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    Happy new year everybody! Many of you probably are aware, for the past year I've been committed to developing a cyberpunk RPG based on the Vortixx island of Xia. For a long time I've teased that this would be the year I would finish and launch it, and I still plan on that being the case... but it's by no means ready yet. In the coming weeks I'll should have more to discuss as time in my life opens up to commit directly to finishing my designs. Until then, starting today, I'm opening up the formerly-unofficial-six-kingdoms-discord-server as the new official Xia Discord server, so that everyone can get on the same page with the ideas we've had there in the past and give suggestions and feedback as I continue to create the game. Why join? What am I even talking about? Here, have a quick rundown: What is XIA? - In pre-production since December 2020 - Planned launch at some point this year. - Run by @BULiK , Co-GMed by @Umbraline Yumiwa - A world in the spirit of canon. What does that mean? - Fitting into the rough canon time period & world just before the great cataclysm, when all kinds of cool intrigue is happening. - But with our headcanon cyberpunk flair you'd expect from a BZPower RPG. What mechanics are in the works that make XIA unique? - The Mountain. Ascend or die trying. - Player-run corporations fighting it capitalist dystopian black ops fisticuffs in the Matoran Universe's mashup of Shenzen and Casablanca. - A hacking system. Jack in and explore the glory and dangers of cyberspace. - Seasonal timelines; plans to experiment with a more gamified system of action and planning phases to allow for an attempt at balanced faction powerplay at the macro level while making it easier to jump characters right in to where you want them to be. - Only one Toa team on Xia, and it's as corrupt as they come. Antroz's Hagah are called "The Six" and they have to abide by the Toa Code or risk expulsion. Toa are rare, and with great power comes great responsibility. If you get them to cross the line and can prove it in a court of law or even the court of public opinion, they become excommunicado. What species and factions are out there? - Lots of vortixx. Lots. - Plenty of other species too though! - A mysterious hacker group called the Rode Collective. - Dark Hunters? - Brotherhood of Makuta agents? - Order of Mata Nui agents? - Makuta Antroz and his personal Toa Hagah, colloquially known as "The Six" - Breakthroughs in the science of synthetic beings ("Synths") and other ethically questionable corporate research
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    Hello! Remember MNOG 3D? This isn't it, but it's something by a few of the same people! We wanted to make something for Bionicle's 20th Anniversary and we decided that a Quest for the Toa inspired game with MNOG gameplay would be a lot of fun, and now we've made it available for you to play for free! DOWNLOAD HERE! We made a goal for ourselves to make this game in a weekend, but we did have some pre-production time as well as tinkering with it after. This game is the culmination of about 3 weeks of work. We hope you enjoy it! The objective of the game is to simply help the troubled Matoran scattered around Onu-Koro. Talk with everyone and see if you can find the items that they require. Maybe Turaga Whenua will give you something special if you help everyone? Make any Matoran you want using our character creator!
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    Flint and Steel, Part 2 [Part 1] IC Stannis and Brykon | The Massif and surrounding region Stannis Maru spent the night on the couch by the fire, though despite being nestled cozily under the mass of blankets and pillows the night was passed restlessly with his mind meandering with thoughts of what morning would bring. He had delivered his missive on behalf go the Akiri collective and handed Brykon the letters for his arrest and in doing so enacted the processing of justice that threatened the balance of affairs in the Massif against the larger whole of Mata Nui’s society. For as long as he could remember, the village and monastery had been a safe haven against all the judgements from the rest of the island, where lost souls and misguided spirits could rest and restructure their lives; the conviction of Lord Brykon ran the risk of overturning that legacy of neutrality. When the order was given by the council of leaders there was no question who would be the one to bear the missive—Stannis Maru was regarded as one of the most powerful toa on the island, but beyond his individual might his understanding of the Massif’s philosophies were ideal for the matter. If anyone was capable of handling the mission it was the erstwhile denizen of the refuge, with a conscience able to manage its diplomatic intricacy and strength sufficient to overcome Brykon if it came to blows. What frightened Stannis Maru most, however, was that he was not able to handle either of those responsibilities, that he’d inadvertently forsake his first adoptive home and utterly fail at countering Brykon’s martial prowess. The battle of Ko-Koro left him battered and drained mentally and physically and he hadn’t eve allowed his injuries to recover from the retaking of the ice city, and he doubted Brykon would surrender his newfound spiritual and legal freedom as the protector of the Massif without some form of fight. And that was what Stannis feared—fighting, dissolving the peace, violating the sanctity of the village, and failing his Duty, because in contrast Brykon remained hale as could be, bolstered by a more kanohi more suitable for combat, a weapon he wielded masterfully, and a cunning mind capable of strategy well beyond the Maru’s. His grey eyes sleeplessly stared at the dwindling flames of the fireplace and he imagined seeing his own demise in the ashes. The thoughts chilled him through the blankets, a dagger of ice in his spine. Before dawn came he could hear the stirring of the big man on the floor above the sitting room. Brykon’s heavy steps made the aged wooden beams creak and groan in protestation, overt murmurings of the ancient keep that seemed to sympathetically wake Stannis to alertness for the morning’s storm. It would be a storm, he reckoned—there was hardly any other way to do it, unless Brykon bent his knee to reasoning. A moment later and the lord of the manor descended from the stairs and busied himself straightaway to tending the fire with new wood without saying a word to his guest. Stannis, intent to rid himself of the night’s cobwebs and gain whatever edge he could muster, heaved the mass of blankets off him and went to the kitchen for coffee, finding a jar of beans on the counter and getting right to work grinding them. To seriously punt his mind awake he made it strong and black as night, and after he poured it and let the froth bubbles fade away the oily sheen of the bean’s extract refracted the orange haze of the fire that by then was roaring once again. But, despite the mutually understood rituals of morning muster, neither of them spoke much after having exhausted most logical paths of conversation the night before even as they gathered their packs of adventuring gear and slung their weapons across their backs. It wasn’t until they were finally standing in the morning airs and saw the first glints of sunlight that they exchanged the most sizable conversation to that point. “You know where we’re headed?” Brykon asked. “Like it were my own backyard,” Stannis responded. The two warriors ventured out from their village before the workers went afield. They hoped to be cleverly avoiding any and all attention from others, but not everyone slept soundly either—quietly watching them depart was the camerlengo Sigrus, doing the exact same thing he did the morning before and beholding the village stir to greet the day. He furrowed his brows and sighed deeply as he realized all was not going well, and then the two toa vanished from view. * * * * * They reached the fishing village at late morning when the tide was low and the wind calm. “So this is it,” Brykon said, looking around at the spartan collection of ramshackle huts and vacant piers. Water soothingly lapped at the stones, and beyond the piers were the tall cliffs and jagged mountainsides that curtained the length of the fjord before opening up to the eastern sea beyond. At nearly noon the light of the sun was beginning to dwindle as it set over the alps of Ko-Wahi behind them, casting shadows upon the village that slowly grew to overtake the rest of the fjord’s confines. There was hardly a soul to be seen in town, most of them being fishers who’d taken their boats out to sea and would not return for several hours more. “This is it,” Stannis said soberly, appreciating the double meaning of the phrase. This was an end of roads both literal and figurative, the terminus of their journey to the little trawler town and the graveyard of their amicable brotherhood, and it was mournful as all endings were. The Maru positioned himself abreast of the Toa-Protector and gently laid his left hand on the opposite’s right shoulder. “Toa Brykon, under the authority of the council of Akiri, I hereby place you under arrest.” Brykon’s shoulders clenched. Stannis felt the man’s incredible muscles move under his pauldrons like continental plates rolling under each other and studied Brykon’s profile carefully for any indication of threat, but there was none. What he felt was the defensiveness of a man who suddenly felt the stress of the situation. “You said this village was the Massif’s, which means the laws of the main village’s akiri hold no sway here,” he argued, stock-still and refusing to look the Maru in the eye yet. “I said it’s within the Massif’s protection,” Stannis responded evenly, all too used to choosing his words carefully and backing up the specific semantics later after many conversations regarding the so-called ‘defeat of Makuta’ and the importance of his choice of words. “I did not say it was the Massif’s territory. You are in Ko-Wahi right now, Brykon.” “F———.” The toa inhaled deeply and exhaled long and hard, then finally turned to Stannis and shrugged the hand off his shoulder. “I’d rather die than go headlong into whatever sort of prison Tarkahn has waiting for me.” He sighed again, air made hot with rising blood pressure blowing condensation thick enough to be cigarillo smoke out of his mouth. “Look, I don’t want to fight you—” “I don’t want to fight at all,” Stannis calmly interrupted. The abrupt coolness of the interjection caught him off guard a second time and he gathered his thoughts for a second before continuing. “I will defend my honor, Stannis, because it’s all I have at this point. I have done what is good since finding my freedom from under the shackles of Ambages and his company’s evilness, or I’d like to think that I’ve tried to. All I have ever tried to do was good, and it gladdens me that I’ve been able to find my redemption and purpose at our sanctum town—the same place my journey started on years ago when your teacher Antrim pledged me to his crusade. It’s been a looooong trip for me, and I have no intention to earn my forgiveness in some minuscule cell when I can do so much better enriching folks’ lives from all walks of life. Being Toa-Protector has given me a wholesome purpose helping people who were as lost as I was once, people who are likely impacted by the same evil elements I once did the bidding for. And I know you know all of this, and believe it as I do, which is why I cannot understand for the life of me… just why you agreed to this mission when you knew how hard it would be for both of us.” “Because I know you better than the other Maru,” Stannis explained, “... in every way. Because your philosophies are just as much my own. But the mission is the same: To bring you to justice. I’ve already forgiven you, but I am sorry, friend.” “Then so am I.” Brykon’s reaction was swift and savage, hallmarks of a master-at-arms who had earned his stripes over many conflicts. Before Stannis could even reach up to respond, Brykon threw a fist right on his heartlight that thrust the Maru backwards from the force of it and knocked the air out of his lungs. Stannis was rendered stunned and helpless as Brykon advanced with precise, pugilistic determination, swinging one fist after another at him and ramming into his core with each blow. In a matter of seconds Stannis was crashing to the ground and the cold gravel’s piercing chill was barely noticed over the sting of his new welts. He gasped for breath, shocked by Brykon’s brutal rebuff as much as his own unpreparedness for it, and from the corner of his vision he saw the burly man stalk away. It had been quite a while since this village had been a battleground, but Stannis had been there back then as well. He’d been a villager then, newly proclaimed a prophesied hero and helming the chosen five matoran after disbanding his Companions and losing Aurax’s companionship, all while on the run from no less than three dark toa. He wasn’t part of the fight itself and it was Joske who proxied at the time against Utu, though at its center the fight was about stopping “the Wanderer’s tread” so Stannis was party even in abstentia. It was poetic, then, that Stannis was at the core of this new fight on the same cold beach, this time carrying his own weight… although it wasn’t going well for him so far, granted. Once his breath returned, Stannis rolled onto his chest and vaulted himself to his feet with a shove. The rattle of rocks stirred by the gymnastics caught Brykon’s attention and he turned back to see Stannis standing upright again, this time with some distance between the belligerents. “Let me go, Stannis,” he growled pleadingly, though he meant it as a warning to punctuate the visceral pummeling he delivered a moment before. “I’m tired, and I don’t want to be on the run anymore. Tell the akiri whatever you need to, but I’m not giving up the solace I’ve earned.” “That’s not… an option...” Stannis lamented. “I have my Duty to uphold just as you’ve had your Destiny to live.” He took steady steps forward and clenched his hands into fists as his eyes went alight with his powers. Just as swift as Brykon’s punches, Stannis channeled his energies into the stones of the beach and willed them to coalesce; Brykon didn’t realize what was happening before he tried to move his feet into a battle stance and found he could not budge them. The gravel he’d been standing on had become a solid slab that perfectly trapped his feet like concrete. The Maru was closing the distance quickly and Brykon felt the first inklings of panic as he tried to free himself by activating his Pakari and slammed his fist on the ground, shattering the slab and freeing his feet with just seconds to spare. His freedom was short-lived as Stannis loosely gestured and caused a wave of stones to collide with Brykon and threw