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Mystic Powers

Posted by Ballom , Jun 22 2008 · 295 views

On Friday, Ballom had no time to post a blog entry, as he spent the day partying with his cousins when they came over. On Saturday, Ballom spent all day on a plane, flying home. On the day of today, Ballom now has to post both the PotW and the DCotW. This is the entry of the PotW. Ballom will now continure to post in his normal style.

Yes, it's Unown. Laugh all you want. lookaround.gif And while I would post an overall description of Unown, I thik I'll just skip it, as that overall description would consist of one word: BAD. Of course, that doesn't prevent Unown from having amazing power. When confronted with one in a battle, the opponent is compelled to run out of pity.

And here is its magical moveset:

Unown @ Choice Specs
Modest Nature
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
~ Hidden Power

Unown in all its glory. HP Ice is for Dragonite and Mence, HP Fighting for TTar, and HP Psychic for STAB. For the most part, pray. There are no other options, really, altough a Scarf can be used instead of Specs.

And for comedy, here's another review on Unown, from another site:
This is an ingenious moveset spread across the ages, constructed piece by piece with painstaking care in the arching caverns and ancient machinery of the most devious and cunning hive mind in the history of anything.

This moveset brings out Unown's fullest potential to the light. His most powerful move, Hidden Power, rips through Magikarp, Hoppip, and Feebas with its unimaginable power, 2HKOing and OHKOing Magikarp and Hoppip with Hidden Power Ice, respectively. A neutral Hidden Power gives Feebas the ol' one-two-hit KO. When facing such opponents, Unown is unbeatable.

As if this wasn't proof enough of Unown's superiority, Hidden Power Ice OHKOs Salamence. Transporting to prehistoric ages, Unown can 2HKO the powerful T-rex, Tyranitar, with Hidden Power Fighting. And going even higher up on the evolutionary ladder, Groudon is 2HKOed by Hidden Power Ice.

Unown is just like Man; it dies to Pokémon with move. But for those who are unprepared for Man's—or rather, Unown's, for they are one and the same—unpredictability, they will too fall.

Anything that resists his mighty Hidden Power or has equally as mighty Special Defense beats the mighty Unown. Blissey, with her fatness stretching on for eternity, walls Unown for perpetuity, even if its Hidden Power is Fighting kung fu. Grumpig is an equally good candidate.

Ballom's Rating: 1/5. At least it can OHKO something.

Caution: This blog entry contains scenes of extreme prejudice and should not have been viewed by young children.


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Caution: This blog entry contains scenes of extreme prejudice and should not have been viewed by young children


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I admit, this was more of a lolz entry than anything else. Still, it was fun to do.

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What are you talking about! Unown is the greatest Pokemon ever! I've swept an entire team of level 100 Ubers with only a level 1 Unown. HP Water 30. mad.gif tongue.gif

Only 1/5? Are you crazy? tongue.gif

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Noob! My Lvl. 1 Unown is far superior to yours, posessing HP Poison 31! It can sweep an entire team of Lvl. 200 Ubers. You are helpless before its power!

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Mata-Nui Nuva
Jul 23 2008 11:41 AM
Ah, yes. This godly Pokemon moveset has obviously taken much effort to create. Way to go, Unown!

Yeah, I know that website that moveset came from. I actually read that quote a few months ago. I cracked up, and I sent the link to my friends. And thus, my friends have knowledge of... the site.

I might train a "PARTY!" team of Unown just for kicks.
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Oh yes, that website the description came from is soo useful. It's the only place I use for movesets and EV spreads.

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Cade the Pokeathlete
Aug 15 2008 06:42 PM
Coincidence. Give or take a few days, But I caught a Shiny Unown A around the time this was posted.
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Good luck on catching that! biggrin.gif

What nature and type of HP does it have?

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