a brother in arms. He recalled feeling shame over not being the one to deliver the finishing blow, before that shame was supplanted by terror at the entire world starting to break apart. The picture passed. But it was followed hot on the heels by another image. An image of himself, pushing himself to his limits to save his two compatriots... no, pushing himself past his limits. He remembered holding up the entire ceiling of the archives while the world around them shook apart and they retreated to the city surface, where they watched the world itself spin out of control. He remembered how narrowly he'd managed to spare himself, Nale, Kilo, and a few Onu-Matoran stragglers from the fate the rest of the city suffered. He remembered how he'd fought the world itself falling apart and lived. He remembered Nale and him retreating from the ruins of the city as League Forces, better suited for surviving the apocalypse, surged with newfound vigor to take over the city. In spite of what he later found out was the destruction of three of its warlords and defection of one, the League had still conquered the city, having it been in ruins as it was. He... He heard the loud rain outside as he realized his migraine had finally passed over him, the white noise soothing to his recently addled mind. "T-Toa Arkius?!" He heard the panicked voice of the Onu-Matoran call out, and as he looked up, his ability to think had returned enough for him to recognise the strangeness of this sudden rain, the matoran standing in the doorway and looking out in worry. Arkius stood up, his brow furrowed, and he took several strides, bowing down under the doorway before looking about, his massive frame pelted by the water. It was only as he turned around that he actually saw the great figure clouded by the storm, passing far off in the distance by the village of Po-Koro. As he stood there in shock, he could suddenly feel the great surge of water reach the village, more so through the deep underground tunnels- The toa of earth's eyes suddenly widened with horrified realization. "Jovan!" @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@Toru Nui
  13. BioSector01 has you covered: As of Teridax's reign, there were more Turaga in the Matoran Universe than Toa (meaning there were at least 58 Turaga). So seven currently accounted for.. only 51 to go! Also thank you for the feedback everyone
  14. Hey Bionicle community! I’ve been watching & reading BZ Power content for a while now but as this is my first post, I just want to say it’s an honor to be here & it’s a great community to be a part of with so much great content! So based on the title of this post I’m sure you all can figure out what it’s about. Like the rest of us, I’m super hyped about this new TTV canon contest, and I really want to participate. However, I’ve never been the most phenomenal at Bionicle MOCs, so I thought I’d take a different direction – the canisters! Obviously canisters, at least in Bionicle G1, were a big part of the Bionicle universe, & I think as we’re doing this canon character contest and having things verified as canon, it would be cool for them to come with canisters (lots of words that start with C I know). I’d really like to design & create these canisters, & I’m willing to do it for each & every contest that will be held. (Just a sidenote: I’m also open to creating boxes if the “set” requires it, but I’m more passionate about the canisters) The reason why I like to do this is two-fold - 1, because of my passion for Bionicle, & 2, because of my passion for design. From a young age I always loved to build and create, & that’s actually what I went to college for! I’m proud to say that I have a degree in product design with a solid skill set around CAD and 3-D printing, sketching, model making, & general design principles. I’d really like to utilize the skills & sort of give back to the Bionicle community. As far as how this would work, personally I think it would work best to design the canister after each character is finished, just to help me tie it in together (to the character/mask) and also let the original MOCist do their work without me influencing it. I would love to even make the actual canisters & gift them to the winners & maybe even send some to TTV to review on their YouTube channel as a set. And obviously I’m open to any ideas the community might have for how I could go about structuring/creating these canisters! So long story short: I’d like to join the TTV cannon contest by creating canisters for each character & then sending them out to the winners & TTV. I would love to get in contact with Greg & the cast members to make this official, but I’m not sure exactly how (if anyone knows, please let me know. Update- I did send Eljay a message). I’m really looking forward to the opportunity of working with such a great community. Anyways, that’s a lot of text. But please, let me know your thoughts & comments about this idea! I'll be using this thread to post my progress photos, which are also on the TTV message boards (obviously lol), Reddit, & Instagram (all with the same username). My first round of sketches is posted below. Please please please give feedback! I would love to know how I can improve this design as I go through the process. I’d love to hear from you guys & I would value your input greatly. Let’s continue to keep the legend of Bionicle alive! #Unity #Duty #Destiny
  15. The ironic thing is that the time slip was supposed to erase everyone memories and erase all written records of everyone except the order of Mata Nui. So any wiki documenting it would be recording unrecordable history lol. If you're going for a fan fic though it might be an interesting touch to try to explain how they destroyed everyone written records, especially dark hunter or makuta records. Might be interesting and give you some unique powers they might have had to get through security. Plus maybe a dramatic moment where they realize helyrx wont allow that agent to exist as a record of what happened either.
  16. While this is technically combining masks, I dont think is done in the way OP wanted. The answer never actually said the new mask would have two powers, just that the combination would give a new power. I think this is like how each mask is made from a different kanoka are used to make one mask. So, for instance how the akaku gives the user X-Ray Vision it's made from kanoka of Regeneration and Teleportation. The akaku doesnt give the user the powers of Regeneration or teleportation. I suspect that melting masks down dont combine powers, just give a new one. So theoretically melting down a mask of regeneration and a mask of teleportation would make an akaku, which seems like a waste of two finished masks I think. I still dont think it's possible to give a single mask two powers at once, where even the golden mata masks just cycled through powers to use one at a time, it never actually gave the user all powers at once.
  17. Hey! Awesome premise! I love when we get new stuff in the library!! I can't tell you more than what BS01 and the Bionicle Wiki can, but I always try to establish a plausible headcanon where official details are lacking, and run with it. Apologies in advance if this is stuff you already know, but here goes - I would definitely look at BS01's Timeline, (specifically, 'History of the Matoran Universe')where you can get an idea of recent, concurrent, and future events for your time period. Example: there are no Kanoka disks or chutes or Vahki during the Matoran Civil War, and the fact that there was such a devastating war kind of makes sense why a Vahki force would be useful. The Matoran Civil War caused a widespread lack of labor within Metru Nui, which is kind of like an aneurysm to the Great Spirit Robot. Whether that was due to in-fighting keeping Matoran from working or lack of laborers after the Archives Massacre (or both, probably both, IMO), isn't known for sure. The whole universe started going south, and cue Jovan and his Ignika quest. Again, this is all on the BS01 page under Jovan's Team link. (see also Great Disruption) Elda user to locate the Ignika, Olmak to avoid the electrical storms in Karda Nui (the 'getaway driver', if you will', and you're able to fill the rest of the slots with whichever MOCs/OCs you please. That's one of the reasons I love the MU history time period(s), leaves so much creative space. To answer your question about Toa Dume - from the 'History of the Matoran Universe' timeline bit: 60,000 years before Great Cataclysm (BGC) - Time slip initiated by Great Spirit, all by Order of Mata Nui Members have memory erased. (the only event listed definitely between these two is Makuta species evolving to antidermis) 17,500 years BGC Dume is first mentioned, saving the life of Matoran Lhikan. 15,000 years BGC, Dume achieves destiny, becomes Metru Nui's head honcho. It's definitely possible Dume was a Toa, but 60,000+ to 15,000 years as a Toa seems like a long time. But also, we don't have a lot of reference points for a normal 'Toa-span'. The Metru were Toa for like a year, the Mata were created as Toa, etc. If canon-compliance and canonical plausibility is what you're going for, I'd say essentially what has already been said - bop around on BS01 (The Bionicle Wiki should not be discounted). I find it personally helpful to compile my 'research notes' in one place for easy reference in internal consistency. Find out what's canon, find where there's wiggle room, and have fun. Happy writing! I'll keep an eye out for your epic!
  18. interesting... i honestly don't remember the Time Slip at all! hmm... ah well! ha ha! really, though, your best bet is to go to Biosector01 and scour/dig deep for info on what you're looking for! Biosector01 (as far as i'm concerned) is the most accurate and dependable wiki for all your needs regarding Bionicle info! it has all the stories, all the history, and all the juicy details possible! if you have a hard time finding specific events/characters/details, ask either Swert (the man behind BS01), Dorek, or anyone else in charge ov the site and all the info it holds! if they can't help you (i mean, why wouldn't they? especially Swert, who practically OWNS the site! lol) then i guess you're screwed, cuz' like i said; Biosector01 is the most accurate and dependable Bionicle wiki on the internet! no one else can compete! not even the Bionicle Fandom Wiki (i would avoid that one if i were you! not accurate!)! so there you go! here's the link; https://biosector01.com/wiki/Main_Page . start digging and good luck! *Note To Staff/Admin: please don't chock my post as "advertising another website" or whatever and remove it! i do not believe i am advertising for another website! i am merely helping out the topic starter (MaorBotar) by offering a suggestion for their project! just trying to be helpful/useful while i'm on BZPower! thank you!
