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    Years ago I created 2 versions of my self moc, and haven't returned to the concept ever since. While looking back today I do think my concept at the time was a bit... edgy, I decided to stick to the designs but give them a much needed overhaul. Toa Poraru Aderyn You can find more images of them both on my Instagram feed.
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    It really is backlog posting when I forgot about the moc in question for almost a year. This is an older moc that was built for a collab that never materialized, and I forgot to post it for almost a year. It's based on an early Boneheads of VooDoo Island prototype that predated Bionicle, a snippet of which was seen in a video posted by Christian Faber.
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    Pirate Lord Dreadwind by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "Prepare for the plundering of yer lifetime, ye wee scallywags!" <Additional Photo> Started this fella around the start of October with the intention to have him ready for #halloween, but decided to post it sooner cause I'll be busy next weekend.
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    OOC: Haven't done this in a while. Attached listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ISqkwOjMtw IC: Mar (Naho Bay) You know, usually I haven’t been much for trying to look fashionable, but it’s remarkable how circumstances change your outlook, isn’t it? I say this because where my lithe frame was seated underneath a palm that provided a shady spot, the stylish conical straw hat resting on my head probably would’ve looked pretty out of place if I was acting like my usual self. Especially if you were to throw in the predatory Rahi resting on the ground nearby. Trying to have some nice, quiet alone time off is never an easy task for a Sonics elemental, but practice makes perfect. Even so, I kept my ears peeled. The fishing rod planted in a small rockbed nearby serving as clear proof as to why. The lure bobbed gently in the water as I scanned the horizon. Ga-Koro was plainly visible a little off in the distance, maybe a twenty minute walk away? Something like that. Suited me just fine, a brisk walk back to the Inn I was staying at could be just what the doctor ordered. In the other direction were the Kau Kau waterfall, the roar of the thundering water providing one major disturbance to me that I learned to live with, once I provided a smidgen of my power to dampen it just a little bit, making it more of a pleasant background noise. Whiling the hours away with fishing was a funny way for things to come full circle, in a certain sense. Once I did it for a living, then this Toa Stone showed up, and now I was back where I started, just on the other side of the island. The Great Spirit works in mysterious ways, and all that? It’s not much, but I’ll take it. I haven’t really been much of a religious man, but… I mean, surely there’s some point to me getting these powers, right? Right? Finding out what that is… that’s something I want to do. That felt weird to say… “I want to do that”, it’s… I wasn’t used to that. As I was beginning to realize, taking a break had been good for me. Especially because I was a little tired of pushing the boundaries of the law, honestly. It would soon be time to get back out there again, but… maybe not the same way as before. Even though Rhea Heartsflame’s little gang had disbanded, I still felt more… optimistic, to tell you the truth. We had our one big job, and got ourselves a big score, feels silly to just go back to my normal, cynical self after that success. For the first time in quite a while, or since I’d actually become a Toa to tell the truth, it felt like there was something a little bit more to life than what I’d staked out so far. I wondered privately if I was fooling myself, but really, I had already been doing that a little before Rhea recruited me, and at least I had a better excuse back then to feel sorry for myself than I do now. Shame Rhea had just vanished like that, but then again, I had some nagging doubts, maybe it was best that she left the stage when she did. I certainly wouldn’t feel quite so enamored now as I did back then with the idea of becoming a hardcore merc gang’s resident cook. Speaking of which... I could hear it before I would’ve ever seen it. I snatched up the rod as I saw the lure bob under the water, and I got to my feet as I pulled back. Karv also stirred awake as he saw that dinner was on its way. I smiled as I reeled in a nice, big Ruki fish that spasmed at the end of the fishing line. This would hit just the spot when I was done with it. A second one followed soon after, and with catch in hand, I picked up my belongings and began to walk back to the Koro, with a certain Kavinika in dutiful tow. Having a successful day out fishing was… a bit of a portable home, in some ways. When you grow up doing something on the regular, it might be the one thing that keeps you sane at the end of the day. It’s the good kind of habit. The bad kind, though, it’s high time I did something about those. As I said before, it was soon gonna be time to head out again, but… this time, it was going to be different. I wasn’t completely set, yet, and what it was I wanted, but… I wanted something to keep that sense I had of things looking up going. I thought back to some isolated episodes of my recent past, where I’d ended up feeling best about myself when I brightened somebody else’s day. Now, I’d had time to think, and to realize a few things about myself. I wanted to do something more.. positive, honestly. Being a mercenary may pay the bills, but it’s got no monopoly there, and it’s beginning to feel like I’m just not that guy anymore. I still wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull it off, but… I was going to find some way to pull this off, I felt ready, more ready than I had quite some years. The key ingredient, it felt like to me, was having a team. I’d have to see if I could find something like that again. I guess this means setting out to make friends? Now that’s a challenge, but let’s see how it turns out. I’ve certainly gone through worse. I offered a tip of my hat to the guards as I headed through the gate and wandered into the Koro. There was a faint, melodious whistle blowing through the air to anyone who came close by. Soundtracking your own life like that is a bit silly, sure but… I felt like I could afford to be silly right now, and that wasn’t a common feeling for me to have. Actually a very new sensation indeed. Better enjoy it while it lasts. Karv and I made it back to the Inn as the afternoon set in, and I had a meal to ask the staff to prepare for me. It had been a lazy day, but rather worthwhile all the same.
