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    Finally finished translation of the another chapter. Huge thanks to the @The Shadow Imperator for the help and editing. It's a big one, hope you'll like it! the 6th chapter "The Culture and Meaning of Tohunga and Turaga"
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    IC, Aurax: Coliseum Aurax's heart sank slightly when Pridak entered the room wearing an ACR. Different from any of the others I've seen.. must be a gift from Ehlek. This may be tougher than I had anticipated. At Pridak's nod, Aurax moved slightly closer to the throne and bowed, gesturing for Saybo to do the same. "My Lord, we have done as you have commanded. Stannis of the Toa Maru is dead. I present his mask to you, o great one." The Toa of Plasma held up the old mask for the warlord to see. "I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I've had the great displeasure of knowing Stannis for a long time. I would say that I gained satisfaction from watching the light fade from his eyes, but I ended up melting his face off after we gutted him like a fish, so he didn't actually have any eyes." He waited for Pridak to respond, and hoped that Stannis and the others would make their grand appearance soon... OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Kal the Guardian @EmperorWhenua @Toru Nui @Snelly @Tarn
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    I do wonder if anyone still reads this, tbh ^^' But for anyone who does, life is slowly returning back to normal, and I think that's a really good thing. Also, I'm about to finally finish my current sketchbook after 4 months, which is surprisingly fast for me - normally it takes at least half a year.
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    IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Poroka look out window. All dark outside. But on ground, far down... there be lights. It's the village. "Approaching Metru-Koro," Blue says. Green beeps and agrees. "At present speed, the village will come within range of our pulse bolt generator in approximately five minutes." Poroka lean back in chair, hands behind head. Tentacles wave happily. Smile. Gonna be good time. "Hmmm-mm. Mmmm. Yeah." "Captain?" "Sorry. Just hum little song. You ever hear 'To Karz' an' Back My Darlin'?" "Negative, captain." "Really?" Poroka raise eyebrow. "Old song from south islands. You never go south?" "Negative," Green says again. "Vahki are programmed to serve and protect, and that protection has historically been limited to the island of Metru-Nui. It is unlikely that any Vahki has ever been father south than the northern Continent." "Huh." Little quiet time. Poroka feel little sad for robots. Not go anywhere? Not see new things? Sound like bad time. Only live with Matoran. Not much fight time, Poroka think. Matoran too puny. Probably squish 'em on accident. Boring. "Well, I sing song then," Poroka says. "So you know about it. And pretend we're at south islands, okay?" "Affirmative, captain." Deep breath, Poroka. Make good singing like Mama teach. "Way down those southern islands Is a girl I long to see. She's got a smile like summer sun, And roses in her cheeks. And every morn I miss her; Every eve my heart does yearn. Oh, to Karz' and back, my darling, I do swear that I'll return. To Karz' and back, my darling, To Karz' and back, I'll ride; To Karz' and back, my darling, I'll be with you by and by." It's a good song, Poroka. Make feel homesick little bit. But that's okay. Bomb village make feel better. "Thank you for the song, captain," Green says. "Metru-Koro is now within range. What are your orders?" Poroka smile. "Fire, please." Green make whirring noise. Feel ship hum. Big gun charge shot. Bigger, bigger, bigger— then fire. Feel it go off. Poroka look out window and see big light go down toward village. But it not only big light. One more big light come from sky nearby. Poroka frown and look away from village. Not see what happen. Why big light come from— Ship suddenly roll to one side. Almost throw Poroka off chair. Big light roar across sky, all red and yellow and white. "Captain, we are under attack," Green says. Blue make beeping noise, and ship jump up fast. Poroka feel a little green. "An unknown airborne entity has fired upon the Razorfish. It appears to be an elemental blast. We are attempting to gain altitude to better execute evasive maneuvers." "Shoot other ship!" Poroka shouts. "We are attempting to locate it," Green says. "But it appears to be utilizing a cloaking device of some kind. Weapons are primed to fire upon detection." Control board suddenly beep. Red light go off. "Air pressure has dropped significantly, suggesting a breach in the hull." Green continues. "It appears we may have been boarded. Sending unit G-18A55 to investigate the breach." Poroka grab sword handle. Feel little angry. First new person. Now this? It like someone know everything, and always do perfect thing to mess up plans. Not fair. Well, Poroka see how well this new new person handle the pointy end of a sword Stand up, Poroka! Let's go! "Okay. I'm go too," Poroka says. "Keep flying good, please." "Affirmative, captain." Poroka leave bridge, ready for fight. It been a long time since last good fight. This could be fun!
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    IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Wombat keep fire blasts into big ship, then suddenly slow down. Ship tilt back to normal. Not go up more. "The line has been severed," Green says. "Returning to our previous elevation." Poroka look out window. Watch big ship go up, up up. Keep go up. Not stop. Big ship get small. "The Inferno has been critically damaged," Green chirps. "But our weapons were unable to disable the levitation mechanisms. It appears the vessel will continue to rise indefinitely." "Okay," Poroka says. Sit back in chair. "How far to bomb village?" Blue make whirring noise. "Absent further interruptions, Metru-Koro will be within range of our weapons within twenty minutes." "Good," Poroka says. Still little angry at new person. Shoot things will make happy. "Call other ships, please. Tell them things okay here." "Yes, Captain." Green beeps, then press button to send radio message. "This is the Wombat. We have sustained only cosmetic damage; all systems are functioning at 100%. The captain suggests resuming our course to Metru-Koro at the earliest convenience." OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui @Onaku IC: Taja | The New Archives Taja did her best to ignore Iradra and Whisper's bickering. She figured the two of them, being polar opposites, were unlikely to ever get along. Even though she was now a being of shadow, she didn't want to become like that. So she remained quiet, even though Iradra's little light made her skin crawl. Better to be silent and keep the peace. Whisper was right. Her senses seemed to fill the gloomy cave, much like her sense of hearing had done before. But unlike hearing, it wasn't a physical sense. It was more like a feeling. She could sense the shape of the darkness that lingered in corners and crannies. She could sense how the shadows echoed the physical movement of bodies in the light. Whenever someone raised their hand or tilted their head, she could feel the effect it had on their shadow. Just like spoken words had once reverberated through the air, leaving trails of vibrations she could follow, so now physical movements could be seen without eyes, simply by following their dark echoes. And deeper in the caves, further down the tunnels, she could sense something deeper and darker than her little shadow, as much as the ocean is deeper and darker than a puddle. These underground places had never seen the sun, and the darkness that lived here was older than the mountains. It was a vast darkness whose slow waves lapped at the shores of each lightstone's illumination, receding only reluctantly. It was an unfathomable darkness, wider and deeper than eyes or could see or mind could understand. She felt suddenly small in its presence; it was not unlike looking at the night sky and realizing the enormity of space. Unnerved, Taja pulled her senses back to her body. It had been so easy to reach out into the shadows, she had done it almost without realizing it. It felt instinctive, much like controlling sound had been only days ago. But her thrill at exploring her new powers was tempered by a lingering fear. The darkness that rested beneath the island was ancient and deep, and they were only safe if they did not provoke its notice or awaken its hunger. Shaking her head free of these dark thoughts, Taja returned to the conversation. IC: Tuakana | Ruins of Fire They were too old for puzzles.
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    pre-release material bout the inika indicated that their heads would glow, and the final ones did not. this is the worst thing to happen to bionicle, ever.