  19. I'm surprised it didn't collapse! Oh man, Saw looks terrifying. O_O Haha, thanks! I've never carved a pumpkin before, it was a strange experience. Considered using woodworking tools. XD
  20. Hey all, So I've been working on a project, planning out a multi-chapter fanfic with MOCs to go with. It takes place during the aftermath of the Matoran Civil War/Great Disruption and during the Time Slip. I'm finding it a little tricky to find sources that talk about these events in great detail, which does give me some freedom but I'd like to make sure that I do this right. I didn't really get deep into the Bionicle lore until well after Bionicle ended, so my knowledge is kinda fuzzy. So if anyone knows anything about the Time Slip, I'd love it if they posted what they knew here-particularly if anyone knows if Toa Dume was around back then. For a little more context, the fanfic is basically based on the question "what if the Time Slip wasn't just 6 months, but a great deal longer? And what if it was actually covering up something other than the Av-Matoran migration?" Also, anything about Jovan's team would be helpful too. Thanks!!!
  21. well congrats on your discovery, ace! the mystery has finally been solved thanks to you! now we all can die happily! lol no but seriously, if Greg knows all the answers ask him! if he chooses not to answer said questions that's his problem! also, i have a follow-up question to this topic; if a Toa's Great Kanohi (for example; the Great Kau Kau) for some reason get's broken somehow (rendering the respective Toa useless/powerless), while the respective Toa is "out ov commission", can that Toa's Great Kanohi be; 1. fused back together leaving some imperfections and the powers be somewhat screwy, or 2. re-made from scratch but still retain the same shape/design and powers/usage as the original? just asking!
  22. Thinking about it, I wonder what Teridax looked like before he tried to overthrow Mata Nui. Would he have been a bit more gentle-looking, like Melding Teridax?
  23. I've been fascinated with LEGO cars for a few years now, and desperately looking to expand my Technic horizons given the lack of BIONICLE sets to buy. The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 scratches both itches with a sleek design and plenty of Technic-al know-how. This 2019 set is still populating the shelves among several other Technic and System cars, so let's take it for a spin. Read, and watch, in this sports car review.View the full article
  24. I'd like to think that Teridax used a more elegant, sleeker form while he was the Makuta of Metru Nui-a bit of a viceroy/steward/ruler thing going on... ...I like that theory b/c it justifies the Teridax MOC I'm working on lol XD
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  26. WELL HOLD THE PHONE! I just happened to stumble on something from the Official Greg Discussion archives-I was looking for something else entirely-and take a look at this: Question: "just a couple questions for you [Greg]. 1. can you mold a mask into the shape of a piece of armor? 1.b. if yes, if you put the armor molded mask on as armor, would it still give you powers? 2. can you take two halves of a different mask and receive a new kanohi no power, new power, or a fusion of two powers? That is all, and thank you for your time." Answer: "1) Yes, but you wouldn't be able to use it as a mask then. It needs to be on your face for you to be able to use it. 2) To achieve a new power by combining two masks, you need to melt both masks down and make a third from them. You can't just stick two halves together." SO! It seems that, at least according to Greg, that Kanohi with multiple powers ARE possible! So long as it sits on your face, you're good to go! EDIT: here's the link by the way: https://greg.thegreatarchives.com/2010-2011/page1#post6
  27. IC: Ulkarr (Metru-Koro, The Taku, The Bridge) "I must implore you to reconsider. Your superiors will surely understand that the reallocation of this vessel is done in the service of the greater good, no?" @BULiK@ZippyWharrgarbl IC: Ostrox and Klawne (Metru-Koro, The Razorfish, Exterior) Ostrox shared Zaliyah’s concern. Stranded with little-to-no support in a shantytown full of superpowered lunatics who refused their offer of peace and then got mad when they remembered that people die in war. Thankfully, this reminder seemed to have introduced a sliver of reason into their minds, and thus they had to be kept alive to ensure that the inevitable ground invasion didn’t wipe them out completely. Unfortunately, the universe wasn’t safe until every last Matoran, Toa and Turaga was either in chains or free of the dark one’s influence. Every second could very well be their last. The chance that Mata Nui might genuinely be dead was not a chance that could be afford to be taken. But it was important to remain positive. The lesser evil would triumph over the greater. It had to. The consequences couldn’t bear consideration. Klawne had completely spaced out. Presumably, she had missed the very interesting and politically flavoured conversation that had just happened. @Nato the Traveler@Onaku@Smudge8 IC: NU-8020S, Reckless, Lawful, Obedient, Impressionable, Buggy and Wayward (Po-Koro Gates, Vahki Transport) "Beginning evacuation procedures. Stand by." NU-8020S clambered back inside the Transport. There was the sound of the Vahki communicating in their ultrasonic tongue. "You were all monitoring the conversation outside, correct?" There was a resounding chorus of 'negative'. "Titan-class Rahi sighted. Requesting permission to engage." "Permission denied. Our directive has changed. We must evacuate the settlement of its Matoran population." "Preserving Matoran functions has always been our directive, has it not?" "When it is beneficial to do so." NU-8020S turned towards the driver. "Take us forward." "Understood." The Vahki Transport began scuttling toward Po-Koro. "I have not interacted with Matoran since activation. This is troubling. Should we review social interaction protocol?" "Initiating Pleasant Greeting 34." There was a sound akin to a dial-up tone. "Good morning! Lovely weather today! Step away from the vehicle or you will be destroyed! How has your day been?" "Horrible. A question: do they make alcohol for robots?" @Harvali@pokemonlover360@Snelly@Tarn@Onaku IC: Navu (Metru-Koro, Navu’s Hut) Navu heard her neighbour’s cries. She heard quite a lot of things. But from so far away, the words were jumbled, and the meaning was lost. IC: Enra (Dead Forest, Ruins of Fire, Pipes Chamber) "Yeah, join the club. We can - we can make t-shirts. With 'I Don’t Understand' written on him, big BOLD letters, ‘cause clearly we’re not getting anything useful out of the magic voice." @Unreliable Narrator@Nato the Traveler IC: Gnabol (Metru-Koro, Village Infirmary) Gnabol had finally managed to get to sleep. Mazor might have been a nice guy, but that didn’t stop him from being terrifying. Living dead, and all that. The Skaklets however, despite one of them snoring like a petrol engine, he felt comfortable enough around to fall into a deep sleep. As opposed to a shallow sleep. He dreamed of his old tribe. His friends, his family. He dreamed of roasting Stone Rats over an open fire. He dreamed of an orb of water floating in the sky, a procession of silhouette figures following it in the distance. He couldn’t make out who - or what - they were supposed to be. He dreamed he was bleeding through every orifice in his body, the virus eating Mazor alive when he tried to stop it. He dreamed of running. Running from fire, and from water, and from ice, and from the very earth itself. The elements being turned against him, hunting him, driving him to the very ends of the universe. He dreamed of ripping off his skin and replacing it with someone else’s. He dreamed that he was waking up.
