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BrickFair Avatar Ideas

Posted by Letagi in Wherever you go, there you are., Jul 07 2015 · 40 views

Now I need an idea for a BrickFair avatar. They're printed on 2x4 tiles.

Go wild.



sdcc skull scorpio mask

Posted by Weasley Time Prison in back at it again at oscorp, Jul 07 2015 · 40 views

who wants to help ya girl clover (me) out and score me one since im too poor to go to sdcc ;)

seriously though lego gives me such a migraine with their exclusives aurgh



Posted by Scythey in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Jul 06 2015 · 54 views

bit of a small discography this time as the band only has three full-length albums (so far; they're recording a new one currently). yet another band that went from a casual interest to an overall favorite of mine.

these guys have had an interesting stylistic progression - from heavy sludge/stoner metal on Red Album to a more progressive/alternative rock sound on Yellow & Green, with Blue Record somewhere in between. all of it is really good, though, which is not something that can be said about all bands that go through such drastic changes in direction (coughOpethcough).

Posted Image

top to bottom:

- Red Album
- Blue Record
- Yellow & Green (2CD double album)

these guys also have two EPs, First and Second, which are out of print and really hard to find. I'm currently keeping an eye on a set of both that's up on eBay for a decent price, but it's got three days left and I imagine it'll be driven way up by the time it's sold.



Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jul 06 2015 · 50 views
music I like

I have been listening to Road to Jupiter constantly for the past couple of weeks. It's just such an amazing album. Some of my favorite songs are Atlas+Road to Jupiter (most of the songs segue into each other but this is the best) and As Stars Fall, but my favorite song hands-down is Lakes. I want it to be played at my everything.

I greatly advise you to check out the whole album, maybe download it and listen to it in full seamlessly (on Bandcamp there's a delay between songs that sort of ruins the flow). All of Wolfgun's music is either free or name-your-price, so if you don't feel like you can pay for it you can still download it.

Also, if you like Drum & Bass covers of English folk tunes, give Scarborough Fair a listen as well.


Okoto and Names

Posted by I AM SPLEL CHEPMSDIN in enamebl lipog, Jul 06 2015 · 62 views

Given how most of the characters of Okoto have dull names like 'Protector of FIre', with only Ekimu, Makuta, and Kulta (Skull Grinder) being the only non-Toa with names, I'm going to be assuming that names are earned on Okoto, not simply given, and that it is very disrespectful on Okoto to name yourself without consulting whoever is in the leading positions first. Ekimu and Makuta earned their names through mask-making. Kulta named themself, and dishonoured the people of Okoto by doing so. As a result, Kulta was cursed to live forever, beyond death, and is now literally a bitter skeleton of their former self. The Toa were already named because of prophecies.

The Protectors, on the other hand, are referred to as whatever element they're supposed to protect. Protector of Fire would be referred to as 'Fire', as it is both a title and a name, and also because saying Protector every time is a bit of a mouthful. Being a Protector is a big deal because they're the main defence for the region they inhabit when Toa aren't around to save them.

Names on Okoto are very sparse. To have one indicates a lot of prestige and honour, or, in the worst case, a curse and dishonour. In extremely rare cases, it can mean both, as with Makuta. Honoured for Mask-Making, dishonoured for the whole Ekimu thing.

At least this is my explanation for the lack of names on Okoto.


Twinmold WIP

Posted by Based Goomy in GOOOOMY, Jul 06 2015 · 51 views

Posted ImagePosted Image

Photography has never been my strong point :(

But yeah. I've had the idea to build this guy for a while. Gave me quite a bit of trouble in Stone Tower


Tragedy in BIONICLE

Posted by Pereki in A Rather Uninteresting Blog, Jul 05 2015 · 112 views

Join me in this detailed analysis.


So Dragon Ball is Back

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Title, Jul 05 2015 · 52 views

Dragon Ball Super started. Honestly, not a lot happened in the first episode, and it looks like the next episode will be about the same, but! I’ve discovered that we have finally been given some official word on the near-future plot! It appears that Super is first going to do an arc retelling Battle of Gods, then follow with an arc retelling Revival of F, and this news is…well, I’m wondering if they’re going to change events (and if so, how), but it kind of means that we’ll need to wait through two whole arcs that could take who knows how long before getting to the completely new stuff. So, I’m unsure about that.

