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No Internet... Again

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Oct 20 2014 · 18 views

I'm moving on Tuesday and today I finally got around to calling about the Internet. (I was putting it off cause I always get put on hold. Last time I did it I was on the phone for over an hour going over details. This time, it only took 20 minutes... but still!)

Anyway, I'm currently in a lousy place where I can only get 6 MBPS (which they never really advertised to me... but I've only really recorded 2 MBPS so that estimate was off anyway.) And where I'm moving to can boost me all the way up to 30 MBPS (or advertised as such.) Still, it'll be nice to get a faster connection. The sad thing is, it'll require an installation, which means I have to wait another week before it gets installed... yet again. Well, still, I guess better than last time where it took like two weeks for them... to hook up my neighbor's place accidentally and then switch over to mine.

And I'm sticking with this company despite all the issues cause they're the only ones offering Internet at the price I can afford. The other ones might (maybe sorta) offer better service, but it would come bundled with cable and cost and arm and a leg (and maybe an appendix) so that's not gonna happen. Still, kinda annoying, but not like I was posting much of anything. Will still be able to check in at work and on my phone.




Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Oct 19 2014 · 30 views

I don't really feel motivated. I understand why I would be motivated. I'm invested now, I want to do my best, I'm too close to success to let one more sleepless night get in my way. But I don't regularly feel a powerful urge to do what I do.

Thank goodness there is some sort of unavoidable, powerful, subconscious motivation at work, because I have 100% relied on it to drive my academic pursuits. I get my homework done, by golly, because I can't not get my homework done.

This has been a confusing few sentences and I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to say. It's been nice procrastinating on that Bio paper, though.



Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Oct 19 2014 · 32 views

Posted Image

Yeah, pretty much.

I was talking with a friend about the usual things. The tens of bens, the mons of poke, and the gos of, uh, le. Eventually this led to discussing Galidor. If I remember correctly I probably watched one or two episodes of that way back when it, well, existed. But then he found some episodes on youtube and so I was like "ok let's watch the first episode." And then I did. It's pretty silly, as one would expect. But the thing that struck me the most was that Nick Bluetooth was spouting some real ancient aliens stuff on his poor, poor biology teacher, (she's already dealing with teenagers nick come on no one wants to hear about how textbooks are dumb because they only talk about the stuff we know and not the stuff we don't know, namely, aliens) and he's supposed to be the relatable lead. What a great role model.

Galidor is silly.


Some thoughts on the TTV Podcast

Posted by Aanchir in A Golden-Red Horizon, Oct 19 2014 · 141 views
LEGO, BIONICLE, community and 1 more...

Seriously, let's stop the hate. They do things fast to get content. Sure, they could've waited til the sets are released to do reviews, but they just wanted to get it out to fuel the excitement and show what the set is generally like. It can definitely be inconvenient when they get incorrect ideas out there, but blatantly hating them for it does nothing good for anyone. I wish they would be a little more cautious with how they output info, but let's relax. Rude is rude, no matter who it's being directed towards and for what reasons.

Let me make this clear: I do not hate TTV. I do not enjoy the TTV podcast (mostly just personal preference — I do not enjoy getting my news in video form when given the choice), but I respect them for what they do — and I reserve the right to be disappointed when they do it badly.

If a BZPower set review made similar mistakes, praising or criticizing features that do not exist when the set is built correctly, then I would want them to be held accountable as well. In fact, I have vocally criticized instances when I feel like BZPower set reviews have fallen short of expectations, such as when a Legends of Chima set set was criticized earlier this year for a building mistake made by the reviewer, or when reviewers poorly "estimated" the piece counts of those and the summer Hero Factory sets, despite the official piece counts already being publicly available from several reputable sites.

"Fueling the excitement" is not necessarily an honorable goal in and of itself. Even excitement ought to have real substance behind it, or it devolves into tabloid-level sensationalism. But even if it were unquestionably honorable, having honorable goals does not mean freedom from criticism. People DO make mistakes, and when they make mistakes they should be held accountable. And a mistake by a well-respected YouTube channel with hundreds of viewers is not the same as a mistake by a random dude on a message board. The wider and faster misinformation spreads, the more of a mess it is to clean up.

