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  2. IC: Lii [Odaiba, Outskirts] Her legs hurt. Perhaps it was because the pain of the ten-thousand-steps had long since faded from her memory in the years since, her body having forgotten the actual hardship she endured. Or perhaps it was because she had been singularly motivated then, each step carrying her towards a point, a destination in her mind, an obstacle to be overcome for her journey to begin. Now each step took her further from her home, away from where she should be. Or maybe it was just the hastily bandaged gash along her right thigh, obscured by her crimson robes. Lii winced. No, no. It did not hurt. She was fine. But it didn't help her mood. When the demons attacked she had been sent ahead to secure the path, away from the fighting, away from the beasts. Her! They sent her away! Clan Long's strongest fighter. Or soon to be. ...Would have been! How could she know for sure if she wasn't given the chance to test herself against an enemy as strong as the demons had been. Something to push her to the limits of her capabilities--as distant as they may be--and give her the chance to go beyond them. She couldn't know! But no, instead she had to ensure the safety of the initiates, herding the group of young ones down the same ten thousand steps to the plains of Odaiba below. And all she got for her trouble was the gash on her leg, courtesy of one of the dying spasms of one of the demons, one which she didn't even get to kill. Or even trade blows with. Lii let out a breath, and did her best to push the thoughts from her mind, her gaze wandering to the front of their congregation as they made their way forward, stopping on the Master Ment-err, Datsue Shunkyou. She heard that he had held the line with the other Grandmasters, his Rage burning so intensely that none could approach without being reduced to ash. He got to prove himself, why didn- Ughh. Lii bit her tongue, stemming the tide of thoughts. "Where are we headed though?" Lii asked aloud, moving to fall into step next to the newest Grandmaster.
  3. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) What the Vortixx said almost made him chuckle. Did they have a positive reputation anywhere? He realized more and more just how badly the Brotherhood had ruined the reputation of the faithful. They had gambled everything on their alliance with Makuta's servants, only to lose it all. Now they were alone and forsaken, himself included. He smiled faintly. "Do not worry, I know. I have heard the news. Yet I fell in battle defending the Koro, so I expect them to be at least somewhat grateful for my sacrifice." There was brief silence as he looked into the distance, towards his home, even if he couldn't see it from so far away. "Farewell then, stranger," he said quietly and walked past him. OOC: @Whisper
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  5. IC Kanohi - Le-Wahi - Le-Koro Kanohi nodded, Lapu then. He bowed apologetically to the Toa, before he chiseled what he assumed would be one last message in the tablet, “I will need to get some supplies, my launcher sometimes is finicky, and if it ever falls from my hand I could easily drown in mud. I hope to improve it a little before we leave.” He knew he was no great inventor, he could not turn his Volo Lutu Launcher into one of the elegant wrist-wounded designs. But he could jury-rig something to lash the tool to his arm, and help make it function a bit better. He was not helpless when it came to crafting. He had his limits, but they were not so low to be useless. The vigilante paused and carved, “I am guessing you will wish to speak to Ramaka before we go as well? Since she might know more?” Hopefully at least she could tell them what breed this Lesterin trader was, and where she met them. OOC: @ARROW404 @Snelly I choose to believe Lapu means Growing ROOT in Lesterin.
  6. HA! i bet you were expecting mocs of antroz with krika, but no! it is krika as a sword and shield! without krika krika please tell me your thoughts.