him to the ground from the weight of it. The toa of iron realized immediately what caliber threat Stannis actually was and the strategic brilliance of intentionally leading Brykon to this place. The village was Ko-Wahi territory, depriving Brykon of his domain’s legal immunity; the beach’s huts were made of wood and shingle and not much metal; and while the iron-richness in the basalt could be tapped into the Maru’s more potent focus over the stones themselves could all but nullify any attempts to manipulate the basalt; and the fact that they were in a village meant Brykon would be more restrained in his attacks to mitigate collateral damages in all but the worst situations. This was a setup intended to place Stannis at a decided advantage. Brykon would have to fight using resources of his own creation… or he could surrender, though he instantly banished the thought. He rolled out of the gravel and sprung to his feet swiftly as well, choosing to waste no time in charging headlong at Stannis. Using his Pakari-enhanced strength he flung another flurry of blows, but while each punch hit its mark Stannis had managed to pull himself away just enough to not suffer their strikes. Frustrated, the Fe-Toa ceased the barrage and reached over his shoulder to seize the greatsword strapped on his back. Stannis stood a head taller than his friend, a leaner and more perfectly postured man without the wearing away from physical rigors like Brykon had lived through, and upon seeing Brykon reach for his weapon Stannis instinctively closed the gap between them. He placed one hand on Brykon’s opposite shoulder and shoved it such that Brykon’s arm was angled uselessly away, and the other hand he seized upon his up-stretched wrist atop the massive weapon’s pommel. Their servos and joints whirred under the strain but he found that even with his strength Brykon struggled to muscle his way through Stannis’ use of leverage, though he quickly countered by swiping the Maru’s legs out from under him. Both toa fell to the ground and rolled away, scrambling to be the first one standing again only to do so simultaneously. The time for talking had already passed—by now they were fully pledged to their duel—and they drew their weapons with reluctant commitments to harm the other. Over the lapping of the waves on the beach their tools clashed with a ringing cacophony, halberd meeting greatsword like a hammer on a tuning fork. For the Maru, witnessing the weapon inherited from Antrim Vakitano being used against him was gutwrenching. This was the same weapon that had saved him, Oreius, and Korero from the pursuit of Ronkshou and Vidar, a sword wide enough that was meant to be used just as much as a shield, now betraying the legacy of its previous owner and meaning to harm another of the Massif’s famed pilgrims by it’s sharpness. The ironic turn was not lost on Brykon, though he realized there was a deeper irony to the dichotomy of the greatsword; while the sword endangered Stannis, it was serving as a shield for Brykon, deflecting the halberd’s bite and guarding the toa-protector’s flank. He wielded the incredible weapon with unbelievable speed and control, whirling it as effortlessly with one hand as with two. In contrast, Stannis’ moves were slower and he used his halberd more like a staff than the polearm it was, each movement halved in effort as he could use both ends of the weapon to either deflect or attack. It was a delicate dance, one that Brykon almost immediately gained the advantage by pressing his offensive that the Maru had to reel away from until Stannis could exploit come absence in the onslaught. Curiously, despite the heart-laden swings, neither of them felt an iota of bloodlust in the fight as they fought for duty and survival—their movements were borne from practiced reflex, more instinct than hatred. Behind the veneers of their irises were loathings of the situation, not the belligerents. The singing hum of the weapons filled their eardrums until it was all they could hear, well above the crunching of gravel and heaviness of their breathing, and all there was between them was the singular purpose of ending their duel decisively and without casualty. The Wanderer pitied Brykon, truly. He felt the desperation in each blow from the heavy greatsword as the convict defended his right to live freely in recalcitrant sanctuary with every iota of his being. There was no greater disservice in his mind than to become shackled and withered away in a jail cell to suffer for the crimes he did at the bidding of another, regardless that they were his crimes, and from the perspective of the Massif’s faithful his belonging at the mountaintop monastery was more than a suitable path for redemption in exile. Regrettably, and to Stannis’ deepest dismay, the pressures of the outside world could still grow sufficiently impatient and eager to overwhelm the placidity of the Massif. No matoran or settlement was its own island, no matter how isolated, virtuous, or deep their regret. There was fear in Brykon’s strikes, fear of dying a worthless death under the judgement of other matorankind. And fear made Brykon unpredictable, a veritable erratic whirlwind of iron and blood, but fear could be exploited. Stannis had practiced patience before in his fight against the Dark Toa Heuani, a measured and evenkeeled defense that prolonged the fight in hopes of snagging an opening. All he needed to do was keep guarding his flanks and maintain Brykon’s swordpoint at a distance until he could close in. Finally, the opportunity came, though Stannis had to fabricate it somewhat with a feint by kicking stones up at Brykon’s face, and in the fraction of an instant that he was afforded Stannis closed the gap between them and slid the blade of his halberd behind Brykon’s ankle, and then pulled it back like a saw. A streak of dark blood stained the black beach’s sands and Brykon screamed indignantly as he fell to his good knee. “Yield, Brykon,” Stannis pleaded. “Let’s just end this already.” But the convict was not ready to do so yet. With a pained and defiant glare he hurled the massive sword at Stannis empowered by his Kanohi and his telekinetic elemental control. Stannis instinctively raised his weapon in a guarded angle to batter the sword away, but the measure was insufficient and too slow, and as the thrown weapon connected with the polearm it cleaved through the haft in a burst of energy and mighty TWANGGGG. Stannis’ block had sacrificed his precious halberd in exchange for his own life, however, as the sword impacted him by the flat of its blade across his chest, forcefully throwing him backwards to the ground yet again. Brykon struggled to get to his feet and tried to seal his wound with a patch of iron, but despite it he could scarcely put sufficient pressure on his leg to stand; his soleus had been sliced clean through. Running low on options and now unable to keep the melee going with his crippling, he settled on using his elemental abilities at last for a final effort. When Stannis got his next good look at Brykon the toa was in a meditative repose, eyes alight with intent as he let his consciousness flow out into the environment. The basalt all around them quivered and rattled as the iron within the stones was being tapped into, elemental transendence—Stannis knew of the tactic, though he never had reason to attempt it himself. Dorian used a similar skill, pulling in their elemental focus from their area in an overwhelming attack. At its least it would empower Brykon with a greater energy reserve, and at most it would make the very environment into a weapon. Stannis was prepared to counter the use of the stones themselves if Brykon tried to move them, but if Brykon could lay his full elemental power on all the iron around them it would be a very different story. Stannis instinctively began to gather the beach rocks around him into a defensive barrier to buy himself time as he started to give his own meditative incantation to counteract his opponent’s ritual. “All hear the tale of the Great Spirit and of all things…” Iron gathered in front of Brykon. First, it was only mere specks of ferrous material, traces of metal that were extracted from the stones and left shards of basalt behind as detritus of the mining. But then the iron flowed in by the tablespoons and handfuls, collecting and congealing before him as if it grew from thin air. Standing on the other side of the beach was Stannis, his Kanohi Hiripaki still muted in appearance but with eyes that grew brighter with each phrase he uttered. “There was once a great warrior named Brykon who led with conviction. His allies feared him and his enemies respected him, but despite his power and spirit he remained a tool of the darkness…” The gravel exploded in a multitude of pop! pop! pop!s as they cracked open like eggs and disintegrated as they released their latent minerals to fuel Brykon’s weapon, leaving mineral sand in their wake. All around Brykon was black dust gently being washed away by the high tide that was coming in. “He gave up the violence of his past when he had the chance to rest at last, but it was not enough to appease the ones he’d oppressed. They soon grew aware of his crimes and made their decree: That Brykon would find himself at the mercy of their courts by offering either his head, or his soul…” At last the massing of iron manifested as a column of grey metal, long as a spear and wide as his biceps with a flared tip. It was a veritable battering ram and a drill, fully under Brykon’s will and aimed right at Stannis. And then it began to move forward, by inches at first and then by feet, spinning ever quicker as it sped up with Brykon’s manipulations. The iron torpedo suddenly flung forward with unabated vigor at the fortifications Stannis had erected and churned through the stonework the Maru had erected. Stannis’ own elemental prowess was laid upon the weapon as he added more of the rocks around him to the barrier in an effort to seize and stop it, but still the drill gnashed through the basalt and sparks flew out from the bit. The contest had become one of countering stone with iron, a contest of flint and steel, and a dangerous game as Brykon and Stannis each tried to nullify and waste away the other’s elemental power with their own. Stannis could see Brykon’s piercing blue eyes from over the ever-shifting mound of basalt he concentrated on keeping, though it was blurred by the flung gravel that was rapidly melting away at the auger’s persistent chomping. It took all his effort to stay in place and he knew that stepping aside meant the weapon would hurl uncontrolled into the village’s huts behind them, yet he was also keenly aware that if he did not stop Brykon the fight would be over with him as its only casualty. Already he could see the vicious weapon’s red-hot endpoint as it burned through his defenses and came incredibly close to being freed to impale him, all while Brykon remained focused on ensuring his desperate last-ditch effort succeeded. Stannis yelled his story’s final phrases over the terrible grinding of iron and rock, such that it boomed across the fjord. “The Wanderer found him but he refused to surrender to the warrant, so they battled, but just when things seemed lost Brykon’s power was TAKEN AWAY like water under a sponge until he was a toa in body alone! So it was said! and so—transpired—the—Legend!” Suddenly, at that final utterance, three things happened: Firstly, his Kanohi Hiripaki glowed to life in brilliant gold that shone like the Kumu Lighthouse’s beacon in the shadowy confines of the fjord; secondly, Brykon felt something terribly wrong as the world seemed to shift and an absence within his soul appeared where he was whole before; and thirdly, the spinning torpedo auger ground to a halt before its inertia surrendered to entropy and it fell still in a pile of gravel. All things abruptly became eerily still. The toa Brykon mentally willed his creation to stir again, tried to summon some weapon to his hand, tried to do anything at all, but nothing came from his urgings. With eyes wide as his palms he tried to conjure a club, yet there wasn’t even a trickle of elemental power ebbing through him. He felt the sloshing of the rising tide seep seawater into the fissures of his leg, casting salt on his wound that stung him, and he winced at the insulting sensation. Stannis was striding closer to him then in a pained gait but the greatsword was in his hand like some trophy, and soon the Wanderer came to stand standing sagaciously a bio away with a pitying look on his face and the damnably grey eyes soaking up the fallen warrior’s visage. “What did you do?” Brykon asked, more shocked than he ever had been before. “You impugned your dignity when you became a murderer and criminal, and what little of it you have recuperated from your penance is yours to keep. But I took from you your dignities… and your powers.” “Your mask, it—“ “It stripped your elemental abilities away like velcro patches on your leather vest, because that’s just how your story goes. Only for this chapter, though; we’ll see what the rest of your narrative has in store. But now you’re Toa-Protector of the Massif no longer. I have no manacles for you, there are other ways you can suffer your sentencing.” “Such as?” Stannis knelt down beside the emptied warrior he still considered his friend despite the egregious conflict they just endured. His eyes looked at Brykon and saw something vacant yet somehow still beautiful, and a man who strove for salvation because it was all he knew how to do. “It’s known Ambages wasn’t alone in his grabs for power, and you can help bring the others to justice as well. It is my offer to you which I truly hope you find preferable to the gallows. This is my only offering and I pray you won’t refuse it.” A long silence followed that was ultimately cut not by the toa’s words but by the chugging engines of the trawlers returning from their fishing expeditions of the day. * * * * * It was almost dusk when they returned to the Massif, both bloodied and wounded and sorely lacking of pride as one pulled the other in a stretcher. That night, it was Brykon who slept by the fire like the house’s guest, nursing a bowl of broth while covered in blankets stacked thick, and profoundly humbled to depths he’d all but forgotten. And while he hated what had happened and was still bewildered at the loss he suffered, he painfully admitted… he owed Stannis for the act of mercy he’d been provided. Begrudgingly, he understood he was alive literally because Stannis was precisely the right person for the job because he knew how the justice of the Massif different from the justice in the Koro’s courts, he knew how to be forceful when required and delicate when able, someone capable of awe-inspiring feats who let an old criminal draw inspiration from him. Tomorrow would be a new day, and every day at the Massif was a chance at new beginnings.
