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Premier Multiple Person PMs

Posted by Alex Humva on Nov 22 2012 - 07:22 PM

I believe this was allowed in the introduction post to the tracking system, but if not I do apologize for apparently being unable to read.

Anywho, I was looking at some other sites running IP Board software, and noticed that their PM system allowed for more than two people in it. I head over to here to see why that's not, poke through the Q&A post regarding stuff like this, and see that it's an antispam measure Perfectly understandable, I can imagine how annoying that'd be if a spammer used a feature like that.

My suggestion however is to make this a premier perk. From my point of view, if a spammer decides to pay money to BZP just to do this, s/he can be just as easily proto-dropped/banned and all the staff loose is some time and gain a bit of annoyance, in return for money that can continue to support the site. And honestly, I doubt any spammer would pay to spam.

I don't know much about IPB coding, so I don't know how easy this would be to implement or not, but I think it'd be a pretty nice premier perk, as there's been plenty of times I want to talk to multiple people at the same time, maybe about something going on in an RPG, or just having a conversation. Any extra strain it might put on the server would be offset by the fact that it's a premier perk, and really I can't see much of a downside besides the possible hard work the admins would have to put in to modify the code. I don't know how many people outside of myself would actually use it though, so it might not be popular enough to warrant that time and effort.

Except if it a premier perk, and one of the recipients was non-premier, they wouldn't be able to reply to all. It kinda defeats the purpose then.

Except if it a premier perk, and one of the recipients was non-premier, they wouldn't be able to reply to all. It kinda defeats the purpose then.

Perhaps PM's should be able to "start" a multi-person conversation? I mean, only PM's can start a blog, but non-PM's can still post in the blogs.


Yeah, being able to 'start' one was my thought. I don't know how the system would or if it even could handle that, but the idea was a premier member could start the conversation and anyone s/he invites can respond. If it was solely between premier members, it's usefulness drops rather quickly.

BZP's PM system labels the "recipient" field "recipient(s)" so I would expect it to be within the power of the board software.

So it seems like this is pretty possible. The question is - how many people should a Premier Member be able to PM at once?

Nov 23 2012 11:35 PM
errrg. not a premier perk.... I would like to see this available to anybody. but I see why that can't happen...

So it seems like this is pretty possible. The question is - how many people should a Premier Member be able to PM at once?

Nothing higher than like 10-15. I don't see the need for any more than that.


I don't really think it should be a premier perk.

As for how many people - 10 seems like a good max.

Yeah, I fail to see an event inwhich more than ten people are in a conversation that couldn't be held in, say, a forum topic. So I put my vote for ten.

The idea behind the premier perk is to get around the reason its currently disabled; spammers, which as we all know BZP has had often in the past. Even with a cap of ten members, that makes a spammer's job ten times easier. It's annoying for those who aren't premier I'll grant you, but it eliminates spammers and gives another really good perk as a reason to get premier membership.

Edited by Cybernetic Alex Humva, Nov 24 2012 - 10:28 AM.

Nov 24 2012 06:04 PM
To be perfectly honest, I don't even like polls being a premier perk. especially with there being a rule stating that if it can be a poll it has to be one. never really made much sense to me.

IMO there are perks, and there are things taken away. perks would be post count pictures and blogs. things taken away would be like the polls.
this seems like something that you took away from us to make premiership more attractive. (If it goes through) and I'm not really OK with that.

It can appear like that, but the reason why it's not there in the first place is, as I'd hope I got through with my opening post, to prevent spam. Spam is a serious problem here, and opening it up to all would be problematic.

At the same time though I see no reason why this means everyone should have this taken away. I can understand the issue that it makes it seem like the staff is just holding a bag of treats to the side and telling people to cough up the money for it, but unlike the polls, who's reasoning I'm not entirely sure of, this is a pretty good compromise, in my opinion anyways. It prevents spamming, the concern, and gives an additional reason to become premier.

I can understand the frustration, but the reasoning behind it isn't sadistic.

this seems like something that you took away from us to make premiership more attractive. (If it goes through) and I'm not really OK with that.

