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Design Color Voting

Posted by Brappy Hour in Raptor Paddock, Jun 16 2018 · 76 views

Alright everyone. Voting for colors will be the same as the shirt designs, posting the number of your fav. I can't stress enough to please only vote if you're going to BrickFair VA and are interested in buying a shirt.

1. https://imgur.com/FOsrA2p
2. https://imgur.com/OM2jM7E
3. Black on gold
4. https://c2.staticfli...d2f276050_c.jpg
5. https://c2.staticfli...f9f5bf527_c.jpg
6. https://c1.staticfli...0b32d7867_c.jpg
7. https://c2.staticfli...5694422af_c.jpg
8. https://c1.staticfli...09aa35c5d_c.jpg
9. https://imgur.com/yRFVoGS
10. Black on light heather grey

You have one week to vote.


Adaptation By Someone Else

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jun 16 2018 · 36 views

Essays, Not Rants! 325: Adaptation By Someone Else

One game that got some press at last week’s E3, the game industry’s annual event where games are announced and/or demo’d, was the upcoming Total War: Three Kingdoms. Apparently it was announced back in January, but I hadn’t heard of it until now.

And I am intrigued.

The Total War series are strategy games that unlike, say, StarCraft or Red Alert, tend to focus on real wars, be they Roman, Napoleonic, or set in Feudal Japan. They’ve been on the periphery of my awareness, as games that are cool — and I do like my strategy games — but I’ll probably never check out. But they’re making one set in the Three Kingdoms!

Three Kingdoms, for the uninitiated, refers to a classic period in Chinese history during the fall of the Han dynasty where the realm was split between, well, three warring kingdoms. The stories were more-or-less codified in Luo Guanzhong’s Romance of Three Kingdoms, an epic that romanticizes the period in a big way. The book, and the surrounding history, has been the source for countless works in China (and neighboring East Asian countries), be they in film, television, or video games.

So Total War: Three Kingdoms has my attention for turning its attention towards a source you usually don’t see in western media. Despite being incredibly prolific in Asia, you’re not really likely to encounter Romance of Three Kingdoms or anything based on it unless you’re actively looking for it. To see a Western strategy game focus on stories that I heard growing up is really, really neat.

But it also raises some questions.

There’s already been a ridiculous amount of games (and media) based on and around Romance of Three Kingdoms. Dynasty Warriors has been around for over twenty years and we’ve had movies like Red Cliff. What difference does it make that some other group is telling the story? And why is my gut response "oh, cool!"?

Maybe it’s because it’s exciting to see something considered kinda niche be put a little bit closer to the mainstream. These are stories I know about because I grew up in a culture around them (Zhuge Liang was a fixture in bedtime stories) and took a class to study the book in college, but most of my other peers (here, in New York) aren’t terribly aware of them. A western developer making a game about it is sorta uplifting the stories from their corner and into a spotlight.

Which then raises the question of why it seems like it’s being uplifted. Is Romance of Three Kingdoms just being big in Asia not good enough? Why does it getting attention from the West make it seem like more of a big deal? We tend to categorize stories and genres; drama is taken more serious than an action movie, live action taken more serious than animation, and so on. The Three Kingdoms period taking front-and-center in a western video game makes it seem like it’s finally being 'taken serious,' but it’s already been taken serious for years (heck, generations), in other parts of the world.

I think this might be something that’s more self-reflective than anything. My excitement at seeing this has to force me to ask myself why do I feel this way about this. 'cuz all the reactions I write about here are my own, and I have to wonder why I’m so quick to discount Dynasty Warriors or other works based around the Three Kingdoms. It’s a sort of latent colonial thinking, where something from a non-Western group is not as good, or as cool, as something done by a Western group.

None of this, of course, should be seen as a negative take on Total War: Three Kingdoms or the fact that I may actually get this game (I get to field Liu Bei as a hero? Awesome). I still think it’s really cool to see it in the spotlight like this, but I still have to ask myself: why am I excited about it now?