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    Thanks, it's been a long time in coming. Glad it was so good when it finally arrived.
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    Even if Lego shoots this down, we've made our message loud and clear: the Bionicle fandom is comprised of rabid madmen who will storm Denmark if we have to if it means we get a little respect. This might tell Lego that System is the future of Bionicle, but if that happens, the worst-case-scenario is that we get playsets instead of constraction; but if that happens, it might also encourage Lego to aim more at AFOLs rather than competing with the same crowd as Ninjago.
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    It's just as well none of the VN matoran turned into Toa before the Inika showed up, otherwise they'd end up looking like Zaktan and the crew lol
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    It was definitely canon. I think it was canon for the sole reason to explain why the metru matoran looked like lhikan and why takua turned into something looking like a toa nuva even though he never underwent nuva transformation. As to why matua didn't look more grand, maybe you look like what you expect a general toa to look like, not like what you would expect YOURSELF to look like as a toa. So he looked like his thought of the average toa, but was disappointed he didn't look better than the average toa.
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    I finished my costume. Almost six years in the making!
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    Not as of now, but we will be making sure to filter out duplicates, so you only get one entry. Better safe than sorry!
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    Those of you who know your BIONICLE history might recall that the original BIONICLE Legends #7 — Invasion — was cancelled in 2007. Well, thanks to some detective work by yours truly, and some help from BZPower's own Black Six, the introduction of Invasion has been recovered, and is now available to the public for the first time ever! You can be among the first fans to read it by clicking here. I'm starting this thread for two reasons: for discussion of the recovered Invasion introduction, and for discussion of lost BIONICLE media in general. BIONICLE was a massive story, and I highly doubt this one chapter of one book is all that's almost been lost to the sands of time — and now that I'm in detective mode, I'd love some more leads to follow. :p
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    No the Toa Mata don't get old, anymore than Optimus Prime gets old. But them arriving on a island after Makuta or what have you and having mask collecting be their mission to beat him that does. The mask collection thing it worked back then because this catchphrase was in everyone's mind and heart at the time "Gotta catch Em' all!" it is why Yu-Gi-Oh and other collectable series was working then because collecting was in and to a degree still is. But the fad of collecting all masks, Krana, Kratta, Kanoka and such is not as strong a selling point now. The characters are not the problem, it is the method to the story that is the problem as again I point to Optimus Prime how many times has Cybertron been under attack? How many times have humans and living machines fought the same war, and how many times has Optimus died? As a fan of Transformers and Bionicle I can say with full honesty the characters can stay the same and certain parts of their mission can too, but after Transformers: The Unicron Trilogy did we see Minicons with every figure, no we didn't. What about Mata Nui already having its champions who have defended it for years and made life good, but Makuta assails the Island. He is not a native, he is a conqueror looking to add Mata Nui to his empire or he is a "Demon" from beyond the region and like darkmatter in the Kirby universe seeks to claim all before him so he may reshape it into more of him to put it another way he is a virus and his function to corrupt and reformat. Heck Makuta could be literally out to destroy Mata Nui, again just to sustain himself like the Beast Planet from Shadow Warriors. Same Characters can get stale if they are handled poorly but there is a series where the same three people are in a never-ending cycle and it is the third most successful franchise its creator and owners have. "Legend tales of a kingdom old, a land once lush thanks to three of gold. Green fields and blue waters cover the land, the peaceful peoples all held onto the other's hand. Peaceful time it slowly spun, no fear or need to run. A hard days work done, now it is time for fun. But slowly a shadow seeped, through the cracks it would reap. Oh dear oh no, this can't be so, what is happeing, to the joyous light, will our world sink into night?! A bright light it appears, its courage has grown through the years! It journeyed across our land, what is that held in his hand, Why no, can it be, do you think? Is that the sword of evils bane?! No man can hold that it is insane! But here we see night turning into day, the hero he had it the evil it did slay! Now we can sing once again, in peace the day as bright as it began this quest was beyond our dreams!"- Wind Waker intro custom lyrics Ok it may need some tweaking to follow the rhythm properly but every line could describe any of the Zelda games and they have not gotten stale by a longshot. Verbatim the plot to all but two Zelda games is in that song so tell me the same characters and basic premise can't be times.
