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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by FallenAtlas in The Weight of The World, Nov 26 2015 · 23 views

Happy Thanksgiving BZPowerites,

What are you thankful for this time of year?

I am most thankful for all that God has done for me, my family(and pig), and for having this neat little site to let me post my writings!


*brushes cobwebs off the blog*

Posted by Angel Beat in ~ Canterlot's Sparkling Jewel ~, Nov 25 2015 · 33 views

Whew, it sure has been a while.

Life's okay.


Cordak ammo

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Nov 25 2015 · 64 views

I've never really been able to tell why the missing "rib" on the lower portion isn't there. Anyone know? Better barrel fit, lower friction, some connection method I haven't discovered yet?


Surprise KH3 News?!

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Something Stupid, Nov 25 2015 · 59 views
much surprise, such shock, wow

In a super surprising surprise turn of surprising events, the newest of the XIII Darknesses is…


You thought I had forgotten about these posts didn’t you


Thoughts on the Civil War Trailer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Nov 25 2015 · 64 views
Civil War

I wasn't expecting to see this trailer until I went to see Star Wars next month, so this is a great surprise. :)

While I admit that this trailer doesn't have me as hyped up for Civil War as the first trailer for Age of Ultron did for its movie, this still makes me very excited to see this. I'm really interested to see what they do with Cap. friendship with Bucky, as well as with The Falcon.

Spider-Man, Ant Man, and Vision sat this trailer out, but I don't have a problem with it because I'm sure they'll show up a future trailer. (And in the movie too, of course. :P)

My only minor complaint about the trailer would be Cap. and Bucky beating up Tony in its Iron Man suit. Unless Tony is holding back for some reason or something is wrong with his suit, I don't think Cap. and Bucky would be putting that well of a fight against him. After all, Tony did hold his own against Thor in Avengers in one of his suits, and he's been upgrading them since then. But its still a cool scene, and I'll withhold my full judgment until I see the whole movie.

Anyways, I'm so really to see this movie. May can't get here soon enough.


captain america: civil war trailer

Posted by Lucina in -, Nov 25 2015 · 112 views


I dunno

It looks really overcrowded


A New Beginning

Posted by Nevermore in A Cask of Amontillado, Nov 24 2015 · 83 views

So I'm starting up my blog. I tried this once long ago, it didn't work out very well. So here's to the future!

I'll be posting an assortment of silly ideas, favorite poems, essays, and whatever else.



Posted by Alphys in bad opinion zone, Nov 24 2015 · 72 views


Akano is home visiting

Posted by Tekulo in This is my lawn ♫♪, Nov 22 2015 · 127 views



The Surprising Elegance of Jackie Chan

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Nov 21 2015 · 108 views

Essays, Not Rants! 192: The Surprising Elegance of Jackie Chan

I’ve been on a bit of a different movie kick lately. Watched Attack The Block (finally!) before jumping into a bunch of martial arts flicks like The Raid and Armor of God. The latter prompted a dive into Jackie Chan’s filmography and that’s how I found myself watching Police Story. Which, somehow, I hadn’t seen before.

Which is a real shame. Because, dang, that’s an excellent movie. And not just in the “Good-Jackie-Chan-flick” or even just cool for an action movie. We’re talking great across the board. Yes, the action and stunts are unquestionably top notch, but the central story is quite robust and there are a couple truly exceptional scenes.

Like many a good cop movie, there’s a courtroom scene where the hero cop tries to indict the villain. What surprised me when I watched it was how surprisingly well done it is. Rather than being a scene just there for fluff, it’s a scene treated with as much craft as the rest of the movie. It’s an intense scene with as many twists and turns as an action scene. It’s good, is what I’m saying, something you almost wouldn’t expect to be in this sort of film.

The other thing that Police Story does that so many movies forgo is the use of slapstick. Emblematic of Jackie Chan’s films is slapstick — both within action scenes and in the story itself. This slapstick isn’t just physical comedy, but also fantastic visual storytelling. Take the scene where Jackie’s character, Ka Kui, takes the witness, Selina, back to his apartment. What follows is a great sequence where Selina and May, Ka Kui’s girlfriend, attempt to stay out of his sight as Ka Kui bad mouths her. It’s hilarious and it works, in no small part because there’s actually a great deal of effort and craft put into it. The camerawork is used to hide things for solid reveals and the characters’ blocking move them around, just keeping them missing each other.

