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Thoughts Wanted, Inquire Within For Pay Rates

Posted by Ursus Wielder Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

A thing I saw on social media prompted this and I thought I’d just throw it up to see what happens. Asking random questions is a popular thing here in the blogs, yes?

Suppose you’re leading a makeshift Toa team, and you can choose the main character of up to five things (TV show, movie, book, anime, game, whatever). What does your team look like? Bonus points if you can work out actual team dynamics or even Kaita.

The only catch is you’re not allowed to choose Goku/DBZ.



holy grail

Posted by Scythey in VA-11 HALL-A, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

I said I'd pop back in on special occasions and I think this counts

a couple weeks ago I dropped $40 on a copy of Machinae Supremacy's rare, out-of-print Redeemer (Underground Edition) CD. this was an independently-released limited run version of their second album that was only available through their website and has long since been discontinued, featuring a different mix and an alternate tracklist to its more common major label retail counterpart. they rarely ever show up for sale anywhere so when I saw it, I had to jump on it, and today it finally arrived.

Posted Image

as the title states, this is basically a holy grail of my music collection. I'm stoked to finally own a copy.

updated collection picture:

Posted Image

from top to bottom:

- Redeemer (Underground Edition)
- Redeemer (Retail Edition)
- Overworld
- A View from the End of the World
- The Beat of Our Decay (rare UK promotional compilation)
- Rise of a Digital Nation
- Phantom Shadow

also owned digitally and not pictured:

- Deus Ex Machinae (band's first album, available for free through their website)
- Origin (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Arcade (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Fury (compilation of free singles available through their website)
- Echoes (compilation of free cover songs available through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns original soundtrack (free through their website)
- Jets'n'Guns Gold EP (free through their website)
- Gianna Sisters Twisted Dreams original soundtrack
- Epic Fan Pack (odds 'n' ends collection briefly available through their website)
- Live at Assembly 2011 (HD live video officially distributed through The Pirate Bay)
- "Gerudo Valley" single (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time cover, free single released this year)

band's currently in the studio working on the follow-up to Phantom Shadow, which is supposed to be released later this year. I'll update this entry when the time comes.


BS01 Podcast and more

Posted by Swert in Life in the Swert lane, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

BS01 Podcast and more Whew, editing videos can be challenging some days. I posted not one but two BS01 Podcast Interview episodes on our YouTube channel. I have to say, I came up with a very useful format that's very easy to edit and publish, but eventually I'm going to have to find a way to make it even faster. Also the fact I have a 40 minute video to edit next will likely notKill me :P

I also finally got my ticket for BrickCon 2016 (YAAAY I'M GOING THIS YEAR!) and I'm going full-force this time. I don't know what I will do officially, but maybe I'll bring my new Nuva Cube? That'll be fun.

Also I have a new Nuva Cube. It lights up. It's also tiled on the surface. You're welcome, Kayru!

Otherwise, it's been chaotic the past few weeks (boss went on vacation in Europe, I had to handle the entire shop, practically by myself. Not much fun.) and now I'm looking forward to just catching up.

Sooo yeah, that's that. Cheers, all.


tarn does art

Posted by Tarn of the DJD in Logan Circle, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views
my art

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

​guess what
I do art
​here's some of it

​I don't have a scanner, or at least one available to be used by me, so I just took these with a camera.

​They all have names btw, from top to bottom: Samuel, Andromeda, and Selene. Samuel and Selene are from a concept for a webcomic I've been working on for a while now and Andromeda's just an OC I like to draw who sorta has her own concept.

Did I mention it was absolute heck to post these? I started working on this entry at like 5:00 PM and now it's 7:35. Thanks imgur. I finally just re-uploaded them to tumblr at smaller sizes, which worked perfectly.

​Enjoy I guess.


The Beauty of Pokémon Go

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

Essays, Not Rants! 227: The Beauty of Pokémon Go

A recent issue of TIME Magazine (a magazine I usually like) ran a small article about Pokémon Go. In an article describing how the game “shows the unnerving future of augmenting reality,” writer Matt Vella describes players in Prospect Park as “a dozen people shuffling about haphazardly, their zombie eyes fixed on glowing phone screens.”