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    More photos The Aquagon set has such a cool head mold, but I think the rest of the set is really disappointing. Surprisingly, Aquagon is one hero factory set that I haven't seen a remake of. I hope that I did it justice. This MOC was built using the Kanaishi Frame. Building it was a challenge but I like the results. I'm definitely going to be building more bignics in the future.
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    Oh wow, love what you've done with Matau! He just feels so right for the character; the use of those leaf pieces is perfect, and the gold piece on his torso complements the lime shade surprisingly well, particularly with the black frame behind them both. I like the loose-limbed posture you've given him too, it really captures Matau's characteristic sense of energy ^^
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    ( proud of my one and only set, courtesy of ebay, she's a great study buddy ) (brownie points to anyone who finds Hahli's spelling mistakes)
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    It's be just easier to call ourselves "Free, the Band."
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    Nah, what we really need to do is form a band and make a nu metal cover of the rap to maximize the cringe.
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    Well, I refuse to let you die like that. Using an Olmak and some Deus Ex Machina, I pull you back to the battlefield. Don't think you're getting out that easily.
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    Oh WOW, these are super-cool. I love how, even with almost a completely different set of parts from the G1 versions of the characters, you've got so much recognisable PERSONALITY into them all. I particularly like the little, personalised touched you've given each one, in their tools and colour schemes; and that armour piece you've used on their torsos is a really cool choice, as its design brings to mind the Matoran's movie designs. I think Takua is my favourite of them, so far; the way you've arranged his colour scheme, in particular, looks perfect for the character. And I love that picture of Nuparu taking apart the Bohrok, too; he's been a longtime favourite of mine, too, and I enjoy the callback to the old Bohrok animations
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    I survive getting thrown into the Russian army, a few divisions were destroyed but the main army is okay. I order a Spetsnaz unit to restrain MoarBotar. Then I reveal I have been made the Supreme Emperor of Earth (except for Switzerland). The rest of the worlds nuclear arsenal is launched. Kardas looks up and sees the coming nuclear Armageddon.
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    "I don't know, Downfall. A lot of people seem to be using Kardas' distraction as an opportunity to attack him." Suddenly, the bleachers lurch violently. Many screams of "OOHHHH NNOOO!" are heard we all go flying through air. Fortunately, I always keep a Miru in my backpack. With the Mask of Levitation controlling my fall, I manage to land safely on the ground nearby.
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    "I did not mean to interrupt." Wrap-up post for the Kalta, CW for dysphoria and self-harm. I want to thank everybody I've played with during the arc for making Mata Nui and Kentoku interesting places to write in.
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    Why would he be a writer for a line that's been dead/inactive for the last three years?
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    He's still employed at Lego, yes. He mainly works on the magazine, though he's still sometimes brought in to work on story material for more story-based themes (he wrote for Ninjago, and worked on the early story details for G2 - though he wasn't involved with writing any of the G2 books or anything). He's not officially a Bionicle writer right now, but no one is, since Bionicle isn't currently being made.
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    Wall of History Or Wall of Prophecy (Both start with 'w' and end with 'y.')
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    Yeah, for years their showcase site still worked. They must've shut it down within the past year or so. I captured the 3DXMLs from it back in 2011. But by the time I figured out how to datamine the base w3d files they were generated from a few years later, they had already been taken down, years before the showcase was. You can see what their showcase looked like at https://web.archive.org/web/20180415082102/http://www.templar.com/showcase/
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    Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I love your epic so far! You drew a parallel in the last posted chapter that kind of touches on that, drawing parallels to your characters' world and Mata Nui. In particular, your chapter titles remind me of '01 Mata Nui, and the few other lines of the same language throughout the story, and it's intriguing. I think you've done a great job recapturing the sort of myth and wonder that surrounds what a Toa hero is, also reminiscent of early G1. The culture you've been able to construct and populate with diverse Matoran is cohesive and expansive. You do a good job of giving enriching details of their world without lapsing into narrator/author worldbuilding monologue, which is super. I love the tension you've been building, starting with an exciting discovery of mysterious Toa-stones, and then adding the ominous element that keeps building of impending disaster. Your characters are very distinct from one another, and it will be awesome to see how they have to learn to work together (or not) to do whatever it is that Toa do. I also was briefly able to check out your art page that's linked on your bzp profile - blown away! Really brings the story to life, it was like an awesome bonus after finishing the most recent chapter update. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the adventure!