  7. Hello, everyone! I present you my (kinda) ambitious project: Bionicle: the Legend Continues! This fan-made game will have three game modes: SINGLEPLAYER: The campaign mode, which allows you to play through the 10 years of the original Bionicle saga. CO-OP: Team up with another person and complete the singleplayer levels adapted to the 'Co-Op' style. DUELS: Fight against another person with your favourite Bionicle character. (NOTE: Co-Op and Duels can only be played on the same computer.) Unless the engine keeps crashing on me and/or I start to not have enough time, this is my promise. This is the link for the demo, which is basically the skeleton of the game. All that you see in it is subject to change. Credits to LEGO, InnerRayg, Cryoshell, Daughtry, All-Insane Kids and All-American Rejects for the material. :)
  8. Another day, another LEGO Masters interview! To close out the season we're going to chat with the second place team today to hear about their time on the show. The interview was conducted by a panel of LEGO fan sites who asked the questions, and the final interview was transcribed by Megan from Brickset, Flynn from The Brothers Brick, Tom from True North Bricks, and BZPower's reporting team. There's a lot of insight about their inspiration, their process, and what the show and their fellow competitors meant to them! View the full article
  9. NPC: Lieutenant Alka Torin, Ihu-Koro Highlanders The Ko-Toa glanced around at the assembly as he considered the Turaga's words. Truth be told, he agreed with her on most factors and a few she didn't say--It wasn't his job to complain as to what kind of aid this mission got, but he still wasn't exactly happy that an expedition into the Dark Walk of all places was being used as an opportunity for rookies to cut their teeth. His unreadable face lightened somewhat when Ronan approached, a nod of acknowledgment going to the only other registered member of the Highlanders being sent on this mission. Having at least one other boded well, particularly with the Kalta arriving. Wouldn't do to have fewer Highlanders present than the Koro's sworn Toa Team. He had a lot of opinions about that as well, but again. He wasn't being sent here for his opinions. "Yes, a book. Beyond notes on an artifact that my commanding officer believes is key to our success against the hordes of darkness, it's possible the hideout holds information on Senemos' associates. And we were asked to provide a final exercise for the recruits to the Ko-Koro Guard. I'm pleasantly surprised at the number of volunteers we have, though you all should know that this will be perhaps the most dangerous thing you have done in your lives. And yes, I do include liberating this Koro among those." His eyes flicked back to Skri. "We're in agreement, at least on that fact. Our primary goal is to return with as many as we enter, if this method doesn't work for retrieving the notes we'll try another." He processed the introductions of the others and nodded. Useful to know talents and names, then his attention turned to Safina. "I would be indebted to hear the details of your ingress." OOC: @ the darkwalk group. I'm going to try tagging those I'm going to be definitely waiting on a response from at least until we get into the swing of things. @Perp is particularly relevant to this one.
  10. I really liked that Zezon cape, I used it in way to many mocs if I'm being honest lol I'd say yes but I must admit I do like how the back of this version looks, I used it a lot in an attempt to cover up the under developed backs a lot of the time. It would also make it somewhat difficult for his spinner to function, so maybe a side cape like over his arm would make more sense.
  11. IC: Lapu, apparently It was a serviceable name. He wasn't sure it entirely suited him, but it was short, and therefore easy to remember and to pronounce. He couldn't say he quite liked it, but he had no objections either. He shrugged. OOC: NGL, I was hoping you would name him Groot
  12. IC (The Outskirts of Dastana Republic Territory, Odaiba): They had come from the night. A young woman, a hatchling with naught but embers within her breast, stared over her shoulder as she and a scant few dozen others trudged through the grasses of Odaiba, looking back up towards the peak of Mount Koshiki. She’d once called the Northern Face home, its high and rocky slopes a comforting eyrie for her people to nestle within— yet now, all she could do was swallow the black bile of dread that welled up in her throat as its shadow loomed high over the plains. Demons. Oni. Yaoguài. Tall, hunch-backed and blade-spined things that had crawled from the blackened lake of the caldera and descended as legion, blade-tipped staves catching the light of moon and fire. Their sickening chitters and hisses still echoed in her ears— their split faces opening to reveal writhing things within still haunting her mind’s eye. Her brothers and sisters, men and women so much further along the Way than she, felled in droves by fear that smothered even the fires of their souls, by pestilence that sapped their prodigious strength to a wilted, withered helplessness, by senseless fury that drove their Rage and Teeth against even eachother in the pandaemonium. What had they done? What Divinity, What Ancestral Spirit, Which Mighty Dragon had they wronged so? Her eyes grew misty, and the old man leading their march west stopped ahead of her. “Do not look back.” Even he had been reduced to ashes. Why? Thousands