(If nothing else, it currently looks like Beerus is up and at 'em rather than sleeping for decades at a time, so that gives him more plot flexibility and I do think that's a good change.)

After that, though, it’s been confirmed that the third arc will have the main characters going to an alternate universe! This, I’m psyched for. When Beerus mentioned the alternate universes at the end of Battle of Gods, I was sure it was set-up for something, and I’m so excited to see what comes of it. Apparently they’ll be hunting “giant Super Dragon Balls” in this new universe, which I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised to hear. If they’re calling them “giant,” though, then that probably means they’re even bigger than the Namek Dragon Balls, so…like, Dragon Balls the size of people maybe? Also a new dragon! It’ll be interesting to see what the dragon’s design ends up being.

In short I’m a little put off by these first two arcs, but I’m really looking forward to what happens after that and maybe even being proved wrong before then. All I need now is some kind of comeback for Cell and I will have all the things I wanted most from Super.

(I mean come on, Buu sticks around and gets reincarnated, Frieza gets to come back and go Super Saiyan, Cell’s the last of the major saga villains and he’s the best he deserves to be involved in Super too.)

(Alright I guess I’d also really like an arc that takes the concept of the Shadow Dragons and gives it a better execution, I just really, really like the concept of the Shadow Dragons.)


Amending Fences

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Jul 05 2015 · 76 views

Alright, let's see how this one turns out

lol Spike

Poor Spike

Oh man

Been a looong time since we've seen this place

But Lyra lives in Ponyville


So I guess she's not Colgate after all

She's got that smile though

No Lyra? Guess they'll say she moved to Ponyville


"Another doughnut! Extra crispy!"


That doesn't sound like filly Twilight

But Moondancer was having that party back in the first episode? She wasn't like that

Oh, there you go

"Does that pony do anything except study?" "I think she's more interested in books than friends"

Cone of silence


Okay, that's pretty stupid

Probably Moondancer's new home

I liked it better when we didn't know Moondancer

You can't force someone to have friends

No, she's too busy saving Equestria from evil dark forces

Aw, I was kind of liking this episode

It's like they are trying to explain why the use the same background ponies in different places

Honestly, just get over it

Now I feel like watching the first two season one episodes

Will they give her that gift?

Good old Spike

Fairly decent episode, but probably wouldn't really care for it if I watched it again. I'll give it a 6/10


Another Dangerous Question

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Jul 05 2015 · 76 views

I asked for game suggestions a bit back. Now I'd like help being exposed to good electronic music, and guidance on how to browse electronic music and find stuff I like.
  • I'm pretty into videogame remixes, which means that while I'm pretty familiar with what remixes are out there I'm also always looking for new ones.
  • Mostly I'm looking for original pieces.
  • I'm horrible with musical terminology and musical genres, but I think I prefer more melodic stuff? But every now and again a heavy dubstep song will really resonate with me.
  • I've been told I tend to gravitate towards glitch hop, whatever that means.
  • I really love chiptunes and beautiful, clear, unique tones.
Current favorites are Thunderstruck (the Song of Storms remix), this Mt. Pyre remix, bLiNd's stuff such as this, Katana Blaster, Highscore, and Gray.

tl;dr; I don't know what music I like, why I like it, or how to find more like it. So any and all electronic suggestions are appreciated.


Bionicle TV Intro idea

Posted by JMSOG in Odd Thoughts by JMSOG, Jul 04 2015 · 88 views

For, like, the last several months (and I have NO idea why), I've had ideas hurtling around my head about what G1 as a tv show could look like...one of the strongest ideas is what the main titles would look like (ish).

So, I woke up today, taught myself source film maker, and made this:

Obviously, this is just conceptual...and things are wrong (Nuva and mata all at once, though if you can tell where I got the models you know why)...and imagine that there is actor's names in front of their respective toa...

I actually have no intention of actually using this for anything, I just thought it would be fun to see what it looked like...and, since I made it and saw what It looked like, I saw no reason not to just throw it out there. Aaaaaaand, since it's conceptual and very clearly very low production value, I didn't think it warrented a topic...so, blog poooooost.



the fourth of july, aka

Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and a little bit rude , Jul 04 2015 · 61 views

Annual Give My Dog a Heart Attack Day

Our dog Princess has been freaking out for a bit now. Poor dog :c Our other dog seems to be doing fine, thankfully.

