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A bit of what I'm working on

Posted by Lucina in Infinite Awakening, Mar 26 2015 · 47 views

Posted Image
The Protector of Ice slowly sank into his chair; it squeaked under his weight as he settled into it with a satisfied sigh, the tension washing out of his limbs. His mouth opened wide in a yawn as he leaned back, crossing his legs as he propped his feet upon the wooden desk in front of him. He rubbed at his eyes with one hand, adjusting his mask with the other. Having made himself comfortable, the Protector rested his head upon his hands as he leaned back further, surveying the chart along the wall to his right with a feeling of apprehension.

The chart was a hit list, containing pictures of several different beings. All of them were very similar to the Protectors, although they were different enough for it to be noticeable. Every picture had the figure’s name labelled on the bottom; most of the targets had been crossed through with bright red paint, signifying their demise.
Fifty years of work and we still are not quite finished, the Protector thought to himself idly. But soon... they shall all be destroyed.


It is coming.

Fifty years ago, the six Toa of legend descended upon Okoto, their victory over the forces of the Skull Army assured by the prophecies.

Tahu, Master of Fire.
Lewa, Master of Jungle.
Gali, Master of Water.
Kopaka, Master of Ice.
Pohatu, Master of Stone.
Onua, Master of Earth.

Together, united as one, they descended into the ancient city to awaken Ekimu... and they were never seen again. With the Toa gone, the Skull Army struck in force, their numbers growing astronomically day by day.

Until a new group of heroes descended from the sky, wiping out the forces of darkness with a furious vengeance. The island of Okoto was saved... or had it merely been preserved? These new so-called "heroes" betrayed those that they had so recently sworn to protect, believing that they would prove an easy target. They thought wrong.

The Protectors, outnumbering them by far, struck back to defend their island home. The surviving traitors scattered into hiding all over the island, and they have been hunted ever since. The Protectors, led by the Council of Okoto, and overseen by the newly benevolent and redeemed mask maker Makuta, are bent on a path of ruthless extermination. Unforgiving of the various crimes to which the traitors are guilty, the Hunters slay them on sight without remorse.

There are no prisoners for the Protectors - for the Hunters. Only trophies.

But something is stirring, deep within the dark.

And as the forces of the Skull Army begin to rise once more, some Protectors cannot help but wonder if the most dangerous threat is themselves.

Decimation arrives on April 22nd.


Ask a Bohrok

Posted by Pahrak #0579 in Omega Republic Cavern of Diamond Asterisks of Creation Point UG & Knuckles, Mar 26 2015 · 62 views

I like to join in popular trends sometimes

So feel free to ask me questions if you want

That also applies to after this entry falls onto that mythical second page no one’s ever read, feel free to ask me weird stuff using whatever channels you like, I can make myself approachable probably

But don’t ask me to choose between things because I’m super indecisive okay


So I'm in Stockholm Now

Posted by Emzee in Lone Star Blog, Mar 26 2015 · 47 views
sweden, vacation

Why are people here so well-dressed?? Or maybe I'm just a sucker for the whole slim-winter-coat-and-scarf look.

This is the last night of my vacation though. Tomorrow I fly back to the states. It's really fun though. My Instagram only tells a very small story.

It's too bad I won't be doing something like this again for a long time (if ever), but hey -- that's kinda the point right? Once is better than never.


The Upcoming Day

Posted by You Have 24 Hours in You Have 24 Hours, Mar 26 2015 · 67 views

For the day upon which we act like fools, I propose that we turn the site into a Feudal Empire. I hereby swear fealty to the King of Gamesia & Triviæ, and request vassalisation.


Ask me anything that you can

Posted by Ghidora131 in The Doomsday Bunker, Mar 25 2015 · 117 views
Ghiddy, Stahp, Please

Well, hello!


Now is the time where you can ask me anything and get answers for once! le gasp! :o

So, in the comments, you may ask me anything relating to my works on BZPower. Anything your sick, twisted mind can come up with. Questions will be allowed for two days, you can post multiple questions.



