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  2. IC: Keirara (Something wicked this way comes) Something prickled at the back of the crafter's mind. It took her a second to tie this to her elemental powers. Slowly and painfully turning her stiff neck, she saw… Fire. Or the glow of it. It was too faint to be the raw burning she had at first feared, so the settlement likely wasn't ablaze. But… Leaning on her shield for support, Kei reached for a pile of rubble and withdrew a longish piece of relatively straight metal. It hummed faintly in her hand, not taking well to the slug of power the Toa sent through it from her failing reserves, but it would do for a few strikes at least. Her power would probably have given out by then, if a fight were on its way. It wasn't her trusty lance, whose shattered remains were still slung across her back, but it would have to do. "Something's… coming," she said, leaning on the improvised tool. "Something … or someone. I sense light. Firelight, and it's getting brighter. I… I don't know what I can do" she finished hollowly, a note of defeat in her voice at her fading power. She needed rest, or daylight if nothing else. She was worried she was about to find out if one could become a turaga from exertion alone. If it wasn't for a faint pool of warmth spreading from the symbiote clamped around her mending spine, she felt she'd have run dry of power already. (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway, @Smudge8)
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  4. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva She nodded numbly, and followed Viltia up into the village. She was still reeling from the brief, horrifying encounter with the undead creatures. Questions burned through her brain, begging for answers that she couldn't provide. What were they? Why were they here? Was it something to do with her, or just another twisted coincidence? @Kal the Guardian
  5. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Le-Metru Nuva, on the Northwestern fringes of (7, 13) in the Fau Swamp With - Sidra Viltia nodded, resolve entering her optics, “You’re right. We have to do at least that much in the time being. Maybe the village leaders will have better options.” Turning to the Kahu, Viltia unsaddled him to give him at least a couple hours downtime. However, she kept the saddles in the pen at an easy reach. She patted him and he cooed in a way that sounded to her like happiness. He had done so well obeying commands and staying calm. He deserved his rest. Leaving him be, she exited the grass floored pen to take a bridge into the village proper. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  6. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "Okay, so we can't really run for it," she summarised. "Not all of us, anyway." It was simple math. A group was only as strong as its weakest member, and even before some of the villagers had been injured in the mosquito attack, not everyone had really looked to be fighting fit. Not to mention the difficulties involved with gathering enough food and water to support the entire populace if they did have to make a run for it. "If we're going to stay, then we need to warn everyone, and prepare a defence." @Kal the Guardian
  7. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Le-Metru Nuva, on the Northwestern fringes of (7, 13) in the Fau Swamp With - Sidra Viltia’s optics lit up slightly both at hearing Sidra didn’t want to leave and at remembering something she had seen earlier, “Actually, I saw some smaller islands close by when I was on the southern shore gathering sand. We coul-” She stopped, realizing those undead looking beings had already been submerged in the watery muck, hiding out of sight, “Or not, since those things don’t need to breathe. They would find us eventually.” Shrugging, she shook her head, “I mean, maybe we could make a floating village in the sea. It might take me a week, but I could probably make us one.” She gripped the sides of her head in frustration as she realized the flaw there, “Actually I know nothing about boats, so I wouldn’t know how to make anything float or withstand waves.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  8. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "Even if I wanted to leave... there's nowhere for me to go." Sidra replied, realising that for the first time in her life, the thought of teleporting away from her problems hadn't been her immediate reaction. If Viltia had been another Dark Hunter, if their encounter with the undead had been on a mission, Sidra would have abandoned her without hesitation, with the footage conveniently scrubbed from her nektann and excuses ready to be made. "Those things came from Metru Nui," Sidra turned back around to look at Viltia, "Unless you know of any settlements even further south for us to evacuate to, there's nowhere any of us can run to except right towards those monsters. Even if we got past them, who knows if they've even left anything alive?" @Kal the Guardian
  9. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Le-Metru Nuva, on the Northwestern fringes of (7, 13) in the Fau Swamp With - Sidra Viltia climbed out of the forward saddle to join Sidra when her friend slammed her fist into the paddock. Viltia jumped, not ready for the outburst. After all that had happened, she wasn’t sure how to feel. Sidra had never been like this before. Sidra’s voice was full of emotion as she started to speak, "I came so. Karzing. Far. To get away from everything I saw and did in Metru Nui. This was supposed to be a fresh start! How are those things here? Why now? Why me?" Viltia wasn’t sure what to say. She knew nothing of what Sidra had gone through, or who her friend truly was before. But Viltia would stand by her for as long as she needed. Viltia placed a comforting hand on her lanky friend’s back, “You told me a couple days ago that we forge our own destinies. I believe that now more than ever. Whatever comes against this village, I will stand against it because I choose to do so, regardless of how hopeless things might seem. But you have another destiny that you’re making with that Great Disc. Maybe the reward will help you make your own fresh start, instead of having to find one. “I heard what you did earlier today. How you helped save other villagers from those giant mutated mosquitoes. If you felt indebted to us for helping you, I would say that it has been repaid in full. If you need to leave for your own sake…” Viltia paused, not wanting to say her next words despite knowing them to be the right thing to say, “...then you can leave, no questions asked. I’ll be waiting here if you would ever need help again.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  10. Does a Suva function solely through swapping, or can you put in and take out items regardless of having an equivalent item to take its place? @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend
  11. Feel free, just tag GM's so we can update our records.
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  13. As for story ideas, Greg has hinted its not a possibility because any new character or item names would require approval from Lego's legal team to be considered canon. Since G1 has been gone for ten years (and four years since G2 ended), I doubt Lego's lawyers would be willing to put in work to canonize new stories let alone is Lego willing to pay them to do it! The reason the canon contests have focused on existing characters is since Lego's lawyers did the legal work to clear their names a decade ago, the only addition they needed to complete their canon look was the MOC/artwork depicting them.
  14. Oooh yes. There is a reason I have all the Toa Masters and 5 of the Toa Uniters (darn you Pohatu!), the G2 Toa really felt like a return to the 2001-2002 roots that the Mata and Nuva set that G1 was never able to somehow recapture itself. Furthermore the changes between the Masters and Uniters are much nicer and well thought out than the differences between the Mata and Nuva. So many of the Nuva had been radically redesigned that if you removed the identifying color it would be hard to tell who was who, but the revamped masks and builds of the Uniters still felt very much in vein of who the characters we met in the Masters were. Not to mention the easter eggs, such as the inclusion of the Nuva symbols as chest decals on the Uniters (symbols which only showed up in packaging but never in G1 sets) felt like a nice nod to their 2002 predecessors. Even then, it was great to just have the original six Toa back in some form, seeing it had been 7 years since the Mistika/Phantoka years and 13 years since their Nuva and Mata forms. Furthermore G2's sets in general just did, a lot right. I know CCBS isn't for everyone since its normally is much smoother and futuristic than the rough and worn texture of G1 (pistons!) but CCBS is a very robust system that combined the best of Constraction with traditional Technic builds. I recently have rebuilt a few of my G2 sets after having previously built the Makuta combiner from them, and as I was putting stuff like Umarak the Destroyer and Lord of Skull Spiders together I was pleasantly reminded at how much Technic was in the models. LoSS feels very much like he belongs in the same family as the 2001 Rahi sets. Oh and the socket quality, CCBS is built to last in a way G1 never was. Speaking of sets, I came to love the Protector style and have many G1 characters "revamped" in the Protector style to bring them into the G2 story and I love how the little figures have so much articulation in G2. While I think the villains in G2 in general never hit the same high water mark as a wave that G1 had with stuff like the Bohrok or Pirakha, I do think Umarak the Hunter might be one of the best villain sets Bionicle ever put out; with a great spooky forest-man "wendigo" vibe to him. The Makuta combiner (while a pain to collect all the pieces needed to build it) is so spectacular in person and really shows the full potential G2 had. G2's biggest sins were in its story, and its unfortunate since I will stand by that the physical sets were well designed products and a much better final series for Bionicle sets collectors than 2010's Stars were.
  15. IC: Uraborask & Skrillix (The Fau Swamp) Passing through mud puddle, water pool, and algae patch, Uraborask slowly drove his rig through the marshes of the Fau Swamp, only a few hours from reaching the denseness of the swamp. Surveying the liquid ponds and the horizon of the treeline, Uraborask kept his eyes out for even the slightest movement, his vision of deduction working in overdrive as to ensure that nothing wrecked his rig before he got too deep into the swamp itself. The Fau Swamp, contrary to what he told Cravious, Uraborask had indeed made multiple incursions into the Swamp. But true to his word, the last time he was in the swamp was when he attempted to guide a band of Skakdi in there. Uraborask had never went as deep as he did as that expedition, and it was on that trip where he realized just how deadly the swamp could be. Since then, Uraborask had never went back, knowing that although he was an apex predator amongst the monsters known as Skakdi, he knew he wasn't an apex amongst the real monsters within that swamp. Looking across the treeline, Uraborask looked for a thin enough patch where he could drive through with his rig. He knew that here on out, it was going to be a rough journey, but not because of the terrain. Thankfully, Cravious's modifications actually did good work on making the rig semi-amphibious, allowing Uraborask to easily drive the rig through the deep waters and mud without trouble. The only trouble was going to be able to pass through the trees that formed the thick canopy of the swamp. Reaching a relatively thin portion of trees, Uraborask at last entered the Fau Swamp, slowly driving past the trees and through the would be waist-deep cesspool of mud, algae, and other such ooze. The sound of insects filling the air as the thick muggy air blew through the air conditioning, with not even the ingenious system implanted by Cravious being able to prevent the humid musk of the swamp from spilling in. Uraborask knew that this was going to be an aweful and difficult trip, and something about it wasn't going to go right. OOC: No idea who to tagged so simply enjoy the post whoever.
