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    In the past, before the upgrades and the downtime, reporting things in the blogs was a complicated mess of PMing BlogAlert, linking the content, describing the broken rules, and hoping someone read the BlogAlert account in a timely manner.


    NO MORE!


    The "REPORT" buttons on comments and entries DO WORK. Before the downtine, they did not. Now they do! Hurray!


    So, in short, if you have something to report, click that button, describe the offense, and a blog staff member will receive the report and an automatic link the the offending content. (Please do not use this to report signatures)


    This is much easier on us, on you, the general populace, and also on kittens everywhere.


    -The Blog Staff

  2. Crimson Jester
    Latest Entry

    So, seeing as BZPRPG is getting to the point of stagnancy which sees mosquitos start to look to it as a breeding ground, and it doesn't seem like that's gonna change for a while, I'd like to open a discussion (miiiight not be the right choice of words, considering I'll probably be the only one reading and discussing hahaha). 

    -What NEW things would you like to see implemented in the new BZPRPG arc?

    -What OLD things would you like to see brought back?

    -For those of you with experience TBRPing on other forums: what are some things that worked in other TBRPGs that could work in BZPRPG?

    I had more questions, but now I'm distracted, so that's all ya get.

    Let me know what you all think!


  3. So we are now on the third wave of Collectible Minifigures featuring DC characters, only this time it's not branded as coming from The LEGO Batman movie.  I'm personally a bigger fan of the generic CMFs so the increase in licensed themes isn't always to my tastes, but I'm a sucker for good figs so I wanted to collect some.  Granted, I haven't had the most luck so far with these... LEGO Online order gave me two Green Lanterns and Joker (the latter who I did not want.)  When I visited the LEGO Store, I mistook Mr. Miracle for Cyborg (stupid chain) and ended up getting two of him.  I also traded with another AFOL who claimed he was handing me a Bumblebee, but he mis-felt the bag and it was actually Bat Mite (who I also don't care for).  So I've had a pretty high miss rate on these so far; it doesn't help that the new stand element and jumper plates just add to the confusion while feeling.  But I did open a few of them that I wanted so here's a little mini review


    First off, the new stand elements are pretty great.  They do a good job at proving a new angle for fig displays, and they can connect together to form a fun chain or circle eight together to make a full octagon.  Better yet, most figs come with two of them!  I say most... but not those with capes.  For whatever reason, the figs with capes have their parts double bagged, and the double bags do away with spare parts, so no extra stand element.  I dunno if this applies to all batches, but so far it was that way for the caped figs I opened.  Modestly disappointing.

    Stargirl: Very nice fig with lots of great printed details.  The end of her staff is also a new sparkly trans orange element, one of the few new molds in this series.  (Which kinda sucks, a price increase but few new molds... although I'm sure licensing costs contribute.)  I've read some arguments that the hair piece is not fitting for the character.  I guess it kind of works, but honestly it's not my favorite mold in general and I think it's overused.  When feeling for her, she's the only one with a 4L bar.

    Metamorpho: I like the distinct coloring they've given to his various limbs made of different elements; I'm particularly a fan of the trans clear leg.  The magenta fist is a cool element, and also the one to feel for, although it's a bit of an unusual shape to recognize.

    Green Lantern: Honestly, I'm not familiar with the Simon Baz version (I've been told he's missing his revolver), but another Green Lantern variant isn't so bad.    The printed green ring tile attaches well to the hand clip piece, which is a better representation of the rings than with previous figures where they just held the tile flat.  (Plus, you get two of em!)  The new lantern element isn't bad either, with a few useful connection points.  The big lantern, the 1x1 round tile, or the hand clip pieces are the ones to feel for... unfortunately SInestro has those exact same pieces too, and the only difference between the two is that Sinestro has the extra hair piece, making it challenging to tell them apart.

    Aquaman: This is apparently true to one of the comic versions of Aquaman, so props there.  I particularly like the new mold they created for his hook hand, and a new fish in pale green's not so bad.  (Although the hairpiece is new to me, apparently it was used on the Aquaman fig from the sets last year... whoops.)  The fish is the piece to feel for, although the hair piece could get confused for Wonder Woman's or Huntress's.

