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Posted by Breath of the Wild in The Storyteller, Jan 23 2017 · 38 views

Posted Image

BZP's Games of Thrones: Season 2 launches February 4th.


All Men Must Die.


Dark Souls

Posted by A severe lack of F-Zero in Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost, Jan 23 2017 · 33 views

I did nothing but play Dark Souls for 6 hours today, what about you?


Disney Dollar for your Thoughts Round 2

Posted by Hordaki in Presumably Coherent Ramblings, Jan 23 2017 · 26 views
Penny Thoughts, Disney

What is your favorite Disney song?


Star Wars VIII Title Revealed

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jan 23 2017 · 63 views
Star Wars VIII, Title

'The Last Jedi.'

That is the name of the next Star Wars movie coming out this December.

The title most likely refers to Luke. At least, that is what I think it's referring to. Because Kylo Ren isn't a Jedi anymore, technically, and Rey hasn't been trained to be a Jedi yet. So I'm pretty sure this title is referring to Luke.

As for the name itself, I like it. It's simple, yet still sounds cool IMO.

What do you guys think of the name?


night review

Posted by Serein in VA-11 HALL-A, Jan 23 2017 · 65 views

not as bright, get to sleep, 10/10 better than day


Night Review

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jan 22 2017 · 59 views

Night Review :kaukau: Quick show of hands: who hasn't read this book? I'm just curious. Where I come from, this Nobel Prize winning book was required reading in my freshman year of high school, but maybe that isn't so in other states and other countries. Of course, even if it is required reading, perhaps you haven't got to high school yet, so you haven't read it.

In my opinions, everyone should read this historic book, and they shouldn't wait until high school to do so. Parents should read it to their children when they're still in elementary school. I don't think someone should withhold Night from someone just because "they aren't old enough." It's an important book to be familiar with. It affects your worldview when you immerse yourself in its contents.

As someone who appreciates literature, I also should note that on top of this being a moving true story about one of the most significant events in the twentieth century, but it is also written by a master of storytelling. Elie Wiesel tells his story not just as an historian, but as an artist. He speaks with a rare and special voice that one can only have if one has gone through and been permanently affected by his experiences. He manages to succeed in expressing his suffering through his words, which is very hard to do. It is quite fortunate that of the few Jews who survived the Holocaust, at least one of them should have his ability to speak as clearly as he does on the subject of that long, long night.



im 23 now

Posted by Xaeraz in Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates, Jan 22 2017 · 70 views

its weird but true


Oh hi there~

Posted by Papika in Trainer in a Faraway Place, Jan 22 2017 · 164 views

Alternative Title: Oh Forgot To Mention This

Hi everyone! How are you all doing~~~~? So, hi, my name's Chloe, everyone knows me as Blade, yada yada yada~.

Well, this is probably going to be a short entry, but....

Oh, by the way, I'm a transgender girl, so, yeah, there's that too~ ^^

P.S. I'm Windy's Lesbian Lover now, so <3



Posted by Alola Form Pahrak in Mt. Coronet, Jan 21 2017 · 66 views

So, Dragon Ball Super. They’re about to head into a new arc where 10 fighters from each of the 12 universes are brought together for a massive tournament, and the losers’ universes will be destroyed. I’ve been unsure what to think of this since the beginning: multiversal tournament sounds great, but the survival aspect…I mean I guess it adds stakes, but I love that we found out there are 12 universes, it opened up so much potential and if they’re going to throw all that away…


I guess we’ll have to see. Anyway, a new trailer for the arc was released today, giving brief glimpse of the gods of destruction and angels of some of the universes. Several of them have animal motifs like Beerus, though others are more humanoid, one is a clown…for some reason. There are also clips of some other fighters, including ol’ Cabba and Frost, and someone who…

Uh…well, it’s early, but we see what appears to be a female character quickly transforming into a female Broly.

