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Emerald Bricks


Bbcc #57...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Feb 19 2010 · 667 views
I will not be entering, due mainly to the fact that I simply have not had time to build something really good, and no mind-blowing ideas came to me to begin with. Sad, yes, but you can't enter them all. There are some really amazing entries this time around; stuff which I would have no hope of competing with. I sorta built a Han Solo, but there wasn't anything innovative about him really... BBCC's just don't hold the weight with me as they used to (I'm growing up I guess) I am looking forward to the voting process though.

In other MoCing news my Fusion Project is very close to completion and once it's done a college friend of mine who is a Photography major (I think) has agreed to do professional photography of the model in an actual studio setting (which will be SO much better than my set-up at home). I look forward to showing him to you guys. smile.gif

So... yeah. Life is good, school is busy (but good), and I'm glad the weekend's here. I can't wait for LEGO Universe to be released but in the mean-time I do believe I'm going to go back to some of my old PC games to crack back open (i.e. Star Wars: Republic Commando)



Saw Avatar Today!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 21 2010 · 610 views
I don't have much time to give my thoughts, but I can summarize. The movie was EPIC and AWESOME to say the least, especially regarding the whole Pandora world. I absolutely loved all of the fictional creatures and I found myself ogling at the various glowing plants, strange lizards which fly by spinning their wings in a rapid canopy above them, awesome six legged horses, and floating mountains among other things.

The story over-all was solid, even though you knew what was going to happen pretty much from the get-go. I love stories of the under dogs beating up on the big bad guys with the advanced weapons and technology. The characters were cool, and I really liked it how the band of half a dozen or so "went rogue" so to speak and rebelled against the military to help out the Na'vi. My favorite was the female helicopter pilot (forgot her name) who went into battle at the end in war paint like the Na'vi and even painted her ship to match! Speaking of the finale, it was climactic and epic; I liked it how there was a combination of large scale battle but also one-on-one there at the very end.

So, yeah. Awesome movie; I definitely wouldn't mind seeing it again. Of course, it definitely had it's downsides (language being the main one), but there were positive things about it too (aside from the epic factor). I was hesitant to see it the first time, but I must say, I loved it! happy.gif



Wip Pix

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 16 2010 · 755 views
I still would like to know any thoughts you guys have on my current project!
@ staff: this is not a comments drive; I simply want to know what my fellow MoCists have to say on the topic. wink.gif
Since I posted this last week, I have fixed the lower legs so that they integrate more technic, and I think I've got a good upper leg design.I still need to change the arm cannon and add a head. The back isn't done yet either. We're getting close!
(all of that ^^^ in response to the first comments)

Please forgive the picture quality. They are WIP pix after all. wink.gif

Ok, so here he is:

[1] [2] [3] [4]

As I have mentioned before, he was inspired by DV's Transtech Shockwave.
All comments and criticisms are welcome (though preferably constructive).
So... thoughts?

Also: Name change! (sorry CF, I just wanted to try something new wink.gif)



Got Taka.

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 12 2010 · 491 views

Well, this afternoon I got Turaga Starz Taka on impulse. I was actually looking to see if they had any Atlantis sets yet (I had no idea when they were being released). They did not, and I moseyed on down to the BIONICLE section and saw the starz sets just sitting there as happy as could be. My eyes fell on Taka, and it occured to me that he was white and my current MoC project is white themed as well. Upon inspecting the included pieces, I came to the conclusion that the purchasing of said set could be advantageous to said MoCing project. Thus... I got him, mainly for the white shoulder armor, new feet (thank goodness for those axle holes on their underside), and the new intriguing chest piece.

Besides the new pieces, he's basically... an Avtoran who has stolen Taka's mask (how dare he?!). This kinda makes a good Turaga Taka, but not a Nuva re-make. I don't want to repeat what everyone else has said though, so I'll stop there. wink.gif
I can tell you one thing, he'll be busted quite soon. rolleyes.gif



Emerald Fyre

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 10 2010 · 405 views
Name change to that? ^^^

Also, Project Fusion is progressing very well. I do believe that the torso and arms are for the most part complete and I just need to duplicate the lower left leg and foot for the right side and then come up with a fluid upper leg design that is better than the current one. Still no idea when it'll be done though, much less pictures be taken. I'm considering doing WIP pics soon. If I get enough requests I probably will.