Here's the thing, though, that you gotta understand: this site needs people to buy PMship. So, you might think it's unfair that you're not able to PM more than one person at once, but sorry, Premier Perks are here for a reason (the exact reason that they're called "perks"). And because I've just said basically exactly what I'd say here in response to rank images, I'll just quote myself:

The reason that only Premier Members have rank images is because that's a perk of being a Premier Member -- if you pay money to the site, you get extra perks. Taking away some of those perks could mean less people buying Premier Membership (and it also makes them less "special"), and we really do need people donating money through Premier Membership to keep the site running. Personally, I think it's a good idea that we keep them for Premier Members only -- it's an extra perk for donating money to the site. If no one wanted the Premier perks, then there wouldn't be many people paying for PMship (and if no one wanted them, they wouldn't really be "perks" either). So we have perks that people may want, and to get them, they just have to donate a little to the site.

And you see, PMing multiple people is something that a lot of people -- like yourself, I can presume, from what you're saying -- would want. That's good -- that's the point of them being perks. They're not a necessity -- not at all. You don't need to PM more than one person at once. You might want to, it might be more convenient to, but you don't have to.

So yes, this might (if it becomes a Premier Member perk only) be something to "make PMship more attractive". Because this site needs money, people might want this perk, badda bing badda boom. Everyone can get what they want. That's what every single Premier Perk is: an incentive to buy Premier Membership.

Now, looking at this issue in particular, what Alex Humva says is partially true. One thing that's not correct is that this won't eliminate spamming -- or at least there's no guarantee of that. Premier Members aren't automatically perfect and not spammers because they paid some money to the site. However, this will definitely greatly prevent spamming. Generally, someone that's paid money to the site probably won't spam a whole lot. And spam is exactly the reason why we haven't allowed this before. Having it as a Premier Member perk might be possible, because while it won't guarantee no spam, it will at least guarantee much, much, much less spam than if we just allowed anyone to do it. So there is definitely a very good reason that this wouldn't be open to all members.

As for the polling feature, if you'd like to see it as something that anyone can do, you're welcome to make a Ticket in the Tracker as a Suggestion. While I'm not completely sure why it was made a Premier Perk, I assume it was because a lot of people wanted the ability to create polls. As such, why not make it another incentive for people to support the site?

And actually, I recommend that this be made an OBZPC-only perk. A big issue of this is, as people have stated, spamming. While OBZPCs aren't perfect either, this will again cut down on even more spamming. Just a thought.

Posted Image

Havelock Vetinari
Nov 24 2012 11:43 PM
I think this would work best as premier member's only. More incentive to buy.

OBZPCship is hard to attain and this'll bring in more site revenue. More then if it were OBZPC exclusive.

Well right, there wouldn't be any revenue if it was OBZPC-exclusive. =P

Posted Image

Havelock Vetinari
Nov 24 2012 11:54 PM
I must have missed something.

Anyhow, this seems like a good suggestion. More money to keep BZP online is always a good thing. I mean unless the staff form a bankrobbing team...

.....Hm. Movie idea.

Alright, the spamming concern is a good point. Making it a premier perk given that makes complete sense to me then.

If preventing spam is the main reason to give this feature to Premier Members only, I feel it should be given to OBZPC and staff as well. Especially in the case of staff, it can be very useful to PM several people at the same time in case of a conflict.

-Gata Posted Image

I would find this very useful, because a lot of times it is difficult and irritating to relay information between multiple people. Especially when in a group in one of the Various TBRPGs on this site.

Yeah, discussing things with RPG members was my primary thought when I suggested this. There's been many a time when I've been part of an alliance in-game, and it's really difficult to relay what everyone's talking about amongst four or five people. It'd make alliance talks a lot easier.

And outside of the RPGing community, I'm sure there's plenty of options as to why you'd want a multiperson PM. For instance, some of those storyline guys could get together and talk about the latest in Bionicle/Lego canon.

I'd be for this becoming another Premier Perk. It's akin to more message space. Could extend it to non-premier OBZPCs, but I wouldn't make it OBZPC-exclusive.


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