of years of peaceful study, of fellowship with their Chand brethren, of dedication to their way of life as the Ancestors ordained… It had all become grey, lifeless ash, no different from the earth they had fled upon beneath their feet. If Koshiki was once a volcano as she’d been told, a fitting home for dragons, was it not supposed to consume them in fire once their clan’s time had come? Why? Why, why, why? Why would it all come to an end like this? Why did they deserve it? Her gaze fell, even as she turned to face the Datsue steadily approaching her, muttering an unintelligible something under his breath. His once Great Sana, sleek and curved for speed like a dragon’s muzzle, was now merely Noble, twisted up and whiskered grumpily. “Did you not hear me, girl?” She had heard stories of what he’d done in weeks past— how the mountainside shimmered blue like a fallen star while the others escaped— and felt an unbearable lump in her throat as she regarded his form now. Was he not supposed to be the pinnacle? Was he not the man whom she, and other students like her, sought to surpass? This was no victory, no triumph of self-cultivation, no claiming of the throne as the prized jewel of her hoard of accomplishment. This was only witnessing something great grow old and lame, a reign cut short by tragedy, a worthy idol reduced to practically a tottering geriatri— “I told you—” An impact against the back of her right calf knocked it aside and forward, sending her staggering as her base was ripped out from beneath her, a leaf tossed in callous, careless wind. Incredulous as she caught herself, she stared down to the source of her imbalance, who in kind looked upon her with blunt dissatisfaction. Like he stood above her even in this state of his. “Eyes front. You want to cry about the past forever? Shall I leave you here and strike out on my lonesome, let your knees knock together in fear like a newborn Soko who cannot yet walk?” ..! This ungrateful little— who did he think he was talking to, someone he stumbled across on his way for a drink from the well?! They were here for him! She was outraged! She and their party had come all this way, venturing out into the plains to find stragglers like him even as those split-faced demons still roamed freely throughout the land, only for .:this dumb honored master of an old fart to call her me a coward?! Sure, I'm new to the Art. Sure, I've yet to master any advanced Traditions. And sure, I felt fear that day— but I'm a warrior, I'm an Initiate, and I've climbed the steps of my own will and proven my courage!:. If he thought her convictions craven and worthless, then he could go to— .:Good.:. Huh? A voice inside her mind. Master— No, Grandmaster Shunkyou’s. He’d... been listening? .:Your voice leaks out when you get mad, much like I mutter. Thought I’d tune in. See if I needed to sweep both your legs next before you snapped out of that.:. She very slowly reexamined his face, now less blindsighted in her furor, and found the Long Datsue smirking. In his pale blue eyes, there was a twinkle of pride— or perhaps mischief. Her face began to flush, her blunder washing away anger with embarrassment and, if one must be honest, more than a little terror at having so thoroughly disrespected a notoriously proud warrior. Why had she done that..? .:...Sir, I didn’t mean to sa-:. .:No, no. That was good. It was very good, hatchling. Nurture that. Fan the sparks in your heart. That was good kindling. Especially calling me an 'old fart'.:. His voice was warm, in the way that witnessing licking tongues of flame from a few feet back was. Even knowing he was a Datsue now, she felt herself daring not to consider the idea of anyone barging into his thoughts. Lucky for her that he chose mirth over offense like her own. .:In time, and with practice, you will be able to harness those bursts of heat without need for blinding colors like fury or indignation. Confidence and independence will fuel your furnace, stoke the blaze in your chest. You are a Dragon, you know— just as you put it, you sought the Art by choice, because you sought the Wisdom it cultivates. It’s looking like you’re closer to find the Dragon’s Heart within yourself than you realize, child. Fear less of them, and instead believe you are fearsome.:. His mask shone momentarily, a bruise on her shin from the trek softening before he turned and began to march Northwest once more. This time, he returned to speaking, assuring that not only their congregation, but the World itself would hear: “"We made our home on the mountain of dragon's breath." "It was inevitable that our discipline would be consumed in the fire that burns bright within us." “It was a harsh trial.” “But one we knew would await us all, on one such day. We could not avoid being tested by the powers that be forever.” “My Master felt the quivering of fate deep within her flame.” “We lost our temple, but the Art survives through us, the practitioners, not some building.” “We lost far fewer than we would, were we less dedicated.” “A shame and a tragedy are different in that one can create anew what was lost in the former.” “Now is our time to spread these teachings, and spread the Art.” “So long as even one ember survives deep within our bellies, Soulfire will never die. Remember, all of you.” —— Long Shunkyou, 25th Grandmaster of Soulfire. Such were the Fiirst Lessons of the new Era. They marched on towards the northwest, new horizons in sight. OOC: The Old Wyrm is open for interaction.