But the best part of Police Story is how all of this works together, particularly within Ka Kui’s character. It’s not terribly easy to get a proper read on him, insofar as it’s hard to pigeonhole him into a Typical Protagonist Archetype. He’s not quite the renegade cop or the one good police officer or even the bumbling incompetent sort. Ka Kui is a good, honorable officer, but he’s also not above being a bit of a jerk. But even more noteworthy, the movie balances him being a slapstick character while also letting him be dramatic. He’s not just the comic relief character, he also gets heavy beats. The court scene is a big moment for Ka Kui, an early chance for him to prove himself to the audience. At that point in the film we’re able to take him seriously enough for it to have enough drama, but its ending on a comedic beat doesn’t feel out of place. Yes, it’s a blow to him and his goal, but it doesn’t diminish him as a character. It’s effective because Police Story’s world is one that allows for both deep drama and broad comedy.

It’s an unusual tone not really seen in Western films, where the hero can be the butt of slapstick jokes but still be, well, the hero. Maybe it’s partially born out of a familiarity with the sort of stuff Jackie Chan makes, but it may also be a willingness to think a little differently about storytelling. At the end of the day, I’m honestly not sure. I grew up with all sorts of movies from all over the place, but never realized how well done some of them were — like Police Story. In any case, I’ve a bunch more Jackie Chan flicks on my to-watch list.


The Mane Attraction

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Nov 21 2015 · 69 views

I thought the finale was today, guess I was wrong lol. Here goes

I was wondering if someone would mention her

Camp Friendship? lol

His voice sounds familiar


Not really

Okay I haven't been paying a whole lot of attention to this episode

Enough to know that it's pretty boring

Her eyebrows look like little fedoras

How does she play the piano with hooves?

What'd they do that for? lol

She sure wrote this song fast

The shippers will have a field day with this one

Alright, that's that. Not bad, but pretty dull. 5/10


Symphony for the Lost

Posted by Emilie Autumn in Amplifier Worship, Nov 21 2015 · 64 views

Been a while since one of these music collection updates. Received the new Paradise Lost live album on vinyl + DVD today, and it's quite nice:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Really looking forward to giving it a listen/watch later. The first half of it is done with an orchestra and seems fantastic from the teasers.


McLaren P1

Posted by Meiko in Meiko's Generic Blog Name, Nov 21 2015 · 64 views

not many people get hands-on with two McLaren P1s in one day... I guess I'm lucky in a way

Posted Image

Quite an opportunity to see such a magnificent car in person and I just happen to have a LEGO set of it in a similar color! This McLaren P1 is a one of one in this satin orange finish and is chassis number 005. MSRP is $1.34 million USD and is easily worth much more than that already. Owned by a 21 year old here in Virginia.


Hippos are just land-whales

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Nov 21 2015 · 171 views


Or are whales just ocean-hippos?


From: The Empire Gives Back Contest

Posted by Swert in Life in the Swert lane, Nov 20 2015 · 118 views

The Empire Gives Back Contest

I'm very much looking forward to giving away these sets. It's been a thrill to receive them, and it'll be even better when you win them. So go win them :)


Master of Pork

Posted by dotcom in Team Baron's Stage, Nov 19 2015 · 85 views

So I'm in the last stretch of my cultural anthropology course. We're covering patterns of gift-giving in non-western societies and whatnot, including Polynesia, which is of course interesting. I'm reading Mauss's The Gift for this part of the course. (It's about gifts). So I'm carrying along, reading, when all of The Sudden

Posted Image




Brick Universe Dallas

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Nov 19 2015 · 75 views

So last weekend I attended Brick Universe in Dallas, Texas. This is actually the first non-local convention I've been to since BrickFair 2011, so it was fun to see how many MOCs I could cram into a suitcase. I got a fair amount there; I think my stuff took up about 3 tables. (Stuff was grouped together by builders rather than themes, but most of my stuff was Bionicle anyway so no big deal.) I do think I was the one who traveled the furthest to get there; Oregon is just a bit further away than Virginia or Florida.