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    @Darth Jaller If you're ever feeling up to it, I think we would all be thrilled to have you on the discord server.
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    Greg wrote the novels as freelance, he was actually contracted by Scholastic for them instead of Lego. I'd guess it was less them telling Greg that specific book he was writing was cancelled than it was them informing him that the book count was going to be smaller than projected for that year - then he made the decision himself to toss the stuff he had written (a 'free space' story like Voyage of Fear or Legacy of Evil) to make sure he could cover the core 07 story with the three slots he had. So no loss on Scholastic's end for commissioning him. From what I remember he said he hadn't written the full thing, and from interviews it doesnt seem like he even really had the time for rough drafts (five books, even small ones, plus full time work and hours answering Qs on here is a lot). I'd wager whatever he did write was the stuff hes alluded to - this intro covers his idea for Matoro's possession, and I can definitely see chapter 1 hitting on the Zyglak and Vezon's capture. That might be as far as he got.
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    So I made this... Yay Instagram embedding.
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    I don't think you're missing out on much, per se. It's just a place for folks to chat and catch up, spitball profile ideas, etc.
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    IC: Arero (Ga-Koro) I don’t wait long for Cipher to exit Gaksi’s hut. Only long enough to read how a certain Akiri of Fire pressed his friend’s back to a wall and leaned in close, hand on… I close the book and look up to Cipher’s chirping backpack companion. “It likes you. Thanks for all your help Ciph. I really appreciate you making sure the journey was safe. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. And,” I get distracted by putting the book away in my satchel, “um, it’s been really nice learning things from you. Did you really mean what you said about my left hook? Actually don’t answer that, I’m getting distracted. Now, you said earlier who your missing friend is, but do they have other friends in Ga-Koro they might be visiting like Kotzu did?” OOC: @Razgriz
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    IC: Tekmo (Tesara Airspace) Tekmo did a fancy twirl in the air, then set off in the direction of the Black Spike Mountains, motioning for the others to follow him. 'Iron Never Dies'. Was a hoax? A threat? A warning? A boast? Regardless of whether or not there would be anything in the Mountains, Tekmo resolved he would not rest until those behind this attack were found, and brought to justice. His conviction was unfettered, ironclad... though he questioned the conviction of the others. Paju seemed decent enough, but it was clear that she was only here because Tekmo had promised to pay her out of his own pocket. Which he didn't have the authority to do, but that bridge would be burned when they crossed it. But those only in it for the money tended to work for whomever offered the better deal. Akkitu and he had gotten off to a rocky start, and that was before he was arrested for collateral damage during the attack. Tekmo couldn't question his courage and selflessness, but he could certainly question his judgement. He would have watch him to make sure he didn't do anything they'd all regret. Tarutu had gotten off to an even worse start, though she had apologized for her prior outburst... though it still wasn't clear why she was coming along as well. Did she really regret her behaviour that much? Was she just trying to keep her kin safe? Or something less noble? Questions for later. Tacitus was most certainly the biggest problem, both figuratively and literally. Not only was he bigger and no doubt stronger than Tekmo (physically, anyway), Tacitus was arrested for deliberately assaulting someone after the chaos had passed, whereas Akkitu was arrested for what was a well-intentioned mistake on his part. The only consolation here was that he had apparently done so in the misguided notion that his victim knew something about the attack he didn't, implying he wanted answers as much as Tekmo did. Fe enslaved a significant number of his own people, and it was suspected that remnants of their debased infrastructure were responsible for this atrocity. Perhaps he had come to the same conclusion he had. Perhaps he was simply a violent brute. Oh well. In time, all truths would be revealed. If any of this motley crew began to actively work against him, they would be actively working against the Jungle Tribe of Tesara. And then the remnants would be the least of their concerns.