55, 56, 57, 58

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Mar 25 2015 · 76 views

So this is my late post-Spring Break entry.

For the first time in my college career(?) I left the City during Spring Break, this time to visit my girlfriend in Paris, where she's studying abroad (because she's super smart and writes essays in French when she's not sciencing in English).

Now, despite the whole growing-up-on-a-ship thing, I'd never actually been to mainland France (Martinique, yes, but that's practically a different country sorta), so going to France made country 55 for me, awesome.

Also awesome: seeing the girlfriend again. Didn't do much tourist stuff in Paris (though we did get a rowboat in Versailles). Lots of baguettes, lots of wine, I blanched at the plate of escargot she ate, a mild bar crawl, saw the Eiffel Tower (and the bridge from Inception!), ate Turkish food, went to a couple free museums, cooked, and so on.

The adventure proper begun last weekend. She skipped a couple days of class and we flew out to Prague, Czech Republic (56 – also, my first landlocked country). Now, Prague, as I found out, is called The City of Spies. Which makes me really regret not bringing my trenchcoat (and talking her into bringing her red dress, which she thought would make us a little Burt Macklin). We did a lot in Prague, and not just taking advantage of $1.50 pints (THEY COME IN [cheap] PINTS). Hummed the Game of Thrones theme while walking through a castle, ate a lot of pub food, saw a lot of history, bought post cards. The tourist schtick.

Only spent two nights in Prague, one being the night we flew in, Friday morning we caught a train to Vienna, Austria (57) where we met up with an old friend of mine. We got food (Vienna lager in Vienna, woo!) and saw the sights, the highlight for me is easily a statue of a man punching a horse.

That evening saw us on a train to Budapest, Hungary (58!) where we spent the night and the next day before flying back to Paris. We did more touristing, drank more pints, ate more local food (dude, Eastern European food is so good), I sent a very immature postcard to my brother, crossed from Pest into Buda and back again, and saw a pretty grand hotel.
In Paris I loaded up on Haribo and Mars Bars before flying back to New York.

So there's my Spring Break, now it's back to classes in a land where there are no cheap pints.


Smearglelocke #3: Splash

Posted by Obsessionist in Chronic Obsessions, Mar 25 2015 · 36 views
whyyyyyyyyyy, down with machop

Log Entry 3:

No no nonononono


It was going so well

Things stared out OK. Sure, I accidentally killed my first encounter on Route 6, and then accidentally killed the Snorlax of Route 7, but I had an excess of Smeargles anyway, right?

And Route 7 was fun! The riverside, the artists, the Smeargle-obsessed NPCs, hilarious 4-Smeargle double battles, great moves to sketch. Even a field move! I had despaired of ever learning Rock Smash, since Smeargle can't learn TMs or HMs.

Connecting cave brought yet another dead 'mon. I just play it too safe, I guess... or not safe enough. Route 8 brought Greanna to the team... or, rather, the PC box.

Then things went downhill. Literally downhill too, as route 8 goes down a slope, but even more figuratively downhill. Rising Star Rhys lead with a Pancham. A fighting type. I switched to Rafael. He had Harden, surely he could weather the storm. No! With Rafael near death I frantically switched my 'mons in and out, grabbing a hit here or there and taking near-lethal damage each time. The Pancham fell, I breathed a sign of relief... and then Rhys sent out a Skiddo that banished Rafael from this mortal coil.

There was much mourning and nursing of wounds. I started to sneak onward, weary of other trainers...

BAM! MACHOP! No, I turned to Trevon. My darling Trevon. My special sweeper, my coverage. He had Confusion. He would supereffective this monster to death.

...Trevon dealt less than 50% before falling. In a second that seemed to stretch forever, I saw my greatest hope die. Trevon. They killed Trevon. Do you know how hard it to get good special moves on a Smeargle? He sacrifice will always be remembered.