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    IC: Dar Poroka | Aboard the Wombat Guns fire. Lights hit big ship. Poroka watch bridge crumble into fiery mess. Bye-bye, new person. "Captain. I recommend you take a seat." Poroka wonder why, but sit down anyway. Front gun fire again. Direct hit, but not on bridge. Hit side of ship instead. "The Inferno is ascending rapidly. It appears the last command before the destruction of the bridge was to send the vessel sky-high." "This bad?" "As we are still tethered to the Inferno, I must respond in the affirmative." Ship tilt up. Tummy feel funny, like in elevator. Good thing Poroka sitting in chair. Look for seatbelt, but no luck. "M-04A27 has located the harpoon and is attempting to sever the line," says Green. "Until confirmation of disconnection, we must match the Inferno's trajectory to avoid catastrophic structural damage." Ship shudder again. Poroka hear guns fire. "Regardless of ascension, we will continue to fire upon the Inferno until an alternative command is given." Poroka smile at good news. "Good job. Don't stop, please." OOC: The Wombat is matching the Inferno's pace and flying up to avoid being pulled along by the harpoon. While flying alongside the Inferno, it will continue to fire shots into the bigger ship. @Onaku @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui
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    IC: Oreius | The Coliseum Oreius turned away from the broken window. He couldn't stop the airships, but he could still accomplish his mission. If Pridak died, that would give the Matoran more time to prepare for the next assault. Or, best case scenario, the power vacuum would result in infighting, and the League would collapse back into separate kingdoms. They would spend their resources contesting each other's claim to the broken city while his people rebuilt their strength. He opened the door to the hallway. No one had appeared yet. The Coliseum was a vast structure, and most of it was probably unoccupied. Any alarm set off by breaking into one of these offices would take a while to respond to, if the alarms still functioned at all. Still, he had to be careful. There were surely Vahki patrols around, and if one of those robots saw him, they would instantly spread the word. The overhead lighting flickered where it wasn't altogether destroyed. The hallway was cluttered with debris that had fallen as a result of the cataclysm. Ceiling tiles and fluorescent tubes laid broken on the floor, and frayed wires hung here and there like old cobwebs. Evidently, this level hadn't been cleaned up yet. Oreius moved quickly but deliberately, trying to disturb as little of the wreckage as he could. If he could make it through the tower without leaving a trail, so much the better. And the faster the better: that meant using the elevator. It was risky. There were probably cameras in the elevators—but then there were likely cameras everywhere, some broken and some not. The biggest risk was that someone would see him and manually stop the elevator between floors, leaving him to twiddle his thumbs until a force could be sent to apprehend him at their leisure. But taking a longer, slower way only increased the probability of running into a Vahki squad. Time was of the essence. So he made his way down the hallway until he came to a small lobby, its receptionist's desk long empty. Across from the desk stood three sets of doors, their lights off. Hopefully only the lights were defective, and not the lifts themselves. Oreius pressed the call button and waited. After a painfully long minute, he heard something moving behind the leftmost set of doors before they creaked open. The elevator chamber looked to be in decent shape, so he entered and pressed the button for the topmost floor. He doubted it went all the way to Pridak's throne room, but the higher the better. He could make the rest of the journey on foot. The doors closed with a grinding sound, then Oreius felt his stomach drop as the car began to rapidly ascend. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator
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    IC Stannis | Coliseum "There is nothing for me to rebuke," Stannis quietly replied after Rose's fire dwindled. "Our paths have been different but I know yours as well as the trails of Maru Nui, and I do not have to partake in war to understand what it takes out of people. Perhaps... should we survive this ordeal, I will tell you about the mantle of sins you wear and how Mata Nui truly cared about its textile of death." He chewed his lip a moment, reconsidering the agenda. Fate was full of twists and turns, and he could yet do good even though he was not so sure of his chances to outmaneuver his reaping this time, as while he did not cling to his own life, he knew what a toll his death would tax. "But should I not survive, you should still know that Mata Nui did not care. To him, Death... was an offering." The word tasted bittersweet balsamic on his tongue and saccharine to the ears, evoking the sweet stench of spoiled flesh and blood-soaked battlefields. Those were holy grounds, he could have meant to say, blessed to hold curses for a god of life and death alike. The elevator slowed, chimed once, and then the double doors noisily parted. Stannis held a finger to his lips and gestured for them to follow close into the dark and mostly unlit sections inside the walls of the Coliseum.
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    IC: Rose - Elevator Rose took a single step forward, which put her almost uncomfortably close to Waveahk considering the elevator's size, her impressive frame compared to him and the others on full display. He was striking a nerve--one he'd possibly regret going near, as any humor she'd had about the battle with the "kaiju" now faded. "Last I checked you weren't my CO," she replied, her optics cast down on the Steltian like he was nothing more than a stone rat crossing her path. "You know, you talk big game about the Three Virtues. Not like you ever cared about them, right?" she asked, now leaning towards him, an accusatory finger pointed at Waveahk's heartlight. "You think those three words mean anything to us, the ones who were on the frontlines? The ones who had to do what the so-called Toa back home couldn't? Getting our hands dirty, walking away from the battlefield covered in the blood of our enemies and our allies. All to protect our homes, our way of life. Running away, no matter how insurmountable the enemy was, was not what we did. The Code, the Virtues--we didn't have the luxury. We made our own unity, we had our own duty. "What kind of sick destiny is being blown to pieces on a beach far from anyone you care about?" The Ta-Toa stepped back, feeling she'd gotten her point across. "Now, we're about to attempt an assassination on the monster who took everything away from us--all of us. The last thing we need is to argue about things that don't matter. You can cry the entire elevator ride about the things I've done--what matters is what we're about to do. And Stannis," her optics switched to the Toa of Stone, "you can rebuke me all you want for what I'm saying. I know you've been at this longer than I have, but the paths we've walked couldn't be more different. I know what's waiting for me at the end, when I stop fighting and give up the ghost. There's no good place for people like me. But I'll go there knowing what I did was in service of people who needed me." With that, she ended her impassioned speech. "Now, let's kill this son of a brakas and get the karz out of here. I promise what happened in that swamp won't happen again, not with this guy." @Snelly@Toru Nui@EmperorWhenua
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    IC: Boss | Nightmare Pits The metallic sand yellow kraata with reddish gold accents pulsed with activity, and the dirt and grime across Barius’s hand flaked away and scattered off the slippery ledge and into the volcanic air shrouding the Nightmare Pits. Barius’s armor flaked and cracked, already eroded from the last tussle on the ground. The longer they remained locked together, the more Barius’s defenses fell. Barius repeatedly slammed Boss’s head back into the ground, concussing him, the stone beneath cracking and flaking. Boss’s audio input rang with static, unable to calibrate under the force of the blows, overwhelming whatever Barius screamed. The onlookers could feel the reverberations of the brutal attacks under their feet. Boss’s powers over molecular disruption made each impact erode the ground, and the two fighters began slowly sinking into the stone ledge, as if the earth itself wanted to swallow them alive. Barius pushed his thumb against Boss’s eye socket. The primarily black kraata with metallic sand yellow accents along Boss’s neck twisted and squirmed, the power of limited invulnerability becoming strained and challenged by Barius’s sheer force of will. A primarily dark green kraata with metallic lemon yellow accents squirmed alongside its brethren, increasing the density of Boss’s anatomy for greater resistance. A moment passed where the two men howled and shrieked as they wounded each other. The tension viciously burst as Barius pierced