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    IC: The Ruins of Earth “Great disc of appropriate power must be inserted into NUVA device,” the machine answered Kat. It pulled out the box containing the great discs and began walking towards the device. "Kilo, what are you doing, exactly?" Arkius interjected, stepping forward. "Hand the disks over, we are about to begin the bestowment of the boon." “This unit is activating the device. Is there a problem?” Jutori stepped forward, suspicion in his optics. “Yes, is there a problem, Arkius?” "You? Activating the device? What fault in your programming led you to that conclusion? Jutori here must be the one to activate the device, Kat standing alongside him, for the bestowment of the boon to function properly. I would have thought as much obvious but it seems I overestimated the dependability of your computational prowess. Now hand the disks over so we may begin." “What’s wrong with Kilo doing it…?” Kat asked. Arkius turned to Kat with a confused furrow of his brow. "Kilo is a machine, not a Toa." “This unit is unaware of any species-based restrictions to the device.” The Earthen Toa looked back to Kilo, a bemused expression on his features. "Species? Is that what you designate yourself as?" “The reward ahead of us is for anyone who wishes to seek it,” Jutori countered. He hefted his hammer over his shoulder, gesturing to the machine, then the Ta-Toa with them. “Kilo is as deserving of it as either Kat or I.” “I think it’s a great idea!” Kat spoke up cheerily. “After all, Kilo can’t get stronger through training like other people can, so he can do it this way!” The machine paused for a moment to consider Arkius’ question while its allies vouched for it. Finally it broke its silence. “This unit may not qualify as a ‘species’ based on your definition, but that does not mean this unit is unworthy of this power. Please step aside Toa Arkius.” Arkius glared at the machine that so audaciously designated itself worthy of the boon he assuredly knew only a Toa could be bestowed. "I see now. It's clear your programming has degraded in your long years of hiding." Arkius stretched out his hand, and for a moment, those who had been paying attention recognised his posture as that of preparing to use his power of Earth. But he stopped. Staring into Kilo's optic was the singular eye of Arkius, not the pale emerald hue it had for the most part been since his transformation, but a vibrant green from before, his expression changing from intense and loathing to pleading and somber. "Please… I'm… so sorry… help-" For a brief, almost fleeting moment, Kilo might have noticed the vibrant eye looking at the staff he carried, before snapping back to glare at the machine, its hue fading once more to a pale venomous green before the toa clenched his fist, the ground rupturing with earthen arms that grabbed and restrained Kilo, forcing it to drop the box containing the great discs from its hands. "I don't like having to repeat myself, Kilo. Now let us proceed with this bestowment as it was intended." Jutori suddenly changed stance, taking his hammer in both hands. “Let Kilo go, Arkius. This will go no further.” As Arkius moved towards the great disc box it was suddenly hit by a projectile and encased in a bubble of energy. The mechanical enforcer had managed enough movement in its restrained state to blast the box with its tail. “Toa Arkius, this unit has noticed the change in behavior exhibited by Ally Atamai and yourself. Whatever mental alterations have occured due to the NUVA device is hindering your thinking processes. Additional violence is not required, but Toa Arkius cannot be trusted to select who receives this power.” There was a long moment where Kilo and Arkius stared at each other. Arkius’ eye grew more brilliant again for a brief moment, and it looked like he might concede to the group, before it dulled once more, and his face twisted with a dark scowl. He clenched his hand into a fist once more, and the earthen hands restraining Kilo twisted around, pulling on the Kralhi and with a horrible shriek of rending metal, the mechanical enforcer was ripped in two and thrown across the chamber. The energy bubble encasing the disc box dissipated as the signal was cut off, causing the container to once again clatter to the floor. Jutori‘s eyes flew wide open in shock, and he tightened his grip around his sledgehammer. He knew that, as a Toa, it wasn’t right to think this way, but at the moment he very much wanted to bring it down on Arkius’ head. Brutalizing Kilo was the last straw--the Toa of Earth’s plans would end here. Yet before he could act, the Toa of Gravity found himself restrained with arms of living earth as Kilo had been before, the constructs holding him tight and preventing his movement. Jutori groaned and struggled to break free. Kat was similarly in shock, but she fell back on her training. ‘Keep your eyes on the fight’, Lhii had always instructed. It was a lesson that she’d taken to heart. Her training became her instincts, and she dropped into a more comfortable fighting stance. Arkius had meanwhile picked up the box, taking out the Great Disk of Ga-Metru and gently dropping it. He then took out what he realised was *not* a Great Disk, and looking into the box again, realised that neither of the remaining two were the Onu-Metru disk. "Oh of course." He muttered as he dropped the box, shooting a glare at the felled Kilo before realising Kat's uncertainty. “Come, Katrin, the power of NUVA waits only for you and Jutori to claim it!” Arkius spoke, a fanatical tone to his voice, taking a step forward. Kat’s entire body trembled slightly, but whether it was excitement or fear could not be said. She did not back down. “If it makes me want to hurt people, I’m not sure I want that kind of power anymore!” Her expression hardened, “Just look what you did to Kilo! He’s your friend, isn’t he?” Arkius tilted his head. "Friend? Kilo is a machine, Katrin. To have called it an 'ally' was generous, but assigning monikers of emotional attachment to a machine is utterly delusional. Besides, its programming is obviously far too faulty to serve our cause any longer. Clearly the eradication of those prototypes was the sensible course of action after all." “I don’t believe that for a second! He can think and talk and make decisions just like anyone else!” Kat rebuked. Arkius sighed, “Most disappointing, I had expected more rationality from a Toa of your caliber. It seems you don’t yet understand, but I believe you can... and will, once I have ensured you and Jutori are rightfully bestowed this boon. You should be thanking me, Katrin! This boon, this ascension, it is a great honor!” He took a step forward, “We simply require the disc that machine has erroneously withheld from its rightful bearers.” Arkius opened his mouth to speak more, but was suddenly flung bodily away from the group toward the far wall. Jutori had managed to use his element, breaking the Toa of Earth’s concentration long enough to be freed from his prison. The Ba-Toa radiated with power and a cold anger crept into his voice as he finally spoke, “You know, Kilo and I didn’t trust you. Maybe it calculated something like this would happen all along.” He held his hammer like he was prepared to swing at the Toa of Earth. “It’s not very Toa-like of me, Arkius...but if you take so much as another step toward it, I’ll end you.” The Earthen Toa grit his teeth and rose to his feet, glaring at Jutori with an intense expression, before it twisted into an amused grin. "Good… More and more you are learning how to utilise the power you possess. Your attitude may need some adjusting, but I was right, you are worthy to be bestowed this boon." Arkius stood up straight, the earth churning at his feet. “You only seem to know how to abuse your power!” Kat said, stepping forward, her arms folded. She had a strange expression on her face, a mix of anger and pity. "I only use them for what must be done. Now, stand aside, and I will relieve that hunk of scrap metal of the disk." The temperature of the room had slowly been increasing as the argument had continued, but now it suddenly flared, and Kat took one final, defiant step forward, a step that seemed larger than life, seemed to be too big for a Toa of Kat’s size. “No.” Jutori took the proactive approach, leaping forward and swinging his hammer towards the Toa of Earth’s midsection. “You will do no such thing!” Jutori's attack, broadcasted as it was, met with a wall of soil that robbed it of its momentum, before it crumbled to reveal Arkius throwing a mean right hook aimed for his gut. With little time to defend himself, Jutori took the blow, feeling the wind knocked out of him. He stumbled back, attempting to draw breath again. Kat stepped in, just as quickly taking Jutori’s place, her trained speed far outpacing the other Toa’s, and she snapped a kick toward Arkius’s head, a burst of fire from her leg propelling it to even greater speed. Arkius barely managed to get his arm up in time to block, assisted by his mask, though the strike still knocked him sideways and off balance briefly before he managed to turn with the attack, using the momentum to plant a fist squarely in Kat’s side. His attack met nothing but air, Kat herself had unleashed a second burst of flame to reverse her kick, pivoting away from a counter she’d been expecting, and Arkius caught sight of her again just as she threw him the opposite direction with a second powerful kick to the other side of his head. He stumbled, the solid blow throwing stars before his vision for a moment. The Toa of Earth grunted, quickly regaining his composure as he straightened, bringing his own rippling arms up defensively. A low, rumbling chuckle escaped his lips. “Very well.” Jutori grimaced, catching his breath after the short moment had passed. Kat was fast, way fast. He wasn’t trained like she was, but she’d managed a pretty solid looking hit on Arkius, maybe together they could stop him. There was no time to think about alternatives, and the Toa of Gravity grit his teeth, and let his element flow through the head of his hammer, making it lighter as he dashed in once more, and began to swing, making it heavier as it came for Arkius torso once more. The Nuva of Earth stepped back, letting the hammer fall through empty air, and pulled the earth beneath Jutori’s feet out from under him, causing the Ba-Toa to fall over after his overextension. Kat came for him next, a spinning axe kick that trailed fire. Arkius raised a fist and with it, a column of earth shot upward, meeting the Toa of Fire. Kat tried to use her fire to power through the attack, but it overwhelmed her, and she was thrown back, turning back over once in the air and landing on her feet on the other side of the Nuva machine. She’d barely touched the surface before she was moving again, vaulting over the Machine and pushing off of it, launching herself at the Toa of Earth, fist full of fire. She swung, too early? No, Arkius realized her plan a split second after she threw her arm down, a burst of flame threw Kat up and over Arkius, and another accelerated her leg around, catching him in the small of the back, sending him staggering forward. Her speed was quickly becoming a nuisance, and Arkius used his Calix abilities to regain his feet and throw a kick backward of his own, catching Kat in the chest as she dashed in to continue her own attack. Kat staggered backward, the wind knocked liberally from her. Arkius was strong. Super strong! Her Spirit flared brighter. She really could afford to let loose a little here! That was kind of exciting! Jutori meanwhile took the opportunity to at last land a hit of his own while Arkius focused on Kat, planting the head of his hammer in Arkius’ gut. The Nuva of Earth doubled over, pain roaring through his abdomen. He growled, reaching out to seize the Ba-Toa, when his arm doubled in weight, nearly dragging him to the ground. His other arm soon followed suit, and it spread to his whole body, the Earthen Toa struggling to remain upright with gravity suddenly pulling him down with greater force. Jutori’s emerald optics blazed with a righteous fury. The hammer came around once more, and this time, Arkius felt something creak. He fell, hard, and that creak was replaced with a dull crunch as something broke. Pain forced its way into his brain, and with it, rage. Jutori had broken a rib with that attack. The Toa of Gravity wouldn’t be one to admit it, but he felt satisfaction at having a hit connect with Arkius. “I don’t know what fantasies you had of us serving under you after receiving this power, but they won’t be happeni-" Jutori's words were cut off suddenly as the large hands of the Earth Toa wrapped around his ankles before lifting him up, swinging him overhead, and slamming him into the ground, leaving a distinctly Jutori-shaped crater in the floor. The Ba-Toa let out a wheeze of pain. Off to the side of the fighting, lying against one of the room’s earthen walls, green eyes slowly began to glow once more. Critical damage sustained. Performing diagnostics. Mechanical fingers began to twitch, the movement dislodging the earth that still rested on the metallic surface. Cannot detect rear legs and tail. Front legs unresponsive. Arms are functional. The machine slowly rotated its now dented cranial unit, the neck joint creaking from the effort. Observing situation. Allies Kat and Jutori are in need of assistance. This unit cannot provide assistance in current state. Considering options... Kat moved in behind Arkius, her arms slipping under his, then up and behind his neck, and she pulled him down and back, trying to use his height against him, "Arkius, stop it!" What she got in response was a sudden and heavy blow to her gut, knocking her off him and to her knees from the force. She clutched her stomach, confused for a moment. Until she looked up at Arkius. As she beheld his form, she saw clear evidence of the earth having crawled up his form before coalescing into a blunt spike that had shot out from his back, though before she had any further time to contemplate this, the Earth Toa had turned around to face her with an enraged expression, reaching for his axe off his back. “Enough games. Stay down or you’re joining the robot, and then I’ll just have to find someone else to receive the boon.” The earth churned around both Jutori and Kat, and they could both feel it start to grasp at them, pulling them down, while Arkius began striding toward the downed Kilo. Energy containment blast unavailable. Melee combat abilities are currently limited. Weakness discs will not disable target. Searching for additional options... Earth crept up around Kat's limbs, grains of soil moving like ants across her body. She frowned. This was not the way Toa were supposed to act. Toa did not use their powers to hurt their friends. Her spirit burned with righteous fury. She had trusted the Toa of Earth, and he had gone too far. The air around her wavered with heat radiating from her. Power bubbled from within, and all at once she let it free with a shout, an explosion of fire freeing her momentarily. She threw her arms forward, wrists together, palms out, with her fingers arched. A roiling ball of white hot flame appeared between her hands. 