I don’t think anyone was expecting this, but let’s think for a second. Broly is, well, “legendary” for being so powerful. If we’re getting a female version of that character, then that means we might actually be getting a female Super character…who can hold her own against relevant opponents?!

We’ve already seen that Android 18 is going to be involved in this arc (finally getting back in the action after a long wait), so that could be cool, and Vados and any other female angels (or goddesses of destruction?) are definitely sitting at a high power level, but this feels a little different. Probably because:
-Being a Super Saiyan phenomenally increases one’s chances of being/staying relevant
-Saiyan, so definitely going to be actually doing some fighting
-A female Broly. That’s, like…something new!

I mean we’ll have to wait and see how exactly this plays out, but…I’m extremely interested in seeing how it does.



Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jan 21 2017 · 48 views

Essays, Not Rants! 253: AMERICA!

If you follow this blog you’ve probably realized that my mostest favoritest trope is the rag-tag multicultural team. It’s why I’ll always hold Disney’s Atlantis in high esteem, it’s why I have such a huge soft spot for the Magnificent Seven remake and Rogue One. Pacific Rim, Halo: Reach, X-COM, you give me a multicultural/national team, you make me happy

Really happy.

So you can understand my hesitance when the follow-up to Al Ewing’s very enjoyable New Avengers comics was U.S.Avengers. Here’s what could well be a rah-rah jingoistic comic, while New Avengers (volume 4, if you’re wondering) was this idiosyncratic book with giant mecha, a squirrel convincing a rat army to stop fighting for the bad guys, and mad science.

The first issue of U.S.Avengers is framed around the members of the team talking to the ‘camera’ about why they’re part of the team and, as they are a part of the remade AIM (American Ideas Mechanics) which is overseen by the US Government, about the whole being American thing. For Roberto da Costa, the leader of the team, this means talking about wanting to be American. Lemme make this clear, the first panel of the first issue of a comic book called U.S.Avengers is Roberto da Costa, someone born in Brazil, talking about his wanting to be an American. It culminates in him firmly declaring that he’s an American citizen, something that can’t be taken away.

So right off the bat we have, in a comic book called U.S.Avengers, the definition of American identity being one of an immigrant (who’s also not white, by the way).

But who else is on this team? We’ve got Toni Ho, genius Chinese-American who built her own version of the Iron Patriot which she pilots. Her girlfriend, Aikku, is also part of the team. A Finnish-Norwegian (say it with me:) immigrant, she finds the US different and slightly frightening, but takes comfort in Toni and the others and the space to find herself. And has her own super high-tech suit. We’re also introduced to Squirrel Girl, who stresses her Canadian/American dual citizenship; General Robert Maverick, the representative of the US Government who’s also Red Hulk; and Sam Guthrie, the guy from Kentucky whose interpretation of the American Dream is that of his blue-collar father, one where “there is no ‘them’ to help or hurt.” The first issue ends with an appearance by Captain America (which makes sense), only this is Captain America from an alternate future where she’s Danielle Cage, a bulletproof black woman.

This has been is a stupid amount of summarizing, but I hope you’re following my train of thought here. The image of the American put forth by U.S.Avengers isn’t one of a straight white dude; in the book Americans can be – and are – immigrants, people of color, women, and queer. This isn't something the book hints at, it's a blatant thesis statement put forth in the first issue.

I'm sure you've realized by now that this is important, but let me explain why. For much of American history, the image of an 'American' has been a straight white guy. Even today, especially today, the prevalent narrative of an American is a straight white guy whose family has been in the states for generations. It's that whole idea of a 'true' or 'real' American. U.S.Avengers offers a counternarrative; one that's, well, reflective of the actual US. We can talk all we want about shifting demographics and the changing face of a nation, but until the narrative shifts we're just blowing air. U.S.Avengers reflects that America, as Marvel has been doing as of late: Ms. Marvel is a naturalized Pakistani immigrant; Hulk is Korean-American, one Captain America is black.

