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bad photoshop

Posted by Voltex in The Storyteller, Feb 20 2017 · 22 views

through the magic of bad photoshop, i present a representation of what my character from BZPGOT looks like:

Posted Image


I've been up s8nce 01:00

Posted by SwagtronYOLO in Designated Tekulo Crying Corner ♡, Feb 19 2017 · 77 views

I got probably like two to three hours of sleep.

This is fine.


A Twenty Ninth Random Question

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Feb 19 2017 · 42 views
29th, Random Questions

Which do you prefer the most: pancakes, waffles, or french toast?


G2 Bionicle

Posted by Mask Maker Pulse Vatten in The Ancient City, Feb 18 2017 · 51 views

What was your favourite G2 BIONICLE set?


MNOLG II and Kolhii skills

Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Feb 18 2017 · 53 views

Been playing it a bit and had a thought. You know how increasing your Stamina lets you hold your breath for longer, which makes the Speed training easier? I think a mechanic like that across all of the training would be pretty cool.


Speed training could up your speed in the Stamina and Strategy training.

Accuracy could help your balance for the Willpower training, or perhaps slightly increase the range of your reach for Strategy training.

Strength could help with the Stamina training, or let you swim harder in Speed training.

Strategy could improve your control in the Willpower training or let you hit the dummies in the Accuracy training better.

Willpower could decrease click time/difficulty for the Speed and Stamina training.

I think this would be a neat way to tie all the skills together. It would offset the difficulty curve a bit, but it would encourage you to travel and level up all of your skills evenly.

(Or maybe some of these do have an effect in addition to the Stamina/oxygen connection, but I haven't noticed it because the leveling up is gradual.)


Pushing Plausibility

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Feb 18 2017 · 33 views

Essays, Not Rants! 257: Pushing Plausibility

Comic books are weird. Especially superhero comics, what with alternate realities, time travel, dying but not really dying, planet-eating-monsters-turned-life-bringers, and telepathic cosmonaut dogs. Like I said, weird.

Comic book movies, however, are typically more tame. Let’s go back a decade or so; the major blockbusters based on properties from the big two, Marvel and The House That Batman Built (DC), had been, mostly, normal-ish. We had Batman and Superman running around, who are so ingrained in popular consciousness they’re basically normal. Same with Peter Parker and the X-Men, as well as an outing with the Fantastic Four. It’s relatively grounded stuff, Superman’s an alien, Batman’s a rich ninja, the X-Men are mutants which makes sense. The Fantastic Four got space powers, and Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. Everything’s SCIENCE!’d away into plausibility. Green Goblin gets a suit instead of being an actual goblin-esque thing, and the then-recent Batman Begins gave Scarecrow fear toxins and made Ra’s al Ghul also a ninja. Y’know, grounded and realistic like.

Then Marvel started making their own movies. Which started with Iron Man, about a guy who builds a high tech armor in a cave with a box of scraps. Still reasonable, yeah? The Incredible Hulk came out the same year and had green rage monster through science, so, relatively normal. Same with Iron Man 2 which brought about some AI and more armor and stuff, but still grounded.

Concurrently, we had Nolan’s The Dark Knight which took its reconstruction of the Batman mythos to new heights. What would be the effects of a bat-dressed vigilante in the modern world? How could that work? The Dark Knight makes it work tremendously, creating a cool, albeit grim take on a character that positioned the superhero film more as a thriller than outright saving the world. Which, given that superhero/comic book films can ascribe to whatever genre they darn well please, made sense enough. If anything, though, The Dark Knight said that realistic superhero movies could work. And it was really really good.

But back to Marvel Studios. After Iron Man 2 they released Captain America and Thor. The former had a super serum’d super soldier fighting World War II against a dude with a red skull for a face and various other ridiculous war machines. Pulpy fare for sure, like Sky Captain except better. Thor, however, had Norse gods. Which, given that this was supposed to take place in the same world where Tony Stark and his box of scraps existed, was a little outlandish.

‘cuz Thor’s magical. Not, like, Harry Potter magic (that’d be weird!), but Lord of The Rings magical. The filmmakers (and Marvel Studios) let us into it gently, though; Thor and friends are alien-ish people and there’s some handwaving involving sufficiently advanced technology seeming like magic. Thus by the time The Avengers introduced us to portals and aliens and mind controlling staves, things were with the realm of possibilities. The Marvel world was shown to be weird, so exploding people in Iron Man 3 and Dark Elf spaceships in The Dark World made sense in a way.

Guardians of The Galaxy made it weirder, pushing a space opera story into the world, but that took place on the periphery. For now, anyway.

So along comes Doctor Strange, eight years after Iron Man. And now there’s magic. Like magic magic. Harry Potter magic with spells and stuff.

But we’re willing to believe that this takes place in the same world where Tony Stark built a suit of armor because over the past several years, Marvel has slowly been opening up their world. In 2008, Iron Man and The Dark Knight were relatively similar, both were creating ‘realistic’ versions of comic book characters. Tony Stark’s armor and arc reactor were plausible enough inventions that seemed just a few minutes into the future; Batman using sonar from cell phones was a creepy enough extension of contemporary tech. But while Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy continued its form of reconstruction by further grounding Batman, Marvel Studios threw off the training wheels and got weird – but slowly, such that by the time Doctor Strange rolled around magic wasn’t too farfetched.