'No more games,' Arkius had said. Kat agreed with that. The heat that had been building in the room suddenly vanished, pulled into the ball of Flame that Kat held. And then she let it go. "DRAGON FLARE!" The attack tore across the chamber, headed for the Nuva of Earth. Arkius turned around upon the Fire Toa freeing herself, his grimace deepening as he saw her prepare her attack, before promptly it went off. In response, Arkius quickly raised a wedge of earth that intercepted the blast, splitting the raging beam in two. Even then, the rushed defensive structure quickly disintegrated from the assault, leaving a trail of dust and smoke in the wake of the blast as it traveled past, leaving two large scorch marks in the far wall of the chamber. With no Arkius in sight. Kat only had a second to wonder where he’d disappeared to before a powerful chop to the back of the neck took her out of action, sending her to the ground. With the two toa dealt with, Arkius once more began to advance on the downed Kilo, his singular pale emerald eye fixated on him with an intense expression of loathing. ...Spear of Fusion is within reach. Calculating projectile vectors. Targeting Toa Arkius... But before Kilo could fire the beam, Arkius was upon him, grabbing the spear by the haft and moving it to point away while he loomed over the mechanical enforcer. For a moment, he glared, holding the spear aside with one hand while he raised his axe with the other. Then his eye turned a familiar vibrant green, his expression changed from rage and loathing to a calm one, and his hand turned the spear to point at him again. “Do it.” This unit wants Ally Arkius back. Firing defusion beam. Simultaneously, the will of Kilo and Arkius commanded the spear’s beam, striking the Earth Toa’s chest and permeating throughout his entire form. A translucent glowing silhouette emerged from his back as his entire form became engulfed in an unsettling radiance, the silhouette slowly solidifying into a being while the glowing form of Arkius dimmed again, and the newly manifested being fell back to the ground behind him. Arkius opened the eye he had sparsely seen through since a month ago. Looking around, he realised that he was looking through not one but two eyes, through which he gazed up at the black ceiling above him before they swiftly trailed down to the looming form standing over Kilo. With a quick exhale of exertion, he got on his feet, and leapt forth. Arkius tried to open the eye he had sparsely seen through before a month ago, but quickly realised he couldn’t. Having dropped both the spear and his axe, he reached up to his eyes and found that behind his mask he had none. Then someone grabbed him from behind. Arkius’ expression twisted into fury, but before he could do anything, the other Arkius, who realised at this point he was smaller than before, proceeded to suplex the larger one, flinging him up and over and into the ground behind him, the eyeless Arkius grunting with pain and rolling over on the ground. The smaller Arkius, with his two vibrant green eyes, swiftly got up again and stepped over to Kilo, reaching a hand down to the mangled machine, an expression of concern on his maskless face. His form was clad in almost pure black armour, only his exposed facial features displaying a grey metallic hue, albeit with lingering hints of the Calix he'd once worn. Jutori climbed to his feet, his armor more worse for wear and a headache pinging the back of his skull, but still alive. For a moment, he thought he’d hit his head much harder, because now he was seeing double. Before him was a pair of Arkiuses (Arki?) in the room. “What...in karzahni…?” Concerned for Kilo, he stumbled over to the Kralhi and the Arkius approaching it, pointing his sledgehammer at the Toa. Now closer, he was able to take in the differences. Both optics intact, a maskless face, pure black armour… this was a new man entirely. Jutori lowered his weapon, resting the head of the sledgehammer against the floor as he leaned on it for support, looking closer at the double. “Arkius?” Arkius and Jutori’s mechanical ally propped its rapidly deteriorating body up on the Spear of Fusion and looked up into the eyes of the newly recovered Toa. “Welcome back, Ally Arkius,” it said weakly. It politely waved the Earth Toa’s hand away before responding to Jutori. “Spear of Fusion usage was successful. Enemy Arkius remains a threat. Allies Jutori and Arkius, work together to stall his advance; this unit will activate the device.” So saying, the damaged machine began dragging itself along the ground using the tip of the Spear. “D-don’t count me out just yet….” Kat managed, struggling to her feet. By now, the enemy Arkius had managed to orient himself, his palm on the ground as he took in all the information his earth senses could afford him. Ally Arkius turned around, suspecting what his counterpart was doing. "Be aware… he may not have eyes, but he can still see u-" Enemy Arkius rose to his feet swiftly and suddenly, and with an upward swing of his fist, an earthen boulder flew out of the floor and at the ally Arkius, who raised his hands to affect the earth… only for nothing to happen, the boulder hitting him square in the chest and sending him flying into the wall on the other side of the chamber. Jutori ran to the side of ally Arkius, still somewhat confused by the situation. “Your element,” he said. “You couldn’t stop his attack. Have you lost your connection…?” The ally Arkius groaned, holding his chest with a wince before looking at Jutori, a worried expression on his features as he propped himself up against the wall. “I… I don’t know… I tried to use my power, but… I can’t feel it there any more.” Meanwhile, the enemy Arkius had bent the earth to bring his axe to himself, which he hefted with a vicious scowl on his eyeless features. "You will ALL DIE for this! And it will not end there! For your treason, ALL YOUR PEOPLE SHALL SUFFER!" "You aren't worthy of being a Toa!" Kat shouted in response, having taken to the air, and punctuating her declaration with a devastating spinning kick to his face. But the enemy Arkius was ready. Robbed of his sight, he used his sense of earth. He felt the Toa of fire push away from the earth, heard her position as she cried out, and he knew which direction the Fire Toa was coming from, and conjured an arch of earth to intercept her, before exploding the arch apart with force, the immense Earth Toa bulldozing through the rubble to swing his axe at her. A new burst of fire changed her trajectory mid air, shunting the Toa of Fire sideways in the air, the axe swing passing dangerously close to her face, and she swung her other foot for all she could give at Arkius' arm, hoping to either do some damage, or at the very least disarm him. The kick connected, knocking the axe out of the enemy Arkius’ hand, who growled angrily, before raising his arms into the air as if he was pulling something up with great effort. Immediately it became apparent what he was doing, as the ground around him and Kat loosened into dust and sand, which whirled up and around them until they were both inside a small sandstorm, with Arkius in the eye of it, and visibility utterly cut off within it area. With the earth in the air, Arkius could see everything, and so he leapt forth at the blinded Kat, bringing his fist in for a vicious strike to her head. With no wind to drive the sandstorm, Kat could still hear, but more importantly, she could still feel Arkius coming. His blood ran hot with the pitch of battle, and his breath warmed the air. She was not new to fighting blind, but the stinging grit of sand took her by surprise momentarily, her guard came up a fraction of a second too late, and she was sent careening out of the storm, stars exploding before her vision as pain lanced through her cranium. Her vision swam for a moment, before she recovered, shaking her head to clear it. Arkius, the one they were fighting, anyway, was literally in his element here. They needed an equaliser. She grimaced. Would her master approve of her plan? It would only be for a little bit, and then she would stop the technique. Surely that would be okay? She didn't see many other options. "Hold him!" She cried, assuming a strange stance. Her hands placed above and below her heart light, palms facing each other. Jutori turned his attention to the two opponents. With the other Arkius still inside the sandstorm, and Kat apparently cooking something up, the battered Toa of Gravity focused his element onto the location of enemy Arkius. He increased the gravity around the Toa of Earth greatly, to the point it was putting a strain on Jutori. “Do your...thing...any time, now…!” he said. The world faded away for Katrin, as she closed her eyes and she stretched out with her senses. The sun, far above. The volcanoes. The magma deep below. The scorch of lightning. The rage of wildfires. The safety of a campfire, the heat of a warm sandy beach, the heart of a forge. She called out to them all. And then, she called for the Dragon. And it answered with a roar. Around her, the air shimmered and warmed and the heat turned the chamber into a veritable oven as power rose from within. Kat opened her eyes, brought her hands together over her heartlight, and spoke. "Forbidden Technique: Wrath of the Dragon." Flames blossomed across her body, an aura of fire wrapped around her entire form until within the inferno, all that could be seen was a silhouette, and the three gleaming lights that were her eyes and heart light. She exploded into movement, the ground scorched with every footprint, and she leapt at Arkius, now revealed from the immense pressure bearing down on him and his storm, and unleashed a furious flurry of blows to his torso, pushing him back with each attack, an unrelenting barrage of pain that she capped off with a flame assisted haymaker to his eyeless face. But… As the dust cleared from the assault, Kat found her fist clasped firmly in Arkius' palm, a dense, muddy soil keeping the flames from burning him. Her eyes widened in shock. Protected by the muddy layer he’d surrounded himself in and holding Kat’s fist in a vice grip, Arkius began his counter assault, his fist flying forward into her gut, throat, and face in rapid succession and repetition. Kat avoided or blocked the most dangerous of these as best she could, though the close proximity ensured she did not escape unscathed. When an opening presented itself as Arkius pulled back for another attack, Kat struck, throwing herself forward with a headbutt to the other Toa’s face, and unleashed a blast of fire from her mouth for good measure, only for Arkius to grasp her mouth shut with his free hand and knee her in the gut. Her aura of flame wavered, then disappeared. As the fighting continued, the damaged automaton continued its journey. Behind it were several sprockets that had fallen loose from the gap where its rear torso was attached as well as a trail of important-looking liquid that slowly trickled from its chassis. Despite being packed down the earth that made up the floor was easy to stab the Spear into to force it ever closer to its destination. Finally the machine was within reach of the NUVA device. Retrieving disc 619 from storage. Jutori watched the two fight, unsure of what he could do, and feeling spent from using his element. He looked to the ally Arkius. “Your other self is wiping the floor with us,” the Ba-Toa said. “We have to do something, have to help out Kat...any ideas? He’s basically you, you should know your own weaknesses.” The ally Arkius frowned in response, looking briefly at Jutori with a mild glare. “He’s not… I’m... “ His glare faded into a worried expression as he looked at his counterpart laying into Kat. “I would, but he’d know them better than me and account for them... We have to distract him. Do it at a distance if you can. As for me…” Ally Arkius charged in with the enemy Arkius cocking his head slightly, briefly pausing his assault on Kat upon noticing his counterpart’s approach. An earthen pillar shot out of the ground and toward the ally Arkius’ gut, only for him to vault over it as if he’d expected it, ducking away from a chunk of earth thrown his way a moment later. Kat threw one last flame boosted punch with her free hand, nearly knocking Arkius’ mask askew. He snarled in pain, but that pain brought him from his blind rage. Now he sensed how close Kilo was to the machine. He could not reach it in time, but he didn’t have to. With a roar, he yelled, “NO!!!” before he forcefully lifted Katrin up and threw her with great force at Kilo, just as the mechanical enforcer was about to insert the disk into the mechanism. The ally Arkius leapt forward, tackled the enemy Arkius, who toppled, already off balance from the throw. He was far from helpless however, and brought both fists down into his counterpart’s back in response in a hammer blow, and although the ally Arkius did not budge from the assault, he did cry out in pain. The larger of the two Onu-Toa stood, the new Arkius trying desperately to keep his darker counterpart from advancing. Summoning what little elemental strength he had left, Jutori brought down the gravity around the enemy Arkius once more, closing his optics and focusing all he had into pulling the Onu-Toa into the floor. Arkius took a step. Then two. His eyeless face twisted with rage as he struggled to fight gravity's inexorable pull upon him with his own unnatural strength, while the ally Arkius grappled against him to limited avail. But it was too late. With a click, that seemed to echo through the chamber, Kilo at last slotted the Onu-Metru Great Disc into the machine, just before Kat could hit the mechanical enforcer. @Eyru@Tarn@The UltimoScorp@pokemonlover360
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    IC: [Throat of Irnakks’s Tooth] :Everything I need. Not everything I want.: There it was again, that sensation against her tethers, this time lingering longer. :The arrival of your kind has upset the balance. So many new...possibilities have opened up. Beautiful nightmares no one has yet even conceived to dream of…: A hollow chuckle echoed around Viltia. She could hear the scraping of claws against rock, as if Irnakk was leisurely circling around her. :How about a trade...that’s what made you leave your village, isn’t it? Yes...that will do nicely. You wish to understand the creation of golden masks, so a mask would be a fair trade in turn. Bring me this mask and I will help you.: Viltia instantly knew which mask Irnakk desired. She could see it before her, just like when she had first laid eyes on it and its wearer back in Kini-Koro. The most perfect and finely crafted Kanohi mask she'd ever seen. :That, is what I want.” OOC: @Kal the Guardian IC: [Nixie - Kini-Koro, Po-Kou Shelter] Vashni felt her power reach the afflicted Matoran, but the psyonic energy broke against their minds like waves on a harbor’s breakers. There was something fiercely resisting her ability...although, it didn’t feel like the resistance was aimed at her directly. She got a brief impression as the wave bounced back: someone drowning in a flood, desperately clinging onto anything that would help them stay afloat. That something was the Matoran’s former identity in this case, at risk of getting lost in the chaos of this new form. Not too unlike the Hordiak transformation she knew...but this was also something else. Trying to pacify them by force, well-intentioned or not, was akin to overriding their autonomy. The mental equivalent of taking away that thing they so desperately clung to by making them experience feelings that were not their own. The two Matoran bristled at the intrusion, now growling loudly at the Toa. Nixie, realizing something was wrong yet again quickly jumped into action from her perch by the window and put herself between Vashni and the two angry afflicted, while the rest of the transformed Matoran watch curiously from the sidelines. Nixie shook her head at the Toa, a gesture that took little to understand. ´Don’t.’ Meanwhile, Klawne, still the marker of the line-that-must-not-be-crossed noted that this behavior was more aggressive than anything she’d seen the afflicted exhibit prior. Their condition had worsened. OOC: @Snelly @Onaku @Toru Nui
