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Day 4: With Hopefully More Entries on the Way...

Posted by MetaStriker in NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD, Jul 22 2017 · 3 views

(You're probably thinking to yourself, wow, that was fast.)


The Fire Chronicles: Finale

Part 3: The Flames Die Out Forever?

Several millennia ago only seemed like a few days ago for Angonce.
He had spent his entire life on the planet, left to deal with beings on his own while other Great Beings left to party some light years away. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also had to deal with keeping Ranox imprisoned until the day his destiny broke him free. It was safe to say that Angonce hadn’t been having the greatest of times, and why he wanted at least one of his problems to go away made sense for sure.
As Angonce battled Ranox, he thought about these things. Yeah, nothing more really needs to be said. That’s enough psychological torment for now, guys.
Seriously, I need a new day job!

Below Ranox…

“Are you sure about this, Photok?”
“He…took everything from me…my camera…my friends…my freaking liberty…well, I’m gonna give him death.”
Tanma activated his wings, and Photok, on his back, activated his jet engine-thingy. “For Unity, Duty, and Destiny, let’s kill this thing, brother. For Takua.”
“FOR TAKUA!” Photok screamed as they flew into the sky and attacked Ranox. Tahu only watched from the bottom, still in shock.
“There’s got to be something. Why didn’t Ranox die when Helryx sacrificed herself?! They—should—both—be—dead.”
“Because maybe, just maybe, the prophecy has more to tell us.” Gali landed swiftly right next to him, and gave Tahu the two parts.
“That’s…incredible. What do we even—“
A wave of water pushed the two away milliseconds before a giant ball of shadow fell down below the beast, and they washed ashore next to the Wall of Records. Tahu was shivering. “How—much—longer—“
“It’ll be over soon, don’t—“
“CAN’T YOU SEE WHAT I’VE DONE? I RUINED EVERYTHING. I RUINED OUR DESTINIES.” Tahu stood up, swaying back and forth as fresh fire coursed through him. “EVERYONE’S DEATH IS MY—“
“NO!” Nuhrii and Gali tackled Tahu before he unleashed a Nova Blast and burned away the entire planet.
“Stop it! None of this is your fault, none of it at all! You gave me a chance to redeem myself, a chance for everyone to rise up against this fiend and crush his hopes and dreams! And although many will go, and all will cry…
Tahu snapped out of his rage. His mask flashed gold as an ancient voice came from him.
“Hidden in the forgotten land, is the story that started after the sand…the power of seven shall stand. The quiet one shall be humble until the end, but the host will seek power, and power she shall lend…to both aid and defend.
There is one more fatal blow, to continue the universe’s go…two will go although, and two will mourn with a steady flow. The fallen rule shall arise in surprise, and with the other, eliminate the demise…and though many will go, and all will cry…”
Gali and Nuhrii looked at each other nervously. The prophecy had unfolded right from Tahu’s mouth, right in front of their very eyes.
They didn’t understand much of it, however. But Tahu did, and the truth startled him. “I need to get onto Ranox’s back.”
“…what even…” Kiina said, rushing in.
“I’ll tell you later…maybe. But guys, this is what needs to happen. And without buts, or whys, or any dissatisfactions, this needs to occur now. We’re so close, guys. So close.”

