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On Preordering Video Games

Posted by ~Shockwave~ in The Aurora's Edge, Sep 27 2016 · 15 views

I don't understand the justifications my friends come up with for continually doing this. I was playing Destiny with my friend and one of his friends and he mentioned that he almost finished paying off his pre-order for GOW4. When I asked him what he would do if that was a bad decision and it was a dud. He nonchalantly said he would trade it in. When I mentioned waiting for reviews, his freind, in a defensive, sort of offended tone stated reviews don't matter and you should decide for yourself weather you like it.

I mean, that's fine, I guess, but I think you should at least wait to see that the game isn't broken.

My friend also defended the AC game that launched a few years ago, stating that it was a new console and they didn't know how to work with it. One would wonder why they where willing to release the game and block reviews until after release. No, they knew exactly what they where doing.

And we wonder why we get so many broken games....


Today I Accomplished Something I Never Thought I Would

Posted by Valendale in The Frozen Mirror, Sep 27 2016 · 17 views

Today I Accomplished Something I Never Thought I Would Yeah, I completed Viewtiful Joe on Ultra V-Rated. Probably the most difficult gaming accomplishment I have under my belt. I guess living in college with a bunch of other gamers drove me to be better.


Battle Beyond The Stars

Posted by Xaeraz in Tim Mcgraw's What if? TRUCKS: fates, Sep 27 2016 · 22 views

billy rocks was my favorite, but i think jack horne was my second fave

i kept expecting the bell to come into play more than it did though



Posted by Bambi in The Small Horse, Sep 27 2016 · 38 views

Just got my last two CDs, though my collection is still incomplete. I probably won't ever bother getting their first three albums, which are different musically, and I'm not really down with some of the lyrical themes either. That said, here is my collection:

Posted Image

From top to bottom:

-Abducted (with bonus tracks)
-The Final Chapter
-Hypocrisy (with bonus track Self Inflicted Overload)
-Into the Abyss
-Catch 22 v2.0.08
-The Arrival
-Virus (limited edition)
-A Taste of Extreme Divinity
-End of Disclosure (with bonus track Living Dead)


come and see

Posted by Tex in The Storyteller, Sep 27 2016 · 24 views

i have some spare time so i'm gonna spend the next few days hosting a game
vote for the one you'd like to play right here



Posted by Bfahome in You're attacked by a Repair Nektann, Sep 26 2016 · 39 views

Finally got around to seeing it a couple of days ago. And then again yesterday. And then again tonight.

(My Netflix trial runs out today, so had to get a few viewings in while I could.)

I'd looked up the story a while ago because I was kinda eh on whether or not I'd end up seeing it, so I mean it didn't exactly blow my mind in that respect, but even so the plot is intriguing. And pretty much everything about it was great, especially the character animation and voice work.

Only significant complaint would be the big obligatory pop song. I don't think the lyrics are that great.

Would recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it, though, especially if you already have Netflix or are going to get it.


a package

Posted by Ehksidian in Cairo, Oblivia, Sep 26 2016 · 44 views

i obtained a package in the mail today
it contained something wonderful


the splendor of the dvds is blinding. wrestling gods have smiled upon me today. also the shirt is pretty great too.

thanks, toad.


Conspiracy Theory

Posted by SPIRIT in SPIRIT's Blog, Sep 26 2016 · 55 views

The water bottle flipping trend was started by the water bottle companies to sell more water bottles.


A Twentieth Random Question

Posted by Toa Smoke Monster in The Island., Sep 26 2016 · 44 views
Random Questions, Twentieth

If you could spend the day with one fictional character, who would that character be and what would you two do for that day?


Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Review

Posted by Jean Valjean in Kraggh's Works ♫♪, Sep 25 2016 · 41 views

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom Review
:kaukau: I really wanted to like this movie. I had every reason to look forward to it. Idris Elbe received a Golden Globe nomination, and if nothing else the subject matter deserved my respect. Mandela was a great man. Normally biographical dramas about great people make for good films.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to say for this movie. While I can agree that Idris Elba's performance was good, that's about the only good thing that I have to say for this movie. It was pretty easy to put my finger on what ruined everything else, too. Long Walk to Freedom didn't feel long at all, because it had quite possibly the worst editing that I've ever seen. I've had to think for a bit about whether or not it deserves that exclusive spot at the very bottom, but it was bad enough to be in the running.