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    So, I started this waaaaaay back earlier in the year. Stalled on the sketch for ages, finally got it coloured... and the stalled some more when it came to adding the digital background. But I finally got around to finishing that in my end-of-year clean-up; and now that it's done, I wanted to share it on here while it's still (barely!) Bionicle's anniversary year! The final picture is A2 size, so... it's fairly big! I may have taken far longer than necessary picking the characters to include; but I wanted to feature one from EVERY line of small, canister and Titan sets from the ten years of G1's run - thirty-eight lines in total, by my count. I also wanted to make sure that I had a roughly equal amount of characters included per elemental affiliation (each of the key six elements is, in the final picture, represented by three canister-sized characters and two small-sized characters... with the exception of Air which got the extra canister-sized character - Toa Iruini - at the expense of any small ones), and that I didn't repeat any characters or any mask shapes (the Nui-Jaga being the only exception to the latter, due to not wearing its masks as masks), amongst other considerations. Some characters, I chose because they were my favourite of their wave, or have special nostalgic significance to me, (or, in the case of Tahu Star, were the only one of their wave who felt suitably iconic) while others were simply picked to work with the choices I had already made. I'm not gonna list every character who's here... suffice it to say, there's a lot of them, and I hope they're all recognisable for who they are! It was a lot of work, and I don't claim to be that adept with colour pencils, so forgive me if the colouring is a bit unprofessional still. The background (for what little can be seen of it!) was done digitally to differentiate it more clearly from the characters, and, well... It was certainly a challenge, but it was fun! And I'm glad to have got it finished in time, if only barely
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    [Ihu-Koro, Snowcap Inn (Ranok)] Ranok had a very expressive face, only muted when he truly desired not to be seen, which was not very often. Thus, the two matoran were able to clearly catch the consternation that flashed across his face—and how quickly excitement followed it. He began picking his banjo, sending a muted minor arpeggio drifting through the in, as he started to speak. “I hope you don’t want the official version…I mean, I know it’s the words of the dead and all but there’s so much direct rhyme — it sounds like ‘there once was a man from Ko-koro.’ Do you think Mata Nui does workshopping sessions?” Faint chuckles came from some of the patrons—this was Ihu-koro, after all, a village that wrenched victory from destiny’s hand, and there were many here who had little reverence for prophesy. “Anyway…here’s The Ballad of the Wander’s Company.” I was there on the day that the first toa fell I saw the great darkness close in I wandered long o’er the steps of the road Yet never would I choose to be chosen And still I have heard of those that were touched By Destiny’s hand, a task that means much For all of us here, yet they were not born With strength and power o’er their shoulders Before, before let us tell of before Those lonely and small drawn together Balanced on the edge of Mortality’s knife Each others’ hands clasped tight Yet they fall Yet they fall again… The song continued, thoughtful and mournful, chronicling the journey of the Wanderer’s Company—focusing on the both the people and lives they had lost. It was impressive, how much the matoran had put together from rumors and stories—he even managed to mention the correct location of Aurax’s tomb. The closer it came to the battle of Makuta the more obscured and metaphorical the song became, and even as the Maru triumphed remaining mournfully contemplative. The chorus returned several times, questioning the value of all those lost, yet never were the words quite accusatory, but instead desperate and searching. Tell me what is Destiny What does it mean? Is only the plans of the Gods? When I must soldier forward Is the path true? Tell me why does it all go wrong When the singer finished the last chorus, it was to stark silence, and he wordlessly put his instrument away, gently cleaning the drum and relaxing the strings before placing it back in its case. As the bar crowd returned to their muted conversations, Ranok slid next to Nichou and ordered a dumpling soup and warm drink. “I suppose I should thank you—I’ve been wanting to try that one out for a while. I’ve also been wanting dinner, and I know nothing that gets me a break so surely as killing the mood—Ranok Selli by the way.” He extended a hand to the other matoran. “To whom do I owe the pleasure?” OOC: @BULiK @Umbraline Yumiwa I apologize for the lack of Wanderwall...
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    Welcome! Don't worry, broad questions like these are exactly what the discussion topic is for. Bulik has done a good job of covering most of the points, so I'll just add a few further comments: The Three Virtues are certainly a core aspect of belief in the Great Spirit and an important part of Matoran culture, so most everyone on the island is at least aware of them. Whether they try to live by them is another matter, of course. But yes, as Bulik says, this isn't something we put a lot of focus on, and it definitely tends to the 'disparate' end of your question. We have a principle around here that we call 'BZPTime'; time in the BZPRPG tends to be malleable and inconsistent, since there are just so many different characters in play, and thus players writing at different paces, that it's basically unavoidable. The idea of BZPTime is that it's best not to think too hard or worry about exact periods of time, but rather to let them serve the needs of the stories we're telling. So yes, as the others have said, some small vague number of years have passed in-game. No need to be more specific than that. Mata Nuian society is generally pretty inclusive, so now that the Matoran are used to them, Lesterin (and Skakdi, and Vortixx) are typically treated just like anybody else. There's probably some awareness of their penchant for travel and trade, but not much in the way of stereotypes beyond that. No, despite their nautical prowess, the Seprillian Lesterin have not yet had contact with either Mata Nui or Kentoku. This is mainly a result of the amnesia-inducing fog that covered the ocean between the locales and only recently cleared. The only known contact between Zakaz and Kentoku was the arrival of the Piraka, who passed safely through the fog by unknown means. On the other hand, over the years some number of Seprillian Lesterin have (whether by foolish bravery or bad luck) sailed into the fog and washed up on Mata Nui (albeit with no memory of their home). So for the moment, to natives of Zakaz and Seprilli, the existence of lands beyond their own is a matter of near-forgotten ancient history, tending to myth. Correct, their current whereabouts and activities are unknown.
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    alright, so, jumping the gun a little on this but hey, might as well get in some advertising: do you wanna be a dragon? do you wanna play a dragon? of course you do, why wouldn't you? get in touch with me by PMs or on discord if you'd like to be involved in an upcoming fun little event involving dragon mystix, which will act as a great opportunity to introduce new characters what's it about, blue? good question. you'll find out. will there be exciting opportunities involving violence? sure! i'm not really a violent sort, will there be interesting philosophical and sociopolitical ramifications a little further down the line that will be deepened by my character's involvement at this early stage? that's a very specific question, but that is also true, but moreso for later down the line! we got something for everyone! and by that i mean, WE HAVE DRAGONS don't delay, be a dragon TODAY (dragon mystix species details can be found in my profile page, link in the sig.) also worth mentioning - this isn't an exclusive thing, you'll be able to jump onboard at any point after the set-up post is up. but if you wanna be ground floor on this, now is the time
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    IC: Aeragot - Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu That was really something unexpected. Aeragot prided himself on staying cool under fire. He barely reacted when the enterprising Vo-Toa had fired off a crackling bolt into the great glass window behind him, though a keen observer might have noticed Aeragot’s eyes widening for a moment through the angular eyeholes of his mask. However, Aeragot did tense involuntarily when Commodore Umbraline Ayiwah’s voice came rolling from nowhere throughout the bridge. It was only a moment before his mind started going again. Might have assumed that she was projecting from outside of the locked door, but the voice wasn’t muffled at all. Not to mention, he realized with amusement, the other side of that door was probably completely underwater by now as well. That left a couple of options. Could be a mask he was unfamiliar with; that was possible, but unlikely. Maybe this was another manifestation of the Dasaka’s powers. He certainly was no expert on that matter. In any case, he had no idea whether this link was two-way: best to act as if it was, then. Not that it made much difference in what he was going to say, but it was good to keep in mind. Aeragot looked to the Vo-Toa, holding his hands out to either side, palms open and facing forward. "Look pal, I appreciate the offer. I get the impulse too, though wealth just isn’t my vice." He meant what he said: it was nice for someone to offer to cut him in mid-heist. All the same, he expected the guy would cut him out just as happily, given the chance. On account of this distrust he stayed in a fighting stance, ready to move, even as his body language otherwise signalled deference. "But stealing the most recognizable vessel on the island right now? How are you gonna fence this thing, when the buyer would have to not mind having a whole navy after them? I just want us all to get off the ship alive—" His eyes flicked over to the Dasakan officer for a moment: she was still circling, probably to keep him in sight. No surprise there, he was only now giving her any reason to trust him. "—and I’d rather no one got hurt in doing it." OOC: @Ghosthands @Vezok's Friend @Rahisaurus @Razgriz
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    IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] “No, I…” Kohra started, hesitant, but by then the Toa’s hand was across the table and brushing against her poncho. Two things happened: Datrox could feel the contour of the flesh of arm underneath and even without seeing anything, he could tell it was… wrong. But the moment his fingers made contact, Kohra moved - faster than someone in her condition should have been able to. She twisted sideways, jerking her left side away from the Toa, while her right arm shot forward in a flash, trying to seize Datrox by the wrist. “Don’t touch me!” Her voice had been softer before. Hoarse and seemingly close to breaking from talking through the pain. But now it had radically turned - into a threatening, sharp, cold hiss. OOC: @Tarn
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    IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] Abruptly, the previously silent Toa stepped forward and raised his hands — a possibly threatening motion to the already jumpy trio of Matoran — but no attack came. Instead he brought them together in a clap, and smiled. "I think we've all got off on the wrong foot here," he said, in a jovial tone. "I apologise for my friend's attitude; we don't get a lot of visitors out here, and he gets a tad paranoid about strangers. These have been dark times for Ko-Wahi; it's hard to know who to trust. I'm sure you understand." He looked back towards Aerus. The trio of Matoran would not see the meaningful look he gave his 'friend'. "We can spare some supplies for these unfortunate souls, surely?" OOC: @Goose @BULiK @~Xemnas~ @Tarn
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    OOC: Makes for a nice sideshow. IC: [Ayiwah - Ga-Koro, harbor, aboard the Yukanna] Ayiwah’s outward reaction was a slight raise of eyebrows accompanied by two consecutive blinks. First day? Zuto-Nui preserve them. Back on Kentoku, she would have reprimanded an inexperienced Menti for potentially jeopardizing the mission by acting this rash. But this was Mata-Nui. But the months here had taught her on this island…you just had to roll with it sometimes. And, the - well, Timak had jumped ahead a bit already, it wasn’t exactly a proposal anymore - had potential. Communication both ways. Not that she needed it to talk to her people. But transmitting to the bridge…it was worth a try. She nodded affirmatively at the Toa, then reached out over the mental plane towards the lieutenant aboard the sub. .:Taz, I’ve got a Toa of sonics here. Says they can put me on the intercom, so to speak, so don’t let it distract you. I’ll try to make our visitor see reason. If they do, good. If not…well, they’re not getting a heads up. Use that.:. ----- A moment later, the commodore’s disembodied voice rang out on the bridge of the Ryuu. “I would not take up such an offer from someone lacking an exit strategy.” she commented on the intruder’s offer to Aeragot. “I am Commodore Umbraline Ayiwah, and I do not take kindly to would-be ship stealers. Fortunately for you, you’ve not managed to cause major damage to our vessel or injure anyone yet. You stand down now - and we will hand you over to the village authorities unharmed.” OOC: @Ghosthands @Rahisaurus @Razgriz @oncertainty
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    i'm glad somebody has their eye on the real prize
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    I think the plan right now is to stop by the eyries and then hitch a ride from Jukvere to Zakaz proper, and yeah, anyone who wants to climb Zakaz's mountains, ride Tahtorak, and witness a silva;rii;dii (or die trying) is welcome to join in. The only plan is to enter as many danger zones as possible and become legends or die trying.