  28. Act 2: Opposing Forces Chapter 12: Dark Horizons ---- Voltage and Databoard ducked out of the way as an enemy fighter jet fired down upon them. Databoard dodged several more lasers, then pulled out a grappling hook gun. As the jet swooped in low to attack, Databoard fired the hook. It flew towards the air and embedded itself in the jet's fuselage. Databoard, holding onto the rope the grappling hook was attached to, was pulled up into the air as the jet shot past, and was now barely avoiding being slammed into buildings. He slowly pulled himself up towards the jet's cockpit... ***** Voltage wished he could have got an answer out of Databoard before he zipped up to the ship. Who were these people, and why were they after the Dino Attack agents? ***** Databoard managed to get up to the jet, and climbed along the jet until he reached the cockpit. After smashing open the window, he struggled to gain control of the vehicle from the pilot. Suddenly, they noticed that the plane was about to crash into a building. The pilot ejected, hoping to destroy Databoard. The pilot parachuted down right in front of Voltage, who made sure he didn't run away. Databoard the grabbed the now-vacant controls, and piloted it to a somewhat shaky landing near were Voltage was. He got out and rushed towards the pilot. It was time to get some answers. Databoard rushed over to where the pilot was. "Who are you working for?" he asked. "Why should I tell you?" the pilot said. "Because... we said so?" Voltage said. "I'm still not about to tell you anytime soon," the pilot said. Databoard rolled his eyes. He had a bad feeling this wasn't going anywhere. Databoard continued trying to get information from the pilot, but so far he would not talk. He then walked over to the jet and began searching it for anything that would give him information. He began taking apart the cockpit, searching for an onboard computer or anything like that. Voltage thought he knew how to get some answers to his oh-so-many questions. He showed off his gauntlet. "What's that?" the pilot asked casually. "A weapon," replied Voltage. "What'cha gonna do with it?" "Maybe, oh, say, surge thousands of volts of cryothermic electrical energy through your body, incapacitating and/or killing you if you don't give me some answers." "Oh." The pilot thought for a moment. "Let me reconsider." ---- In LEGO City, Specs and a squad of Dino Attack agents were investigating Mutant Dino activity near a police station when they made a disturbing discovery. Specs pulled out his radio as he decided, "Elite agent Rex should know about this." Suddenly, two LEGOLAND military helicopters flew over the police station, and landed. The cargo door of the helicopter opened, and a soldier poked his head out. "Any of you are Dino Attack agents?" asked the soldier. Specs raised a bemused eyebrow, glancing at himself and his fellow agents wearing Dino Attack uniforms. "Is this about the 'Mutant Raptor Disease' and the Anti-Dino Project?" asked Specs. The soldier nodded grimly. "I'm here to report that we have some… bad news about the vaccine delivery…" ***** Anti-Kotua and two of his robots walked towards a flaming wreckage. "The vaccines should be here," said Anti-Kotua. ---- The Voltage flew peacefully over the ocean. Kotua was sleeping in his quarters while robots attended to their duties. Peter and Bob tracked the weather, looking for anything of importance. Kotua awoke as he heard the emergency alarm sound. He ran up to the command deck, where he asked, "What's going on?" "The weather has dropped," said Peter, pointing outside. Kotua looked out, amazed. The ocean was frozen as far as one could see. "Why the alarm?" asked Kotua. "This," replied a robot, bringing the damage screen into view: the engines had frozen. Kotua pressed a few buttons on his chair, but nothing happened. "The craft must be freezing..." said Peter. "Impossible! This craft was designed for snow combat!" said Kotua. "Brace for impact!" said a bot... ---- Upon returning to LEGO City, Rex received a message from Specs, telling him to come to a police station. There, Rex learned that Amanda was apparently murdered, with nothing left behind except her torn uniform and some unidentified broken glass. Rex was left devastated and miserable as he returned to headquarters. Rex was unable to sleep. Throughout the night, he lay awake in bed thinking about Amanda Claw. He had witnessed the deaths of many fellow Dino Attack agents, but her terrible fate had affected him greatly. Why was she so different? If an agent died under his command, then he had done all he could... but he knew that he was not there for Claw when she needed him most. He cursed, furious with himself as he thought about the tattered remains of her Dino Attack uniform. "It was my job to look after her," he whispered, "a promise I made to Remous and Specs... and I failed to keep her safe. And all for what? Just so I could look at some stupid fancy metal!" Rex thought about what had crossed his mind earlier: if his feelings towards Amanda might have been the seeds of romance. He grimaced, wincing at his naivety. "I guess I was right all along," he solemnly decided. "It's too risky to form any close relationships during this war. Especially with me. After all, she's human, and I'm... just a dinosaur, wearing man's skin." He spat out the word "dinosaur" as if his own identity disgusted him. Rex let out a long, sullen sigh. Once again, he felt alone in the world as he wallowed in his self-loathing. Rex knew he was not going to get any sleep, so he got out of bed and traveled to the abandoned prison where he kept his captured Mutant Dinos. It would give him something to do, and take his mind off of Amanda Claw. Maw, the Mutant T-Rex hatchling he had adopted several weeks ago, had already grown so large that Rex did not feel right keeping him cooped up in a cell all day long. Therefore, he let Maw out. "Come on," he said, "let's go for a walk." Even now, he sounded half-hearted as he spoke. Rex and Maw walked past Trouble, who eyed them eagerly. "Alright, you can come too," decided Rex. With Trouble and Maw both tamed, he trusted that they would stay well-behaved under his supervision. ---- Databoard soon found the central computer and began downloading the information onto his PDA to study later. He then brought the captured pilot to a Dino Attack outpost, where he also decided to get a new vehicle, seeing as he had no idea where his Fire Hammer was and he doubted it was still in one piece. So this time, he got a T-1 Typhoon. Before he took off, he analyzed the information. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be much information, but he did find out the name of Darkforce's organization: the Shadows. Databoard flew his T-1 Typhoon to where Voltage was. It turned out he'd managed to get some information from the pilot before Databoard took him to the outpost. The "Shadows" seemed to have been around for the past four years, but had been in hiding up until the Dino Attack began. Their main base of operations was in Antarctica, which made sense, because that was where Darkforce had supposedly met his end. He had also discovered that the Shadows, while not responsible for the creation of the Mutant Dinos, was planning on using this threat to the world to gain domination. "Wow, this guy's almost as good as Ogel," Databoard muttered after hearing what Voltage had found out. "It explains why he wants us out of the way. We stand a chance of stopping the Mutant Dinos." "Let's get out of this dump," Voltage said. He was literally referring to the metal peeled off the buildings and the shattered bricks on the ground. With all that and more littering the ground, it looked like a dump. All the agents climbed aboard and they took off, rising into the smoke-filled skies of LEGO City. Voltage's Fire Hammer was running low on fuel, so he told it to go back to Antarctica, where it would be treated for damage and refueled. "So, guys, where to?" Databoard said from the pilot's seat. He turned around to the other agents and, with a hint of dread, realized that Dataclone was not with them. He must have woken up and walked off, and he might still be acting odd and attacking other Dino Attack agents in the area. "I don't know," Voltage replied truthfully. They had been to almost all the locations of dino sightings. "I vote we head to Antarctica," Databoard said. "What?" Cobra asked, sounding rather confused. "There are no Mutant Dinos there, they hate the cold!" "Yes, but there are the Shadows there, and I for one want to figure out what they're planning," Databoard replied. "I think Antarctica would be fine," said Voltage, "but the dinos are the main problem currently. What do you think guys?" "I think we should go," Venom, Kai, Snake, and Joey said. "It's settled then," Voltage said. "Let's try to stay together this time," he continued, thinking about Databoard's disappearance. "We have to be stealthy, so we need a map of the area. Databoard, where is that datapad you had earlier?" Databoard looked over the information he had downloaded from the jet's computer, and was able to find a map to the Shadow's base. "Okay, we're off!" he said. ---- "Ah, yes," Ogel reported to the other villains. "agent Claw just loved the Dino Attack so much, she simply could no longer imagine a life after it!" "Allow me to tell the story," insisted Fogel. "You see, she was walking all alone, not suspecting a thing. She did not hear or see me coming. I knew she was supposedly mute, but I guess this makes her deaf, dumb, and blind!" Everyone laughed. "And then I-" "Fogel!" cried the Frickster, suddenly running into view. "Do not interrupt me!" growled Fogel. "But I suppose you must have something important to say. Well, what is it?" The Frickster tried to explain: "Agent Rex is... well, uh... how do I say this... he was, err, walking dogs, but the dogs ain't dogs, they were Mutant Dinos, so he wasn't walking dogs, and-" "Just get on with it!" shouted Fogel, causing the other villains to tremble in fear. "S-sorry, boss!" the Frickster stuttered. "Well, Rex is walking with two Mutant Dinos - a Mutant Lizard and a Mutant T-Rex - and he's not far away! Should we attack?" "Not directly, that's for sure," Fogel said. "We need to find a way to take care of those mutants before we engage Rex. But how...?" He began to think up a plan. ---- After about an hour and a half, they arrived in Antarctica. Unfortunately, they flew right into a really bad snowstorm. "I'm going to have to land!" Databoard said. Mutant Dinos didn't like the cold, but humans couldn't take it much longer either. He landed the helicopter