Princess, though. She...pooped in my room out of anxiety :|

dang these fireworks



Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jul 04 2015 · 114 views

Is it better to be feared or respected?

I say, is it too much to ask for both?

With that in mind I humbly present you the crown jewel of Ta-Metru's Duty Line. It's the first weapons system to incorporate the latest in proprietary Launching Technology. They say that the best weapon is the one that you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree! I prefer… the weapon you only have to fire once. That's how Dume did it, that's how Metru Nui does it… and it's worked out pretty well so far. Find an excuse to let one of these off the chain, and I personally guarantee you the bad guys won't even want to come out of their huts.

For your consideration…the Kanoka Disk Launcher.

Edit: Please link to images over 750 kB - let alone 70 MB.


Pixel Problems

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jul 04 2015 · 90 views

Essays, Not Rants! 172: Pixel Problems

I remember seeing Patrick Jean’s short film “Pixels” when it first hit the internet a few years ago. It’s a cool short film with a fun concept. It does what it does and is great for it. Then there was Freddie Wong’s “Old School vs New School” which took a similar idea and, though not quite as visually spectacular or narratively sound, was a great ode to nerd culture (Lara Croft from Tomb Raider gets in the lander from Lunar Lander!).

Then along comes this new movie Pixels, based on Patrick Jean’s eponymous short. It’s always exciting to see an independently made short get a feature based on it, especially one with such a relatively nerdy concept. But based on the trailers and such for the film, it’s, well, it’s looking more Big Bang Theory than Chuck.

And not just because of Adam Sandler.

Although there’s an outlandish concept to accept, (not Kevin James as president; an alien invasion taking the form of classic arcade games) but it serves its purpose well enough. That is, it allows the story to collect a team of former arcade super stars. So far, not so bad. There’s a great opportunity here to celebrate retro-gaming and gamers in general: gamers get to save the world! Nerds get to be the winners.

Only thing is, it’s looking like nerds are the punchline again. There’s no attempt to show the them as anything other than people to be laughed at. They could keep them weird, they could make them normal, or even take a page out of Edgar Wright’s The World’s End and have most of them have moved on in their life and now have to access something they thought they grew out of (which, for the heroes of Pixels, would also allow them to recapture the joys of youth). Instead, no, the nerds are social rejects who are thrust into the spotlight for us to enjoy how hilariously out of touch they are. Also, they’re saving the world.

Which, again, wouldn’t be so bad if it felt more like a love letter than, well, whatever this is. Having a fictionalized version of Pac-Man’s creator show up (by name) is awesome, but it’s quickly negated by his appearance being reduced to something of a racist caricature. Because a screaming Japanese man makes for an easy joke. Again, this is based on the trailer, but I have a great deal of respect for Toru Iwatani and it’s disappointing to see someone playing him only to get the short end of a stick.

Which isn’t even touching the film’s gender issues. Michelle Monaghan plays the all too familiar hot-woman-who-tags-along-with-the-nerds, albeit a Lieutenant Colonel. But in doing so the film falls back into the trap of the myth that women can’t be nerds. The film creates a clear gender dichotomy that a woman’s not a gamer and is instead the ‘normal’ character who keeps the others on leash. It’s very rare to see any form of media actually get through this (Chuck had its moments), but nonetheless it’s a bummer. Would it have been too much to rework her character into someone who avidly actually enjoyed games?

Look, Pixels isn’t out yet and I don’t really plan on seeing it (which makes this one of the few things I complain about without watching). But nerd culture is something I’m big on, seeing as it’s something that occupies a large chunk of my life. I want a movie like Pixels, but I want a movie better than it. One where being a nerd is cool and can be anyone, whether they’re socially apt, a man or a woman, or heck, whatever their race is. ‘cause c’mon, nerds are cool now.


Working at a Call Center: Disconnects

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Jul 04 2015 · 65 views

Ugh I don't think I can take this much longer. Here's a little explanation on how a mobile phone number disconnect goes for those of you have not had the unfortunate opportunity to work at a call center for a phone carrier before.