the metallic protodermis. Boss’s concentration broke from the pain, and Barius’s vision swam back into focus and out from the utter darkness in time to see not just blood but a dark gaseous substance begin to pour from the wound. Boss swung his knuckle duster against Barius’s hands, ferocity fueled by something more than desperation: fear. Fear dominated Boss. He fought back and snarled and screamed. He mastered his fear. He shackled her and forced her to obey. Or so he thought. Now she controlled him. She shackled him. He obeyed... Boss blinked. His feet dangled off the driver’s seat of the war rig, unable to reach the pedals. The top of his head barely reached the top of the wheel. Cracked leather covered the seat, the cushion worn out underneath to where Boss could feel the metal frame. He felt disassociated as multiple points of view warped his reality. He could see the wheel, but he could also see himself looking at the wheel from outside the rig. It made him nauseated. His head hurt. The hot, motor oil smelling air of the garage didn’t help. “Why are you hiding here?” Her voice echoed. Why couldn’t he see her? He could smell her, he could hear her… why couldn’t he see his momma? “Nektann said I can’t go,” Boss replied, his voice young and higher pitched. It sounded tinny. The bass boost hadn’t kicked in yet. “Your… Nektann doesn’t want you to leave yet because you’re not ready. He’s concerned about you is all.” “He’s not concerned about me. He doesn’t even care. Nektann just thinks I’m weak.” Boss hit the horn with his fist. It smelled of summer sunshine and desert adventure. And he was trapped in the dark halls of the fortress. Again, his sense of self swam uncomfortably. “We don’t think you're weak,” she said. Boss knew she only presented a unified front when commanded. He grunted angrily, unable to argue because he knew where this was going. She continued, “you are so strong. You’re just--” “Too damaged.” “--too young.” An uncomfortable silence. Boss kicked his feet against the underside of the driver’s seat. His heels could just reach one of the springs, and the rough edge scratched him. “You keep rushing forward, trying to do everything. You’re excited. But you’re not old enough to go out with the warskaks. You don’t understand--” “--Maybe that’s because you won’t let me leave.” Boss didn’t remember saying that. He remembered this conversation but he didn’t remember saying that. “We let you leave,” his momma replied. An exasperated edge crept into her tone. “You go with the other skaklets every other time there’s a convoy to the Rig. You get to travel, but not alone. We’re still showing you the roads to follow, the safe paths through the dunes. It takes time and practice to navigate safely.” “I don’t get to make my mark. I don’t get to be me. What about what my wish?” His hands gripped the wheel, so much smaller back then -- still blue and sharply clawed, just small and unused to butchering skakdi like rahi. Boss paused, unsure how to proceed. If the words he said weren’t his past... “I’m not me, am I? It’s not just the toy I’m trapped inside.” His momma interjected, voice sounding closer to his own deep tone and scratchy timbre; “Come on out of the rig. Let’s get you back to your garden. You like it there. You get to talk about your dreams there.” “I hate our garden. Our garden makes me want to die. I prune flowers and want something better with our life… but all you do is hope and dream and crush the hopes and dreams of others. You never let me out. You never… let me live.” He slid out of the rig, feet touching the cool floor of the garage. His vision kept swimming, refusing to obey, refusing to let him clearly understand his place in the world. He saw the strange beasts in the corner no one else saw, starving and bloated. He saw the back of his head and his frills. He saw his own perspective looking out from his own eyes. He saw everything at once and nothing made sense. His head hurt. His head hurt so much. And his eyes itched. They itched so much. Something pushed against his eye. It pushed in and it pushed in with unbearable pain. “Momma I…” “Hush, you’re free.” “I can’t be free. I’m not done. I need this. I need you.” His voice sounded alien now. Alien and so far away… Barius found his bloodied hand wrenched back in Boss’s vice grip. The three dark eyes moving across Boss’s face seemed to swell and pulse and more and more of the gaseous substance leaked from the wound. “You. Don’t. Get. To. Touch. Me.” Boss’s lips moved in a crude puppetry as Miserix spoke, her voice a multitudinous echo. A wailing call of recognition from the pit witches down below echoed upwards in response alongside the drums. A wave of recognition reached Parnassus. And, quite possibly, a wave of genuine awe and terror at the possibility of what he could someday become. The knife inside Barius twisted, jerking sharply upwards inside him, wrenching away tomorrow and any hopes of glory... OOC: @Burnmad, make your last play. It's be an absolute pleasure writing this out with you. I've got some stuff to send you, so check your PMs.
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    Just random, but I want to speak candidly of some of my thoughts of Bionicle and the fandom as a whole right now. Maybe something I can share for future reference if anyone wants to know what my thoughts are on different things regarding Bionicle. Somedays I don't really care about the Bionicle community's past, I have been on this website on and off for 14 years; 14 years in the Lego community online. Something that surprises me constantly is how people though are still bringing up so to speak "the sins of the past." I hear all the time about "Well seven years ago TTV said this" or "8 years ago somebody posted this on BZPower" and sometimes it seems grudges are still going back to the day and age when Mask of Destiny was still active. I frankly... don't get it. I'm 26 years old, I wake up every morning and see the beard on my face, and lately have been trying to wrap my mind around how in the world I am going to finish my degree during the middle of a global pandemic. 14 years ago when I first joined this community I was not the same person I am today, and I can't help but feel like that applies to everyone in this community. Yes, maybe people wronged people in the Bionicle fan community 5, 10, 15 or almost 20 years ago... but why are we still hung up over it? Do we really want to judge others based on the actions and words they said when they were 10, 11, 12 or 13 years old? I certainly wouldn't want anyone to be quoting the stupid stuff I said when I was 12 years old in the present day, and I figure its best to give people the same consideration. Nuvaboobs are still stupid. I don't think I need to explain this one. I loved G2, warts and all. Most of my MOC's are CCBS heavy. I love a system who's sockets won't break apart if I sneeze in their direction. Yes I know its not following "the G1 aesthetics" but... since when did G1 ever have a consistent design? I can barely put a Toa Mata right next to a Toa Metru without them looking night and day in difference, and they were only released three years apart from each other. Yes G2's story and advertising was abysmal, but I am just glad it happened since it is what re-ignited my fascination in Bionicle as an adult. G1 wasn't perfect either. Don't get me wrong, I love G1 and have a lot of hard baked nostalgia for the early years 2001-2003 especially. I have recently been sucked back into mask collecting, and am hoping to soon have a complete collection of the 2001 masks (excluding the pricier misprints... I will complete those on a later date). But for everything G1 did right, I think its fair to look critically at its flaws. The early figures were simple, and pretty clone-ish. I think its understandable (even if a bit frustrating) as to why many AFOL's in 2001 dismissed Bionicle outright, since (outside the Technic heavy Rahi and Titans) the theme never had any really complex building in the early years. The Toa Mata as iconic as they are, were pretty crude as action figures with limited articulation and large single piece limbs. G1's early years will hold a special place in my heart, but I think its fair to look at it with a critical eye and recognize the flaws it had while also celebrating the things it did right.
