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The Minimalist


Neat Feature on the Turaga Sets

Posted by Illuminatus , Feb 05 2018 · 130 views

If you switch the type 3 axle on a Turaga's weapon arm with a type 5 axle that connects both arms, they get a chanting function.


Extra Pieces in Toa Nuva Sets

Posted by Illuminatus , Jan 22 2018 · 88 views
toa nuva, extra pieces and 2 more...
Can anyone confirm to me that Tahu Nuva, Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva each came with a standard black ball joint for alternate builds, while Kopaka Nuva had three of those (for the Wairuha Nuva model) and neither Gali Nuva nor Lewa Nuva had a single one included?

I've almost definitely kept the piece-to-canister distribution throughout the years and the instructions only seem to indicate the use of ball joints for Tahu, Pohatu and Onua, but I wanted to ask for curiosity's sake.



Posted by Illuminatus , Jan 16 2018 · 125 views
bionicle, the game, ost and 2 more...
Beating my own lay attempts years ago, someone figured out a way to extract all the musical fragments from BIONICLE: The Game and sewing them together to bring the most complete, well-composed and high-quality OST of the game available online:


The score includes fragments that have never been used in the actual game for one reason or another, like this amazing passage for Ta-Koro and this entire battle theme for Ga-Koro.

Credit goes out to Hexadecimal Mantis for extracting the music and That1Cactus for editing. Insane job, you guys.

I'll go ahead and also share the original Onua Nuva and Tahu Nuva tracks Bob & Barn were kind enough to share with me some years ago that I never got around to uploading—and while I'm at it, here's the entire thing I personally managed to put together:

DOWNLOAD! (23/32 edited tracks + 2 original tracks by Bob & Barn)

Enjoy the best score ever composed for BIONICLE!


Branding the Elements

Posted by Illuminatus , Dec 09 2017 · 33 views

I had some fun breaking down the elemental—or rather "environmental"—archetypes in BIONICLE and its predecessors from a visual and marketing perspective. Here's a rough table based on what I suspect were the most and least successful visual themes throughout the years:

  • Volcanic
  • Branded as "Fire" and "Lava"
  • Dominant color: red
  • Jungular—for lack of an actual word
  • Branded as "(The) Jungle," "Swamp" and "Air"
  • Dominant color: green
  • Marine
  • Branded as "Water" and "Sub"
  • Dominant color: blue
  • Subterranean
  • Branded as "Earth," "Rock" and "Onyx"
  • Dominant color: black
  • Polar
  • Branded as "Ice" and "Frost"
  • Dominant color: white
  • Barren
  • Branded as "Stone," "Rock," "Sand," and "Dust"
  • Dominant color: brown/yellow/orange/tan (strikingly inconsistent)
  • Electric
  • Attempted to a degree as stand-alone in the Slizer/Throwbots series (with Energy/Electro, Spark and Flare)
  • Seen as an accompanying element in BIONICLE (with the Inika)
  • Dominant color: purple/orange
  • Urban
  • Attempted to a degree as stand-alone in the Slizer/Throwbots (with City/Turbo, Judge/Jet and Blaster) and RoboRiders series (with Power)
  • Seen as an accompanying element in BIONICLE (with the Toa Metru)
  • Dominant color: yellow/teal


Who Was the Most Carefree Makuta?

Posted by Illuminatus , Oct 27 2017 · 165 views

Makuta Hatana.


Ideas for a Broken Lhikan Greatsword Axle?

Posted by Illuminatus , Sep 10 2017 · 145 views

So just a few hours ago I got what I thought was a great deal on Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo: about $25 in local currency for a seemingly complete set; no box or instructions included. When disassembling the set and doing a piece count, I found a few were missing and several others were in the wrong color. All in all, nothing I wasn't prepared for (these are typical issues when buying from "normies"); I've already ordered the instructions from a US seller and all the necessary pieces from a UK seller. By my current estimations, the extra total shouldn't be more than about $15.

Now the bit that I wasn't prepared for was the fact that Lhikan's Greatswords apparently have very fragile and breakable axles. Upon close inspection of the pieces, I realized one of the axles was glued to the actual sword and when I poked at it it came off with barely any effort; needless to say I'm rather disappointed with the seller, but I've decided to let it go. Here's the issue: Lhikan Greatswords cost a lot on BrickLink, precisely because of their breakability. So I've decided that I'll go ahead and try to mend broken fences, i.e. axles.

My idea right now is to basically even the surface out of both the sword and the axle and then glue them together at as perfect an angle as I can manage. First I'll need to fill in the small crater on the sword with glue or plastic, then file it to produce an even surface. Then I'll file the broken surface of the axle. Then I'll glue the two.

What do you guys think? Yea or nay? Any better ideas? Have any of you gotten a broken piece like that and how did you deal with it?

Perhaps I should get a cheap piece in the same pearl light gray (I think?) color, melt it somehow and use that instead of glue?