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    IC (Lohkar) Lohkar woke with a start. Rather than the comfort of his hammock, he found himself slumped in his chair. Must've fallen asleep at the chart table. The shutter of the lightstone lantern that hung from the ceiling had come loose, and was swinging gently back and forth, throwing more shadow than light across the walls of the captain's cabin. Its yellow glow swept slowly around the room like the beam of an erratic lighthouse. In contrast, calm silvery moonlight poured through the windows at the cabin's rear. The Lesterin heaved himself upright and groggily set about shuttering the lantern properly so he could get back to sleep, but something made him pause. He glanced down at the Magic Map (he really would have to think of a better name for the thing) still fastened to the chart table. It was blank. He frowned. Did it usually do that? For some reason he couldn't remember. He turned slowly. The moonlight coming through the windows really was bright. There was something otherworldly about it. He noticed there seemed to be a strange silence blanketing the ship. He could hear no voices of his crew nor any sound of activity on deck; even the creaking of the Infernavika's timbers and the sigh of the wind seemed quieter than usual. And then, ever so faintly, a distant bang, a strange crackle. Cannon fire? He wasn't sure. The desire to go back to sleep was gone. On the contrary, he felt strangely awake, strangely...alive? He walked to the door, opened it, and strode out onto the moon-bathed deck. It was empty — no sign of Gunner, Yasurek, or any other crewmembers. Surely somebody should've been on night watch, but there was nobody on deck, nobody in the rigging, nobody at the wheel. And yet the ship was sailing, straight and true, on a gentle wind across a calm sea. None of the lanterns were lit, but he could see just fine: the moon loomed huge in the sky. Was it usually that big? That, too, he found he couldn't remember. But these worries slid quickly out of his mind, as he found his gaze drawn to the fore of the ship, the direction from which those strange distant sounds were coming. There was an island ahead. The sight of it was strange, and yet...he knew it. It was a mountain isle, rising from the sea in a rough triangle, its peak shining with moonlit snow. The mountain's slopes were cloaked in forests of tall trees, its feet lined with mossy cliffs and gleaming beaches. The Infernavika was sailing towards a huge cutaway bowl-shape in the cliffs, a natural harbour nestling a sprawling city, glittering with lights. Towers, archways, awnings, all aglow with firelight and stonelight and a million lanterns of every colour. Ships lay in the harbour — not the strange angular designs of the Mata Nuians or the squat, brutish vessels of the Skakdi, but ships like the 'Vika: tall, sleek, built from rich red timber. Above the terracotta rooftops, fireworks were exploding in showers of green and gold. He knew this place. The recognition of it set his heart ablaze. It was home. *** Lohkar woke with a start. He found himself slumped in his chair; must've fallen asleep at the chart table. He heaved himself upright. He felt different from usual somehow, as though there was something in his head that hadn't been there before. He had the vague sense that he'd been dreaming of something, but he couldn't remember what. The warm light of dawn was beginning to creep through the windows, spilling across the chart table. He glanced down at the Magic Map. It was blank — wait, no, not quite blank. The compass rose in the corner was there, and in the field of the chart proper (where before there had only ever been the horned shape of Mata Nui) there lay three small dots: one east, one west, one north, forming a rough triangle. As he stared at that mysterious paper, words began to form near them as through written by some unseen hand. By the point in the west, beside which a small stylised ship had appeared: By the one in the east: And finally, in the north: The memory of the dream surged to the surface of his mind, and with it came the other memories — the real memories. As he began to process them, to realise what they meant, Lohkar felt elation well up inside him. He had always known who he was, but where he came from, and the life he had led before unknown winds and tides carried him and his beloved Infernavika to Mata Nui's shores...these memories had been lost to him. He reached out one finger to that northernmost dot, almost needing to check that it was really there and not some half-dreamed mirage. At his touch, the ink suddenly ran, spreading across the page as though he'd spilled water across it. He started back instinctively — but just as quickly, it coalesced into a familiar but long-absent shape: a ragged ring of land enclosing a central lake, crowned with mountains and cut with rivers. And just off that unforgiving coast: the curious little island that he had yearned for without even knowing that he yearned. He stared fondly for a time, transfixed by this unexpected reunion with his past, until a realisation struck him. Tentatively, he brushed his finger against the words that stretched across the bottom of the map, marking the great expanse of water that encircled the two isles: The ink ran again, this time condensing back into those three dots, the westernmost marked with its tiny rendering of the Infernavika. Undulating lines began to trace across the space between, marking currents of wind and sea. A wide grin spread across Lohkar's face. He was whole again. He had his past. He had the memory of his homeland. And most importantly — he had a heading. He sprang to his feet, and strode to the door of his cabin and out onto the ship's deck. The morning sun was further over the horizon now, casting its glorious light across the 'Vika's sails and, far off to the west, the coast of Po-Wahi. "ALL RIGHT, MATES!" he roared. The pirate captain's usual demeanour was far from subdued, of course, but to his crew there was unmistakeably a new fire in his voice and on his face. "All hands on deck and make full sail for Ostia! We 'ave a real voyage to prepare!" OOC: @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360 @Snelly and anybody else I'm forgetting
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    IC: Jokaro - Po-Koro Technology Emporium Well. That’s not Farzan. Where had the son of a brakas run off to now? For a moment, Jokaro said nothing, staring at Wiremu’s face, his (figurative) cogs in his head turning as he processed the implications of the words delivered by this… attaché. Another moment of two heads peeking at each other from behind separate door jambs in silence would have been perhaps too awkward, so the Po-Matoran broke the silence, clearing his throat. “Inventor - singular, it seems, for the moment. I’ve no idea where my associate is right now. He was just here a second ago…” Jokaro trailed off as he stepped out into the front area of the shop, beckoning the other Matoran inside with a gesture. “First I’ve heard of any such agreement between Po and Onu. Then again, I only did get back in this morning. Wiremu, you said your name was?" ___ __ _ IC: Ember - Fore Fowadi Fighting Top High above the deck of the Fowadi, there began to drift downwards a melody - at first a pair of voices in unison, and soon followed by another. And another. And another. True to her word, the old Ta-Matoran sailor had been rallying the Sentinels of the Fowadi to work re-rigging most of the linework that the relatively less-experienced sailors had mired the ironclad in. A funny thought - a Ta-Koro Guardswoman teaching Po-Koro Sentinels how to run line like a Ga-Koro Marine. Like trying to get water from a stone! She wasn’t often one for puns, but a wry grin did in fact manifest on her face as the expression wormed its way into her conscious. What truly satisfied her was the feel of rope under her palms, the euphoric swaying back and forth as the docked ship was buffeted by the soft waves of the bay… Even at her age, there was something fundamental that had always stayed with her, pulled her out to sea; a restlessness that she might’ve called ‘destiny’ had she believed in such a thing. Warmth, not just radiating from the unclouded sun above, washed itself over her face as her blood began pumping and anxious excitement tied knots in her chest. Knots… The Sentinels could tie them just fine, it was the rigging that was sloppy, and slowly getting tighter as more and more of them took up the work. It was clear some of them had sea legs and others less so, so the work continued haphazardly and at an uneven pace. Another thought crept into her mind, a memory from long ago. It was of a tune etched into her brain from years on the ocean, and the accompanying lyrics would never be forgotten. Ember turned to the pair of Matoran affixing a block next to her - noting that they were among the ones observed to have more experience - and queried them about their knowledge of the song. Exchanging a quick glance between themselves, they nodded at the old Ta-Matoran, affirming their familiarity with it. And now Ember really did grin, ear to ear, those knots in her chest wringing themselves tighter and tighter until she took in a deep breath and began to belt out those familiar lyrics. “O break the waves, toss the nets, and fill yer lungs with air About the seas, the likes o’ me would naught be caught awhere The lubbers stand upon the sand and beat the drums o’ war Till Ol’ Takea pulls to port and brings me back ashore!” The two Matoran up near the fighting top with her joined in as she sung the chorus: “Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Till she brings me back a-shore!” This was the melody that drifted down from above, settling on the ears of the Sentinel sailors stringing up line and running tackles and milling about on deck. The singing grew ever louder as those who knew the shanty joined their voices into the chorus. Ember herself began to climb down so that those both above and below could hear the verse. “The Longshoreman, he told us that the lads had gone to war The Galleons were gone by now; they’d left the morn a’fore They brought aboard the cannons and set them five abreast Now Ol’ Takea, hoist the colors - we’re fightin’ with the rest!” “Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Oh-woah, bring the Ol’ Takea ‘round Till she brings me back a-shore!”
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    To answer a few: Religion hasn't really been shown to be organized - the closest there probably was to religious leaders may well have been the Turaga, who are long dead. It definitely exists, but isn't delved into often. I don't think it's productive to overanalyze what the average mata nui thinks on religion, but I think it's fair to say that it's prevalent in some form or another, but not necessarily universal or consistent. Yeah, by now each Koro is more of a city than the villages you might have seen in Bionicle media, and while we often have different interpretations of the size, especially when people try to put rough numbers to things, a good rule of thumb that's been suggested is that Koros are big enough to not be able to recognize everyone, for the purposes of the game. So, yeah, a city (sometimes compared to city-states), although each Koro has expanded and changed in different ways from its canon counterparts. Generally speaking it's accepted that smaller villages, hamlets, rest stops, random shacks, et cetera have been around forever and became much more common after Makuta's defeat. There are some named settlements both occupied and abandoned, but just because one hasn't been specified yet doesn't mean it doesn't or couldn't exist. The exact timeline is malleable - we tend to play fast and loose with the dates, with the only real set in stone markers of time being large timeskips that happen every several years OOC. I think it's safe to say that we're in the territory of longer than a year since the start of the original 2011 arc (which started a century after the Toa Mata's defeat). Definitely in the realm of several months to few years and not in the several years to decades range, IIRC. Staff, particularly @Ghosthands would have more details on the specifics of Lesterin, but I think a safe assumption is that native Mata Nuians initially thought of Lesterin as foreign strangers when they began appearing on Mata Nui after the defeat of the Toa Mata roughly a century ago, much like Skakdi, Vortixx, and increased numbers of Toa. Given the similarities Lesterin have to Toa... I doubt the Lesterin/Matoran relationship is too remarkable, compared to Skakdi or Vortixx who fit more clearly into niches and archetypes. Regarding the Piraka... I think so? Unless I've missed something, that sounds right. They're still around but nothing big has happened with them yet so far since then, though I remember hearing of plans in the works.