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    art source for above The new Turaga elders of Mata Nui are in quite the conundrum. Their beloved villagers are having trouble remembering exactly how they wrangled the wild island of Mata Nui upon arrival, as they were still shaking off the dreary amnesia-coma of the dark Makuta. And they're good natured, hard working Matoran, they surely deserve to know, argue Turaga Nokama and Turaga Whenua, one day in a Turaga's meeting around the Amaja Circle. But, Turaga Vakama and Onewa have run into the age old issue of answering a question begetting only more questions, prying farther and farther back. And nobody wants to relive the dark last days of Metru Nui. And although nobody understood his clicks and whistles, Turaga Nuju pointed out somewhat smugly that he doesn't have to worry about disappointing his villagers with half-truths because they can't understand him anyways. So how, they all begin to bicker, to balance the curiosity of their hard-working villagers with enough truth to keep the real past concealed? "Enough!!" Turaga Matau ambles up to the circle, late again. But with good reason. "Why wrack-wreck our frail old brains trying to think-puzzle up an answer, when we can just send the Matoran on a little adventure of their own, to see for themselves?" And amidst accusatory derailments against his sanity and jokes about senility, the Turaga of Air proudly drops a sizeable box into the middle of the circle of Turaga. "Look-see, I know you were all wonder-missing where I was, the past few weeks (speak-talking to you, Nokama), but wonder-miss no more! I give you 'Settlers of Mata Nui'!" Matau heaved a melodramatic sigh, complete with an eyeroll that practically dislodged his Mahiki. "Don't all jump-shout at once." He flipped the lid off the box with the heel of his staff, and plopped down with surprising aplomb, excitedly unpacking the box. "It's a game! Next time they give you a stuck-stump question, just distract them with play-fun!" "''Distracted with play-fun' is your entire life," Turaga Onewa said, a half-chuckle, half-grumble, as the other Turaga obligingly took a seat around Matau's new invention. (MAJOR DISCLAIMER: I own essentially nothing here. Obviously not Catan, obviously not Bionicle. Most of the artwork is from the Mata Nui/Voya Nui online games, screenshots from BS01. Also, this isn’t a topic to learn how to play Catan. There are YouTube videos for that. Example, here's a decent one, less than 4 minutes for those curious.) Each player (2-4) needs the following assortment of ONE COLOR of lego bricks. (Lego bricks optional if you can come up with a better idea) Fifteen (15) road pieces. I was picturing 1x6 bricks for this. Five (5) settlement pieces, or Koros, in this case. 2x4’s would work. Four (4) city pieces, or Fortresses. A 2x4 with a 2x2 on top should suffice, but it’s probably fine to be creative. The game board will also need: One Makuta Stone. This is the Robber, for those who have played Settlers of Catan. A dark colored rock would go best with the spirit of the game, but as long as players can agree on a practical Makuta Stone piece, the sky is the limit. 2 dice, normal six-sided. Catan Original Mata Nui Version Quantity Needed Forest Hex (Lumber) Ussal Hex (Ussal) 4 Quarry Hex (Bricks) Po-Wahi Quarry (Solid Protodermis) 3 Pasture Hex (Sheep) Mahi Hex (Mahi Goats) 4 Fields Hex (Grain) Le-Wahi Hex (Bula Berries) 4 Mountains Hex (Ore) Onu-Wahi Mines (Lightstones) 3 Desert Hex Motara Desert Hex 1 Lumber Resource Card Ussal Resource Card 19 Brick Resource Card Protodermis Resource Card 19 Sheep Resource Card Mahi Resource Card 19 Grain Resource Card Bula Berries Resource Card 19 Ore Resource Card Lightstone Resource Card 19 Knight Development Card Toa Heroes Resource Card 14 Victory Point Card Victory Point Card 5 Year of Plenty Development Card Great Spirit’s Blessing Development Card 2 Road Building Development Card Pathfinder Development Card 2 Monopoly Development Card Trader’s Trick Development Card (Ahkmou) 2 Longest Road VP Card Onu-Koro Highway VP Card 1 Largest Army VP Card Toa Kaita VP Card 1 Building Cost Card Building Cost Card Per # of players Trading Harbors Trade Ships 9 Number Chips Number Chips 18 Board Hexes Example 1. Ussal Hex 2. Lightstone Hex 3. Quarry/Protodermis Hex 4. Le-Wahi/Bula Hex 5. Mahi Hex 6. Motara Desert 7. Back of hex tile, if desired Number Chips Trading Ships Ocean Borders (6 total) Cards Resource Cards 1. Ussal Resource (lumber) 2. Lightstone Resource (ore) 3. Protodermis Resource (brick) 4. Bula Resource (grain) 5. Mahi Resource (sheep) 6. Back of resource card Development Cards 1. Great Spirit's Bounty (Year of Plenty) 2. Pathfinder (Roadbuilding) 3. Trader's Trick/Ahkmou (Monopoly) 4. Toa Heroes (Knights) 5-9. Victory Point Cards 10. Back of Development Cards 11. Back of special VP cards (see below) Special Victory Point Cards 1. Onu-Koro Highway (Longest Road) 2. Toa Kaita (Largest Army) Building Cost Card Also, an apology/warning, I haven't printed and tested the game. I don't want anyone running their printer dry just to have some cards be too small, some be too blurry, etc. etc. It fits together on GIMP, is all I can tell you for sure. Here is a dropbox link for the whole project. There's a folder with (hopefully) printable PDFs if anyone is interested in going through a gallon of ink They are NOT set up to be printed double-sided. Also, I almost drowned trying to get the ocean border tiles to format to the right size, so that's pending indefinitely. Feedback always appreciated! This was a fun project, and I'm excited to share! Play well! EDIT: Fixed ocean border, replaced frame with water hexes, added hex printout and single-hex .png to dropbox. Example here.
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    It's been a while since I visited these parts. Such is growing old, I guess. Anyway, this is my childhood cat, built for the Bio Cup redemption round 1. I think you can pretty well see the three different phases of the build: the strong, simple shaping around the eyes from the initial table scrap phase, the more serious shaping and gap-filling around the nose and cheeks, and then the "Oh , do I have enough parts?" texture ignorant, gap-riddled forehead. Had to finally take apart this guy after almost 10 years because I needed the parts. That said, I am pretty happy with the overall result, probably because I hadn't really expected to be able to finish it. During the whole build I just kept waiting to run into some unworkable roadblock, but it never quite came. There's a few more photos in this Flickr album, and a complete gallery on Brickshelf (when public).
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    Here’s my entry for that canon contest with Helryx. More pics can be found there As for her appearance, she went though thousands of battle and survived every one of them. I imagine she has to be combat ready and a skilled fighter to do all that. To me, her frailty comes from the intense and numerous battles she fought in her life. Helryx is the oldest toa, so I figured I would try to bridge the gap between system and technic pieces, a combination That Takanuva would not have been able to recognize.
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    That I have a Bionicle hobby isn't common knowledge in my social spheres, but I let slip to my old college roommate that it Bionicle was kind of one of those formative childhood things for me (mostly the books), and she thought it was great, and sent me this mug a few weeks ago! It was one of those things where I didn't want to mess it up by using it, so I kept pens in it just in case. Except that backfired one of the pens got a leak, which I thankfully was able to clean up. So, beverages from now on. All 6 Mata are there I finally drank tea out of it today for the first time, which was an occasion worth sharing.
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    I'm alive. Just very busy :<
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    As you know, the matorans only came in a happy meal in 2001 with only a polybag, or did they?
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    As the airship captain rushed Skorm, there was an audible BOOM from behind them. Keitara was angry, she was scared, and most importantly her fist was coated in a hardened layer of light which violently decompressed on impact, stoving in the hatchway. Behind the door, the Av-Toa came rushing in, shield held before her as both a line of defense and a highly effective battering ram. Gold and indigo light streamed from the onrushing figure, and a disk of light sat blazing in the shield's rhotuka launcher. With a yell, Keitara charged Osterox. Her stature may have been slight, but at that moment every inch of her was incandescent with fury. "YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!" Kei bellowed like the wrath of gods. (OOC: @Toru Nui, @Keeper of Kraata, @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Conway)
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    IC: Triage - The Taku "Correct," the medic said, wrapping bandages around any wounds still present on the pair of patients he was treating. "The captain has left the ship with a few other members of the crew and some hangers-on to board the vessels attacking us. I stayed behind to watch over M..." Triage paused, glanced to the Fa-Matoran next to him, then returned his attention to Zsann and Navu, "...you and the rest of this group. Along with the crewmembers still handling the Taku." The medic looked over Exuze and Suhaku grimly and shook his head. He felt especially apologetic towards the Lesterin who he'd guided in treating the Po-Koro survivors. "Or, I'm at least trying to." "Yaushe, meanwhile...is doing something." @ZippyWharrgarbl@Taka Nuvia@Toru Nui
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    Oookay, the drawing is from last year, and yes, it isn't really finished, but I thought I'd share it anyways, just so you can see where the current banner for the topic is from. And who knows, maybe I'll finish the colouring some day.