I do not criticize TTV or try to correct misinformation originating from them because I enjoy taking them to task. To be honest, I'd rather I didn't have to. I'd like to be able to just trust them completely to keep people informed. I'd rather not feel a sense of apprehension when I see they've "reviewed" a set months before its release. But if I see them saying something untrue and see others repeating that information, I feel like I'd be amiss if I didn't correct it.

So please, if you see me (or anyone) criticizing TTV, don't assume it's because I have some kind of petty grudge against them. The fact that I have high expectations of news outlets like BZPower News or TTV means that I care about what they do, and consequently, about how well they do it.


Grandpa the Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid

Posted by Xaeraz in Challenge Kourok, Oct 19 2014 · 71 views

I'm tired during the day.


I'm bad at social things

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Oct 19 2014 · 68 views

So once a week I take the bus to my college for class. up until this point I've pretty much kept to myself. This probably doesn't surprise anyone who knows me. As it's rather obvious. But on my way to class There was a guy playing smash bros on a 3DS. I wanted to say something, maybe get a battle going. But instead I broke mine out and hoped he would notice. He did, and he proceeded to destroy me in the game, no surprise there. But it was fun.

So after that I'm wondering why I didn't just say something to begin with.

Oh. Right. Because It's freaking terrifying.


Lazer Team Casting

Posted by Electric Turahk in Bleeding Blue, Oct 19 2014 · 68 views
RoosterTeeth, Lazer Team and 1 more...

Even if all I get out of it is this picture, I'll still say going to the extras casting call for Lazer Team was worth it. :)

Posted Image

Finally got out and did something here in Austin, which is something I've been struggling with a bit. Even though it just ending up being a 2.5 hour wait in the hot Texas sun to be shuffled into a room, have my headshot taken, and shuffled out. But... The paper they gave out afterwards for details on it, though... Has me hopeful. Because one line is "we need many clean-shaven military types with short hair." And guess who thought to get his hair cut yesterday and fits that bill. ;)



Random Fact

Posted by Emzee in Lone Star Blog, Oct 19 2014 · 97 views
10 years, legends of, metru nui

Ten years ago today, the second BIONICLE movie was released. That was also the year I started high school.


Gotta love these decade anniversaries that remind me of my age. They're not gonna stop either...


Name Change Form Out 50.1%

Posted by Virus #0579 in Letters From the Void, Oct 19 2014 · 49 views

If the title doesn’t make sense don’t worry.

So, I can change my name again, and I have a few ideas but I’m not really sure what to go with. Since the cool kids always make blog entries about this sort of thing, I figured I would copy them and see if anyone has an opinion or however this works.

Ideas so far:
-Pahrak #0579 (It stuck really well, I might go back to it)
-Pahrak Va #0579 (With a Scouting Legion avatar because the Bohrok Va are scouts I’m sorry it seemed funny at the time)
-Greninja #0579 (I kinda miss this one too)
-Cyberman #0579 (I like Cybermen okay)
-Name Change #0579 (No I still haven’t forgotten that)
-Master Pahrak (To go with the reboot and everything)
-Professor O’Pahrak (A while ago on Tumblr I got into a discussion about my middle name, O’Patrick, and someone combined it with my URL to create that. Tumblr URLs can’t have apostrophes though, but I still like this and sort of want to use it?)
-Mega Pahrak (I love Mega Evolution SO MUCH)
-Pahrak III.7 HD ReMIX (I feel like there should be a Kingdom Hearts reference on here somewhere)
-Super Smash Bohrok (Oh why not)
-Mahou Shoujo Mega Man (I still love the sound of it)
-Onepu Nuva (This was a name I used way, WAY back in the day, and I have now repurposed it to be a nickname for Protector of Earth; most likely will come with blog title “A Place That is Totally Not Onu-Koro”)
-Lab Member 0579: Pahrak (It took me a while but I thought of a Steins;Gate reference woo)

I might think of more later, if I do I might edit it. And if you have suggestions I guess you can give those?


