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I don't make the pizzas

Posted by FallenAtlas in The Weight of The World, May 05 2016 · 45 views

I just get them fast, fresh, and hot. So please, don't yell at me for them being delivered earlier than you wanted. Sorry for being efficient.


Civil War spoilers

Posted by Chelsea Wolfe in waiting and fading and floating away, May 05 2016 · 77 views

the south lost, deal with it



Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, May 05 2016 · 96 views

The fight going on in Bleach right now is exhausting nonsense. This villain’s power is literally “Come back stronger each time you die”, so no matter how thoroughly they destroy him, he stands back up and it just keeps dragging on.

It’s like trying to argue with a Genwunner. No matter how definitively you disprove their argument, they keep insisting it is true no matter what, and it never ends.

(Wow, I actually made that relevant!)

…But seriously. Can’t we make, like, an Official Genwunner Topic, and limit all baseless complaints and hate leveled against G2 to that topic alone? I like that solution. Can we try that?


Urban Legends and things: Polybius

Posted by Shiny Chariot in Shiny Chariot's Magical Fiesta, May 04 2016 · 50 views

I'm a fan of urban legends, something about them is just really appealing can't explain why. I just find that stuff really cool. Now that doesn't mean I believe them 100% but I still find them fascinating. I did briefly talk about my interest in number stations so I'm gonna talk about a gaymin legend.

Polybius or the Cursed game

Polybius was a supposed arcade game made in the 1980s that was quite popular. Except it had some...adverse affects on players like causing headaches and other symptoms. There is some conflicting theories about what the gameplay of Polybius actually entailed. Even more eerie was the fact that BZP Lovers would then download the data from the game. It was quite addictive (though to be fair a lot of games are like that) and had very long lines just to play it. This went on for a month until all traces of the game were removed from the arcade.

Sounds fishy right? Well there may be some truth to it. For one thing in the 80s federal agents did investigate quite a few arcades (because of gambling not aliens). And there are actually reports of gamers getting sick from playing video games though due to playing them for a really long time. However please keep in mind that this does not confirm that the legend is true. Instead it just gives us some precedent or whatever.

To be totally honest I'm skeptically of this actually existing but I'm optimistic. I have a thing for straight up weird things so it would be cool. However I will only change my stance if someone brings me an actual working cabinet and after playing it I do experience said side effects.

Please note that the reason for the data collection was for army training and to test the player's mental capacities. This is very similar to the plot of the 1984 moive The Last Starfighter in which a human is recruited to join the starfighters because of his mlg mad skillz at vidya gaemz. So the legend might just be someone liking the Last Starfighter too much.

Real or not it has left an impact on culture as it most famously appeared in an episode of the Simpsons and the Goldbergs as a background gag. If you'd like to see more of this weird stuff let me know in the comments or pm or smoke signal or morse code or whatever. I'm going include some more (read better links) so you can do your own research.

Remember I am only stating the information about the urban legend. I do not support or deny their existence, I only seek to post what is known.

Skeptoid's article
Wikipedia article


Parsec for your Thoughts

Posted by Hordaki in Hopefully Coherent Ramblings, May 04 2016 · 66 views
Penny Thoughts, Star Wars

In honor of May the 4th, what is your favorite Star Wars spin-off in any media (TV, books, games, etc...)?

Also I know Star Wars uses credits as currency, but parsec is more recognizable.


You that moment when you....

Posted by D.Va in Kitten Headquarters, May 04 2016 · 52 views

...get that play you really wanted?

I may like Overwatch a little too much.


One Question

Posted by Trijhak in One Second in Eternity, May 03 2016 · 77 views

What is your favourite colour?


A Fourteenth Random Question(s)

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., May 03 2016 · 73 views
Random Questions

And now its time for the opposite of the last question I asked.

What is your least favorite comic book movie, and why is it your least favorite?


the call has concluded

Posted by Ehksidian in Cairo, Oblivia, May 03 2016 · 43 views

so, i finally finished up a two-semester long game of Call of Cthulhu. it was a thoroughly entertaining game. the GM was fantastic, the players were great, and it was a great first experience with the system.

also i got to have my fat syrian reporter kick a door in and club someone with a Kalashnikov to stop them from freeing an eldritch soul devourer from a book bound in human skin. that was a great moment.


Big Fig Invasion

Posted by ChocolateFrogs in Scientific Progress Goes "Boink", May 03 2016 · 60 views
LEGO, Bigfigs, Big Figs

I seem to have accidentally amassed a small collection of LEGO big figs:

Posted Image

It's an odd bunch, towering over minifigs. But man, they look so cool! It's almost enough to make me want Mungus, Dogshank, and a Wampa, though not enough to make me shell out the cash. But it might be a new addiction.