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    IC: Sala & Sorilax (Metru-Koro's Garrison) "Combat experience...Well I was never formally trained per say but I did help fight in the war, so if you're asking if I can handle myself. Then yes, yes I can...Especially inside of Second Skin." The Matoran of Plasma responded to the Aspect as he clenched his hands inside of the ACR. Sorilax nodded at this, somewhat surprised at the knowledge while yet in a way realizing the news had been inevitable. With what Sala had told him about the League and the war that had been waging back in the Matoran’s home, it should have come as no surprise. It had been a war that was waged so furiously that it perhaps had even destroyed their whole universe. Think of that! The information was a doozy of a sucker punch. Truly spectacular. The implications were astounding. If so much could be accomplished on such a grand scale, just imagine what he himself could do once he completed his Grand Wish and created instead of destroyed. The Aspect looked at the Matoran in Second Skin, what had his fellow chronicler responded with again? Sorilax had gotten a little side tracked in his thoughts. Oh yes! Combat experience. “Well that is both unfortunate for you and fortunate for the future.” Sorilax looked about the western garrison in the darkness of night, “I suppose if we are staying, we should inform the- By jove, what is that light?” It seemed as if the world went still as a pale blue light lit the ground, seeming to douse torches and lightstones in its intensity. The light flickered and spasmed as if it were alive with a destructive energy that was begging to be released. Shadows became deep and vibrant in their own way, accentuated against the increasing brightness. The world seemed to become washed out, so bright was the light. Sorilax looked up, shielding his artificial optics with his hand while trying to get a good view of what was causing all of this light. All around him he could feel the shadows grow both stronger while also dying out, snuffed out by the hot blue white sun that seemed as if it were bearing down on all those by the garrison. Now what in the blazes is that? Sorilax wondered, slowly working through possibility after possibility as was his way. Not realizing the danger of the situation in the midst of his potential discovery. The light only grew, seeming to expand. It was moving? It was so bright it was hard to tell anything. But if it truly wasn’t just a sun and instead some blob of energy moving about, then why was it so quiet? It made nary a sound. Well, a faint… bubbling-like noise grew louder as the light continued to expand. Except the bubbling was that of the furious rage of boiling water, threatening to disfigure those who dared touch it. Was this something from Sala’s universe? Sorilax tore his eyes from the new sun, “Sala? Can you explain this phenomenon? Is this the attack?” Sala stood there, just as stunned as Sorilax, the intensity of the sight being almost too much for the Su-Matoran’s eyes to even bear. But, while Sorilax and Sala strained to gaze upon the beacon in the sky, Sala noticed that the beacon wasn’t just growing brighter...It was growing bigger and it was getting closer as well. Fear began to flood the matoran’s body as he realized what it was...And where it was soon to land. “Sorilax, we need to get out of here!” As the two spoke, gasps and shouts began to come from the walls of the garrison, as the source illuminating the sky was realized to not just be a light, but a great sphere of plasma. The evidence came in the form of the radiant heat that could be felt as the light slowly grew and accelerated in its pace. The very ground seemed to dry and crack, what little moisture there was fleeing from the wrath of a heat gone mad. Still, the orb remained fairly quiet, almost peaceful in the way its energy danced about around itself as it descended upon them all. That is till, at last, impact was made. Fierce sizzling sounds emanated out from the initial contact point, as rock and stone were superheated in a fraction of a second, cracks and crevices splintering throughout the immediate area as the sphere began to dig into the garrison. The sphere was nearly fifteen bios wide as it struck the base of the garrison’s tower, the protruding structure collapsing onto the wall below it in a calamitous crash as it lost all structural integrity, crushing any Matoran who were either too slow or dazzled to escape the destruction. Consuming all with no restriction, seeming to disintegrate away all it deigned to lay its touch upon, the sphere began to tear through the tower’s base, the plasma bolt continuing on its destructive path, further digging into the floors beneath it. As the sphere of death bored its way through the second and first floor, whatever force that maintained its cohesion soon began to give way, as globules of molten plasma began being lobbed out towards the surrounding area, scorching the rock and those unfortunate enough to be near it at the time of dissipation. From outside of the garrison, far enough to have escaped the damage and the danger of the impact, stood Sorilax and Sala, both shocked and awed at the complete and absolute devastation that was brought on by this singular attack. As Sala stared at the smoking hollowed out garrison, the noxiously harsh scent of melted rock and plasma filled his senses. Memories of the great forges of Ta-Metru soon came to Sala’s mind, as did the recent memories of desperate matoran sabotaging generations of work to escape the relentless League, the scent of burnt organics and proto-shell becoming a scent that Sala soon became accustomed to all too well, alongside the screams and moans that came from such devastation like that which had just occurred. The worst part? As the bolt ate itself into the ground and expended the last of its energy somewhere beneath him, Sala realized the village was still lit by the unworldly blue white. There was another one. Sorilax felt the shadows shift drastically around him as one light receded and another took its place, realizing the implications even as he was dealing with being horrified by what had presented itself before him. It was a twisted destruction on par with the Fau Swamp’s dangerous mutagenic. For precious moments he stood, frozen. In the face of such destruction, what could he do? How could he help? His heart cried out for the Matoran he had just met, that had just repaired his body. Taken in an instant that left him reeling. It was a cry for help that brought the old Aspect back to the present and away from his emotions. All other thoughts were pushed aside. Even as shadows were tossed onto the surrounding walls that still stood as a second bolt bore into the ground elsewhere in the village, Sorilax stumbled forward, feet catching on the rubble left behind by the crumbled garrison. Someone had called out. Someone needed his help. Sala, almost unconsciously, followed the Aspect. An action no doubt brought on by the last few days of traveling. “Mata Nui help us. Mata Nui help us all,” Sala whispered to himself, too shocked to make any noise louder as he followed into the ruins. OOC: @Kal the Guardian Jammed Out between Me and Kal.
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    IC: Providence - Ruins of Fire Prov watched the mechanoids leave, waiting until they were gone. Finally, he turned to Takadox, his new, blue companion. "What was that about?" He asked, gesturing forcefully in the direction of the exit. "They seemed really upset about something." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Toru Nui @Sparticus147 @Onaku @Snelly @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @xccj
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    We're working on the above with our host. We'll let you know when we have a fix. I'll try to get back to looking at this once we have the errors above fixed, but unfortunately there are some Premier Members who do have the spinny, so it's not as simple to troubleshoot as we'd like.
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    IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace As Knichou fell, his adaptive armor switched into gear. In the heads up display built into the lenses of his kanohi, multiple interface elements appeared to aid in his descent, such as altitude, airspeed, g-force, and an icon indicative of his trajectory. The toa of iron spread his arms out wide to increase his drag as he looked out at the scene below him. From the illumination of each ship's gunfire and the smoldering damage on some ships, Knichou could quickly discern where each ship was. The largest enemy airship was tilting upwards and gaining altitude, with machine guns firing wildly at the underside of the Taku. Assuming Nale followed his orders, that's the ship she and the others would be boarding. The other two vessels were visually similar, though with much different levels of damage. The ship that Katherine's blast had apparently hit was flying at full speed, shedding various parts and even a vahki crew member. As Knichou was deciding which of these two identical ships to board, fate answered for him as that ship suddenly began to dive straight towards the ground. Knowing his target would be the last airship, Knichou moved his limbs so the air rushing past him would flip him over. He saw a wide-eyed Tekmo falling closely behind him, and further above could see the other boarding party beginning their descent. The ex-Ghost slightly activated his adaptive armor's thrusters to slow his fall just enough to catch up to Tekmo. Knichou reached out his arm, which Tekmo grabbed ahold of. Now that both passengers were holding on to him tightly, Knichou tucked his limbs closer together to speed up his descent and used his thrusters to alter his course to ensure they were headed straight for the Wombat. This airship was small, but it's long form made a perfect landing strip for a head-on approach. When the group was getting rather close to the airship, Knichou suddenly used the thruster on his free arm to rotate himself upright again. The jets on his adaptive armor then blasted at full power, straining to fight the inertia of two falling Toa and a Matoran. Vulimai and Tekmo held on for dear life, the latter especially worried that his grip on Knichou's arm would be ripped from him by the sudden jerk. Within a few seconds, the group had slowed to a near-hover a few meters above the hull of the Wombat. Knichou fought hard to stabilize himself upright, given the weight of an entire Toa hanging on one of his arms threw off the entire balance of the group. While Knichou stabilized his hover, the Wombat rushed upwards to meet them. Tekmo finally let go to drop the remaining few feet and land on the top of the Wombat, and then Knichou could finally lower his thrust and land into a crouched position. After Vulimai had disembarked his back, Knichou stood up and assessed the situation. The Wombat was not as heavily damaged as the other airships, but towards the rear of the hull there was a large panel clearly missing - probably due to damage from the previous battle with the traitorous ship. The hole in the hull was clearly visible as it leaked the artificial light from the inside of the ship out into the night sky. Knichou pointed at the glowing opening and shouted over the roaring winds to Tekmo and Vulimai. "GO DOWN THROUGH THERE, I'LL CHECK OUT THE BRIDGE FROM OUT HERE!"
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    I always liked to interpret that weirdness as Teridax trying to perfect his acting. He's a skilled mimic, as we've seen, but even the best actors need to have some alone time to get into character. I like to think that he was asking himself questions out loud, and then fixing his impression. I know I've had to do that from time to time when doing voice work for projects. Sometimes, right in the middle of a recording, I'll have started off with one voice and somehow ended up slightly deviating in either the tone or the accent, and I have to reign it back in. Assuming that's what we're seeing, I like it because it does something unique with Teridax: it humanizes him. He's fallible, and he knows it. Everywhere else, he's seen as this overly manipulative dark god-like being pulling all the strings. But the one time we see him alone, we immediately see him trying to make sure he isn't messing up. He's perfecting his act and trying to stay in character.
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    Found some cool Bionicle wallpapers a year ago.