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    IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Since the expedition's arrival in Ga-Koro, a great deal of cultural exchange had been going on. The Mata Nuians couldn't have been more eager to greet and explain the ways of their island and peoples to the expedition, and despite the generally more cautious and guarded instincts of the Dasaka, it hadn't taken long for curiosity to win out and for a healthy flow of information to be established between the two societies. One such exchange was of the abilities wielded by members of each species. It was soon established that, for the most part, the mask-wearers among the Mata Nuians shared the same pool of powers known in the Archipelago. Their innate powers, however, were a different story. It wasn't long before demonstrations of these powers drew awestruck crowds of Mata Nuians and Dasaka alike. Masters of each of the psionic disciplines had drawn appreciative gasps from the natives, of course, but at the end of the day there were only four of them, and all stemmed from the power of the living mind. Whereas the native 'Toa' wielded a staggeringly broad and varied array of the elements of nature itself, from simple fire and water to the invisible pushes and pulls that (it had been explained to her) anchored one's feet to the ground and commanded the precious lodestone in her compass to point north. Among those, one had made a particular impression upon Tazera: as a sailor, she knew well the crack of lightning, the jagged white bolts that could split a mast down the middle and strike a woman dead where she stood. That some among these Toa could command that fury of Zuto Nui herself...it was incredible, and not a little disconcerting. So when the now-revealed interloper pointed an accusing finger straight at her, and its tip glowed white and the smell of ozone met her nose, her instincts took over and she threw herself bodily to the ground with a fraction of a heartbeat to spare. The jagged white bolt stabbed past her, faster than thought, and struck one of the bridge's instrument panels in a shower of sparks and broken glass. Knowing a second attack could easily be on its way, the lieutenant scrambled her way into cover behind another bulky panel. Safe for the moment, she brought her breathing under control. Time to take charge of the situation. First: confirm the alarm. :Intruder on the bridge!: she Ideatalked, with enough power to reach the guards outside the sub. Next, confront the interloper. "Toa!" she barked from behind the panel. "You are trespassing in a highly restricted area! Surrender immediately!" OOC: @Razgriz
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    dragons and violence go hand in hand you know what else goes hand in hand with violence? the bzprpg i rest my case y'all
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    IC: [Kohra - Po-Koro, Dustpool Inn] The Vortixx had frozen in her place, staring intensely at Datrox, wrist still firmly locked in her surprisingly strong grip. Another long second or two passed, and then just as suddenly. she let go, breathing heavily, almost panting. “I’m sorry…” she got out, now barely above a whisper. “I…I didn’t mean to…” “Besides—I think our food is ready.” Food? “Ah…yes…food. Good.” The Matoran approaching their table looked concerned. “Everything alright here?” they asked, putting the first dishes on the table. Their eyes wandered from the Toa to the Vortixx. Clearly they had noticed the exchange. “You…need help with anything?” Kohra opened her mouth again, as if to answer - then seemed to rethink the idea, closed it again and quietly shook her head. OOC: @Tarn
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    IC: Datrox Karvan - Po-Koro - Dustpool Inn A shocked Datrox simply stared at his wrist in Kohra’s grip, optics widened. It seemed like the Toa of Fire was registering what had just happened, from what he had felt when he came into contact with the Vortixx’s arm to realizing he had made the wrong move. “Huh.” He looked to Kohra, raising his free hand slowly in surrender. “I’m sorry, Kohra. I didn’t think-I didn’t think,” Datrox said, sighing. “Won’t happen again, yeah?” He did not want to fight her. He really, really didn't want to fight the person he was trying to help. But, already, he was feeling the familiar urge to draw his weapon to at least make her back down. In any other situation, he would have. “Besides—I think our food is ready.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend
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    IC: Rudra, 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu)Bridge Ha. Sent her packing. Even if the viewport had just taken the full brunt of the blast for the Maru, Rudra knew that he'd gone and forced her to respect him a little— he wasn't about to roll over just because she was trying to treat him like an also-ran. He hated cocky people like that. It didn't matter if you were chosen by Mata Nui or the scum on the heel of his own boot, nobody got away with acting high and mighty forever. You know, it was actually really nice to get her to buzz off without breaking the merchandise, either. Couldn'ta planned it better if he'd tried. Sure as Karzahni wiped that smirk off her pretty little face, too. “I would not take up such an offer from someone lacking an exit strategy.” As a swath of voices cascaded through the stark, echoing space of this now-a-little-crowded bridge, the Vo-Toa let his gaze slide downward again, carefully regarding the scene before him. The Captain, now warily circling as though to mirror him rather than advancing further. The Onu-Toa, showing his hands, nothing to hide but no clear assent to the idea. The disembodied voice of the Commodore, imperiously spouting off from the peanut gallery yet unseen. All in all... a lot to answer to. Luckily, he'd not cracked under any pressure yet. "'Exit strategy'. Pfft," he scoffed first, shoulders hitching at the chuckle. "As if you didn't hear the mooring lines snap. Ship's already at sea, look out whatever window you like. That's all we need." "Look pal, I appreciate the offer. I get the impulse too, though wealth just isn’t my vice." Maybe not 'we'... Nah, not calling it in on him just yet. He says he gets it. That means on a certain level he picks up what I put down— he's just unconvinced. Fine by me, Mister Hard To Get. I'm more convincing than they give me credit for. "But stealing the most recognizable vessel on the island right now? How are you gonna fence this thing, when the buyer would have to not mind having a whole navy after them? I just want us all to get off the ship alive—" Rudra's smile had yet to wane. The Onu-Toa's eyes darted to his left, clocking the Captain's motion same as Rudra. Good, another hand with an idea of the space he was working in was valuable, and he was keeping good track of it. "—and I’d rather no one got hurt in doing it." "'Well, that's quite noble of you." he replied evenly, actually nodding along with the sentiment. "As a matter of fact, I find myself sharing the concern— but to hear Miss Energy Whip tell it, the Commodore here expects her to die defending this thing. Same goes for every seawoman aboard, I reckon. Breaks my heart. You know, you're a hard worker—" he glanced sidelong at his opposition, matching each step with hers as he once again began to strafe right. "—I still say you deserve better than this lot. Very least, not dying. Who knows? You walk away and fate might have it back in your hands before you know it, since you love her so dearly." It having never been about depriving them of the ship... there was an undercurrent of sincerity beneath the bluster and bravado, audible to an attentive listener. His face had softened, if only just, before he steeled it again and launched into his sales pitch anew. She was a woman of clear conviction, a military lady to the bones— and although a few small miracles had smiled his way just this afternoon, he wasn't the miracle worker itself. Just an unfathomably lucky recipient, the engine of doing whatever it was that they found right. It was funny that his new little dark friend had mentioned that little tidbit about who to be making this sale to. "And as for your other concern, that's easy— they can't chase it down if they can't find it, can they? Gotta find a spot to do the deal hidden. Luckily, this baby, as we've already seen," he indicated the viewport he'd shot at, still half submerged. "can slink beneath the surface. Hide in a reef, in a glacier, maybe something like... I dunno, one of those underwater caverns you hear so much about. Maybe. But you'd need to go somewhere, especially now that I'm telling you, where there's too many of such to catch out— one cave's easy. One thousand's a nightmare." His hands began to crackle, fully cloaking in the chirping white of lightning. If she could repel his bolts, then it made sense his sparks could repel her, didn't it? He ignored the sounds of water flowing against itself momentarily. with a ship that submerged, it was likely pretty standard anyway. "As for buyers, you follow the news much? Those rockbrained Po-Wahi monkeys up in the desert have themselves a Navy now, hеll, I even hear Ihu's gearing up, too— Times are changing. Everyone wants in if they don't already have one, otherwise they're a sitting duck— But on top of that, this baby's a tech marvel, real beautiful engineering begging some egghead to crack 'er open and figure out how she ticks. Having a stranglehold on the front of innovation's been a certain orange-faced engineer's life motto, right? Can't have one of these in the water if it ain't his." Behind the Hau-shaped Mahiki, eyebrows rose, a thought nakedly occurring and unbothered to be hidden. "And hey, speaking of—" he held up a finger, twirling it round as if to indicate the hull... Or waters beyond. "Here's another Navy pouring in right now!" His smirk had stretched to a full on grin, ear-to-ear and halfway manic in its conviction. Rudra had without a shadow of a doubt spent his due time considering this venture— and as he had skulked his way into the depths of the submarine, forced to examine and reexamine the end goal of this skullduggery and its' worth, he couldn't help but arrive at a clear conclusion— Yes. Because there were people out there who wouldn't be able to resist. One in particular. "Now, you're smart. I can tell you follow. With those factors in mind, sound it out for me. Who's got domain over a whole maze of tunnels, no naval forces to speak of, and a penchant for tech so raging you gotta go to his village if you need your iStone fixed? Who do you think is gonna be salivating at the thought of a whole fleet of submarines he could mobilize in the darkest waters on the island? The foreigners aren't gonna get it— but I know you do, brother." Get Akiri Nuparu on the horn, baby. This one's gonna blow his mind.
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    IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Things were quickly escalating. She recognised the face of Toa Maru Leah, a warrior and hero among the natives, on the other side of the bridge viewport. That was good. But another Toa, an unfamiliar one, had appeared (Kualsi?) out of thin air inside the bridge. That, potentially, was not. Clearly the interloper thought it was a point in his favour, as he quickly began an attempt to recruit the newcomer to his little caper. She took advantage of the momentary distraction to ensure she had both of the unknown Toa in her line of sight. ::Roger that, ma'am.:: Tazera was quietly relieved. She wasn't sure what Aya meant by 'intercom'; perhaps some new naval slang or local term she hadn't picked up on, but she got the idea. Ideatalk but with one's actual voice, eh? Once again the locals' powers were full of surprises. With the Toa hopefully distracted by the Commodore's ultimatum, the Lieutenant began to circle right, Soulwhip at the ready, hoping to get behind the interloper in the (by her estimation, likely) event that reason was ineffective. OOC: @Razgriz @Vezok's Friend @oncertainty @Rahisaurus
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    IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @ARROW404 As Gashril made another horizontal slash Jojax tucked her legs, dodgeing the blade. As she fell back to the ground she grabbed back at Gasril's gauntleted arm, hitting the ground she rolled away, trying to pull her foe to the ground. "You should have just taken the hit!" She taunted. IC: The Wanderer-The Place @Toru Nui One of the ackolytes exited The Place carying several large stinking sacks full of discarded food containers and bottles. She was taking them out to a pit almost a Kio away where they usualy dumped the waste they couldn't reuse in some way. She scanned the horizon, looking for any preditory Rahi that might be looking for an easy snack. She didn't see any, but there was a slowly aproaching cloud of dust on the horizon. Glancing around, there was no one else at the entrance, so it fell to her to greet the newcomer. She quickly stashed the bags of trash behind a pillar and moved into position. The dust cloud emitted a low hum, and the black dot at it's lead resolved into a motercycle as it's rider. The Wanderer had finaly finished his journy around the island. Anyone who considered themself somebody would know about the upcoming event. He waved t the ackolyte, who returned the gesture with a thumbs up before getting back to disposing of the garbage. The Wanderer walked into the collusium and began making sure everyting is in order. OOC: Open for interaction, I pinged toru specifically, but if anyone else has characters that might have arrived early feel free to post.
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    OOC: "... and a real Toa..." IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Akiri Renaka's Home] Vrill may not have been the best person. In fact, from any objective frame of reference, that was almost certainly true. He wasn't the best person, nor was he good at being a person... but did he understand people? He would say he knew them all too well, but truthfully, the Cy-Toa didn't understand so much as recognize. Vrill was an observer, and his Kanohi had given him the power to do so at an unparalleled temporal resolution. With that power, he'd seen so many microscopic moments in his time as a Toa; the subtle flickers of optics, the shifting of one's weight, the dancing of fingers... (Did he know what each felt like?) The Ko-Koronan didn't need to use his Kanohi to see those tells anymore, the slowness gave a smooth clarity that made his comprehension in real time nearly as fast and accurate. A valuable skill in his line of work. That skill is a part of what made him, in his own way, a people person. That skill is why he knew that any pause in real time spoke volumes, for its weight was exponentially increased the slower Vrill had seen a face go through that subroutine. Despite asking for it for practical purposes, Fenn wasn't sure if he was ready for what Renaka gave him, or if it was what he truly wanted. As the two Po-Koronans made their exchange, Vrill stealthily took a few steps backwards and spun around to face the exit, already unholstering a cigarette from a hidden sleeve as he opened the door with his dominant hand. He leaned against the door, propping the threshold open until Fenn finished his consignment and exited with him. It was as much a sign of respect as it was mistrust - teams stuck together, but only teams that could trust each other the most could truly act independently. Vrill had the capacity for trust... but only as much as he could verify. It wasn't a problem to leave the Akiri and the lawyer alone, but would Vrill if he could help it? Not a chance. The spring loaded flick of a stamped metal shell. The abrasive irregularity of flint and steel. The soft hum of a warm flame. Vrill's lighter snapped shut, wisps of smoke drifting from his Kanohi as he gave a puff and looked to Muirtagh. Orange lenses grew over his eyeholes once more as the sunlight raced inside. There was a long road ahead of the unlikely duo.
