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The Minimalist



Posted by Illuminatus , Jul 02 2018 · 143 views

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You Ever Wonder

Posted by Illuminatus , Jun 30 2018 · 140 views

You ever wonder if there's an alternate dimension where Takanuva is just Toa Takua because no one needed the plot twist?


Finally Got the Copper Huna

Posted by Illuminatus , May 25 2018 · 190 views

Back in 2006 when I became and Outstanding BZPower Citizen a US copper Huna was sent out to me as a token of appreciation but unfortunately never made it to me.

12 years later I finally have it. Black Six was kind enough to send me one as a substitute for the Villain Pack I won in the 2018 Member Raffle #4.


The Wayback Machine

Posted by Illuminatus , May 01 2018 · 217 views

Unbelievably, there appear to be 10 snapshots of my BZP profile in the Wayback Machine, but all of them display a board message. Supposedly due to the fact that you can't view profiles while you aren't logged in. But people certainly must've made the snapshots while logged in and while looking at my profile particularly.

Does anyone have any idea how to make these snapshots work?


What's a Good Way to Paint Pieces?

Posted by Illuminatus , Mar 24 2018 · 254 views
paint, lego, pieces, black and 1 more...
You can make the entire Toa Mata team in all black, save for Lewa's axe and Pohatu's feet.

What's a good way to paint those in black? Spray paint?


Neat Feature on the Turaga Sets

Posted by Illuminatus , Feb 05 2018 · 305 views

If you switch the type 3 axle on a Turaga's weapon arm with a type 5 axle that connects both arms, they get a chanting function.


Extra Pieces in Toa Nuva Sets

Posted by Illuminatus , Jan 22 2018 · 240 views
toa nuva, extra pieces and 2 more...
Can anyone confirm to me that Tahu Nuva, Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva each came with a standard black ball joint for alternate builds, while Kopaka Nuva had three of those (for the Wairuha Nuva model) and neither Gali Nuva nor Lewa Nuva had a single one included?

I've almost definitely kept the piece-to-canister distribution throughout the years and the instructions only seem to indicate the use of ball joints for Tahu, Pohatu and Onua, but I wanted to ask for curiosity's sake.



Posted by Illuminatus , Jan 16 2018 · 331 views
bionicle, the game, ost and 2 more...
Beating my own lay attempts years ago, someone figured out a way to extract all the musical fragments from BIONICLE: The Game and sewing them together to bring the most complete, well-composed and high-quality OST of the game available online:


The score includes fragments that have never been used in the actual game for one reason or another, like this amazing passage for Ta-Koro and this entire battle theme for Ga-Koro.

Credit goes out to Hexadecimal Mantis for extracting the music and That1Cactus for editing. Insane job, you guys.

I'll go ahead and also share the original Onua Nuva and Tahu Nuva tracks Bob & Barn were kind enough to share with me some years ago that I never got around to uploading—and while I'm at it, here's the entire thing I personally managed to put together:

DOWNLOAD! (23/32 edited tracks + 2 original tracks by Bob & Barn)

Enjoy the best score ever composed for BIONICLE!


Branding the Elements

Posted by Illuminatus , Dec 09 2017 · 178 views

I had some fun breaking down the elemental—or rather "environmental"—archetypes in BIONICLE and its predecessors from a visual and marketing perspective. Here's a rough table based on what I suspect were the most and least successful visual themes throughout the years:

  • Volcanic
  • Branded as "Fire" and "Lava"
  • Dominant color: red
  • Jungular—for lack of an actual word
  • Branded as "(The) Jungle," "Swamp" and "Air"
  • Dominant color: green
  • Marine
  • Branded as "Water" and "Sub"
  • Dominant color: blue
  • Subterranean
  • Branded as "Earth," "Rock" and "Onyx"
  • Dominant color: black
  • Polar
  • Branded as "Ice" and "Frost"
  • Dominant color: white
  • Barren
  • Branded as "Stone," "Rock," "Sand," and "Dust"
  • Dominant color: brown/yellow/orange/tan (strikingly inconsistent)
  • Electric
  • Attempted to a degree as stand-alone in the Slizer/Throwbots series (with Energy/Electro, Spark and Flare)
  • Seen as an accompanying element in BIONICLE (with the Inika)
  • Dominant color: purple/orange
  • Urban
  • Attempted to a degree as stand-alone in the Slizer/Throwbots (with City/Turbo, Judge/Jet and Blaster) and RoboRiders series (with Power)
  • Seen as an accompanying element in BIONICLE (with the Toa Metru)
  • Dominant color: yellow/teal


Who Was the Most Carefree Makuta?

Posted by Illuminatus , Oct 27 2017 · 317 views

Makuta Hatana.


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