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    IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Kilo’s Bunker With - Knichou, Sidra, Vulimai, Ostrox, Atamai, Kilo, Skyra, One, Two, (Others, probably) “Ah, yes, you see, Rahkshi…” Sorilax trailed off, mentally going through what he had told Knichou earlier. “Taboos are…” He thought of everything he couldn’t say with Aspects around. “I suppose I should start from the beginning. “I am Sorilax Life Seeker, Aspect of Light and Silence. Due to the inherent nature of beings not being under their control, such as Skakdi as a whole being savage and warmongers, or such as Aspects being selfish and manipulative as a baseline, my Grand Wish is to integrate myself into the concept of Life itself so that I may create all future Life on even footing. Each Aspect has a Grand Wish and if completed, they can warp the very fabric of the universe itself. Grand Wishes...” Sorilax got distracted by the sun as it dipped close to the western mountain that hemmed in the valley. Had that much time already passed? A hardlight hand pulled out a scroll. “Actually, do you have time for a thorough inspection of this scroll? In it I have written down the fundamental nature of and description of Aspects, Taboos, Kraata variations, and my personal changes after my third Grand Wish step, along with other material in relation to such topics.” One happily watched as Skyra rushed to retrieve the ball. He attached his staff magnetically to his back and got ready to have some fun. Skyra sent the ball ripping through the air, the air itself being used in its propulsion as it sped along. One tensed up, calculating the best he could the ball’s direction and travel speed. Then suddenly he was gone, now in front of the ball’s path. He leapt into the air and snatched it from the sky. It satisfyingly squeaked as he caught it and he hissed in joy. This was great. Seeing as Skyra could fly, One wound up and threw the ball with a bit of a spin up into the sky. OOC: @BULiK @Snelly
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Suva of Water Drokk looked up at the watchtower. It stood alone on an island populated otherwise only by scraggly trees and crabs. It had once been two stories tall, but it was now falling apart. Its walls were bleached by the sun. Its stones were worn smooth by the wind. Parts of it had fallen down, letting sand and water in. Plants bloomed out of every nook and cranny, mosses and lichens having reclaimed this piece of civilization long ago. If she stepped inside, she would see a circular room full of sand and puddles of salty water. What had once been furniture was now driftwood scattered here and there. A staircase led up to what remained of the second floor, and also led down. The stairs were little more than packed earth and rotting floorboards, but they looked sturdy enough to hold her weight. IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Go ahead and stop me, then, big guy," Tuyet said to Xaril, beckoning with both hands in a come at me kind of way. "But first, let me know where your mom lives. I'll leave pieces of your corpse in her mailbox in, like, ten different timelines." The two beings faced each other, neither blinking. Then Aurax broke the silence, and Tuyet jerked her head in acknowledgement. "Sure thing, Spooks. Like what?" IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "No." Spiriah's voice was hard. Perhaps this final insult had pushed his patience past his limit. "Not conceding, you little figment of imagination. Ascending." The Mesi serving as Spiriah's voicebox suddenly crumpled to the ground. The shadows, gathered and coiled in preparation, flung themselves at Arkius with deadly intent. A dozen spears of darkness lanced through the air from every direction. Silent as nightfall and sharp as knives, their wielder directed them to skewer the presumptuous toa from every angle. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kumu Peninsula Dark clouds hung heavy in the sky as Whira and Cravious ascended their shadowy stairs. The tower loomed above them. It was difficult to tell where the cliff ended and the building began: the temple was built directly into the cliff, and its spires seemed to emerge naturally out of the rocky face as if formed naturally over million of years. Its edges were crude and its windows were few, but what it lacked in beauty it made up for in menace. It was a cold, cruel place. Yet it was not entirely lifeless. As the pair approached the entrance to the main tower, which gaped open like a mouth, they saw lichens and mosses clinging to the rocky walls and peeking out of its crevices. Strands of ivy laddered the rough-hewn sides of the structure, and algae grew out of the cracks between its stones. Water dripped down its surface, forming miniscule streams that trickled down the mist-wreathed cliffside to the ground far below. As the pair passed under the shadow of the doorway, they felt a sense of unease come creeping over them. Even Whira, who was unaccustomed to fear, was surprised to find that she felt a slight sense of trepidation as she crossed the threshold and stepped into the temple. The interior was as dark and cold as the inside of a tomb. Even though the open door stood behind them, the scant daylight seemed to immediately become lost in the gloom. Of course, darkness was nothing to an Aspect. Whira examined her surroundings and saw that she and Cravious stood in the entryway to a long, dark hallway. The floor underfoot was rough stone, and the walls were the same. As she took a few tentative steps forward, she saw two doorways ahead: one on her left that contained a set of stairs spiraling downward, and one on her right that revealed a set of stairs spiraling up. The main hallway continued straight ahead into a darkness even her eyes could not pierce. IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields. The emergency kit contained a pack of bandages, a thin blanket, an empty canteen, and a battered-looking flare gun with a single flare. Niidak tried the handle to the closed door, but it was locked. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui Kilo climbed up the mech and pulled itself into the front seat of the open cockpit. Its limbs shook with exhaustion: opening the door had taken all the energy it had. Sinking into the silicone of the seat, the Kralhi found it to be much more comfortable than the seat in Atamai's mech, although it was sure the seat had looked exactly the same only a moment ago. The seat had also changed to match Kilo's favorite color. Perhaps the robotic NUVA's tired circuits were crossing. The rest of the cockpit looked nearly identical to the other mech, but Kilo felt a strange sense of kinship that it hadn't felt before. Unbidden, its mind drifted back to the memory of the placcid lake it had envisioned during the NUVA awakening. Its feet rested on the still water, and another pair stood beneath, like a mirror. At the time, the shape had been dark and unrecognizable. But now Kilo knew exactly what it had seen. Without prompting, the cockpit began to close. It slid back into the spine of the ACR between the armored shoulder blades. It sealed with a hiss, and everything was dark for a moment, but it was not a dangerous darkness. It was quiet and calm, like the moment before the sun rises. Glowing circuitry began to light up, illuminating the walls the ceiling, the floor, and even Kilo itself. The machine was waking up. As it awoke, the ACR jostled and shifted, but Kilo didn't need to worry about keeping its balance. A sort of magnetic seatbelt tugged at its body, keeping it fastened to the seat. It was not uncomfortable or restricting. It just felt safe. Kilo raised its hand, feeling around for some kind of control panel, but it was greeted instead by the shrieking noise of tearing metal. It felt the ACR rip free of its metallic bonds, and then it had pushed itself up onto all fours and begun crawling towards the light of the tunnel's entrance. Each step seemed to shake the ground. Kilo found it could not feel worried about the mech's imminent exit, even though it was barely in control: the Kralhi was lost in the machine's excitement, its yearning for freedom. Then everything became light and Kilo realized the ACR now stood tall above the Kini-Nui, looking down on the ground a hundred feet below. This ACR was a machine, and yet it was more—much like Kilo itself. It was alive; it trembled with excitement and battle-lust. The Kralhi could feel the warmth of the sun as it dipped in the sky; it could feel the cool wind as it passed over the mountains, carrying the barely-perceptible salt-smell of the sea. Everything felt new and strange, and yet it also felt familiar, like reuniting with an old friend. The hands that swayed in the air, and played with the tips of the trees did not belong to Kilo, but it could assume control of them with the slightest thought. Its will passed effortlessly over them, almost like it was possessing them. Puffing clouds of steam vented from the mech's mouth, keeping time to Kilo's own internal clock. At some point in the past minute, its powers had fully returned. Its batteries and energy reserves were completely renewed. Not only that, but it felt even stronger. More than NUVA, Kilo felt as strong as three of its kind. And with each passing moment, Kilo felt more comfortable existing in this shared space. It was both pilot and mech; it was simultaneously driver and vehicle. It looked up, and saw Atamai's ACR from a new perspective, and a warm sense of kinship blossomed in its chest. The mech recognized its kin. And as it recognized one of its own, it spoke. It was a voice without gender or breed, and it spoke both in Kilo's mind and through the mouth of the titanic machine: "I am Patiwairutiki, Great Kaita of Prosperity, bound in my casket and shroud. My strength is unmatched, and my purpose is clear as the dawn. My pilot is K1R1 Kilo-M9 NUVA, one blessed in the light of Tren Krom.” A spear appeared in the ACR's hand. It had not been there a moment ago, but now there it was: as cold and solid and real as any weapon could be. Its shaft was illustrated with dozens of etchings of planets and constellations, each unique, and each visible in the night sky should the intrepid astronomer know where to look. The long blade at the tip looked as thin and delicate as a leaf, but it was sharp enough to cut the wind. Kilo felt where the weapon had originated: the suva kaita down in the center of the Kini-Nui. Patiwairutiki had called the weapon up to its hand with only a thought, choosing it from a vast cache of other weapons designed for the slaughter of the great rite-born monsters. The ACR raised a fist to its kin, and Malhukuraia returned the gesture. The two titanic fists connected in the traditional toa salute, sending a boom echoing across the valley that sent the birds scattering from the trees. "I now give myself to my pilot," Patiwairutiki said. Kilo could feel the presence of the kaita even as they submitted to their pilot's will. It raised its six eyes and looked out over the mountains, whose slopes were slowly deepening from gray to blue as the sun sank down towards the western horizon. IC: Reliable Narrator | The Wastes As Barius's life trickled onto his bed and stained the sheets, Nektann raised his head and unleashed a mighty bellow. The Tahtorak's cry split the clouds that surrounded him and shook the mountains down to their very bones. The rain fell harder, washing hills into plains and turning the wastes into a vast, silty swamp. The winds blew harder, tearing rocks from the cliffs and throwing them to the ground. The clouds swirled and thickened until the sky was black as pitch. He turned, and his tail made rubble of a mountain as he turned. He began lumbering south, weeping with rage and loss.
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door's hunger seemed insatiable. As Sidra, Atamai, and Kilo put their strength together, they sensed the void pressing against their minds. It sought to consume everything they could offer, and more. It was an emptiness that demanded filling, no matter the cost. The three beams of energy splashed against the door. The metallic surface shivered and crackled, but continued to drink. All three NUVA began to feel twinges of doubt at the backs of their minds. Would this work? Would it be enough? As before, Sidra and Atamai felt the door nibbling at the edges of their memories. It threatened to consume everything: more than power, it sought to devour their very selves. The three NUVA could not not break the connection if they tried. The door was in control now. They were plugged into it like batteries into a machine, and it was draining them dry. They felt their elemental reserves approaching empty. They had so little energy left to give... But, in their unity, the NUVA prevailed. As the last drops of power left their bodies, leaving them utterly exhausted and empty, they felt the door's hunger abruptly recede. With a loud hiss of venting gas and a high-pitched hum, the door split horizontally and began to open like the jaws of a gargantuan beast, releasing a flood of golden liquid as it did so. The energized protodermis splashed and shone in the sunlight, flowing over bare ground and leaving green grass and plants in its wake. It flowed down the hill towards the lake where the temple of Kini-Nui floated. The door opened, and no one died. The three NUVA had faced their fears and looked the void in the face, unblinking. Their courage satisfied the door's requirement. All three buckled as exhaustion swept through their bodies. Their limbs trembled and their lungs gasped for breath, but the weariness was tempered by the thrill of victory. The doors opened upward and downward until they vanished into the ceiling and the floor, revealing the entrance to a massive tunnel. The golden protodermis continued to trickle slowly out. A soft white mist floated out of the tunnel, obscuring what was within, but the silhouette of a large shape could still be seen. The mist hid its form, but the shape was nearly as tall as the height of the tunnel. It waited inside, unmoving, and the mist did not clear. Anyone who looked upon the silhouette, except Kilo, felt compelled against entering: they could sense whatever waited within was not meant for them. IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula "Yup," the rock said cheerily. "That's it! There's another pool inside that weirdly-shaped cliff. Someone else lives there too, but he's boring." IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields The interior of the tower was dark. Niidak clutched her dagger tightly, heart thumping. She held her breath, the better to listen for the untethered's steps. She thought she heard its soft, keening wail, but wasn't sure if she was just hearing the wind. After a long, tense few minutes, the untethered had not appeared. Perhaps it was safe to go out? IC: Tuyet | Throne Room Tuyet rubbed her temples. "It's like I toldja. This whole universe is an unravelling paradox. It's falling apart at the seams. If I can find Axonn and send him back where he came from, like, I might be able to fix it. But the longer he's out wandering around, the worse it's gonna get." IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "Oh no, Arkius," Spiriah said. "You had your question. Now it's my turn." The darkness seemd to grow thicker. Arkius could feel it pressing on his eardrums and the soles of his feet. "You brought me two blood-soaked talismans, Arkius. Offered them freely. And for that, I thank you. Now, before I kill you and swallow you whole, I would know one thing: why? Why did you sacrifice yourself to me?"
