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The Spinning


Toward Calamity

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Oct 23 2014 · 87 views
chrysalis, saga, epic
It's October 23 and I've already broken a few goals already.

1. Expected the epic to be less than 100,000 words. It isn't, and looks likely to be nearly 130,000.

2. Also expected it to be less than 300 pages, and looks to be closer to 350.

3. Final scene needs not one, not two, but THREE chapters to wrap up. I had all the action in my head for over a year now, but as I began to write it out I realized just how much there was to cover. It's amazing how so many things come together, and it's very important to negotiate them so that each thread gets its own worthy ending.

On that note, I'm beginning the final scene. It should more or less roll out of me in the next week, so I believe I'm on track for December launch. Wanted to let you all know what's going on at this time. Hope you can wait a bit longer! =)


Approaching the First Conclusion

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Sep 14 2014 · 97 views
chrysalis, saga, epic, update
Almost a month later, I've moved forward several chapters, and I'm even more excited at this point. The finale of the first book is in sight, and I think I only need two or three more chapters before diving into the conclusion, which itself may span another two or three chapters. I'm leaning towards two, though, as I'm writing in a slightly different style.

What style? As you'll notice right away from the beginning of the story once it's posted in December, I write about events first and things second. Action is prioritized over subjects, but I don't mean I ignore beautiful descriptions and character moments. I simply merge them so closely and have written the plot so that action is constantly pushing the description and the character progressions. It's the most fast-paced story I've ever written, and it only starts to really slow down after ten or eleven chapters. Pretty crazy. :P

I also wanted to share that I solved a plot hole that had been looming for a few months now. I wanted this to happen, but it didn't make sense with that. Then on a walk home I just got to thinking and envisioned a tiny part of a scene I had planned, and realized the solution was staring me in the face. The solution was actually the solution to another problem in the story, and I realized it could act as two solutions in one. Actually brought a grin to my face as I felt everything clicking together. It's a great feeling.

Once again, I'm very excited to present my newest story to you. I aim to finish the raw writing by end of October, and spend November revising and tightening it up. I've decided not to kill myself over details like I did with This World - that really was why I had to give up and end it because I pressured myself too much to make it perfect. It won't be winning awards for lyrical grammar or any such nonsense, but I do hope it is a fun story to read and theorize with as you go along.

Two and a half months left. Here we go.


Two-Thirds of a Third

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Aug 20 2014 · 124 views
chrysalisupdate, epic
I feel very bad about not updating this. If I did more often, I'd probably have more people interested. :P Here's hoping that changes when I do actually post. People respond better when there are actual results to promises!

I've reached what I consider to be roughly two-thirds of the way in the first epic of the Chrysalis Saga. I slowed down a lot in the past few months as I struggled to move past a transition point, which basically was like moving from the narrow end of a cone to the wide end. The world expanded (as planned, but it's a different thing to imagine it and write it), and I had to take time to consider what directions I wanted to go in. That's been figured out, and I'm writing quickly again. The scenes keep rolling out one or two every few days, so it's a great pace.

Deadline? I have one. Even if I haven't quite finished by the end of the year (and I'd be surprised if that's the case), I'm going to start posting in December. My newest story is almost here and I'm thrilled to be this close to sharing it with you.

In the coming weeks I think I'll start sharing tidbits here and there to give some colour to this Saga I keep on going about. I think it'll be a great ride. :)

BTW - my signature mysteriously disappeared. I've been seeing people talk about forum glitches, so I assume this is what happened. Gotta get it back up!



Posted by Takuta-Nui , Nov 01 2013 · 147 views
the spinning, chrysalis saga
Banner! As you can see, I have updated my signature with a custom link banner for this blog. Everyone is free to use this if they wish to advertise the blog and the Chrysalis Saga.
Minor updates: due to the database deletion, I had to go and re-delete all my old entries. That's been completed.
I continue making progress on the first episode, but work and school is definitely slowing me down as it means I pull at least two 16-hour days a week. Gets a bit tough if I also work for a few days after one of those days, and then the next week comes around and it starts all over again.
The good thing is that I keep getting inspired moments and I'll throw aside my homework to write a few pages, or just tap away on my iPhone while I'm riding the train. The momentum is there and I'm not having too much trouble maintaining it, so I think that's a good sign that I'm genuinely enjoying this, and I hope that shows when you get to read it. :)
Also, I'm considering creating a Tumblr blog as well to post the story itself, so it reaches a broader audience. I once tried to start a blog there but got overwhelmed by the options, so I'll have to make sure I have a day by myself to go through everything and do it right.


