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Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jan 19 2018 · 14 views

Pope Gregory XIII was a doofus as was Julius Caesar. Did they not foresee the importance of a logical calendar in a technological society? Here are some changes I would make if given supreme dictatorial power over the Free World.

1) New calendar starts the day after the winter solstice (i.e. the winter solstice is the last day of the year). The days start off short, get long, and once they're short again we start a new year. I could compromise by going with the summer solstice or one of the equinoxes, but the current system of "ehhh, I guess we'll start the new year like a week and a half after the solstice" is stupid and dumb and I hate it.

2) 12 months, 30 days each. Months 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 all get an extra day. That adds up to 365.

3) No leap years. The final day of the year will be 0.2422 days longer to help the rotation and the revolution counts catch up to each other.

4) Better month names. September, October, November, and December are months 9, 10, 11, and 12 just so that we could fit in two holidays named after emperors who have been dead for like 2000 years? That's insane. Nope, scrap the whole system. Pick some new naming scheme. Name them after stars, rocks, trees, historical figures, elements, or dinosaurs. The current system has no cohesion or logic.

5) Now that there's no shift in which day falls on which date, all holidays are static and better spaced out. Every month gets a holiday and they all happen either on a Monday or a Friday. None of this "oh, sometimes it lands on a Wednesday". That's not a lottery I'm interested in gambling at. Now I realize many religious and cultural celebrations may follow a lunar calendar or that certain groups may be attached to celebrations that are already tied to specific days. Well tough tamales! You should've thought of that before electing me supreme leader of the world.

I think that's a pretty good start, and it's pretty easy to fit a 5 step plan into my manifesto. I could go into detail on my plans for a 3 day weekend, second Christmas, or regulations about which holidays warrant fireworks and which ones do not, but I think I can save that for the supreme world leader election circuit.


Further Thoughts on/Hopes for TWEWY Final Remix

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Mt. Coronet, Jan 19 2018 · 26 views

-So…”Final Remix”. Two things about that worry me a bit. For one, “final”. Sort of makes it seem like Square might be officially saying this is it. Or, hey, maybe this is the last remix because next they’re going to do an actual sequel! Aha…ha…er, anyway. Secondly, that’s disturbingly close to the Final Mix tagged onto Kingdom Hearts remakes. That just…makes me nervous.

-Looks to be using Solo Remix’s battle system, and I can confirm that’s gonna be solid. What’s interesting is this mention of using the Joy Cons. I mean, I guess you’d need that for when the system is docked, but it’ll be very interesting to see how that transition goes. A part of me is a bit sad that the combat system is getting less and less unique with each iteration, but since that has been a barrier to entry for some people that might actually be a good thing in the end. But really, how does a touch-focused system get moved to more traditional button controls? I’m eager to see.

-So…that trailer shows Minamimoto being brought back by Coco. This could just be an altered version of the scene where he revives in the third week, or this could be something entirely new, meaning Minamitmoto is being revived again for the new content. That…could go either way. I love Minamimoto and what he brought to the game—there’s a reason he’s so popular amongst fans. But the thing is, he is incredibly popular amongst fans. There exists a chance he’s going to shoehorned in as fanservice. (That’s the way Kingdom Hearts is headed, after all.) That would be less than ideal. Oh, maybe I’m just worrying over nothing. This could be so zetta cool!

-You know who I hope they do more with? I mean, basically everyone, but favorite underdog: Higashizawa. Er, undergoat? Ram? What is Ovis Cantus exactly? Anyway, out of the three Game Masters, Higashizawa feels the least…well, important. And that’s not really the case: his actions in week 1 spur on the character development of Neku and Shiki, which is one of the best things in the game and has a huge impact on the entire rest of the game. But Higashizawa just isn’t as memorable as Minamimoto and Konishi. For starters, he was only around for one week! The other two had a lot more opportunity, and were more involved in the overall plot of the game and thus had another advantage. I just feel like Higashizawa’s the odd man out of the TWEWY family and think it’d be nice if they did something to change that.

-Hype-chan! Who is she? What’s her story? Wait, is she going to be playable?! As a partner, or in some other new capacity, or…what? We’ve been left hanging for six years, I just want to know!

-New story. Explain. Need more information. If there’s more TWEWY story I need to know it. So, it’s an epilogue? Is it just a short thing, or are we really getting the “NEW SEVEN DAYS” we were teased with before? Are these the seven days between Kitaniji’s defeat and the final scene of the original game? Or does it take place after that? Does it have to do with that Noise Symbol Hanekoma is concerned about in Another Day? Does Another Day have any relevance to this somehow? And what’s going on with Hanekoma now? I need to know. Wait, are there going to be new Secret Reports too?!