    Mr. Miracle: Honestly I don't know anything about this character, but when I showed my co-workers the lineup of the series, they were all like "Mr. Miracle is in there?  Awesome."  He comes with lots of fancy printing and a cape... which means his parts are double bagged and you get no extra fig stand thing.  He comes with a long chain and handcuffs (okay, he came with two handcuffs but not two stand elements... boo).  Now, getting the chain wrapped around him like in the images is a bit challenging, but doable.  When feeling, the chain is the piece to feel for, but since he has the cape he'll also have the bag within a bag, so that kinda helps narrow him down.  (As I mentioned earlier, I mistook him for Cyborg, who also has a shorter chain but presumably no secondary bag.)

    Huntress: Honestly, of the figs I've gotten so far, she's my favorite.  I really like the detailing with the cape, utility belt, and printing.  Hair mold is a reuse but new in black.  She also has the cape problem so no extra pieces, so feel for the crossbow in the bag within the bag.  Yeah, not the easiest to figure out, and she's among the rarer ones too.

    Cheetah: I guess I'm not super big into the old comics, because I'm used to the CHeetah from the animated shows and now this version.  She has a great cat costume with excellent cheetah patterns printed on her torso, legs, arms, tail, and hat.  The bag is just a recolor, but the dollar sign print on it will make it useful for some displays.  (Personally, I've never been a fan of this cumbersome bag piece, but whatevs.)  I guess technically the hat with cat ears is a new piece, although it's very reminiscent of other CMF costume helmets.  IMO Cheetah could easily pass off as a generic costume character, but I guess this works for her comic book variant too.  The piece to feel for is probably that bulky bag element, but the tail is also a unique if tricky to identify piece.  And maybe the hat if you can figure out the rounded ears.

    I'm still on the hunt for Bumblebee and Jay Gordon, and maybe on Batman and Cyborg.  So far most stores in my area don't have this figs yet; they're still trying to sell off their S19 and Disney S2 figs.  At the Lego store, I know I felt through nearly a whole box and didn't once come across Batman or Bumblebee, so they might be tricky ones to figure out.  I don't want to collect the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, or Sinestro; I also don't want Joker or Bat Mite but I already have copies of them, so I'll keep their bags unopened for possible trades in the future.  Overall, this is a good wave of figs but I'm still not motivated to get them all, so I guess I get to save a little bit of money, heh.

  4. Last one!
    Part of this story :)
    A student's copy of a term syllabus for class at the Ga-Metru School of Arts and Society. 
    Nokama is one of those professors who doesn't understand that students have other classes to manage besides hers. But on the plus side, she's very faithful to her posted office hours. 

    COMM/SOC 0275: Communication and Conflict
    Nokama Ds.N
    Ga-Metru School of Philosophy and Society
    Ihu, K S. Essential Foundations of Metru Nui: Society and Culture. 4th ed., II, Scholars Nui Society .
    Nokama, Ds N. Basics of Matoran Communication: A Comprehensive Text. 6th ed., vol. 2, Ga-Metru
          Scholar's Conglomerate.
    Taipu, A M. The Great City - Early Centuries. Vol. 2, Archivist Foundation.
    From this course, students will gain the ability to observe, analyze, describe styles and variations of communication around them, and synthesize their findings into methodical, accurate, and academic language. Students will also develop conflict-resolution skills through studies in interpersonal communication, communication breakdown and decline, and study of peace and negotiation tactics. This course combines theory with practice, encouraging students to see hypothetical or concrete conflicts through to the end, and equips students to document and provide academic commentary on the entire process.
    At the end of the term, students will understand the following principles of communication and conflict:
    1. Basic communication styles
    2. Common principles of conflict sources
    3. Elementary theory of
      1. Negotiation
      2. Conflict de-escalation
      3. Practical debate formation
      4. Compromise principles and documentation
    4. Conflict analysis and documentation
    Attendance & Participation (10%): While not meant to make or break the student’s grade, attendance and full participation, both in class and in assignments is essential for the course. The professor reserves the right to deduct 2% of the final course grade for each unexcused absence.
    Case studies (20%): Three to four tablet length requirement, fine-tip chisel only. Students will submit six (6) write-ups in the conflict documentation format of their choice on case studies found in the corresponding section of the selected texts. Outside case studies, which can be found in both the Archives and the Knowledge Towers, are available through the inter-metru academic loan system, but must be pre-approved by the professor.
    Written exams (45%): The term will have three (3) exams, with dates to be announced. Exams will be culminating, and include 1) multiple choice, 2) extended analogy 3) essay sections. Exam format is subject to change at the professor’s discretion, but she will notify the class no later than three class periods in advance.
    Practical exams (45%): In the middle and at the end of the term, each student will attend an individual hypothetical conflict scenario provided in conjunction with the theater coalition of the Ga-Metru School of Arts and Society. Students must demonstrate understanding of negotiation and de-escalation principles during this time, and provide a complete write-up analysis of that scenario no later than one (1) week later.
    Note: Extra credit is for underachievers, and will not be offered under any circumstance.
    See posted course schedule, which is also subject to change, outside Nokama’s office located at 451 Wisdom Plaza, Suite #221
    Note from the Dean:  Due to troubling current events in the city, the administration urges professors to show leniency in their attendance policies, provided students can provide sufficient evidence legitimizing their absence. In the event conditions in the city escalate to the point where class must be cancelled, professors are not to penalize students or assign work outside of class, as that would put students in danger. In the unlikely event that conditions cause the schools to shut down, students will be able to re-enroll in any and all of their interrupted classes without charge, and without loss of credit. 