  16. IC: Sidra - Le-Metru Nuva "I don't know, I don't- karz!" She dropped out of the saddle and slammed her fist against the side of the kahu pen. She gashed her knuckles on the coarse bark, but the pain barely registered, drowned out by the anger and despair threatening to overwhelm her. "I came so. Karzing. Far. To get away from everything I saw and did in Metru Nui. This was supposed to be a fresh start! How are those things here? Why now? Why me?" @Kal the Guardian
  17. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Le-Metru Nuva, on the Northwestern fringes of (7, 13) in the Fau Swamp With - Sidra The Kahu gracefully banked its way through the canopy and landed in its pen. It looked back at Viltia and then started eating the food left out for it. Viltia continued to sit in the saddle, staring down at the now torchlit bridges, huts, and platforms that made up Le-Metru Nuva as many species moved about. Life was already so hard here, why did something like this have to happen? And of course the rest of the island didn’t seem safe, so what could they do? “And the best way to do that is to mine more rare ores to start making electronics and better weapons.” Viltia sighed, tired and wanting to forget what just happened, “Even acidic plants I’ve seen here wouldn’t do much to those things. Do you know how well they can climb mud walls? Maybe we can make a ton of pits or something.” Viltia turned in her saddle to look at Sidra behind her, “Do you know how they were killed before?” OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  18. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "Easier said than done," she replied absently. "We don't have... any of what we'd need for something like that." What she didn't add was that she wouldn't go anywhere near an airship even if they somehow managed the minor miracle of making one. The last airship she'd been on had exploded apart around her, burning and breaking and birthing a horde of living corpses from its wreckage. Too much of her history was already repeating around her. She had no desire to relive that particular experience. "We need to... I don't know, set a trap or something," she muttered. "Find a way to delay or destroy them." @Kal the Guardian
  19. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - The Canopy of the Fau Swamp (7, 13) With - Sidra Viltia’s heart wasn’t in her hope. Her laser crossbow had done next to nothing with those things absorbing all plant life around her. This swamp was just a place to grow strong for them. A dead limb twisted out of the canopy in a familiar way. They were almost back home. Viltia worked her jaw in concern. “At the very least we need an escape route now more than ever.” She paused in thought as the Kahu dipped into an opening in the canopy, plunging them into darkness while their optics adjusted. “Maybe I could grow an airship and we forge an engine and high level levitation disks.” They were very close to the village now. At least all seemed quiet here. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  20. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "I hope so," she echoed, though her heart wasn't in it. The combined strength of nearly every Toa in existence and the League of Six Kingdoms hadn't been enough to eradicate these things in the midst of their battle for Metru Nui. If anything, they'd probably ended up creating more of them, if their fallen had risen again as undead. Though she didn't dare give voice to her doubts, Sidra couldn't bring herself to believe that Le-Metru Nuva stood the slightest chance if the undead came for them. @Kal the Guardian
  21. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - The Canopy of the Fau Swamp (7, 13) With - Sidra Viltia took a small joy from confirmation that they could at least be killed, even if the effort required to do so was great. The Kahu banked as it swooped past a tree that rose slightly above the others. The biting cold of the wind kept her mind off of her ankles and on the problem of those creatures roaming the swamp. “We have to prepare, then. We need to learn how to make better Kanoka so everyone can be equipped to help fight if they find us. Torch talked to me earlier about needing a Kanohi of X-Ray vision to help them mine safer. That would mean we could get better ores to make better weapons and machines.” Viltia shook her head. The clock was ticking, spelling out inevitable doom for Le-Metru Nuva. “I just hope we get as much time as possible before they find us.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  22. Yes! Earth Globe! An idea that I gave a vote of support for has been approved! And yes, I will definitely be getting that set once it becomes available.