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    IC Kilo-M9 - Kini-Nui - Earth Bunker: Energy reserves dwindling. Current transfer rate is unsustainable. Bunker door requires additional energy. Situation will likely become lethal without additional power source. Acquaintance Sidra is only known source of sufficient power. Logical reasons to assist this unit are insufficient. Emotional plea will be required. Opening communications. The constant stream of howling winds flowing from Malhukuraia’s hand subsided slightly. In addition to slowing down the rate of energy drain the decrease in noise allowed the mechanical enforcer's words to reach Sidra’s ears. “Acquaintance Sidra, this unit requests your assistance,” the machine began. “The bunker door has almost reached capacity with Ally Atamai’s help. At this point the situation is clear: additional energy is required. Acquaintance Sidra is the only available being guaranteed to possess required power. You almost certainly do not wish to share your energy. Know that this unit is well aware that there is no logical reason to lend your aid. “This unit is asking more from you than a stranger would reasonably request. To ask so much only thirteen minutes and twenty seconds after being introduced is generally considered inappropriate. This unit apologizes for that. However, this unit must request your aid regardless. There is a simple reason for this that Acquaintance Sidra can relate to: this unit does not wish to die. This unit understands that Acquaintance Sidra likely does not wish to die either, and that giving energy to the bunker door risks your life. Be reassured, for this unit can tell that internal energy reserves will be drained far before Acquaintance Sidra will be put at risk, so there is no need to worry. “Why help though? Why care for the plight of a stranger? This unit suggests that while personally this unit and Acquaintance Sidra are strangers, fundamentally we are bound together in one way: both of us are NUVA. Regardless of different life paths, the two of us and Ally Atamai are linked by the similar powers received. These mechs are bound by a similar purpose, a purpose that NUVA-empowered individuals have now received. If Acquaintance Sidra has already encountered the kaiju on this island, you already know that these mechs cannot stand alone against them. Teamwork will be required. This unit wants to work together with fellow NUVA. “Perhaps working alone is more familiar to Acquaintance Sidra. This unit felt similarly once. Alone in the archives this unit continued to perform assigned duties despite the rejection of civilization. The situation would have continued perpetually had this unit not encountered Ally Atamai and other allies. There was no reason at the time to assist them with searching for Great Discs. This unit could have apprehended the wayward citizens and continued on. That did not happen. This unit made a choice to assist, because this unit calculated that giving unnecessary aid in the present would result in greater results in the future. Above all performed calculations, this unit had to believe that assisting these strangers would make future situation better. “That is what this unit is asking Acquaintance Sidra to do: to trust that helping someone now will help Acquaintance Sidra in the future. To believe in the benefits of cooperation. To take a chance on teamwork. This unit is asking for your assistance in this current endeavor. Please help.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru
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    IC: Spiriah | Spiriah's Labyrinth "All the questions in the world," the voice said. "And that's the one you choose?" The darkness seemed to grow deeper and darker. It was almost palpable: a thick, strangling presence. "What about where am I? or why did you bring me here? Those are things people want to know. But who are you? Everyone knows that already. What a waste of exposition." The voice paused for a moment. When it spoke again, it sounded contemplative, almost rueful. "You are of Onaku's brood. Perhaps you will soon be cast aside, as so many often are. Too many names. Not enough time." Another pause. "For your sake, then, I will answer. For the sake of all the stories left unfinished. I am Spiriah. Aspect of Faith." IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Alright, alright, I get it," Tuyet said, raising her hands. "Nice talk, Spooks. If you're not gonna help, then I guess I'll be on my way. Any chance I can get a lift outta here? Axonn's not gonna find himself." IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door eagerly drank in the offered power of both NUVA. Its hunger was so voracious, it almost seemed a living thing. The negative counterpart to the NUVA themselves, a living void aching to be filled. How much more would they give? IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields The untethered monstrosity shambled slowly after Niidak, into the shadows of the towers. She could easily outrun it, but she knew it would easily outlast her. As long as it could see her, it would continue its pursuit. The towers loomed in the dying light like massive gravestones. The wind sang between them, filling the ruins with an eerie whistle. Every so often, the untethered would echo back the sound with its own keening cry. IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula The Rahi moved on like a rolling stone. It rolled over bare rock and over patches of scraggly grass. It rolled through algae-crusted puddles. It rolled ever south. Gradually, a shape began to emerge from the mists. It was a tall, twisting tower carved out of. the rocky face of a cliff. Its spires pointed accusingly at the sky. Its windows were dark. It was still a ways off when the rock rolled to a stop. "There, it's just over that-- oh, did we lose someone?"
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA- Ruins of Earth: Updates are being downloaded. Please do not shut down your computer. 57% complete. 62% complete. 76% complete. 84% complete. 99% complete. 97% complete. 99% complete. 100% complete. Updates are being installed. Restarting... Citizen Pacification Unit OS Ver. N.U.V.A. unit designation K1R1 Kilo-M9 NUVA. Rear torso and leg functionality restored. New features activated. Horizons expanded. New waypoint has been discovered. Adding to task list. Current tasks: 1. Check status of allies Jutori, Kat, and Arkius. 2. Investigate unknown waypoint. Out of the portal emerged a fundamentally changed machine, but behind the golden glow that emitted from the visor on its new mask, Jutori and Kat could recognize the familiar gaze of their robotic companion. It took a moment, observing the now earth-filled room. No doubt it was the work of the group’s newly-created enemy. Jutori’s urgency drew the reborn robot’s attention to the whereabouts of the good half of Arkius. Stepping past the pair of toa, the mechanical enforcer began to remove what seemed like shovel-loads of dirt with each swing of its upgraded arms. Digging someone out of a cave-in was much easier than digging yourself out, and soon the face of their trapped ally was revealed, covered in mud from his predicament. A bit more digging allowed the group to pull the duplicate toa from his dirt tomb. “Did allies observe which way Enemy Arkius went?” the machine asked, though the voice that emerged was not the series of different voices taking turns the group was used to. Instead the words of the kralhi were composed of all different voices speaking at once, a harmony of different tones and intonations speaking each word in unison. OOC: @Onaku@The UltimoScorp@Tarn@Eyru
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    IC: Ehlek | Mi-Kiri Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. The closest star is approximately 92.96 million miles away. We exist both at the same time and in different times depending on the relative perspective of our position. Neurons fire approximately 200 times per second. Each neuron communicates with approximately 1,000 neurons each time it fires. We are physically composed of different forms of protodermis: a substance that reacts to the influence of natural forces and can, when activated, change things as it sees fit. This substance, like any physical substance, is mostly empty. We are not even conscious that we are mostly nothing. We are not individuals. We are not a collective. We are the carbon from the copy. It’s dangerous existing. At any moment we will be cut from the narrative of time. It’s dangerous being immortal. We are destined for pain. Take a single second. Divide it in half. You now have half a second. Do it again. Now you have a quarter of a second. Keeping dividing by one half until you reach zero. ... We’re zero. What’s one?
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Earth Leaving all its possessions behind, Kilo-M9 fell into the floor and plunged into an ocean of blinding light. The Kralhi did not fear death. Robots, after all, cannot feel fear. The closest equivalent was its primary objective to preserve itself at all costs. It understood that death was the cessation of function, and in the absence of function its directives could not be fulfilled. If it ceased to function, then who would bring efficiency to the city? Who would protect and serve the Matoran? These directives would be impossible to follow if its physical body suffered irreparable damage, so the unit sought to preserve itself against the cessation of function. But caution is not fear. So, when its green eyes blinked out and its servos whirred to a stop, it was not afraid. Kilo died with all the unflinching courage of a purely mechanical being. Death is absolute. This was neither a half-death nor a deep slumber. It was Death, and it was as dark as the emptiness behind the stars. It was an infinity of nothingness: a void that expanded in all directions and for all time. Thought and memory did not exist. There was only absence. Kilo was dead for an eternity and longer, and then it was reborn. It returned to the temple through a doorway of golden light. All damage it had sustained in the battle was undone. It stood on stronger legs, each piston and gear bolstered with newfound might. Its eyes, once green or red, now shone with a golden glow. It felt a dormant power stir to life within its being: the elemental power of air. Alongside this power was another: the power of the Great Disk. It took a step into the chamber. It was the embodiment of its new element. Even Katrin, whose powers reduced Arkius's attack to molten slag, knew instantly that she was outmatched. Her powers were great, but she still controlled them. The Kralhi was inseparable from its element. Control was not necessary: the power and the wielder were one and the same. A singular vision filled the robot's mind. It was of the time before its rebirth, when it had been nothing. It stood alone bathed in white light, its body bearing neither possesions nor injuries. There was silence. Stillness. At last, its feet found a floor in a world of possibility. The floor was like a pool of water, rippling and transparent. Something below rose from the depths, or did it fall? Its feet found the floor as well, but in reflection of the Kralhi's own. One stretched upwards, and the other stretched down —an ancient power waiting to be claimed. The robotic being knew where this power could be found, and how to claim it: all that was needed was to let go, reach out, and become one in body and mind. The vision faded from its eyes, but remained vivid in memory. It stood in the temple of earth once more. The wall where the word NUVA had once been inscribed was now a portal of swirling rainbow light from floor to ceiling. Beyond were glimpses of a valley, a lake, and a temple. The chosen one knew the mystical power waited for it through this rippling portal. It also knew its name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9 NUVA, bathed in the light of Tren Krom. OOC: @pokemonlover360 @The UltimoScorp @Tarn @Onaku
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    IC: Oreius | Skies Over Zakaz The Iapyx soared through the crystal-blue sky. Far below, the island was laid out like a children's playmat. Mountains were hills. Lakes were puddles. And the Tahtorak was at the center of a maelstrom. Oreius sighed and leaned back in his chair. It had been a long month. Absent any other purpose, he had decided to track this enormous monster the locals called a Tahtorak and keep an eye on it. That hadn't been difficult. It had taken less than a week of reconnaissance to locate the lumbering beast within its personal storm, and once he found it, there was little chance of losing it. He had hoped that by watching its movements, he could discern what it was and how to beat it should it come knocking at the Matoran's doorstep. But all he'd figured out over the last few weeks was that this thing was, for all intents and purposes, completely unstoppable. So he just kept an eye on it. He kept his airship well out of range, hoping to avoid the monster's notice, and followed carefully as it made its way across the island, leaving storms and rivers and its wake. His best guess was that it was searching for something. It seemed to wander without a purpose, changing direction as easily as the wind. It turned forests into swamps and plains into mud flats. It pulverized hills and turned valleys into lakes. It was a force of nature, oblivious to its own destruction. It didn't seem malevolent, just too big and powerful to care or notice the effects of its travel. But that was all guesswork. Oreius stretched his arms over his head and considered what to have for dinner. His choices were dried bula berries or Mahi jerky. His stores were starting to run low—he had maybe ten days of rations left if he ate sparingly. After that, he would need to return to Kini Nui to stock up. But for now, all he had to do was keep watch. Looking for something to do, he pulled out an iStone he'd found while rummaging through the ship's storage compartments and started rereading the airship manual. He was on his fourth reread, and was pretty sure he'd have the wohle thing memorized by the time he got back. Or not. Because, as fate would have it, he was going to be returning to Kini Nui a lot sooner than anticipated. It started with a tugging sensation, like someone was pulling on his arm. Oreius looked up, but no one was around. The sensation grew stronger, until it felt like some invisible force was pulling at his entire body. Heart racing, he checked the scanners, but there was nothing there. Just him and the ship and the empty sky, and the Tahtorak a ways off. Was it the beast? Had it sensed him at last? No. As the force grew stronger, Oreius realized it was familiar. He knew the source of this power. It had never acted upon him like this, but it was unmistakeable. Just like a faint scent will suddenly bring almost-forgotten memories to vivid life, so the presence that suddenly filled the airship cabin pulled his mind thousands of years into the past. Simultaneously, his body body was being pulled somewhere, too. He was being summoned, inexorably and irrestibly. He could fight it, but he could not overcome it. And with the summoning came a voice: (Once-brother.) "Activate autopilot," he shouted as his body began to melt away into shadows. "Maintain altitu—" His voice cut off abruptly as he vanished. The chair was full of shadows, and then it was empty. "Autopilot activated," the AI said. "Maintaining altitude." It was speaking to itself. There was on one else on board to hear. The summoning was not painful. It was like gravity had simply changed course, and started pulling him in the wrong direction. Not in a physical direction though: it felt like he was being pulled into himself, in a mysterious direction equidistant between the four points of the compass. He felt himself falling through a space of absolute darkness, unable to see or hear or even breathe— And then the world exploded into colour, and instead of a chair, he was sitting on solid ground. Everything was green. He felt grass between his fingers and heard water splashing nearby. He was sitting in someone's shadow: he looked up to see their face, but they were silhouetted against the sun. That didn't matter. He knew who it was. Staggering to his feet, he realized there was another being nearby. It was some kind of tentacled machine, and although it looked robotic, something told him it was not. He went to pull out his sword, but it was still back on the ship. He settled for a piercing glare instead. "You," he growled at Stannis. "What sorcery was that?"
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    That's enough of that. I know many people are frustrated with the long delay, and rightfully so. I fully sympathize. But that is no excuse for spamming this topic. If people want to have a constructive discussion about the BZPRPG, they are welcome to do so. Posting random times and dates? That ain't it.