    image courtesy of BS01




  5. still trying to rearrange my life after last year, and while some things are getting better it still feels like I'm struggling most of the time. At this point I'm seriously wondering whether I had a burnout of some sorts or why else it is all so much for me.

    Art-wise it's going okay, though. That's at least something.

  6. Serpent of Fire
    Latest Entry

    This is my sort of annual visit to BZP to see how things are. This site was one of my main stomping grounds when I was in my teens. Man the time has flown by. I'm freaking 30 years old now! It's pretty cool to see that this place is still going.


    Well, until next time! 


  7. Edelgard
    Latest Entry

    Another year has gone by, and so it's time for another top five. 2019 was better than usual for films; I feel like I saw a really diverse set of movies, more diverse than I usually do, and almost all of them in the cinema too. As usual, there are a few films I did not get to, which I'll give honorable mentions to now:

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World - while I doubt it would have made my top five or even come close, the first film in this trilogy remains one of my all-time favorites. Though the trailers to the finale didn't sell me on it, I have heard that it's very good. I should probably give it a proper chance.

    1917 - It hasn't had a wide release in Canada yet, but will within the next two weeks. I guess since the wide release is technically this month, I might actually count it for 2020, and maybe it'll make the next top five....

    That's about it. For once, I feel like I actually managed to see just about every movie that I was interested in. Feels weird. Anyway, onto the top five of the year.


    #1: Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame isn't the best movie that was released this year, and it isn't even the best movie in the MCU. I think Infinity War is probably the better movie between the two, but I also think it's important to judge Endgame as the event and phenomenon that it was. Providing a satisfying conclusion to 11 years of story and 22 movies was a near impossible task, and yet Marvel managed it with flying colors (barring a few missteps - it REALLY sucks that Black Widow was by far at her all-time best in this movie, only for her time in it to be cut so short).

    Ultimately, Endgame is the movie that impacted me the most this year. These characters and stories have come to mean a lot to me in the past 11 years, and getting a proper sendoff meant a lot. I cried during my first viewing of the film, and continued to tear up at points during repeat viewings. The MCU will continue on - but this was the end, and I don't believe the MCU will ever really reach this point again.

    #2: Knives Out

    Rian Johnson has discussed possibly doing a sequel to this movie if it does well, starring Benoit solving a different case. I hope he does, because Knives Out was just a whole lot of fun, and I'd love to see a little bit more from this world. Plus, I can't get enough of Daniel Craig's outrageous accent.

    #3: Joker

    Joker was another cultural phenomenon. It was rather fascinating to watch Gotham descend into anarchy, while Arthur Fleck disappeared into the Joker.

    #4: Ford v Ferrari

    Matt Damon is always fun to see onscreen, and Christian Bale does a wonderful job here too. The racing is heart-racing (pardon the pun), the struggle between these two individuals and their corporate overlord feels real.

    #5: Ad Astra

    Sad Space Man Brad Pitt goes off on a quiet, lonely adventure through space. Ad Astra isn't for everybody - it probably isn't for a lot of people - but I enjoyed it a lot, and found it a nice change of pace.