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    I'd probably have to agree with those saying they like LoMN best out of the Bionicle movies. Mask of Light? I adored it at the time, but it suffered because it expected itself to only be watched by people who already knew the Bionicle lore, it didn't make provision for the fact that it would be many people's jumping-in point to the fandom. Web of Shadows? My opinion fluctuates, because there are parts of it I really like, but other parts that... feel like Vakama's fall to the Dark Side was just an easy way to cash in on the Revenge of the Sith hype. Legends of Metru Nui, though? It just feels consistently good, while its fellows were a touch more hit-and-miss. They certainly learned from the mistakes of MoL; Legends of Metru Nui didn't require anyone to know the full depth of the lore before they could appreciate it. It established what you needed to know about the city, about the characters, and even if established fans already knew those things? It still introduced new elements into the midst of them - most notably Toa Lhikan, who remains one of my personal favourite Bionicle characters to this day - that made them feel fresh, not just a rehash of the comic scenes we'd seen before. I feel like it had just the right amount of world-building; not so little (as MoL did) that it left a newcomer baffled, but not so much as to overwhelm. Right off the bat, it established Metru Nui as a fascinating environment that its inhabitants cared about, and it was easy for a viewer to learn to care about it too. The characters, as well, we got to see right from the start of their development (where, again, MoL jumped in half-way through, relying on viewers already knowing the comics for context) and it shaped them into really appealing figures. The Toa Metru hadn't fully 'clicked' with me as characters until that point; LoMN sold me on them completely. I remember LoMN had a staggered release date around the world; different countries got it within a few days of each other. I remember convincing my mum to take me to pick up the movie from Woolworths as soon as school was over that day. I remember watching it almost as soon as I get home... my clearest memory is that dinner was ready right in the middle of the Kikanalo scene, so I had to pause the movie just as Nokama's mask started glowing, leaving me in suspense until after we'd finished eating. Even now, returning to it? I genuinely can't see anything wrong with it as a movie. Is it perfect? No. Does Vakama's battle with Makuta, tricking him into hitting himself with rocks repeatedly, feel a touch too much like a boss fight out of a video game? For sure. But it's still an involving, well-put-together little thing, and I enjoy it for what it is... and still love that we got the soundtrack releases relatively recently. I'm never not thrilled when I'm listening to my music on random shuffle and a Bionicle track turns up A tangential note, maybe; but does anyone else remember the whole 'mystery hype' surrounding Toa Lhikan in the run-up to the movie? The first glimpse we got of him, in the trailer, was simply the hologram - or whatever it was - in the temple, where he tells the soon-to-be-Toa that the Great Spirit will guide them; and it sparked off SO MANY THEORIES. About Lhikan's element - he had gold on him, and was the seventh Toa of Metru Nui that we knew of... did that make him another Toa of Light?; about his mask, which couldn't be seen clearly in that shot; about his role... everything. In fact, a quick browse through BZPower usernames with Lhikan in them - particularly of accounts that haven't been touched since 2004 - gives possibly the best representation of that; we have members named everything from Lhikan, Vahi Master and Lhikan_Metru_of_Light to Lhikan_The_First_Toa and Lhikan Spirit of Energy, all of which were popular theories regarding him, back in the day. I just found myself reminiscing about that recently, and... this seemed like the most fitting place to share, I guess? I just found it cool to look back on, and wondered if anyone else remembered that. I remember reading about that... in 2004, the movie writers didn't know whether they were going to get the go-ahead to make a third movie or not; so rather than leaving the arc hanging forever, with the Matoran all still asleep, if the final movie wasn't greenlit, they decided to skip ahead and give it a conclusion then and there. In hindsight, we know that wasn't necessary because Web of Shadows did indeed get made in 2005; but there was, at least, a reasoning behind it ^^
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    IC: Cipher - Ga-Koro (Gaksi's Bird Store) "You sure?" I asked, idly waving away a beak from behind me as it tugged curiously on something it wasn't supposed to. "I've got time if you need it. Believe me, these things like to work out either way."
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    IC: It was a grotesque little thing, writhing and squirming with all the enthusiasm of a dying animal. That was to say, the disgusting "tentacle" was a surprisingly accurate facsimile of a Razor Whale floundering pathetically atop a Ga-wahi sandbank, its life essence draining away in ragged breaths as the Sun's heat made seafood of its barely functioning body. It seemed that there was very little difference between the dead and the un-living - they were equally inanimate and pitiful in the end. Although, it was pretty harsh of him to describe his own creation in such a way. It didn't reflect well on him either, especially when his own wrist had fathered the rope of liquid steel now thrashing against his armoured palm. Its disappointing performance wasn't entirely due to its existence as an ugly, experimental chunk of metal, but because his parenting skills hadn't been up to snuff either. It wasn't very "dadly" of him to place all the blame on his own spawn. And it was very much, a hundred percent, his own spawn. Not the spawn of Teridax or anything else like that. No, it was absolutely, definitely, his