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    IC: Zaliyah - The Razorfish Crackling bursts of energised death arced towards Metru-Koro as the Razorfish and Tranquility loosed their first shots. Zaliyah watched the artillery fly, shooting stars of destruction silhouetted against a starry sky. But a far brighter light swiftly caught her eye, a blinding beam of obliterating heat that seared forth from somewhere before and above the Tranquility, spearing towards the Razorfish like the judgement of the Great Spirit itself. "Bank!" The words spilled out of her in a panic, her reaction slowed by confusion and sheer terror. Like a rahi caught in a spotlight, she could do nothing more than stare at the bewildering brightness in the few seconds it took for it to flash past the other ships to strike her own. The Vahki at the controls, however, were not so easily stunned. The instant they had seen the light, they had interpreted it as a hostile action, and begun calculating evasive maneuvers before Zaliyah had even spoken. Having already carried out a very similar move to evade the Inferno's fire earlier in the battle, they were swift to push forward on the throttle, increasing the flow of pressurised protodermis to the chute engine, and flick the switch to divert the flow to the left-side vent to execute a swift turn. But quick though the reactions of the pilots were, they weren't quite quick enough. Kat's attack still swallowed a section of the Razor's engine compartment, steam and sparks and slag spilling from the wound. Screaming wind rushed in to fill the gaping hole in the tail, as one of the vahki - shredded by shrapnel - tumbled out into the void, shattering into scrap against the sands everal long seconds later. The ship listed wildly, its sideways spin slowing due to the left-side vent melted to flattened slag. A smaller, secondary detonation broke out, as the pressure building up against the sealed vent caused one of the undamaged protodermis tanks to rupture. Zaliyah was thrown against the viewport before her, clawing her way back to her chair only after the vahki pilots began redistributing the weight increase disks to balance the ship out again. "Status report!" She snarled, once she'd managed to find the button on her radio again. Her vision was blurry with unbidden tears, white lights still dancing between her eyeblinks. "Further loss of kanoka in port-side hull. Compensating with redistribution of levitation to starboard, and additional weight to the keel." One of the pilots reported. “What about propulsion?” "Two auxiliary tanks gone. Third ruptured. Primary tank damaged, but intact." The remaining vahki in the engineering section replied. "Port-side vent appears to be non-functional. Starboard intact, but associated piping is impaired. Primary chute partially melted out of shape, but viable. Evasion capabilities significantly hampered." Though she was still reeling from the second surprise attack in less than twenty minutes, it only took a few moments for Zaliyah to settle on her next move. Whatever had attacked them - whether it was a lone airborne Toa or the village's airship somehow hidden from sight - was attacking from above. If she could get below or behind it, she'd be out of its line of fire. “Push propulsion to full forward, or as close as we can safely get.” She barked, “Retract all kanoka except the minimum needed to keep us airborne and level.” The Razorfish had already lost some weight in the form of the destroyed protodermis tanks and damaged hull, so it was lighter than ever, and with most of the weight disks withdrawn, it shot forth like a rocket as the chute engine opened up. It wobbled and wavered as it flew - no longer entirely aerodynamic due to the gaping holes in its fuselage, the damage to the chute making its thrust intermittent and uneven - but it still flew all the same. Zaliyah's original plan had been to take advantage of the artillery's range and obliterate the village from maximum safe distance, but if the defenders were intent on engaging the airship fleet directly, then the way was clear for her to carry out a bombing run in a more traditional manner while the other ships engaged the enemy.
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    Built for Round 2 of Bio-Cup 2020.
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    IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Bridge of the Taku Knichou looked towards Triage with a sigh. As much as he wished he could say something inspiring, Knichou couldn't avoid giving a frank analysis. "Your call, Doc - I doubt those on the Taku and those on the boarding parties will both go unscathed. Up here you have a better chance of surviving, as long as the Taku doesn't get shot down. If you go with the boarding parties, we'll be wounding their crew and getting wounded ourselves, and there probably won't be the space or the time to get full use of your expertise. If we fail below, your work will still be needed by Metru-Koro, and if we succeed we'll still be trapped in an already damaged League airship, under fire from their wingmen. The extra risk of us crashing these League ships with ourselves on board isn't something I can ask you to take." The Toa of iron looked around at the others in the bridge. "Alright everyone, we're getting close. Berys, slow us to an idle and keep us above the flight path of that larger ship in the lead. Keitara, stay up above and keep doing everything you can to keep us undetected. Ulkarr, stay here and be ready to cloud their windows in darkness when I give you the signal. Kat... you can handle yourself to jump down and slow your own fall. Go after we drop. Everyone else... follow me to the cargo bay, let's get ready for our dive." Knichou exited the bridge and slid down the ladder to join the others who were already in the cargo bay, including Triage's unusual friends who had arrived in their own vehicle. ~~~ In the cargo bay of the Taku, various crew members shifted nervously as they waited for the battle that they never signed up for to arrive. Mega approached the Ta-Lesterin Exuze, who was peering out over the edge of the open cargo bay doorway. From their altitude, the light of Metru-Koro could just barely be seen if one looked at a low enough angle. "Well, most of us aren't fighters either... I guess if we start taking hits, anyone that can keep us in the air would be a help. From the explanations the Cap'n's made, all our kanoka power is clustered in levitation engines on all sides of the ship, and if we lose too many of those we won't be able to stay airborne. If those get destroyed or disabled we'll need people who can attempt a quick fix, or at least keep any fires from spreading, if you know what I mean. Any tools and spare parts should be in the room under the bridge."
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    IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire Chains rattled overhead as Enra moved the pipe they connected to, leading up and away into the structures hidden in the gloom above. It was a bit hard to tell at first, but the pipe did move when pulled, once the momentum was transferred to the chains and whatever mechanism allowed them to move around. The pipe had a connector sticking out either end, It was slightly narrower in diameter than the pipe itself, with a slightly rough surface and blackened from use. A slit ran down the middle of the connector, cutting it into two semi-circles, with their free edges molded into a slightly thicker lip. Enra could tell that this was part of the system that would lock the pipe in place once they decided on which of the pillars multiple connection points to attach it to. There was one on either side of the walkway the group was standing on, and two more that mirrored them on the far side of the forge. OOC: @Nato the Traveler@~Xemnas~@Toru Nui IC [Kunok McGrokk]: “Good luck, friend. Ah hope you don’t get eaten yourself on the road to flavor town.” OOC: @Sparticus147 IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] Takadox looked at the Zyglak, surprised at their unfamiliarity with the name, before realizing that of course the name would mean little to the people of this land. Then he chuckled. He couldn’t help himself. Pridak, conqueror of the known universe - and no one outside the great spirits head could give less of a Manas dump about him. Perfect. “Pridak is...well was, a business partner of mine. Thoroughly unpleasant individual. I envy you not knowing him. We had a falling out. He didn’t take it well, apparently. Which explains the Vahki from earlier. I hope that worm got them…blasted machines.” OOC: @Onaku
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    IC Kanohi - Po-Koro Kanohi swallowed and sighed. “I suppose I should have known that. Not sure if you know, but a Turaga came with us in that expedition to rescue the Matoran. She comes from this land. Many Matoran used to live here. But she said that the Skakdi wiped them out, slaughtered all but all of them, destroyed the island’s environment, and renamed their island to Zakaz. They have committed genocide on the Matoran once already.” He paused and rubbed his head, not so much as thinking as trying to massaging his pounding head. Finally he said, “one of the Skakdi of the island did help us rescue Voka, but then he came here looking for Ulkarr. If he knew Ulkarr could offer pacts, maybe he just wanted to impress him. But why did Ulkarr help then?” Kanohi turned to the Matoran of Plasma and said, “okay. Okay okay okay. Um, if the Skakdi can’t be reasoned with, we should prepare. The tunnel beneath the village, it’s dangerous, as a giant beast must have carved it, but if a Skakdi attack is on the way, it would be a better temporary refuge than being out in the open. At the least, we will need to be ready to evacuate those of us who were injured in the last raid down there. We will not do it yet, but if sentries spot them coming, we need to prepare.” Sucodak nodded and Kanohi rubbed his head again, “We still should make Kanoka, I can only make regeneration ones, but, can any of us make the more offensive ones? Freezing, weakening, reconstruct at random?” ”Weaken disks have similar principles with disks of regeneration. I can make them, probably teach it to you too. I have made disks of freezing before as well. Between the two of them, we could stall their rigs in their tracks.” Kanohi paced about, “okay, um, feel free to start. And, this might be futile, but do try to stockpile some regeneration disks, okay? At the least we might be able to have a supply in case the giant beast or the Skakdi attack.“ Then to Varah he said, “I am not sure if you are aware, but recently a Toa who served the League approached Metru-Koro to try to arrange peace, in exchange for the Mask of Creation. A high price, but maybe it could have been negotiable. I … I do not know all the details, but the Turaga insulted her and refuted any attempt at peace. So the league gave them two days before destroying Metru-Koro.” ”My island was wiped out by the League, as were so many. But, too many of us are dead now. I cannot let more of us die in a renewed war. I know I am a naive fool , I still struggle to understand why a Toa would join the league. I fear I know too little about the war. But if we try to fight both the league and the Skakdi, we will die.” ”If you mean to surrender…” “No,” Kanohi answered quickly with a shake of his head, “I am not that much of a fool. My people were destroyed, and we never had even met an outsider who wasn’t a Matoran or a Toa. But, Po-Koro is not Metru-Koro, we are not a proper city. We can’t survive the league. So we might need to prepare for if they come here. And if they sought the mask of creation to rebuild their captured city, offering disks of regeneration would at least be something they could use that would not endanger us. It’s … not a good thought, but it’s one to consider.” He swallowed and said, “I don’t know exactly what to do. Feels kind of like I am bandaging a severed arm. I think my heartlight is in the right place, but I can only think to treat the most shallow injuries. I … I have to focus on small tasks to survive, but if you have any suggestions, I will listen.“ OOC: @Onaku
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    Just reposting a dev quote from Gordon Klimes from youtube comments, so it gets more recognition. Fascinating background!