In the Air…

“You can’t win—Nui—not again…”
Mata Nui swung his blade blindly and effortlessly as it cleanly sliced off the Prototype Robot’s head. He watched as the robot turned into a dark, shadowy dust and the head plummeted into a legion of Bokoblins.
Mata Nui turned swiftly as he was scratched by the claws of the ferocious beast. As he moved his head more towards Ranox in an attempt to get him to touch the Mask of Life, the Great Beast kicked at Mata Nui’s chest, knocking the wind out of him and causing him to fall, as he fell he shrunk to his old size so he would not damage his fellow comrades.
Ranox hovered above the ground, high in the air, as his feet began to grow closer to the ground. In doing so, Ranox grew at least one and a half times his size, and his red eyes continued to glow menacingly.
"All is going according to plan. I can't fail now!"
A flash of stars appeared before his eyes, and Ranox was startled to see Kirby and Angonce fly ahead of him, straight for his shadowy wings. Super Sonic hopped off Kirby’s Dragoon and made a halo-shaped tear in the first of the Great Beast’s wings, while Angonce simply tore through it in his own starship.
As Ranox fell to the ground, his legs extended just a little bit, and his arms grew even more to come close to the length of his legs. Ranox snarled as he hit the ground, and shockwaves spread throughout the planet, killing most of its fauna and knocking down a good deal of the army. “Don’t worry, I can still kill you all on—wait, what is on my back?!”
Tahu sat comfortably on Ranox’s back, his swords pointed down at the beast’s body. His mask was solid gold, and he gave off a radiant vibe of fearlessness and hope as he began stabbing Ranox.
As Ranox turned behind him, Kiina thrust her trident into Ranox’s eye, which made Ranox grasp for his hurt eye. His legs imbalanced, he fell to the ground as cannons and mortars, commandeered by Nuhrii, Snake, and the Toa Voya, shot at the beast.
“We did not fight in vain, Ranox. I hope you know that now, that all you have fought for wasn’t worth it.”
“No…Tahu…maybe they did not fight in vain, but you…certainly did!” Ranox rolled around onto his back, thrusting the Toa off near the Council. In about two seconds, Ranox had turned back around and pounced onto the Toa, punching him with a shadowy fist that sent another shockwave across the planet after crushing the hero’s life force out of him.
“TAHU! NO!” Kiina screamed, lunging at the beast.
“No, you will not!” A knight in gray-purplish armor appeared and stabbed Ranox in the forehead.
The beast stumbled back and fell, clutching his head. “What—ow—is the meaning of—“
“Hello, old master.” Axonn stood on Ranox’s face, bold, tall, and powerful, with Ooccoo holding the Dominion Rod on his shoulder. “Fancy seeing you here in this interesting situation. I mean, I could swear you told old Axxie that he was getting something out of this, but I mean, if you want to kill me now—“
All the remaining members of the Orderly Empire II army surrounded Ranox, every single one of them ready to fire.
“—you’re gonna have a baddd time.”
Ranox smirked. “You honestly think your army can—“
“I didn’t say my army. I said that Axxie could…or rather, the prophecy did. So, I mean…I guess it’s gonna happen now…any last words?”
“You insignificant flea! You honestly think that you and your mediocre army can kill me? Screw the prophecy…what were the words to that stupid thing anyway…only one again can rise?”
“Sure,” Axonn said as he slammed his axe into Ranox’s gaping wound, and his vision turned white.

……are we in Heaven yet……?

The Fire Chronicles

Epilogue: Tight Ends (we hope)

To Whoever it May Concern…

If you’ve found this letter, well, you’ve probably been through a lot to find it. Either that, or you probably just got bored and started digging randomly near the Left Lake. I’m fine with either.

Anyway, to start off, I was Tahu: Toa of Platinum at the time of writing this letter, but by the time you read this I’ll hopefully be vacationing somewhere in Tahiti…and I’ll also be known as Metahu. Sound confusing? I’m sorry, but it doesn’t get any easier from here, cupcake.

Anyway, my alternate self and I have decided to split up the events after the Great War against Ranox. I guess I’ll talk about the boring stuff.

After that white blinding light and stuff, Ranox’s dead beastly body kind of exploded but then sucked itself into a tiny little ball. Meta and I were the only ones awake to cast off the antagonistic particles into some other comedy, and then the vision cleared and Mata Nui restored the land to normal (again).

I finally decided to cast away the Nintendo characters, as most of them belong in the new Smash and other games anyway (poor Ice Climbers though). It took about a month to rebuild everything else, although this was mainly because Meta and I sort of assisted/sat back, relaxed and drank some nice English tea. Overall, I plan to never come back and to forever seal myself away from this comedic drama…I guess to save my power? I don’t know…maybe I’m sounding just a tad bit cruel here.

~Tahu: Toa of Platinum

To Our Next Great Hero (or possibly a gravedigger)…

If you’ve found this by the East Lake, hey, you are a Warp Star! (Ugh, that was super corny.)