Okay. Fine.

Honestly, I shouldn’t be too surprised. This is the same publication that ran a cover article about how millennials (ie: me) are entitled and narcissistic; Pokémon Go is more smart-phone enabled shenanigans. But that this article essentially dismisses the game is frustrating. Because yes, Pokémon Go is another game, but it’s position as a augmented reality game makes it something really special.

Something beautiful.

The open-endedness of games like Mass Effect make comparing notes with other players a lot of fun. Who did you romance? What did you save? Red, blue, or green? Your choices in the game give you a common ground. Same with discussing responses to The Last of Us or describing that great moment you had in Halo. Video games create (virtual) experiences and memories. Like any memory, these then become things you talk about.

But Pokémon Go exists in the real world. You don’t catch a Seel in the Seafoam Islands, you catch a Seel in Battery Park. You don’t hatch eggs by walking from Cerulean City to Vermillion City over and over again, you do so by walking to work and back. That gym doesn’t exist in your GameBoy, it’s the Washington Square Arch.

Because of this, those memories become physical. My brother and I roamed the East Village together looking for Pokémon, glued to our phones, yes, but also talking and enjoying the outdoors. The outdoors outside, in the real world. In other words, Pokémon Go makes the very act of walking into an adventure. The game augments reality itself (hence the whole AR genre) into a game.

That Pokémon Go exists in the real world is part of its beauty. Players have to go outside to catch Pokémon, collect items, and challenge gyms. So folks are going to parks, museums, and zoos to find Pokémon. Yes, on their phones, but actually out there.

With the game comes a community, one that, in my experience, has been remarkably positive. Stopping at Astor Place to take over a gym and catching someone’s eye, knowing we’d worked together to claim it in the name of Team Valor. Or striking up a conversation with someone at the Garibaldi Statue Pokéstop where someone used a lure. Then there’s my Facebook feed starting to look more and more like a schoolyard conversation about where to find Pokémon and whose is the best.

Pokémon which, remember, you find in the real world.

Look, I’m twenty-five; smack-dab in the middle of Generation Y. I’m one of those who grew up with the internet and social media. We’re those who see technology not as something to be scared but by which we’ll save the world. Pokémon Go, though probably not quite that extreme, exists within that vein. For all the stories of players finding dead bodies in rivers and falling off cliffs, there are many more about the game helping people deal with anxiety or depression and stories of it providing an avenue of social interaction for autistic kids. You can complain all you want about phone-addled Millennials, but a fear of AR as a harbinger of awfulness is unfounded.

‘cuz this present is the future.

Our future.

And it’s wonderful.



Posted by Trijhak in One Second in Eternity, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

What would you do if you had inter-dimensional powers?


Happy Anniversary

Posted by Furiosa's Sidekick in Lone Star Blog, Jul 23 2016 · 0 views

Yes, I did log in just to see what spinny I had now. That's what I've become.

Real talk though: happy anniversary to BZPower and to myself. I can't believe it's been 14 years since I signed up on my old dial-up internet. Times were so simple back then.

Anyway, I don't really have much to update. I'm still working on my video game. I've mostly just been trying to survive this heat. There's not much incentive to me trying to go out and meet people when everyone's all sweaty and gross. I went to Brick Fiesta earlier this year (as is tradition) and had a lot of fun. Will not be a BrickFair this year, but I'll try to go next year and make this into a 4-year cycle :lol: ('09, '13, '17).

How have you been? Yes, you. I thought I just wanted to see the spinny but now I'm interested.


Back from Vacation

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jul 23 2016 · 0 views
Back, Vacation

My trip to Las Vegas has come to an end. Thus, I am back home and again active on BZP. I did A LOT on this vacation, but since I just got home an hour ago as of this post, I think I'll save those details for a future entry. :)

I still have four days off from my job though, which will give me plenty of time catch up on everything that has happened on BZP, videos posted on Youtube, and get info on the other various sites I visit.


name change?