Killer Vahki vs Mutant Rahkshi

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Mt. Coronet, Jun 15 2018 · 30 views
writing advert

(Yeah, that title is definitely gonna grab attention, heheheheh…)

A new update for Right of Law is up, but before I get to that: in the time since the last update, this story was actually featured on the home page! This really floored me—it’s a huge honor to know that someone on the staff read this story I’ve been working so hard on and thought it was worth letting other people know about it! I’ll continue doing my best to make this story a good read, and hopefully I won’t drag my feet about it since this is looking so, so much longer than I was originally planning…

Which brings us to Section VII! The drones finally reach Bitil’s outpost, and the battle to defend it begins! I wanted to do this all in one chapter, but it’s already decently-sized and there’s a good amount more I want to do, and combining that with how long it’s been since Section VI went live, I think I’m going to go ahead and post what I have right now. With any luck, this means Section VIII is not far away!


YouTube Rant

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jun 15 2018 · 49 views

So I’m a productive adult. I’ve got a job and friends and things are pretty good when you average everything out. I’m entitled to a little mindless television every now and then. But, as a major cheapskate millennial and someone who hates media commitments because of how seriously he takes them, I don’t have TV so I just bum around watching cruddy YouTube videos in my recommended videos feed to opiate my brain from a long day of thinking and worry.

And here’s what grinds my gears, what gets my goat, what shivers my timbers, what rustles my jimmies.

When YouTubers state that their opinions are opinions.



You spineless, mewling milksops!

You can’t stand by an opinion? You’ve got to water it down with “oh just FYI this is my opinion don’t get mad pls”. WELL TOUGH TAMALES, AMIGO! THIS IS THE INTERNET! PEOPLE GET MAD! PEOPLE DOWNVOTE THINGS THEY DON’T LIKE!

I don’t care how mundane your video or your opinion is. Just present it as fact! Stick to your guns! That’s the difference between strength and weakness, and people are sure as heck more interested in that than right or wrong. Even if I disagree with what you say, I can at least respect you standing up for what you believe in.

Because like I was saying before, the internet hive mind gets mad. Whoop dee doo! Just ignore them!

As the saying goes “haters gonna hate”, or the more updated version “dab on the haters”.

You can’t please everyone, but at least please yourself. There are worse fates than being hated on the internet. “Oh I can’t say this, the Internet will get mad!”


An angry view and a happy view still bring in the same ad revenue!

Okay, that’s all I got.

But can we also stop with the weird standard intros to things, catchphrases, and stupid names for YouTuber fanbases? Like I get that traditions are fun, people like repetition, and inventing words is fun, but just stooooooop! For goodness sake, this part of YouTube culture is much worse than the whole inability to support an opinion.

It’s cool that you’re famous for talking to your webcam everyday, but try to get a little perspective on the content of your videos.

Okay, that’s it for me.

Be sure to rate, comment, and subscribe. Don’t forget to SMASH that bell! And let me tell you about my friends at some stupid website that sells junk no one wants.




Posted by Lucina in Great Games, Jun 14 2018 · 58 views

so, it's been awhile
haven't posted an entry since march, like holy cow

how are you all

what do you think of the new smash? if bzp wasn't dead i'd restart the smash files, but why bother



Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Jun 13 2018 · 75 views

Hey everyone! Been a while.

Life's been keeping me busy with work, walks, family visiting, the occasional (very occasional) trip to Seattle and procrastination on things that are important that I should be doing right now. I got about... five(?) hours of sleep last night and I'm at the end of my day so boy howdy that is a thing. XP (meanwhile someone out there reading this is on no sleep for the past three days and is screaming at their computer screen right now).

There's a lot I could put in a life update entry, and I might just get around to that at a later time. Right now, I want to talk a bit about pride month.

So yesterday I watched a candlelight vigil for the victims of a certain incident (which idk if I can talk specifically about here). But yeah... hearing multiple names and ages of victims being called out and realizing you fall into the same minority and age group is... sure a strange feeling. I've had people tell me that these are just isolated incidents and that it's not going to happen to me, to stop stressing out, but... hehehe it's not like anyone can predict the future and honestly the world is a wild place. News about violence against LGBT people is always a hard truth to face. Well, for me it is anyway.