Point is, now things can get weird. Next year we’ve a movie coming out involving Thanos fighting the Avengers and the Guardians, which is the ridiculous culmination of ten-odd years of storytelling through a variety of films that have progressively embraced more and more offbeat and weird things such that a super-powerful alien with a glove of doom fighting a team that includes a sorcerer, talking tree, African king, and archer isn’t that weird. Which makes total sense for a movie based on a comic book.

Y’know that saying abut slowly boiling a pot so that the frog doesn’t jump out? That seems to have been Marvel Studios’ MO with its films, slowly bringing the weird so that by the time things have gone totally bonkers we’re totally on board. There’s an element of restraint there (eg: saving the Thor and Hulk buddy movie) that makes the payoff that much better. So yeah, bring the weird, and make Cosmo a member of the Guardians already.

Note: I realize that I got distracted in this thing and there’s a whole rant here about how The Dark Knight and Marvel Studios both reconstruct the superhero narrative but in different directions. Consider a pin put in that.


Requests are finished!

Posted by Akaku: Master of Flight in Ak's Bionic Blogmobile, Feb 18 2017 · 102 views
requests, drawing, cabbage

Requests are all done! Sorry that it took a while this time, decided to put more effort into them then I was originally planning to :)

So, lets get started! I drew them in the order they were requested.

1 - Voltex: Two Protectors
This one was interesting. You may notice this piece has cleaner linework then the rest, mostly because the program decided to crash halfway through, the one time I forgot to save frequently of course. Instead of using a lucky screengrab directly for the coloring (which would reduce the resolution of the piece significantly), I decided to just redo the Lineart from scratch using the screenshot as a guide. all in all I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, despite the fact it took by far the longest of the four requests to draw :P

2 - Taka Nuvia: Herself
This one was a lot of fun. I had some trouble in the beginning, figuring out good poses and how to do a good job of recreating the original piece I drew eight years before, but I think it turned out really well. It's probably the one I'm the happiest with how it turned out of the four pictures requested; Originally Taka was basically just an exact recreation of the reference pictures provided, but I remembered that I was asked to draw her in my style, so I decided to add a few of my own twists to her design :)

3 - Ghidora: Himself, twisted
This one was also a lot of fun. When Ghidora asked me for "malicious, monstrous, morbid, horrifying, and inhuman", I was tempted to just draw him as a Teletubby, but I decided to go for the more creative (and slightly less monstrous) route instead :P

4 - Pohatu, Uniter of stone: Rekansi
This one came together surprisingly quickly, and had some unusual features in it that made for a particularly unusual draw for me; I usually deal with more dull colors and the underlying gear being a dark grey or black, so this is definitely one of the more unusual and colorful characters (and background to match) that I've drawn; Personally I would've added some brown highlights on the armor to balance out the color of the mask, but I didn't know the characters backstory or anything, if it's not supposed to match the rest of the Matoran or something, so I just did as requested. I'm not a huge fan of drawing Matoran in general, but I think this one turned out pretty well; hopefully he's not too toa-like for your tastes, Pohatu ^^;;

Aaaand that's all for now! Time for me to get back to work on LoTN, I hope you all enjoy how your requests turned out :)

(the pictures here are all in 50% resolution; if you'd like the full size of them, let me know and I'll upload them!)

EDIT: Oh, I should probably mention; ya'll free to use these pictures however you want; you don't need to stick credit to me up next to it, though it would be greatly appreciated :P

--Akaku: Master of Flight


Anachronisms in Zelda

Posted by Naked Link in I am Luroka, Makuta Luroka, Feb 17 2017 · 53 views
whaaat?, No way, Never in Zelda

Anachronisms in Zelda I like how people complained about trains in Spirit Tracks, meanwhile Anju's grandmother in Majora's Mask is a retired rockstar in a power chair and nobody bats an eye for 16 years. Nevermind the actual neon lights in Ocarina of Time.


That moment when you realize

Posted by Akano in Akano's Blog, Feb 17 2017 · 50 views
Coincidence?!, Yes and 1 more...

...that your two blog entries on pentagrams are six days short of being exactly one year apart from one another.


Posted Image


50 years have passed

Posted by Monado Girl in Beyond the Blue Sky, Feb 16 2017 · 53 views

the samurai jack s5 trailer was released

they finally gave it a date

and i cannot WAIT. i'd link it, but idk if i can link it on BZP, so.


Xenoblade Chronicles X: CLEAR!

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Feb 16 2017 · 28 views

*Frustrated screaming*

*Clears throat*



Mask of Light OST!

Posted by AZBlue in Okoto-Nui, Feb 16 2017 · 41 views

Nathan Furst just posted on Facebook that an Official Bionicle Mask of Light soundtrack is being released digitally on the major music platforms! It is a day to remember!


Best Visual Effects in 2016

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Feb 16 2017 · 59 views
Rogue One, Kubo, The Jungle Book and 2 more...