NYCC Stuff

Posted by DeeVee in What You Want is Now, Oct 19 2014 · 332 views

I'm going to do a write-up about the entire NYCC trip, but I want to edit my photos first. For now, here's the image of all the parts and masks I ended up with after NYCC. But first, a little explanatory background:

Several months ago, I got an email from a woman on the LEGO CEE team, asking if I wanted to be part of a project she couldn't tell me about. I, of course, said "uh, only absolutely." She sent me an NDA, and I signed it. The next email started out with: "So we're bringing BIONICLE back in 2015."

This was before Brickfair, and I learned in that email that Black Six had known for another six months before that. Later that day I'd get an email saying that Tufi Piyufi was also under NDA now, and the three of us have been a core team working on the NYCC promotion and trying to get fans to NYCC without letting on that we knew about the BIONICLE thing, until, of course, TLG got tired of the leaks and just said "yep, it's coming back, go to NYCC". (That part made it a lot easier, lol)

Eventually we were told TLG wanted to send out a bunch of preview parts to a handful of MOCers (as well as Andrew and Jen), so we came up with a list of ten MOC builders around the world (which included me, so nine others) to have parts sent to. This, unfortunately, was then narrowed down by TLG to two slots outside of me, so parts were sent to the three of us, and then to Kakaru and Retinence. Oh! And Roa was sent parts separately as well. When the parts went out, the CEE team member told me that she was sending us less than she had planned, because not all of them had passed through legal yet.

Fast-forward a month or two to Brickcon, and I was talking to her there. She told me the rest had passed through legal, and she would have them for me, specifically, at NYCC. At NYCC she handed me a big bag of parts, with the direction to share them with Andrew, Jen, and Micah. In this bag was that giant bag of clear Tahu masks.

We decided the fair thing to do was to part them out in a manner we deemed most fair in the hotel room with the people who attended the con with us. This included the clear Tahu masks, as from what we were told they were supposed to be part of the original shipments out to the group of us under NDA, at leas the three core members of the team. Before we parted the Tahu masks out, though, we saved several dozen for BZP giveaways, with the acknowledgment that we didn't all need a ton of them, and several of us would probably be willing to give more to the cause at some point if we feel like doing so.

So the bag photo was a bit of a troll, I'll admit. Not all of those are for BZP giveaways, some of us probably ended up with more of the masks than BZP itself did. But like I said, it's not like we all need those extra masks, and I can guarantee some of mine and Nukaya's are going to filter out a small amount at things like BricksCascade.

Anyway, that all said, we're almost to the photo! Some of this is from the VIP building event at the LEGO store, but most of it is from that big bag of parts.

And again, massive thanks to LEGO and the CEE team for all they've done for BZPower, the general community, and yes, for me personally. These people have invested massively in us as a fanbase, and especially in BZPower. Words don't really express how amazing these folks are, and how much hard work went in to planning these things. We were only involved in what was most likely a small fraction of the real planning, but I can tell you it was a lot of planning. These people are amazing, and they really really love us.

Posted Image
Full size on Flickr.


The Dumb American Road Trip

Posted by Sumiki in Blogarithm, Oct 19 2014 · 62 views

My grandmother's surgery meant that we had to spend a week or two in the southern portion of North Carolina, roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from where I usually live. My great aunt, who is from the mountains in the west of the state, also came to visit and help, but given her age (and her own health problems) she left earlier today. My grandmother is doing as well as can be expected and expects to be discharged tomorrow (or later today, if you want to be pedantic).

My mom packed for a long stay, but my dad and I had to play things by ear and—in a move classified by leading scientists as "pretty stupid"—packed incredibly lightly. I didn't pack my retainer, which I wear every other night to keep my teeth straight after my year+ with early teen braces. I didn't even bring along another pair of pants.