So, a while ago I started identifying as genderqueer. That was because I had no better term to describe my gender identity, really. I've talked a bit about it on here before. Well, recently I learned about demigenders. I looked up the definition of demigirl and I kinda realized that was closest to describing how I personally identify. After I read the definition, really read it, I kinda stopped for a second and... you know how you follow a really good mystery story? Like right towards the end when everything starts to come together and make sense and you see the solution at the end of it, you get like these goosebumps and a strange sense of excitement and trepidation? That's how I felt when I realized this was describing me. Genderqueer had always been a bit of a vague shrug for me. It's nice having a more precise label imo.

So, for those not aware, demigirl is a gender identity where someone identifies partially as female, but not completely. For some people they identify as primarily female and partly as something else, but not always.

Personally I don't think I feel physical dysphoria, or at least not to the point where I'd want to undergo hrt.

So, what does this mean for me? Well, it means I'm the same person I always was. Now I just have a label for myself that I feel comfortable with. And actually, for me it's a relief. Even if a lot of people aren't going to understand me with my gender identity, just knowing that there are other people out there that identify in similar ways to me... it's comforting to know I'm not the freak I told myself I was growing up. I know I'm not cis and I'm not in the majority or anything, but... I dunno, I feel more like a normal human being now than I have in years (and this after I've dyed my hair, worn cute necklaces, got my ears pierced and went through all these little things that guys just didn't do where I grew up).

I'm still good with he/him pronouns btw. I'm generally okay with feminine pronouns and things too, provided they aren't used as a means to ridicule me through misgendering (i.e. calling me a girl in a way meant as a demeaning insult. Yes, people still do this, and no it isn't funny. Hasn't been funny to me for a while now tbh).

So yeah. Demigirl, demihomosexual and very tired from a long day of work and a long many years of trying to figure all of this out.

This is who I am.

Happy Pride Month! <3


Review 10261: Roller Coaster - Night 04

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jun 13 2018 · 36 views

Aaaaaand done!

Posted Image

Bag 10 builds up the rest of the left side, including the large pole tower with the angled supports. As precarious as it is, the geometry on the angles is impressive. Honestly, I don’t know how I could MOC my own Roller Coaster; I was not keeping up with the various brick heights to get the math just right. I did have one column that wouldn’t fit on right… and lo and behold, it was because I forgot a single 2x2 round plate in the stack. You start off Bag 11 by building the roof over the loading docks, which has an interesting SNOT design and utilizes the circular cutout plate in brown, which is a fairly useful element. The sign also has a bunch of signs showcasing the various things that you can’t bring on the roller coaster, namely a camera, a mug, a popsicle, a baby, or a dog. While it seems fairly obvious that these items shouldn’t be taken on the ride, the signs also look like something President Business would post. (Now I want to make a baby invasion with the no baby sign above them.)

Bag 11 continues by connecting the two halves together and then building a bunch of supports to really lock them in. I suppose it would still be easily to separate them with a little dismantling, but they do get locked together pretty well. You also build the double track contraption, which allows you to store a second train (or slide it out to add the carts to the track in the first place.) You also put together the six carts and… the chain. The small chain links have been around before (for a while, I was having trouble finding them because they were relatively rare, only appearing in the occasional Technic set) but I believe that this is most that ever appear in one set. There are 203+ of these that you need to individually link together… the process maybe took me 10 - 15 minutes and was far more tedious than building all the columns. But you know what they say about the weakest link.