Introduction to The Spinning

Posted by Takuta-Nui , Oct 31 2013 · 177 views
chrysalis saga, reboot, repost
Introduction to The Spinning [This is being reposted due to the database backup. Thanks, Google Cache! Unfortunately, the cache only had the first person's comment, so I'm going to post that below as well to save them the trouble. If you want to repost your comment, please go right ahead! But I more or less remember what you've said, so no serious need.
Let's start pulling ourselves together again!]
Original post:
I've returned with a new story.  :)
I call it the Chrysalis Saga, and a few of you might have seen the quiet advertisement in my signature for a while now. I haven't been very active on these forums for a few years, so I realize it will be challenging getting a readership and feedback on my story. But like before with my This World series and later the broader Absolutity collection, I intend to write and post the best stories that I'm capable of. Reviews, while important and deeply appreciated, are not expected or required.
Still, it is nice knowing that someone's reading and enjoying.  ;) So I thought I would reboot my blog and give it a new theme, mainly centred on the Chrysalis Saga but probably including other things. I haven't decided yet if I will delete all the old entries, as they're not relevant and I don't want to confuse any newcomers to the blog. Not sure about that yet, though.
Here's a summary and a to-do list that I'm focused on right now:
Status of the Saga
  • The first epic is not yet fully written, but in good progress. The length is not quite determined, but I know it will be at least twenty chapters of about 10 pages each. I'm willing to predict thirty chapters or more, though. And by "good progress," I mean I'm writing it regularly, two or three times a week.
  • The name of the first epic is "The Play of Light."
  • The Saga has been in the works for over a year. I first got the idea for what I wanted to centre a story around way back in 2011, and it only started to take on real form (that is, the chrysalis began to spin!) in spring 2012. I started an actual outline that summer, which I have added to and expanded for the past year into a master document of the ideas, plots, characters, themes, and so forth. It is not at all a definitive plan of what I will write - I leave that up to the magic of the writing process - but it is a guideline for the overall impression I want to leave the reader with.
  • Not giving a date for when this will start being posted yet. But the fact that I've rebooted my blog means it's closer than when I wasn't blogging.  :P
2013 Goals
  • Signature banners, one for this blog and one for the epic once it's up. I need a proper image and caption, so I'll be looking around the internet for something that I feel suits each. I'm sure once I find them, it'll only take me half an hour to slap them together in Pages and upload.
  • Establish the look of this blog. Decide whether I should delete the pre-Chrysalis entries.
  • Start reading & reviewing a few other writers' work. Although I love bonesiii's Paracosmos and made time for it during full time university, I realize I need to broaden my horizons and rebuild my connections in the writing community on BZP.  :)
  • The above means that I want your stories! If you have an ongoing story, or a story written by someone that you think I'd love (and is being posted on the BZP forums), please send it to me!
Other Notes
  • I'm no longer a Staff member (well, I'm in a weird limbo group between the regular membership and Staff, apparently, lol. But it hasn't manifested itself in any obligations, so I'm fine with that). This means I don't have those extra BZP duties that I did before, which I honestly think is great, as I can focus completely on the epics and short stories communities. I also need to set BZP as my front page so I see it every time I visit the internet.  :P
  • I also no longer am part of the team managing the Expanded Multiverse. I talked with bones about this a long time ago and let him know that I couldn't spend the time on that project anymore. It still saddens me, and part of me wants to get back in, but I won't do that until I'm absolutely sure I can commit long-term. As a matter of fact, I need to find out what's going on with the EM canon right now, and catch up if there's been anything happening since I stopped my BZP activity.
  • I'm still in university, but part time. 1 class per term, this fall and next winter. So far, I've had a lot of leisure time outside of the one class, so I'll just have to re-teach myself to spend that time on BZP more than other things. Re-integrate into my daily routine, basically.
  • I'm working full time with Apple Inc. That's a solid 40 hours a week, but again, I have a lot of leisure time outside of this, and I've felt so much freedom this year for writing this story. That should only improve once I finish the winter semester course.
I'll stop there now. That's my update. Please consider this my humble "Hey, I'm back" entry. Thanks for reading!
(Credit for image goes to Naomi Bardoff, an artist and blogger I've followed recently. Will add link once I've determined it's an appropriate link for BZP.)