-CF :kakama:



Posted by Lapis Lazuli in This is my ocean pillar ♫♪, May 03 2016 · 191 views
Gay, LGBT+, Rant

I just need to rant for a bit. So, recently Once Upon a Time (finally) introduced a LGBT+ couple into the show. And the writing for it was lack-luster, but I don't think it was because the couple was LGBT+ but more so that the show's writing has been pretty much awful for a while now.

Once is a show I watch with my family. We watched it then and no one made any comments. And to be fair, while it was bad writing, the relationship itself was cute enough and harmless. My biggest gripe is that one episode is not enough to develop a true love relationship fully.

Now flash forward to today and someone told me there were people who speculated that in Frozen 2, Elsa should have a woman for a love interest. My response?

"Hmm, yeah I could see that."

My reasoning being I think Elsa's story, namely how she kept a part of her identity hidden (her ice powers) from everyone including her own sister could be considered parallel with being closeted for an LGBT+ person. And that's not really solid for saying Elsa isn't heterosexual, but personally I think it fits and I would be fine if that's the direction the movie went.

Anyway, my response was met with a look of disgust and the phrase "No, not everyone is gay."

Hah. Well thank you for that brilliant insight. I will truly need to reflect on that. Boy golly I sure learned a bloody lesson today. That put me in my place. Oh, and by the by;


Number of openly LGBT+ characters in Disney: Zero

Number of LGBT+ role models I had growing up so I didn't think I was a freak and gave me even the slightest bit of "don't freak out it will be okay" mentality? Zero.

No instead I got a giant parade of heterosexuality trapsing around me, and then when I found out I was gay it all turned to a big deal. So big that my closest family members didn't know I was gay until less than a year ago. Heck, I still worry that I'm going to be a victim of a hate crime.

It's not like those LGBT+ kids need any form of support. It's not like the kid with two moms needs to see that their family can be represented as normal. It's not like I needed to feel like a regular human being growing up.

But hey "why do we need to expose children to that anyway?"

Yeah, it's not like that group is being bullied to death in their youth or anything.

And as for the LGBT+ ship in Once? "Yeah, that was just too much for me."

And it's not like I have anyone in my family to talk about this stuff with, because if it hasn't become apparent by now in this entry, my family just does not understand anything about this area.

A list of every LGBT+ member of my family: me

So yeah I kinda hate the world right now. Seriously, screw that place.


BZP's GOT Teaser #2

Posted by Lucina in Outrealm 19, May 03 2016 · 71 views

Posted Image

The Mask Maker
The current ruler & guardian of Okoto, who resides within the Ancient City in the center of the island. They own the Mask Maker’s Hammer – the only weapon or tool in all of Okoto that can break any material – and also possess six guardians known as the Skull Warriors that they can send anywhere to fulfil their wishes.

The current ruler used to be a Protector of Fire, but their relationship with the Protectors of Fire soured one year ago for unknown reasons.

Protectors of Fire
Reside in the Fire Region. They supply coal to the rest of the island, and possess the Golden Mask of Fire, which can be used by a Protector of any region to summon fires hot enough to burn even the Skull Warriors to ashes.

Their relationship with the Protectors of Jungle and Ice has historically been rather poor, but they are close allies with the Protectors of Stone.

Protectors of Jungle
Reside in the Jungle Region. They supply plants, wood, and animals to the rest of the island, and possess the Golden Mask of Control – once worn by the original Mask Maker’s younger brother, Makuta.

Their relationship with the Protectors of Fire and Stone has historically been rather poor, but they are close allies with the Protectors of Water.

Protectors of Water
Reside in the Water Region. They supply water to the rest of the island, and possess the Golden Mask of the Skull Spiders, through which they keep the Skull Spider horde docile.

Their relationship with the Protectors of Ice and Stone has historically been rather poor, but they are close allies with the Protectors of Jungle. The Mask Maker deposed & killed 20 years ago was a former Protector of Water, and their heir now hides within the Water Region.

Protectors of Ice
Reside in the Ice Region. They supply warriors, guards, and entertainment to the rest of the island, and possess the Golden Mask of Creation – once worn by the original Mask Maker and ruler of Okoto, Ekimu.

Their relationship with the Protectors of Fire and Water has historically been rather poor, and due to a botched attempt to assassinate the Mask Maker three years ago they lack any close allies.

Protectors of Stone
Reside in the Stone Region. They supply stone and tools to the rest of the island, and possess the Golden Mask of Light, said to be worn by an ancient hero of legend who saved Okoto from the forces of darkness long ago.

Their relationship with the Protectors of Jungle and Water has historically been rather poor, but they are close allies with the Protectors of Fire, after helping them to depose the old Mask Maker nearly twenty years ago.

Protectors of Earth
Reside in the Earth Region. They supply gems to the rest of the island, and possess half of the mythical Golden Mask of Time.