So again, this is why diversity is important. If you're doing a story about the modern US then the characters ought to reflect the people who make up the country: a nation of immigrants not just from Europe. We need these stories, we need to see people who aren't straight white guys portrayed as American in fiction if we’re ever going to shift the default image of what an American is.

Elsewise we find ourselves in some ersatz 1950s America, and you don't really wanna go back to that, do you?


SPIRIT's Super Accurate Totally Legit Personality Test

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jan 21 2017 · 72 views

Now before I begin, I should state that I am not trained as a psychologist. However I have taken like 3.5 courses in psychology, and I am an incredibly judgmental person, so I think that's just as good.

The science behind this super accurate and totally legitimate personality test is that I judge people based on their favourite colour. So think of what your favourite colour is and look at the list below to see what your results are!



Blue: You weak and watery milquetoast of a sheep! Your favourite colour is blue? Like the most popular favourite colour in the world? Yawn! Boring! How's that 9-5 accounting job going for you? Did you just assume that yawning is a sign of people listening to you? Because it isn't, you're just that boring. The human eye can detect 10 million different colours and you went and chose the most boring one.

Red: Hey buddy! Now we're talking! This is the colour of champions! Of movers and shakers. Red is a symbol of power! Red gets things done! Gryffindor? They were red. Luke Skywalker? Red Five. James from Thomas the Tank Engine? Son, you'd better believe he was red too. They even did a study that showed that red tends to win more often than blue. It's just science!

Orange: Aw, come on. Don't be like that. You're just a red-liker who can't quite handle the intensity and wonder that is red. I get it. It's a lot to live up to. Orange is a pretty good second. Tahu's orange arms and legs complimented his red everything else rather nicely. You need to believe in yourself, son. You've got that passion within, you just need to set it free.

Yellow: Ugh, get out of here with that. Yellow? I bet you're a morning person too. Oh and on behalf of everyone you interact with on a daily basis, you talk way too loud. Most of us don't want to handle you in the morning, let alone any other time of the day with your constant sunshine demeanour. Luckily for you, the laws of this land prohibit murdering people whose favourite colour is yellow... I think. Let me look this one up and get back to you.

Green: Well, at least you didn't say blue. I'll give you that. Green isn't that much better, though. Earth is a blue and green planet. You know what we have way too much of? Blue and green! Let me guess. You're probably at the bottom tier of your class, the lower end of the bell curve. You're the sort of person who picks Bulbasaur when Charmander and Squirtle are standing right in front of me. Enjoy being a disappointment to the species.

Azure: Shut up, this is still blue. I don't care that Italian considers it a different colour. It's still blue. What's worse, it's even a worse version of blue. It's such a bad version of blue that the default colour palate on this board doesn't list it. Why don't you take a good hard look at your life and try to be a better person?

Pink: This is a bit more complicated. If you're a girl, woopdeedoo. Way to fight all stereotypes and millennia of oppression. Yes, every marketing department your entire life has told you this is what you want, but maybe try growing a backbone for a change! You can't all like pink. Where's your sense of individuality and desire to break from from the shackles of society? And if you're a guy, come on. This is a very serious personality test. Just say red or lightish red. You aren't fooling anyone.

Purple: Once again, this one is twofold. If you're a girl, let's get real. You just picked this one because pink was too girly. Well tough tamales, this one is almost just as bad. This is like trying to put out a fire with a squirtgun, not that you'd know anything about that, trapped in your minimum wage pink-collar job. And if you're a guy... okay, look. Purple does have red in it, but you're not fooling anyone. You're just trying to be subversive. "Oh look at me, I like purple. I'm so random and fun!" Well, you're neither. Purple was only cool if you were the emperor of Rome and those leaves in your hair definitely aren't laurels, they're just a product of you only bathing once a month.