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    IC: Ostrox (Kini-Koro, Bunker, Exterior) - This Is Me Being Reasonable Ostrox seemed to regain his usual sneer, though his eyes still remained firmly in murder mode. "'Leverage' you say? How curious. Mazor also thought to bargain using the Sphere, and well... here we are. I understand your distrust of the Matoran, really I do, but a counterpoint - why should we trust you with it? Especially considering his - I’m sorry, 'your' - plan is to bring it with you into Mata Nui’s domain and expect nothing bad to happen. Death was no handicap for Mazor, certainly not for him." @Gecko Greavesy@Sparticus147@~Xemnas~@pokemonlover360@Snelly IC: Gnabol (Outskirts of Kini-Koro) - We’re Going for a Walk "You’ve heard correctly. Do you need a ride into town? I can get off Padley and just guide him if room is an issue." Padley grew sullen and glared at Gnabol, as if he knew what he was suggesting and didn’t like it. @NorikSigma
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    IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "Not a chance, lady," Sidra scoffed, her open palm clenching into a fist around the Sphere as she withdrew it. "I'm sure you mean well, but I have absolutely no karzing confidence in your ability to keep this thing safe. In the short time I've been here today, I've seen plenty of people-" she gestured to herself and Varian, then pointed up at the portal to the Earth Ruins, "-wander or teleport right past your guards and defences." Her words, though harsh, didn't fully convey how flabbergasted she was by the complacency and disorganisation of this place. Were it not for Atamai and Kilo having their own mechs on standby, Sidra knew she could probably have brought Wairuha into the valley and conquered the place in an afternoon, if she really wanted to. "The Grand Untethered that attacked my village could teleport and shapeshift, and if Mata Nui used either of those abilities here he'd breeze right past your paltry perimeter. But I've kept this Sphere safe for a month, and Le-Metru Nuva is aware of and prepared for what the Untethered are capable of. It's safer with me, and if you really need to get in touch, you'll know where to find me tomorrow." @Sparticus147 @Toru Nui @Snelly
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui, Bunker Entrance What the- The Fe-Toa glared at the first Rahkshi as it dared to hiss and poke his leg. Knichou pulled his leg back to where it had been before, and stood upright. As he did so, another Rahkshi teleported back, and sat down on the valley's vibrant grass. The ex-Ghost did not like the way this one appeared to be staring at him, tracking his every move. The Nynran stood in front of the Rahkshi and forcefully pointed a finger towards the creature's face, scolding it. "Bad Lizard. Bad." The master weaponsmith eyed the staff that the beast had poked him with, before staring into the Rahkshi's optics, irritated. His senses on alert, he could easily feel Skyra's metal form approach him from behind. As he felt her move a hand to her holster, Knichou's left hand flashed out back towards her, palm outstretched to make sure she didn't pull the gun. She was known to do that after all. “Hey boss... you probably should back away slowly...” Boss. Boy did it feel good for him to hear that after the embarrassment of the prior conversation. This Skyra gal was certainly loyal, it would be good to have some extra muscle on the Taku. "I got this, sister," the Toa of iron said with surprising confidence as the battle plan materialized in his mind. The plan conjuring was subsequently followed by a growth of iron in his right hand. "You like big sticks, huh?" he taunted the beast, cocking his head to the side. The iron he held in his right hand extended to become a club. Simple in shape, imprecise and inelegant. A crude implement of brute force, the first weapon from which all future tools were derived. "You know about this?" he asked, patting the end of the club against the palm of his left hand in a bold, repetitive motion. Knichou took a step back into a stronger stance, and slowly raised the club over his head in a two-handed grip, like an ancient warrior of legend would hold a katana in preparation to strike. "FETCH!" The iron club hurled through the air, far over the Rahkshi's head. It sailed towards the fields, away from the other groups nearby.
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui, Bunker Entrance Knichou observed the Rahkshi's strange behavior, but his attention was stolen by Vulimai's shouting. The Krom Sphere? That's the thing Mazor was talking about, right? He looked over towards Kini-Koro's leader and saw Sidra pull out a strange device. He wanted to go back but knew it was best to wait for Vulimai to calm down before there was another diplomatic incident. Vulimai, yes. Mainly he was impatient to talk to this strangely behaving Aspect. There was so much Knichou needed to do before the day ended, the stress of it all was overbearing. First and foremost, his encounter with Sorilax raised too many urgent questions to be ignored. The Nynran looked the Rahkshi in what he could only assume were its optics and gingerly pointed a finger towards Sorilax. He spoke slowly in an aggravated tone, as if that would somehow help the beast understand a civilized tongue. "Yes. I gotta talk to Daddy-o Mr. long arms, duh." "To Karzahni with it, this should wake him up," he muttered, lightly nudging the Aspect's body with his foot. It was hard to tell if the body was even alive, without the cyclic processes of true life to divine any hints from.
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui, Bunker Entrance Knichou crossed his arms and leaned back slightly as Vulimai exploded in rage. However, his face expressed boredom more than anything - it seemed like every little thing he did caused Vulimai to get angry, and by now it would take a lot for anything she said to faze him. When her spiel was over and after Sidra had finished doing her very best to throw him under the vahki transport further (She's still angry at me for Metru Nui, isn't she? That spiteful hapaka...) he opened his mouth to speak... and subsequently shut it as a surprisingly childish soldier began tugging at his arm and begging for shiny new toys of mass destruction. "Fine, Skyra, I'll make you one of those robots..." Knichou conceded. He held a finger to Vulimai and Sidra that said wait and turned to the Toa of air. He put a hand on her shoulder, closed his eyes, and looked downwards as if in prayer, hoping the Le-Toa would do the same. He mumbled quietly so that just she could hear, doing his best Stannis impression. "Gears. Inserted. Arms. Ball-Jointed. Big Guns. Bigger. Lime Green. Abra Cadabra'd. Amen." He reached behind Skyra's head with his other hand and when he pulled it back in front of her, it was holding an action figure of Patiwairutiki, made of strange plastic pieces and with surprisingly playful gear functions to swing the arms as well as functional miniature zamor launchers that he certainly hoped Skyra wouldn't shoot at anyone's optics. "There you go," the Nynran said to finish the surprisingly elaborate prank. He certainly hoped it lightened the mood. Turning back to Vulimai, he went on to make his point, ignoring the vahki for now. "Yes, of course, Commander," he began, a rare sign of respect for the Vo-Matoran. "And that's exactly what they are doing. They're the monster hunters, I'm just trying to plan for the security of Kini-Koro against the non-supernatural threats. We can have people focus on solving multiple problems at once, it doesn't hurt to consider our options. From the sounds of things, Mata Nui is a threat but not as much of a threat as people think, given they were able to fight him off in the swamps, without the element of surprise or the giant robots like they'll have in their hunt tomorrow. Don't you trust Atamai and Stannis to handle that situation? I'm more concerned about Aurax and the Warskaks right now, we don't know what either of them are up to and should be prepared for both, that's what I've been outfitting the Taku for."
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    IC: Whisper - Kini-Koro With her conversation with Vulimai concluded, the Aspect turned away and began drifting off in the direction of the portal that led to the Ice Ruins. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui "The body? No, I meant sharing the memory. We burned all of the bodi- no, sorry, I really didn't explain this very well," Sidra realised. "When you say Untethered, you're probably thinking of one walking corpse. Maybe a few fused together. What attacked my village... until you told me just now that there are more Untethered still in the moat... I genuinely thought it was all of them." She let that sink in for a moment, before continuing. "What attacked us was hundreds of people and rahi and who knows what else, all tangled together. It could teleport, it could read minds, it drained the life from every living thing it touched to make itself stronger. It spoke with all of their voices, but there was a single mind behind it all. I've spent weeks trying to understand what the karz it was... and a Great Spirit who feeds on death is the first suggestion I've heard that actually makes sense." @BULiK @~Xemnas~
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The river of golden protodermis quickly abated. The last few drops dripped from the edge of the tunnel and sank deep into the earth, destined to one day be uncovered by intrepid miners in the form of the purest gemstones. Kilo advanced into the mists of the tunnel, stepping cautiously over grooves in the floor into which the insatiable doors had retreated. The Kralhi's steps splashed in little puddles of golden energized protodermis, and it heard the splashing echo off the back of the tunnel that was still ahead of the, hidden in the mists. Kilo was welcomed by the sound of vents releasing steam, accompanied by the smell of ozone. The mists surrounded, deep and impenetrable. But at last, the dark shape that lay beyond was revealed. A massive ACR rested on its knees. It came into clearer view as the mists dispersed from the tunnels. Kneeling, it was the height of several toa, but Kilo could tell that once standing, it would easily be as tall as the doors through which it had entered. The vast machine was bipedal and of a rather lanky design, with long, strong arms and legs. It was plated with colorful armor. Thick ceramic, glass, and protodermis plating protected the core structure, joined together without any sign of bolts or welding. The craftsmanship was impeccable. This ACR, unlike many, had a head: it looked similar to the head of a maskless toa, save for the six eyes across its brow. Golden protodermis dripped from its open mouth, revealing the source of the stream. Each droplet hit the ground with a plip that echoed back down the tunnel. The mech's hands were large and strong, with thick armor around the exterior of the knuckles. The entire ACR was traced with lines of glowing energy that made the enormous machine appear very much alive. As Kilo approached, it felt a breath of hot air wash over its body, which confirmed the mech's appearance: it was a living machine. Kilo had not heard the sound of venting steam earlier—it was the rhythmic breathing of the mechanical titan. Kilo waited for some sort of sign from the ACR, but it did not move. Upon closer inspection, it realized that the mech was shackled to the ground by metal cuffs around its ankles and wrists. It was imprisoned here in this tunnel, waiting for its pilot. Kilo's eyes were drawn to the cockpit hatch protruding from the ACR's back. It was open and ready to be occupied. It was waiting for its living key. Should Kilo ascend, it would see three seats in the cockpit. Covered in supple, shock-absorbing silicone, they were more or less identical to the seats it recalled seeing in Atamai's mech only moments ago. OOC: @pokemonlover360
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    IC Yumiwak + MC Zai | Irnakk's Tooth Under the rules of war of attrition, we were losing, and every inch we gained towards the Pit ahead took more effort out of us than the Mesi expended in keeping their ground. They'd planned it this way, I realized, taking the time afforded by my crew's delays in Nightmare land to quickly make their fortifications. It passed my mind to wonder why they were digging their heels in—and why the Mesi were here at all—but those were the questions to ask their corpses when we were through. And if we died instead? Well then it wouldn't have made any difference anyway, would it? I gnashed my teeth at that idea, though, scowling at the pessimistic suggestion that this tunnel would be my grave and lava flows would be my tombstone. My family's story, and my story, would not be finished so close to its completion. There had to be a way to come out of this on top. If we just fought a little harder, a little bolder, and breached their perimeter to lay waste to them up close without the burdens of barriers we could end this in an instant. My psionic senses pinged the minds of Ys and Kor up ahead, but they were not together anymore. I gritted my teeth; they were most powerful together, and without their shared abilities they were individually at a disadvantage. By the feel of it, Ys was trying a direct attack on the Mesi. That could either go surprisingly well, or terribly wrong. I wasn't going to let her soak up the brunt of the melee, though, not when we had a veritable tank with us. {Zataka!} {Move up!} I could feel my anger rising. This was taking too long, we were scattering too much, and the currents were still against us. The heat was becoming increasingly unbearable and my position near the lava untenable. Our best bet was in catching up to Ys as fast as possible. While Zai got to work mitigating the heat of the chamber and freeze the lava flow in place as cords of stone, I began to focus on my own powers on clearing the ways ahead. I reached out with my psionic abilities like hands brushing foliage from my face, forcing debris and impediments away from my path by sheer force of will. Step by arduous step I moved forward, Zai still clutching my hand tightly, and I pressed my powers to force the barriers away. Lava cooled to ropes of brittle igneous rock fragmented and then crumbled away, while roots and stems placed as barbed fences were twisted aside like brambles shoved by a tractor. My telekinetic powers whipped in front of me as an extension of my will and presence, heralding my arduous steps and turning the opposition aside. But it came at a toll. With every obstacle I mentally touched came a further drain to my reserves, and the more stubborn the obstacle the more I had to exert myself. We had to press on and I would do everything I could to lead by example, but I knew my powers alone would not be enough... so in my other hand I held the cordak gun in reserve to blast anything else in my way. I would not risk shooting it until after we passed Korio, however. {Korio!} {Status report?} OOC TL;DR | Zai used her fire powers to drain the heat from the area around them, but it's not a very large bubble she's countering in so Korio (and possibly Zataka) are still affected. Yumi calls for Zataka's backup, checks on Korio, and is using her psionic powers to push aside the obstacles in front of her but is getting tired in doing so. She's primed her launcher for extra explosive damage when it's called for. @Vezok's Friend @Tarn @pokemonlover360 @Nato the Traveler IC Stannis | Kini-Nui Energized Protodermis—the "Light of Krom"—was both an antithesis to Caedast as it was a necessary accessory in a multitude of the shadow-borne powers the Wanderer possessed. In times previous there had been little use for it before but the game was different now and the stakes were so much higher than before, and it was realized it would be foolish to discount the. feasibility of the magical substance in the days to come. With a quick nod to Whisper it was decided to harvest a portion of the liquid for personal, scientific, use. With a wave of his hand he materialized a bowl of granite in the path of the runoff that scooped it up, and then moulded the rock into a capsule that enveloped the energized protodermis into a rocky keg much like Knichou's zamors were meant to. With another gesture, the keg rolled to the side to be picked up momentarily. "Ostrox," the Warmage pointedly addressed the former League lieutenant, "there are things at work beyond your perception or indeed the faculties of anyone present. There cannot be any suggestions made yet because not all the pieces are known yet, but believe you me, there is no love lost for Mata-Nui among the Matoran, and while my word may mean little to you with the historical antagonism I once represented to your faction, it is in fact my mission to stop Mata-Nui—or any such god—from drawing the worlds asunder. Should there be a path you and the others can join in, I will indeed share it. For now, there is only speculation. In order to kill a god we must first find him. I will find him. It is, after all, my role to fight the supernatural." "Until such a time as is doubtlessly prudent to take action, there is nothing more to discuss aside from philosophy. Until the time to fight comes, live as best anyone can—but live." The Wanderer surveyed the beings present—Kilo, Whisper, Vulimai, Sidra, Sorilax, and the others—and then quickly dismissed himself. He said something about mending his cloak as he moved to foist his granite canister over his venerable shoulder and carried the heavy container to his own airship with seeming ease after struggling only somewhat to initially lift it up. While he hiked back to the Ambling Alp he responded to the telepathic hailing Parnassus had made with a fraction of his mental fortitude. {Cousin, I hear you.} {Cousin, I can come to you.} {Find somewhere safe, and beckon for me again.} @Conway
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    Check out my Flickr for quotes, flavour text and design write-ups, and my Instagram and Twitter for more photos!