My name was originally Meta Nuva, but by the time you read this I’ll be back with my somewhat mediocre opposite, merged into the wonderful new Metahu (jeez, I just hope there’s no relation to that other Great Being…)

I’ve been tasked with giving a report of the occurrences of today’s troubles and stuff. So, instead of making you read a flashback of sorts, I’ll just get straight to the point. Yes, the prophecy was fulfilled, and one again did rise… thankfully it wasn’t Ranox, otherwise we’d all be dead by now. Pretty much all of the good guys made it out relatively well, and now that the remainder of the Orderly Empire’s beings are leader-less, Axonn’s made a pact with Tahu to merge both empires…no Orderly Hau though…that’d be way too weird.

Gali and Kiina both survived, and both have come to the mutual agreement not to fight over Tahu (thank Nui.) Nuhrii has also been honored as a war hero, as well as Axonn and his trusty bird, who also somehow survived the fight to rejoin Link and return to the gaming world.

Icarax and Takadox, while not playing a huge role in the war, did fight on our side with their legions of Rahkshi. However, when offered to be a part of the Council, both declined and went up north. Their activity is confusing, but I’m not worried at the moment…

That really wraps it up. There’s not much of anything left to say here. Really, I’ve got nothing.

“And you say that I rave-rant.”

“Shut up, Narrator. Just because you did help save the universe does not give you the right to sass me around. Especially when I’m merged with that mediocrist.”


“Mediocrist isn’t even a word, Meta.”

“Shut up, Titler. Can we just get this over with?”

“Why do you want this to be over so quickly?”

“With your creations, anything can go wrong, even in the final chapter.”

“…you sort of have a point there. Ah well. Any final words?”

“Sorry this doofus here wrote such an awful tale.”

“Sorry you had to deal with this guy, and that stupid Great Being too.”

“What stupid Great—“

“See what you did? You’ve already sparked a sequel to this tragedy!”

“Even though it’s already been announced…”

“It’s not like anyone’s actually going to read it.”

“Shut up, Narrator. Let’s just get this over with.”


That night, Mata Nui had a very interesting dream.

It started out in the form of a Nintendo Direct, revealing several features of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Though Mata Nui only believed it was a dream, it was actually implemented into his head using Kirby’s mystical dream powers…if that’s what we’re calling them.

The dream then shifted to Mata Nui and a few other ancient beings sitting around a dying campfire. As Mata Nui shook hands with one of them, the fire died instantly, only leaving behind its gray, but still glowing red ashes and embers. He felt chills of power, if that’s what you want to call it, surging through his body as he woke up, shivering.

“That…was only…a dream…right?” No answer. Mata Nui sighed a sigh a relief. “Well then, I guess there’s no problem here.”


“Nice EarthBound reference.”




I did post The Ashes, the nex...t installment in the TAoT series, without finishing this comedy, but I ended up cancelling it; it had very little response from the forum, was heavily unfocused, and really wasn't planned out all that well. For all intents and purposes, I am not posting any drafts from that comedy, really because I don't have much and it all makes no sense.

What I'm planning to do now is vent on this blog, as expected, but also release content regarding the third season of the remake of TAoT. Later today, I'm also going to be posting a poll, sort of, where anyone will be able to suggest/vote for a title to the comedy. Keep in mind that I already have titles for each season of the remake. What I want is an overarching title that represents the comedy and plot of the story as a whole, without being terribly basic. Let's get the creative juices flowing!

See you soon,



What's The Point of Movies?

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Jul 22 2017 · 4 views

Essays, Not Rants! 278: What’s The Point of Movies?

I’m replaying Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (and it is wonderful) and I can’t help but to be reminded that there’s supposed to be a movie adaption of this game happening. Like, it’s been in development since 2010. Every now and then there’ll be some announcement (apparently Tom Holland is playing a young Nathan Drake now?), but then it fizzles out into the background. Kinda like how film adaption of The Last of Us went, there was a bunch of buzz, and now we’re three years later aaaand… nothing.

But video games are being made into movies. There was that Assassin’s Creed film last year that nobody saw and meanwhile Alicia Vikander looks pitch perfect in the upcoming reboot of the Tomb Raider movies (this time based on the reboot of the Tomb Raider video games). This isn’t a post about development ######. This is about adaptions.

A Thief’s End takes around fifteen hours to play through. Now, I bring up Thief’s End because it doesn’t have as much gameplay-and-story separation as, say, Halo. Exploration is part of the narrative in A Thief’s End, both for the dialogue between characters as it happens, and for it being part of the game’s central quest. Basically, it’s not filler. It’s a fifteen hour game and a fifteen hour story.