If Everyone Had a 2003 Rename

Posted by Illuminatus , Sep 08 2017 · 141 views
jaller, hewkii, macku, pewku
  • Tahew
  • Onnewer
  • Pohattew
  • Gallii
  • Lewer
  • Kopacker
  • Vackammer
  • Whennewer
  • Onaywer
  • Nockammer
  • Mattau
  • Newjew
  • Newii-Rammer
  • Newii-Jagger
  • Tarackavver
  • Mewacker & Kannay-Rah
  • Mannas
  • Mackewter
  • Matter Newii


Overseas Shipping: The Rant Vol. 2

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 26 2017 · 133 views
overseas shipping, usps, bulgaria and 2 more...
I'm gonna keep this one brief. A full set of mint-condition 2001 Matoran for $64.99. That makes less than $11 a piece.

Sweet deal, right?

Add $7.50 for shipping to a friend in the States, because the seller doesn't ship overseas.

Add $48.00 for shipping to me, because I am not having the affordable service with a 75% success rate in delivery.

Still a sweet deal, right?

Add a 20% VAT on the entire total at customs, then several small "service" fees for retrieving and releasing my "goods."

*grits teeth*

Still a sweat deal... right?

Update: As it turns out, I had to pay a smaller tax at customs than I'd originally anticipated. Then when I inspected the package closely, I found out it had been marked as a gift, so not only could I have avoided the tax, but it was practically illegal for customs to tax me.

In any case, yes, the Tohunga sets are entirely worth it. YOLO.


If I Were in Charge of BIONICLE

Posted by Illuminatus , Aug 19 2017 · 203 views

I'd have ended the story in 2008 with a cliffhanger and a "to be continued," then made Bara Magna the proper Generation 2 after a year's hiatus.

Let's face it, BIONICLE had two reboots: a minor one and a major one. Both failed. IMHO, Bara Magna had promise but was handled poorly. The fact that it ran for only a year is still just surreal to me.


Overseas Shipping: The Rant

Posted by Illuminatus , May 09 2017 · 256 views
overseas shipping, usps, bulgaria and 2 more...
For the past several years, I've been doing what I could never do as a kid—namely collecting BIONICLE sets, collectibles, pieces and merchandise online.

I recently came to a very grim realization that had somehow been eluding me since mid 2011. Shipping overseas (in my case from the US to Bulgaria) without tracking is absolutely unreliable. I went ahead and made an extensive revision of every online purchase I've made from the US since mid 2011 and arrived at the following numbers:
  • 5 US eBay purchases (without tracking) – 5 arrived (4 BIONICLE-related)
  • 6 US BrickLink purchases (without tracking) – 1 arrived (6 BIONICLE-related)
  • 3 US BZP trades/purchases (without tracking) – 2 arrived (3 BIONICLE-related)
  • 1 other US purchase (without tracking) – 1 arrived (0 BIONICLE-related)
Which means that out of 15 shipped packages (that I paid for; obviously) only 9 (60%) have arrived. That is absolutely maddening. For every 3 purchases that have arrived to me, 2 have gone missing. Those numbers are insane. I mean look at BrickLink, for goodness' sake—1 out of 6 arrived. Are you kidding me???

I've had packages go missing from other countries as well, but nowhere near as often as from the US. Packages from Germany have occasionally arrived damaged, but almost always arrive without the need for tracking. That goes for almost all of Europe.

Now I was almost certain the problem was with Bulgarian Post (a government-owned establishment) and their sloppy service; I'm willing to bet the majority of the packages that never arrived to me are in fact in my own country; although the numbers make me consider whether USPS is doing a good job too or is partly responsible for this gross unreliability.

I hate to rant, but this simply isn't fair. Literally the cheapest delivery service in the civilized world should, by default, guarantee that your package will in fact arrive. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Arrival should be a given, not a privilege. When we pay for merchandise and pay to have it shipped, we pay for it to arrive, not just to depart. If I were paying for the latter, I could just as easily have the seller toss it out their window and then keep my fingers crossed it arrives somehow.

Not to mention the obvious loss of time, money and valuable merchandise. I don't know about you guys, but even in the very rare cases where I'd gotten a refund, I've still felt extremely cheated, because the items I've (apparently gambled on and) lost have usually been the only ones for sale at the time. For a lost package to hypothetically be compensated, you would need a full refund and the easy opportunity to buy the same item for the same amount from elsewhere. If those circumstances are present, you can get over the time you've lost, but it's never really just the time you lose. You usually lose the time, the money and the ability to obtain the item again. That is literally criminal.

Bottom line is, whenever I want to buy something from overseas, I have to choose between either paying a reasonable amount of money for shipping or being guaranteed that my package will in fact arrive. Having both is apparently too much to ask for in the 21st century.

To wrap my rant up, I'll just go ahead and post a list of all the items I've lost in the aforementioned purchases (all of which are coincidentally LEGO-related items):
  • 1 Toa Mata US promotional mini CD
  • 1 Interactive Demo CD
  • 1 Throwbots 2000 Fusion poster
  • 7 different marbled silver Rhotuka spinners
  • 1 glow-in-the-dark opaque Rhotuka spinner
  • 1 dark bluish gray Rhotuka spinner
  • 1 pearl light gray Toa Mata head
  • 9 Kanohi polybags in 3 different colors
  • 1 Kanohi & Krana polybag
RIP in the huge magical pile of "lost" packages I guess.

BCJ out.


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