Posted Image

Getting the extra-long chain in place is another troublesome hassle. Basically, you need to feed the chain through the various holding mechanisms, but some of them are difficult to access behind the support beams. (Especially if your hands are somewhat clumsy like mine.) There is a rubber band powered stopper that’s supposed to cut down on the slack of the chain… but it works only moderately well. My chain also catches a lot when I use it to drag up the trains; perhaps there are some pieces that are not flush, but I notice the chain tends to wobble a bit and not remain central along the track, so I may also need to adjust the length. But I’m careful about putting too much force on the lever when rotating the chain; I’ve had it break twice already, and to fix it you basically need to rethread the entire system. It’s a bit disappointing that the wheels on the top of the curve are basically powered by the chain, which I think adds extra stress to the chain. It might’ve been better to build a separate system that goes up the columns and spins those wheels without relying on the chain, but that would’ve complicated things and wouldn’t be as intuitive as just having one system that powers the whole thing. I haven’t attached my motor in yet, so I don’t know how problematic that would be to have the chain in constant motion. I fear the trains would get caught on something, the motor wouldn’t relax on the stress like I’ve been doing by hand, and then the chain would snap and I’d have to put together the whole system again.

Oh, and also I haven’t been able to get the braking system to work; the carts blows through so quickly that it just pushes past the wheel if it’s extended. The only way it works is if I’m manually pulling it out, and I don’t think that’s the intention.

Posted Image

So while the lift mechanism is less than desirably... once that train starts dipping down the track, it moves along quite smoothly. And it’s awesome and totally worth the giant set... well, mostly worth it. Basically, it’s the same kind of mesmerizing movement out of a Lego set that I’m used to seeing in Great Ball Contraption, which has always been something that I’ve never felt qualified to build for. But motors today are far cheaper than they were ten years ago (and I also earn more money) so it’s always a possibility for the future.

As for the trains, you get two cloned designs with different shades of blue. The first cart also has a longer nose that covers the clip, so the other two need a different design to easily attach to each other. The three cart limit seems ideal for the lift mechanism, although I have had some trouble with the first cart getting attached to the chain at the bottom, forcing me to give it a manual push. You can attach all six together, but the carts tend to snag when they reach the top curve, as they’re moving with the side wheels and the chain. When I’m doing it manually, I sometimes had to back up the chain to get something to hook before I could get it moving forward again. (Still, it’s fun seeing the six carts together rush down the track.) Despite the warning signs, the young child is capable of riding by just standing in the cart, so realistically it’s not a deal breaker. (Although when I made it so her feet were loose on the studs, she did get thrown off on the curve after the first big drop... so safety first.) Ironically, it’s the taller minifigures who could be in more trouble, because they’ll hit the sign at the top of the climb. (Batman’s mask, in particular, is just over the limit, so Batman cannot ride the Roller Coaster. Bruce Wayne, maybe.)

The final product is actually sturdier than I would’ve expected. While the individual beams and columns are still wiggly (the far left tower in particular) the inclusion of the tracks actually help lock everything in more than I was expecting. And it’s strong enough that you can lift the whole thing by grabbing onto particular sections (or just the baseplates.) All together, it’s not that heavy, since there’s a lot of opened space between all the bricks. So, despite taking up twice as much shelf space as the Ferris Wheel, I’d say they weigh about the same.

Posted Image

The last bag gets you three more civilian figs, bringing your total to 11. They include some interesting pieces, but nothing particularly noteworthy. Above is the full collection of figs from the set. Overall, some of them have uncommon hair pieces, and lots of them have alternate facial expressions that work nicely with the Roller Coaster, so it’s a fun lot. Most of the torsos appear to be generic City styles, although I recognize more than a few from the “Fun at the Park” minifigure pack from two years ago. Plus, the two park employee yellow torsos are nice, and have the Lego logo on the back. (And Batman doesn’t actually come with this set, but let’s be honest, you didn’t know that at first. :sly: )

Posted Image

This is my most expensive set I’ve ever purchased, and it’s also probably one of the largest too; the foot space is about the combination of Ninjago City and the Ferris Wheel. But in terms of height... well, the other two beat it. The top section only comes up to the top of the third Ninjago City level (not entirely visible here, since my Ninjago City has been modified with an extra level) but the sand green tower would still beat the Roller Coaster. However, the Roller Coaster only gets up to the midpoint on the Ferris Wheel, which continues to hold the title of tallest Lego set (in my collection.)