and they waited out the storm. The T-1 Typhoon took off again and the agents were spared of having to walk fifteen miles to the base. It was a speedy trip, and they landed out of sight behind a large snowbank. They began to trudge through the snow, careful not to be seen by cameras. They reached the wall, and Databoard took out the datapad. "Security is extremely tight, so I suggest we go through here," he pointed to a tunnel leading to the base, "because it lacks cameras and guards." The agents slipped through the corridors of the base. So far, none of the people in there had noticed them. When I left Alpha Team, I'd expected not be doing this anymore, Databoard thought. They snuck down another corridor, and noticed a security camera. Databoard took out a device and scrambled the camera's controls, allowing them to pass by without being noticed. They found a room with a computer, and Databoard began downloading information into his PDA. "This should take a few moments before I can get all the information downloaded," said Databoard. Voltage glanced out the door. "Um, Data? You better hurry up, we've got company!" he said. There were several members of the Shadows coming in their direction. Databoard managed to get all the information onto his PDA, but then the Shadows rushed into the room. The agents fought well against them, but in the end, they were disarmed and captured. The Shadows brought them down the corridors until they reached a large room. Inside were Darkforce and several other members of the Shadows. "Ah, Databoard, nice to see you again." Darkforce said. "And I see you've brought some friends with you." ---- So far, PBB, Chompy, and Little Bot had trapped over a hundred Mutant Dinos in downtown LEGO City. "Do you think Rex is still alive?" asked PBB. "Bo beep," Little Bot shrugged. "I sure hope he is," PBB said. "After Frozeen's disappearance and Rebel Drone's death, I'd hate to lose another friend." ---- Voltage took out two Shadows members with one blow to the neck each, spinning around and kicking another aside so he smashed into the now-useless computer. He then drew two machine guns, threatening to blast Darkforce's head off. "Don't try it," Databoard said. When Voltage did, Darkforce disappeared. "Where'd he go?" Voltage said in disbelief. Then Darkforce appeared and, with one near-fatal stroke, sent Voltage slamming through the wall to his left. He tripped several cameras and reinforcements on the way. Databoard swung around, kicking the Shadows member who was holding his laser. He took his weapon, and began firing at the Shadows members. Suddenly, lasers were fired from almost nowhere. Databoard fired back, guessing it was the invisible Darkforce firing at him. More lasers came at him, and he was able to dodge. "Very impressive," Darkforce said, his voice coming from nowhere. "But can you defeat someone you can't see?" Databoard fired randomly, trying to hit where he thought Darkforce was. However, he kept moving, avoiding Databoard's lasers and making it hard to figure out just where he was. Several Shadows members charged at him, but he evaded their lasers and fired back. Databoard fired his laser at where he thought Darkforce was, but he got out of the way again. Databoard dodged to avoid attacks by several Shadows members, and then got an idea. He fired his laser at an overhead pipe, sending a spray of water into the air. It didn't harm anyone, but now it was easy to figure out where Darkforce was now that his shape was outlined by water droplets. Suddenly, large laser cannons came down from the ceiling and started firing at the agents. "Run!" Databoard said. "We're getting out of here!" ---- The Voltage smashed into the frozen ocean. Kotua could feel the underside of the craft being damaged by the surrounding ice. The whole craft shook, and the robots tried stabilizing it. Finally, the shaking stopped. "Damage report!" said Kotua. The robot didn't respond. In fact, nothing worked. "Oh no..." said Kotua. He got out of his chair and ran to the engine room. Peter and Bob ran after him. They reached the room to find an Ogel Drone. "Stand back, I'll deal with it," said Kotua The Ogel Drone raised a staff as Kotua drew and fired his blaster. The laser blast froze in midair. "If you want to go old-school on me, fine," said Kotua, throwing his blaster aside, and charging towards the drone. Kotua punched the Ogel Drone twice, sending him stumbling back. The drone finally regained his balance and did a spin kick, which Kotua easily blocked with his arms. The Ogel Drone raised his staff and stabbed Kotua with it. Kotua took a step back and tried ignoring the pain. The drone tried yanking the staff out, but it was stuck! Peter grabbed the frozen beam and repeatedly hit the Ogel Drone with it. The drone finally hit the floor, and Peter and Bob helped Kotua to the infirmary. When they got there, the medic bots took out the staff and injected some medicine to help Kotua's arm heal. ---- The agents rushed from the Shadows base and got into the T-1 Typhoon. They took off and were about to fly away when a laser nearly missed the helicopter. They looked around to see several Shadows jets flying after them. Voltage, in the rear of the T-1 gunning, identified Darkforce's fighter. He aimed and fired, shooting rapid bursts of plasmic energy into the ship's hull. It went down, and Voltage watched it sink out of view. "That's for knocking me through a wall," he said. Databoard fired the T-1 Typhoon's weaponry at the fighters. Suddenly, he heard Cobra shouting: "Look, over there!" Databoard turned around to see Darkforce clinging to the tail of the T-1 Typhoon. "He must have ejected when Voltage blasted his fighter out of the sky," Databoard said. Voltage saw Darkforce climbing up the tail and considered blasting him off, but he was sure that it would damage the tail. Databoard tried to shake Darkforce off the tail, but he clung on. "Could someone get that guy off the helicopter?" he shouted. A fighter flew by and began firing at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard blasted a hole through its wing and it was forced to pull away from them. But there were still several other fighters pursuing them. Darkforce continued to climb up the tail, and fiddled with his invisibility device. A large scythe-like blade protruded from the glove, better helping him up the tail. Voltage saw this, and shouted for Kai to take over gunning. He peered around the T-1 Typhoon and fired several shots at him. Two missed, but the third hit his gauntlet and knocked it off. "Yes!" he said, watching Darkforce struggle to hang on. Darkforce continued to hang onto the tail of the T-1 Typhoon, despite the agents' best efforts to knock him off. Databoard had bigger things to worry about, as there were fighter jets firing at them, and he had to do his best to stop them. So far, he'd been able to damage several and force them to break off their attack, but there were at least ten more to take care of. Voltage continued to try to blast off Darkforce, but he clung to the tail and climbed up to the main hold. When he reached level ground, he attacked Voltage, who slammed into the wall of the T-1 Typhoon. Voltage counter-attacked with his electro-gauntlet, and Darkforce let out a wail of pain. Databoard had managed to defeat all the attacking jets, and then rushed to help Voltage with Darkforce. He had gotten his cloaking device working again, and now Voltage was struggling to figure out where he was. Databoard fired his laser in Darkforce's general direction, but failed to hit him. Voltage was knocked off his feet by Darkforce, who was now invisible, and nearly fell out of the T-1 Typhoon. He staggered and got to his feet, hoping to get a glimpse of where Darkforce might be. Darkforce leapt on him, but this time he was ready. He spun around and landed a kick on Darkforce's head, and kicked him again in midair. Darkforce was taken by surprise and flew off the T-1 Typhoon, but he managed to cling onto a section of railing on the side. Voltage stood over Darkforce. Darkforce smiled. He whipped over Voltage and landed a sharp kick in his back, and the Dino Attack agent fell onto the cold wet floor of the T-1 Typhoon. It was wet with blood. Now, Darkforce was standing over Voltage, ready to make the final blow. Databoard charged at Darkforce, taking him by surprise. He fired his laser, but a kick from Darkforce knocked it from his hand. He punched at Darkforce, who ducked out of the way. Each of them kept avoiding each other's attacks, until Darkforce ducked out of the way and pushed Databoard off the side of the Typhoon. Databoard grabbed onto the side and slowly climbed back up into the helicopter. Databoard climbed back into the Typhoon and was, taking Darkforce by surprise, knocked him from the vehicle. He landed on a nearby mountain side, where he was knocked out cold. Databoard knew it wouldn't be the last they'd see of him, and piloted towards LEGO City. He also found a med kit and began helping Voltage. In no time, Voltage recovered, and they flew off back to LEGO city. ---- After a few minutes, Kotua realized that the Voltage was working again. Kotua walked back to the command deck, and soon the craft was flying full speed towards LEGO City... Kotua took out his PDA. He wondered how he would convince Rex, Databoard, and the other Dino Attack agents that he was good now. He decided to talk to Rex. Kotua wrote a message to Rex: MEET ME BY THE FACTORIES... AGENT KOTUA. The Voltage flew by the factories, and Kotua flew out in his jetpack. He doubted Rex would come to talk, so Kotua also brought a stun gun, just in case... ---- Rex received the message from Kotua. He rolled his eyes, unamused. "Whatever, I'll log that away," Rex muttered. "If Kotua had learned a darn thing, it would be: to lure Rex into a trap, signing your name is a VERY 'smart' idea!" He deleted the message and continued to walk Maw and Trouble, hoping that he would never see Kotua again. A Shadow-Blade followed Rex silently. Trouble felt the presence of it, but thought it was a mere rodent. The Shadow Blade studied Rex with various equipment. It raised its hand, and two small probes flew from its wrist and started taking blood from Rex. Rex swatted at them, thinking they were merely mosquitos. One fell down, destroyed, while the other returned to the Shadow-Blade. Rex continued walking, but the Shadow-Blade didn't follow again, having got all that was needed. Although the Shadow Blade did not follow Rex, someone else continued to track him: Finister and Lord Sam Sinister. It had been Finister, not Fogel, who came up with the plan for disposing