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    IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "Not anyone of your species," Stannis crooned, unwavering in the face of Sorilax's revelation, and his tone was calm and level as though he was simply discussing the weather with friends. He could do nothing to placate the suspicions his once-companion had instilled with the unexpected decloaking but he could ration the knowledge disseminated yet. "I do know you, however. You are Sorilax, Life Seeker, a boon companion written of on the shrine walls. I am Stannis, the Wanderer, All-seeker, and True-guesser. It has been a... very long time since we wrote scrolls together under the stars." They were titles and memories Sorilax might remember, nicknames thrown about as skipping stones into a pond, memories related to someone else in a different cycle, but nevertheless made between the two of them. And perhaps Sorilax would remember, and realize what was afoot, and cease. The Wanderer was not afraid, however; Aspect of Makuta or not, he had a legacy of service built and cultivated, and despite being a charlatan in the flesh he was sure of himself that no harm could truly befall him, regardless how heated discussions may become in the wake of the revelation. Besides, in the grand scheme of things made plain on Xa-Kas, Stannis having a secret identity was probably less surprising than his cloak having a mind of its own.
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    IC: Knichou, Kini-Nui, Bunker Entrance Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. While the granite guardian preached, Knichou busied himself with the creation of more zamor spheres. After all, the ex-Ghost supposed, if this conversation wasn't productive, why should the he be as well? Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. The engineer crouched down, placing one after another on the ground in front of Atamai's trough. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. He presumed it was built to house the energized protodermis that would spill forth from the structure, as it had according to his fellow Fe-Toa's recounting of previous events. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. There was a howl in the air as Sidra's blast joined those of Kilo and Atamai. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. Despite the noise, Knichou kept his focus on Stannis's words and his eyes on the prize he was creating ahead of him. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. Stannis spoke of sacrifices. Knichou wanted to be one, once. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. Stannis spoke of wars. Knichou fought one, twice. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. Stannis spoke of creation. Knichou knew it well. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardened. Dipped. Stannis spoke of destruction. One of Knichou's many creations. Crystal. Heated. Blown. Hardly fool. Stannis spoke of the Dark Hunter. The one Nale shot in the back. The unholy sacrifice she had confessed to performing for the safety of Metru Nui. For the safety of him. If Mazor spoke the truth, Vyarik then joined Mata Nui's army and helped bring about the End. Knichou's mask ceased to glow, the lines along his Kanohi no longer dancing with otherworldly energy. Something was wrong, and the Toa could feel it. Knichou looked at his palm. In place of the colorless orb was a crystalline effigy. It was a shape he had memorized as much as any schematic - her face. She had saved him. The back of the would-be zamor felt rough and irregular against his palm. Turning it around, Knichou saw her face. The memory was simultaneously recent and ancient, the bust less precise than the first, even appearing to conflict with itself. He had failed her. Cause it or run from it, death was constant, as inseparable as one's own shadow. Before those nearby could get a glance at the strange structure in his hand, Knichou shattered it in his fist. His armor thickened to keep the shards from touching him. Always distant enough. "There's an adage along the lines of 'war never changes'. Ko and Ga-Metru love their sweeping generalities, but the fact is that war can and does change. I've seen it change. Karzahni, I've even caused it to. It changes, but it never gets less deadly." The ex-Ghost stood up and turned back to Stannis, dusting off his hands as he spoke. Ten Zamors would be more than enough. "If death grants Him strength... then I certainly hope you know of a Taboo to cheat it. Otherwise, any efforts to prevent His influence from causing more death won't go far."
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    Finally finished, five months after starting the initial drafting/ paper version, abandoning it a lot, and four test subjects later (sponsored by old jeans): Pattern made by tracing photos of the Kakama off of a monitor, lots of altering, and some initial regret for attempting it instead of a flatter mask. The finished mask. It consists of an outer Kakama mask that snaps onto a 3-ply under-mask with nose wire and filter pocket. Yes, excessive photos, sorry. Photo Tutorial Album and Pattern: https://www.flickr.com/photos/189713610@N04/albums/72157718198104108 Info: Note: I have no qualifications to make tutorials, this was a total experiment, and was my first attempt at some of these techniques/stitches. Made this one in size L to hopefully accommodate most faces. Under-mask can be sized up or down according to your preference (See extra “block” pattern pieces for all sizes. Just cut out the pattern along the labeled line with your desired size). *The measurements are in US customary units. *For personal/non-commercial use only, please. *All of the seam allowances are ¼” unless otherwise stated. Pre-wash all fabrics on warm or cold, prior to cutting to prevent shrinkage. Preshrink your interfacing in hot water before use. Color-fasting may be necessary if the fabric dye “bleeds” when wet. Iron fabrics before cutting. *Disclaimer: Mask has not been tested for effectiveness and does not replace personal protective equipment like medical or construction masks. This mask does not prevent, protect from, or reduce viruses or diseases. Size guide for under-mask: 2XL is for extra large faces and loosely fits on the neck. It was designed to accommodate facial swelling. 2XL dimensions: Length across center: 11” Width/height: 6.75”. XL is designed to fit males & females with larger builds. XL dimensions: H 6” W 8.5”. L fits average males and females. L dimensions: H 5.25” W 9”. Model shown is wearing size L. M fits average females, smaller males and teenagers. M dimensions: H 5” W 7.5”. Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, air dry. May be ironed after fully dry. Do not iron the straps. Terms, stitches, and knots used. Grain line: used to indicate that the pattern piece should be cut parallel to weft. Seam line: Line on which fabric is stitched. Notches: Small marks to align pieces accurately. Baste: Temporary stitches that are later removed. Buttonhole stitch. Running stitch. Lock stitch. Backstitch. Prick stitch. Tailors knot, abbreviated TK in tutorial. French knot. Time needed: Varies, I took 18.5 hrs to cut and assemble mine. Tools/Supplies needed: Sewing machine. Overlock machine/serger (Optional, zigzag stitching works too). Iron and ironing board. Towels and old pillowcase (for fusing interfacing). Press cloth (small piece of thin cotton fabric, laid over garment to prevent shine-marks during pressing). Tailor’s ham or towels wadded into a ball shape. Tailor’s clapper or a small, smooth block of wood. Scissors and pinking shears/zigzag scissors. Tracing wheel. Pins and hand sewing needles. Point turner or chopstick. Disappearing ink fabric marker and white chalk. Steam-a-Seam 1/4” tape roll. Fabri-tac. Fray-check seam sealant. Washable glue stick or Lapel Stick. Two 6” long, ⅛” or ¼” wide elastic pieces for ear straps (Or stretch tube straps) 1-1.5 yards of 5/8” soft elastic in a color of your choice. I used cream/tan. One nose wire. I use soft, plastic coated wires that are similar to twist ties. One metal, sew-on snap. Thread: Polyester sewing machine thread in white, a color that matches your under-mask, and one to match your outer-mask. 6 strand embroidery floss in a color that accents your mask outer color. 1 strand white embroidery floss or basting thread. Beeswax and paper towels for waxing your threads. Ruler or seam gauge. Fabric needed: For the Kakama outer-mask: 2 yards 100% cotton fabric in a color of your choice. This will be used for both the outer and lining. ⅛ yard of leather in accent color for the patch details. 2 yards ShirtTailor interfacing. For the under-mask: 1/4 yard 100% cotton in a color of your choice. I used a color similar to my skin tone. About ½ yard of white muslin for the lining and filter pocket. Hope this makes some amount of sense....If anyone has questions about the construction/techniques, I’ll try to help if I can/send you a source link. Best wishes!
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    IC: [Throat of Irnakks’s Tooth] Irnakk’s presence suddenly became very close, uncomfortably so. :No matter what you get out of it?: The entity repeated her words back at her. :Grow up, child. You can’t be this naive.: Then, the voice grew soft, almost warm, if such a thing was possible and the presence receded back. :In fact, I know you are not.: There was a soft rustling from beside her, once again unseen. :You started with nothing and survived. You were faced with doom and thrived. You planted your flag and started building. And when faced with losing it all you fought. You even managed to soothe dear old Nektann. The violence he would unleash to create the beauty you saw in his soul. Where others would have run you took a stand and won. You don’t merely react to threats...you have foresight. Use it.: Something brushed against her back, lingering as if to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. :Secrecy has been your savior, but now you’ve shown yourself to the world. A secret told is no longer a secret. This status quo cannot last. You know this. Whether by malicious intent or idle curiosity, they will find your little village sooner or later and all those living in it. Do you trust them to do the right thing? Should… she maybe take the mask and find someone better to wear it? :You already have your doubts, don’t you? Because you know where they will go, the monsters will soon follow - not just Rahi. Smart monsters. Monsters that started to build, just like you. Even Nektann merely serves another and there are others craving that kind of power, even as we speak. There will be more. Are you prepared for that? Can you protect them all? How many are you prepared to lose if you can not? What if you knew you could have done more for them? What is one mask compared to all their lives? What are you prepared to sacrifice?: OOC: @Kal the Guardian Took a little longer this time. Having some busy days at work.
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Nui The door continued to consume. Atamai felt his elemental reserves beginning to grow low. Kilo felt the same, but also felt like the door was trying to consume more than they could offer alone. They needed more power, or Kilo would inevitably need to give up its life to sate the door's inexhaustible hunger.
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    IC: Oreius | Kini-Nui Am I alive? Listening to Stannis lecture makes me wonder if this is really karzahni.
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    IC Stannis | Kini-Koro “Who are you, Knichou? What are you?” He paused, as he usually did before he launched into an educative soliloquy. “Are you this body of flesh, bone, and armor? This doddering bipedal sausage casing that talks? Or are you something more, a collection of thoughts, memories, and wishes? A neural system, and a soul? A Kanohi Iden or Tryna will provide evidence enough that you most certainly are the latter. So what is it that makes you believe Mata Nui, the god of the only universe you knew of before, was simply that decapitated fragment of a suit of armor looming over yon? Mata Nui is something so much more than what we see, just like you or I are not the bodies we inhabit, and his soul persists with the same insidious intentions that turned the whole of his Universe to bloodbath and beyond. Souls are bulletproof, and His demands death. He is alive because people have not stopped sustaining him with sacrifice.”
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields Niidak drove around the relic fields for another hour. Her search was less than fruitful: she found more broken equipment and more loose papers, but no more statues, magic or otherwise; and no more Toa, wounded or otherwise. The sun was starting to sink towards the horizon now. The crystal towers looked ethereal in the twilight—they gleamed and sparkled, and tossed out reflections of the dying sunlight. The remains of the chute system hung like metal spiderwebs in the air. This haunting place had once been full of life. Now it was quiet, like a beautiful cemetery. The idea sent shivers down her spine. Who knew what apparitions might arrive with the onset of night? IC: Tuyet | Throne Room "Okaaay," Tuyet said, one eyebrow raised. This guy was sending chills down her spine, and not in a good way. "Why not. Spooky vibes aside, I'm sure you're totally a stand-up guy, so I'll let you in." The Toa lowered her voice conspiratorially, forcing Aurax to lean in to hear. "You ever finish taking a bath and just, like, sit there and watch the water run out? It's totally trippy, right? Everything looks normal at first, and then you see, like, this whirlpool forming over the drain. You know what I'm talking about, Spooks? I can't be the only one who does this, right?" IC: The Rock Rahi | Kumu Peninsula "You got it," the rock said cheerfully. It rolled carefully around the caldera towards an outcropping of stone. The rock was matte black, and seemed to suck in the light that fell upon it. Despite its unnatural appearance, mold and lichen clung happily to its surface, and grass grew around the base. Carved into the rock was a symbol: an equilateral triangle with a clockwise spiral inside. "There you go," the rock said. "It's not gonna rock your world, but it's pretty neat. I like it." IC: Tuakana, Axxon | The Great Telescope The titan stepped forward. They did not remember the last time they had looked upon their desecrated. Their form had been different then. So had hers. She was changed, unless they remembered wrongly. Such things had happened before. "Little one," they said. "It is I." OOC: @Daniel the Finlander @~Xemnas~ @Nato the Traveler @BULiK @Kal the Guardian @Toru Nui @Harvali
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Relic Fields No, it wasn't. Decapitated, the stone head seemed to lack any of the power it had displayed before. The Miru didn't even seem to fit on properly anymore. The face had looked so finely carved and realistic before, but now even the details seemed rough and crude, like all the art and magic had gone out of it.
