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I Swear I'm Not The Devil...

Posted by Kex , Jul 21 2006 · 2,016 views

But .png is.

As you know, we have this thing called the BBC Forum, which is run by BBC Empire. In this forum, members share their MOCs. Most of the time, a digital photograph of the MOC is provided. Now -- in order to get this photograph onto BZPower, you're going to have to save it to your computer in order to upload it. But what file extension do you use?

Most members choose to use the .jpg format. After all, it's the most commonly used file extension on the internet. However, there are some who choose to venture outside the world of .jpg. That jolly, merry place just wasn't their thing.

So they go and see the Devil -- .png.

Using .png as opposed to .jpg in photographic images does absolutely nothing but increase the filesize -- often five to ten times the size of the .jpg. To make it even worse, there is minimal gain in quality.

Back to the BBC Forum. When you use .png, less people view your MOCs. When you enter a BBC contest, you lose votes. Just because of the file extension and long load time of your entry picture. Not everyone has high-speed internet. I for one still use dial-up. Pity me.

In fact, the BBC contest staff have discussed banning .png images from the contests.

Use .jpg. Let the Devil be a Devil outside of the BBC Forum.


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Queen of Noise
Jul 21 2006 09:15 AM
Or, you could just get a better, faster internet connection. tongue.gif

Feh, no; I agree. I only use jpeg nowadays for bbc.
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I've got an idea, let's all use .bmp.

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QUOTE(Cap'n Exo @ Jul 21 2006, 10:52 AM)

I've got an idea, let's all use .bmp.


Or how about we don't, since .bmp images are not permitted anywhere on BZPower.
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.bmp is the devil. .png is the devil's advocate. You used to know these things, man.

But lo and behold, Kex has shown me the light! As Tohu as my witness, I shall never convert again!
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Thanks for the advice. From now on, the devil (and it's advocate) has one supporter less. smile.gif
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Tufi Piyufi
Jul 21 2006 10:56 PM
Thank you Kex.

.png isn't a magical format that automatically makes your pictures look better, your teeth look whiter and a few more votes fall your way. .jpg is absolutely fine for photographs. Over numerous contests, I have found myself waiting for entry pictures to load that, while technically .png, load as fast (or slow) as .bmp. I can't just skip over it: I have to load it to make sure it doesn't violate any of the rules. It's not a fun experience.

Yay .jpg!
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Kopaka's Ice Engineering
Jul 22 2006 03:04 PM
Okay, do you have any comments on Targas (.tga)?

-KIE...who has no digital camera sad.gif
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QUOTE(Kopaka's Ice Engineering @ Jul 22 2006, 04:04 PM)

Okay, do you have any comments on Targas (.tga)?

-KIE...who has no digital camera sad.gif

Why, yes, I laugh at targas. biggrin.gif
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Pity me.
Always. tongue.gif

KIE, I don't even know what Targas is... and I'm a computer-type person. (Yeah, that sounded technical.) What kind of person are you that makes me go look something up? biggrin.gif

Sometimes .png loads slower than .bmp. glare.gif

The only thing that .png improves is .gif, and sometimes the filesize isn't much different.

©1984-2006 Toaraga EAM

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Pakari Master of Limn
Aug 13 2006 01:28 AM
I personally love .gif, which allows weird sig shapes and whatnot.
I'll admit, Jpgs are fine for pictures, but if you are doing digital art, it's gifs all the way. You can't animate jpgs!!!

~GN (Y)
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