of Rex. "Do it," whispered Sinister. "Now's your chance!" "No," Finister replied, "you do it." He handed Sinister a silenced pistol, specially modified so that its bullets could penetrate the thick hides of Mutant Dinos. Sam Sinister's eyes widened as he looked at the weapon. "Err, I'm not so sure this is a good idea," he said. "As you know, we've had plenty of experience hunting dinosaurs, but this is a Mutant T-Rex… things could go very badly if I-" Finister pressed one of his hooks against Sinister's neck. "If you want to be a great villain in the future instead of the spineless coward you are in the present," he hissed, "then I suggest that you start now! Get into position, ready your shot, and wait for my signal!" "Fine!" Sam Sinister grumbled. ---- Agent X was fighting off a swarm of Mutant Lizards. Just as he was about take those Lizards down, one of every Mutant Dino showed up. "Agent X to base," he said into the radio, "send help to Astor City immediately! I need to get out of here!" The radio responded with static. "Base, I need help!" X said frantically, shouting into his radio. "Immediately! Please! I'm running out of defense!" The radio only responded with crackling static: "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CRACKLE ZZZZZ CRACKLE BEEEEEEEP." "Help, someone!" screamed X. He heard an explosion. "Huh?" Agent X looked back to see his former vehicle ripped to shreds and a velociraptor standing over the remains... "AGENT X TO BASE, SEND HELP!" Agent X looked around. Devastation was everywhere. He was so affected by the sight that he did not even notice a Mutant T-Rex sneak up on him. The T-Rex chomped down with its jaws, and X thought that would be the end of him. ---- After arriving in LEGO City, Databoard began pouring over every bit of information that he had downloaded. He now had information on the basic design of the Shadows vehicles, and where their weakness was. Other than that, there wasn't much other then what they'd already learned. After studying every last bit of information, Databoard set out to repair the T-1 Typhoon, as some of the fighter jets had caused minor damage to the vehicle. The amount of damage was fairly minimal, so it did not take him very long for him to make the repairs. Databoard finished his repairs and walked outside. Suddenly, several Mutant Lizards leapt from behind a ruined building. Databoard pulled a small device from his pocket. He fired a small sonic vibration from it, which stunned one of the Lizards. He defeated several more with it, but several more jumped out from behind a ruined wall, nearly him by surprise. He barely got away from them as they attacked. Voltage dispersed of some Mutant Lizards with his gauntlet, but it was hard to move with so much pain. After about fifteen minutes, Databoard was able to stun all the Mutant Lizards. But then he realized he would have to figure out what to do with them. He didn't have long to think about that as some of the Lizards were waking up. Databoard threw a grenade in a random direction, which startled the Mutant Lizards, and they fled into the distance. Databoard then walked back to his T-1 Typhoon. ---- "We meet again, agent Rex!" With a start, Rex glanced up at the balcony of a nearby hotel. Standing there was none other than Finister, looking down upon the Dino Attack agent and his two Mutant Dinos. "You!" shouted Rex, balling his hands into fists. "What have you done with Remous?" "Exactly what I promised I would do," replied Finister. "I captured him, brought him back to Villains Headquarters, and... had a nice little chat with him." "You mean you tortured and interrogated him?" Rex said, calling out his euphemism. Finister chuckled. "I'll give the man credit where it's due... the Truth Receiver could not receive any truth from him. He may have been an overconfident fool to try taking me on by himself, but he had nerves of steel and did not give up. Alas, it's almost a pity what happened to him. See, because he was being uncooperative, I got a little frustrated... and in my frustration, I let the Truth Receiver run a little longer than I should have..." Rex felt the blood drain from his face as he imagined Roger Remous, unable to breathe while the Truth Receiver vacuumed out all the air in his lungs. "He suffocated," realized Rex. It was a ghastly way to die. "And his poor sister will never know what happened to him," mused Finister. "What a shame." Rex became alert at the mention of Amanda Claw. "What about her?" he demanded. "What did you do with her?" Finister shrugged. "Yes, I killed Remous, but as for agent Claw, I did not have a... hand in her fate. After all, she was of no use to me; I can't interrogate someone who can't even speak! But, I assure you... what FUTURE did to her was cruel." Now, Rex was furious. "Bold words," he growled, "for someone within a short distance of a couple Mutant Dinos. If I give the word, they will tear you apart." As though they understood exactly what he said, both Trouble and Maw started to snarl and bare their teeth. "Go ahead," dared Finister. "Sic your beasts on me, and prove to the world that they really are the savage monsters that everyone thinks they are." Rex gritted his teeth, but he motioned to Trouble and Maw, telling them to stand down. Finister smirked. "Hah! I thought not." "Is that why you've come here?" asked Rex. "To mock me as you boast about your victims and monologue about your great plan to do the same with the rest of Dino Attack Team?" "Me?" said Finister, laughing as he raised his hooks into the air. "Oh, I'm not going to do a thing. I won't be the one who brings down the rest of Dino Attack Team... you will." From his hiding place, Sam Sinister saw Finister raise his hooks into the air. That's the signal, he thought to himself. He took in a deep breath to steel himself, and then he raised the silenced pistol and fired at the Mutant T-Rex. ---- Databoard sat inside his Typhoon, confused over the fact that Darkforce was in charge of the Shadows. He had supposedly died, so how could he have survived? And why did he wait until now to return, which was nearly five years after that incident? Databoard had a feeling he wasn't going to find the answers anytime soon. They took off again, this time to survey the city. Voltage wished he could have helped Databoard with the Mutant Lizards. He was getting better, and his position was to fight, not hang around in T-1 Typhoons all day. Databoard walked back to the T-1 Typhoon, and Voltage asked, "What'd you find out?" "Nothing we didn't already know," replied Databoard. "But get this, Darkforce 'supposedly' died five years ago!" "Strange...." muttered Voltage. "Yeah, it's strange!" agreed Databoard. Voltage got up and moved to the tracking section of the T-1 Typhoon. The radar showed just them, alone in the sky. Everyone was either sleeping or trying to keep themselves awake. It had been about five days without sleep, and Voltage was tired. He fell asleep. ---- Suddenly, Maw raised his head towards the sky and roared. The sound shook Rex and Trouble, and even Finister flinched involuntarily. Then, Maw charged, running down the street at full speed, demolishing everything in his path. "MAW!" called Rex, but it was too late, and the T-Rex was already out of earshot. Rex and Trouble exchanged glances. If Maw kept running in his current direction... then he was heading straight for Dino Attack Headquarters! Rex jumped onto Trouble's back and rode the Mutant Lizard in pursuit of Maw. "NO! MAW! STOP!!!" cried Rex, but it was no use. Finister watched them go, and he chuckled softly in satisfaction. "Exactly as planned," he said to himself. "Now, by the end of the night, elite agent Rex shall be no more!" And he would be right. ***** Zero was back at HQ, looking for some things on the internet. He absent-mindedly glanced out the window, when he saw a Mutant T-Rex running towards the base! And Rex was right behind him! "Oh no!" exclaimed Zero. ---- The bleeping of an alarm woke Voltage with a start. "We're being tracked!" Cobra said, rushing up to him. "By who?" asked Voltage. "I don't know," said Cobra, "but whoever they are, they're very good at it." Databoard, being the pilot of the Typhoon, was one of the few people who were awake. He was almost about to fall asleep at the controls when an alarm started beeping. He heard Cobra shout about being tracked. "This is just excellent," Databoard said. He started running checks to see if he could figure out who was tracking them. "They're not on the radar or anything!" Voltage exclaimed, punching buttons on the console. "They must have cloaking devices," Cobra suggested. Databoard looked over every piece of equipment on the T-1 Typhoon, but still couldn't get any information on whoever was tracking them. He looked around the area, but couldn't see anyone else. They were just about the only vehicle in the air, and Databoard had a good idea they could see them if they were on the ground. A blast rocked the T-1 Typhoon. "What was that?" Voltage asked. The siren that still rang was getting annoying. "Data, can you shut that off?" "Sorry," Databoard said, flipping a switch. "Scanners are still reading normal," he reported, "But I think we lost some power in the engines." Voltage peered outside the T-1 Typhoon to make sure the scanners were not mistaken. "How can they be tracking us, anyway?" he said. "There's nothing on the hull." "The only other way would be to wire it into the systems, and you can't do that in midair," Cobra commented. "Data?" called Voltage. "I checked before we left," said Databoard. "No one in sight." Another blast from the invisible enemy. "Well, we can't figure out what's going on if these guys blast us to pieces," Databoard said. "I'm taking the Typhoon down lower where we'll have more cover." He brought the helicopter down low over the ruined streets, and a blast barely missed them, impacting on the side of a building. Wind rushed by Voltage's face as they descended. It did give them much more cover, but they ran the risk of smashing into a building. There was an electrical sound, and Databoard said, "We have them in range!" Sure enough, the scanner showed over fifty tiny moving dots closing in on them. Who are these guys? Voltage wondered. ---- The Shadow-Blade reached the Anti-Voltage, and delivered its info to Anti-Kotua. Anti-Kotua walked to the lab section of the craft and called upon its Astro-Bots to come. "Now then..." said Anti-Kotua, putting Rex's blood sample on a thermocycler machine. The thermocycler stopped after copying Rex's DNA, and Anti-Kotua walked to the machine to take out Rex's blood sample. Anti-Kotua