I got to hang out with a lot of great folks, like Toaraga, danny316p, Emzee (Furiosa's Sidekick), InnerRayg, Zox Tomana, and some more who's names I'm forgetting. And then of course there was Matt from Beyond the Brick and this fellow Andrew from Bee-Zed-Power, who were always busy giving talks to the public or leading discussions and stuff. :P (And on the side, I got to hang out with one of my other friends who lives in the Dallas area after the convention.) Lots of great time spent.

The MOCs were quite amazing for a first year show, and the local people sure know how to build. And they also got a lot of public attendees. (It wasn't quite as crowded as BrickCon, but maybe that's because it wasn't packed as tightly either.) One of the more interesting bits was that there were a bunch of tables of loose brick for the public to build stuff, including white bricks for Architecture, loose red and blue bricks, Friends bricks, Star Wars bricks, and even a bunch of Bionicle elements. And the public built some fairly cool things, especially in Architecture. I was impressed anyway.

It was a fun event overall, and I thought it went over well for a first run in the Dallas area. I mean, their website was a little wonky, and they perhaps had a few more sessions than there was an audience for. (Except Danny went to all of them.) Still went out to eat at a few new places (to me) which seemed to include a lot of tacos. Oh, and on Sunday I threw my green spaceship, I'll be interested to see when those videos start popping online. ;) Overall, a fun weekend.

(I guess I could also mention that I started a NaNoWriMo story on the plane rides, both ways. Already two thirds through the month but only one fifth of the way there... I'll have some catching up to do, I guess.)

Pictures (and maybe a link to someone else's video) to come!



Thoughts on LEGO Universe

Posted by Pulse Is Not An Ostrich in WARNING: Ostriches, Nov 19 2015 · 97 views
LEGO Universe, thoughts

Out of the blue, I started thinking about the now defunct LEGO MMO LEGO Universe. And the more I think about, the more disappointing it seems that it got closed and that it was a MMO.

I think that game could have worked, with a longer life, if it were not a MMO but rather a 4-player Co-op somewhat open-world LEGO game, with or without online capabilities. That is pretty much the maximum amount of people you could go into the minigames/psuedobossfights with.

Also: no subscription fee - because it would no longer be an MMO. I think that was one of the things that killed the game before it started. Instead, a one-time purchase. Maybe some things would have to be reworked, but the game didn't really seem to ever need more than 4 players doing something at once.

There are a few things about LEGO Universe that weren't fixed that really should've, IMO. If any of you played it in the latter half of its life after launch, you'll know that the game's balance went completely out of the window. The game had four factions with three 'sub-classes' (initially two) and in at the start of this second half, the first eight sub-classes got these things called 'valiant weapons'. For the most part, they were decent and balanced well enough. And then there's the Chainsaw Gun thing one of them had that was pretty much infinite and did far more rapid damage than anything else in the game. It took this 'resource' called imagination to use (one of your three stats along with life and armour) but literally everything dropped more than one sphere of imagination, so it was effectively infinite. I think the subclass it also applied to may have been able to regain life or armour via smashing enemies, can't remember rightly if that was it or if it was a different subclass. Actually, while we're at it, let's go over the factions the game had.

There was Sentinel, which I believe was one of the two more popular factions in the game and probably had the most well-balanced subclasses in the game. (when you joined a faction you could be any subclass as long as you had the gear for it) These subclasses were the Knight, Samurai, and Space Ranger. Mostly, they were the ones that filled the role of tank. The Knight was the most tanky, the Samurai I believe had a slight bit more damage for a slight bit less tankiness, and the Space Ranger had a bit less tankiness for a bit more crowd control.

There was Assembly, the other of the two more popular factions. I think. The Engineer, Summoner, and Inventor. These guys mostly served as the support via extra stuff like turrets and creatures, I think? They weren't really made for the game's combat as their weapons had two-hit combos instead of the usual three. I think they were mostly well-balanced but the Inventor subclass was apparently quite overpowered.