The final question of is this set worth it is... a challenging one. The $379.99 price point is insanely high. Luckily, they’re releasing the Creator Roller Coaster at a far more affordable level. (I mean, $89.99 isn’t exactly cheap, but it won’t break the bank either.) Plus, the track pieces are appearing in other sets too, either as part of a coaster or trolley system, or just as decorations. (The pieces do have some use. In fact, the ones angling upward would be place side by side and make for an interesting Golden Gate Bridge design. I’m not taking apart my model to test it out, but it could be done.) The only exclusive track piece is the vertical climb track, and we’ll inevitably see that again. Sure, it would be problematic to motorize your own mini Roller Coaster, because you’ll need to track down the chain and build the lift mechanism yourself. But honestly, if that’s what you’re going for, you might as well go big and get this set which includes all you need to pull that off. (Well, you need to supply the motor and battery pact, but there’s an easy connection point already built in.) Or you could go insane and buy three copies of the set and build a monstrous Roller Coaster with a full vertical loop! (I mean, you'd be spending $1,139.97, but it would be worth it, right?) Besides the high price, this set also takes up a lot of space; you’re going to want to keep it on a hard table. (Building it on carpet, like I did, is not recommended.)

So really, I wouldn’t recommend this set for the average builder; you need to have a certain level of dedication to invest time, money, and shelf space into this set. And even then, I’m still not very impressed with the chain lift system. That said, if you are the kind of dedicated builder this set is targeted towards, you probably know. In that case, the high price point would be the major deciding factor for whether you should get this. For the same price, you could get 19 Toa or Star Wars CCBS figures, 4 of the Creator Roller Coaster, Ninjago City and the Fire Mech, or a little less than half of the big Millennium Falcon. Or also the cost of two months’ worth of lunches, more than half a month’s rent, or a plane ticket to go to BrickFair Virginia (but not quite enough to also cover the ticket back.) The point is, it’s expensive, so I recommend that you take financial consideration of the purchases. (To be fair, I did this and still bought the set anyways.)

I might put together a short video review showing off the set in action, but honestly I don’t have the setup to make it any good; I barely have the shelf space for this!


Edit: I've tweaked the chain and added the motor, and it seems to be working alright.


My Father Smells of Elderberries

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jun 12 2018 · 38 views
Fathers Day, Monty Python and 3 more...

:kaukau: I visited his place the other day and noticed a big jar of elderberry jam in the refrigerator. He says he's become a huge fan. He asked me if I wanted some, and I said that I wasn't interested. For reasons not entirely understood to him, one simply does not want to smell of elderberries.

Also, I bought a really nice tie for Father's Day. Younkers is going out of business and putting up a huge sale, so I took advantage. It looks positively patriarchal. Perhaps I'll provide a picture later. I'm tempted to keep it for myself and just give him another jar of elderberry jam, since he doesn't seem to wear the ties that I get him. I'm going to have to talk with one of my aunts and have her bug him about it just to make sure that he wears it on Sundays.




Posted by Trijhak in I Have No Idea, Jun 12 2018 · 56 views

Are you okay?


The Glitch Mob

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jun 04 2018 · 55 views

Went to their show on Thursday, in Boston.

It was a very good time. I love watching those boys touch the rectangles.


Yveltal/Xerneas Pokemon Code Giveaway

Posted by Windseeker in Wind's Weblog, Jun 03 2018 · 184 views

Posted Image

So if you want one, or aren't able to get one yourself, let me know. The code works with...
Sun - Yveltal lvl 60
Ultra Sun - Yveltal lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap

Moon - Xerneas lvl 60
Ultra Moon - Xerneas lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap

So even if you want four, that's cool, because I have literally 50 codes now RIP


Finally Got the Copper Huna

Posted by Illuminatus in The Minimalist, May 25 2018 · 89 views

Back in 2006 when I became and Outstanding BZPower Citizen a US copper Huna was sent out to me as a token of appreciation but unfortunately never made it to me.