put the blood sample in another machine and pressed a button. "Now, my 'friend', to see your weakness," said Anti-Kotua. After a few minutes, a screen turned on and displayed the results of the sample. "Hmm, that's… unexpected," observed Anti-Kotua, unaware that the blood was collected from a minifigure disguise and not a real person. "Rex appears to be a 20-something-year-old man, but this DNA is as fresh as a newborn baby. It seems Rex is hiding a secret or two." Anti-Kotua walked towards an Astro-Bot. "So... what are you doing just hovering there!?" shouted Anti-Kotua. The Astro-Bot flew off to find something to do. Anti-Kotua took Rex's blood sample and put it in a refrigerated area with the other blood samples. Then, Anti-Kotua walked to the hangar. "Find the other Dino Attack agents, and bring them here..." said Anti-Kotua. The Shadow-Blades nodded, and flew off. The Shadow-Blades looked through their sniper scopes at the Dino Attack agents below. The two agents were new to the team, and were busy fighting off two Mutant Lizards. One of the Shadow-Blades fired, and one of the agents fell to the floor. The other looked around, trying to find the source of the killer... ---- Databoard readied all the weapons on the T-1 Typhoon and began firing at their invisible enemy. They couldn't tell if they were hitting anything, as the attackers kept moving to avoid their blasts. Another blast hit near the T-1 Typhoon, causing an abandoned building to give way and collapse. Then, the invisible fighters began taking hits. They fell from the sky as blazing balls of fire. Some of them were hit in their cloaking devices, revealing portions of the enemy crafts. More blasts leveled a few buildings behind the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard was able to hit one of the enemy fighters, causing it to spin out of control and slam through the side of a building, exploding as it did. They continued to fire, but most of their lasers missed their targets and hit nearby buildings. Databoard continued to fire at the invisible fighters. He managed to blast one of the jets wings, but it continued to fly. Lasers barely missed the T-1 Typhoon, smashing through the windows of a nearby building. Voltage fired his laser, hitting one of the jets with several lasers. They continued to shoot at their invisible enemies, succeeding in the destruction of several fighters. Databoard flew even lower to the ground, with the ruined buildings making it harder for the fighters to get a clear shot at the T-1 Typhoon. It also meant that the jets would have less maneuvering room. Laser hit the buildings nearby, sending debris flying. Whoever was attacking them was getting very annoyed that they were evading their attacks. More blasts flew into a nearby building, destroying a small portion of it. Databoard fired into the air, and blasted one of the fighters out of the sky. Voltage spotted a cylindrical object floating in the air, so he fired at it. There was an ear-shattering explosion, and the fighters became visible in a flash of light. "That was the cloaking generator," Voltage said. Now their enemy would be an easier target. Databoard started firing at the now-visible fighters, blasting a few out of the sky. They swerved to avoid the weapons firing, some nearly crashing into each other while maneuvering. Voltage was also firing at them, and took down several fighters with laser blasts. Voltage noticed that on the side of the fighters there were markings that distinctly read Beta Force. What was Beta Force? ---- Kotua walked around the factory, looking for Rex. Suddenly a fist of water slammed into Kotua, sending him flying. Kotua battled Alpha Chaos in the factory. Anti-Kotua arrived and defeated Chaos, neutralizing the water monster with a freezer beam. Kotua escaped capture by Anti-Kotua and fled. ---- Suddenly, Maw made a sharp turn, narrowly avoiding collision with Dino Attack Headquarters. He continued to run down the street and was picking up speed. Not even Trouble's light feet could keep up with the speed of the Mutant T-Rex. Soon, Rex and Trouble completely lost track of Maw. Rex and Trouble arrived at a scene of devastation. The street was littered with the wreckage of multiple Dino Attack vehicles. Rex spotted Specs, Shadow, Viper, and Digger pulling wounded survivors out of the remains of an Iron Predator. "Hey, guys!" Rex called. "Have you seen a Mutant T-Rex that was on a rampage?" "What do you think?" snapped Shadow, glaring at Rex before gesturing towards the ruined vehicles. The blood drained from Rex's face as he realized that Maw was responsible for destroying the vehicles. While the four founding agents seemed to escape with only minor injuries, the same could not be said for the other Dino Attack agents caught in the T-Rex's path. "Oh no," he whispered. "What have I done?" Zero went to where Rex and the others were talking. "Hey guys! What's up?" he cheerfully greeted them, before noticing the wreckage of the vehicles. "... Oh yeah, that's up. Who did this?" "A Mutant T-Rex..." replied Digger. "His name was Maw…" Rex said quietly. "Rex, was that one of your 'tamed' Mutant Dinos?" asked Viper. Trouble snorted, annoyed by his tone. "Well, n-no - I mean, uh, yes, err..." Rex said, his voice shaking. "Rex," Shadow growled, "I've tolerated your 'taming' of these... monsters…" Trouble growled at that remark. "But this is intolerable! You are responsible for the casualties of good men! This has to stop, now!" "Specs, please," Rex appealed, "you must understand that I didn't mean for this to happen." Specs let out a long sigh. "As a scientist and idealist," he declared, "I had previously sided with you and endorsed your taming project… but as the team leader, I simply cannot allow something that puts the lives of my fellow Dino Attack agents at risk. You are to cease this activity, effective immediately." Zero looked from Specs, to the ruins of the Dino Attack vehicles, to Trouble's worried expression, and then to Rex, whose expression made Trouble look calm by comparison. "I-I can't just stop taming them," insisted Rex, trembling. "After all, they are living creatures and deserve to live just as much as we do. But-" "But what?!?" screamed Shadow. "But that I don't know what went wrong!" said Rex. "Maw was perfectly tamed, I swear! Very calm, very easy-going, not one to suddenly go on rampage like this. It… it must have been FUTURE; they must have done something to-" "Obviously, the beast was not as 'tamed' as you thought," Shadow declared. His eyes narrowed with suspicion. "Unless… you have been training them to attack us! Maybe Kotua was right all along about you!" He raised his weapon and pointed it at Trouble, who hissed and poised to attack. Rex jumped between Shadow and Trouble with his arms stretched out wide, preventing either from attacking the other. "No!" he cried. "I am on your side, and I always have been! Specs, you have to believe me!" Specs shook his head. "Rex," he said sternly, "you have to let your dinos go. It's over now. That's an order; if you disobey, there will be consequences." "NO!" screamed Rex, but then he realized he said the wrong response. Specs locked narrowed eyes with Rex. "Then I am hereby relieving you of your duties," he declared. "Effective now, you are discharged from Dino Attack Team. You will board the next transport to Antarctica and remain at the refugee facilities." With that, Specs turned away from Rex and Trouble, ignoring them entirely as he continued to focus on helping the wounded Dino Attack agents. Viper, Digger, and Shadow followed his lead, with the last of the founding members shooting Rex one last glare before turning away. Rex felt his heart sink. His one purpose, his one driving force, was to be a Dino Attack agent and save the world… and now, it had just been stripped away from him. With nowhere else to go, Rex and Trouble solemnly walked away as though they were in a funeral procession. "Rex, wait!" cried Zero, the only Dino Attack agent who still acknowledged him. "You can't just go! Will I ever see you again?" Rex looked back at his friend, tears forming in his sorrowful eyes. Then, wordlessly, he turned away and departed with Trouble. Zero's eyes narrowed as he surveyed the scene. Something's not right, he realized. There must have been some sort of evil plan going on... someone did this to get Rex discharged... they knew this would happen... but how can I prove who did it? ---- Beta Force? Voltage had known someone named Beta, but that was a long time ago, and... Could it be him? Voltage doubted it. If he knew Beta, he wouldn't advertise like that all over his fighters. Well, they were cloaked, Voltage thought. Databoard continued to shoot at the fighters, which evaded his attacks. A few were hut and spun out control, but they soon regained control and continued they're attack. He was able to defeat a few, but they continued to attack. One flew near the T-1 Typhoon and tried to attack it, but a laser bolt stopped that plan. The fighters swarmed around the T-1 Typhoon again, and Voltage blasted half of them out of the sky. The useless piles of burnt metal descended through the clouds and out of sight. A fighter came towards them at full speed, bolts of energy firing rapidly from its laser cannons. Voltage and Databoard fired at it, but it was no use, as it kept evading their attacks. Finally, one of the lasers hit the cockpit, spinning out of control, where it crashed into the side of a nearby building. "Wow," said Cobra. "Did you see what it said on the side?" "Beta Force," said Voltage. A T-Rex passed by, and roared. Then tons of roars filled the air, and they all belonged to T-Rexes. "That's not good," said Databoard. Several lasers from the Beta Force jets barely missed the T-1 Typhoon. It moved in to attack again, but suddenly, the eyebeams of a Mutant T-Rex bored a hole through the side of the jet. More of the T-Rex started attacking, forcing them to fly higher up to avoid their eyebeams. This gave them less cover from the Beta Force vehicles, unfortunately. "You guys try and keep back those jets!" Databoard shouted. "I'll see what I can do against those T-Rexes." He turned out the XL-4 Voltaic Launcher and aimed it. It hit a T-Rex dead on, slamming it backwards through a nearby building. After maneuvering to avoid lasers fired by the Beta Force vehicles, he continued to fire at the attacking Mutant Dinos. The Beta Force fighters still attacked, but there was a new combatant on the field: the Pteranodons and the T-Rexes. Pteranodons shocked the fighters from the air while the T-Rexes ripped them to shreds from below. A fighter