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Shameless Mushroom

Posted by Laka , Jul 24 2010 · 907 views

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Posted by Laka , Jul 22 2010 · 529 views
Today went like really not so great. Bleh.

Since last entry I talked about the nice things in my life, I guess this entry can be me being unhappy.




Oh Hey

Posted by Laka , Jul 22 2010 · 1,111 views
Hey guys. It's been a looooooong time. Over 4 months. ._." I keep meaning to renew my premier membership, but I never got around to it. I guess I'll brag about my life now.

How come no one told me I could use my blog again for a week?

Took the ACT way back in month of... the spring, and I'd say I did quite well. Just wish I had gotten a 35 on my grammar section, so I could have gotten that 36. Lol jk I love my 35.

Took the AP English Language and Composition and AP Psychology tests. I got a 3 and a 5 respectively.

Back in early May I got myself a new girlfriend. (Thinking about how that went down, I now remember that I took the ACT in late April)

Managed to get the straight As I need for my four-year plan. That was pretty dicey since I almost got a B in English. At the end, I was .18% from a B, and that was after reminding the teacher he owed me extra credit and doing an extra assignment.

Since school ended I've had some fun. Went to see Amery, The Secret Handshake, Sing it Loud, Every Avenue, and some other band at a show a few weeks ago. That was pretty awesome. On a similar note, that Motion City Soundtrack concert I mentioned a couple entries below was all kinds of awesome. Going to see them again on Halloween. (That concert actually introduced me to Sing it Loud, and they're the only reason I went to the other concert)

I had some cousins from India living with me for a month or so. Having 7 extra people in your house gets kinda crazy, and sleeping on the couch isn't so bad.

Got The Force Unleashed and Arkham Asylum (FINALLY @ both) for the PS3, and they were both pretty cool. I did Arkham Asylum on Hard, so it took me a while, but it was still fun. ^__^

I won't be going to Brickfair (sadly), but I will probably end up sending a few things.

Went to BrickWorld on the public days. It was pretty cool, plus I got to see Ecto again.

Visited Northwestern University on Wednesday. It was a pretty good experience. If you're considering journalism, definitely check into it. It's too bad I'm not.

Been spending a lot of time on Skype chatting with real friends, which is probably why you haven't seen me much on AIM or MSN. *shrug*

White Collar new season. <3

Psych new season. <333333

Steve Carell leaving The Office. ):<

Saw Iron Man 2, Get Him to the Greek, and Inception. Didn't like Get Him to the Greek, even though some parts were funny. Inception was well made, but the plot wasn't my thing. Iron Man 2 was pretty cool.

I guess if I think of anything else to blog about, I'll do it later this week. I hope you enjoyed the flashback episode of my blog.

Hope things go well tomorrow. Wish me luck! (Even though no one but Dorek knows what I'm talking about)




Posted by Laka , Mar 10 2010 · 559 views
Oh man that finale was awesome. As sad as it sounds that's one of my favorite hours spent. So awesome. Very very end was kinda eh, but whatever.

Makes me think I want to watch Hitchcock.



New Iron Man 2 Trailer

Posted by Laka , Mar 08 2010 · 1,412 views
All kinds of awesome. <3

Less than two months away. <3

(Also exactly one month after Motion City Soundtrack concert <3)

I cannot waiiiiit to see this movie. <3



Why Do The Good Always Get Banned Young?

Posted by Laka , Mar 07 2010 · 1,705 views
Yeah, I know it's not always the good, and it's not usually young either, but still.

Boo so many cool (A relative term) BZPers keep getting banned.




We're Out Of Coffee?

Posted by Laka , Mar 02 2010 · 343 views
Not a problem. I'll be back before this banana hits the ground. ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM

Brb time for some secret agent laser obstacle lunch.




Posted by Laka , Feb 28 2010 · 410 views
I lost you and your blog when you changed your name. sad.gif

Please come home. sad.gif



The Big Bang

Posted by Laka , Feb 28 2010 · 468 views
Theory, that is. I <3 it.

What? You thought I meant the scientific one perhaps? Nonono, I mean the TV show. :3

I've been watching it off and on pretty much all day since my plans fell through. Watched the majority of the third season, and now I've started the second season. Yes, I realize I'm weird.

I blame Draco for making me like it.




Posted by Laka , Feb 21 2010 · 926 views
So I changed my avatar and banner. Then I realized how happy/fluffy/whateveradjective it is.

Then I realized that it is the complete opposite of my recent mood.




Don't Ya Hate It When...

Posted by Laka , Feb 17 2010 · 929 views
Everything's starting to make sense, and then it all goes kablooie?

Can kablooie be a good thing? It's not necessarily bad, but now I'm like more confused about it than before....

Don't really feel like offering a full explanation, but suffice to say it has to deal with girls.




Next Year's Classes Wut?

Posted by Laka , Feb 07 2010 · 365 views
Think I've finally decided on my classes for next year. Anyone with experience with such classes, some tips/knowledge would be cool.

Purple is looking forward to, black is hmm, dark red is noooo.

AP Physics (Double period, Learning in one, labs in the other.)
AP Calculus (AB I think?)
AP Microeconomics
Honors English World Lit
Honors Italian 4 (>>)
Guitar 2

Fwee :3




Posted by Laka , Feb 04 2010 · 422 views
Finally found brown jeans. <3

I am now so happy. And they're even skinny jeans whaddayaknow means they might fit normally on me. Too bad the waist is an inch too big, but ohwell. I am so funding this.

E: Did I mention it's only $20? ohmy.gif. Wooot reasonably inexpensive jeans.



Romance Is Insensible

Posted by Laka , Feb 03 2010 · 372 views
But boy does it feel good, and I sure do miss it.

In other news, writing stuff for AP English when I should be sleeping YAY

Also, PSAE is no fun. ;__; I do think my essay came out nicely for 30 minutes, though.

Also, Laka's Life Tips will start sometime soon. Maybe this weekend? Last week was finals week, then I was doing stuff this weekend, and I'm tired this week, so yeah. Also largely uninspired. But I will get there....



Lol Finals

Posted by Laka , Jan 26 2010 · 1,171 views
So I have my finals this week. H Physics, H Italian 3, and Arch Drafting 2 today. AP English and AP Psych tomorrow. Guitar 1 and Trig Thursday.

So Physics I think I did kay on (Probable A). Same for Italian. Since I have a good grade and extra cred, I think I'll get an A. Arch Drafting, I had a 132, so final is lol who cares.

So for psych, I need a 104 to get an A, but since we get 11 EC points, I really only need a 93. English, I have NO idea lol.

Guitar is pretty much whatever. Trig, I need to get a 7% on the final to keep my A.

IRONY I HATE YOU. I need a 7% for trig, and I need a 103% for psych. What is this madness.




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