12 years later I finally have it. Black Six was kind enough to send me one as a substitute for the Villain Pack I won in the 2018 Member Raffle #4.


BZPMN 2 - A Teaser

Posted by Nato The Traveler in The Chronicles of Nato, May 24 2018 · 76 views

Two years have passed since the events of BZPMN Season 1, and a lot has changed in that time. This blog post will fill in some of the blanks regarding the mythology of this series (which was hinted at in Season 1, but was never fully explained), as well as detailing what has transpired in the aftermath of Season 1.


In the early eras of existence, seven powers held dominion over the world. Two Brothers, one benevolent and kind, the other malevolent and chaotic. Two Queens, insatiable in hunger, who existed only to devour all they could, and destroy what they could not. A Viceroy, who wished to dominate and control, and an Empress, whose desire was to distort nature’s creations to suit her own twisted whims. There also existed an Other, enigmatic and aloof, a force that remained impartial, refusing to interfere in the affairs of its compatriots.

For eons, these seven powers remained amiable, each ruling over a separate portion of the planet. However, having reduced their own allotted lands to barren wastes, the Queens grew greedy, and journeyed to the island that would later come to be called Mata Nui, where the Brothers resided. While the Brothers had their differences, they still banded together to fight off this mutual threat. In the end, their combined might was enough to defeat, but not destroy, the Queens – they were imprisoned deep below the island, and their children, the Bohrok, fell into a dormant slumber. The Brothers combined their power to give life to eight sentient Seals – called Krana – which could be used to siphon some of the Queen’s power, wresting control over their Bohrok. Impressed by this display of power, the Viceroy, Empress, and Other all wisely chose to honour the agreed-upon borders.

For hundreds of years afterwards, the Brother’s island existed in a delicate balance between good and evil, with the benign Mata Nui (after whom the island had been named), and his brother, the malignant Makuta, fighting in an endless stalemate over the souls of the Matoran inhabitants. Both required the belief of the Matoran – faith and fear, respectively – to hold onto their power. But, as time went by, the people’s belief in their legends wavered, and Makuta seized advantage of this to cast his weakened brother into an endless slumber, giving himself the freedom to wreak havoc across the island.

All was not lost, though, as seven prophesised champions, the Toa, rose from obscurity to combat Makuta and reawaken Mata Nui. However, fate played a cruel trick on these heroes. The stories foretelling their destiny had been misconstrued, distorted, and skewed. Under the direction of the embittered, vengeful Turaga, the Toa ventured into Makuta’s lair beneath the island, and slew him.

They never returned.

Their mission had been to reawaken Mata Nui, and restore balance to the island. By destroying Makuta, they had instead destroyed what little balance remained, bringing about a disaster more catastrophic than anything Makuta alone could’ve managed, and opening the way for far darker, more destructive powers to rise to prominence.

With both Brothers out of play, the magic that had kept the Queens imprisoned began to waver. The island underwent an immense tectonic upheaval, tsunamis battered the coastlines, fissures ripped apart the ground, and the Mangai Volcano erupted, shrouding the land in ash. The villages survived the chaos, save for one; as a result of Ta-Koro’s attempt to redirect the lava flows away from destroying their own village, the jungles of Le-Wahi burned, and Le-Koro burned with them.

While the Queens still remained trapped, the Krana alone were no longer enough to contain their power. Gradually, they were able to recover enough of their energies to reawaken some of the Bohrok, which began to search for the Krana. However, beings such as Makuta do not die easily, for while his body was gone, the tattered remains of his weakened spirit remained, seeking refuge in infected Masks and corrupted Kolhii balls, covertly influencing events in an effort to prevent the utter destruction of the island… and ensure his own return.


With almost half the island incinerated, and much of the fertile land spoiled by the fallen ash, Ga-Koro soon came to hold the monopoly on water and food. With only limited land available to grow food and crops, they struck up a partnership with Po-Koro, who worked to maintain farms and fields on Ga-Koro’s behalf. This remained a peaceful partnership until ten years ago, when Ga-Koro caught wind of rumours that Po-Koro was planning to invade and seize sole control of the food and water trade, and pre-emptively poisoned their next water shipment, slaughtering half of Po-Koro’s population.