exploded, and the driver hit Voltage's windshield with a discouraging splat! "Ewwww!!!" Voltage said as he triggered the emergency windshield wipers. Several Mutant Pteranodons swooped down and fired bolts of electricity at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard launched the Voltaic Launcher at them, but they evaded the blast. Voltage fired at them repeatedly, but they avoided and sent more electric bolts at the T-1 Typhoon. Databoard, Voltage, and their squad encountered creatures mutated by Beta Force. Snake of Spades was badly wounded in the battle and needed to be brought to the Dino Attack Medical Wing by Viper, so he could not accompany Databoard and Voltage on their mission. By the time they reached the Medical Wing, his wound had become infected, so his whole arm had to be amputated. It was then replaced with a mechanical prosthetic arm. ----- Magma was reassigned by Alpha Team to the Dino Attack Team, along with a large number of fellow Alpha Team Agents, including Shark and Sting, because Alpha Team had agreed to help fill a portion of the team's ranks. He was assigned initially to simple missions where he fought Mutant Dinos in LEGO City. However, he was also sent on missions to take care of villains who were getting in the way of the Dino Attack Team, since as an Alpha Team Special Agent he was capable of dealing with them. Initially, Magma was ordered to defend a remote Dino Attack Team base against a major Mutant Dino attack. He helped successfully defend it until help arrived in the form of Shark and Sting, who, while not assigned to Dino Attack, decided to help their friend out. They arrived in the Aqua Hover, a prototype airship that had been built by Magma during Mission Deep Freeze. After this battle, Magma realized that using Ogel's Ice Orb technology might be a good way to fight Mutant Dinos. After all, Mutant Dinos were cold-blooded and could not function in the cold. Along with Shark and Sting, Magma traveled back to Antarctica in the Aqua Hover to see if there was anything salvageable there. In Antarctica, Magma travelled to an old abandoned Evil OGEL Empire outpost, constructed as a point for launching raids on Alpha Team's Antarctic HQ. where he found an abandoned wing of wrecked Snow Crawlers, complete with Ice Orbs. The small outpost had a hangar bay of about twenty Snow Crawlers, all old and in need of repairs. There was also a supply of Ice Orbs. So, Magma, Shark, and Sting repaired the Snow Crawlers, and upgraded them and repainted them as Dino Attack vehicles. Magma christened the new vehicles "Orb Bombers" and sent a message to Alpha Team to send a squad to bring them back to base, where they could be assigned to Dino Attack agents. However, before that team arrived, the Orb Bombers were immediately put to the test, as Ogel Drones on Ogel's Island had received a report about this. They dispatched the prototype vessel Iron Hammer, an airship designed by Ogel himself as a vehicle powerful enough to be capable of neutralizing and wiping out Mutant Dinos. The Iron Hammer had detected Alpha Team agents operating near Ogel's Mountain Fortress, and arrived to destroy them. In the following battle, the Aqua Hover was destroyed, but the Orb Bombers were able to hold off the Iron Hammer long enough for Magma, Shark, and Sting to board the Ogel airship and seize control of it. They were able to set onboard security systems to fire on Ogel Drones, which left them in control of the ship. When the Alpha Team agents arrived, Magma ordered them to crew the ship with Dino Attack agents and fly it back to Dino Attack HQ. He intended for it to be used by the Dino Attack Team as a support vessel to Kotua's Voltage. To test the Iron Hammer, Magma had it launch a raid on a Mutant T-Rex nest near LEGO City. Magma landed his Urban Avenger and, with a handful of other agents (plus the firepower of the ship), defeated the T-Rexes. Since the ship was equipped with laboratories, Magma ordered a T-Rex and an egg brought onboard for analysis. He discovered, to his surprise, that the T-Rex had been mutated beyond what was normal in a Mutant T-Rex. ---- One of the first things Hotwire did upon being promoted to standard agent rank was add repulsorlift turbines, provided to Dino Attack by Alpha Team but largely unused, to the underside of his newly-issued Fire Hammer, and -- in light of his recent experience with Mutant Raptors -- a concealed Cosmotronic Ray next to one of the headlights. Soon after leaving HQ on patrol, he was attacked by a group of dinos, and received aid from Kotua. While making their escape, they were also pursued by a ShadowTech Fire Hammer. Kotua told Hotwire to "convince Dino Attack" -- meaning, of course, convince the rest of Dino Attack Team that he was on their side again. Hotwire, who had not yet heard of Kotua's maligned reputation, did not know what Kotua meant and mistakenly thought he was somehow referring to the ShadowTech vehicles. ---- Deciding that his life had little meaning anymore, Rex continued to wander LEGO City with Trouble and Maw as he contemplated suicide. He managed to find Maw, who had calmed down and was now limping. Rex took a close look at Maw's injured foot and saw the bullet wound from Sam Sinister's silenced pistol. "Looks like we were both framed," Rex said with a heavy sigh. Suddenly, the phantom appeared, jumping down to the street from one of the rooftops. "Rex, you have to come with me!" he said urgently. "It's Josh Thunder; he's in danger!" "Josh Thunder?" repeated Rex. "You mean the son of the famous Johnny Thunder?" Thunder was certainly a very high-profile name among Dino Attack Team, who owed much of their understanding of modern-day dinosaurs to the Adventurers who discovered them. The phantom nodded. "He came here to the city to do some dino-hunting training with some rookie Dino Attack agents, but they were attacked by a Mutant T-Rex," he explained. "They're trapped in a small shop, and I can't get to them with the T-Rex in the way. We haven't got much time; hurry!" Rex shook his head sadly. "I'm sorry, but I'm not a Dino Attack agent anymore, I was just discharged-" "Frankly," the phantom interrupted him, "I don't care, and neither should you! Not when there are lives on the line! You don't need to be a Dino Attack agent to be a hero. Now, come on!" Rex knew that the phantom was right. When he learned that he was a sleeper agent, he promised himself he would be the hero regardless of what he actually was. Mutant Dino, Dino Attack agent, or just an ordinary civilian... it did not matter. Perhaps, Rex thought, saving Thunder and the rookies might convince Specs to let me rejoin the team, and if not... well, I could always continue to be an independent ally, like PBB or the phantom. Rex, Trouble, and Maw followed the phantom down the street as he led them to Thunder's location. Sure enough, the scene was exactly as the phantom described. There was a Mutant T-Rex bull, a full-grown male, and it was reaching through the smashed windows of a small shop. Rex could hear the minifigs trapped inside, screaming and shouting for help. "If you can distract the T-Rex," the phantom suggested, "and hold its attention for a few minutes, then I can slip in there and lead them to safety. But be careful; if it notices us... well, not even I can survive a Mutant T-Rex attack. I'm not really a phantom, you know." "Got it," said Rex. As the phantom slipped way into the shadows, Rex glanced at Trouble and Maw to check that they were ready. They nodded to him, and so he stepped forward and shouted: "Hey, why don't you pick on someone your own size?" The Mutant T-Rex turned his head towards Rex. If he was at all surprised to see a minifig flanked by a pair of Mutant Dinos, he did not show it. He bared his teeth and snarled, which Rex was able to understand as, "Do not come between Sharptooth and his prey!" Rex recalled hearing that name before, back when he was exploring LEGO City with Zero. "Ah, so this must be the great Sharptooth," he said. "You know, I thought you were the leader of a T-Rex pack, proudly respected by your kin. Instead, you're just scavenging for a few measly scraps of meat like a coward!" Dinosaurs are naturally proud creatures, and none are more prideful than the T-Rex. To audaciously insult one is a death wish. Sharptooth glared at Rex, and then his eyes started to glow red. Rex jumped back just in time before a pair of laser beams fired at where he once stood, striking the pavement. Angered by this threat towards his adoptive father, Maw stepped forward and roared at Sharptooth. Rex realized that the young T-Rex was challenging the older bull, who responded by firing more eye beams at Maw. Maw was singed, but this only made him madder, and now Rex was furious, too. As the two Mutant T-Rexes bellowed at each other, Rex glared intensely at Sharptooth and gave a sharp whistle, cuing his tamed dinos to attack. Maw charged at Sharptooth, with Trouble scampering after him. Rex pulled out his laser pistol and took aim. Maw and Sharptooth snapped at each other, their fearsome teeth digging through flesh in a violent display. Trouble climbed up Sharptooth's leg, got up on the T-Rex's back, and started biting and clawing viciously. Rex circled around Sharptooth, firing his gun whenever he could be sure that he would not hit Maw or Trouble. Out of the corner of his eye, Rex watched carefully as the phantom silently slipped past the fighting dinosaurs and entered the shop. Now, all they needed to do was to hold Sharptooth's attention a little while longer while the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the rookie agents escaped. But then, the tables turned. Sharptooth reached over his shoulder and grabbed Trouble in his jaws, then threw the Mutant Lizard down upon the street. Then, freed from any distractions, Sharptooth clawed at Maw's face, causing the younger T-Rex to instinctively flinch. Seizing his advantage, Sharptooth slammed into his opponent and forced Maw down onto the ground. Maw landed on top of Trouble, his enormous and heavy body becoming the Lizard's prison. The juvenile T-Rex tried to get back up, but the bigger and stronger adult would not let him have the chance. Maw let out one last roar, a cry for help. Rex's mouth felt dry as he watched the battle with wide eyes. "No, no, no!" he whispered. He fired his gun again and again at Sharptooth, but the T-Rex just ignored the lasers as he loomed victorious over his fallen opponent. Sharptooth opened his deadly jaws and closed them around Maw's throat. The young tamed Mutant T-Rex fell still and never moved again. Rex looked directly at