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    So let me start my story like any old man with an anecdote that doesn't really go anywhere. I was trawling through my old blog entries trying to find out when I got Pokemon Diamond. I'm playing Brilliant Diamond and I wanted to see if I wrote down anything about my initial playthrough of the game. Turns out, 17 year old me did not see that as something worth recording. Instead I seemed to be a little full of myself. A lot of the blog entries from that time are about my own fame and power on BZP, which in the hindsight of old age looks a bit sad and pathetic. Yeah, I definitely played it up a bit for laughs, but I have to confess that there was a bit of truth behind that. It's hard when you're seventeen and you have all these hopes and aspirations. At school, you're just a regular person, but on the internet, hey, you just make some funny Flash videos and write some silly movie parodies and suddenly you're someone special. Of course it would go to your head, you're still a kid. What do you know about power or fame? How could you possibly use those things responsibly? I wasn't even that powerful or famous. Imagine if I were a real celebrity! Yowza... For the most part, I guess I was well-liked. Certainly if I go onto Bionicle Discord communities, people tell me they have fond memories of some of the things I've done. So maybe I'm overthinking it, maybe this is just the imposter syndrome that we all have to face in adulthood. And things could absolutely be worse. You hear all sorts of stories about people who use their power and influence to abuse and control vulnerable people. I definitely never did anything like that. I just made some blog posts that aged poorly. I don't think I'm a bad person now or that I was a bad person before, I just think it's interesting how my values shifted as I got older. Right now I am 31. I run my own business where I give children speech therapy. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” That's my new aim in life: to help make other people feel good, not just myself. My power and influence speaks for itself, I don't have to brag about it on the internet, even as a joke. Thank you for reading this. I hope you managed to grow beyond the person you were at seventeen too.
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    [IC: Timak, Ga Koro] “Name and element, Toa? What can you do?” ... Then Ayiwah’s gaze shifted back to the other Toa, the earlier question still hanging in the air - unanswered. Timak watched rapturously as the experienced Toa Maru leaped from the pier towards the Chiisai Ryuu. Oh, to be so confident. The young Toa was getting fed up of not being able to help like that. They thought they could just about make out her fuzzy shadow descending towards the sinking craft, but remembered the Commodore's question and turned back, standing straight and offering an awkward apologetic salute. "Timak, Ma'am! Sonics. I can't do much to help the ship itself, and this is my first day as a Toa, I think, but I could try and relay your voice into the ship if you want to talk with the attacker or the others inside." The lean youth raised a hand towards the silhouette of the submersible, frowning as they concentrated on the bridge, filtering through the sounds. It was all very faint and confused - the washing of the waves between them, the bubbling of the rushing water around the ship, the groaning metal of the hull, all mingled in with the urgent breaths and shouts of frantic crewmembers and the heated conversation on the bridge. It was too much, headache-inducing. Getting an idea, Timak drew their sword and pointed the twin-pronged blade toward the bridge. The air rippled around the tool as the Toa of Sonics focused their mind, narrowing the target range of the incoming sound to just the space within the bridge itself. "I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but I’m realizing only now that there might be seriously differing opinions on what I should do to help here.” ... what? What a strange way to introduce oneself... Shunning the minor distraction, Timak gave the Commodore a pointed look, lips pressed tight in concentration, and raised their other hand toward her, making a cone with their fingers. Taking a deep breath, the Toa made a channel, feeling that sonic energy almost like a thread that now tied the two locations together through Timak's form. Suddenly anyone standing in that direction would be able to hear the goings-on within the ship. Timak's lip curled in a slight smile, as much as they could manage through the effort, secretly proud of themselves for being able to hold up on their offer. A cocky, yet desperate voice rang out towards the Commodore. "—You feel like makin' a whole lotta widgets?" OOC: @Vezok's Friend .. and if Ayiwah uses this new channel, all the people in the bridge will be able to audibly hear her voice @Razgriz @Ghosthands @oncertainty paper-cup-string telephones
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    IC: Rudra, 小さい竜 (Chiisai Ryuu)Bridge He clicked his tongue. Looked like that crackling little whip could, after all, be functioned into a makeshift barrier against his bolts and volts. Granted, it was a tight-run thing even for her— that wasn't a lot of line to work with, nor did it cover a whole lot of area. Maybe he could, like, wave his hands around. Hit her with a fakeout, and get her that way— her eyes were tracking his hand, not his face. "I am an officer of the Imperial Navy," she growled through a dangerous smile, advancing cautiously, still holding the Soulwhip at the ready in case he went for another pot-shot. "We do not surrender our ships to the enemy. We fight to the death." "Death? Sheesh. Pretty sorry reward for the hard work." For whatever it was worth, he met her with a wry smirk of his own as he began circling off to the side, a slow matador to her slow bull. "Sounds like your priorities are a bit off-kilter to me, babe. Better to live and avenge than die and hope someone else does it for ya." She was creeping forward, but if they were making eye contact... He upped the voltage in his hand— and her attention snapped to it. D#mn. Better start talkin' again. "You Navy types are all thewoAHSHI—" He staggered as a series of muffled snaps reverberated through the hull, and the water table surged higher in the viewport— he knew it, the friggin' mooring lines gave. They really were gonna sink at this rate. With him alone, and everyone still aboard the ship after him. Not that he was in truly deep water yet, but... Wait, why is there a bunch of person-shaped armoring in my right ey— "I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but I’m realizing only now that there might be seriously differing opinions on what I should do to help here.” He glanced over for as long as he dared— Onu-Toa, kind of scrawny, bit of a carefully neutral expression. Somebody not related to this, somebody who got nosy. Not related to them— So somebody who understands the language of widgets! "Well," His Mahiki split into a grin, a leering, daring smirk as he stopped moving, managing to fit the newcomer, the whip-bearing captain, even the viewport in his field of view— more or less, anyway. Two heads were better than one. At this point, he'd probably have much better odds with an extra hand to delegate defense and hostage-minding too. ... ... ... And, yeah. Yup. He could live with it, if only given the circumstances— half a state of the art boat's asking price was probably still more than enough. "Suppose the first question you oughta ask, pal, is this— How do you help yourself? You're on a sinking ship in the middle of two people you don't kno—" For the third time, the bridge lurched, cutting his train of thought off— And the floor pushed into his feet. Water outside was receding. Great! Now he wasn't going to slam the shiny merchandise into a scratchy old reef. Their buoyancy controls must have come back. Someone with sense was righting things. Mata Nui, you really are looking out for your favorite son here, aren't you? Now, square one. Maybe one and a half. Screw it, this is getting somewhere whether somewhere knows "Say. Tell me something, brother. Ya look sharp—" He raised his hand, decidedly keeping the fingertip trained on her rather than him. In the viewport behind her, practically directly in his line of sight, however, a, count 'em, fourth face entered this scene— and hers was unmistakable. Leah Maru, the long arm of Ga-Koro's law and its pride and joy... tutting at him and smirking. Throwing a breezy salute. He could practically hear her tsk tsk tsk and see the finger she wanted to wag. Bad though that one was, something even his confidence couldn't ignore... His own smile didn't fade, even refused to, but his brows furrowed into a tight line, eyes hardened dangerously, and teeth showed just a little more. You never back down meekly when you've got to inspire, after all— not to some smarmy merchandise mover, Makuta-beater accolade or otherwise. She was posting her face right there, begging to be knocked down a peg. Most people'd be cowed by the arrogance. Most. As another pinprick of light emerged from the buzz at his fingertip, twice as furious as any before it, he regarded the smudge of black and grey-green out of his periphery. "—You feel like makin' a whole lotta widgets?" He raised the finger gun past the Captain's shoulder, visualized the exact point between the Maru's eyes through the glass between them, and fired.
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    OOC: Just going to use BZP time and say this is happening moments before Leah gets over, depending on how fast the Chiisai Ryuu is sinking. IC: Aeragot - Ga-Koro (Pier to Chiisai Ryuu) The submarine was sinking fast, the crew still on deck probably weren't going to want to discuss how much a civilian wanted to get on board, and if Aeragot took the time to ask them he wasn’t going to be able to get in anyway. On the other hand, the great deck window wasn’t yet so far underwater that he couldn’t see clean through. If he wanted to do something, he had to make a call. Aeragot stared into the now-underwater bridge, and focused. He appeared just inside the bridge, back to the front window, without a sound. The floor was angled beneath him, and he held his arms out to either side to steady himself. He scanned the room for what was immediately important: tall, seafoam green Toa on one side, Dasaka in a smart-looking coat with some kind of energy whip—he had heard they could do something like that, but it really was another thing to see it up close—on the other. Didn’t take much to guess who was supposed to be on the bridge, though he supposed it might be rude to assume. Smell of burnt wood and melted protodermis, not exactly a good sign. Even with it mostly submerged, he could feel the back-and-forth motion of the waves working their way through the hull of the submarine, and he winced. He ought to have taken that into account. All the same, he slid one foot outward, assuming a moderately wide stance. No sense in getting knocked down when one didn’t have to. He took a breath: "I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but I’m realizing only now that there might be seriously differing opinions on what I should do to help here.” Too light of an opener? Probably. Not much he could do about it now. OOC: @Ghosthands @Razgriz @Vezok's Friend
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    When I became a reporter, one of the things the news team was always striving to do was post news every day. I think everyone took some pride from that, and I know I did, and even if we cheated sometimes or missed a day here and there, I'd wager that on average we posted things 361 or more days each year, server issues notwithstanding. As time has gone on though, real life takes more and more of a priority, and it falls more and more to just me to keep things updated. And while it's been approaching for some time, I feel I've finally reached the point where it's become more of a burden than something I actually enjoy. And I think that means it's time for a change. View the full article
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    IC: Vrill [Po-Koro, Akiri Renaka's Home] While he may have looked almost bored or aloof, as soon as the Cy-Toa was referred to, without skipping a beat or pausing for deliberation, he uncrossed his arms and extended one towards the Akiri for a handshake. "Thank you for your time, Akiri." Despite the Ko-Koronan operative feeling above the law at times, he was by all means a professional.
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    IC: Aeragot - Ga-Koro (Docks) All at once a shudder went through the crowd, Ga-Matoran and Dasakan alike, and a great din of mass movement rose up among them. This, Aeragot could tell, was something. Anyone else could have told this too, but they wouldn’t have been quite so pleased. At that moment Aeragot did not wade into the shifting crowd, for while he exceeded the majority of its members in height the combination of the Dasaka returning to their vessels and the Matoran jockeying for a better view would have made getting to the other side challenging. Instead, he peered over and past them, staring at an open spot at the edge of the huge lily pad platform. Aeragot concentrated for a moment upon that spot, and his eyes unfocused and blurred until, for the briefest moment only, his vision failed. And then, he travelled without moving. At the edge of the platform, Aeragot grinned behind his Kanohi Kualsi. He could see what was going on now, and it was interesting. The submarine, previously surfaced and sitting above the water, now was trimmed by the bow. Observing the vessel for a moment, he noted as well that it was sinking at a not-insignificant rate. It was a good question, and he was going to have to get closer to find out the answer. Again he concentrated on a spot, this time the edge of the pier alongside which the submarine was sinking. Again, a moment later, he was gone. Then Aeragot stood before the submarine. He admired the vessel, it really was beautifully crafted when you got up close. He smiled, in an excited reflex: maybe it was time he got to figure something out. And help some people, of course. OOC: Hope it's all good if I get involved in this one!