And so it came to pass that the surgery meant that one (or two) of us would have to stay with her more or less constantly until her discharge. With her house ten minutes from the hospital, it became obvious that we would have to move into her house for the time being.

At 10:00, after watching the latest episode of Doctor Who on the TV in her hospital room (albeit on mute, so I'll still be avoiding spoilers until I can watch the repeat next week), my dad and I left and went back to her house, where he expressed the concern I'd been feeling all day but hadn't yet mentioned: we needed our things, and the round-trip drive would take over two hours.

Well, my parents and I are on three different shifts: my dad is first-shift, myself, second, and my mom, third—just as she was in her days as a nurse. Usually this only leads to my dad complaining about how we all need to get on better cycles, but today, it worked to our advantage.

With my dad too tired to drive and us really needing supplies from our house, we set out, driving a little over an hour up to our house, loading the car up with foodstuffs and clothes and toiletries and my electric piano (composing deadlines wait for no one), and then driving back, arriving back at my grandmother's house a little after 1:30 AM.

It was, in the words of my dad, "the dumbest thing we've ever done."

I respectfully disagree with him, but all the same, it was not the most well-thought-out plan we've ever put into action.


Wrap on Day One

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Oct 19 2014 · 48 views

Posted Image

Help feed me and my crew (and get updates along the way)! Every dollar helps!


Last minute post

Posted by Makuta of Metru Nui in Two, Four, One, Ten., Oct 18 2014 · 58 views

It's my birthday!


"I may be a duchess..."

Posted by The Duchess Approves in Black and White Period Piece Old Lady Boring Movie Channel ♫♪, Oct 18 2014 · 103 views

"...but I'm also a woman!"

That's right; I am an entire made-up movie now. I even watched the movie this was supposedly based off of, "The Duchess". It was good! I was crying... from laughing... from how tragic it is! (Seriously, though, no tears. It was a really good movie, though. I was surprised because it didn't seem like my sort of thing. In hindsight, it totally is the sort of thing I would like. =P)

For those less cultured who do not comprehend these most sophistocated of words, allow me to elaborate.

Edit: Just realized that this username fits perfectly with my blog stamp. XD

~The Duchess Approves


Last Chance

Posted by Underscore in 3.14159265358979323846, Oct 18 2014 · 44 views

Now's your last chance to sign up for Bionicle Mafia: Damage Control. 4 spots and ~47 hours left!


The Agony Scene

Posted by Ryuujin in from the edge of the forest, towards the deep green sea, Oct 18 2014 · 78 views

not to be outdone,

Posted Image

from top to bottom:

- The Agony Scene
- The Darkest Red
- Get Darned (European special edition ft. bonus Bad Religion and Dead Kennedys cover tracks)

also owned, but not pictured:
- "Devilock" (bonus Misfits cover track for The Darkest Red, bought digitally)



Posted by Sisen in Back to wizards and witches, and magical beasts,, Oct 18 2014 · 36 views

I've been toying around with some ideas in my brain about this project involving Kanohi masks. It is by no means going to be a complete mask collection, but more of a personal memento I want to create. Initially I wanted to include the great and noble masks together, however that is a larger aspiration that can be reviewed down the road. For now I just want to gather each of the original great Kanohi masks (this entry is partially going to serve as reference for myself).

All things considered though, if you have Kanohi you are willing to part with, know someone looking to get rid of them, etc. let me know!

This is organized by the amount of masks I currently possess, so I'm trying to gather the few I need first just to get an idea about how this might turn out.














The Dark Knight Re- sorry, Batman vs. Superman

Posted by Zeddy in Zomg, Oct 18 2014 · 73 views

So apparently there's rumours floating around that Jenna Maroney Jena Malone will play a female Robin in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Two things:

1) Maybe a dose of feminine energy will help balance the manliness of the Bat-chin.