Leonardo would be my replacement special sweeper. I saw a Spoink with Psywave. I tried to get Psywave. I now have SPLASH. Why did a Spoink have Splash. whyyyyyyyy

In Team:
Sasha, Lv. 23, Own Tempo. Beginning to take a greater role as her comrades fall. Sasha, I vow to never let you leave me.
>Rock Smash Also she has a field move now! Thank you, NPC Smeargles! (so... how am I ever going to get surf...)

Ketchup, Lv. 26, Technician. I'm counting on you, man. Don't let me down. Your damage-dealing abilities are more important than ever.

Soft Ye Now!, Lv. 22, Technicia
>Leech Seed

Barium, Lv. 21, Technician. He's still a moveslot underdeveloped, but Brick Break is decent!
>Brick Break. Again, think you, NPC Smeargles!
Leonardo, Lv. 10, Technician. WHY
Wilhelm, Lv. 15, Technician.
>String Shot
>Vice Grip

In Reserve:

Rafael. He learned Metal Claw before giving his life. I'm glad he got a taste of the offensive life he always wanted.
Trevon. One of my earliest Smeargles. A great friend and the Special Sweeper I had dreamed of.


Just a quick reminder

Posted by Zatth in Zatth Blag, Mar 25 2015 · 119 views

Smile back at someone today
Give someone a compliment

Help someone out in some way
Hug your loved ones, tell them how glad you are for them to be here
Give yourself a few minutes of the day just to yourself
Our time here is limited, so spread the love, y'all :)



Posted by Zox Tomana in Softly Call the Muster..., Mar 25 2015 · 86 views

I was wondering the other day if I should do one of these.

A BZP friend said to just do it.

So here goes: Ask Me Anything BZP.


question regarding the Smash 4 CD

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Mar 25 2015 · 54 views

Has anyone else tried to put the songs on Google music? My laptop won't even rip them.

And when I try to put the files from my desktop into my Google account, it just doesn't.

The internet seems barren of any info on copyright protection on the CD, and I know that Google music will not upload some music it it was from anothe google account, but I haven't heard of it happening with a CD.


ECCC and Brick by Brick Event

Posted by Swert in Swertblog, Mar 25 2015 · 49 views

Man, chaos all around x_x

So, I'm planning to attend ECCC this Friday (Yay SEALUG free pass!) and enjoy the event. We're taking 12 of our Superhero Megafigs (the 12x minifig models we make), all Marvel, including a Stan Lee model. They will be on display along with the other SEALUG and ARCHLUG models. I'll see if I can get photos while I'm there, if anybody is interested. Who knows, I may run into other BZP people there, I hope? Like, can I not be lonely that day? : D

Second, I'm also in the final stages of planning for a huuuuge 16 day Lego Expo called Brick by Brick down at the building my studio is in. We're planning to display art plus have build areas for kids to come in during their spring break, plus running select events and artist-led workshops. It's going to be pretty awesome, but at the same time it's also eating up all my free time that I'd rather be elsewhere doing stuff with. I'll also see about getting photos for that, but no promises as we made that a Kickstarter backer reward.

Overall, I'm wiped and I should probably go sleep now. I still have two more megafigs to build, and they're not even for ECCC.


Reposting Another Story

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Mar 25 2015 · 48 views

And it's Mystery on Keli-Nui.

It's the story that I entered for the Epics Mystery contest that I got few comments on, so I'm going to try again to get few to no comments! And I realize that I'm totally copying Spirit as he's reposting his epic from that same contest (which was a pretty good one and deservingly placed higher than mine) but I was totally contemplating reposting this at the beginning of the month, so I'm not entirely copying him. :P

Actually, it has to do more with finishing reposting my other epic Kulagi's Kanoka. And this is one of four Bionicle epics I still have access too... and it's only a few chapters long, and it's finished, so it seems ideal for reposting. (Also, I found another spin-off of Kulagi's Kanoka that I started but only got a few chapters into, and it's better than the original sequel that I had planned out, so I might start on that one again and eventually post it... but do people really want lengthy stories from Gen1 anymore?) (Oh, and I have that BZ-Koro epic, but the layout for that kind of requires writing it short bits at a time, but I still plan to keep up at it.)