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  24. IC: Sidra - Fau Swamp "I... I don't know," she replied, "I saw them, or something like them, in Metru Nui in the days before we crashed here. Whatever they are, they're hard to kill." She hoped Viltia was wrong about the creatures being able to track her. But even if she was, the fact that the undead were out here at all didn't bode well for the village. @Kal the Guardian
  25. IC: Viltia - Toa of the Green - Metru-Nui Refugees Location - Giant Sword With - Sidra, Undead Horde Taken from her thoughts by Sidra’s questions, she urged the Kahu to begin a slow turn. Off in the distance the tree she had made grow slightly above the canopy was a mere bump in the rolling “hills” that made up the canopy of the Fau Swamp. Viltia fidgeted in her seat, “I’m not sure how far they can see, but one touched me on my ankles and it still burns. I don’t know, but maybe it can sense me now? What even were those things? They looked dead, except they weren’t!” The Kahu evened out and dropped lower to the tops of the trees to try to stay out of view as they took a roundabout way back to the village. Dropping this low was more dangerous than staying higher up, but it was at least not as dangerous as being in the swamp itself. OOC: @Nato the Traveler
  26. IC: Sidra - Still in the air "How far do you think those things can see?" She asked, after they'd been in flight for a while. The clear air and open skies had helped calm her somewhat, the sprawling green vistas of the forest helping push the images of the decaying, decrepit undead from her mind. "We can loop back to the village once we're out of their sightline." @Kal the Guardian
  27. The Toa sets were pretty impressive, but beyond that there wasn't much I liked about it. It just felt like a rather weak attempt at rerunning stuff we'd already seen instead of doing anything truly new.
  28. Hi, guys. Since there are canonization contests that give Bionicle G1 characters with no descriptions descriptions, Helryx got her look (nice tubes), and Artakha is next, I would like to ask you this: What canonization contest do you want to happen? For me, well, here’s this: 1. Annona (draw her) 2. Tren Krom (draw him) 3. Toa Dume 4. The true look of Norik’s mask. 5. The Makuta of Stelt and a name for him. 6. Kojol 7. Phantom 8. Turaga Jovan 9. The guy who is the Mask of Life’s first bearer before Matoro and give him a name. 10. Shadow Toa. 11. The other six Rahkshi (Draw them are least and in their original forms, not the Light-resist one that the Rahkshi of Heat Vision had in 2010), and give them names. 12. Velika’s Great Being form and other Great Beings (just draw pictures of these guys and give the cursed guy a name). 13. Lein. 14. Triglax 15. Hero Agori’s look and name. 16. The Recorder. 17. Varian 18. Jerbraz 19. Johmak 20. Toa Cordak (just draw a group picture) 21. Toa Mangai (just draw a group picture) 22. The Earth Tribe (just draw a group picture) 23. The Iron Tribe (just draw a group picture) 24. The Elemental Lords’ names and original forms (just draw pictures) 25. The Barraki original looks and the League of Six Kingdoms (just draw the group picture) 26. The Piraka’s snake forms. 27. Kodan - a Po-Matoran chronicler 28. Idu - a Ko-Matoran who was Nuju’s friend. 29. Rahi Nui 30. A Turaga Kaita or two. 31. The Metru Nui Matoran Nui who is made of the six Great Disk Matoran. 32. A Toa of Plant Life, Iron, Plasma, Gravity. 33. Shadow Takanuva 34. Mavrah 35. Brutaka’s mutated form. 36. Skakdi of Lightning, Magnetism, Plant Life, Sonics, Plasma, Gravity, Iron, and Psionics (just draw them). 37. Krahka’s true form. 38. Bota Magna Vorox and their leader who attacked Gelu’s Toa team. 39. The Order of Mata Nui (just draw a group pic) 40. The Hand of Artakha (just draw a group pic) 41. A story that can re-continue and end the G1 story. Here’s my ideas: And also, this to make things interesting: 42. A story about a crossover of Bionicle G1 and Hero Factory: And also, this to make things interesting for HF’s own good: 43. Perhaps a crossover story for Bionicle G1 and G2. Vezon would be a major character, and it would explain the connection between the Vahi’s from both G’s. 44. Axato’s look. 45. The origin stories for the important G2 characters. So, there. It’s very nice that Helryx got her look, so there could be hope for us when it comes to these ideas, and just in case Lego isn’t doing it soon or on Bionicle’s 20th anniversary or HF’s 11th anniversary next year unless Lego would like to use our stuff for materials to cause these things. We don’t know what Lego is up to with the action figure themes nowadays, and Lego seemingly doesn’t do anything with them since 2016 for some reason. Anyone agree with my ideas, or do you want to make stories about other places during the events of the main Bionicle G1 story? They may take some time, but that’s a good idea in my opinion, and I hope Greg and TTV should consider these things for the good of the fans. We all need them.
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