This goes above most people's heads. Editing? What makes for "good" and "bad" editing? Good editing is something that most of us take for granted, and we rarely ever complain about bad editing. I'm not sure many of us know what bad editing even looks like. Watch Long Walk to Freedom, and you'll understand what bad editing is, and why editing makes such a big difference in a movie.

Imagine this: you're watching a scene, and you're not sure where it's going, and before it has a chance to go anywhere, it ends. It just...ends. Next scene. Scenes are generally meant to built up on themselves and come to some sort of conclusion before transitioning into the next scene. In this movie, that rarely happens. The scenes in this movie are all way too short. For the first hour of the film, all of the scenes were less than a minute long. I say this without exaggeration. It wasn't until an hour into the film that there was even one scene that lasted for more than a minute. In the second half of the movie, the scenes get a little longer, but not much. The movie runs on an uneasy staccato of short spurts, and the scenes rarely transition into each other, so it's not like there was a rhythm anywhere in that staccato.

In the beginning of the movie, you get a brief glimpse at Nelson as a child roaming the planes. Then it ends. You see him living in the city, and he meets a girl. Before I'm even aware that there's chemistry between them, they're dating, and by the time I realized that they were dating, they were married. Interspersed throughout all of this were scenes of the injustices of South African society, which makes it difficult to follow exactly what's happening in Mandela's life. I don't have a good sense of time. Meanwhile, Mandela suddenly has grown children already. This comes out of nowhere. I had no idea that the story had already progressed to much. Mandela then has an affair, engages in more revolutionary activity, gets sent to jail, gets a divorce, and then remarries, all within the first half hour of the film.

Throughout all of this, you don't get a good long look at Mandela. None of the scenes linger enough for you to develop a feel for Mandela, or any of the people that he associated himself with. Every detail of the film feels like it's part of an opening exposition, and not part of the actual story. I kept on waiting for the actual story to start and for the movie to start flowing. That never happened. Nothing seems important, because the

Because of the editing, there was never a nice long scene that fully illustrated the injustices of apartheid and let it all just sink in, so the movie fails as a period piece. Because of the editing, the movie is poorly paced, and you don't have a good grasp on the titular long walk to freedom. Time is very confusing. I also care a lot about music, and this movie's score got nominated for a Golden Globe, but the editing really ruined the score, since it didn't have the chance to really build up over any scenes. The music was always rushed, and felt awkwardly shoehorned into scenes. Finally, and most egregiously, the editing does Idris Elba's acting injustice. I feel like he was delivering his performance one small burst at a time, and it's like you're only getting small glimpses of him. The performance should be good enough that you should be drawn into it, and the editing should allow for that to happen.

I can only assume that there will someday be a much better film about Mendela, one that's edited like a normal movie. Until then, this is the main film about him. That's unfortunate, especially since I watched this with my sister who knew nothing about Mandela and didn't feel that she learned anything about him in this one. A film about him should be enlightening and educational, and some director with a love of history is going to want to make Mandela's story truly come alive someday. That's something that I look forward to.



Letting Different People Be Different

Posted by Ta-metru_defender in TMD's Creatively Named Blog, Sep 24 2016 · 90 views

Essays, Not Rants! 236: Letting People Be Different

One of the many (many, many) things I love about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that the hunky guy Rebecca is pining for is an Asian guy (named Josh, but that parts not important right now). It’s incredibly refreshing — when was the last time you saw an Asian male as a romantic lead, let alone an object of sexual desire by a white woman in fiction? But that leads me to another one of the things I love about the show: it’s not a big deal. No one cares that Josh’s Asian. Even when Rebecca has Thanksgiving with him and his Filipino family, there’s none of that usual other-ing that happens when you see character entering into a space that’s foreign to them. That’s also great.