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    Name: Myka Breed: Matoran Element: stone Faction: Crichton Description: Myka was one of Zakaz' original inhabitants, before the Skakdi took the island for themselves. Despite what one might expect, she took to the chaos and violence of her new home to heart. Assisting her guardian, Crichton, Myka is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none who assists the Toa however she can. History: Before the fall, Myka was a fairly ordinary, if a bit excitable, Po-matoran. She lived in a village neighboring a local jungle, and thought of little else besides foraging for food and catching the gaze of a certain charming Le-Matoran. Eventually, the two women began courting. Myka's love in turn loved flowers deeply, and so Myka would always surprise her with bouquets of freshly-gathered wildflowers when they would meet. The attack came while Myka was in the forest. When she returned to her home, the village was in smoldering ruin. She found her love among the ashes, the flowers dropping from her nerveless fingers. She slumped beside her heart, now lying scorched and broken on the barren ground. She has no memory of how long she stayed there. The smoke was so thick it could have been hours, or days. Eventually, a Toa searching for survivors found her, and dragged the nerveless matoran to safety. Myka may come across as an almost incurably cheerful individual well adapted to the brutality of the Wasteland. But in reality much of her demeanor is meant to keep others at arm's length. She will make acquaintances, buddies, but hesitates to make true friends. Part of her still lies burning in that village, leaf-green armor withered to charcoal. Personality: If you have ever played the game Borderlands 2, I would like you to imagine Tiny Tina's personality. This will bring you a long way towards understanding Myka. She is boisterous, impulsive, goofy to a fault. and more than eager to punch first and forget she was supposed to ask questions later. In spite of this, she takes great pride in her work as a mechanic, even going so far as to paint flowers on her favorite creations in honor of her lost love. Despite her seemingly bizarre violent tendencies Myka is actually quite personable, and loves company dearly. What few people get past all of her defenses and become, despite her best efforts, important to her… she would give absolutely anything for them. At the current time this number solely includes Crichton Flaws: Myka is very slight, and though she is wiry for her size she is still simply a matoran. If it came to a real fight she likely would not be able to hold her own. Additionally, her armor isn't in the best of repair and has been occasionally known to seize up or creak ominously. It is not truly known if Myka's seemingly unstable nature is due to her personality, the events she witnessed during the assault, or some other factor as of yet unknown. Equipment: She wears a tool belt whose pockets are filled with everything from spare bolts to small explosives. Nobody ever steals from her, as the last skak to try and pick her pockets needed to find a replacement hand. Slung across her back two weapons: an aged hatchet with a rag grip and a broken-headed wrench whose handle has been shaved to a ragged edge, making it the world's strangest sword. There is a filthy, ragged plush hanging from her belt named Laika. If one tries to touch her without Myka's permission there is no aspect or great being who can save them. She wears a cracked Great Kakama, whose bottom half has long ago been broken off. This half of the mask has been refitted into a breathing apparatus which filters out solvents and shrapnel in the air as well as several nasty kinds of chemicals once used by skakdi warriors. The mask's lenses have inserts that can block out bright light. allowing her to weld with solely the mask as face protection.
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    IC [Zataka - The Wastes]: Dark had been her dreams of late. As it turned out, taking out an entire hunting party of whatever these Skakdi-like creatures were was hard work, even for a warlord. And it had left its mark. Her side still throbbed, where one of their crude weapons had found purchase. Worn out from her brawl with Kalmah, disoriented and tired, one of the eyeless ones had managed to hit her with a lucky strike and pierced her flesh. They didn’t live long enough to realize the damage they’d done. But it was done all the same and after disposing of the last of her pursuers, she’d found this rock to crawl under and patch herself up, before succumbing to a mighty need for rest. The risk of passing asleep in such a hostile place be . But unconsciousness had not provided any respite from the blind Skakdi - quite the opposite. In her sleep, they continued to hunt her. And she kept fighting them off, moving through twisting, endless canyons generated in nightmares, under a dark sky. Worse, her dreamscape was ravaged by shadows moving in the gloom. Their shrieks echoed off the obsidian walls. They were hauntingly close, yet elusive, melding into the fog surrounding her mind whenever she tried to get one in her grasp. Something sinister was at work here, she could feel it. And then the ground shook and broke open. Black dust and debris clouded her vision, but she could still sense the massive thing rise in front of her from below. She had to lean back to see it fully. But just as she did, it’s form burst into smoke - smoke that formed a visage: sinister and self assured, grinning smugly. And then she suddenly was yanked awake. Her eyes were piercing, electric blue staring right back at the face she had just seen in her dreams. “And what do you think you’re doing?” The words were as much spoken as feeding back through the forced mental link, echoing in the Skakdi's mind. The warlord had already picked up on her little trick. And then, Yumi realized, as Zataka sat up to face the Skakdi, swinging her long legs off the slab of rock: Her pants were the coolest pair she’d ever laid eyes on. OOC: @EmperorWhenua
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    Tomorrow will be my account's 17th birthday! So much has changed from when I first joined BZPower. I was only Twelve when I signed up after lurking on the homepage for just a few months during a lull in news on Mask of Destiny. The world had really started to change for me at that time and my interest in Bionicle was the singular constant as my family prepared to move across the country. I didn't know the challenges that I had yet to face, nor the joyous moments to come, all I knew was a sense of fear for my world and great hope in the world of the Matoran. Bionicle will always inspire my creativity, and BZPower will always be how I began writing, and for that I am forever indebted to this community and those who've been a part of it. Illustration from my first finished story, Bionicle Legacies: The Return ca.2007
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    If I had one, I'd probably keep it as a memento, but that's why my room is full of random LEGO merchandise no other human being could ever want.