:kaukau: This year's nominees are, in the order in which I am the most impressed:
  • The Jungle Book
  • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Deepwater Horizon
  • Rogue One
  • Doctor Strange

As it happens, I've seen every single movie in this category, so I'm capable of having a fully informed opinion on this one.

The most likely winner this year will be The Jungle Book. It was simply so amazing, and it was a pretty epic film. At first I thought that it would be absolutely ridiculous if any other movie stood a chance, however, my opinion changes when I saw that Kubo and the Two Strings got nominated. I wouldn't complain if it wins, and I wouldn't be surprised either. There's something cool about seeing a stop-motion animated picture win for special effects. It's never been done before, and if any film should be the first one to do it, it should be Kubo. Also, I think that it has it in the bag this year for winning Best Animated Picture, so it would be pretty cool to get a double-win in that department. I also believe that it should have been nominated for Best Cinematography (I don't think that it would have won with La La Land in the picture, but it definitely deserves it more than some of the films that actually got the nomination).

Even though it's the least likely to win, I was genuinely impressed with Deepwater Horizon. I never posted it on this site, but I made a video review as I was driving from the theatre with a friend, and one of the things that I commented on upon some reflection was that the entire thing felt very real. I've worked in industrial environments, and that movie made me feel like I was in one again. Granted, it couldn't recreate the actual heat or the smells of the workplace, but the visual effects still made it seem very real. To me, it's hard to recreate that environment onscreen, for the same reason that it's hard to recreate a human face with visual effects (more on that later): I know it intimately from real life, and know when something very slight is off.

As for last place, I was honestly torn between giving that honor to Rogue One and Doctor Strange. While they are both pleasing to look at visually, I didn't necessarily think that either of them were quite good enough to be nominated over the likes of, say, The BFG. I think that The BFG wasn't quite as ambitious as Rogue One in the CGI face department, since it wasn't trying to recreate anyone in particular, but what it did have was more convincing than Rogue One, and used far more extensively and enjoyably.

Anyway, BFG didn't get nominated, so I have Rogue One and Doctor Strange to talk about, and compare. The reason why I put Rogue One above Doctor Strange is because while Doctor Strange is visually quite cool, I attribute that more to the concepts than the special effects themselves. Also, Doctor Strange for the most part dealt with inorganic objects, which are easy to render. When it ventured into Dormamu territory, it became very obvious that it was a CG-fest. Rogue One had its obvious moments of CG, too, what with the CGI Cushing and Fisher being not quite capable of escaping the Uncanny Valley, but to be fair, those were at least a fair bit more ambitious than Dormamu. I must give credit where it's due, too, since a fair number of people were fooled by CGI Cushing. Rogue One also ambitiously has to do something similar to what Deepwater Horizon did, which was recreate an environment that we know intimately; that is, we're really familiar with the look and feel of A New Hope, and we've formed out expectations around that, while also simultaneously expecting the special effects to be far more realistic. For that reason, Rogue One inches out Doctor Strange for second-to-last place, and Doctor Strange shouldn't be on the list, because The BFG deserved a nomination.

And that's my opinion. But I'm sure TMD is of the opinion that Doctor Strange should win this year. That guy has a love-affair with Marvel movies, I swear. Remember when he said that The Avengers deserved to win Best Special Effects in the same year that Life of Pie came out? Ah, TMD, you're too cute :P.



Ten Thousand

Posted by EmperorWhenua in Chronicling the Wanderer, Feb 16 2017 · 63 views
BZPower, posts, 10K

I'm 400 away from ten thousand posts and kind of want to finally hit that milestone sometime this spring. My activity in the ever moving (albeit occasionally slow) RPG forum makes that relatively feasible, I think.

It's been a while, though, and many members have since passed that mark since I was last genuinely active here. Is the big 10K still a notable accomplishment these days?

(And hi, everyone!)


They Remembered!

Posted by Lab Member 0579 in Mt. Coronet, Feb 16 2017 · 46 views

So I guess Square Enix is doing a collaboration with a new smartphone game or something, and they’re doing ads to promote it of course, and guess what?

There’s not a Cloud in sight.



We interrupt this programming to bring you breaking news

Posted by Paleo in PaleoBlog, Feb 16 2017 · 52 views

It's a bonkle inspired meme.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


My New Baby

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Feb 16 2017 · 86 views

Posted Image

For scale that's a 43' TV right next to it.

And yes, I will be getting a stand, but it won't arrive until next week.


White Snake

Posted by A severe lack of F-Zero in Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost, Feb 15 2017 · 40 views

Just purchased this bad boy, planning to get Pucci to go with him next payday.

Posted Image


Desmodus Sapiens Facticius

Posted by Xaeraz in Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates, Feb 13 2017 · 45 views

so lego batman was really pretty dang good

i wasnt expecting it to go the way it did, so i was pleasantly surprised


Titans Return Trypticon

Posted by Lord Terrorsaur Rayne in You've Got Taste, Feb 13 2017 · 46 views

Titans Return Trypticon Man, he looks good.

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