But part-and-parcel of Josh’s Asian-ness being a non-issue is that he gets to take on a character archetype Asians never get to have — he’s a bro! He’s an idiot. A lovable idiot, yes, but an idiot still. Why’s this matter? ‘cuz when you have an Asian guy in fiction, chances on he’s going to be the smart guy or the dork or, y’know, both. There’s a very specific space in fiction that Asian characters are allowed to inhabit, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend throws that to the wind. It goes on: a middle-aged man is bisexual, the professional psychiatrist is a black woman, the underachieving stoner next door is a brown girl.

I saw The Magnificent Seven this week (#AsianCowboy) and though it’s a flawed movie, it’s still terrifically entertaining and, on another level, absolutely wonderful. The latter of which I’m blaming on how it handles its diverse cast. Race is hardly touched on in the film, which, y’know it doesn’t have to. But instead every member of the titular seven gets to be a rough-and-tumble jerk of a cowboy. Billy Rocks the #AsianCowboy goes toe-to-toe with the Mexican and Chris Pratt, while Red Harvest the Native American makes fun of their food. Every character gets to give as good as they get. There’s no token minority put on a pedestal, everyone has an edge.

Which applies to the action bits too; everyone gets to have their cool bits, with Billy Rocks winning a shootout and throwing knives while saving Ethan Hawke. He’s not the Asian journeyman on a mission, he’s a cowboy (with a knife speciality). Again, this is an Asian character in a role usually off-limits to people that look like him (or, well, me) getting to do things associated with the role that usually doesn’t happen. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with, say, Shanghai Noon, where Jackie Chan plays an Imperial Guard on a mission in the old west who’s more martial artist than cowboy. The problem comes when every single narrative about an Asian in that time period is that narrative. So getting to see an Asian character be the quintessential American cowboy — dude, that’s dope.

When Alan Yang won an Emmy for an episode of Master of None, he gave a great speech pointing out how despite there being the same number of Italian- and Asia-Americans in the US. the former group has some of the most celebrated stories in fiction, while Asians have, well, Long Duk Dong of Sixteen Candles. The narrative of Asian-ness is shockingly limited, despite how long they/we’ve been a part of Western culture. In other words: the roles Asians are allowed in fiction is usually one of a handful of archetypes. Diversity and inclusion means changing that, means letting Asians be the dumb bro or the deadly cowboy, means letting the lead of a tv show about being in your 30’s be an Indian guy, it means letting you ragtag band of space rebels have Asian actors, it means making your superhero a first-generation Pakistani immigrant or a half-Asian kid. Let different people be a part of different narratives.

Of course, this is a selfish want — I wanna see more people who look like me in fiction doing everything. But then, don’t you wanna see more people who look like yourself in fiction?


Road Trip

Posted by -ToaD- in Terrible Things for a ToaDally Low Cost, Sep 24 2016 · 35 views

Going to Niagara Falls this week, I ain't ever been there so I look forward to it. Thankfully I don't need to drive any of the way there so I can just binge read Steel Ball Run and mass watch the Battletoads race during the 9 hour trip.


An Inaner Thought-scenario

Posted by Trijhak in One Second in Eternity, Sep 24 2016 · 95 views

(Is Inaner a word?)

Imagine this: you are in a room. In this room is a table - a long one, in the shape of an oval, with a large hole in the middle. The table's surface is about 90cm in width. There are chairs on the inner side of the table, and there are people sitting in all but one. You are in the middle of this central position. As you walk towards the empty chair, the heads of the people start to turn. Towards you, even to degrees that should not be possible - on the chair on the opposite side of the inner circle, someone's head is the wrong way. As you sit down, they get up, still staring at you. They are not blinking, and they are also not breathing.

What do you do?


ten years

Posted by Scythey in VA-11 HALL-A, Sep 22 2016 · 85 views

what have I done with my life


From the Southern Hemisphere

Posted by Vorahk1Panrahk2 in V1P2's Blog, Sep 22 2016 · 54 views
General Life Stuff

I wrote up a nice entry yesterday before I left, but was unable to post it due to errors. As such, we're skipping the "I'm leaving" and going straight to a quick "I'm here." I'm blogging this now because I'm not sure if that will be possible tomorrow? The Internet situation is up in the air. I'd say expect less activity from me, but I'm pretty inactive to begin with so no one will notice or care.