Fifteen hours is, obviously, thirteen hours longer than your typical movie. It’s about the length of a full season of Star Wars Rebels, or the final season of LOST. It’s longer than the entire extended Lord of The Rings trilogy.

In other words, why bother compressing it into a two hour movie? What’s about movie do better than other forms of story? Let’s ignore the fact that big movies get budgets several orders of magnitude bigger than tv shows or whatever, why two hours and not more? Books give you hundreds of pages to explore character and plot, tv shows a couple dozen episodes a season, and video games hours and hours of gameplay. If you’re telling a story, these mediums offer you much more space to explore it. More time to hang out with characters and experience this fictional world.

But too much of a good thing can be bad. It’s why you don’t eat a pound of bacon. Crazy Rich Asians has five-hundred pages to tell its story and ends up meandering around and having little plot, if any, until the last hundred-odd pages where it’s a rushed jumble of half-rate melodrama. There’s a film adaption coming, and maybe compressing it into two hours will do it some good.

'cuz that’s what happens when you set a limit on the time to tell your story: you gotta focus on the important stuff. The film adaption of The Princess Bride dispenses with a lot of the satire and sideplots in favor of a great love story and the relationship between a kid and his grandfather. Movies, good ones, have to zero in on what really matters to a story. Fundamentally, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 is about family, and by only have two hours, the movie is able to home in on it. Every character confronts the notion of family in one way or another. Even thought the movie’s plot does waffle a bit, it knows full well what it’s about. The runtime of a film forces a cohesiveness to the story, if it’s, y’know, done well.

A Thief’s End isn’t a great example of a game-to-movie adaption, since the structure is so wonderfully tight (seriously, I’m taking notes). There’s not as much narrative fluff to trim as, say, the new Tomb Raider or even Mass Effect. The abounded film adaption of Halo could have done interesting stuff by zeroing in on Chief and Cortana’s relationship set against the fight against the Covenant and the Flood. Movies feel whole, more complete than a tv show (which, by nature, needs to have room for one more episode) or video games (which tend to be longer because, dude, they cost sixty bucks).
I don’t think A Thief’s End should be directly adapted into a movie, and the only reason I have any want for Uncharted to become a movie at all is so non-gamers like my parents can fall in love with these characters. But I don’t think a cinematic adaption’s gonna 'elevate' it more than it is. Movies do some things great, but so do video games (and tv, and books, and comics, and plays…). Maybe we should let some games just be games, and let movies do their thing.


Spiderman: Homecoming: Review: Semicolon;

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Jul 21 2017 · 42 views
Spider-Man, Spiderman, MCU and 1 more...