    And those are my top five films for 2019. Tomorrow, I'll do a Top Ten of the Decade.


  8. Valendale
    Latest Entry

    Well, I figured I would just write a little about some of the low and high points of the year.

    Well, at the beginning of the year, I was still recovering from my breakup in November of the previous year. I was passed the worst of it, but I was still distraught and would have bad periods lasting a few days at a time that would continue for several months. For some time, my ex had been a driving force in getting me out of the house and experience new things and just be social. I realized at this point how much I had really been forsaking other relationships in my life.

    In this period, I was rediscovering my friendships and trying. I started really playing magic again. I was spending any time at my friends' apartments that I could. I joined a pathfinder campaign. I even went to my first bar after my 21st birthday. And speaking of that birthday, it was actually one of the better ones I've had. This general mood and pace continued for a while with me becoming and rebecoming close with several people.

    I took classes over this summer for the first time. I had classes 3 days a week and worked the other 2. I enjoyed getting both education and work experience at the same time without getting burnt out on either. The stuff with my friends basically continued as well. We went to the lake and there were even a few parties where I was being rapidly introduced to new people.

    After the semester ended, I took some time and got back home. I can't stand the city sometimes, and I always enjoy spending a little time with my family. I also got in some building in this period. And then we get to Brickfair which was really the highlight of the year for me, but I already kind of wrote about that in depth.

    After returning home from Brickfair though, things took a turn for the worst. Something happened between my friends and I. (I don't want to get into it too much here due to BZPower rules, but I'll happily give more information privately.) It felt like almost everyone I knew turned on me overnight. And these are people I've been very close with for years, since middle school in some cases. I only had a couple people I could really trust.

    So as fall semester started up, I was feeling pretty down. For someone who had been spending most of the year trying to be more social, losing your main friends hits hard. So I started trying everything I could. I started playing magic at games stores instead of primarily kitchen table. And luckily my pathfinder group was still accepting of me. Lately I've been spending more and more time at the school's student center, just like playing games and hanging out. 

    Over the Thanksgiving break, I was excited to be going to see my aunt for thanksgiving. I hadn't made it the previous year, and I was in dire need of anything going better this year than the last. Unfortunately, as I was on the road, disaster struck again. It was raining hard, and I hydroplaned off the road. Luckily I was unharmed, but my car was totaled. Still, I made it to thanksgiving a little worse for the wear.

    The semester quickly wrapped up, which was good for me since I had no car and was relying on my friends at the student center to get to and from campus. My grades this time around were a little worse than they have been, but I passed all my classes. Now I'm home again, feeling somewhere between trapped and dreading school starting again.

    One other thing I did this year was start keeping a journal. I've always really like record keeping for some reason, and this year I finally found the resolve to start keeping one like I've always wanted too. I helped me get down my thoughts when I had no one to talk to and kept my mental health up. I'm very proud to have kept it the whole year, and I'll probably continue do so in the future. 

    Overall, this is the roughest year I've had in a long time, maybe ever. But I got through it. And honestly when I write it out like this, there were a lot of positives, even if some of them were tainted by negatives later on.

  9. Kaleidoscope Tekulo
    Latest Entry

    Maybe 2020 will be a good year.


    2019 for me was just a lot of surviving and recovery.  I'd just like some peace in the new year.  


    2019 wasn't all bad.  Even some of the more challenging moments lead to some good things this year.  I know a little more about myself now.


    This was the first year I didn't go to pride adter going two years a row to the Seattle pride parade.  I'm back in Ohio now and Pride isn't really celebrated in my hometown.  This next year I should really get a ride to the city.   I'm thinking of dying my hair blue or maybe pink again.


    This year I got to go on a couple of vacations which was nice.  Though they weren't without their fair share of drama.


    I got to see some old friends this holiday season and I'm going to see more of them soon.  That is one thing I do like about being home; getting to see everyone.  But I don't see friends too often these days.  I wish I could meet some LGBTQ friendly folks.


    I'm not staying up til midnight tonight.   I work early tomorrow morning.  


    Happy new year, everyone!  Be safe and I'll see you around.