There was Venture, not as popular as the other two factions but still reasonably common. These guys were mostly the crowd control. Again, three subclasses, this time the Daredevil, Buccaneer, and Adventurer. The Buccaneer used to have an awesome coat in the beta but they changed it to a much less cool bandolier. Never understood why. The first two subclasses had a unique thing to them until the last four subclasses were added to the game, which was that their weapons were 'two-handed' instead of one separate piece and had four-hit combos of 2-2-3-4 instead of the usual three. Daredevil was one of the more popular subclasses in the game - when I played, I was one. In fact, the Knight, Engineer, and Daredevil were the most popular subclasses in the game, I think? The Adventurer subclass was perhaps the weakest in the game, too.

Finally, there was Paradox, the least popular faction. But also undisputedly the most powerful, and that's all thanks to one of its subclasses. Its three subclasses were the Space Marauder, the Sorcerer, and the Shinobi. It was the damage-dealing faction of the game. The Space Marauder was tanky with splash damage, the Sorcerer was high area damage with not much armour, and the Shinobi, well, the Shinobi was also apparently a slight bit overpowered. Then the valiant weapons came and the Space Marauder became a tank that also did very high damage very quickly. Balance kind of went out of the window after that.

Those valiant weapons, all of the first eight subclasses got one. The last four - the Space Ranger; Inventor; Adventurer; Shinobi; they never got theirs, really. The valiant weapons pretty much increased the damage of every subclass over that subclass's normal weapons. I can't really remember most of them, but IIRC the Knight and Samurai got spears, the Daredevil got the front half a motorcycle, and the Space Marauder got the chainsaw gun thing I already talked about. Honestly, while I talk about things being a slight bit overpowered, the moto-ripper (the morocycle) was definitely up there as one of the more overpowered weapons as well. An ability it had had the potential to do 35 damage over 5 hits (each hit being 7 damage eat) to a single target, which was huge in LEGO Universe because most weapons only did at a max a combo of 4-4-4 damage, and the only things that beat that were the valiant weapons that did 3-3-3-4/3-3-4-4 damage. Still pretty high.

If the game was balanced a bit better, and was tweaked so it was a 4-player co-op experience instead of a MMO, I think it could actually work. The only thing that could have more than 4 players was the racing, which could have up to six, but... it's not really much of a loss.

LEGO Universe had about 7 or so major worlds, two of them being hubs, and about an equal amount of smaller worlds, I believe? Avant Gardens Nimbus Station, Gnarled Forest, Forbidden Valley, Nexus Tower, Crux Prime, and the Ninjago World being the big ones, with the Venture Explorer (return included), LEGO Club, the four 'fan' made' worlds, and Pet Cove being the smaller ones. There's also the 'property' worlds. Not much for a MMO considering how small the earlier maps were, but maybe big enough for a co-op four player game? I could see it working. The minigames the game had work well with four players - the survival minigames, the racing, the battle for nimbus station... maybe not the shooting gallery. Maybe that'd have to be redone a bit. The 'psuedo' bosses that were in their own thing would work since they also required four people (mostly enemy dragons).

And considering I'm already talking about LEGO Universe, and since the game doesn't really exist, I may as talk about the alpha I played close to... six years ago now? Wow. Well, whatever NDA I had to adhere to is probably gone now. So. Right. The Alpha. It might surprise you how little some things changed and how much some other things changed. In the Alpha there were bats on the ceiling of the cave that linked the first area of Avant Gardens to the monument area - brick-built bats on brick-built rocks. They weren't there in the launch version of the game, for some reason I still don't understand. They weren't particularly high-resolution or resource draining. The first 'world', the Venture Explorer? Aside from a few small tweaks and changes, it remained mostly unchanged except for minifig appearances. I guess that would be because it was one of the first worlds. Avant Gardens, the world that also serves as an introduction, well, I think asides from the spider den, it remained mostly unchanged. The Monument area saw a few more changes, but it always had three main paths and remained the most vertically open area in the game for a good long while. But it had more time, so it was less glitchy.