So, to begin with, a customer can't disconnect their phone number on their own, it's one of the few things they need to call us for. We are told to keep our disconnects below 1%, meaning one percent of our calls are supposed to involve a single disconnect. So we have to do the exact opposite of what the customer wants and try our best not to disconnect said line(s). No matter what reason they have to disconnect, anything from not using it, to wanting to save money, to even death and terminal illness. Yeah. It's not something we can actively offer to help the customer, and if they are considering it as an option, we have to actively fight it even if a disconnect is in the customers best interest.

My supervisor once used an analogy that went like this: Imagine you had a pie shop, now imagine you had a customer that brought back a half eaten pie and wanted to return it, shouldn't you be offended? I neglected to point out that that's a completely different situation, as you don't pay o monthly fee on a pie, and it's not a string of 10 random digits that some people aren't aware they even have, let alone where tricked into getting. But whatever. it bugs me but that's not the issue.

No, the issue is that we have to make save attempts for people that are calling in for a line that isn't in use because the user has passed away, or isn't going to need to be used because the caller has cancer and has six months to live.

I have taken both those calls. The second one in particular still makes me feel terrible.

The guy wanted to disconnect his tablet line, and I would have been happy to just disconnect the line and be done with it. But no. I had to make save attempts. (after calling my supervisor over)

I explain the situation and he informs me that I still have to try to save the line. Namely by seeing if he wants to suspend it to see if he's really sure he wants to save the line. Again, given the situation, he's probably sure.

When I say I don't really care to do that, my supervisor (and I might be misremembering this) that even if it saves him money, does it really matter if he's going to die of cancer anyway?

So I do it. I offer to suspend the line for him to see if he's sure. He reacts much as you could expect. I inform my supervisor of that and he says I could have worded it better. But authorizes the disconnect and remarks the account. Thankfully after I tell the customer on the phone I did it he was much less angry.

That was a little while ago but it's just been bugging me lately, and I haven't talked about it with many people. Probably because I partially blame myself because I could have said no and just disconnected the line, what is my supervisor going to do? Fire me?

I really need to find a different job...


I'm Pretty

Posted by Queen of Noise in A Pinch of Rock and a Dose of Roll, Jul 04 2015 · 125 views
selfie oclock

I'm Pretty it true


3:36 AM - 7/4/14: Skull spiders are real?

Posted by Makuta of Metru Nui in Two, Four, One, Ten., Jul 04 2015 · 85 views

So here I am, sitting at my desk playing some late night games, and suddenly scampering across the wall is none other than the true lord of the skull spiders.

Guy nearly gave me a heart attack.

It's time to claim my golden mask and become the master of..RAID, I guess?



Posted by Decapixaetion in The Man On The Moon Rules The Infinite Time, Jul 03 2015 · 122 views





Elder Scrolls Online

Posted by Jordboy1 in Jordblog1, Jul 03 2015 · 49 views
ESO, Xbox One, MMO, Disco, Coats

Sooooo all I've been playing since it's console release is Elder Scrolls Online for the Xbox One. I have characters in the Aldmeri Dominion and the Ebonheart Pact. I prefer the latter, but if anyone wants to play I'm pretty much on every night after 8! Also wouldn't complain if anyone wanted to help me become a werewolf ;p

Come explore Tamriel with me! Oh, and also remember that disco is in this year!

-Jordboy1 :miru:


This Kinda-Hiatusy-Thing

Posted by Lewa0111 Nuva in Of Bionicle, Comedy, and Assorted Other Things, Jul 03 2015 · 54 views
lewa0111, comedies, hiatus and 2 more...

Hi everyone, quick update on where I've been for the past few months.

Still trying to work out a solution to the comedy-posting problem, with...no results, unfortunately. If there are any of you who know anything about BBcode who might want to help me, I'd really appreciate it! With that said, though, I haven't stopped writing and indeed have been working on new chapters of TNI and Hack Wars from time-to-time during this hiatus. Whenever this gets fixed, I'll be able to post a bunch one after another. Still wish I could share it all with you now, though!

The Holiday Series stuff I've written for St. Patrick's Day, April Fools, Easter, and the Fourth of July will probably end up just being used for next year's entries, though. Don't want to release things too far out-of-season, and at this point, who knows when I'll fix this issue!?!?

Pohatu: By the way, I--

:glare: Don't use that joke! Anyway, so sorry for being gone forever and I hope I can get back to making you all laugh again soon.

:mirunu: Lewa0111 Nuva :mirunu:

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