:kaukau: Pros:
  • Michael Keaton as Birdman really rules this movie. Absolutely amazing. I related to his character a lot. Working man, has a team of guys in a special garage with him. Enjoys his job. Good stuff. I sympathized with him. This is truly the first time since Loki that Marvel Studios has put a good villain in its film. YES!
  • Spiderman fought the villain on multiple occasions before their climactic final fight. I like that. So often, heros and villains don't meet each other until the climax, and it's underwhelming. It takes away from the tension and rivalry building up between the two. That, plus watching heroes with special powers fighting villains with special powers is, you know, fun.
  • Instead of getting into an origin story, they create a "coming of age" story.
  • Like most everyone else, I love the expressiveness of the new Spidey-eyes.
  • The other movies have put him in high school, but this is the first to legitimately go full-blown John Hughes. Kudos for bringing out a quintessential aspect of Peter Parker.
  • The trailers didn't spoil everything. A lot of people were saying that they did before the movie came out.
  • Great job of capturing contemporary New York City in ways that the first two series didn't. They managed to capture a lot of the diversity that's in the city.
  • The bully, Flash, happens to be a fellow nerd. Which is cool, because you don't necessarily have to be a jock in order to be a bully.
  • Good character development.
  • Again, this movie revels much more than the others in the high school setting.
  • This hands-down has one of the better film scores to date. Michael Giacchino came up with an actual, memorable theme that I found myself humming after the movie theatre. And he also did something that I loved, which was make the entire end credits interesting and have some genuine fun building up to the perfect final note.
  • I always feel that something is missing if a hero is introduced without an origin story, even when we all already know the origin. Origin stories just ground them, and I like to see the characters at the very beginning of their journey. I know people have seen it all before, but I miss Uncle Ben. I miss Harry Osborn. I miss "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility".
  • Wait a minute, where did he go to get bitten by a radio-active spider? Was it Oscorp? So far, they haven't been mentioned anywhere in this universe.
  • One of the most fun parts of a superhero film is when the hero first discovers what he or she can and cannot do with his or her powers. That's something that the first Spiderman film did well, and also the first Iron Man movie. You have a lot of him discovering powers in this film...but all of the powers that he's discovering aren't his, but Tony Stark's. This is actually incredibly frustrating for me. It seems to me that Spiderman isn't his own hero, but an experiment of Tony Stark's. Almost all of his powers in the movie are Iron Man powers.
  • In fact, not only are all of his new powers Iron Man powers, but they even get rid of one of his most classic abilities: Spider-senses.
  • Artificial intelligence speaking to him in his suit? No thanks. I hated it. I really did. The only good thing that I have to say about that is that it was voiced by the transcendent Jennifer Connelly. I like Spiderman when he's on his own.
  • I'm not sure what to think of Zendaya's character. She has a name that's very similar to another character from the comics, but her character is nothing like that character. According to Feige, she's just an homage to that character. I hope that the actual character shows up sometime in the movies. Otherwise, I'm not too fond seeing that character's role in these movies replaced by a similarly-named character with a completely different personality.
  • It doesn't have the same, amazingly cinematic three-act-structure of the original Spiderman. It doesn't feel quite as quintessential a big-screen experience. There's something so mythic about the original Spiderman.
Final thoughts:

There are pros and cons. I definitely think that it's a good movie and manages to do some things that the other ones haven't managed to do as well. They also manage to make this distinctly the "shared universe" Spiderman. I'm not one of those guys who wants every property to go back to Marvel. I'm perfectly fine with Fox, for example, making their own X-Men movies, since I don't see how they would benefit from the MCU. Spiderman, however, definitely fits into this universe.

That having been said, I don't think that this is an improvement over previous Spiderman series. The first two films are still my favorite, and I actually rather liked The Amazing Spider-Man, so I'm not jumping on-board with the people who all think that the MCU "saved" Spiderman and that Marvel Studios is the only studio that can be trusted with superhero characters. In my opinion, the character was doing well before, and the only reason why he "needed" Marvel Studios was in order to branch out and do new things that haven't been tried before in a Spiderman movie.

It's a decent film. I can't call it the definitive Spiderman film. If I were to pick out one, I'd say that that would be the original, simply for how it's the quintessential big screen, mythic, three-act experience that also revels in the relative freshness of the genre without feeling that it has to "mix things up" in any way (later superhero films would include sub-genres). I can see any one of the three Spiderman series being someone's favorite, since they all do certain things better than the others.




Posted by Yo Dawg Swagger McSwag in An Imitation of Life, Jul 21 2017 · 49 views

Rest in peace, sir. Your music meant so much to so many people, myself included. I wish someone could have been there for you the way your songs were there for me.

I cried today.


six word horror story

Posted by Dio Brando in The Steel Ball Run, Jul 20 2017 · 61 views

vento aureo is still not confirmed


Quick Thoughts on Movies I've seen this summer

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Jul 20 2017 · 44 views
Movies, Wonder Woman and 3 more...

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting my thoughts on movies that have been coming out this summer. (Or you have not noticed. I don't know. :P) This is because it's been a really rough summer for me at my job. Summers have always been rough at my job, but this year has been extremely tough, especially this month.

But I still wanted to at least mention some of the movies I've seen this past summer. So I'm going to just mention which movies I've seen and give some quick thoughts on them. They are as follows:

1. Wonder Woman: Finally DC gets a great movie for the DCEU under its belt. I really enjoyed it, despite the fact I had to see it in 3D because the 2D showing I wanted to see was sold out. I definitely recommend this movie.