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    Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: With the other two Toa gone the akiri could now focus on the thought that had been buzzing around her head since she'd first learned of what Muir and his shady companion were up to. Her bright gaze focused on those still in the room. Or more specifically Muir as what she was about to ask was directed at him in particular. "I would like to hire you to look into the possible crimes of Skorm.The information brought to light here has convinced me his action bear further looking into.His crimes may not have occurred in this koro but that does not mean that they cannot still reach him." It was also worrisome that Ko-koro had chosen someone with such a dark past to be a member of their preeminent Toa team. If one were to be a suspicious type, like Hewkii for instance, it might suggest that the new akiri's efforts at turning a new leaf were less genuine than it would appear on the surface. The current So far her contact with the eccentric inventor had been through intermediaries. Practically rebuilding the Po-koro from the ground up was a time consuming effort to say the least. All the other signs of his intentions had been genuine enough however. She needed more information before making any further moves in that region. Ostia - Fowadi - Kale IC: "From what I hear, Stannis isn't exactly the gregarious type. Nice enough but not exactly the type to go out and make friends in the market. The akiri might know but I also know that akiri Renaka is booked. My meeting with her about our funding got pushed back to next month for some reason or another." The words were accompanied by an annoyed snort and a shake of his head. The ones following had a slower and more contemplative note to them. "Our best bet might be one of the other Maru. Leah is said to be one of the most friendly of them and we are heading to Ga-koro in the next few days. How about we go pay her a visit while we are there?"
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    IC (Ageru Tazera) [Bridge of the Chiisai Ryuu] Tazera remained crouched, tucked close against the bottom of the thick instrument panel as the intruder sent bolt after bolt of lightning to spark off its edges. He had her pinned; the moment she left her cover he'd be able to fire off a shot long before she could close the distance between them. Between the miniature thunderclaps, she could just make out the sound of hurried footfalls approaching in the corridor — hopefully Inzu on her way to help. But she heard something else too: the grinding, wrenching sound of the Toa heaving the door bolt as tightly closed as it would go. The bridge door was designed to be secured from the inside; it would not be easy for Inzu to get through if the Toa had successfully secured it. She would have to turn the tables on her own. You could've been forgiven for thinking the lieutenant had little defence against ranged attacks, being armed only with a Miru, an axe and a whip — but that whip was still a Soulsword. There was one technique she'd trained in that might work; very handy against bow-wielding pirates, or the rarer ranged Soulsword practitioner. She couldn't be sure it would be effective against elemental Lightning, but it was better than sitting there and waiting for him to flank her cover and zap her anyway. Her Soulwhip sprang to life in her hand and she grasped it further up with the other, holding a two-foot length of it taut. She tensed, reading herself to spring out — And the deck beneath her suddenly moved, tilting slightly, accompanied by a low groan. Tazera's eyes widened. The movement was unmistakeable. She glanced up at the scorched and shattered instrument panel, where she could make out one partly-destroyed label: #UOYANCY Oh ####. Water began to swell at the bottom of the bridge's wide viewing window. From outside, the alarmed Menti watching the Ryuu, still waiting for reinforcements to board the submersible, saw the craft shift in the water and gradually begin to sink. The situation was all the more urgent now, Tazera knew. By regulations the hatch ought to be closed, so at the least the Ryuu should not be flooded, but who knew what damage an uncontrolled descent into the reefs of Naho Bay might do to her. She had to regain control of the bridge, and the sub as a whole, as soon as possible. Time to act. She sprang out from behind the panel, gripping that two-foot length of Soulwhip taut in front of her. By all of Zataka's magnificent assets, I hope this works.
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    IC: Aeragot - Ga-Koro Aeragot was leaning against a railing and keeping to the edge of the crowd, a sea of various shades of blue which shifted and trembled much like the real ocean all around. He reflected that, perhaps, he should not have come here at all. If he was a diplomat, a reporter, maybe he might have been able to get close enough to find out something interesting. But with this crowd? No way he was going to get to talk to somebody who really knew what was going on. Not that it was a complete wash, of course. Whole new civilization showing up on shore? Dragon flying in? Exciting to be sure, but seeing something exciting is just an unanswered question. A poet friend had once told him the whole world could be found in unanswered questions, but Aeragot had yet to be convinced. It would have been easier had he been anyone else, and just taken the ferry from Forsi to Ga-Koro. Would have been a shorter walk across Po-Wahi, at least. As it stood, however, it wasn’t worth the sickness to take the boat. He wouldn’t have minded walking so much either, but then the prevailing wind carried in a little rainstorm just as he passed the border of Ko-Wahi going towards Ga-Koro, and the clouds hung around against the mountain range the whole time. He always found Ga-Koro a little difficult too, when he first arrived. Just the slight motion of the floating bridges and the grown walkways, undetectable to anyone who had been there long, made him a little tense. He could feel the potential for a headache just just hanging around the edges. And yet, when he had heard from a contact that the whole fleet would be arriving, he left immediately. More out of a sense of obligation than anything else. How could anyone take him seriously as a student of history and seeker of knowledge if he didn’t show up to see this. He had seen their submarine surface once, from the cliffs on the edge of Ta-Wahi. And yet, now that he was here, he was standing before a crowd like any other. Countless people in awe, but it’s hard to get any real information from that. OOC: Aeragot open for interaction.
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    I expect that Bionicle and Hero Factory will continue to be in their own separate universes who have nothing to do with each other.
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    IC (Syrik) [Echelon's Lair] Something flickered in Syrik's eyes as Aerus spoke, and then again as Kreigero cut the rope around her waist. Something like frustration, or anger. But his expression remained studiously sympathetic. "In time for your contract?" the Toa echoed with jocular incredulity. "I'd have thought any boss would accept a dragon, a blizzard and a fall down a crevasse as extenuating circumstances. Surely there's no need for you to hurry on that account." He smiled. "But I can understand that after everything you've been through, you'd want to get home as soon as possible. And let's not be overdramatic — the wound doesn't look so bad to me. It just needs proper dressing, and a little rest and warmth, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Take my advice: it's better that you all stick together out here. There's safety in numbers, and I shouldn't have to tell you that Ko-Wahi can be a dangerous place. So..." He turned back to Aerus for a moment, and this time there was a hardness, a warning, in the look he gave his new partner before turning back to the travellers. "...just give us a moment to fetch those bandages for you, and you can be on your way." OOC: @Goose @BULiK @Tarn @~Xemnas~
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    IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Encampment @ARROW404 Jojax Gritted her teeth and folowed through with her manuver. Just before Gashril hit the ground Jojax let go and stumbled backwards from the sonic blast.. "Wow," She said, her ears ringing. "You hit hard!" she said, complementing her foe. "That's good, we need to keep things exciting!" She turned to the inhabitants of the Tahtorak Encampment, apparently giving Gashril a moment to recover. "You aint seen nothing yet!" she shouted to the audience as she turned back to face Gashril, muscles ready to jump back into action. IC: The Wanderer-The Place (the Wanderer's Bar) @Toru Nui "As well as it could have," the Wanderer said, "The folks of Zakaz are as hostile and combattive as ever. I expect we'll be getting a lot of visitors within the next few days." He took a seat behind the counter and got drinks out for himself and Enra. "What about you, did the preperations go smoothly?"
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    IC: Gashril Her eyes widened. What the devil? Woah! Her shoulder nearly came out of its socket as her masked opponent yanked her up... With her fingers. This was something else, she had a weapon Gashril didn't understand. Probably the mask. Too late to do anything about that though, right now she had to focus on not slamming into the ground. If her opponent was using her tools, then it was time Gashril did too. She tightened her grip on Jojax's arm, aiming to pre-empt any attempt to throw her outside the ring, and clicked her sonic amplifiers on. Her elemental energies surged in her throat, and her cry of surprise and alarm suddenly burst into a concentrated blast of sonic power that washed point-blank into Jojax. Gashril could feel her arm caught in the blast, skin already going numb from the vibrations on her gauntlet. This was not a nice attack, but she was on her way to getting stunned... might as well stun her opponent too.
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    First time postin' to bzp. Guess I'll just dump all the combo models I've built up last year. Lehvak Kaita (Lehvak + Lehvak Va + Lehvak Kal) This guy was the first one and a strong start if I may say so myself. He's kinda bright since I made the kal pieces pearl very light grey instead of pearl light grey. It took me a while to figure that out... Some Swans idk (Gahlok Kal + Kopaka; Tahnok Kal + Tahu) These two are small and simple but the li'l guys make the big cool guys look even bigger and cooler by comparison. I like 'em. Bohrok Mega Fusion (all 3 Nuhvok + all 3 Kohrak) I took the cool anime robot and made it cooler and anime-er. Metru Nui Arachnid (all 6 metrutoran) Li'l Rahi? I'm not great at naming these (all 3 are combos of 2 bohrok va each) Toa Nui (the 6 toa mata) This was a fun and kinda inevitable challenge. I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Also a user on the r/bioniclelego subreddit actually built it irl. Toa Nui but Lewa is actually represented (same) Took me a while to realise that a toa nui should represent all 6 of the toa. I prefer the lewaless variant. Bohrok Ultima (6 bohrok + 6 bohrok va + 6 bohrok kal) This is my combiner magnum opus. It'll take a long while to get all the bohrok but I definitely want to build this one irl. Rahkshi Grappler (Guurahk + Panrahk + Vorahk + Kurahk) One day I remembered the rahkshi had some neat combo models. Then this build was born. Rahydra (rahaga norik + kualus + bomonga) Mahri Nui Silverback Ray (Dekar/Defilak alt) This started as a Dekar alt model but then I realised either of them could be used for this. Akamai+ (tahu + pohatu + onua both mata and nuva + turaga vakama + whenua + onewa) Rahkshi Nui (all of the sluggers) Dark Hunter Triglax (Roodaka + Sidorak) I was surprised this was the only titan combo 05 didn't do. Also was inspired by the flatwoods monster. Dark Hunters are fun. Nuhvok Kaita (like the first one but nuhvok) Rahkshi Kaita Yo (Vorahk + Lerahk + Turahk) This one was actually made for Takutanuva's community project over on the ttv message boards. That was real fun, I suggest y'all check out the other combiners that were submitted for that. Voya Nui Digging Crab (Velika + Garan + Piruk) Bohrok Kaita Kal Ja but better (Tahnok + Nuhvok + Pahrak) First one I actually built irl. And that's all of them. So far. Feel free to build any of these and if y'all do please share 'em here. I'd love to see it!
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    Po-koro - Renaka's house - Renaka IC: It was a valid request. If she was going to give them an official request than the least she could do was put her name behind it. So she nodded to the lawyer and vanished into another room in the house for several moments. The three people in the room could hear a faint scratching for most of that time. When the akiri returned she handed a palm sized tablet of stone to Muir. It was more of a badge really. The back was emblazoned with the official seal of the koro. The front had fine letters carved into it that sketched out the rough outline of what she had asked the pair to do. Interestingly enough only the lawyer's name was listed on the badge. If the Ko-koro spy was going to hide behind the fiction of being the other man's assistant then she might as well treat him as such. Plus there was no way that she was going to hand any of her authority over to someone who made a living out of not following the rules. Foolish decisions like that were how diplomatic incidences were started. She trusted Muir not to do anything she wouldn't be willing to back him up on.