In the aftermath, the rulers of Ga-Koro made it clear that they would do the same to anyone else who crossed them, and even threatened to burn the fields and poison the water stores if they were invaded… a threat that, if carried out, would likely doom much of the island’s population to starvation. Since this incident, the people of Mata Nui lived in a tentative state of tension. But such a state cannot last.

50 years after the cataclysm, the villages had finally recovered from the ravages of the cataclysm, their defences repaired, their populations growing, but resources remaining just as scarce. Ko-Koro, having been quiet for years, began rapidly militarising, while the people of Onu-Koro had become even more elusive than usual, retreating into their defensive tunnels. Civil strife in Ga-Koro resulted in the despotic leadership responsible for the poisoning of Po-Wahi being overthrown, leading to unrest and uncertainty across the island, as the other villages waited to see if these new rulers would be better or worse than those that came before them.

Rumours began to spread of strange artefacts being discovered across the island – fragments of broken masks and armour, and shattered tools, all allegedly belonging to the fallen Toa. With increasing frequency, miners and explorers from various regions reported discovering unnatural tunnels or fissures in the earth, sometimes accompanied by sightings of unknown insect-like creatures. Tales of whispering masks and cults devoted to old gods filled the taverns, and stranger still, there were reports from all over the island of Matoran vanishing from their homes, wandering out into the night with unusual Kolhii balls clutched in their hands, never to return…

Of the six Turaga of old, the ones who summoned and misled the Toa, the only Matoran left alive who knew of the old legends and the true threats, only one remained. Matau perished in the incineration of Le-Koro, while Onewa met his end ten years ago at the claws of Nui-Jaga, in the act of hiding one of the Krana in their nest. More recently, Nuju was betrayed by one of his own people, while Nokama was assassinated by agents of Makuta during a riot in Ga-Koro. Vakama was imprisoned and tortured to the point of insanity by the demented ruler of Ta-Koro, leaving only Whenua to safeguard the secrets of ancient times.

But secrets can never stay hidden forever. In time, fragments of the truth began to come to light, but too little, too late, to prevent calamity.


During this time of crisis, a great many events of significance transpired. Discoveries were made, ancient powers were harnessed, civil wars were fought, and lives – both innocent and guilty – were lost. Following the slew of disasters, remaining Krana were uncovered, and the Bohrok were either enslaved or retreated back into hiding. For several months, an uncertain peace held sway over Mata Nui… until the Gahlok attacked en-masse. New Le-Koro was swept away in a matter of hours, and the settlers were forced to once again relocate.

Soon after the Gahlok attack, attacks from other Bohrok began to occur with ever-increasing frequency. Land travel become more and more difficult, exacerbating tensions that were already near breaking point. Thanks to their force of enslaved Kohrak, Po-Koro was no longer dependent on Ga-Koro for water or protection, but wielding the power of diplomacy, they remained on amiable terms with their neighbour, working together to tend and the fields of crops that still supplied food to much of the rest of the island.

While Po-Koro attempted to extend the hand of friendship to Onu-Koro, the underground village refused to accept their help, citing Po-Koro’s friendly relationship with Ga-Koro as a cause for concern. While no culprit had ever been confirmed for the poisoning of Onu-Koro, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that the poison had originally come from Ga-Wahi, leaving a lingering animosity between the regions.

With Onu-Koro too focused on rebuilding their own stability to honour their previous alliance, Ko-Koro was left largely isolated. They remained justifiably distrustful of Ta-Koro, who was equally isolated, and equally suspicious of their icy neighbours. While it was public knowledge that the madwoman Elittra had been driven away from Ta-Koro, the atrocities that she’d committed had also become commonly known across the island, leaving many to wonder how such crimes had been allowed to continue for so long, and whether the people of Ta-Koro had secretly supported their leader’s barbarism.