Gnarled Forest, the other area in Alpha... it really was quite different in Alpha, but the same. The general look of the world remained the same, but the enemies... they were changed a bit, especially the enemy gorillas, as were the stuff you could build on the ground. I don't think the racing area existed at that point, either? It might have, but it was quite barren. You could also go to the medium/large? sized property for Gnarled Forest at the end of the area, the same medium/large sized property that was never released because the game closed down. Kind of odd getting to see that, considering that the first time I saw it in Alpha was also the last time I and the others I was with at the time would ever see it. Another Gnarled Forest thing: Parrots were all the rage in Alpha. Everybody who was in the Alpha wanted one, and they dropped significantly more than they did in the beta or launch versions of the game. You could also glitch into the Gnarled Forest survival minigame that wasn't finished yet, which is what I and two others did in the last few days of the (month long) alpha. It was significantly glitchier than anything else in the game. Actually, now that I think about, did that survival ever make it into the final game? Strange if it didn't, it was in a good location from what I could tell.

Might as well talk about beta as well. In beta, at first, we were limited to the first two worlds. Alpha had both them and Gnarled Forest. Wasn't until April we got Nimbus Station, which I don't think was in the Alpha until the last week... (we also glitched into joining a faction in alpha, something we weren't meant to do. We received placeholders of items that didn't exist yet, I think. Oops. Yes, we did a lot of glitching in the last few days of Alpha. A lot of it. Don't judge us - we were testers. It's what we're meant to do.) This time, in beta, the faction stuff had been made, I think? Still early, though.

Should talk about Forbidden Valley, added to beta in May or late April along with a character wipe. Forbidden Valley was by far the glitchiest area in the game, even compared to the others before testing. Imagine elevators going up... through you. Or enemies that got stuck in the ground and in the walls. Or getting stuck at the bottom of a cliff because the bounce pads didn't work. Or not dying when falling because the death barrier didn't exist. That was quite an experience.

Later in May, I believe there was the third character wipe and the last one - characters wouldn't be wipe until the end of the beta. The game was approaching its near-;launch state, so I believe they needed us to test the functionality of the rank 2 and 3 faction gear, something I believe that wasn't implemented before. And we did. Not much changed in this period aside from a few small bug fixes - like I said, the game was in its near-launch state. Honestly, I think the game was at its best in that state, too. I decided to test the Sentinel Knight. Let me tell you, from the late beta period to the end, that subclass didn't really change at all.

Maybe the game could've worked if it wasn't a MMO. Not sure. What do you think? At least, if you also played LU at any point in its life. Can't imagine that'd be many people.


"Legendary Glowing Deathclaw"

Posted by Xaeraz in Blog Against A True Hero, Nov 18 2015 · 158 views

more like no thanks, i like to live


Let's Talk Indivisible! (The Crowdfunded Game That Is)

Posted by Ajna the Muffin Daughter in Indivisible, Nov 18 2015 · 97 views
indivisible, indivisiblerpg

Indivisible is a game that I'm not really seeing too much discussion around places, and I can't really remember the last time there was a mention on BZPower? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.

BUT ANYWAYS Indivisible. It's by the guys who made Skullgirls, Lab Zero Games. As such, the first thing you can expect is beautifully hand-drawn and buttery smooth character animations, and in the final product, hand-drawn backgrounds as well. The gameplay's an 2D platformer Metroidvania style game, with combat being an active-time battle RPG system with gameplay I have heard be compared to Valkyrie Profile. All I know is that when I played the demo, I had a LOT of fun, and for a Prototype, it really shows the potential this project has if it's funded.

However, the game will ONLY happen if Lab Zero Games reaches $1,500,000!! Their publisher, 505 Games has generously offered to provide $2 million should Lab Zero games acquire the goal above, completing the game's budget of 3.5 million. Unlike most crowdfunded games out there, Lab Zero has been highly open about their practices and the expenses needed, and overall have been very genuine. As of right now though, they've made $1,032,153. That leaves $467,847 to be made in the remaining 17 days of the campaign! If they do not get fully funded, the game will not happen, and Lab Zero Games will dissolve. Now, I know that no one on BZPower is going to magically donate THAT much money and save the campaign overnight, but still! Consider donating to this project if you can!


And if you're among those who aren't able to support the project directly, spread the word to your friends and colleagues! There's a Thunderclap campaign running as well, so please consider signing up for that as well!


Perhaps later I'll go over my thoughts towards this project more, but all you need to know right now is that I'm confident that if given the chance, the finished product will be amazing, and it'd be a massive shame to see the campaign fail and company go bankrupt... So that's all I have to say for now then, hopefully I've at least gotten your attention.

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