Posted Image

2) Seriously, DC, why can't you just make a movie based on The Dark Knight Returns and sit back and sip your cocktail made of $100 bills by the poolside which is also filled with money on your beach chair which is also made of- you guessed it- money? The material is there, just make it already D:

I'm still excited for this movie and I'm looking forward to see how exactly they plan to handle the mix of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, she-Robin, Lex Luthor and Khal Drogo Aquaman without botching everything, as Zack Snyder is known to do occasionally. I don't have very high hopes at this point, but I'd love to be proven wrong in two years' (!) time. :)


The Agony Scene

Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Oct 18 2014 · 79 views

Posted Image

Smallest collection so far?
Got their last CD today, so I now own all of their albums. The only thing I'm missing, according to Wikipedia, is a live album they put out sometime in '01.
From top to bottom:
- The Agony Scene
- The Darkest Red
- Get Danged (obviously not the real title, just censored for BZP)


Profiles - Bionifight Ultimate: Drift Force (Cycle 3)

Posted by Voltex in Sail Among the Stars, Oct 18 2014 · 73 views


Name: Makuta Luroka
Weapon: Black-Body Sword (Protosteel Sword). Consult
Power: Kanohi Mataxa (Mask of Entropy) - Luroka's great mask of entropy grants him the ability to control the overall heat distribution in an area.
Appearance: Fa-matoran (Disguised), he is built with a strong frame. His mask bears likeness to a powerless hau. His fore-arms, lower legs, chest, and shoulders are silver. His upper arms, upper legs, lower torso, and kanohi are black (the kanohi fades to silver at the top). His hands and feet are gunmetal, and his eyes and heartlight are red.

Member Name: Voxumo
Weapon: Dual Boltikons. The Boltikon can fire 6 .357 magnum rounds before requiring reloading. Basically think gunblade, but axe edition. And based on a real life historical weapon.
Power: Energy Manipulation. The ability to give physical form to energy, whether for offensive or defensive purposes. Any energy constructs can be broken given enough force.
Appearance: This
guy, Lean yet packing muscle. Sometimes dons a tophat and/or a cane. A full gallery.
Drift Force Weapons: Shield of Voltex: this shield will protects the user from all drift force weapon attacks, and can itself be used to deal 7 damage to an opponent

Member Name: Anna
Weapon: A gunblade that can house different bullet types, and switch between then with a switch on the handle; including a tracking bolt that allows lightning to chain between them.
Power: The ability to manipulate lightning/electricity for different powers.
Appearance: A tall female-styled minifigure with a green jacket over a pink shirt and a black skirt over navy blue jeans, with long braided-style brown hair.
Drift Force Weapons: Master Core - a mysterious sphere that can be used to summon Master Hand with 5 health to aid you in battle; once Master Hand is slain, a Shadow Clone of yourself with the same powers and equipment shall spawn with 5 health to help you.

Member name: Shadow_Ignited
Weapon: Black heavy long-sword
Power: advancement of the five senses (better hearing, sight)
Appearance: Normal matoran size and wears a black cloak. Sometimes you can see a small glimpse of pale gold or blue armour.

Name: Chro
Weapon: Defender Standard, protosteel model. Retractable light (as in not heavy, not hard-light) shield; when folded, forms a sort of armguard, and when unfolded, resembles a rectangular centurion shield, though rounder around the edges.
Drift Force Weapons: 1. Rhindon, the Sword of Ybrus. Grants Chro power over light and shadow, as well as the ability to deal seven damage to an opponent once a round. Functions as a normal sword too, which complements his shield effectively. 2. The Golden Weapons of Spinjitsu. These ancient and very shiny artifacts grant Chro control over ice as well as advanced strength and speed, plus the ability to deal seven damage to an opponent once a round.
Power: Control over fire, including the ability to transform himself into fire. When in a physical fire state he cannot be controlled by other fire-manipulators.
Appearance: A short, thin, black-as-coal Toa, with orange eyes dim like glowing embers. Because fire. Visible on my flickr account.

