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  2. I'm in one of those Really Need a New Screenname moods again. I guess I'm just indecisive, but... I don't think I want to be known as "Sith Version of Jaller" anymore.

    Watch me change my mind in a few days and decide I'm too attached to this name to let go of it xD;;;

    But for real. A change would do me good. The kid who chose this name grew up; and I'd now rather something that more accurately represents me, instead of just the name of an old project that I'm never going to do anything with now.

    I think my main decision is whether I want to tie myself to a canon Bionicle character, the way my current name does with Jaller. On the one hand: YES, I would for sure like my new username to still be a Bionicle reference somehow, given the nature of the site. On the other, I feel like naming myself to identify with a specific character ties me down.

    But if I didn't go that route... I'm having trouble finding something clever enough that I actually like it xD

    1. Darth Jaller

      Darth Jaller

      (On the one hand: Don't mind me, I'm rambling. But on the other: if anyone has any thoughts for me, I'd be interested to hear them! ^^)

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  4. IC Kanohi - Po-Metru Kanohi clapped his hands together excitedly, he had helped the Toa again. The first times with the Taku’s engines and hull, he had … well it was more of a “not a complete failure” than a success, but this, this was something he did right. Completely right! And it was with his disk launcher abilities. He … he was useful. As Nale spoke he startled out of his moment of euphoria, moving his hands to his sides. But even in their less prominent position his wrists flapped his an excited energy. Running off the high of his success, Kanohi said, “Toa heroes, I um, it’s just an idea. Um, if the red glass is um, well if it needs light to hit it, the red sky above us might mess it up. So um, could Toa Stannis create a stone box around the statue, to block out the red sky, so we could use something else to imitate the light of the stars or the suns? Like a Lightstone?”
  5. IC: Thom - Silver Sea Island (Terminate With Extreme Prejudice) Eyes wide with adrenaline, Rose's new Skakdi friend charged behind, using the Ta-Toa's substantial size as a shield. It wasn't cowardice if someone else had volunteered, after all. Combined with the forces from the beach, the duo pushed their way out of the jungle and closer towards the temple. Skakdi and other beings roasted to death, screaming as Rose torched them to a crisp. The smell was...quite unique, even to Thom. Some were also lifted into the air temporarily by Thom's anti-grav rounds, and then blasted like fish rahi in barrels by his allies, or roasted by Rose. But, still, they were only about halfway to the temple's entrance. And as ammunition ricocheted and reflected off of Rose's armour, that fact cemented itself in both soldiers' minds. OOC: Bunnying was approved by Tarn.
  6. IC: Skorm (Silver Sea, the Ripple) The Twi-Toa drew in a deep breath as he rose to his feet. "I was searching the Nynrah wreck for abandoned technology, and I found several pieces." He set down the satchel on the ground. "I also found this drone, maybe it can help identify what these things are." The fohrok-va flew down to the bag an chirped, looking at the League warriors. Skorm turned and followed Tugarak. "I'll be back shortly." OOC: The Nynrah tech is approved by @Unreliable Narrator; we have a piece of armor, the lightstone scattergun, and the crossbow. Skorm's new robot buddy can explain what they do... in its own way.
  7. IC: Rose - Outside the Temple She took a deep breath, then charged. A volley of shots came her way as she broke through the underbrush, the Leaguers now responding to the attack. "Get moving, eyepatch," she called to the Ko-Skakdi behind her as she pushed forward. The sight of a giant, heavily-armored woman covered in blood presumably didn't do much for the enemy's morale as she barreled towards the temple. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru "You fixed it...huh. Nice." Nale studied the direction the statue was pointing for a moment. "The disk must be that way. Should we just head over there and start digging? Without the exact location it would take forever, but..." She turned to Knichou. "I could try sensing for anomalies like you mentioned. I don't feel anything in the immediate area, though."