  10. Bfahome
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    The Mandalorian sure is cool isn't it.

  11. So this one kid I'm working with is 9.  He has a lot of difficulty saying vocalic /r/ (e.g. car, stir, bear, deer, etc.), but we've made some big strides in the last few months.  He's also a major bookworm.  Magic Treehouse, Minecraft novelizations... if you think a nine year old would read it, he's read it.  Often we'll read passages from his favourite books and practice some good vocalic /r/ sounds.  Today, to my surprise, he's waiting for me on the stairs clutching a familiar red book...



    Yes, friends, it was none other than BIONICLE Adventures #10: Time Trap



    Kid: Yeah, I really like this book.  You're probably going to think some of the characters have really weird names.

    Me: 4_parallel_universes_ahead_of_you.png


    So the legend of Bionicle isn't quite dead yet, folks.

  12. blogs_blog_73

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    Hey everyone!

    Made this account 16 years ago. Crazy how time flies. In that time, I finished elementary school, high school, my bachelor's degree and my masters. Now I live in Germany. Who would have thought.

    When I get home, i think I'll display my 6 OG Toa. Man those were the best.

  13. Kothra
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    This still exists, doesn't it.

    I certainly still do as well.

    Probably not here any more than the last few years but still around.


  14. Bambi
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    Last week I was watching Lego Rewind by Nick on Planet Ripple and it had me feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to head over to Bricklink and pick up one of the first Lego sets I ever got, a technic R2D2. 

    Quite an interesting little guy. I still find pieces of my old one in my collection to this day. The only big function he has is that his little arm flips out lol. I wonder what a set like this would look like nowadays?

  15. Well, this isn't a blog post I'd suspected I'd be making, even up to just a year ago. But, It's time for me to face the facts: I'm actually gynesexual. In case some of you don't know what that means: well, the definition seems to vary a bit, but in my case, it means I'm attracted to "femininity" and the "feminine" form, but I'm not picky when it comes to people's sex, sexual organs, or gender identity. 

    A bunch of LGBTQ+ friends have told me this officially means I'm under that banner as well. So, uh, hi everyone. I hope you'll all give me a kind welcome. I'm really excited about this, but understandably also quite terrified. Cause I live in semi-rural Tennessee. People around here are not gonna take it well if/when I make this public. In fact, I really can't at the moment - not if I wanna keep my job. And this is while I'm currently still single. 

    I'm sure ya'll can help me figure this out along the way, though. People from this site already have helped so many other people come to terms with their non hetero-normative sexualities. It's good to know I'm not alone. Anyway, that's all for now. Peace out, ya'll!

    Image result for gynesexual flag"


  16. So, I bought Pokemon Sword.  Due to having some open time in my schedule and the game ultimately being a bit short, I’ve already beaten the main story and the postgame episode.  I actually had a lot of fun.  The game may be riddled with problems, not the least of which being the cut of National Dex, but what it gets right it gets so right—heck, some of what it gets wrong manages to feel right, which appeals to my shounen battle anime heart.  I’m not here to spoil, just want to say I’d recommend giving SwSh a try if you’re on the fence.  Also, while I may not have Switch Online or an SD card to transfer screen shots, I fell in love with League Card customization and desperately wanted to share mine in some capacity, so:



    Pupil of Gym Leader Bea and new Champion of the Galar Region, Liam! (You can’t see it but I’m wearing the Champion shirt, plus my hair looks much cooler in-game I dunno why it looks weird here.)


    -Spike the Coalossal

    -Steg the Rillaboom

    -Murun the Runerigus

    -Beat the Corviknight

    -The Smogington Brothers the Galarian Weezing (character limit made it Smogingtons but)

    -Zacian (in the post-game…)

    Between this and my recent replays I think I want to revise my old region ranking.  Stay tuned for that!

  17. King of Kings
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    so now that faber's gone radio silent on it for a bit...what was up with that whole thing? is he trying to pitch the concept to lego to do a second bionicle reboot, or was he supposedly hinting at an already in-progress one? or was it tied to rebel nature and just a means of bringing attention to his original work? the logo he showed obviously spelled out 'bionicle' and the artwork sure *looked* like bionicle

    i guess we'll find out in 2020, i'm expecting disappointment

  18. Hey BZP. It's been a while. Glad to see you're still around.

    You know, it's been 13 years since I registered here when I was just a kid and wow, how life has changed.