And so, the stage seemed to be set for the next phase of Mata Nui’s history – the militarily mighty villages of Ta and Ko Koro stood alone, and apart, while Onu-Koro retreated into seclusion, and the fallen masters of Ga-Koro worked alongside the former slaves of Po-Koro… all as the Bohrok steadily grew in strength and number, gradually reducing the island to a barren, uninhabitable wasteland.

Everything changed with the unexpected arrival of massive arks on the shores of Mata Nui, similar to the ones that had previously been glimpsed near the site of New Le-Koro. These immense vessels bore Matoran hailing from elements the likes of which had never been seen on Mata Nui before. The newcomers claimed to be fleeing from a war that had ravaged their distant homeland, pleading for asylum on Mata Nui, the first habitable island they’d encountered in over four years of voyaging.

Reluctantly, the disparate villages of the island accepted these new arrivals into their midst, the integration serving to break down some of the long-held social boundaries that had held sway over the island. No longer was a village’s citizenship exclusive to Matoran of a lone element. Now, anyone could make anywhere their home. Some of the more conservative, elitist Matoran swore to preserve their perceived purity, and attempted to construct villages of their own elsewhere to the island. But without the numbers and defences of the major villages, these smaller settlements were soon swept away by the Bohrok swarms.

One new village did, however, manage to assert itself. Kra-Koro, the city of the Makuta-worshippers, built on and around the ruins of what had once been the temple of Kini-Nui. From this new stronghold, the self-proclaimed Turaga Tuyet began to preach her promise of salvation – if Makuta could be revived, Mata-Nui could be reawakened, and the Bohrok Queens could be vanquished.

Wary of the old legends of Makuta, and rumours of thefts and murders that had been committed by Tuyet and her followers, many dismissed her claims as the ramblings of a madwoman. But as resources grow scarcer, the Bohrok increase in number, and the island drifts ever closer to disaster, madness may be the only way forward…



Posted by AZBlue in Okoto-Nui, May 15 2018 · 50 views

So, I've been following NBC's sophomore show Timeless from it's premier. It's a fun show, and definitely underrated. One year ago the first season ended, and the show was cancelled before NBC reversed their decision a few days later. Now the show is again at risk, with no word on a third season or a cancellation.

I had something happen with the campaign to keep the show on that I never would've expected. I made a tweet that is currently sitting at around 250ish retweets and over 600 likes. I'm amazed that this happened, and also proud to have my voice be heard in a fandom as large as Timeless has.

If you haven't seen the show, go watch it on hulu. I highly recommend it, even with its flaws, as a fun action/adventure/romance/history lesson/drama. Yes, it has all of that.


I got a Switch

Posted by Akano in Akano's Blog, May 14 2018 · 51 views

Posted Image

Murio Odd-easy is fun. Trying to think of some other games to bolster my library.

Dat Joy-Con color scheme, tho.

Posted Image



Posted by Paleo in PaleoBlog, May 14 2018 · 59 views

Please! Everyone! Sign the petition!
And once you've done that, make sure to check out the subreddit for more ways you can help!


Toys R Us Liquidation, Michigan, and Bionicle

Posted by JMSOG in Odd Thoughts by JMSOG, Apr 23 2018 · 151 views

I was given hope by someone who claimed they managed to get old Bionicle promotional stuff from a liquidating Toys R Us.

If you happen to live in michigan, let me save you some time: I just called all of them. They don't have it anymore.


Whoops, it slipped my mind!

Posted by Makuta_of_Oz in Through the Eyes of Madness, Apr 21 2018 · 127 views

Feb 21 marked 10 years since I joined BZPower! And it completely slipped my mind to pay a visit! I'm so sorry! :'(


15 years on here

Posted by Angel Beat in ~ Canterlot's Sparkling Jewel ~, Apr 02 2018 · 143 views

That's about half my life. :blink:


BrickLink Store Back Open!

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", Mar 20 2018 · 173 views
LEGO, BrickLink

Hey! Long time no blog.

After a short hiatus, my BrickLink store is back open!

Mention BZPower and get 10% off!

More stock coming next week!

-CF :kakama:

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