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Mongol Kangaroo

Posted by Ballom , Jun 06 2008 · 350 views

Well, it's time once again for the Pokemon of the Week, and for this one, I bring you an underrated, yet cool and well-liked, original generation Pokemon. She also boasts one of the most cleverly punned names, aside from Geodude.

So, as PotW #5, I present . . . Kangaskhan!

While this marsupial reptile may be non-evolving and of only one gender, Kangaskan gained several new toys to play with in the fourth generation. This leads to its wonderful ability, Scrap*py (stupid word filter! mad.gif ), which allows it to hit Ghosts with Normal and Fighting moves. This, combined with decent Attack and Speed, and somewhat burly HP, can make Kangaskan a suprisingly good sweeper. And of course, with an adorable purple baby in its pouch, it becomes a great Pokemon automatically.

In fact, the psuedo-kangaroo works best using the common Sub Punch moveset:

Kangaskan @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
212 HP / 82 Atk / 216 Spe
~ Substitute
~ Focus Punch
~ Return
~ Sucker Punch

Being able to set up a sturdy 101 HP Sub (to avoid being removed by a Seismic Toss) is always an asset. Then, just Focus Punch up to kill Blissey and other Normals, Rocks, and Steels. Sucker Punch is useful if you think you're about to be attacked, and will work wonders against Ghosts, although with Scrap*py you can hit them 100% of the time anyway. Return works only if it has max happiness, but is the main Normal attacking move anyway. These IVs allow Khan to outspeed some of the slower sweepers, although you could always pour more EVs into Attack to hit harder if you wanted to.

I actually had a Kangaskhan like this once, called Joe Mama. Though inevitably it ran amuck and climbed the Chrystler Building. After that, it couldn't get arrested in this town . . .

Ballom's Rating: 4/5. If Kangaskan had more Attack and Speed, it would join the ranks of Arceus as a god among Pokemon. As it is, however, it falls into the Underused category.


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Nice review. I really like Kangaskhan, I used to have one, but my friend tried to clone it and it somehow was deleted. You are completely right. If Kangas had more speed, they would own.

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Hmm... Kangaskhan actually looks pretty good here. The attack won't be very high with those attack EVs, which is a little disappointing. It looks like it could be a good UU Pokemon to have. Reasonable defense is good.

Are all your ratings 4/5? It seems like that's the only one you've given.

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Klaka, wait until he reviews Magikarp. -3/5


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No, not really. Cherrim and Trapinch got a 3/5, while Octillery got a 4.5/5. I'm trying to do Pokemon with unique, not normally-used movesets, so it may be a while before one is able to earn a 5/5.

Thanks for the replies. Another Pokemon that could use more speed to be invincible: Wobuffet.

Say, that gives me an idea . . . evilgrin.gif

Besides, why on earth would I review Magikarp? It only has 3 attacks!

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Dunno why you'd review Magikarp.

You should review Rotom.

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But Rotom is OU. I only want to review UU or lower Pokemon.

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K. how about Farfetch'd? or is he too overused?

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Farfetch'd is either UU or NU, so maybe.

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QUOTE(Ballom Toa of Darkness @ Jun 7 2008, 08:37 PM)
But Rotom is OU. I only want to review UU or lower Pokemon.


Rotom is UU. wink.gif
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lookaround.gif I knew that.

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