2. Transformers: The Last Knight: Anthony Hopkins being in this movie is the best thing about it. Otherwise, though, it's your typical Transformers movie from Michael Bay. It's the only movie I've seen this summer that I was though was 'meh.' I say wait for the film to be discounted in a sale to get it if you really want to see it.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming: This is probably my favorite movie I've seen this summer so far. Tom Holland proves that he can hold a movie on his own as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I really liked the many callbacks to the previous Marvel films too. Plus, The Vulture was an interesting villain, and was different from other villains we've seen in the MCU. I highly recommend this movie to those interested.

4. War for the Planet of the Apes: Another great movie IMO. It doesn't have as many action scenes in it as the name of the movie might suggest, but that didn't bother me because the story kept me invested in the film. Though the action scenes it did have were really good. I will admit that I think that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the movie that came out before this one, had a slightly stronger story. But this film is still great and I recommend it to all those interested.

And there are my summed up thoughts on these movies. Maybe sometime in the future I'll talk about some of these in more detail. But right now I'm looking forward to the future, and really hoping an Avengers: Infinity War trailer gets released this weekend at Comic-Con. :)

Have any of you seen these movies? And if so, what did you think of them?


If Anyone's Interested...

Posted by Pahrak of Roxtus in Mt. Coronet, Jul 19 2017 · 66 views

I decided to start on a new story, and now that I've finished a draft of the first chapter I was wondering if anyone might be willing to look it over and give me some feedback?

As some general information: this takes place on Spherus Magna after the Reformation, and mainly focuses on Vhisola. It's technically a follow-up to my previous story A Mind in Darkness, but you wouldn't need to read that in order to jump into this one--I don't really plan on any direct references to it, so really the only thing you might feel needs clarifying is why Vhisola and Macku get along. This chapter is just setting up the plot and Vhisola's reason for being a part of it.

If anyone wants to help me out, leave a comment and I'll start up a PM for everyone who wants to give it a read.


I'm Alive! And Attending BrickFair!

Posted by Ballom in Moon in the Water, Jul 18 2017 · 68 views

Title kind of says all. I look forward to once again seeing folks at BrickFair VA! I'll even have a couple of MOCs to display, despite being way away from most all my parts.

How's everyone doing? Excited for BrickFair too?


Doctor Who

Posted by Trijhak in I Have No Idea, Jul 16 2017 · 161 views

Holy crud they actually did it the absolute madmen



Posted by Voltex in Breath of the Wild, Jul 14 2017 · 61 views

i don't remember ever being this sore from running summer camp before

i think it might be time to retire the summer camp profession and find something less physicaly intensive

maybe sumo wrestling


MOC #2: Electric Boogaloo

Posted by Primus in Prime Time, Jul 13 2017 · 44 views

I've built a second MOC this year, which is literally more than I've built in the last 6 years...

Posted Image
(picture links to topic)


So Photobucket's useless now

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Jul 13 2017 · 150 views

Cool that we get the chance for another fun majhost scenario.

Though at least all the pics are all still there, just unable to be embedded without P A Y M E N T.


Sockets or Balls? Or heck Axles?

Posted by Vox in The Fikou Web, Jul 12 2017 · 89 views

Serious question... Which version of bionicle heads did you enjoy/find more useful?

The 2001-2003 heads, the 2004-2008 heads, or the 2009-2016 heads? Mind you, the glatorian, HF, Brain attack and okotan heads are all very similar in my opinion hence why I am clumping them together.

I personally will always prefer the 2004-2008 heads as I felt they were a bit more versatile.


Boba Fett and Slave I

Posted by xccj in Team J.A.F., Jul 10 2017 · 88 views

Posted Image
BBC Topic!

Look at me, I made a MOC!

Since the CCBS characters came out, I've been wanting to build a to-scale ship for some of them. Lego's finally doing it with the speeder bike this summer, but that's a pretty small vehicle; I want a huge TIE Fighter and a massive XWing piloted by Vader and Poe, or something like that. The idea is doable, but a bit out of my price range at the moment.

When this contest rolled around, I thought it would be a good opportunity to do this scaled down. My first thought was to make a TIE fighter. I'd build a frame for the wings out of CCBS bone pieces and then fill it out with HF shells and other black panels. (And I guess try to avoid using too many plates and stuff, 'cause system.) But then I'd have to also design a cockpit that could hold a CCBS character. The only one I have that would fit would be Vader, so I thought I'd shrink him down, but then I didn't have access to the parts I needed and I didn't have enough panels or shells and it looked like this idea was going to flop.