They used to be close allies with the Protectors of Ice, but have forsaken them ever since an attempt to assassinate the Mask Maker three years ago. The Earth Tribe publicly makes it known that they are loyal to the Mask Maker above all other alliances.


Who Overwatches the Overwatchmen?

Posted by Jodariel in Exile Blackwagon, May 03 2016 · 73 views


specifically when my Rip-Tire kills five and then i shoot the (seventy)sixth in the face


Specialized Elements

Posted by Click in Ponderings of a Scarabax, May 02 2016 · 89 views
Cinderbrick, Elemental, Secondary and 2 more...

Specialized Elements Alright, so I'm working on a new Bionicle RPG Concept set in the Virseverse, and one of the main features is the introduction of something I like to call "Specialized Elements."

For a quick review, in the Virseverse, the six basic types of Toa and Matoran were created for the sole purpose of attempting to repair a fragile Spherus Magna (no GSR was ever built), an attempt which utterly failed. In the resulting Shattering, the Great Beings were taken from the planet before they could perfect their creations. The Native Glatorian and Agori fought with the new Biomechs for control of the few resources remaining on Bara Magna.

While the war went on and in the years of uneasy peace after it ended, Toa began discovering the potential within themselves to manipulate sub-elements, and with training they could replace their default element with a new "Specialized Element," giving them greater strength or dexterity with a single material in place of the versatility of a default element.

This training was not easy. Changing an element is not just a decision, it's an entire change of character. It's difficult to master light without also purifying oneself, and one cannot control the darker elements without embracing their corruption. Each element has its own facets to understand, and they can vary from person to person.

Though the combinations of elements are practically limitless, below is an example chart I compiled from just about every canon and fanon element I could find. This is not a strict guideline, but merely suggestions and examples of how the specialization may progress.

  • Specialized elements are formed via combinations of traits from two or three basic elements, shown in the chart above (some elements rearranged) or by the text color. For example, Silver can be formed from Fire > Stone (Magma) > Ice (Silver).
  • Elements on the chart are also ranked according to their difficulty to master, with one dot being quite simple (with even the possibility of skipping "steps") while four dot elements are nigh impossible. Most canon secondary elements are one dot.
  • Five dot/bolded elements are legendary and unable to be controlled by any one Toa.
  • Italic elements are immoral and can be more difficult for moral Toa to learn.
  • Some elements also have notes to the side explaining them more clearly.
····· Creation - The Core Element
Subelements of Fire

Subelements of Stone

Subelements of Earth

Subelements of Ice

Subelements of Air

Subelements of Water


Aggie Muster

Posted by Zox Tomana in The Tablet, May 02 2016 · 51 views

I’ve put off actually posting about this because I’ve been considering what I’d actually say. But maybe the best way to figure out what I want to say is just to ramble about it like I did for my birthday, so here we go...

rambles follow

Well, that went on for a length I didn’t anticipate, nor in directions I anticipated. But I guess I’ll post it anyway.


SoulSilver Nuzlocke Update 1

Posted by Toucan Sam in A bowl of froot loops., May 02 2016 · 42 views

Badge Count: 7
Death Count: 10
Current Team
Scarlet the Gyrados died, Petrel's Weezing spammed smokescreen then used explosion.
I'ma catch a Raikou. Then I'ma evolve James into something other than a Jolteon.


I'm a Video Maker Now.

Posted by Swert in Life in the Swert lane, May 01 2016 · 73 views

It has been about 10 years since I last had semi-permeant access to a decent video editing software. I cannot believe how much I missed doing videos until I opened the BS01 YT channel.

So now that I have this power, I promise not to abuse it.


... I should make that BS01 trailer I've always wanted TTV Podcast to make for me : O


Reborn Guest Stars

Posted by Inferna Firesword in Seneca's Keep, May 01 2016 · 53 views

Apologies for the silence; college work and preparing for graduation have been sucking my motivation to write and do so stuff for a while.

Anyway, I managed to gather up the Guest Stars that signed up for recruitment and organized them into a loose command structure for the Matoran Militia. Thank you, everyone who signed up: not only does it mean I don't have to think of dozens of names for members of the group, it allowed me to flesh out the organization itself. :)

Anyway, for those of you who want to know how it looks, here's the command structure I created, and where your characters went on it. Apologies if some of your bios are a bit short right now; I'm hoping that once your characters appear in Reborn and I put your bios in the character sheet, I'll have extendeded them.

The Matoran Militia

Affiliated Toa

Toa of Psionics Rhonwen

Under the laws of the City, Rhonwen would be within her rights to act as the commander of the Militia, the same way her second-in-command Voriki commands the Wall. However, she believes that the Militia should be under the control of a Matoran, and has left command to Sindri. However, she still works closely with the organization, and is the first to respond when a squad calls for Toa aid.