Hey look at me, writing again! Or rather, planning to! Let's see how long this lasts!



Fact About Me

Posted by Valendale in Ice Cravings, Mar 24 2015 · 82 views

My friend happens to own several swords.

I'm the reason she doesn't sharpen them.


So who wants a clear Tahu mask?

Posted by DeeVee in What You Want is Now, Mar 24 2015 · 587 views
NYCC mask

While I do have eventual plans to use some of these on MOCs, and whatnot, let's face it. I have a bunch of this mask just sitting in a bag. I've never planned on hoarding them (contrary to the common refrain on my favourite image board ;) ), and though I plan on handing them out at cons (like I did at Cascade a few weekends ago and will at BrickfairVA in a few months), that still leaves me with a lot of them. I'm not interested in selling them (and I'm not sure I'd be technically allowed to considering the source?)

So now that the reboot has gotten a few months in fully, and most folks who want the sets have them (and if not, Targets seem to have Onua for like ten dollars now, so go buy him) let's do this.

Post puns in this entry. Best four get a clear mask (without the NYCC backing, because those ones I do plan on keeping) in the mail from me. All puns based on the "Hau/how" similarity are automatically disqualified because hau dare you.

EDIT: I forgot an arbitrary ending time. So, this Saturday at whenever I decide. Also, I apologize for those of you elsewhere, but I'm too poor to ship outside the US because of California.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Posted by farmstink buttlass in incredibly silly and just a little bit rude, Mar 24 2015 · 76 views

Last fall Netflix finally added the first season of Agents of SHIELD to its library. I had been meaning to watch that show for a long time, so I was pretty excited when this happened. So I watched like, three episodes last November? Then I never touched it again.

(this wasn't because i didn't like it or anything, i just sort of completely forgot about netflix for the several months for whatever? should probably finish breaking bad one of these days)

Anyway I've been trying to start making progress on my Netflix shows again. I finished SDMI a day or two ago but I didn't really like the second season very much, so I was looking for some other thing to check out in between rewatching Kuragehime because Kuragehime is like my favorite thing in the world but I want to make it last and hey there was AoS.

So yeah, over the past 3, 4 days I managed to finish the season? Mostly today really. I binged the last ten episodes earlier.

It's a pretty dang good show, I think. I liked the episodic format of the first half of the show, as it allowed the team dynamic to shine through, it allowed for characterization, and just about every episode had something to add to the narrative. Most of which ended up getting brought up again later on. I really liked the way everything progressed and escalated and the way stuff was revealed, and once the plot really got going in the second half, well, it got going.

It wasn't all perfect in the very end, I suppose. Ward's character kind of petered out towards the end there, really. The last episode didn't provide much in the way of closure for him, guess they are saving that for later. And once Garrett went all crazy it all sort of...well, yeah. By that point in the story though I suppose it had all clearly become far more about Coulson's team than the villains. So I guess it's fine.

Also, nooo fitz.

I should probably get caught up on the second season, hopefully very soon.


G2 Headcanons - Protectors

Posted by Click in Ponderings of a Scarabax, Mar 23 2015 · 92 views
G2, 2015, Protectors, Okoto

The thing I hate most about G2 is the complete lack of any backstory of the island. So far, the only story material we have are the brief blurbs on each Toa and Protector on Lego.com and the videos, which doesn't provide much. Of all of the villagers on all of Okoto, the only one with some hint of characterization is the Protector of Fire. This is precisely why everyone loves MNOLG so much. It gave a look into the lives of the everyday villagers, the ones who fished or sailed or sold or who could fight off the Rahi just fine without the Toa's help. The Toa weren't the only heroes of the story, fighting for some villagers smacked in only to have something to fight for.

