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Ultimate Bionicle Quiz 2


The original Ultimate Bionicle Quiz has been lost to the sands of time, but the Ultimate Bionicle Quiz 2 has survived and now returns for everyone to take. Do you have what it takes to prove yourself a Bionicle Master?

Like the original quizzes, you have a total of 7.5 hours to complete the one hundred questions and prove your might.

Good luck!


People who have taken this Quiz

Username Score Date
Great Mask Of ???? 6% Jul 23 2014 - 12:49 PM
The Lorax 6% Jul 23 2014 - 04:19 PM
tomdroidser 5% Jul 23 2014 - 02:31 PM
Makuta Luroka 5% Jul 23 2014 - 06:15 PM
Methaxx 4% Jul 23 2014 - 01:23 PM
Toa Imrukii 4% Jul 23 2014 - 03:20 PM
AZBlue 4% Jul 23 2014 - 08:50 PM
son of the shadows 3% Jul 23 2014 - 08:39 PM
Dekar Nuva 3% Jul 24 2014 - 04:17 AM
randomreviewerbros 3% Jul 24 2014 - 07:21 AM

Questions in this Quiz

Ultimate Bionicle Quiz 2

  1. Where did we find out the Chronicler's name?

  2. What company makes Bionicle shoes?

  3. What country is LEGO based in?

  4. What award did the Toy Industry Associaction NOT give to LEGO in 2002?

  5. What was (USA) comic #5 named?

  6. What was the collective name of the first five creatures taken over by Makuta's infected masks?

  7. Which Bohrok Va are masters of camouflage and have excellent hearing?

  8. What invention saved Onu-Koro?

  9. Which Toa cannot fit into the Exo-Toa without modification?

  10. What Bohrok bears an orange Krana?

  11. What enemy features the power of electricity and lightning?

  12. How is Tahnok-Kal's power controlled?

  13. Kongu and what other Le-Koronan led the force that freed Le-Koro from the Bohrok?

  14. What village is at the northern end of Mata-Nui?

  15. What village is most southerly on Mata-Nui?

  16. If you stacked Toa head-to-toe, how many would it take to stretch the length of Mata-Nui?

  17. If you stacked Toa head-to-toe, how many would it take to stretch the width of Mata-Nui?

  18. Makuta is:

  19. Which Krana has the power of telepathy?

  20. Which Krana can fly short distances?

  21. What being normally carries the purple Krana Su?

  22. Which Krana are also known as 'moles'?

  23. How many pieces are in a Muaka & Kane-Ra set?

  24. What is the only set that always contains an Infected Hau kanohi?

  25. When did the Toa Nuva begin showing up in Australia?

  26. When did the Bohrok Trading Cards promotion at McDonald's (USA) begin?

  27. What mask was designed first?

  28. What colors were the prototype Kanohi Nuva in pictures shown more than a year ago?

  29. What combined set is made from Vakama, Nokama, Nuju, and Matau?

  30. What's the name of the spider that lives on trees in Le-Koro?

  31. What were the 'bumps' behind Tahu Nuva in the first Kanohi Nuva mask released by LEGO?

  32. When was the deadline to submit an entry for the Proto Squad?

  33. What was the name of the 2002 van tour?

  34. Who is the author of the book 'Tale of the Toa'?

  35. What skateboarder has been a Bionicle spokesperson?

  36. What is a 'MOC'?

  37. What LEGO set could be considered the predecessor to Bionicle?

  38. How many different masks (colors and styles) were available in the original Kanohi mask packs?

  39. What is the mask of X-Ray vision?

  40. What is a 'Brakas'?

  41. What is a Comet?

  42. What is a Suva?

  43. Where is Tiro Canyon?

  44. Who was the 3,000th member to join BZPower?

  45. Who is the King of Lizards, a giant Rahi that strikes from ambush?

  46. What is a Vako?

  47. What is Ignalu?

  48. Who wields the mighty Kau Kau staff?

  49. Which of the following is a carnivorous plant?

  50. What is Nokama's fork-shaped staff constructed out of?

  51. How many Exo-Toa are there in the storyline?

  52. What is set number 10023?