-They need to revamp Mingle PP. I have never been able to get a single point of it. The Switch is an online system, so they must at least be considering using that in the new Mingle system. Heck, they could just remove the Mingle system altogether, I’d be okay with that. Point is, Pins that can only be grown via Mingle PP have always been way too difficult to get and that really, really needs to change. Then again, Solo Remix had a great chance too and didn’t even try…

-Any chance we’ll be getting new Pins? I don’t think they added any into Solo Remix, but it’s always a possibility. It’d also be neat if they gave us new ways to activate Psychs unique to the Switch. Not completely sure what those would be, though…

-Come to think of it, new Noise? Is that a possibility? I mean if there’s going to be a new epilogue then it’d make sense for there to be at least some new enemies, and/or a new boss, right?

-How about Neku’s friend who was alluded to in Another Day? Info on them would be a great new addition. Wait a minute, is Hype-chan that friend?!

-And I’m sure there are going to be some new tracks, even if only remixes of previous songs. They’ll still probably be great.

-Plus, you know...hopefully this'll get more people interested in TWEWY! It's a wonderful game. It deserves more credit.



Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jan 18 2018 · 23 views
music I like

While it's no longer the subject of my member title or info sections, Oxenfree is still a cool game. Other favorite tracks are "The Beach, 7AM", "Catchpole Station", and, if you want to feel feelings, "Days Past". The rest of the soundtrack is wonderful as a complete package, too.

Also hey it's been a while since I've done one of these, huh.


15 Year Anniversary

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jan 18 2018 · 24 views

Yesterday blew past before I even realized that I had reached another BZPower Anniversary. 15 years this time (2003 - 2018). This will be the last year where I have NOT been on BZPower for more than half my life. (I mean, I suppose I could quit cold turkey next year, but that seems a bit extreme just to nullify a meaningless stat.)

Anyway, I now have Makuta's (Gen II) Mask of Control spinning underneath my name. Yayz?

Also, its fun to host a mafia game for once and see everybody's poor decisions being made. Hope people are enjoying it so far. :D



Hey, Eagles...

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jan 18 2018 · 32 views




nintendo labo

Posted by Lucina in Great Games, Jan 17 2018 · 38 views

good thing i have no money

otherwise i'd literally be buying cardboard for 80 dollars


From 2003 to 2018

Posted by <daydreamer> in Rantings of the Haven, Jan 17 2018 · 58 views

So, hi. Wow. I will admit that I thought the place was razed to the ground years back, and became nothing more than a childhood memory.

I was still technically a youth when I was last here. I was a child when I first joined this place - a very vivid memory of me asking my mother for permission to join the Internet in a world of Bionicle that I learned from a Flash game of Takua.

To add to the feels of polishing off cobwebs, a lot of my old content was gone. I found a message in my Inbox asking for my second Epic, Changing Worlds. All those documents are gone, I'm afraid. I'd honestly be surprised if any data from 2005 made it to my laptop 13 years later.

Lots have changed for me, once I left BZPower and the server move. I got a degree. I got a job. I moved countries for said degree and job, and had to leave it and return to my homeland. Taxes became a thing. Earning a living. The skill of the pen left me as well, when the demand of a day-to-day job overtook languid breaks between essays and projects... and World of Warcraft and Starcraft and Diablo, et cetera.

And the 'death' of Bionicle. I honestly could not keep up when Mata Nui went from godhood to mortal life. He was the last figurine I got, and that was as a gift to an autistic boy who shared a similar passion. That was in 2010, I think? When the news from LEGO came out, I merely thought that all good things would come to an end.

Fast track to today. Just two days ago, I had to dig out old certificates for an interview. I dug out my old backups to hunt down one missing cert, and came across my old FictionWrites. One of them was for Bionicle. And no, it was not everything. I eventually started saving my Epic writings in 2003-4 by copying what I raved into a text field onto Notepad. That did not come through. My short stories were lost too. I only found two stories, both in-progress and will probably be buried. They are fond memories to me, and it would be wrong to go back in and whack at it aimlessly.

I honestly don't know if I will pop round much anymore, but it is great to see old friends and usernames still active here in BZP. Maybe I will? I'm not sure how the rules have changed - or if the rules have changed - but... Yeah. Good to see BZPower alive and well.


Life isn't perfect, but...

Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Jan 16 2018 · 55 views

...I'm still happier now than I was before, I think.



Posted by Illuminatus in The Minimalist, Jan 16 2018 · 62 views
bionicle, the game, ost and 2 more...