Posted by Lucina in The Storyteller, Jul 22 2016 · 0 views

i am currently considering my first name change in 1.5 years

more updates to come


Dollar for your Thoughts

Posted by Hordaki in Hopefully Coherent Ramblings, Jul 22 2016 · 0 views
Penny Thoughts, Film

What is the best remake/reboot and why?

What is the worst remake/reboot and why?


Band Camp 2016 day 5: Yay we have drill on the field now!

Posted by Rahkshi Guurahk in Blog of a Rahkshi, Jul 22 2016 · 0 views
band, camp, music, life and 1 more...

So as I said in the title, we now have some of our drill on the field.
And we got ice pops when we came inside, that was a nice surpise before we started playing our music. (Plus a 20 minute break to eat them. :3)
Plus we now have played music for the Opener, Ballad, and Closer. =D
And my drill number is C8, therefore the 8est num8er. =P (Other than 13, and followed by 42, 7, and 76.)

EDIT: Also I apparently can't type. =P


It's More Likely Than You Think

Posted by Rache in Somewhere Far Beyond, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views
status update, been a long time


It's been a while. Things have gotten... kind of weird, since the last time I made a blog entry.

I haven't composed a new piece of music in more than a year, thanks to my computer's speakers and headphone jack breaking - followed, back in May, by the computer itself. About to go ahead and install a couple of programs for that on this borrowed computer, once I can verify that the owner is cool with that.

In less aggravating (but probably more important) news, some of you might have noticed I've flipped the gender marker on my profile. Not joking about that one, in case you were wondering. To be honest, I should have figured it out a bit before I did, but hey, I was busy.

Lastly, to leave things on a light note, finally bought and played through The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Ghirahim's a pushover, Demise is a filthy cheater, the game itself honestly talks too much, and the whole thing leaves me yearning for Skyrim's world design - not heavily-modded Skyrim, either. Pure vanilla, with all of its failings and, as I judged it at the time, emptiness.


Pokemon go

Posted by Amirite in AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views

So now that we're all sick of Pokemon Go, when will we get Yu-Gi-Go?



Posted by Pomegranate in Hundreds of Crimson Seeds, Jul 21 2016 · 0 views

Yesteryday was BZPower's 15th, and my 9th as a member :D

Crazy how time flies! I'm very grateful for BZPower and all you cool people and for the fact that, against all odds, Bionicle is still in my life all these years later -- all is as it should be ^_^


I started making pixel art because I suck at regular art.

Posted by Jobber in Weekly Random Blog, Jul 20 2016 · 0 views
pixel art

I've seen great improvements ever since I started drawing pixel art, even more so than I did with regular digital art.

Oh, and BZP's activity has been shrinking dramatically as of late.


Uh... Uh...

Posted by Shadow FF in Revived, Jul 20 2016 · 0 views

So... how are you people? Are you surviving through life? What should you be doing right now? What did you just eat? What's on your mind? Are you tired? Are you feeling lazy today? Are you still reading this? Does something physically hurt? Are you bored out of your mind? Did anything make you laugh today? Are you getting sick of these questions? Do you want me to stop?

...and I ran out of things to say.


Quiet, Quiet

Posted by Terrorsaur in This Candle Radiates Throughout the Night, Jul 20 2016 · 0 views

Blogging for their lives! It's BZPower!

Normal Tuesday night! For Premier Members!


Ten Whole Years (Plus a Month)

Posted by Ballom in Moon in the Water, Jul 19 2016 · 0 views

*Obligatory "hey you're not dead!" goes here*

As of about a month ago in June, I celebrated my ten-year anniversary on BZPower. Ten years is a really long time! Longer than I've done just about anything else, really. Probably something to be celebrated in some fashion. At least I get a sweet Tohu spinny. Granted, for the last four years especially, I haven't exactly done much at all on BZP other than be alive, occasionally lurk, and also post a MOC now and then because college intruded frequently.