Black: Ooooh, I'm sooooo scared. You must be a deep and dreary old soul. "Oh look at me, I like black. I'm only slightly more annoying than the people that point out that black isn't a real colour." Maybe you are or were a goth or maybe you're a giant hipster, but I won't abide this at all. Your favourite colour is black? A.k.a. the absence of light. Shut up, no it isn't. Why don't you do some soul searching and come up with a favourite colour that doesn't make you look like a pretentious doofus.

Grey: What? Was black too hardcore for you? You're like a black-liker and an azure-liker had a baby and then only read it the financial section of the New York times growing up.

Brown: No, your favourite colour isn't brown. I don't care what you say or how many times you invoke the mighty name of Pohatu, your favourite colour isn't brown. Brown is nasty colour you get when you mix all the paints together. Maybe you misread your heart and didn't realize that Wikipedia defines brown as a shade of orange. In which case, scroll up because there's hope for you yet. Brown... Honestly, the only other explanation is that you were the kid who ate dirt, which is probably all you'll be able to afford once your boss finds out how much of a waste of space you are.

White: Are you kidding me? White? No, get out. I'm not even going to discuss this one. You are literally the worst person to ever walk this planet. I think Genghis Khan mentioned that his favourite colour was white after he finished beheading his 10 millionth peasant. So why don't you pack up all your possessions and move to Mongolia? At least then we won't have to deal with you over here.

Anything Else: Look, if your favourite colour isn't on this list and you don't work in a paint store, you don't actually have any friends. You've got a lot of people who will spend time in close proximity to you out of pity or who are perhaps planning your murder because you're such an obnoxious person. In fact, it might be a good idea right now to print out your Facebook friend list and send that to the police with a brief explanation. That isn't to say that the police won't murder you too, but at least the rest of us won't have to put up with you any more. Like especially if your favourite colour is a town in Kanto, that's a dead giveaway that it's only a matter of time until everyone standing around your open casket remarking, "you know, I'm okay with this."


So yeah. Post your results in the comments! This may surprise some of you, but my favourite colour was red! I know, crazy, right? This test is soooooo accurate!


I went for a nice walk today

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jan 21 2017 · 119 views

I went for a nice walk today There sure were a lot of people in Boston.


Life Update?

Posted by Queen of Liars in Amplifier Worship, Jan 21 2017 · 69 views

It's been a long time since I used the blog, eh? Might as well do a little life update thingy, as it's been a strange month or two for me.

Right now I am approaching two months of having worked in Azerbaijan's capital, Baku, which is pretty far from home. It's a job for an Austrian company, which looks like it will last around half a year. I'll occasionally fly back home to London for holidays and stuff, but for the most part I'll be living here, which has been pretty interesting. It's nice to have an opportunity to see a bit more of the world, I suppose. The job is nice, though at 6 days a week it doesn't leave me with too much free time, but I'm not complaining. The time zone change does make it a bit tricky to keep up with friends from around the world, but I've been managing.

So that's one big thing, but then I have also been dealing with some... gender idendity stuff? However you want to phrase it. Won't go into much detail here, but if you follow me on Tumblr you've seen my numerous posts there. So yeah, that has made it... an interesting time, I guess. We'll see where that ends up going.

Well, without going into some other stuff, that is mainly what's been going on with me lately. A whole lot of self-discovery.


Incoherent and Probably Stupid Thought, 20/01/2017

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten in A Dream of Divinity, Jan 20 2017 · 78 views

What if our eyes were actually tiny televisions?

(Here is where you insert a paragraph on humans being metaphorically blind in this hypothetical world where humans have tiny televisions in their eyes)


14 Years

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jan 17 2017 · 55 views

That's how long I've been on BZPower now. I can't think of anything significant about 14 years... although I guess this does mean I've been on BZPower for about half my life. Yay. (That spinny mask of water should appear any time now...)

In other news, I was gonna mail out some prizes the other day... then the region I live in got hit with the worst snow storm in 30 years. Sooooo... yeah, maybe later.