Member Name: ShadowVezon
Weapon: A Quantum Whip. Think a whip made out of plasma, with a similar hilt to a lightsaber. With a long range, it'll be nasty to be hit by.
Power: Pure, primal, Strength. Like Hulk-Strength. Just plain pure strength, and a body that can withstand his strength. Cause it would suck to be so strong you break your own hand by clenching it. This includes super-powered punches, high-jumping, and equates to if a normal person punched you, that would be him flicking his finger at you.
Appearance: As before, looks like Vezon (because he was), but black armour, glowing red eyes, etc. It helps him blend into the dark, which is both a good and a bad thing. This time however, I've bulked up, so imagine the previous description mixed with the Hulk. And I'll pick up a Dracula costume along the way, considering it's Halloween and all. Imagine ShadowVezon in this: http://www.vampire-e...ire-costume.jpg
Drift Force Weapons: Nada.

Name: The Rider of Kikanalo
Weapon: M107 50 cal. Sniper Rifle with a detachable bayonet.
Power: My Counter ability.
Description: A white medium sized but heavily armored Toa-like person.
Drift-Force weapons: Nada.

Member Name: Zakaro
Weapon: An arm-cannon with the ability to fire plasma shots, which can be charged for more damage and radius, or missiles, which slightly follow a target and are material-based.
Power: Infinite Ammo, as well as plasma shots only in conjunction with said arm-cannon.
Appearance: Zak has opted to go all out with his costume and is basically using a mostly-functional Varia Suit, modeled basically after this but with a purple, silver, and black color scheme and an orange visor and lights. (Red -> Purple, Orange -> Grey/Silver, Yellow -> Black)

Drift Force Weapons: Zilch.

Member Name: Phoenix Zero
Weapon: An energy saber with a curved blade similar to that of a katana. However, it can also morph into an arm cannon that fires sharp sheets of energy.
Power: The ability to 'catch' certain attack and negate all damage. The attack caught can be assimilated and copied, usable for the rest of the round, or be stored as evidence and thrown back at double the damage. If a power is assimilated, no other attacks can be caught until the previous power is discarded. Up to three attacks can be caught per round, and afterwards, this power is disabled. Some powers cannot be perfectly copied, and are instead adapted for use by the saber. Regular weapon strikes cannot be caught.
Appearance: A robotic being that is humanoid in structure.The head is surrounded by a helmet, with a blue gem on the forehead and black spikes protruding from the sides and facing back. and a large, blonde ponytail underneath the helmet. The eyes are brown on the top and blue on the bottom. The limbs are red and white, but the torso is blue, with what appears to be a red symbol resembling that of a tie.

Member Name: Captain Caboose
Weapon: An Electric Guitar which channel his powers through.

Power: Sonics

Appearance: http://img.karaoke-l...ller-284448.jpg

Drift Force Weapons: None

Member Name: Unit#phntk#1
Weapon: A giant battleaxe. Like Axonn's in design but not quite as huge.
Power: Repulsion(think the Kanohi Crast but more powerful).
Appearance: A green Toa wearing a powerless Faxon.
Drift Force Weapons: None

Name: Portalfig
Weapon: Adan, the twin interlocking broad shields. Basically two massive sheets of metal that can connect into one massive sheet of metal.
Power: The ability to create two freestanding interlocking Portals.
Appearance: A stocky Onu-Matoran with an orange Pakari, and dark red eyes. Has dark, jet black armor. Incredibly strong for a Matoran.
Drift Force Weapons: (none)

Member Name: Toatapio Nuva.
Weapon: Laser Staff
Power: Basic laser powers channelled through the staff that can be used to attack.
Appearance:Toatapio Nuva
Drift Force Weapons: -

Name: Ghidora131
Weapon: The nearly indestructible claws in my hands and feet, and my ice powers gone berserk.
Power: Incredible ice creations, instant ice anything, no warfare though.
Appearance: Tall, 7.5', extremely strong, almost as strong as Axonn, not too bright though even though smart.
Incredibly agile, and way too witty.
Drift force weapons: Waa I don't have any

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