  8. IC: Amatarkonen He leaned back nervously in his seat. His back was aching, but he did not dare sit up in case Takadox interpreted this as a threat and triggered whatever mechanism for execution he had stored away in the floor or walls of this room. "You spoke of an expedition sent by Carapar returning in triumph. I took it they had returned with the source of these strange lights, some sort of strange artifact. I assumed that this artifact would be some sort of orb. It seems like a popular shape for whoever builds things like this." Takadox stared at him with his cold, red eyes. "Forgive me, my lord. I do not mean to pry into things that do not concern me." He lowered his head to the ground in a show of mock guilt. "You may have my head if you wish. My life is yours to spare, and yours alone." OOC: Probably should have referred to the orb as a generic artifact, but the damage is done now. Just assume that he's really good at making inferences and there's nothing else to it. Also, please don't kill him off just yet.
  9. IC: Takadox, Barraki Fortress This was new to the Barraki. He hated not knowing exactly what went on in the minds of lesser beings, or what they knew about things they shouldn't. Barraki Takadox leaned forward across the desk, his webbed hands gripping the edges closest to his subordinate. He eyed his fortress guardian with dangerous curiosity. "The... Orb? Please, why don't you tell me what you seem to already know. But be careful -- I might become very interested in how you got such information."
  10. IC: Amatarkonen This was news to him. He had been aware Carapar had sent out a mission earlier, but until now he had not made the connection. Barraki did strange things behind each other's backs all the time, but the Universe was a big place. He had suspected any number of things, but not one of the other Barraki. "So all I have to do is wait for Carapar's mission to return? Then we can seize the orb ourselves before he realizes what is happening?" He gave a brief bow. "Your wisdom is truly infinite, my lord."
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | Po-Metru Kanohi fired his disc at the statue, and with a little help from Stannis holding the broken hand back in place the plan worked. The hand became solidly connected, pointing out into the deserts of the sculpture fields. As a pilot, Knichou knew his directions decently enough to tell even in the strange lighting that the hand pointed due North. The party gathered knew they had some options: they could attempt to brute force their way through and find a disc hidden somewhere nearby, with the risk of damaging it, or they could do their best to solve the puzzles carefully. IC: Takadox | Barraki Fortress "You're worried about the lights and want to fix it," Takadox repeated. He didn't mock Amartakonen, more like streamlined. A loud crunch came from his mouth. He rolled his eyes and spit crab shell out the nearby window. "Well, you don't have to go anywhere then. You can just sit here and wait like I am for Carapar to get all the glory as his mission returns." Then, like he forgot he wasn't alone, Takadox cursed and grumbled, "this is infuriating!"
  12. Having plants which are made of metal but grow organically would be interesting to see. It would imply that at least some organisms are capable of organic growth. This would help to explain where certain kinds of wild rahi come from,and how they are able to reproduce. Also, that Metru Nui poster reminds me of the Engineer ship from Alien. Cool stuff. Well, we never did find out how new matoran came into being, did we? Maybe they were also crafted by the smiths, just with different materials. Or it could have just been a source of spare parts, sort of like an organ bank.
  13. Were there any notable plans for those? I know there's some neat concept art, but that seems to be where it ends. Also, OP literally JUST said he wants to proceed with Bionicle investigations.
  14. Love it or hate it, LEGO Star Wars is here to stay. I happen to love it, so I'm always excited to see what LEGO comes up with for Star Wars sets each year. As you'll see with most of our Toy Fair coverage, what we saw was primarily sets that are already on store shelves, which is unfortunate, but there were three sets that aren't available yet, including one that had not even been announced at the time of the show! To learn about them all, read on!View the full article
  15. Maybe now that you are done exploring the mysteries of the MNOG you can explore early Hero Factory or Chima ideas as your next project.
  16. Two thousand Daleks are teleported to the southern continent. Round 1 The time is while the Toa Nuva are in Karda Nui. Round 2 The time is during the Toa-Dark Hunter war. Bonus round The Doctor also appears Matoran Universe victory: defeat the Daleks Dalek victory: EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE
  17. Well its going to be interesting to see where the market goes. As demand dies out, will there be a surplus of used Bionicle flooding Bricklink? Or as more Bionicle fans become adults with some disposable income will market prices spike even higher as people push to buy the "must haves" they never got as children? I know I certainly have been on a Kanohi collecting kick over this last year, everytime I make a Bricklink order I try shoving in some Kanohi if the store has any.
  18. Another very intriguing article! I’d love to see how BIONICLE would turn out if all the original concepts were kept. In the biodermis smith’s lab, is that half of Turaga Onewa on the floor?
  19. Some of the fruits have actually been depicted with Lego pieces, like the Bula Berry: Vuata Maca Fruit in LoMN looks more like a glowing ball of energy than anything. As it does in Quest for the Toa: In fact, this tree looks like it's made out of living metal rather than wood, doesn't it? In other words, Biodermis. So I think the idea with some of these "plants" is that they were either transplanted directly from the Matoran Universe (the villagers would of course want to bring their energy source to the surface), or possibly evolved from something that was originally inside it. The Vuata Maca trees seem to be a remnant of the concept that was mentioned by Christian Faber here: "It was the original intention that everything would have a bio-mec original design so no ordinary palm trees but only strange new species with new features." This wouldn't be the last time we missed out on a much more alien and unfamiliar biomechanical world in Bionicle. I think why we saw so many earthlike plants had more to do with out-of-universe reasons than lore-based ones. Designing environments takes a lot of time, especially if you're making it all up from scratch, and leaning too hard on the unfamiliar and strange might've alienated some potential buyers.
  20. IC: Karista - Ga-Metru Karista was up in the air again, swooping beneath the Phase Dragon and up the street. This thing couldn't chase after her forever... could it?
  21. IC: Pardehi - Holy Temple "Are you alright, toa?" he asked Jephro. IC: Tugarak - The Ripple "Okay, just don't loose it. I don't want to have to try and explain that to Carapar." He called after Mazor. He turned to Skorm. "Come with me to the bridge. We should talk about this in private." He turned around and headed back towards the bridge, beckoning for Skorm to follow. IC: Fenruki - Po Metru Chutes. Kneeling out of the way of oncoming traffic, Fenruki's eyes narrowed, doing his best to concentrate on his destination. He had ordered a disk from the local shop in the largest available size, but it was still too small to accommodate his large, attachment ridden feet. He worried that if he so much as leaned too far one way, he would be cut in half by and energy strand. Needless to say, that would have been most inconvenient. Besides, he liked this body. It reminded him of a real shell in a way. It was clumsier, less efficient and more prone to breakage, but all the essential elements were present. He had all the right limbs, sensory organs and powers. Oh yes, the powers. There was so much he could do with them. Right now, they would help him locate those special disks the biomechanicals were always chattering about. They were powerful things, it seems. Not to be trusted in unworthy hands. Certainly not biomech hands. His eyes narrowed, he was almost at his destination. He bent downward, preparing to make the leap. OOC: Fenruki is preparing to emerge at the Po-Metru chute station IC: Tinkerer - Ta Metru Tinkerer lumbered along, carefully scanning his surroundings for any sign of movement. The sight of a burning ariship caught his eye. He knew that the other Dark Hunters of the city would try and get there first. He turned and ran in the direction of the crash. OOC: Tinkerer is planning to join the other Hunters near the airship.
  22. The Toa Ignika always seemed a bit ugly to me, those rubber masks (spikes? Scales!? Teeth???) , the marbled colours (those would be fine if there were more varieties) and the colour schemes of Hewkii and Nuparu were a bit odd. still they were fine compared to the Toa Hordika, the idea of being mutated could of been much better executed without being garish. The mataron of mata nui were disappointing in that they had limited colours. And those ab things are gross looking.
  23. I'd like to add the Rahkshi as sets I don't really like. Even as a kid I thought they were goofy looking and their little t-rex arms severely limits their poseability. Looking at my collection somehow I've ended up with all 6 in their canisters despite never making a particular effort to get them all. I also think the original Makuta set from 2003 is kind of badly designed, as a kid the front two gunmetal Toa Nuva chest pieces were constantly popping out, and the legs had 0 articulation and barely seemed to hold up the weight of the upper body.
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