Matoran of Stone Sindri
The Commander of the Militia for the past 877 years, his charge is the entire city of Aonui, with his captains overseeing the command of the 7 districts. He reports directly to the Administrator, Fallon; it is through this connection that he obtains prototype weapons for the Militia to test and eventually use. While stern, he knows when it is best to stand aside and let the Toa handle a situation, rather than risk the lives of those under his command.


Matoran of Lightning Taki

Sindri’s closest companion since before they joined the Militia, Taki is in charge of overseeing the training of raw recruits, and preparing them for active service. Her command is the 7th District, which houses civilians.


Matoran of Air Xirris
The strict Captain of the 2nd District, Xirris commands the safety of the City Center, where the Administrator and her fellows work to keep Aonui running smoothly. She also commands the elite Chronicler’s Company, a handpicked squadron that is in charge of security for high-value persons. While she drills her recruits harshly, she never pushes them past what they are capable of giving.

Matoran of Gravity Voltex
The Captain of the 5th District, Voltex is extremely dry with his subordinates and equals alike. He respects his superiors, but he takes his command of the intellectual district seriously.

Matoran of Psionics Azeran
The Captain of the 1st District, Azeran worked his way to his position, training under Captains Xirris and Taki to temper his natural fears and confusions into his ability to lead others. He has a strong rapport with the other captains, with rumors abounding about his relationship with the Matoran of Air.


Matoran of Fire Halyx
A member of the Chronicler’s Company, Halyx was snatched up for Xirris’ command many years ago when he was on the verge of washing out of the Militia for his attitude. While the attitude isn’t gone, merely tempered, he is a reliable subordinate for Captain Xirris.

Matoran of Water Decaia
As a part of the 2nd District and a member of the Chronicler’s Company, Decaia is Captain Xirris’ lieutenant in the Company, and assistant when training new recruits to join the Company. His melancholy makes him less strict than his commander, but he is never to be doubted in a fight.

Matoran of Sound Lorika
Part of the 2nd District and the Chronicler’s Company, Lorika is the friendliest member of the Company, and often is the one who interacts with civilians when on the job. Aside from Xirris, she is the only member of the Company that interacts with any prisoners they might be assigned to guard.

Matoran of Plasma Jalicax
Part of the 5th District, Jalicax is Voltex’s lieutenant. While as dry as her Captain, she is a calming presence to those recruits placed under their command.

Matoran of the Green Kultela
Part of the 1st District, Kultela is Azeran’s lieutenant and right-hand Matoran. While she was a difficult recruit in training, she is a reliable member of the District Milita, and Azeran’s trusted partner in battle.


Matoran of Ice Ghidora
A recruit from the destroyed village of Pareo, he was assigned to the 1st District after being cleared for active duty. While very competent, there are times where he slips and shows disturbing thoughts under his mask of sanity.

Matoran of Air Sumaka
A recruit from the destroyed village of Pareo, Sumaka is cheerful despite the hardships and misfortune she and her friends have faced. Assigned to the 1st District, she’s not all that keen on being partnered with Ghidora.

Matoran of Lightning Rekansi
A recruit from the destroyed village of Pareo, Rekansi has been assigned to the 5th District, under Voltex’s command. He’s still a bit quiet, despite his surroundings, but he’s determined to protect his new home.


Sweet Satisfaction - April Haul

Posted by Ektris in Evolution, Apr 30 2016 · 50 views
Star Wars, Bionicle, Transformers

Posted Image
Posted Image
  • Transformers Masterpiece Shockwave
  • Star Wars Black Series Kanan Jarrus
  • Transformers Masterpiece Tracks
  • Star Wars Black Series Ahsoka Tano
  • BIONICLE Protector of Stone
  • BIONICLE Ikir Creature of Fire
  • BIONICLE Tahu Uniter of Fire
  • BIONICLE Umarak The Hunter
  • Star Wars: Dark Disciple
  • Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi
  • Star Wars: Aftermath
  • Star Wars: Maul: Lockdown
Don't really feel like writing up too much today. Put as short as I can: love everything I got this month (some I didn't expect to or even planned on at all getting as always), but the effort put forth in getting some was way, way too much; this should be so much easier than it is sometimes.



No Second Prances

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Apr 30 2016 · 43 views

Here we go again

I should rewatch season one sometime

I used to think I would never skip the theme song

Where'd the utensils go?

So many ugly faces in under five minutes

Why does she even still care about them?

This is going to be a long episode..

I thought Twilight forgave her, so why is she still mad?

Totally shoehorned into this episode

So after all these seasons, she still hasn't learned how to forgive

And seriously, DJ Pon-3?



Why is she scared? Did the writer completely forget Friendship is Magic Part 2?

How.. I just.. How can people think the later seasons are superior? They have been total garbage

They were just going to stand by and watch her die?

But.. All she would need to do is teleport

*sigh*. 2/10

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