spawn. It was protruding from his left arm, after all. And he distinctly remembered giving birth to it. Shame that it would never compare to its siblings. It would never meet his expectations, unlike the blades that he had so painstakingly crafted in his time as a blacksmith. It was the black sheep of the family, forever overshadowed by its betters - those blessed by Mata Nui's generosity. And like every disappointing child, its fate was oblivion. "Okay, that's starting to get a little too creepy." His arm shuddered, and the metallic tentacle was absorbed in its entirely. "Well, this experiment was honestly creepy from the very beginning." It was probably for the best if he stuck to swords. "Still ..." The Nui-Rama hadn't left. It floated ahead of him, above that great chasm. It was waiting, watching, for a hapless victim to menace, together with the small swarm he could feel - he could hear - hidden and ready in the darkness of the jungle brush. A hapless victim like him, perhaps. Someone arrogant enough to believe they could destroy one Rahi, only to fall prey to its brethren as they tore him apart, rendering his flesh and armour into chunks that would never be found, for the chasm would swallow them whole. But fortunately, he wasn't arrogant enough to believe he could fight a single Nui-Rama. In fact, he hated Nui-Rama. He was terrified of Nui-Rama. Maybe it was a little irrational of him to be so frightened by a single species of Rahi, but he absolutely detested insects. Giant insects. Giant insects with swarming behaviour. Giant, hostile insects with swarming behaviour that could murder him with extreme prejudice and leave his remains to the scavengers. He had no shame in admitting that right now. It wasn't like there was anyone else around. In any case, it was his fear that was keeping him rooted to the branch. Keeping him from flying over the ravine and drawing the attention of the Nui-Rama. He didn't want to draw its attention at all. He actually didn't even really want to look at a Nui-Rama. But, even if he was to choose another way around, some other hapless fool would probably come along at some point and find themselves dead in a very large ditch. Meaning that he needed to deal with the Nui-Rama. Not because he wanted to help some hypothetical other traveller or anything. This was entirely self-serving. This was a great opportunity for him to face his fears. Any heroism or benefits for others were entirely incidental to that. His willingness to do this was entirely for himself, not to help others. Was it dishonest? Probably. But, he was trying and failing to construct some sort of "large iron net" all because he didn't want to see a Nui-Rama carcass, so maybe there was some truth in it. That hadn't panned out very well, though. So there was only really one route left open to him. "Yeah, I should stick to swords." Curling his fingers into a gun-like shape, he made a "pew" sound. The flying blade screamed through the air and into the insect's brain. It stopped. It fell. It died. The little swarm in the jungle behind the ravine dispersed into the air with a terrifying sound. "Well, I hope I have enough in stock."
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    IC Yasurek- Ko-koro: The battle was joined! Yasurek and Mimira emerged from the Ko-koro citadel ready for action, only to find that there wasn't any action nearby. The delay of leaving the 'Vika had allowed their allies to engage the enemy without them, and the righteous combat they sought was taking place several blocks away. Seeing as there was no immediate fighting to worry about, Yasurek took stock of the situation. His former home was in a dire state, rubble and scattered snow banks filled the streets. Several buildings had been toppled, and many of the still standing structures had noticeable holes in them. Most of the destruction was concentrated near the main gate, with the rest of the damage localized near what looked to be a warehouse around which combatants were battling each other. Gukko force birds were flying over head, each pass being followed by the sounds of distant explosions. It was a chaotic situation, and inwardly Yasurek lamented how his home had been ravaged by it all. What had Ko-koro done to deserve such a fate? Nonetheless, there was a time and place for such musings, and it was not here. He hadn't left the safety of the ship to watch his city burn after all. There was still evil here, and Yasurek wasn't going to stand by and not help remove it from this land. He stepped forward, spears in hand, and the peculiar pirate pair purposefully plodded down the path at a punctual pace. Their principled pursuit was interrupted by the sight of a shady lesterin attempting to sneak up on the attacking forces of good. This was a foolish choice, and he was hopelessly outnumbered, but whether by greed or zeal or just a lot of self-confidence that he could take out someone important with the element of surprise, he was lying in wait. So preoccupied was he with his cunning plan that he didn't notice the pair of matoran approaching behind him until the spear pierced his knee. He screamed in pain as Yasurek wrestled him to the ground, kicking his punctured leg to force him to his side. Wrapping his arms around his foe's throat, it was only a matter of time until the villain's movements slowed, the frequency of his breaths reduced, and he drifted off to- And then Mimira bopped him on the head with her hammer, and the Lesterin was out like a lightstone. Yasurek gave an appreciative nod to his companion, picking himself off the ground and brushing away the snow. Looking ahead of them, it was a mess of isolated skirmishes, people running every which way. He could recognize the ILF members from the ship, so he could just meet up with them and attack whoever they were fighting to make things easy. Retrieving his spears, the former guardsman steeled himself for the upcoming fight. There was no turning back now. With icy resolve resolve in his eyes, and a small grin on his face, he charged. The battle was joined.