Beating my own lay attempts years ago, someone figured out a way of extracting all the musical fragments from BIONICLE: The Game and sewing them together to bring the most complete, well-composed and high-quality OST of the game available online:


The score includes fragments that have never been used in the actual game for one reason or another, like this amazing passage for Ta-Koro and this entire battle theme for Ga-Koro.

Credit goes out to Hexadecimal Mantis for extracting the music and That1Cactus for editing. Insane job, you guys.

I see the Tahu Nuva and Takanuva levels have not yet been covered; I'm assuming they're WIP so I'll go ahead and share the original Tahu Nuva track Bob & Barn were kind enough to share with me some years ago that I never got around to uploading—and while I'm at it, here's the entire thing I personally managed to put together:

DOWNLOAD! (23/32 edited tracks + 2 original tracks by Bob & Barn)

Enjoy the best score ever composed for BIONICLE!


Personal History

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jan 13 2018 · 51 views

Essays, Not Rants! 303: Personal History
Exposition is, by nature, a weird thing. In fiction, it is effectively the author, whether through prose, dialogue, or (in video games) incidental environmental encounters telling you stuff about The World you’re visiting. It could be something as mundane as Ted and Jack used to be dating but now Jack’s into Sheila and that’s when Ted decided to quit his job or something as subtly major as "Years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. [need better example]" You need exposition so the audience know what’s going on, but when done poorly it can feel like infodump, that is a whole lotta information dumped at once, usually just to keep the audience in the loop. It can be clunky and heavy handed, transparent in its purpose to the point where the immersion in the narrative is disturbed. It’s especially an issue in fanatical stories where a world’s gotta be established whole cloth (though stories set in the real world do sometimes stumble on the issue).

But sometimes it works.

Let’s talk Star Wars, because I want to. After the opening crawl (which, holy snap, is a magnificent narrative device in its own right that deserves its own essay), we’re told really freaking little about this world until Luke sits down with Ben — a solid quarter of the way into the movie. And so comes the exposition. Leia reminds Ben that he served her father in the Clone Wars. Ben tells Luke about his father. For a thousand years, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace in the galaxy. But it works. Why? We wanna know what's going on! After this big space battle we've been following a couple droids around and met this kid named Luke. Luke wants to get off this nowhere planet and be a part of something bigger, and we wanna tag along on that journey.

So there’s Horizon Zero Dawn, a video game I’ve only been able to put down because my girlfriend really wants to know what happens next and I’m waiting until we hang out to progress. One reason I love it so is that it uses one of my favorite settings: it's post-apocalypse, but it's been so long since that a new society has developed and there's a mystery about what came before (see also: Mega Man Legends and The Chrysalids). The setting and its history, though, is wonderfully tied into the game’s narrative. In the game I'm Aloy, an Outcast from a matriarchal tribe who doesn't know who's her mother. My quest to discover where I come from reveals a connection between me and the Metal World of the Ancients (that is, the ruins of 2066) and starts to raise more questions than answers.

Over the course of the game I uncover more of what caused the apocalypse, and Aloy’s link to it all. There is a lot of expository information thrown around, both through the narrative itself and old records Aloy finds and can read or listen to. But it doesn't feel like an overwhelming barrage of useless information. For starters, we’re more than halfway into the game when we start getting this and we've spent hours surrounded by these mysterious ruins and machines. At this point, we're ready for some answers. And, it's all related to Aloy. I'm connected to this history, and that connection might just help me figure out who I am. Assuming you're invested in her (and why wouldn't you be, Aloy’s great), you wanna know who you are. The exposition is important because it serves as a narrative catharsis to the character’s arc. In other words, the answers are the answer.

The worst effect of the story is for the recipient to not care. When people monologue on about the geopolitical state of whatever, it’s easy to zone out. But when it’s personal, when the history of an apocalypse is relevant to your character, then it’s easier to care. And it helps when the world’s pretty dope.


Ten Years

Posted by Akaku: Master of Flight in Ak's Bionic Blogmobile, Jan 12 2018 · 54 views

Well, todays the day, for another few minutes anyways. My BZPower account is now over a decade old! :D

It's crazy to think I've been on here this long. Granted, I've been surfing here much longer, since the year BZPower was advertised back on Lego.com during the Metru-nui days, it was right before the Hordika came out I believe. I remember finding Lady Kopaka's art, Roa Mc Toa's MOC's and The Editorialist's comics over the years, and getting absolutely hooked on the site because of them. I also remember the whole Vahki-power April fools fiasco, since it happened right when I had to get stitches from a deep cut I got going sledding down a jump made of ice. What fun!