Room Files 01: Check out that gorgeous face

Posted by Naked Link in I am Luroka, Makuta Luroka, Jan 16 2017 · 79 views
sorry, not sorry

Room Files 01: Check out that gorgeous face Wherein Makuta Luroka shamelessly parodies a blog entry by Voltex.


Of Job Apps and Monochromatic Feeling

Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Jan 15 2017 · 127 views

So, I've heard back from my summer job and they are interested in having me back for summer 2017. That's all well and good, but honestly I'm a bit nervous about a few things. If I go it means I'd have to bring a laptop so I could job hunt properly. Also if I'm applying there would be virtually no way for me to receive phone calls as there is no cell service. I'm hesitant to bring anything that valuable as the security up there is pretty bad. Plus I'd be sharing a room again with two strangers. My laptop is new and cost me several dollars. I kinda don't want it stolen.

There are a couple of other jobs I've applied to as well. It would mean I'd move out of my parent's house (Thank freaking Smooze) and I'd be living with an awesome friend of mine (which would be a much welcome change of pace). Ideally I would be working at a bakery (which are the jobs I've applied to) and everything in that area is walkable so I wouldn't have to worry about not having a car.

Honestly I'm hoping for the latter of two scenarios to play out.

Honestly I've been stressing out a lot about the future as of late, and I think my seasonal depression is kicking in which is just lovely (and by lovely I actually mean it is terrible and I hate having to live with it). Still, there hasn't been anything alarming as far as my depression goes since the start of the year, so it's manageable at least.

Still, the worst case scenario right now is that I take a summer job instead of something full time, so life could totally be worse right now.

Stay Swaggin'


Mask Maker

Posted by Tolkien in In a hole in the ground there lived..., Jan 15 2017 · 192 views

As a final act in 2016, I've posted an epic entitled Mask Maker. It's a final take on the Bionicle G1 storyline that has been taking shape for a few years now. Here's the main topic and the review topic if you're interested in reading and/or commenting. It'll also be on my tumblr blog. See ya '16.


CH 1 Labor
CH 2 Deadline
CH 3 Last
CH 4 Embrace
CH 5 All Wrong
CH 6 Ages
CH 7 Invert (New)



Posted by Xenoblade Two in Elysium, Jan 13 2017 · 84 views

Posted Image


An Ambitious Announcement

Posted by Roman Torchwick in The Chronicles of Nato, Jan 10 2017 · 160 views
Epics, Bionifight, Story and 2 more...

An Ambitious Announcement Those of you who know me are probably aware that I'm a frequent visitor of the Lego and Bionicle TRPG forums on this site, and that Bionifight Infinite is unashamedly my favourite out of all the games I've had the pleasure of being a part of.

Now, the people who played Bionifight Infinite/Landfall alongside me will know all too well that I went a bit overboard with creating characters, having made well over a dozen profiles over the course of the game. However, due to the way Bionifight was set up, the vast majority of those characters were impossible to use in other games, and since I suck at writing fanfics, I was forced to abandon many of the characters I used in Bionifight.

With the anniversary of Bionifight's end coming up soon, I saw an opportunity to indulge in writing as some of those characters again. However, when I actually began the writing process, what was intended to be a series of short stories briefly exploring the lives of some of my characters after the tournament, began to grow and evolve into a much bigger and more complex epic.

So, without further ado, let me present Bionifight Remembrance.

The basic premise is that the survivors of Infinite/Landfall have found themselves abducted and thrust into a new tournament, one that's been organised by surviving villainous characters from the game. The problem is, I don't have nearly enough characters of my own left to populate a story this big. And that, is where you come in.

I'm looking for players from Bionifight Infinite who'd be interested in offering up characters and creativity to help this project come to fruition. And of course, Voltex, as the creator of Bionifight, I would greatly appreciate your blessing in this endeavour, without which I wouldn't dare actually posting the story on BZP.

Anyone who's interested, leave a comment below, or send me a PM, and I'll get around to throwing together a group PM or Skype chat sometime in the near future to discuss what I've gotten written so far, and where the story can go from there.

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