First day was interesting. I'm intimidated by the fact that I'll need to learn two languages, but I think I'll make it work. I don't have a choice if I want to eat. :P

I'm sure I'll blog again soonish. But until then, see you later, BZP Blogs!


been gone

Posted by Eyru in Caffeine and Existentialism, Sep 22 2016 · 64 views

so I dropped off the face of the earth for two or three months. my bad. had some personal stuff to deal with, and I won't bore you with the details.

but I'm back, more or less. I realize I left some people hanging (and also totally ditched my FA duties - oops), but I'm gonna do my best to get back into the swing of things.

I wouldn't expect a ton of activity, but you can PM me if you want and I'll probably answer. and we'll see about getting some old projects rolling again.

happy autumn.



Life Update Again

Posted by Lapis Lazuli in This is my ocean pillar ♫♪, Sep 20 2016 · 126 views

So, the summer season is coming to an end. For those who don't care about my personal life up until now, I spent the summer working at a volcano. It's beautiful up here and I was fortunate enough to explore and and see the sights. I've had one of the most beautiful areas of the world as my back yard these past few months, and that's been pretty cool.

I started as an assistant baker. However, after a few days our lead baker left the company. That meant I got a promotion, being the only one in the bakery with experience and a degree in baking and patisserie. I was put in charge of an assistant, who later left, then was replaced with a good friend of mine who got hired on. It's been... interesting working with someone who knows me personally. It's been a good thing and a bad thing.

Also my friend did out me to one person up here. Which was kinda terrible. Mostly because after recent events this year I've felt progressively less safe and have decided to remain closeted because I don't want to deal directly with homophobic people. And because I don't feel safe. Which is terrible.

BUT ANYWAY I recently was preoccupied with a plated dessert for a wine tasting. I made a raspberry parfait, covered with Italian meringue (which I got to use a blowtorch to toast it! Super fun working with fire. MUAHAHAHAHAHA), raspberry sauce, fresh berries and macaroons. All of which I made from scratch. It all looked very nice, and it seemed to be well received.

Currently I have only one more work day left. I leave this place on Friday and fly back home on Saturday. It will be nice to have fast internet again (or even moderate speed for Internet would be nice), and it will be good to see my cats again.

However, I have no plans for the winter, have no idea where to start looking for jobs, and oh my glob I am going to end up a hobo one of these days. Stressing out about the future is always fun. Great. Fan-freaking-tastic.


Still though, it's been a lovely summer. After the year I had in 2015, this has been a welcome change of pace, and I will definitely miss some of the friends I've made here.

Here's to moving on.



Sully Mini-Review

Posted by Snapdragon in You've Got Taste, Sep 19 2016 · 56 views

It wasn't a bad movie by any means, but I didn't think it was that great either. The flashbacks/PTSD he had felt a bit overdone, and the main conflict felt a bit underdone. He mentions what will happen to his career if things go south like one time, but we're still supposed to see that board of people as the villains. Didn't really strike me.

I DID really love the rescue scene. Movies can very rarely bring me near tears, but that scene did. And the stuff with the actual passengers and the crew in the credits was a nice touch.

Did anyone else see this movie? Thoughts?


I lied

Posted by Letagi in Wherever you go, there you are., Sep 17 2016 · 120 views

I'm going to BrickCon after all - turns out there will be people from Edmonton there that I know so I won't be wanting for company.

In keeping with tradition, I'm accepting suggestions for this year's brick badge. Past badges have included "Fashionable AFOL," "This character limit suc," and "The character limit still su."



Star Wars ILM Challenge

Posted by JAG18 in The JAG18 Stronghold, Sep 15 2016 · 50 views
Star Wars

A little while ago, ArtStation ran a competition with Industrial Light & Magic asking some of the world’s best artists to “imagine key moments, new vehicle designs, character and droid designs, and epic battles within the Star Wars universe”. The winners have now been announced, and they are fantastic.

As you’d expect! The best entries for the competition came from men and women who work on Hollywood movies and AAA video games for a living (Matt Rhodes, for example, has worked on Mass Effect and Dragon Age), so marrying their talent with the chance to draw some cool Star Wars [art] was always going to result in some amazing images...


Seriously, this is some really amazing and cool stuff go check it out for yourself.

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