I also remember managing to make an account on here briefly, only for my first and only post to be something along the lines of 'tahu sucks', which quickly followed by me either forgetting the password or getting temp banned, and unable to create a new account until after my parents switched internet providers several years later; I was not a very smart child :P

And while all of that was well and good, it was this account, that I made back in January 11th 2008, that this post is of course all about. Thanks to it I've met several lifelong friends and of course my lovely fiancé (Inferna Firesword on here!), all of which I wouldn't trade the world for. And thanks again to everyone who congratulated us on the engagement, by the way! :)

It's been a long, fun and bumpy ride. from the sprite comics I did with Fusion X Dylan, the co-authoring I did for Toa Zero's, the hand drawn comics I made and the ones i drew with Taka Nuvia, the stories and prank wars that went on with my fellow Toa Seneca, the RPG's I took part of with so many others, and finally the semi-recent things ive done with Zahaki, Zippy, Itaki and Onaku, I'll never forget all the hilarious, awesome and dumb things I did with all of you, not to mention all my countless other friends and the cool folks I met here all along the way, kind enough to support and critique my work I've shown, helping make me a much better artist, and person.

In any case, i'm quickly running out of time to post this on the right day, so ill leave this post off on this note for here. Rest assured though, I plan to make a more proper tribute to this site, and all the awesome people I've met here along the way :)

Have a good night, everyone!

--Akaku: Master of Flight


Post-Basic and @Tech School

Posted by FallenAtlas in The Weight of The World, Jan 08 2018 · 52 views

It's been a while.

A long while. Not exactly sure of the time frame to be honest, but it may be far too long.

Well, where was I? Air Force Basic Training, 323rd Training Squadron, Lackland AFB, Texas. Had a fantastic time. Grew a lot. Lost 15lbs, almost made honor grad, and met some great people(and some awful people.).

Now, I'm at Tech School for Weather. Meteorology. Cloud science. Keesler AFB, Mississippi. I have about 6 1/2 months ahead of me and I'm looking forward to getting past it.

I'm back. Look forward to my writing on the weekends primarily, as the weekdays are far too busy for that. Anybody miss me?

Wouldn't be shocked if nobody remembered me, wasn't around that long in the first place.


Happy New Year!

Posted by Lady Kopaka in Lady K's Blog, Jan 02 2018 · 86 views

HEY GUYS LET'S MAKE 2018 AMAZING. Because 2017 was one of the most exhausting years I've had to contend with.

Between current events, moving six hours away to a new town, a medical withdrawal from college (after attempting to return from a six year hiatus), my dad getting a serious cancer, financial problems (but at least I have generous family and friends to keep me homeless), health still NOT improving, friend struggles, and...I'll just cut the list early there. Suffice to say you get the idea.

It wasn't all bad and I need to remember the good, but yeah, let's not do a repeat of that again. I hope your 2017 was better at least--and if you're struggling like me, let's stick together and hope 2018 is kinder. We can do this!

I haven't canceled CATALYST, but with my health and life situations I've fallen dismally behind. I hope to be back in the groove soon. Either to continue it or have a new plan.

Take care all~


happy new deer

Posted by Finch in Alrest, Jan 01 2018 · 61 views

my new years resolution is to not be crushed under the weight of everything Bad.


Thunderfury Turns One

Posted by Kagome in Wind's Weblog, Jan 01 2018 · 117 views

It's been a rough year, and I'm still working through questions and what everything means for me, and everything is pretty much still unanswered, but there is something that I can say for sure:

Posted Image

It's been one year together for me and Blessed Blade, so that's something worth celebrating and that doesn't require you to buy a new calendar.


belated kringlefest bonkleshaul

Posted by Nathan Evo in Dr. Evo's Miracle Diet, Dec 31 2017 · 75 views

I have almost all the 2001 Matoran. I now have Jala, Maku, Kongu, Huki, Onepu, Matoro, Hafu, Nuparu, Kapura, Takua, Tiribomba, and Ally.

Posted Image

I know I need at least Taipu and Dosne...


2017 Book Challenge List

Posted by Vorahk1Panrahk2 in V1P2's Blog, Dec 31 2017 · 52 views

Since the nature of my work means I have way too much free time, I decided to participate in some random blog's 2017 book challenge, because why not? The way the challenge works is that there are 50 or so categories, and during the year you have to read books that fit in each of the categories. The rules don't say that reading one book can satisfy multiple categories, but it doesn't really say it can't either. So I did the challenge that way.

So how did I do? Got everything except three. The nature of where I was made it reeeaallly hard to find used book sales, or finding books on a trip. I didn't read a book recommended by an author I loved because I just didn't get around to it. But, anyway, here's V1P2's 2017 in books:

(Authors not included because I didn't record that information initially and I don't feel like going back and putting it in.)