Then on a whim I tried to design a mini Boba Fett, thinking that his ship would be a bit easier to make. It works out because Slave I has a lot of dark green and dark red in it (well, the official sets do) and those are colors that are abundant in Bionicle elements. For Boba, I had good success with a small head made system bricks. Since I didn't have the technic pieces in sand green or sand blue, I decided to stick with gray and green based off the classic minifig design. His body is a condensed block of technic elements that kinda worked out, but overall he didn't exceed the 25/75 system to technic ratio, so I knew if I wanted to enter him, he'd have to come with a ship.

I'm fairly pleased with how Slave 1 turned out. It's stable and can stand on it's own... although the bottom / back is exposed and a bit messy, but that's rarely going to be on the display side. The red section is not quite as solid or shapely as the real thing, but it has a certain "Bionicle" flavor to it IMO, and it's still recognizable. The green hull went together well, and I'm pleased with how the cockpit came together; Boba can sit fairly comfortably inside it. Plus, I made a small "Han in Carbonate" bit... I realize it's not quite to scale, but it does fit inside the hull. (However, there's no opening door... I kind of have to dismantle part of the hull to squeeze the carbonate block inside.) Anyway, it's fairly swooshable (I mean, it's big, and doesn't have the best grip, but it doesn't fall apart when swooshed, so that counts, right?) Plus, the wings and weapons rotate, so it can go from horizontal parked mode to vertical flying mode with ease.

I'm kind of hoping this does well in the contest, if nothing more than "Wow, look, a whole ship!" On the other hand, I have not figured out the logistics of shipping this over to Virginia. It's big and bulky and heavy, so it's going to take space and cost a lot. Plus, some of the connections are finicky at best. (This is also one of the few MOCs I've made where I've been completely frustrated with a connection point. It should've worked... I needed to line up like 8 pins into a long liftarm. But getting them to actually fit into place... more of a nightmare than I anticipated. I ended up changing the whole connection of the red section to the green section because I couldn't get the original idea to work.) Getting this to BrickFair in one piece (or easy to reassemble portions) will be difficult...

But anyway, that's the most custom building I've done since BricksCascade. So yay, entering another BBC Contest.



Goodbye Blog

Posted by JAG18 in The JAG18 Stronghold, Jul 02 2017 · 119 views

For now?

Yeah, my premier membership is up in a day or two and I've decided to not renew it. I'll admit it's been fun; having a blog (that I'll be the first to admit I didn't update enough) and neat images under my member title, but I don't really get enough out of it to justify buying another year or even lifetime membership. Still, like I said I had fun and I got to help support a site I love a lot so it's all good. :)

And hey, never say never right? Maybe, I'll change my mind some day, but until then it's goodbye blog.


Canada Turns 150

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Jul 01 2017 · 100 views

All countries are now the Pokémon whose Pokédex number matches their age.

Who will win in a fight?


Minecraft server

Posted by -ToaD- in Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost, Jun 30 2017 · 66 views

So I finally got around to updating it to 1.12, should all be working but in a worst case scenario I've got a backup saved to my desktop.

IP is still

Any issues people have please PM me.


BZP Shirt Design Results

Posted by Brappy Hour in Raptor Paddock, Jun 28 2017 · 146 views

The results are in. The BZP shirt for BrickFair 2017 will be CFabers design, and the colors being aquaish green/blue on a black shirt. LINK

If you're going to BrickFair Virginia this summer, why not leave a comment of what size shirt you'd like? Whatever floats your boat.

Have a lovely day.


Happy Tau Day - 2017

Posted by Dr. Akano in Akano's Blog, Jun 28 2017 · 60 views

Eat twice the pi(e) and bask in the simplicity of circle geometry.

Posted Image



Posted by Aegis Lass in Beyond the Blue Sky, Jun 23 2017 · 89 views


okay yeah that's all i just wanted to scream about it here instead of twitter for once.
(speaking of, if you feel like it - follow me on twitter at @Ehksidian to see me constantly ###### scream about xenoblade 2 and how dumb rex's pants are)

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