So I've been thinking about it a bit in my course of drawing and building characters. What exactly could this character's personality be like? Let's start with the Protectors. Of course, this is all my own headcanon and is in no way official, but until we get something clearer, I'm treating it as canon. :P

Protectors: These elite villagers of Okoto are called to be guardians of their people and culture. Each Protector is chosen from the family of the previous, typically the first born, though special circumstances have occurred in the past. When the current Protector reaches a certain age, they select their successor and pass on their mask and weapons in a grand ceremony attended by the whole island. Their names are replaced by their title, a show of their commitment to leave their previous life and turn towards their people. Each mask was crafted from sacred materials by Ekimu himself, distinguishing them from the typical villager masks.

Protector of Fire: One of the most experienced Protectors, the Protector of Fire has seen much of the world. He has been fighting for his village for decades, always looking for the time when the Masters would come to liberate them forever. He has searched every prophesy and is filled with much ancient wisdom. In battle, he is fierce and unrelenting. His large frame is surprisingly agile, able to twist around enemy blows, yet deliver punishing strikes with his swords, just like his element.
His Mask of Fire was forged from crystals found in the heart of the Okoto volcanoes. It is rare to see one come to the surface of the lava, and rarer still to obtain it. It is said the very essence of fire is captured within those fractals, a power the Protector of Fire uses to great effect. His flame swords are mounted on swiveling handles, allowing him to twirl them around in combat to redouble the force of his strikes. A slow spin is usually enough to frighten away the creatures that lurk in the dark, but when Skull Spiders come to battle, they are met with the white-hot blades as they whirl in blazing tornadoes in his hands.

Protector of Earth: The eldest of the current Protectors, the Protector of Earth is brash and loud. His rumbling voice is often heard echoing through the caverns of the Earth Region. Despite his... rough personality, his devotion to his people is unquestionable. He is always at the forefront of every battle, blasting away with his chest cannon or shredding through opponents with his drill. When the village is at peace, he can often be found in the mines, digging away alongside his fellows.
The Protector of Earth's drill, armor, and mask are formed from the rarest of Okoto's gems, a hardy and lustrous purple stone found only in the deepest caverns. Some have questioned if they bury themselves there, pushing away from unworthy hands with powers of Earth. If his launcher ever runs out of energy, he has throwing knives in ready supply and has become quite adept at their use.

Protector of Stone: Though rarely seen in his home village, his skills with his staff are not to be questioned. Since the current Protector of Stone was instated, not a single Skull Spider has been seen within the village boundaries, though occasionally a villager will stumble upon an old carcass, killed in one blow with his deadly accuracy. When he can be found, he barely speaks, and only then in a hoarse whisper.
The Mask of Stone was forged from the purest sand caught in a rare phenomenon: arcs of pure energy that cut across the Stone Region's deserts. Perhaps it is caused by the heat, but many affirm it is some ancient magic of the land. His staff-mounted elemental sandstone blaster is effective at close and long range. The long energy prongs, formed of the same energy that created his mask, are able to slice through most substances, though he rarely needs to use them.

Protector of Ice: No one expected his sudden calling to be the next Protector of Ice, least of all himself. Even before taking on the mantle, he was shy and unsure of himself. His aim with anything was shaky, his carving skills were cringe-worthy, and he couldn't seem to manage to get anywhere without falling on the ice. His new responsibility has helped little. Though his new weapons make things slightly easier, he can't help but feel he was the worst possible villager for the job. Perhaps his purpose will only be apparent in time.
Truly, it is only his weapons that give him hope of success, for it is difficult to fail with enchanted ice at your side. Legends say the mask, ice blade, and shield appeared from the ice at Ekimu's approach. They are bitterly cold to the touch and show no signs of melting even after generations of use.