the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the Dino Attack rookies standing in the doorway. They were out of time. "RUN!" Rex screamed at them, his voice cracking as he struggled to hold back tears. But, as the minifigs trapped in the shop prepared to move, Sharptooth suddenly turned his attention towards them again, not willing to let his prey sneak away so easily. Desperate, Rex ran towards Sharptooth and shot at one of the T-Rex's eyes. Sharptooth winced and snarled, shaking his head violently. Once he regained his focus, he locked his red eyes upon Rex and then fired his laser vision again. The eyebeams struck Rex in the chest, knocking him down. The burning sensation stung intensely even through the minifig disguise, but Rex summoned his strength and stood back up. As soon as he did so, he tried to shoot his gun again, only to realize too late that it was out of ammo. He was left wide open as Sharptooth swung his tail low, slamming into the former Dino Attack agent and sending him flying. Rex crashed through the walls of an apartment building and crumpled to the floor. Rex hurt all over. He hardly had the strength to move. It took all of his stamina to not lose consciousness. This was it, then. Maw was dead... Trouble was trapped... the phantom, Josh Thunder, and the rookies were goners... and Rex had no chance of stopping Sharptooth. With no weapons, no vehicles, and no team, there was nothing that just one minifig could do. He slumped down and closed his eyes, letting out a long sigh as he resigned to his defeat. But then, the phantom's words echoed back to him: "You can do a lot as a Minifig, but there are things that no man can do… but perhaps, a mutant can." Rex's eyes shot open. He looked down at his right hand and pulled the glove off, exposing the cut in the minifigure disguise that he had kept hidden for the past several weeks. This was the ace up his sleeve, the only thing left that could defeat Sharptooth. If a minifig could not defeat the Mutant T-Rex, then perhaps another adult Mutant Dino could do so. But, he knew there was no going back. If he took off the minifigure disguise, he would never be able to put it back on again. There would be no more Dino Attack elite agent Rex. Rex gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He had no ties anymore to his life as a minifig. All of his friends in Dino Attack Team were either dead or had turned their backs on him when he was discharged. He had nothing left to lose. The life of elite agent Rex was already over. With that thought in his mind, Rex grabbed the cut flap of skin on his palm, and he pulled. He winced involuntarily as he literally tore his flesh off, but he did not stop until he had fully exposed what lay hidden underneath all this time. Now, where he once had the normal hand of a human minifigure, he now saw a black-scaled reptilian claw attached to his wrist, dripping with an unidentified liquid like the amniotic fluid caking a newborn baby. His right hand was freed. With it, he grabbed onto his left wrist, and his razor-sharp talons punctured the fake minifig skin. As if he was pulling off a glove, he pulled off his left hand, exposing a second claw. He looked at his claws, his real hands, and prepared himself for what he was about to do next. Rex ripped open his gray jacket, and then he tore open the black shirt underneath; there would be no need for his Dino Attack uniform any longer. He looked down upon his torso, and in his mind he pretended that it was just one more shirt to take off. He imagined Clark Kent famously ripping open his buttoned shirt to reveal the Superman costume underneath. "There's no going back now," Rex whispered to himself. And then, he dug his sharp claws into his chest, tore it open, and pulled it apart over his head... now, for the first time, emerging as the Mutant Dino that was hidden inside all along. His whole body was dripping with the fluid, but it very quickly evaporated. As his skin - his real skin, covered with a thick hide of black and green scales - became exposed to air, some sort of chemical reaction took place. The advanced biological chemistry that was applied to reduce his size to that of a minifig was reversed. He grew larger and larger in a matter of seconds, until he was nearly as tall as some of the buildings around him. Rex was no mere Mutant Dino. He was a Mutant T-Rex, the fearsome behemoth that he had admired above all. Since he was only the "prototype" Mutant T-Rex, he was smaller than Sharptooth, lacked certain distinctive features such as the head crests, and did not have any mutant abilities such as laser vision... but despite all that, he was still a Mutant T-Rex, the great tyrant lizard king. And it felt good to be king! For a few seconds, Rex simply breathed slowly, inhaling and exhaling the cool refreshing air, taking in the moment. No longer was he stuffed inside a cramped disguise, wearing a skin that did not belong to him. Now, he was free to be who he truly was all along. He would have basked in his own power even longer if he had not heard the screams and cries for help from the minifigs in danger. Snapped back to reality and reminded of his purpose, Rex turned his attention to Sharptooth. The sight of Maw's lifeless body instilled a great anger in Rex, having raised the young T-Rex since he was a hatchling. And yet, despite having a much larger meal available to him, Sharptooth was still hunting the minifigs, too proud and too ruthless to allow any survivors to escape. Rex meant to shout, "Hey, Sharptooth, it's time for round two!" But instead, what came out of his mouth was a mighty roar, calling upon his most primal instincts. It still plainly got the message across, and it diverted Sharptooth's attention away from his prey, allowing the phantom to lead Josh Thunder and the others to safety. Rex charged at Sharptooth. The ground shook with every footfall; that same weight and awesome power of every T-Rex he had ever encountered now lived through him. He no longer felt cramps from physical exertion now that his body was freed of its shackles. The strength and power were practically intoxicating. Rex and Sharptooth bit and clawed at each other viciously as they met in melee combat. Even now, Rex knew his chances of emerging victorious from this one-on-one fight would be slim. Sharptooth had the size advantage as well as mutant abilities, and would surely kill Rex just like he had killed Maw. But, Rex still possessed the tactical mind of a Dino Attack elite agent and knew that he did not have to fight alone. He whipped his tail into Sharptooth's face, stunning his opponent for a second. While Sharptooth was recovering, Rex quickly grabbed Maw's lifeless body and dragged it off of Trouble, freeing the Mutant Lizard underneath. Now, it was a two-on-one fight. As soon as he was free, Trouble immediately leapt onto Sharptooth and latched on with his teeth. As Sharptooth tried to shake the Lizard off, Rex lunged forward and closed his jaws on the enemy T-Rex's neck, then wrestled his foe to smash him into an abandoned bank. Metal, glass, and concrete showered Sharptooth and rained down upon the street. Rex continued to smash Sharptooth through buildings, using the debris to injure his opponent and keep him disoriented. Trouble nimbly jumped back and forth between the two T-Rexes, relying on Rex for cover and attacking Sharptooth whenever he saw an opening. With Rex and Trouble tag-teaming Sharptooth, they would not give their enemy the opportunity to recover or fight back. At last, Rex and Trouble had cornered Sharptooth at a monument, built as a testament to the LEGOLAND Space expedition of 1978, at the edge of a large reflecting pool. Here, Sharptooth made his last stand. Bleeding and wounded, he roared ferociously at them and then lunged for Rex's throat with his deadly jaws. At that moment, Trouble used his darkness powers to cast a field of shadow around Sharptooth's head. With his opponent blinded, Rex wasted no time and thrust his entire weight into pushing Sharptooth back one last time. Rex slammed into Sharptooth and smashed him through the monument. Sharptooth continued to fall backwards into the reflecting pool, as the monument came crumbling down on top of him. Trouble stood at the water's edge, fiercely staring into the pool as he concentrated intensely on maintaining the field of shadow. The blind Sharptooth was completely disoriented in the water and, although the reflecting pool was fairly shallow, he could not find his way back to the surface. Trouble did not dispel his shadows until the air bubbles had stopped rising from the water, and then all was quiet and still. Rex blinked, not sure whether to be impressed or disturbed by what Trouble had done. Never underestimate Trouble, Rex decided, because a clever Mutant Lizard can take down even a Mutant T-Rex. Now that metaphorical dust had settled, Trouble turned to look at Rex. He regarded his new T-Rex companion with wide, curious eyes, and he cautiously sniffed the air between them. Then, he softly asked: "Rex? Is that really you, my friend?" Trouble spoke! Or rather, he did not communicate any differently from before, still vocalizing through growls, hisses, and screeches. But whereas Rex could previously only catch a few words here or there, he now understood Trouble perfectly. Evidently, removing the disguise had also removed whatever was suppressing his fluency in the Mutant Dino language. Rex nodded slowly. "Yes, Trouble," he replied, "it's me." Somehow, Rex knew that he was still speaking English out of habit. The alterations made to his vocal cords made it possible, even after shedding the disguise. And yet, the sound of his own voice was... different. It sounded deeper, guttural, and bestial, most likely as a result of his larger size. Then, Rex glanced over his shoulder, back in the direction where the fight against Sharptooth had started, where Maw made his final resting place, where a group of minifigs were led to safety by a mysterious phantom. "And yet," he continued, "I'm no longer the same Rex you once knew. That chapter of my life is over now, and there's no going back." "Then what now?" wondered Trouble. "Where do we go from here?" Rex smiled as he looked down upon Trouble, the first friend he made and now the last friend he could trust. "Now," he decided, "it's time to begin a new life, as a pair of Mutant Dinos setting out to do whatever good we can. Come on, Trouble... let's start a new pack together." ---- Link to review topic: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/29406-review-dino-attack-rpg/
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