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Energizer Mecha Thunder

Posted by Ballom Nom Nom , May 10 2008 · 705 views

My dire prediction turned out to be true. I am now also doing a critique of a Duelmaster card each week, in which I tell how it can be used, and where to use it in decks, and other stuff like that.

So allow me to introduce, as DCotW #1, one of my personal favorites:

La Byle, Seeker of the Winds!

This is a great Light creature to have around, for several reasons. It costs 7 mana to summon, but such costs are definately worth it. La Byle is the Duelmaster equivalent of the Energizer bunny: it can keep blocking attacks, destroying small blockers or creatures in the process, and keep untapping and blocking, untapping and blocking . . . it just keeps going and going. I once used a La Byle to deflect eight attacks and destroy five of the attackers. Pretty good, huh?

It works best in an all-Light deck, or a deck with a heavy amount of blockers. If you need the mana to summon larger attackers, just send a La Byle in to sponge up attacks. Should a larger creature come up, just have it either break a shield, or take the blow with a smaller blocker to keep La Byle alive.

You can also put her under the Evolution Mecha Thunder, Kuukai, Finder of Karma, later on in the metagame.

For only 2 mana less, Kuukai provides a hulking 10500 power to deflect and destroy medium attackers, and will survive a lot longer than La Byle does. A properly Re Bil-enhanced Kuukai can deflect even the mighty Ballom himself.

Ballom's Rating: 4/5. Kinda weak, and a tad expensive, but it does its job well.


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Interesting review wakeup2.gif . I've never seen that card before.
I belive that you asked me for a list of some of my cards so here all my super rares. smile.gif

-Roaring great horn x3
-Deathblade Beetle
-Ultracide worm
-Giriel Ghastly warrior
-Deathliger lion of chaos
-Ladia Bale the inspirational
-Miar Comet elemental
-Hanusa Radience elemental.

some othe cards of interest are:
-vampire silphy x3
-Bolzard Drago
-Random holographic common/uncommon cards
-Rothus the traveler x4 (one varient art)
-Sieg Bacula the intense
-Armored transport galiacruse
-King Ripped-Hide
-Rayla truth enforcer
-Dawn Giant
-Xeno mantis
-Invincible abyss
-Thorny mandra x2
-Obisidian Scarab
-Spinning totem
-other very rare cards I forgot to include. smile.gif
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Ballom Nom Nom
May 11 2008 10:18 AM
Awesome! I'd love to be able to get some of these cards. If possible, could you make a list of all of them, because I'd like to get some of the rare, uncommon, and common ones too, as well as other very and super rares. Out of those you listed, I'd like:

-Roaring Great Horn
-Giriel, Ghastly Warrior
-Ladia Bale, the Inspirational
-Sieg Ballicula, the Intense
-Invincible Abyss
-Obisidian Scarab
-Spinning Totem
-Random holographic common/uncommon cards

Since you have Sieg Ballicula and Invincible Abyss, I'd like to get all cards you have from their series, because those are the two I have the least of. Even puzzle cards are wanted. Finally, could you just send me all these if you don't want 'em?


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Hmm... I'm not so sure I want to trade Giriel, Ghastly Warrior, Ladia Bale, and Sieg Ballicula, because they play pretty important roles in my decks but the others cards I'm fine with. I listed all the super rares I own, but not all the very rares, so I'll list the rest later.

Could you tell me which commons and uncommons you are interested in specifically, otherwise it would be a lot of work for me to list all of my cards. Sorry but all my puzzle card are bent out of shape, I use them as dividers in my card box.

What would you be willing to trade for my cards? It need not be Duelmaster related.

One thing I would like to say is that this would be my first time trading with someone over the internet, so I was wondering how this would work exactly?
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Ballom Nom Nom
May 12 2008 07:48 PM
Dang. I'd really like to get Giriel and Ladia Bale. Oh well, at least I'm getting Roaring Great Horn and all of the very rares (minus Sieg Ballicula) I mentioned. Now, as for what I want, here:

-All of your puzzle cards (I don't care about their condition)
-All cards from Rampage of the Super Warriors set
-All cards from Stompatrons of Invincible Wrath set
-Roaring Great Horn x2
-Explosive Fighter Ucarn
-Dark Clown
-Gatling Skyterror
-Stampeding Longhorn
-Storm Shell
-Spiral Grass
-Hypersquid Walter
-Plasma Chaser
-Dark Titan Maginn
-Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits
-Trox, General of Destruction
-Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast
-Supporting Tulip
-Hydro Hurricane
-Smile Angler
-Gregoria, Princess of War
-Obsidian Scarab
-Snork La, Shrine Guardian
-Twincannon Skyterror
-Bloodwing Mantis
-Invincible Abyss
-King Benthos
-Battleship Mutant
-Spinning Totem
-Justice Jamming
-Kizar Baziku, the Outrageous
-Pulsar Tree
-Riptide Charger
-Trenchdive Shark
-Hopeless Vortex
-Propeller Mutant
-Venom Charger
-Apocalypse Vise

That's all of the cards from the first 7 sets that I can think of needing. And as for the transaction of the cards, I can give you Pokemon cards or something else such as a (limited) amount of cash, but I was hoping that these were extras you could give me for free. smile.gif

As for the transaction, we exchange places of residences and addresses, and mail each other the spoils.

How about that?

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Lets continue the conversation through PM... smile.gif
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Ballom Nom Nom
May 14 2008 10:30 PM
QUOTE(The Pointy-Haired Boss @ May 14 2008, 06:19 PM)
Lets continue the conversation through PM... smile.gif

Yes, let's. I'm PMing you now.

Any further thoughts should be about La Byle, hmmm? smile.gif

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