Requirement- Book

A book recommended by a librarian- How to Ditch Your Fairy
A book that's been on your TBR list for way too long- Frankenstein
A book of letters- Dear Mr. Henshaw
An audiobook- Dear Mr. Henshaw
A book by a non-white author- Native Son
A book with one of the four seasons in the title- The Tears of Autumn
A book that is a story within a story- Frankenstein
A book with multiple authors- You Might Be a Zombie
An espionage thriller- The Tears of Autumn
A book with a cat on the cover- The Carnivorous Carnival
A book by an author who uses a pseudonym- The Bad Beginning
A bestseller from a genre you don't normally read- The Lightning Thief
A book by or about a person who has a disability- A Mango-Shaped Space
A book involving travel- Murder on the Orient Express
A book with a subtitle- You Might Be a Zombie: Shocking but Utterly True Facts
A book that's published in 2017- New Orleans Vampires
A book involving a mythical creature- Pegasus
A book you've read before that never fails to make you smile- Go the *cough* to Sleep
A book about food- The Monday Night Cooking School
A book with career advice- Thinking in Pictures
A book from a nonhuman perspective- Diaspora
A steampunk novel- Boneshaker
A book with a red spine- The Ersatz Elevator
A book set in the wilderness- The Slippery Slope
A book you loved as a child- The Bad Beginning
A book by an author from a country you've never visited- Diaspora
A book with a title that's a character's name- The Count of Monte Cristo
A novel set during wartime- The Tears of Autumn
A book with an unreliable narrator- The Haunting of Hill House
A book with pictures- Fantastic Mr. Fox
A book where the main character is a different ethnicity than you- Native Son
A book about an interesting woman- Thinking in Pictures
A book set in two time periods- The Covenant
A book with a month or day of the week in the title- The Monday Night Cooking School
A book set in a hotel- The Penultimate Peril
A book written by someone you admire- Thinking in Pictures
A book that's becoming a movie in 2017- Murder on the Orient Express
A book surrounding a holiday other than Christmas- A Hallowe'en Party
The first book in a series you haven't read before- Pillars of the Earth (Kingsbridge Series #1)
A book you bought on a trip-

The following were "bonus" categories, not required but I wanted to read these categories anyway:

A book recommended by an author you love-
A bestseller from 2016- Me Before You
A book with a family member term in the title- Native Son
A book that takes place over a character's lifespan- Frankenstein
A book about an immigrant or refugee- The Covenant
A book from a genre/subgenre that you've never heard of- Perdido Street Station
A book with an eccentric character- The Grim Grotto
A book that's more than 800 pages- Pillars of the Earth
A book you got from a used book sale-
A book that's been mentioned in another book- Native Son
A book about a difficult topic- Thinking in Pictures
A book based on mythology- The Lightning Thief

A lot of these books were read for the first time. Some of them were surprising, like Perdido Street Station which is an incredibly weird science fiction book that has no right to make as much sense as it does. I got to revisit old favorites like "A Series of Unfortunate Events," found some new favorites like How to Ditch Your Fairy, and read some books that I'd like to promptly forget I read like Me Before You. And I finally read Frankenstein, which was a really, really good book.

Next week I get to jump on the 2018 list, which I hopefully do better at completing.



Posted by Ektris in Evolution, Dec 30 2017 · 101 views

I sometimes really miss this community. And others I used to be involved in as part of the larger BIONICLE/LEGO fandom.

So I occasionally peak in, see how things are going... Generally without comment, and usually leaving a little more saddened by not feeling connected to it anymore and that things in general are really rather... quiet. Which I suppose makes sense when the focal point and passion of the fandom is dead again.

But man, what passion... I dedicated so much of my formative years to this, as did so many others. They're great memories. And I am glad to see some still chugging away at it and newer folks still somehow discovering it.

I'm not sure what made this visit different. Anywhere I'm present online now, I more often than not just lurk and not contribute. Quite the contrast to how I used to be. Just don't have the time and energy to. So a mix of nostalgia, boredom, sorrow, and maybe a touch of hope. Reflecting a lot, I suppose. I know it's not going to change anything and I'm not really back - not even sure I'll respond to anything here. I just really, really wanted to say...


And I miss you all.

Those who will read this and those who have long since moved on before I did.

And thank you for all those memories.



Happy Holidays!

Posted by Queen of Liars in The Future World of Yesterday, Dec 25 2017 · 35 views

I wish a most happy holiday season upon you all.

I am having a great night trying out a slightly new look. Which can totally look festive and jolly for the occasion too.

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