  53. How many creatures have instructions included in the Master Builder set?

  54. Which Turaga wears a dark gray Ruru?

  55. Which Turaga wears a gray Matatu?

  56. Which Turaga wears a tan Komau?

  57. Who rescued Hafu from a swarm of Tahnok?

  58. What is located in the shadow of the Mangai volcano?

  59. Who is the voice of Tahu in the movie, Mask of Light?

  60. Who is the voice of Takua in the movie, Mask of Light?

  61. Who is the voice of Turaga Vakama in the movie, Mask of Light?

  62. Who is the voice of Pohatu in the movie, Mask of Light?

  63. Who is the voice of Lewa in the movie, Mask of Light?

  64. Who is the voice of Graalok the Ash Bear in the movie, Mask of Light?

  65. Who is the voice of Onua in the movie, Mask of Light?

  66. Who is the voice of Kopaka in the movie, Mask of Light?

  67. Who is the voice of Gali in the movie, Mask of Light?

  68. Who is the voice of Hahli in the movie, Mask of Light?

  69. What is the purpose of the Nuva Cube?

  70. What year was LEGO founded?

  71. Which of the following BZP members was an employee of The LEGO Company?

  72. The Rahkshi were released when?

  73. Which Rahkshi has the power to turn the landscape to mush?

  74. The suggested retail price for the Rahkshi was:

  75. Kurahk's staff can do which of the following:

  76. Toy Fair 2003 took place in which city?

  77. What is the name of the Bionicle movie released in the fall of 2003?

  78. Many Bionicle character names are derived from what language?

  79. Why is BZP member GregF significant?

  80. How many official Sterling Silver Krana-Kal are available in Bohrok-Kal sets?

  81. How many White Metal Krana are available in Bohrok-Kal sets?

  82. Which of the following used English writing instead of circular Mata Nui glyphs in the MNOLG?

  83. The Bohrok-Kal were first released in which country?

  84. If you have news about Bionicle, to which email address should you send it?

  85. Which of the following locales contains a Legoland?

  86. What was the original name for the Matoran?

  87. Which Turaga speaks in the MoL movie trailer?

  88. When in Onu-Koro, one needs to travel using which of the following?

  89. Which of the following masks is often dubbed the 'Mask of Cheese'?

  90. Who was in charge of the BZPower Support Team?

  91. Who was the BZPower News Editor?

  92. What power does the Copper Mask of Victory possess?

  93. Which two people created Kanohi-Power?

  94. Which three people created BZPower?

  95. Maku is obviously attracted to which other Bionicle character?

  96. Which 'collectible' gives the powers both of strength and resistance to heat and cold?

  97. In the 'After the Storm' update, which krana was it that was last seen wriggling downwards?

  98. What Bohrok Va tends to bury itself in the ground at the first sight of danger?

  99. Which BZPower member was the first to report Leah's confirmation of the MNOLG II?

  100. Which two BZPower members won the Copper Komaus in the first 2003 giveaway?

  101. What does Nidhiki say in B2 after the fake Dume orders them to capture the Toa Metru?

  102. Before becoming a Toa, what occupation was Whenua in?

  103. What is the Matoran to Vahki ratio on Metru Nui?

  104. Who did Pewku initially belong to on Metru Nui before the move to Mata Nui?

  105. What is the name of the mechanical law-enforcement units in 2004-2005 on Metru Nui?

  106. What was the name of the Vahki transport / makeshift boat which the Toa Metru used to flee Metru Nui?

  107. How many pieces does the Ultimate Dume combo set contain?

  108. Which other set in the 2004 line uses Keerahk staves other than Keerahk itself?

  109. How many pieces is the Vahki head composed of (not including the Kanoka)?

  110. In 2004, all the Toa Metru's Kanohi featured something which first appeared on Takanuva's Avohkii. What was it?