    I guess the biggest change would be how about 8 or so months ago I came out of the closet and decided to live life true to myself as a woman. It's been great and everyone in my life has been supportive. Not really the reason I'm writing this though, not sure I really have a reason for writing this.

    October is almost over, and that means my birth month and favorite time of year is coming to a close, but every October I end up thinking about this place and what it meant, and still means to me.

    I just wanted to thank all the admins, mods, and awesome users over the years for creating a wonderful community and more than that, keeping it around for so long past the expiration of the franchise it was based on. I know BZP isn't what it used to be, and I'm okay with that, things change, as I've learned through life.


    And at the end of the day? Change ain't so bad.


    Thanks for listening to my stream of consciousness throw words at a blog post for a while.




  20. Almost exactly a year (and two weeks) after writing a blog entry about the 2018 California fires, more are breaking out and the dry October winds we tend to get are certainly not helping . There are probably a few officially labelled fires, but the two I'm reading about are the Kincade Fire, because its closest to me, and the Tick Fire near Los Angeles. Unlike last year's fires which came too close to comfort, we are at no risk from the Kincade fire. Unfortunately many people (39-50,000 depending on which news outlet you read) are at risk and being asked to evacuate. It's completely heart wrenching that this is happening again, and absolutely frustrating when the source of both fires are take into account. I don't really want to point figures, that's a job for someone else and I have no doubt it'll happen down the line, I just hope that everyone is able to evacuate safely.

    Also want to give another huge shout out and thank you to the thousands of fire fighters (and inmates, according to the BBC) across the state working to contain the fires. With tonight's wind gusts expected to be up to 70 mph they have a major uphill battle, but we're all rooting for them. These brave heroes don't get enough credit, and no thank you is big enough for all the work that they're doing. My thoughts and prayers are with them and the victims.

  21. AZBlue
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    Since everyone seems to be posting their returns, I figured I'd join in even though I never left :wakeup:

    I've been here since 03. Those were the days, back when the forums were so active we'd get server busy messages every so many minutes, the art and epics boards were my home, and modified screenshots were known only as edits. These days it's quiet 'round here, bursts of activity every so often.

    In real life I've been through some stuff. I've seen things... no not those things, the other ones. I was recently accepted into Idaho State University, and will finally be joining a degree program that has some real potential. Namely Robotics. Someday you'll hopefully even see some of my work at a Disney park, if my dreams happen that is.

    I've fallen in love a few times, but I'm still a lonely single guy. I've made and lost many friends over the years. Only a few are still a part of my life. The one thing that has truly stayed with me is this website. :bzp: I can't believe this is still here!

  22. I have been receiving emails of late indicating new blog entries from a number of old friends here on BZP.  Apparently the blogging system just returned after a lengthy hiatus?  It has been years since I've visited the forums, but I've never forgotten all the fun I had as a part of this community.  I am still alive, and I would enjoy reconnecting with anyone who remembers me from quite literally a decade ago!  My absence over the last 10 years can largely be explained by school.  I began my freshman year of college in 2010, and in the years since, I have completed an AA (2012), two BAs (2014), a BS major-equivalency (2015), and an MA (2019).  I have been a college student for 7 years of this decade, taught at a high school for 2 years between my BAs and MA, and was hired this fall as an adjunct professor at a local college.  Needless to say, it's been a long journey that's kept me very busy!  Reading my old blog after this long feels like looking back in time, and it sounds like at least a few others are having similar experiences as they return to BZP.

    So let's talk!  What's been going on in everyone's lives since 2009?  If you remember me, let's catch up!  If not, introduce yourself!

  23. Bloghaku

    I disappear for a few years and the whole website changes. Why do you do this to me?

    But in reality life has uhhhh really freaking sucked.

    Still recovering from freaking hurricane freaking sandy in 2012.

    We had a contractor steal $60,000 this year. So that messed everything up. Here is a tumblr post from before we had that stolen that sums up everything from 2012 to the start of this year. It's insane.

    At this point right now we are in an RV park that closes in like two weeks with no where to go so might be homeless unless there is a miracle or we find something.

    How have you all been?

    (I can't promise I'll post much but I have wanted to make an I'm alive post for awhile.)

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