  13. (Fort Garsi) Startled, Kirik drops his tankard and coughs his own mouthful of drink out into the faces of the unlucky onlookers, then staggers back into them and knocking a few more drinks into the air. The now-drenched spectators, not enjoying the unexpected shower, decide to deal with the situation in the way they’d been taught to deal with any unexpected situation: violence. The fight soon grows fierce enough that it’s hard to tell who is fighting who, although half the combatants don’t even remember what grudge inspired them to start swinging fists to begin with. But they don’t mind: fighting for fighting’s sake is every good Skakdi’s favorite pastime. Kirik makes sure he’s right there in the middle of it, his four arms swinging uncoordinatedly in all directions as he revels in the chaos.
  14. I stopped, sizing her up once more. “Good. And they are steep odds, to be sure. You are lucky you have found a mercenary with a little faith. I have no doubts that with me, you’ll have your revenge and be powerful enough again to reward your bodyguard with countless riches. Because you’d die before you fail, I think, and I’m in the business of making sure people don’t die.” “So. Do you have a job for me, N’aska?”
  15. IC: Minnorak - Ko-Wahi "Thank you," he said. Something seemed... slightly off about this Toa. For a member of a cult that had helped the Makuta worshippers conquer a Koro, he seemed remarkably willing to be open about who and what he was. Perhaps he didn't know what the others had done, and what had become of them? Maybe he thought Ko-Wahi was still under occupation? Or perhaps it was simply a test to see how Minnorak would react? "Just so you know... the followers of Ak'rei'an don't have most positive reputation in Ko-Koro right now," he said, choosing his words carefully. "It may be better not to mention who you're affiliated with unless you're sure you're in trustworthy company." @Daniel the Finlander
  16. IC: Sir Dahkapa (Ko-Wahi) He frowned when he heard the Vortixx call the outpost his home. Perhaps it wasn't so abandoned after all? When the stranger appeared to be eager to end the discussion and move on, his frown deepened. "Wait, before you depart, I must tell you that the Outpost is not empty. You may find three individuals there. One of them, the Le-Toa, was my travelling companion. But the other two... well, let me simply say that they are either honest treasure hunters or lying murderers. I do not know if they can be trusted either way, so beware." He respected the Vortixx' desire to move on, so he turned around and, with a simple motion of his hand, solidified the snow in the stranger's path to carry his weight better. "There, this should make your journey easier. Stay safe, and may the light of Ak'rei'an shine upon you." OOC: @Whisper
  17. IC: Skorm & Zueya - Ko-Koro The Capella was suitably nice; the two Kalta didn’t have reservations, but the restaurant was willing to accommodate the two Toa, even if they did have to sit at one of the all-heights tables. Zuey had to sit on her leg to get an extra boost, and Skorm still had to hunch over the table. Still, the dinner was nice, and the restaurant was quiet; not quite peak hours yet. “Big guy, what’s on your mind? You’ve barely touched your mousse.” Zueya punctuated her question by reaching across the table and taking a scoop out of Skorm’s dessert with her own spoon. The massive Ba-Toa shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “At the Sanctum, I overheard that Captain Kozraa is putting together a team to go into the Dark Walk, checking out the reports of Rahkshi. It got me thinking of when…” Skorm sighed. “… of when I was in Mangaia.” Zueya paused, spoon in her mouth. No wonder he didn’t want to eat something sweet right now. “Ah. Are you okay?” He let out a rumbling chuckle, stabbing into his dessert. “Right now I’m fine. But I’m wondering if I should be going on that expedition; of the Kalta, I’m the only one with experience down there, and I’ve encountered Rahkshi. Aelied would want me to go.” The Vo-Toa finished off her mousse. “But do you want to go?” “Yes… yes I do. Maybe down there I’ll get some answers. And there is always the off chance we can find someone from the Wall.” The Wall. Casanuva had started it back at the Arsenal; a list of the Kalta’s most wanted criminals. Most were members of the Legacy, though Zaktan of the Piraka also had his name and a sketch on there. Zueya smiled. “Well, I’m going with. Call it stress-testing the new armor, call it supporting you, call it my duty to Ko-Koro, but you don’t have to go back down there alone.” Skorm smiled back at Zueya. “Thank you dear.” He didn’t have to say any more; she knew. Thankfully, that also let him finish off his mousse in two massive bites. Quickly paying (and leaving a sizable tip), and he and Zueya were on their way. They both had their gear already, no need to head back to the Arsenal; Aelied’s instructions were to be ready even if they weren’t on duty. The couple made their way to the Ko-Koro Dark Walk; while they had both seen it, neither had been inside. There was a group of adventurers already there; Skorm recognized the Bo-Toa that had been with Reordin. They saw Lieutenant Torin of the Sanctum Guard there; Skorm had met her briefly before, and her name had come up when he had heard about the Dark Walk patrol she was putting together. After a glance at Zueya and a nod from her, Skorm took the lead. “Lieutenant Torin? Zueya and Skorm of the Toa Kalta. We heard you were putting together an expedition to go down into the Dark Walk; we came to volunteer. Sorry if we’re a little late, we’re off-duty and it took us a bit to get our gear.” Zueya wiped her mask with her hand to make sure there weren’t any bits of food left. OOC: @Leaf… et al