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    IC Stannis | Kini-Koro "Now," Stannis began, "we work together. And I will tell you what I am, Whisper." He gestured to the silent, hulking Toa Maru beside him, and motioned quickly back and forth between them and Whisper. His cloak billowed at his back in a ripple of shadows that flitted like ripples of nighttime as he spoke. There was no deception in his tone, he was speaking plainly to the others, and his voice emanated from his mouth and from his chest, almost as if his whole body rumbled with speech. "I am Caedast, the All-seeker, True-guesser, and Wizard; my portfolio desire is the Knowledge of Fates. This body once belonged to a man named Stannis, a selfless leader and a visionary recorder among the Builders, who was raised to toahood after the Ark ascended and later became one of the most prized of warriors in Mata-Nui's universe. He and I made a bargain and shared this shell—two minds, one body—when we found each other and our mutual lusts for knowledge: He wanted to understand why things happened and I... I wanted to show him. Years passed, and then so did he, leaving me with his body and a legacy which I have tried to honor. "This is Toa Oreius Maru, Once-Brother. In eons before, when the League of Kingdom's war for conquest and freedom was still nascent, we fought together, bled together, and saved lives together, but in the end I betrayed his confidence in me and revealed what I am. It was meant as a kindness but I realize it was not kind. Oreius has no reason to trust in me but I still place my trust in him, and he kept the truth of my nature secret as I asked. "I am the solution to the basal desire to know why events transpire as they do, the wish to control Destinies that seemingly cannot be controlled, and the deep desire to solve riddles and mysteries. My Grand Wish is to become an oracle and banish ignorance from the lives of the Builders, my secondary goal is to end the cycles of violence, and to help anyone who seeks to know. My wish is near completion, and my next step is to obtain the Mask of Light." He stopped, then, after disseminating the vast majority of his existence to Whisper and (he realized) to Oreius in one fell swoop of words. "Now, tell us about you. "Please." @Nato the Traveler @Eyru
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    IC Leklo & Stannis | Kini-Koro “Toa Leklo?” Stannis greeted cautiously from the ajar doorway. The studious former Alpinist looked up from his iStone and let his eyes adjust to the light change. His abode was dark, windowless, and only the only illumination came from the sparse blinking specks of blue from his tablet’s charging stand on the bedside table and the tablet in his hand. He’d been like this for what seemed like days at a time, leaving only long enough to catch up on the happenings around Kini-Nui, snag more protein snacks, and swap downloads of books to his iStone before retreating to his little hovel. He was sociable for Ko-Matoran standards when he was outside, though seemed to prefer the meditative solitude of his own company quickly enough. “Yes? Who is?” he said, not quite sure who was standing at the door from the nebulous shadow that was all he saw, but it soon came into focus. “Oh… Stannis. I heard you came into town. Come on in.” He stirred to turn on a lightstone lamp and flipped it to a bright setting for his company before Stannis put his hand up. “A bit dimmer, if you please. I rather like the darkness, myself.” “Sure,” Leklo said, obliging and changing it to a dull orange that cast a haunting moody glow that scarcely reached the far corners of the house's confines. “I understand you’ve been mourning for Korruhn,” he plied gently while he slowly moved to the center of the hut and sat on the floor. “I came here to help you.” Leklo’s eyes perked up for a second before settling down in resigned sadness, then flickered to anger stoked by a month of being stonewalled in his personal quest to unravel the mystery of that fateful morning. People, it seemed, did not care for his friend--even Atamai, who was born to toahood with them in Dume's office and was present for Korruhn's inky fate, seemed to have no concerns about the former cartographer, and whenever Leklo had asked others for help in solving the case of Korruhn's death, or to mourn with someone other than himself, the replies were almost always a mixture of confusion or ignorance. People did not harbor any care for the fallen toa or knew of him well enough to miss him, so it had been a long and lonely month for Leklo even though he was surrounded by fellows and allies. “Help with what, Stannis? I don’t have a need for a priest, that time is passed. Kor is gone and I’m trying to find out why, so unless you can perform wizardry to bring him back I don’t need your consolations or sympathies.” Leklo had become too accustomed to apathy to realize the old man was offering exactly what he was looking for all along: Hope and aid. The elder sadly admired Leklo's resolve, seeing the flickers of frustration and determination in his eyes. “Gone though he may be, he is not departed,” Stannis said. “What?” “He was very much living when I last saw him, and I can assure you that was after whatever happened on the beaches. But before I say anything further, I implore of you, tell me what events transpired. tell me your story so i may know where to explain what I know in kind.” His spirits momentarily buoyed with optimistic anticipation of some news about his friend, Leklo launched into telling his own version of events. “We went to the Ko-Suva first, then uncovered a deep ruin that had a series of puzzles and a locked door labeled NUVA. We came out, met with Brother Ultan who was sent by Sans to find us, and took speeders to Metru-Koro. It was in flames after an attack so we tried to go to Metru Nui to fight Pridak directly. Would we be successful? Who knows. Turns out you beat everyone to it. Heh. “We found Toa Atamai fighting a hulking titan with an axe near the shore and interceded, the three of us. The titan was thrown into the sea, and then Korruhn fell in, too—I’m not sure why. They both came back out transformed, the titan into a monstrosity and Korruhn, he came out looking darker than before, with eyes on his arm and a sinister look about him. Suddenly there were ghosts, and I had lost my weapons in the fight so I ran. I still don’t know how to use my elemental powers, so I wanted to urge them out by fear alone. I ran from the ghosts, and when I turned around to try and fight them there was a loud noise. It was an explosion of blackness so utterly profound it made the nighttime air look bright as day. When I finally could look around there was no Korruhn, just a dark soot on the ground and daggers of obsidian radiating from the scene of the fight. Atamai had used all six great discs to freeze the titan in time stasis, and then someone, an Aspect of Makuta, arrived and cryptically did… something to the titan. I’m not sure what. Korruhn was gone, though. We think—thought—the soot was all that’s left of him. “And then Ultan and I took one of the discs back to the temple, used it on the door, and I became whatever I am now. I still don’t know how to use my powers, though.” “The titan you speak of is named Axonn,” Stannis said. “He was a powerful warrior in the Order of Mata Nui, and an arbiter of Truth. This Aspect of Makuta, what was it like?” Leklo harrumphed at himself, processing the new knowledge given before answering. “It was… big, and lumbering. Slow. No name was given, but it was cryptic as all ####.” “It’s name is Tuakana,” Stannis said, a slight worry crossing his face as he considered the ramifications of the old one having Axonn in his possession. “Cool. So now tell me what you know,” Leklo pressed. The old wizard bobbed his head from one side to the other for a moment as he gathered his thoughts first, then began telling his part of the story. He started much like he had to Vulimai and the others, narrating things in summary and without too much detail. He mentioned the Archives and running into Korruhn there, and that there was a certain insidious affliction that flowed in his veins and connected him ever more sharply towards the realms of Shadow. “Korruhn said he had gone to somewhere called ‘the Far Shore.’” “I know of that place!” Leklo said, excitedly, a fire in his eyes as he connected the first two dots of many. “There’s a portal to it in the temples here. Someone claiming to be Nuju stands at the gate.” “Korruhn made mention of Nuju several times,” Stannis added before continuing. He spoke then of their departure from Metru Nui’s shambles, their flight northward whereupon they saw the remains of the ruined beach fortress, and then the sudden and mysterious vanishing of Korruhn. “This, I believe, was at the hand of another certain Aspect of Makuta.” Leklo ventured a guess. “Tuakana?” “No, another one, though no less pernicious than the other,” he said with a shake of the head; those two dots would not connect for some time yet and there was no reason to divulge Miserix's identity it Leklo at that point, especially since it seemed nobody there had any idea who she was yet based on indications from Knichou and Atamai. “Do you know where Korruhn is now, then?” Leklo asked. “I do not know for certain, brother, but I do have my predictions. Tell me this, though: Is it your wish to find him and save him from terrible fates?” “Absolutely,” Leklo confirmed with zeal. “Whatever has befallen him, I cannot think he is beyond hope, and if he is well and truly alive then I will do everything I can to recover him.” “That’s what I thought,” the old wizard intoned. “You see, I came here to offer my help in finding our wayward friend. But to do that... I will need your assistance, too.”
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    IC Kilo-M9 NUVA - Kini-Nui - Earth Bunker: Interfacing with Patiwairutiki systems. Calibrating movements. Compensating for increased mass of limbs. Compiling functions. Additional consciousness detected in Patiwairutiki systems. Kaiju slaying objective is in alignment with primary objectives. As the newly awakened Kaita ACR stood out in the open air for the first time in who knows how many years, the smaller pilot machine sat within coming to grips with the new tools at its disposal. Besides the enormous spear that now rested in the giant mech’s hands, there were also numerous tools and weapons residing in the suva kaita somewhere below. Through the viewpoint of Patiwairutiki’s many eyes the mechanical enforcer had a new viewpoint with which to observe the island. From this elevated perspective the head of Mata Nui’s body could be seen along the west coast, though it seemed to have sunk a bit since the metal protector had last laid eyes on it. Regardless, some simple calculations later and the location of Kini-Koro had been determined: they were at around the center of the island. Artificial eyes rotated around, taking stock of the landscape while artificial ears continued to listen in on the conversations below. Disagreement appears to exist between various allies for future plans. Ally Knichou has requested assistance. Ally Knichou has created a small model of Patiwairutiki somehow. Ally Knichou is returning to the Taku. Scanning records for Ally Knichou’s current mask. Legends about the Mask of Creation have been located. Details appear to match Ally Knichou’s abilities. Will need to ask about possible usages later. Ally Atamai is requesting assistance. “Acknowledged,” the machine responded to its longtime ally. “Lead on.” Before leaving, the kaita ACR turned to regard Sidra. “Ally Sidra, at what time tomorrow do you plan to attack the sea?” OOC: @~Xemnas~@Nato the Traveler
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    IC: Triage - Ko-Pou Shelter Triage ran his hands down his Kanohi and groaned. "Oh, we're really in it now..." He wished Tuyet hadn't taken his drink, this was the kind of situation that called for it. "So we were living on toxic land the entire time? We can't even fix the Matoran?" The medic gripped the strap of his satchel tightly, like he was about to tear it off. You couldn't save everyone, that was just a fact of life in his line of work, but this was different. This wasn't some poor fool bleeding out on land far away from home, these were innocent Matoran who didn't even know what was happening to them. And he couldn't help. It was too late for most of them to begin with, it seemed, the transformation into beast having gone too far already. Triage sighed deeply, letting go of his satchel to look at his shaking hands. Hands that had saved many, and held onto others to bring comfort as they passed. There was always a way. "There's an old practice," he began, "I'm not sure if it's forgotten or if everyone just stopped doing it. I even overheard my superiors once discuss using it during the war to turn the tide on the League--didn't get enough support. Maybe they just preferred sending us out one by one, like spending ammunition..." He stepped closer to the pair of other Toa and the afflicted with them. "...but it requires three of us. I'd need your support, and...a bit of real unity." @Onaku@Snelly@Harvali@Vezok's Friend IC: Rose (MC) - The Taku "Hey!" Rose said, smiling at her Le-Toa wife. "I'm in. I work for the bossman now. Seems like an okay guy, bit of a weak grip though." @Snelly@BULiK
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    IC: Iradra - Ko-Pou Shelter Iradra furrowed her brow. Energized protodermis? In Metru-Koro? But how- Her eyes lit up suddenly with realization. "... The lake under the head. Metru-Koro was built too close. The toxins must have seeped into the land and tainted it. Including anything that grew in it." @Snelly@Vezok's Friend@Tarn@Toru Nui
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    IC: Keitara (montage time) Kei stopped for a moment, hand resting against her cheek where Irna had kissed her. Then, warmth spreading through her like wildfire, the Av-Toa slung herself out of the Muaka and began her work. Allowing her intuition to take the wheel, the alleged ex-Ghost shifted the chassis' hard-mounts to the suspension, adjusted the craft's legs to move more easily across swampy terrain, and finally pulled a block of slick plastic from a pocket sewn into her cloak. Using infra-red light to heat the block, Kei made several impromptu gaskets around pistons and camshafts in hopes that intruding water would be deterred. Crossing her fingers, and squinting slightly in the fading daylight, she hauled herself once more, grease-stained and utterly contented, prepared to haul herself up into the Muaka's cabin. Her audio receptors picked up incoming voices. Grabbing her lance and shield from where she'd left them propped by the door, she dropped as silently as her frame allowed into the swamp water. Conjuring a globe of pale luminescence, she cast it upward and turned to face in the direction of the sound. Her eyebrows shot up, and she exclaimed "Irna! Welcome back." She waved to Tekmo, smiling. Wading as quickly as possible, she stowed her weapons across her back and made her way to the pair. "How was the journey? Are you both okay? Sorry for the light, I felt it was better than fighting with my vision impaired. Don't worry, it's harmless. I've been practicing." (OOC: @Keeper of Kraata @Conway . Please let me know if I got anything incorrect or glossed over anything, I haven't been able to catch up yet but didn't want to leave you hanging...)