Nifty Looking Set...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 09 2010 · 322 views

Whoops. I totally did not mean to lock this. rolleyes.gif

I was looking at the new Atlantis site, and I found this set. It looks like it has some really good MoCing pieces in many different varieties. I won't be able to get it any time soon, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. smile.gif



Project Fusion

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jan 04 2010 · 380 views
What is this Project Fusion I speak of, you ask? Well, as a few of you know, at the end of last summer I made a large parts order and planned on using it on a humanoid robot, my inspiration being DV's Transtech Shockwave. My goal in building this MoC has been to expand my building experience into the fusion world (I think I may have overdone it on the lower legs though :/ ), and build a sweet robot fellow at the same time. Thus, the personally dubbed "Project Fusion" (for lack of a better name).

Color scheme is white with dark red as a secondary color. Prior to the break I had the "foot" (which is actually a wheel) and a lower leg finished. Over the break I built a completely custom torso which I am extremely happy with. I have a good idea for a head, and I now have a preliminary arm done. In addition, I've mostly completed the leg design (it needs tweaking though). I'm sorry, but I don't have WIP pictures taken and I don't plan on it anytime soon. My break is over now, and I am going to let my LEGO building rest for a week or so; I get a better boost of creativity afterwords, it seems, if I rest for a bit.
Personally, I think he's looking quite good, but I'll leave you guys to pass judgment when I finish him. smile.gif

Also, I need a good name for him. Got any ideas?

In real life (lol) I had a wonderful break; it was both restful and productive. I finished reading Ted Dekker's Lost Books series (awesome author btw; I would highly recommend his Circle Trilogy), and I finished Metroid Prime 3 (which I loved). My non-profit met it's goal of 24k for three wells in Sudan, so I had a great break overall! happy.gif



Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Beaten

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Dec 26 2009 · 265 views
Difficulty: Normal
Percent of pick-ups retrieved: 100%
Time played: 14:30

*Warning: possible minor spoilers*
Yeah, I know that "normal" isn't all that impressive, but I still beat it. I'll probably go back next summer and try it on Hypermode difficulty (which I hear is ridiculously hard). The final boss battles were ok; I liked the dark Samus fight much better than the Aurora Unit 313 battle. The AU just seemed to simple in concept (it stayed in once spot while it spit Dark Echo Samus' at you). It's attacks were fairly easy to avoid (until you got to it's second phase though); Dark Samus' fight was much more intense (it felt). The hardest part of the AU fight was simply figuring out what I was supposed to do to kill it! Ah well, I'm sure on harder difficulties the engagement level would rack up significantly.

As to the final "Fixed Hypermode" I liked it how your concept of damage was reversed. You wanted to keep your "health bar" as low as possible so that you didn't get totally corrupted. This was good, but I found the absence of a save station after you land on Phaaze annoying (I never had to try again though; I made it through first try). You have to walk all the way through Phaaze's interior, fight Dark Samus, and then fight AU 313 (both forms) without taking a break. I dunno, I guess that sortof makes sense from a gaming point of view.

Out of all of the Final Boss Battles in the Prime series (ignoring the Dark Samus battles), I think I liked Prime 2's the best. In the MP1, you are too confined in the hall-like tunnel to move around (although you utilize your beams well) and in MP3, the boss doesn't actually move until it's second phase. I felt that the Emperor Ing in MP2 made you utilize all of your abilities in full. That's just my take though...

Overall, I loved the game, and I think that it might be my favorite out of the Prime series. However, in order to make a final judgment I need to play through the other two with the updated Wii controls... Sheesh, they're all great! rolleyes.gif

Oh, also: if there is anyone out there with MP3 save data on their Wii and they have some spare Friend Vouchers, I'd love to trade them to get some Friend Credits. Just shoot me a PM if you've got any. smile.gif



Member Spotlight...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Dec 24 2009 · 378 views
Well, today I'm on the member spotlight for the second time (that I recall) since joining. Heh, I need to update that pretty badly...
Also: lol. I deserve what, exactly? tongue.gif
In MoCing news, my latest project is coming along splendidly. Yessss....




Gbg It Is, Gbg It Shall Stay.

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Dec 20 2009 · 372 views
I guess I'm keeping my name at GreenBioGuy! happy.gif
You guys make some good points; thanks for the input! wink.gif




Emerald Fyre
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