  18. Chuckschwa drew some parallels between Kopaka and Kanaloa a few months ago.
  19. I wanted to say that they just put gender in Bionicle because it's a meaningful concept to the audience, not necessarily that it has any significance to the characters themselves. As far as I know, it certainly doesn't have any, erm, biological significance. Then I realized that if, in-universe, gender was only a social concept it would actually be consistent with the literal definition of gender, according to the sex/gender distinction. I think you're definitely on to something there. Did Lego have any idea that anyone would still be debating it 20 years later? Ok but I wasn't talking about the actual gender distributions in Bionicle so forgive me for misunderstanding.
  20. IC: Kreigero [Ko-Wahi, Wilderness] Kreigero gave Atamai a nod. He wasn't a complete fool after all. The water in Kreigero's thermos lid soon began to simmer and boil. She picked up the lid after wrapping her hand in her cloak for insulation, then poured the water through a filtered funnel into her flask, leaving the other two matoran to continue their line of conversation.
  21. IC: Hakari - The Bright Star Inn - Le-Koro - Well it seemed it was up to Hakari, she thought about it. "Hmmmmmm....how about...Lapu!" OOC: @Harvali @ARROW404
  22. IC Stannis | Po-Koro The Wanderer's shoulders rolled slowly like mountains, his equivalent of a shrug. "No clue. She has not set a schedule, or even declared her intent, but we can go pay her a visit and get it from the akiri's mouth. I will not lead you on with misinformation."
  23. IC: Ra'lhen -- Po-Koro, Stannis' Home The thought brightened Ra'lhen's mood. Echelon may have been at large. If this was the case, Ra'lhen had strongly considered making finding him and stopping whatever he would inevitably plan next. However, such a quest would be as difficult as it was dangerous. Stannis had just offered the Toa a chance to prove to himself and to the sleeping Great Spirit that he could be that hero that this island needs. The hero that would prepare for the coming war, and whatever darkness that Makuta brings. "We are at peace for now," Ra'lhen began, "That means now is the time to prepare for the darkness, and get in front of it. No more waiting for Echelon or some other Makuta-worshipper to make the first deadly strike" Ra'lhen continued, "I'd be honored to explore the Dark Walk with you. If this is something that Renaka has called for, I can be sure that Officer Wokodin will allow me to partake. In actuality, it sounds like something he would have summoned me from Ostia for" Ra'lhen couldn't help but smile at the thought that his unexpected trip to see Wokodin to update the Sentinels of his new uniform may have been planned anyway. "When is this Dark Walk expedition expected to happen?" Ra'lhen asked.
  24. I'm betting that the calendar, windmill, and the lego store will probably make it to full support. Other than that I'm not sure really.
  25. Although I got a Bricklink account a few months ago for a failed attempt at getting that Bionicle set, I think I'll refrain from making any attempted orders on any of the rest of these models. However, I will say the ones that interest me the most are Science Adventures and Modular LEGO Store. I think it'll be fun to watch from the sidelines when orders will start being accepted and seeing which five of these nine will make it. Which ones do you think will likely achieve minimum support before the others?
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