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    IC: Skyra Daring - Po-koro - After I parted ways with Lumune, I headed back into Po-koro proper, heading for the markets specifically. There were plenty of vendors and stores along the market street, lots of people shouting at me as I passed about deals and 50% off and I just ignored all of it. I knew what I wanted, and where to get it. I came up to a particular vendor who had many scarfs on display. I wouldn't blame anyone for being confused why Po-koro of all places would be selling scarfs, not the right climate right? Wrong! Scarfs were surprisingly useful in the hot desert, protecting you from both sun and sand! Also...Dorian might have kind of made them popular. People sorta noticed he wore them all the time and all his fans wanted to wear them too, then even his not fans noticed people wearing them and wanted to buy them to fit in. Kinda gross really. Of course it didn't help that Dorian was 'dead', at least that's what most people thought still. He was kind of a martyr without actually being one? Which only served to make scarfs all the more in demand. Heh, I need to tell him that, he'd probably get a kick out of it. I examined the rows of scarfs on display. There was a lot of options of course, but I needed to choose the perfect..."AHAH!" I apparently scared the SHlT out of the Po-matoran who was manning the stand. He fell off his stool as I yelled out and grabbed two scarfs. "I'd like to buy these two please~" I said with a happy tune. "S-Sure but...did you have to almost give me a heart attack?" He complained. "Just take the d### money!" I tossed the appropriate amount of widgets at him and walked off, pocketing the scarfs on my person. Honestly, when did merchants become so rude? I got over it pretty quickly as I walked along the streets, humming a tune. I turned into an alley that I remembered being a shortcut, I just needed to find my friends and we could head back to Ostia or wherever we needed to go next. Yeah, things were going- My head suddenly spiked with an intense throb...only it was less of a throb and more like someone was trying to clean my ear out with an ice peak. I gritted my teeth as I collapsed onto my knees in alarm. "AH ###K!" What was going on? The pain had never been this bad before! I gasped as the pain just continued to throb with intensity, kind of like a wave only it wasn't water, it was acid. I...I needed to make it stop! HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP!? Then I remembered the pain meds Dorian had given me. I was really gonna have to thank him again for those. I shakily pulled the bottle out of my belt and hastily downed a few of the pills. Then I just sorta...lay down on the stone street of the alleyway as I waited for the meds to kick in. It felt like an agonizing eternity, but eventually the pain gave away to relief...uh maybe too much relief...how many had I taken? I had been in so much pain that I hadn't paid attention. "I hope I didn't take more that I should have..." I slowly started to get up, I felt a bit wobbly. "...eh...whatever I can deal with...this!" I just needed to find one of my friends and I'd be fine...wherever they were currently.
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    IC (Lohkar) [The Infernavika] "Well, that's a difficult question to answer, innit?" Lohkar replied. He'd taken the wheel and was steering the Infernavika deftly on her course towards Leva Bay. "Because to know if there's anything I'm still forgetting, I'd 'ave to remember all the things I've forgotten, which I can't do, because I've forgotten 'em." There was a pause. Lohkar cleared his throat. "What I'm sayin' is, it's hard to tell. But so far it does seem to be the whole shebang. Childhood, runnin' off to sea, becomin' the legendary rogue you now see before you..." He shot Yasurek a dazzling smile. "...so on an' so forth."
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    IC (Lohkar) [The Infernavika] "Best night of my life, luv," Lohkar replied with a wink. "An' I've spent one with a Vortixx girl." He bounded up the steps of the aftcastle to stand beside the helm, overlooking the weather deck. The crew were busying themselves about the ropes and masts, some beginning to climb the rigging to unfurl more sails, but from the hushed atmosphere and constant glances in his direction it was clear they were expecting to hear what had their captain in such a state of excitement. Far be it for him to deny them. "My friends," he declared, hands raised in an oratory pose, "as of last night, my memories 'ave returned to me! I now know the location of my homeland, the glittering isle of Seprilli, off the coast o' Zakaz. I sailed those waters from when I was just a lad, an' let me tell you: they are ripe with treasure an' adventure, for anyone brave enough to take 'em! "Oh, Mata Nui's a nice place, to be sure. But for a man such as meself, it becomes a little too nice. Truth is, I'm goin' soft out here, mates. Fightin' Rahkshi an' cultists is all well an' good, but I am an' always will be a thief, a scoundrel, an' a pirate. I need to go back where I belong! An' so, as soon as the 'Vika is ready, I will be settin' sail with all haste for the place they call the End of all Worlds. "Now, I do not expect all of you to share my enthusiasm for such a voyage. Nor would I demand that any of you go to such perilous lands unwillingly. So to any who do not wish to come, let us part ways at Ostia, an' I shall bid you the fondest of farewells. But to those that will join me, I promise you all the prizes an' plunder you could ever want, upon the Sea o' Zakaz!" He threw his arms wide. "Whaddya say?" A cheer of genuine enthusiasm but somewhat underwhelming volume rose from most of the crew. Lohkar frowned. It occurred to him that the 'Vika was a little understaffed these days. A few new people had joined them after the Battle of Ko-Koro, but that didn't quite offset the general attrition of crewmembers over the past months and years. "All right, we'll pick up some recruits at Ostia — and some payin' passengers, come to think of it — an' make all the necessary preparations to get underway. Then, my friends...Zakaz awaits!" He stood silent for a moment, with all eyes still on him, and clearly caught up in the drama of his own speech. Then he seemed to snap out of it, and waved his hands in a chivvying motion. "Well, snap to it then, ya swabs! We 'aven't got all day!" OOC: @Snelly @Void Emissary @pokemonlover360
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    IC: Jojax-Tahtorak Camp @ARROW404 Jojax narrowed her eyes. Gashril was being cautious, which would be challenging. A carefull opponent was less likely to make an exploitable mistake. Jojax needed to try harder. "You know what!" She said. .""I don't wana hurt you too bad." She made a show of taking off her gloves, leaving her bracelets on. "Alright! Let's do this!" She charged at her opponent, keeping one eye on her weapon in order to dodge it. OOC: Some fight music.
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    Now this is truly a topic of touchy opinions. That being said I truly agree that we DON'T NEED Bionicle back. Sure we would all love it to come back but lets be real here for a second. I don't think it unsafe to say that a high majority of this fanbase are now adults. Even if you discovered Bionicle in the last full year of 2009 at a young age of 6 lets say that would put you at 19 now. So with that I am sticking with the idea that 95% of us are adults. Now back at the point on hand. We as adults really don't need a toy line to come back. Sure many if not most of us still use our toys to create new and exciting characters and stories and we aren't hindered by the absence of new sets as there are literately countless ways to build with all the parts available and Lego does still make some parts in sets that fit our needs oh so well. Pus with 3D printing we get our fill of new masks and weapons. So on the mocing side yeah we don't need it back. "How about the story?" I hear you ask well, that we can do on our own. Besides people always complain about elements in the canon stories to begin with so this makes everyone happy to just make it as they see fit. Really Bionicle at the end of the day is a toy for kids with cool stories. We are all but grown up and yes it would be awesome if kids today could have Bionicles on the shelves but that i no way means we need them back. Saying we need Bionicle back reminds me of oldmen in movies saying "back in my day we didn't need(insert modern tech or toy)." I'm sure we are all familiar with the people who claimed a kid could just have as much fun with a yoyo as a playstation. Not saying yoyos aren't cool but I don't think it would be sane to say that "we need yoyos back". We don't need Bionicles and kids don't need them but they will always be cool. -Onvermel-
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    OOC: Recommended listening: IC: Kreigero [Echelon's Lair] The veil of plausible deniability was not lowered, so much as its pretense had been missing from the start. Aerus's words had no visible effect on Kreigero, for to enter the drifts willingly was to accept one's death. To do so with strangers, doubly so. Through a storm? Thrice that. With Makuta's whispers beneath the Rahi's howls? Tenfold. In the presence of dragons? One could only hope to see such beauty before their assured demise. Each step further from Ko-Koro was a compounding inevitability unto itself where all trails led to Ihu's embrace. Mount Ihu had blessed Kreigero in her time as much as it had cursed her, and to the survivalist, this was the beauty of life's cycles and the universe's revolutions. Danger is liberating. The presence of threat frees the mind, unplugging it from routine and overclocking it beyond its self-imposed constraints. Higher risks, higher rewards. Danger incites a dynamic cycle of split-second decision-making that speaks to the primal core of every being. The mind running on its raw hardware instead of limited by its own abstractions. In face of certain danger, a Kofo-Jaga will become a dragon. A Hapaka? A Muaka. But a Matoran? Equally so, when in true danger, a Matoran is within their truest form. They do not "think, because they are", as Ko-Koronan scholars have long touted; in true danger, a Matoran simply is. Danger forces the mind to not recursively classify itself above all. Danger forces a matoran to feel, not think, and within those feelings are the magnificent and deadly truths of reality, forged on the laws of the nature by Mata Nui's great hammer. Danger forces the mind and body act in unison, in a impossibly beautiful balance, where a matoran's spirit is united with the duty of their body, and their metastasized soul decides their destiny. All qualities of a Matoran act as one and with their actions define themself as a living whole greater than the sum of their constituent parts. Thus, danger empowers a Matoran to become their true self, tap into all the powers when looking into their hearts. Danger bred heroes and martyrs, and was the gateway to Artakha itself. It was in this peril that a bloodied Kreigero chose to engage in an equivalent exchange - for if fear and control were this twisted Matoran's sword and shield, then both could be disarmed by the fearless. Without his tools, his words would become as strong as he looked, and perhaps the fog he wanted to stoke would be parted to reveal the truths beyond. Kreigero would not be bullied by a sad Matoran's theatrics. "We're not from the census bureau, the building code office, or the local homeowners association, if that's what you're asking," the huntress unexpectedly replied, doing her best to mask her frigid stutter. "They already told you why we're here," Kreigero continued, the wounded Matoran momentarily tilting her head in the direction of her partners - one a comrade, the other a liability. "So I'd recommend that you ask a useful question... if you're looking for a useful answer."
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    I don't think it's unfair at all for people to say that Bionicle's writing is a mess. It's a convoluted fusion of sci-fi and fantasy, rife with retcons and contradictions, plot holes and wild tangents. But to me, that was always part of its charm. I never saw any need to "fix" it.
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    general rule for how much time has passed is 'years' so anywhere between two years and a decade, we play it pretty loose here but arc ii as in real life is accepted to have been substantially longer than arc i
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    I'm just expecting fan projects now, since Lego only remembers Bionicle when they want to put small easter eggs on their boring and overpriced Ninjago sets.
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    IC [Glacial caves, northern Ko-Wahi] The metal itself was unremarkable: grey, smooth, and uncorroded despite the ice that surrounded it and the meltwater that trickled along the floor of the glacial cave. Rectangular in shape, the structure was set into one wall of ice. The only light around was now the glow from the group's Lightstones, which didn't penetrate far beyond the curved and pitted surface of the azure ice, but there seemed to be a darkness behind the metal shape, as it would if the structure extended deep into the glacier. At the centre of the metal shape, there was a recessed section taller than a Toa. If any of the Matoran reached out to touch it, they would find it cold — but unlike its surroundings, not quite freezing. They might think it looked somewhat like a door, albeit one with no discernible handle, lock, or hinges. Just one perfectly smooth metal surface, set within another. And if any of them looked carefully at the rock-strewn grey sand beneath their feet, in places clear of the meltwater streams, they might be able to make out a set of footprints leading directly to the structure — but not away from it. OOC: @BULiK @Tarn @~Xemnas~
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