Protector of Jungle: The fastest gal in the land; Brynn was known as a messenger long before she took up the title of Protector of Jungle. She knows half the island like the back of her hand, and the other half well enough to get a message to anyone. Some of the other Protectors claim she shirks her duty to her people in favor of exploring the island or socializing, but whenever there is an attack, the Protector of Jungle is always there, appearing as if from the jungle itself.
Her Mask of Jungle is carved from the sacred wood of the Jungle Region's Spirit Trees. These great monoliths are said to twist the junglearound them, only allowing those who are worthy to approach. This same ability to control the greenery is contained in her mask, and its wise guidance whispers to her through the vines trailing from her form. Her bow, the weapon of every Protector of Jungle, at first appears to be merely a tangle of vines and thorns, but with the assistance of her power, it is able to fire straight and true with greater power than any crafted before or since.
(Yes, this was inspired by Bynn the Breaker from Bastion, as well as gk733 on DA)

Protector of Water: The newest of the current line of Protectors and by far the youngest. She almost seems too youthful and naive to possibly save anyone, but she has proven herself a prodigy in swimming and combat. Her new tools only enhance her already great skill. She would be a formidable force to reckon with if she could just stay focused. Far too many times she has swam off to explore the sea floor, only to return to find a battle had been fought and won without her. Though she is young, the people can only forgive her curiosity so many times.
On closer inspection, one would find her seemingly solid mask ripples softly. Its entire shape is formed by water, held together by some unknown power. The villagers had watched Ekimu as he walked through them wordlessly and stood at the shore as if waiting. Then, the Mask of Water washed up to him on a wave, and he handed it to the first Protector of Water. Her torpedo launcher and turbines pull her through the water at seemingly impossible speeds, and she had grown accustomed to using the new weapons.


The Chronicler and The Leader

Posted by Konahrik in Doorway From The Abyss, Mar 23 2015 · 72 views

Trying to modernize the Chronicler and Jaller, and eventually the rest of the matoran versions of the Toa Mahri.

Posted Image

Jaller with a custom Kohlii stick
Posted Image

Takua with a Chronicler Staff
Posted Image


My morning

Posted by Akano Toa of Electricity in Oak Log Bans, Mar 23 2015 · 98 views

I'd like to describe to you all the most memorable scene from my morning walk into school.

I emerged from the tunnel under the train tracks and headed towards the last intersection on my walk on my way to school. In the bare bushes of one of the office buildings on the street twittered a bunch of small sparrows, not a care in the world. I watched them as they chattered, when all of a sudden a brown blur appeared in my periphery. A hawk (I believe a broad-winged hawk) was in a dive, ready to snatch up a meal from the group of sparrows. It swooped, then crashed into the bare branches of the bushes. I could tell immediately after it crashed that it was unsuccessful in its quest, and as it looked around during its shocked stupor, I could see in its face the expression of "Well, this is just great." The poor thing sat there for a moment and eventually freed itself, its ego more bruised than its body, as it flew atop the building and reconsidered what its next move was.

All in all, it was really cool, and I'm glad I got to witness it. :)

Posted Image


Re-Posting Complete

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Mar 23 2015 · 93 views

Took a few weeks, but everything people have asked me to re-post that I had archived has been re-posted.

Apologies to fishers64 because I did not think to save Mata Nui's Performance Review and to meglatorian because not only did I not save The Three Bohroketeers, but I completely forgot I wrote it! If anyone happens to have those topics backed up, I'm sure both they and I would be very grateful to get to read them again.

Also to note, there are still a few stories in my own private archive. They're largely earlier work or stuff that didn't get an overwhelming critical reception, but I could be persuaded to re-post them if anyone really wants to read them.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, maybe now I can focus on making new stuff. :sly:

Stay tuned.


Ask Me Anything

Posted by Nigel Thornberry in Nigel Thornberry's Hat World ♫♪, Mar 22 2015 · 237 views

Realized I hadn't done one of these in a while.

So, yeah, literally any topic is on the table (within bzp rules of course).

Just know that while my username is currently Nigel Thornberry, my actual understanding of zoology is rather limited. XP

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