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    IC: Reo mentally tuned out at the oncoming wave of Treespeak, and out of the desire to give Leah a sense of privacy. She was a more open person than he was, and she certainly wouldn't have minded the Toa Maru of Ice getting to know one of her Gukko Force squadmates, but Reordin himself was fiercely protective of the privacy of the assorted screwups behind him. His relationships with them were his, and even though he'd done a bang-up job of it, he still would have liked to keep his old friends sequestered from his new ones. To get that kind of leeway from the other Maru, you had to offer it first. ... But mostly the Treespeak. His head was already ringing as it was; Skri was drifting off from the group in regular intervals, and he was eager to join her. All he wanted to do was beat the ##### out of something already, feel his axe sink into a Rahkshi's carapace, a Piraka's smile, Echelon's throat... A mountain, blacker than Ihu and more stable than Mangai, uprooted itself to stand beside him. Sulov's statuesque Kimi blocked out the sun. He raised his shovel to the northeast, directing Reordin - and the ILF behind him - to pay attention to a run-down old building. The occupation hadn't been kind to it; wooden supports in the roof had fallen in front of the building, or into the structure itself. The windows had all been shattered or blown out. Charcoal, as black as Sulov Maru's armor, licked at the wounds left behind on the facade. "That's the bar," the hulking Toa of Earth said. His prosthetic was still directing Reo's notice like a vane. Reordin blinked, clearly lost. Skrihen, behind them, clenched a fist quietly. "Seventh Squadron. Inspection period. You sneaked away from patrol. We toured for bars," the Toa of Earth explained, shaking his old saperka - a memory of his old life, the tool of the Ussalry he had given everything to - imperceptibly. "That's the bar." Behind the pale ice of Reo's eyes, some glimmer of recognition shone. "We broke out the Three Brothers," the Toa of Ice said quietly, as if he was worried he was constructing the memory from thin, mountain air. "Yeah. Kol Uskey was asking why it was locked up, and I told everyone, 'Don't get any ideas about that stuff. It's meant for the locals, and if you try and drink it, you'll freeze your ##### to death." The two Maru remembered the warning in unison. Sulov's green eyes were dull and lifeless, but a certain happiness had cracked the mountain's summit, too. He seemed relieved that Reo was taking over the memory. The fist slackened. "And what was his name, ah...dickhead." Reo snapped his fingers a few time, trying to conjure the memory forth like he could conjure frosts. "The sergeant back then." "Viniau." "Viniau. He gave me that look like I was trying to ##### around with him or call him a beta or whatever, and you remember what he said?" "'With all due respect, Lieutenant, I can handle one shot. You've been drinking this like Bula juice all night, and everyone knows you're half-Gukko.'" The two best friends were finishing each other's sentences regularly now; Sulov quietly, matter-of-factly, as if he was uncomfortable speaking in full sentences even for nostalgic purposes, and Reo crowing with increasingly open glee at the memories of his military jock days. "And he was stupid enough to drink it!" "Stupid. But deceived. You poured a double shot. Very cruel." Reo's grin was wolfish, not sheepish; an air of mischief was in his face, and suddenly the wounds across his body, the taut energy in his body was easing up. "He locked up in that pose, remember?" Reo leaned backwards, body tightening up and eyes widening as his posture went ramrod. "Plag, you should have seen him, ##### looked like he'd tried to spank you and didn't get away with it--" "He froze all night. Found him in the snow next morning." "--And...oh yeah! Mata Nui, what was his name, uhh...Tarnok! Tarnok and I were the only ones sober enough--" Reordin was laughing openly now. "--Sober enough to carry him back to my post, and we planted him in the snow! He has the bright idea to him up out there like he was me! On guard duty! I almost went up for a commendation for that, Korzaa told me that she wished all Guards looked that disciplined on graveyard shift. It was one of the only compliments that butch old woman ever gave me, Spirit bless her. I didn't have the heart to tell her." His laugh died off in a wistful sigh, and he leaned back against Sulov's arm. The Toa of Earth's enormous body made for a more stable place to relax than half of the damaged buildings in Ko-Koro. "It was that bar, too, man," he said softly, "God ##### it. ##### Echelon. ######." Sisk's bird was taking off. "Whatever happened to him? Viniau?" "Still around. Still Ussalry. Guards an office now," Sulov replied brusquely. "Mm." The Toa of Earth's eyes cut down to his brother's mischievously. "Heatstones everywhere," he rumbled. The dam broke. Reo's laughs restarted, devolving quickly into breathless giggles, the same hysterical laughter that had bubbled out of the mouths of the Maru in the early days, when Reo's biggest concern in the world was tickling Stannis or hazing Korero. Tears started to well up in his eyes, and by the time Leah turned to face them, she was facing Sulov , playing as innocent as he ever could, Reo, so hysterical that he had even started to hiccup, and Reo's assembled strike team, many of whom were looking at their old friend with mixtures of confusion, amusement, and - in one case - relief. “Well, babe, looks like it’s a party after all. Let’s not keep them waiting.” "Wha? Oh." Reo held his breath for several seconds before giving up and hiccuping again. He felt Sulov's shoulders shake underneath him twice, and a heavier-than-normal exhale leave the Toa of Earth. "S-Shut up. Your fault. I bet everyone would hate to figure out what you were like before you learned to swim, #####. Sulov Koskium, clinging to a lilypad, legs like ##### oars slapping the water. Or how about that cute Ga-Matoran girl who finally taught you the br--" "We should go." "Yeah. Yeah, we should. Fine." Reo led the march to the warehouse initially, but as the minutes went on, the tracks of the strike force began to cover themselves, and Reo began to let Sulov and Leah take point as he slipped back between Skri and Alfon. The Toa Maru of Ice had failed to bite back a grin. "He gets shy about it," the lieutenant whispered conspiratorially, "but he's a total heartbreaker." -Tyler
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    As you all know (or don't, I don't actually know who reads this), I hosted a series of games known as BZP's Game of Thrones. Those games finished, but the world that was born from them didn't - and for the last several months, I have hosted a series of smaller campaigns, making use of the wider world (and borrowing heavily from Bionicle's own lore, alongside other fictions and myths) to tell some standalone stories with smaller casts. So I thought it might be nice to go into the general plot of these various games, alongside some of the neat artwork that has been made for them. THE ARGONAUTS Featuring cover art courtesy of TBK, The Argonauts was a pirate adventure. It starred 8 player characters - Toru, Rassilon, Ehks, Tabek, Juke, Talos, Xavi, and Seqala - as they set off on a whirlwind mission to rescue Telluris from the clutches of the Iliad, a criminal organization fixated on destroying death itself. They suffered betrayals and death along the way (including the loss of Voltex), and it all culminated in a battle aboard their ship, the Argo, where they took one of the Iliad's leaders prisoner and managed to slay another. THE AENID Once more featuring cover art courtesy of TBK, The Aenid was a direct sequel to The Argonauts. It starred the same player characters, while adding one more - Jakura - as the war between the Argonauts and the Iliad approached its climax. As the Iliad found the final pieces needed to finally accomplish their goals, the Argonauts desperately sought out allies from across the world. It all culminated in the massive Battle of the Crossing, where the Argonauts and their allies finally emerged victorious, and the Iliad were destroyed. THEOGONY Unbeknownst to all, the Battle of the Crossing unveiled the Doors of Death, leading into Theogony - an arduous journey through the Underworld, and into the heart of Tartarus itself. It starred 4 different player characters, all villains - Efandril, Aion, Gragu, and Balathumel - seeking vengeance and rebirth. And their guide through this Underworld? The enigmatic and long-dead Voltex... but not everything was as it seemed. By journey's end, a decision had to be made; to slay the gods, or to fight for them. The choice that was made will have an impact that shall reverberate into future games and campaigns. THE ARGONAUTS AT WORLD'S END Featuring cover art courtesy of Akaku, At World's End is a bit of an oddball. It's a direct sequel to The Argonauts, starring the same PCs from that campaign (as well as one new one - Dortegus). I won't go into too many details, as it's still ongoing; but this game is mostly meant to be a fun adventure that will open the door for further standalone stories... and to occupy some of the more active players until the next big campaign begins - EDGE OF DAWN. (Edge of Dawn is a new story, for a new generation - and hopefully, if any of you out there are interested, it can star a few new players as well. I'll have more to share about it later.) And... yeah. This is what I've been up to recently. How about you?
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    Don't talk to him before he's had his coffee.
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    For a long time, I've been thinking about making a Bionicle RPG game that would accurately depict the storyline, from the beginning. Recently, I finally began to work on the idea, using RPG Maker VX Ace and stuff I already had in place from my Voyage of Fear game to create a retelling of the 2001 story. I decided to pick Kopaka as a sort of main protagonist, so the game follows canon story events from his perspective. The game is still under development, fully playable from start to finish. It contains about 3 hours of gameplay as of now, and goes through all the important story elements. DOWNLOAD THE DEMO (VERSION 2) (updated 30.5.2017) You can view screenshots below: Now, this is still very much a work in progress, and if you feel like you can contribute somehow, please let me know. All help would be appreciated. If you have and know how to use VX Ace, even better, but it's not necessary. For example, I'm always in need of sprites and other graphical things, cause I'm not very good at them myself. So I will gladly accept help on those departments. Play the demo, and let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated, and possibly used to improve the next version of the demo.
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