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    IC: Two - Rahkshi of Fragmentation and Life Location - Kilo’s Bunker With - Sorilax, Knichou, Sidra, Vulimai, Ostrox, Atamai, Kilo, Skyra, (Others, probably) "Yes. I gotta talk to Daddy-o Mr. long arms, duh." Two nodded. He still didn’t understand what this Toa was implying with the slang names, but the intention was clear. He mentally called to his father, telling him the Toa was ready. "To Karzahni with it, this should wake him up," Knichou muttered, drawing Two’s attention. The Toa reached out with his leg from his seated position in the metal chair, lightly nudging the Aspect's body with his foot. Two, with movement born from his Stage 4 Life Kraata powers, reacted with nigh instantaneous retribution and furious hissing. He was a force of sudden and irrevocable movement, savagery unleashed and not so easily bottled. The shadows clinging to his form not helping the untrained optic to be able to track his actions as he lunged forward and swung his staff… ...to gently as possible nudge Knichou’s foot away. His constant tapping with his staff on the appendage and angry hissing indicating his dislike of Knichou touching his father. IC: One - Rahkshi of Teleportation and Quick Healing Location - Kilo’s Bunker With - Sorilax, Knichou, Sidra, Vulimai, Ostrox, Atamai, Kilo, Skyra, Two, (Others, probably) His father gone, One heard the angry voice suddenly come into being again. It was time to leave. This place was hot, even in the evening sun. He lifted his hand to block the light and get a good look at the scenery. Then he was gone. ……… Four wrong valleys later, One appeared before father, successfully completing his orders. His brother was aggressively and politely trying to remove an intruding presence from father’s form. One calmly walked over. Two seemed to be taking care of things. One sat down in the grass, though this time he didn’t look at any flowers. No, his orange optics observed the situation. If he was needed, he was ready. OOC: @BULiK
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    IC: Korruhn, Kumu Peninsula The arena was unnaturally quiet, only broken up by the torrent of the portal still whirling behind the blood-soaked frame of Korruhn. Offal and sanguine liquid dripped from him with every deep breath from his diaphragm as he stood over his kill, which was now no more than a muddled, unrecognizable mess on the ground. Korruhn didn't fully comprehend what he had just inflicted upon the Rahkshi, beast or not. The heinousness of it's demise was clouded in the veil of rage and vaporized blood, and his mind had been consumed with nothing but survival. Although there was a time where Korruhn existed to live in the small moments of peace, that time was gone. His Destiny was not that as a leader of his people, or even an example for them. The darkness that bound with the Toa was not coincidence, nor was the solitude of his journey. The others, unified and hopeful, had a place with the people, bringing them peace and hope. But not Korruhn. They would not follow the Voidwalker, anointed in blood. They would not trust him. They would fear him, hate him. They would never see him as one of them. The familiar voice of Miserix seemed to carry on the clod of gas expelled from Grime's slacked jaw, still slumped over, propped up on the dead aggressor's spear. Korruhn reached down with his right hand to the Kraata, getting a firm grasp. It squelched a sickening organic noise as he pulled it free of it's place in the Rahkshi's former head. He turned to the inanimate corpse that spoke to him, and approached. It's hand suddenly burst forward, and Korruhn reeled back briefly. Setting the Kraata down briefly, Korruhn took both hands on the handle of the spear, and pulled it free from the corpse as gently as he could. The spear was of masterful construction, with a solid handle and ornate, yet ferocious-looking blades on either end. His battered sword still lay somewhere on the battleground, but he would not recover it. This Spear was his weapon, now. He sat down next to the corpse of his strange companion, and soon found himself conversing with a lifeless body. "It's him," Korruhn said, eyes looking straight ahead as he sat beside the corpse. His voice was flat and empty. He let out a great sigh. "It's Mata Nui, isn't it." He didn't await, nor expect, a reply. His hand moved to the Kraata, and he set it down on the chest of the corpse beside him, and crossed both arms over it. He sat back, leaning on his elbows. His entire body ached more than it ever had. "Well, I don't think I'm going to be any more ready. What do we need to do?" OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
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    The End, Shlolmo IC: Reliable Narrator | Kumu Peninsula Everything reduced to a red haze. Korruhn’s violence ended before he realized it was over, his powers over a fundamental force of the universe stripping his enemy to pieces. He didn’t feel the lacerations as miniscule bits of metal blasted outwards from his kill. He just felt the primal rush of rage, and the weight of his dying culture whipping at his heels. He kept fighting, tearing, biting. At last the drumming in his head eased enough to see clearly. His hands were slick with silver blood -- his own and his enemy’s. One of the eyes on his right arm had opened, its sickly golden pupil gazing back in acknowledgement of Korruhn’s brutality. There was no doubting it: Korruhn could never return to the society he protected. He was too far gone into the void. He was too sick to return. Something squirmed inside the battered and dismembered armor of the defeated rahkshi. It wriggled and whined, but having been half crushed could not find the energy to scream one last time. The kraata was dying, and it struggled and twisted its body like a fish out of water… “It’s not too late,” said a voice behind Korruhn. It came from Grime’s mouth, although the jaw was slack and the head hung low. The impaled matoran’s body dangled limply from the shaft of the rahkshi’s spear. A green mist poured slowly from the corpse as Miserix began to work Grime like a puppet. Even in death he consented to her power. Grime’s dirt-covered hand reached out towards Korruhn. “Give us the worm, and we shall guide you in the darkness where you’ve so far walked alone. You will need us, for the one who waits across the threshold is capable of more than you can possibly imagine.” OOC: @Crimson Jester, Korruhn has survived this fight, although he suffered greatly. The rahkshi staff of Power Scream (stage 4) is his to claim as his own. Great job allowing your character to take the hits.
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    IC: Sidra - Kini-Koro "Well, I have one more thing to say. Regardless of whether the Untethered are controlled by Mata Nui or not, my intent is to march my mech down to the lakeshore tomorrow morning to obliterate every last remnant of them," Sidra said. "It was when I mentioned that plan to Knichou that he tried to rope me into helping him steal Vahki from Metru Nui." She paused for a moment, searching for the right words. "So... if I see Knichou there tomorrow, trying to get to the city... what would you want me to do?"
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    IC: Sidra – Kini-Nui “Just when I thought this couldn’t get any dumber…” Sidra sighed. “You idiots won. You assassinated the leader of the League. Very noble and heroic of you. And now you want to rob the guy who helped you pull it off, and risk reigniting the conflict in the process?” She winced as a plastic sphere pinged off her cheek. “I’m not going to stand here and pretend to be some paragon of moral virtue or whatever. I’ve done plenty of things you people would call abhorrent, and frankly I’m proud of a fair few of them. So if anything, Knichou, that should make my words all the more meaningful when I say this is the single dumbest idea I’ve heard since that time you tried to argue you were worthy of taking the power of time for yourself.”
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    IC: Xaril - Throne Room "What I don't understand is how one man more or less can save or destroy the universe," Xaril growled. "What makes this Axonn so special compared to the tens of thousands who perished in the fall of this city." @Eyru @BULiK @~Xemnas~ ________________________________________________________________________ IC: Sidra - Kini-Nui I'm not going to die again. She kept pushing. Kept giving. And the door drank it up, desperately devouring every drop of power she poured into it. I'm not going to die again. Beads of sweat tracked down her her body, gradually frosting against her skin from the frigid power of beam of freeze energy lancing from her unsteady hand. I'm not going to- No. No! In the instant before it happened, Sidra knew what was coming. Like that moment of trepidation and vertigo that came when leaning out over a ledge, Sidra had just enough time to realise she was on a precipice before she was tumbling over it, no longer giving power willingly but having it taken. She felt trapped, despite standing on an open hillside. She couldn't stop herself, couldn't break the connection, couldn't- She couldn't breathe. She gasped. Gulped for breaths that wouldn't come. Grasped at the empty air with her free hand. Not again. Still the door continued to tear at her element, her energy, and then her essence, beginning to lap at her memories like the incoming tide at the seashore. Spots and shadows swam in the corners of her blurring vision. Her panicked heart hammered at her ribs as if it was trying to break free of her chest. She could feel her body wanting to collapse, too weakened to even stand, but the door's demands denied her even that respite as it strangled and siphoned the life from her. And then, like a puppet with severed strings, she dropped, collapsing to her hands and knees as she was abruptly released. With short, hoarse inhalations she gradually began to breathe again. Unbidden tears, brought on by terror and relief, tracked down her cheeks, hidden to all but her amidst the condensation clinging to her Kanohi. Her fingers clawed and clenched at the coarse grass beneath her, until the cascade of energised protodermis crashed down the slope and washed over her, forcing her to dig in with what little strength she could muster lest she be washed into Atamai's trough. And there she remained, crouched in the grass, waiting for her breaths to steady and the world to stop spinning. @EmperorWhenua @Kal the Guardian @pokemonlover360
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    IC: Sorilax - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - One of the Bunkers With - Knichou, Stannis, Ostrox, (Others), (Standing next to Sidra, with Atamai and Kilo in the mech) The Toa seemed confused about the term he had used, “Rite-born are those transformed by otherworldly forces into Rahi of enormous size. For example, Manas Crabs, Sand Worms, and Tahtoraks. They are generally hard to damage and can cause widespread destruction.” He moved on to the next topic. “You do indeed bring up a very valid point. I suppose it was a little far fetched of me to hope you knew of those things. You are most certainly correct in your assessment of the level of danger posed by the Fau Swamp and the surrounding marshes. They are not to be trifled with and I am most pleased that you have recognized that.” Sorilax momentarily watched the gathered NUVA continue to unlock the bunker door before looking back to Knichou, “There are actually six ziggurats on this island, one of them being underground. But yes, the overgrown one indeed is the one to which I was referring to as the Grand Temple Ruins. In the past, I would have said Le-Metru Nuva was two days to the north of said temple, slightly northwest, but…” He thought of how suddenly he was in range of the Air Suva, “...things have changed during the month that I was in the Far Shore. The island’s locations seem… closer together. Have you been able to observe this phenomenon in your the Taku?” OOC: @BULiK @EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Earth "No," the Administrator replied peevishly, obviously still annoyed by the blasphemous violence that had taken place within the holiest chamber of the temple. "Trust me—I would if I could." OOC: @Tarn IC: Oreius | Kini-Nui Oreius watched the spectacle unfold. It was not as bad as seeing Aurax desecrated: that had reminded him far too much of his own submission to Stannis eons ago. A mere Toa bending the knee to an eldritch being he did not entirely understand. But this was an exchange of power between equals. Two demons communing with each other. It was unholy, and nothing more. He looked at the tentacled being nearby as Stannis vanished. He supposed Caedast had fallen into someone else's shadow the way Oreius himself had just fallen into theirs. Who knew where he had gone, or when he would return. The old wizard still loved his mysteries as much as they ever did. It was infuriating. He wondered if Whisper felt the same way, or if the other Aspect was used to their kind disappearing and reappearing at will. He had nothing in particular to say to the strange creature, so nothing was exactly what he said. Instead, he looked up and tried to judge by the angle of the sun approximately in which direction he could look for his airship. Not that it mattered much if he figured it out. How in Karzahni's bronze codpiece was he going to get back up there if he did? OOC: @Nato the Traveler IC: Taja | The Desert The sky continued to deepen in colour, and it eventually opened up into a vast array of constellations against a jet-black expanse. Taja walked beneath the stars, setting a steady pace. The night air was cool, and the earth was packed hard enough to make for easy walking. Her only companion was a cool wind that occasionally swept across the desert, rustling through the clumps of scrub grass and flinging little curls of sand into the air.
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    IC: Vashni - Ko-Pou Shelter - Vashni looked at the afflicted Matoran for a moment, observing their behavior. Being familiar with Hordika venom and it's effects, she was certain that this was what afflicted them. She knew exactly what she needed to do first. With a raise of her hand, she sent a wave of psionic energy towards the group of afflicted Matoran. As it hit them, the Matoran would start to feel more relaxed and calm, hopefully making them docile enough that they could begin the work of curing them all. "They should begin to calm down soon." @Onaku @Vezok's Friend IC: Skyra Daring - The Taku - "Hmmmm let's see..." The Toa of Air stepped over next to Arnex's turret and looked out at the formation of rocks in view. Skyra then pointed suddenly. "You see that rock that kind of looks like it has a head? Aim for that." It kind of reminded her of Stannis a bit. OOC: @BULiK@Tarn @Toru Nui
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