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The Memory of Trees



Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 27 2010 · 1,774 views
Art / MOCs
:: ::

Kind of like Knives.

Knives Chau, that is.

Except his name's actually just Matau. Not Sawblades.

There's also this one if you want an alternate view. He's still a WIP because his back needs filling in and I'm not 100% satisfied with the torso, but I wanted to post something before I'm separated from my pieces for six weeks...

Apparently this is what happens when I finally acquire the Turaga's Kanohi. I don't remember how exactly the idea for his weapons came to be, but it involved the concept of the Toa versions of the Turaga having tools that resembled their staffs. And somehow that turned into giant buzz saw nunchucks of doom. Not that I'm complaining.

Also, it should be pretty obvious that we're ignoring Metru Nui right now. This is a Toa Matau strictly from the jungles of Mata Nui.

Also also, I go back to college tomorrow. Aaaaahh!!
~ ToM


My Summer As Video Game

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 26 2010 · 734 views
:: ::

Brought to you by too much Scott Pilgrim and friends who like Pokemon.

• YANNI learned SASS

• YANNI learned FLIRT

• YANNI completed mission: CANVASSING
_____-> EXPERIENCE +999
_____-> RESUME +1




Days left until I leave for college again: 1.5
~ ToM


I Can Never Have A Normal Job Now

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 24 2010 · 770 views
I just realized I don't think I've blogged about my summer job at all this year. Huh. But then, I haven't blogged too much in general.

Anyway! I did the same thing as I did last summer, working for NYPIRG (the New York Public Interest Research Group), canvassing again – going door-to-door, for those not in the know – raising money for environmentalism and other awesome things like that. The difference being that now I'm better at it, so it took me three weeks to earn what I did in the month and a half I worked there last year. I work on commission on what I raise, see. And if it doesn't come too close to bragging, I had three weeks this summer where I raised more than $1000 in one week – kind of a big deal. I didn't even know that was possible last year.

But, now that I've done this for two years, I'm not sure how I'll ever be able to stand having a normal job. I really like sleeping in every day, being able to talk back to and make fun of my boss, and going out and having adventures for like two hours before we really start work.

It'll be nice to eventually have hourly wage and maybe be home for dinner on weekdays again, but I like having a job where I'm out there actually making a difference and working for something extremely important. It's gonna feel weird if I ever work for some big corporation where I actually deal with consumerism or have a real boss or whatever.

Also: this summer confirms that Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the perfect song to describe canvassing. You're walking down a street, all alone, facing rejection at door after door...
~ ToM


The Third-best Photo From Brickfair

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 15 2010 · 545 views
After Ray photobombing Andrew and Pat being terrifying, apparently:

It doesn't quite tie with Ray, but I think this is a very close second in the photobomb game this year.

Also noticing a trend here: photos of Andrew are often epic?
~ ToM


Brickfair: The Spoils

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 13 2010 · 1,084 views
And now we come to another one of the best parts of Brickfair: what I got there! (Slightly after the epic people and memories in order of awesomeness.) And I got quite a lot.

Might as well start with sets. I got the Medieval Market Village, the Deep Sea Striker (a.k.a. the giant scorpion from the Atlantis line), and Rotor for 50% off at Casual Shopping with the Bulls, then won the Shadow Crawler from Exo-Force in Bingo (it's the one with the lime Kodan claw, which is all that matters), and finally bought Skateboarding Pepper from the Lego Island Extreme Stunts series for only $5, which I've wanted since it first came out! I was quite thrilled about him.

And then I got a lot of other stuff, which was just as awesome!

First, a huge bag of 2001 Kanohi from Janus, which were his half of a trade that I haven't fulfilled my end of yet. But until I do I want him to know that he is super amazing and I love him! (and not just for this!) I'm also obligated to give him dipping sauce until I do.

There's actually one mask in that photo that doesn't belong there. Can you spot it?

That's because of the next trade I engaged in, in which I gave DV some brownies in exchange for a blue and a green Matatu! Most awesome trade ever.

And some more pieces I got:

On the left are a bunch of parts I bought from a couple stores at Brickfair – the pieces for Nokama, a bunch of noble Kanohi, and the heads and masks of the Turaga I don't have. (I decided to finally get my act together and just buy the pieces for the rest of them.) Plus an extra blue Tohunga body so I can have Maku and Hahli at the same time! And the gold is from a custom bricks store that I had a coupon for, so I just went there and thought "why not?" since they were effectively free.