But! I have in fact graduated college, also as of this past June. This means I have time for BZP, with which I can ... lurk more actively, I suppose? I also made a thing for the latest BBCC which was destroyed horribly in the first polls (tears shed) viewable here, and have been working on some other MOCings and the things which accompany them, such as digging up the lamps used for the lightbox from their nearly-final resting places among the mountains of refuse of a distant deserted house room.

Which is all well and good that I have time for it now, since in roughly a month I'll be off to graduate school! Entirely across the country actually, in Maryland to be specific, which I've heard for a third of a year or so turns into frigid wastes as a part of the things I'm told are called seasons, experienced by people who live in places other than Southern California, where the depths of winter produce weather merely in the 70s.

And so, as Ballom continues to git hisself edycated, I will be hundreds (thousands?) of miles away from those troves of pieces used for the MOCenings, which means I'll probably in what I think AFOLs call a dark age. The grim times of no building. Alack, alack.

On the plus side, I think in years after this one I will be able to attend BrickFairs in Virginia, since my school is barely outside DC, and Chantilly is only a little further off. So I will be able to meet BZPower peoples and hang out with y'all, at least sometimes.

And, of course, I'll continue to lurk around here, maybe even posting now and again (-gasp-), and otherwise hanging around this corner of the Internet for hopefully many more years to come! Can we get a toasting glass in here or something?


SPIRIT Technology Crisis of 2016 -- Update

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jul 19 2016 · 0 views

Well, $140 later and my laptop works again. The guy said my laptop is unusably slow and I should get it replaced, but as far as I can tell it's back to normal. :shrugs:

Anyway, my Pokémon...

The day was April 8th, 2003. A young boy awoke excitedly on his birthday. On this very day, 3 years prior, he had received his first GameBoy and Pokémon game (Yellow) -- he had gotten his first Pokémon, a Pikachu on his tenth birthday. Truly this was the stuff legends are made of.

But that was in the past. Pokémon Yellow was so last decade. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire had just been released, along with the GameBoy Advance SP. It was a day for the history books when young SPIRIT popped his translucent red game cartridge into his new GBA SP and saw that opening cinematic before school that day. SPIRIT also received his starter that day, a Torchic, that would later become a Combusken and then a Blaziken.

That Blaziken assisted SPIRIT faithfully through the Elite Four countless times, just managing to clench victory in the face of defeat. She rose to level 100 and followed SPIRIT for many years to come. She was transferred to Diamond Version, then Black Version, Black 2 Version, Y Version, and finally OmegaRuby. While the Pokemon in SPIRIT's pre-Gen III cartridges died as the batteries expired, Blaziken lived on.

But everything changed when the computer glitch attacked...

SPIRIT tried to transfer his OmegaRuby save (for he only had the digital version), to a bigger SD card, but the transfer failed. Now Blaziken, along with every main story team and competitive team SPIRIT had bred in the last 13 years had become trapped in cyberspace.

If anyone knows how to restore corrupted 3DS save files, I will literally do anything for you.

My babies are gone... There are children who can walk and talk that have not lived as long as some of the Pokémon I lost. I am in mourning. :(

A song:

Goodbye Blaziken
Though I caught you in ball
You used the move Sky Uppercut
While those around you crawled

They crawled out into battle
And they tried to cause you pain
With Psychic, Flying, Ground, and Water
Though steadfast you remain



In memory of Blaziken (April 8 2003 - July 17 2016)

"Buuu-eeeeahhh" -Blaziken

Okay, forget all that nonsense. I am a gosh darned genius. I took my corrupted file, put it on my computer, then I took a blank SD card, downloaded Omega Ruby again, then I pasted it onto the corrupted file, and it works! It works! My Pokémon are safe and sound!!

BLAZIKEN IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Los Angeles Lego Convention

Posted by -Sidorak- in The Blog of a Trumpet Player, Jul 18 2016 · 0 views

Has anybody been to a Lego convention in LA? Bricks LA was the top Google result.

I always enjoyed looking at pics of displays from conventions around the world. I never attended one, though. I think it might be fun to swing by Bricks LA this January. I live within driving distance of the venue. Any advice or tips from experienced convention attendees?

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