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Posted by 55555 , Jul 20 2010 · 483 views

It seems my last entry here was last September. Dagnabbit. I've sorta wanted to get this blog back in action a few times, but I've never done it, now that I'm unPremier. But this blog was sort of awesome, so maybe I will.

In other news, I've been playing a lot of MAG and watching a lot of Avatar and old Dr. Who. Massive Action gaming is the future. Sokka (coughcorrectspellingnowcough) and Uncle Iroh (coughcorrectspellingnowcough) are the only smart characters. Tom Baker is the best actor since Patrick McGoohan.

> 55555


Simply Ninjo

Posted by 55555 , Sep 18 2009 · 499 views





Posted by 55555 , Sep 01 2009 · 560 views

I smell BBCC #55...




Posted by 55555 , Aug 22 2009 · 738 views

Heck to the yes.

Thanks B6, and Bink.

Also I'm not sure if/when I'll be getting up pics this year, my bro took them all, so I'll have to look through them and see if it's worthwhile.



Consider This

Posted by 55555 , May 27 2009 · 531 views

When voting in S&T #5. smile.gif

BTW, what do you think of the thumbnail?




Posted by 55555 , May 22 2009 · 1,163 views

Tbhgaba auyguv vuyabbat tfft uyahbfy yabo.



Freaking Out

Posted by 55555 , Apr 23 2009 · 767 views

I am totally freaking the heck out right now... I was uploading as Tufi closed the BBC topic... Well, there goes that...


Okay, Let's Get This Straight...

Posted by 55555 , Apr 21 2009 · 810 views

First off, I hope your not allergic to indignation if you're reading this entry.

So in the BS01 Certavus contest, they recently started the final poll and it's gotten a ton of publicity, and a ton of votes (Over 1000, in the end). Entry #1 began to pull ahead of the other entries towards the end, at a remarkable speed. Many people thought that this was cheating, and said as much. But in every poll that gets a lot of publicity from various sources, there is a gigantic amount of current winner fluctuation, because of the variety of people voting. I personally think that there was nothing wrong, rigged, or otherwise screwed up in the poll by Saber Masquerade. But, regardless, Swert decided to START A NEW POLL with the five leaders as of the topic's closing. Thus destroying Entry #1's large lead, and virtually adding at least 30 votes to the other finalling entries.

Does that sound fair to you?

For reference:
Old Poll
New Poll

In closing I would like to ask you guys to vote for entry number four in the Final Final Poll, to lessen the 30 vote handicap placed on him.

Also I'd like to say that out of all the people arguing about whether or not SB was cheating, KonguTohunga was the most correct.



Quotes Out Of Context

Posted by 55555 , Apr 08 2009 · 450 views

QUOTE(Mirunuva12 @ Apr 8 2009, 03:44 AM) View Post
My hand cant open and close.
Is it Ok?

QUOTE(Iben @ Mar 30 2009, 09:31 AM) View Post
Is it possible to make short brains out of long brains ?

QUOTE(Eeko @ Mar 19 2009, 01:14 PM) View Post
1 Question, 2 Questions, 3 Questions...

~ e.gif e.gif k.gif o.gif

QUOTE(Bundalings the Bunny @ Mar 15 2008, 01:14 PM)

Um... fish? Or maybe a Matoran.


QUOTE(55555 @ May 19 2008, 04:29 PM)
Dang. I guess I've been hacked.




Recipe For Awesome

Posted by 55555 , Apr 06 2009 · 497 views

Okay, so one of the things I like best about BZP, is it's contests.

I would like two things to enhance the contest experience on BZP:
At regular intervals (So we will know when the next contest will be.)

I also believe that having more contests would have five effects:
More winners (here would obviously be more winners if there were more contests. ANd who's going to leave BZP after they've won a contest on here?)
Increased site activity (Contests always generate a significant boost in individual forum activity, so if you had more contests in various forums, it would boost overall site activity)
Increased membership (People LOVE contests. They love suspense, the y love looking at the other entries, the idea of winning, and the prizes if applicable. So I think it would push many mere guests, into being full fledged members, and perhaps Premier Members eventually. That's why me and my bro signed up orginally.)
Increased competitiveness (Everyone becomes better at everything with practice, and that's what would happen if there were more contests)
Longer individual member activity (I think that more contests would keep more "Dark ages" members on the site)


Dramatically increased staff workload (All contests come with a significantly heavier staff workload. Answering questions, coding entry lists, coding polls, etc.)

So, I have come up with a rough calendar, which I think would do all the above listed things:

May: BBC | SS
Jun: RPG | BBC
July: S&T | AC
Aug: BBC | SS
Sep: RPG | BBC
Oct: EC | AC
Nov: BBC | SS
Dec: RPG | BBC
Jan: S&T | AC
Feb: BBC | SS
Mar: RPG | BBC
Apr: EC | AC

Interesting, no? Anyway, that would be amazing if it actually happened.

Let comments, discussion, and chaos ensue....




Posted by 55555 , Apr 01 2009 · 630 views

Today has been so-so, if I may use the expression, and has had it's ups and downs. I will proceed to tell you briefly of these "ups and downs". I\i WOKE UP EARLY THIS MORNING, AND CHECKED THE CELLPHONE TO SEE THE TIME WAS ABOUT 3:14:15 TO the SMELL OF SMOKE, WHICH IN MOST CASES MEANS SOMETHING IS BURNING, AS IT WAS IN THIS CASE. i QUICKLY PUT ON A PAIR OF SLIPPERS, GRABBED MY AUTOGRAPHED BIONICLE COMIC, AND MY MOST RECENT moc (PICTURES WILL BE UP SOON, HOPEFULLY, MORE DETAILS ON WHY THERE MIGHT NOT BE PICS LATER) AND RAN OUT THE WINDOW 9iLIVE IN THE BASEMENT). i DIDN'T KNOW WHY Aq\\a fire would be in my house, uninvited (I later found out it was caused by someone severeing the gas line, and inserting a banana magazine (Double stacked) in the toaster (which was unplugged last I knew, so it must have been replugged (?))) I was angry at the idea of myr Comicon Special Edition BIonicle Comic #1 BURNING, but I remembered it was insured so... Anyway... Then...


Questions, comments, and such like.



I Have To Say That...

Posted by 55555 , Apr 01 2009 · 306 views

The April Fools joke is very well done. XD




Posted by 55555 , Mar 23 2009 · 265 views

I've been rereading A Series Of Unfortunate Events, an amazing series. Unfortunately, it becomes too unrealistic after book #9, but it's still an awesome series.



Mafia #20

Posted by 55555 , Mar 10 2009 · 557 views

Check it out. Luz Cero is hosting it, and he's asking for 28 players, which we've never had before, so we need some new recruits. cool.gif

Good luck living, if you decide to play. evilgrin.gif



Serious Skill...

Posted by 55555 , Mar 04 2009 · 1,105 views

I wish I could do that.




Posted by 55555 , Feb 25 2009 · 347 views

Yeah, and so today's the first day of Lent... Here's to Easter! tongue.gif

QUOTE(The Power that Is @ Feb 24 2009, 11:12 PM) View Post
That's because 55555 is a corpse tongue.gif



An Exhibition Of My Cging Skill

Posted by 55555 , Feb 23 2009 · 320 views


Any tips... ?



Semifinal Polls

Posted by 55555 , Feb 23 2009 · 319 views

*Insert shameless plea for votes here*




Also, to confuse you...


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