And then on the right is a mess of stuff that I got from Nikira! biggrin.gif She brought a big tub of Bionicle stuff and Janus and DV and I went through it and took what was interesting to us. She's so generous! Thank you, Deb! <3

I think I'll leave the photos of this for another entry, but thanks to Janus I am now only two Kanohi away from having all 36 from the original Toa! I just need a brown Pakari and a green Kaukau and then that'll be it! And thanks to him and that one store I'm also really close to getting all the Turaga's as well, but I don't yet have a complete set of any of theirs.

Thank you Rob and Pat and Deb <3
~ ToM


Brickfair: Peoples

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 11 2010 · 557 views
Prior to one week ago, my repertoire of BZP members I had met consisted of only two: Black Six and HauNuva (if anyone even remembers him).

That has changed now, and so I shall list everyone as a sort of thank-you for all the amazing memories they provided me!
  • Smeagol4 (attacked me as I got out of the airport)
  • Janus (see above)
  • Darth Vader (protected me from the above two)
  • Hahli Husky (Disney singalong <3)
  • Senjo (is a spectacular cook, and can do just about anything!)
  • Nikira (is beautiful!)
  • TwingDing (we became friends after about two days and <3)
  • LehvakLah (one-letter-difference name!)
  • Friar Tuck (is highly responsible and highly cool)
  • Rayg (gives excellent art advice and is a sexy fellow)
  • Nuju Metru (dude, why have I never talked to you before? We need to sing together!)
  • Kohaku (<3)
  • VampyreAri (is cuddly)
  • Primus (is a really cool guy and we had an awesome conversation while waiting in line for an hour and a half at the Lego store)
  • Nukaya (was looking dashing in her polo shirt and explorer hat, and is super adorable and cute and and and)
  • Sisen (is quiet but neat)
  • Arpy (fun with posing for photos)
  • ChocolateFrogs (those mosaics were epic. cc: Nukaya)
  • Vezok's Friend (is a good artist)
  • Waffles (pretty sure the entire BZP staff wants to adopt him)
  • Kanohi Zatth (Janus and I spent a good while looking through an enormous tub of Bionicle pieces for sale with him and Waffles)
  • Stubbed Toa (didn't get to talk to you much, but your art is cool and you know it
  • dablackcat (no one's ever asked to take a photo with me before!)
  • Spink (wishing we had hung out more)
  • Disky (see above!)
And lots of these lovely people took equally lovely photos, which I can't wait to see because they're all better than mine. I like this one a lot (thanks, Arpy!) of the ones that have shown up so far. And can't wait for the Hahli Mahri and Hahli Mahri shots that I know a few people took. :3

~ ToM


Brickfair: Statistics

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 10 2010 · 1,513 views
Oh my god.

Brickfair was basically the best weekend of my life. In brief. I'll be going into detail a lot more in later entries, but I think that will do nicely as a summary for now. I met so many awesome people and we had epic times hanging out and at Brickfair and dressing up in fancy clothes to go to completely non-fancy restaurants (with Steve Witt!). It was amazing getting to see all these friends I knew online in person, and their MOCs and art (had some fun sketchbook exchanges with Rayg and LehvakLah), and I'm really really sad that I had to leave and come back to my normal life afterward. I miss everyone so much.

For now, I'm going to give you a statistical breakdown of my time at Brickfair:
  • original 2001 Kanohi acquired: 37
  • awesomeness of Janus: 100%
  • misprints acquired: 2
  • Lego sets bought: 4
  • Lego sets gotten for free: 2
  • total value of sets acquired: ≈$163
  • amount paid for said sets: $75
  • members met for the first time: 24 (I think)
  • volumes of Scott Pilgrim read: 5
  • dipping sauce references made: at least 4
  • hours of sleep gotten per night: never more than 6
  • generosity of everyone I met: 100%
  • birds sighted flying around the jetBlue terminal at JFK airport: 7
  • things people said that I wish I could write down because of how funny they were: too many
  • amount of people who love Waffles: infinite
  • hugs: too many to count. <3
More details will be forthcoming!
~ ToM


Coming Soon To A Brickfair Near You

Posted by ToM Dracone , Aug 04 2010 · 502 views
Art / MOCs

Also, me.

And this is in thanks to a couple lovely new orders of Lego pieces that just came in!

In 24 hours I leave for Brickfair. Oh my god oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD
~ ToM


Library Summer Olympics Round 2

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jul 29 2010 · 836 views
Also bannertime!

You guys should go check it out. I had so much fun making the banner. I'm so glad that scene exists from 2002. It's perfect for this contest. XD

also one week till Brickfair AAAAAAHHHHHH!
~ ToM


Hey, Darth Vader

Posted by ToM Dracone , Jul 22 2010 · 821 views
Art / MOCs

She's a little awkward from this angle, but eh.
~ ToM

I Enyalië Aldaron


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