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    IC: Druu - The Inferno And lo, the harpoon did meet its mark, tethering the Wombat and Inferno into an intimate dance in the sky. As the Ta-Skak's eyes did this see, his hands moved with deftness, putting the ship's engines, all its levitation nodes, and its compensating thrusters into overdrive. A brief moment later, with a grimace of intense resolve, Druu turned and made for the bridge door, mere moments, as it turned out, before the opposing ships began firing their weapons. Having grabbed Amarth and practically torn the bridge door open, stuffing his vortixx ally through the opening, he himself was about to go through... Only before he could make that step himself, the shockwave of the weapons fire destroying the bridge blasted him on through the opening, before the door itself slammed shut behind him. Druu only barely managed to grab on to the spokes of the walkway's guardrail as he fell through the now vertical ship, its steep angle turning the catwalks and ladders into a strange approximation of each other. Amarth was, of course, well versed in climbing, deftly moving along the near-vertical surface to grab two levichutes out of their designated storage compartment. The ship groaned and shook, its hull twisting and rippling as parts of its structural integrity failed to hold up to the intensity of the situation. But even then, the ship continued to hold together, redundancies in its design having been paramount to its unbroken record of survival. It had faced greater odds than these and pulled through. Druu knew that well. And so, as the ship rocketed into the sky at speeds unmatched by any mere levitation engine, the skakdi and vortixx made their way down, or in this case rather sideways, into the shuddering ship's lower levels. Blood dripped from a shard of debris lodged into Druu's side, a wound he had not yet noticed. @Eyru@Nato the Traveler@Toru Nui
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    IC [Coliseum]: The receptionist smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, but it appears all publishers of magazines are currently experiencing issues with shipping, printing, supplies, staff - everything. But it is firmly on the to-do list.” She consulted her tablet once more: “Ah yes, here. Item #2739 on the agenda for rebuilding Metru Nui. It might take a while.” She got a slight conspiratorial look in her eyes and her voice got low as she leaned in closer to Achro. “Also, I am certain I overheard Lord Pridak suggest a name change for the city as well. Something along the lines of ‘Leagueopolis’, can you believe it?” And then she suddenly straightened again, back in full customer-service mode. “I would recommend you try the juice bar in the foyer. They make excellent smoothies!” OOC: @Toru Nui
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    Found some full scale scans of the Bionicle Tohunga comic from McDonalds! Anybody remember Challenge of the Rahi?
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    I'll have been here...18 years this year, I think? (I'm almost a BZP adult!) Old habits die hard, I guess. It's hard to let something go, even this far on, when it had such a profound influence on me when I was growing up. I was on this site while Bionicle was running through all my teenage years and this was my main hub of internet activity for much of it. And being a reclusive introvert who likes gaming, shiny spaceships and playing with LEGO, that was a fair chunk of my time. Maybe I'll leave for good one day. But as long as this place is here, I'll probably keep poking my head in from time to time.
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    IC: Knichou, Metru-Koro Airspace, Atop the Wombat Knichou watched Vulimai and Tekmo climb inside the ruptured panel, and turned around towards the bow of the Wombat.As the Toa of iron began to walk up to the bridge to take a look through the window, he heard a familiar voice crackling over the radio. "-ichou? It's Nale. We've made it to our DZ. About to find a way inside. Will update." Knichou breathed a sigh of relief at Nale's voice. Not that he was extremely worried that his hastily made plan would have quickly lead to her or his other allies deaths, but there was always that possibility on the battlefield. The ex-ghost was about to activate his armor's own radio to respond, but as he walked, his next step landed unexpectedly quickly, as if he had stepped off a staircase expecting there to be another step. Knichou instinctively tried to catch his balance but soon realized it was futile - the entire ship was rotating to throw him off. Unable to stay balanced, Knichou instead did exactly what the Wombat's crew wanted. Knichou compressed himself and then leapt outwards, quickly escaping the tumbling airship. He activated his adaptive armor's thrusters and within a few seconds had re-centered himself in a stable, upright hover a few meters off the side of the Wombat. He quickly glanced below to ensure that the others hadn't fallen out of the hole they had entered the ship with. As he looked around, he heard Nale's voice again. "Knichou, we've linked up with some other Taku crewmembers here, conveniently. Going dark now, I'll contact you again when we've...resolved this." Knichou activated his own radio to quickly respond. "Copy that, all of us are also on target. Stay safe, over." Stay safe? Really, Knichou? We're on a battlefield, kohlii-head! As Knichou finished speaking, he began to fly closer to the Wombat. He reached behind him inside his nanodermis backpack, searching for his weapon. His hand brushed up against the mask of creation, and the engineer shivered for a moment. Knichou searched around and soon grabbed the grip of his custom lightstone rifle and pulled it effortlessly out of the liquid metal blob on his back. It was fully charged, and the crackling lightstones stored in its exposed octagonal cylinder stood out against the night sky around him. Flicking off the safety, Knichou braced the weapon against his right shoulder, using his left arm for course correction with its thruster. He saw the Hagah plasma cannon at the front of the ship begin firing balls of plasma at the Taku. Even if it was unfortunate that the Taku had been detected, at the very least the large cannon on the underside of the ship wasn't firing on Metru-Koro anymore. Instead of moving towards the bridge, Knichou hovered to the left and slightly in front of the Wombat, and began rapidly firing a burst of four electrically charged lightstones towards the externally-mounted plasma cannon itself in an attempt to disable it. Knichou fired the rifle in a sweeping motion in the hopes that it would increase the chance of one of his shots hitting the spinning target - while he had spent a lot of time at the firing range in his time as a weapons manufacturer, shooting with one arm, while flying, against a spinning, also-flying target was a situation where it was less important to aim a precise shot and more important for a pure increase in the volume of fire. ~~~ On the bridge of the Taku, a panicked Berys was trying to manage too many things at once. There were multiple enemy airships engaging, oh-so-many warning lights on the dashboard, no weapons for self-defense, and the constant cracks and impacts of bullets were not helping the Le-Matoran's concentration any. Once crew in the back confirmed that all boarders were away, Berys pulled the lever to close the cargo bay doors, which reduced the Taku's drag and made it leak less light below them. Berys had been flying towards the enemy airships in an attempt to get behind them and out of their cones of fire, but clearly both League ships that were still active had stopped their bombardment of the Koro to instead turn and focus fire on the Taku. Even if Berys managed to keep the Taku out of the sights of one of the ships, the other would undoubtedly have an angle on it. One of these ships was smaller and could almost certainly outrun the Taku as well. Berys would just have to hope they could make it back to Metru-Koro alive, or that the boarding parties were successful, because there was no way the Taku could fight back that wasn't suicidal. Berys continued the Taku's left turn at full speed, attempting to make a U-turn to face Metru-Koro. There was nothing more he could do - the boarding parties were out, so the Taku's mission was complete, and now she only had to hold together long enough to make it back. As the maneuver began, more and more projectiles battered the hull of the airship. The Tranquility's machine guns continued to pepper the underside of the hull with mixed success, but now other threats began to strike. The rapidly rolling Wombat fired from it's forward plasma cannon with a large spread. Several of these projectiles hit the Taku's left side, splattering against the hull, burning through, and exploding, flinging the superheated gas and molten metal from the armor inside the ship. Suhaku was near the front of the cargo bay when one of these bolts hit the wall nearby. Her back was peppered with fragments of molten protosteel, and her screams joined the terrifying soundscape. Exuze was hiding behind a crate closer to the edge of the cargo bay doors, and he looked up at the sound of her pain embolded him to stand up and run over to her aid. As he began to run along the left side of the ship towards her, the wall he was running beside exploded in a flash of blinding light. The energy bolt from the Tranquility's main gun had arced slowly and gracefully through the air towards the Taku, but Berys was already turning left at full speed when he saw it. Even though the pilot tried desparately to turn right to dodge it, it wasn't enough. The projectile hit the left side of the Taku at a glancing angle from behind, and much of the energy flowed lengthwise along the side of the hull, burning bright streaks through the outer layer of armor. Where the blast made contact with the Taku, things weren't as pretty. By the time the flash of superheated gas had dissipated, there was an irregularly shaped hole the diameter of a large matoran burned into the hull. Shrapnel from the wall wasn't the only thing flung around this time - as the hearing of those in the cargo bay began to stop ringing, they could hear the screams of Exuze, who had been thrown against the hull on the opposite side of the airship. The Ta-Lesterin rolled down the curved hull and lay crumped against the floor on the right side of the cargo bay, howling like an animal and clutching where his left arm used to be. The entire left side of Exuze was covered in burns and molten shrapnel, and the Lesterin soon began to convulse in shock.
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    IC: Nale Vella - Metru-Koro Airspace/The Tranquility ("Spread your wings and fly. God be with you.") As the wind rushed past Nale's audio receptors and her heartrate skyrocketed, she tried to orient herself and the others towards their target: the largest of the League ships, the Tranquility. At the moment, it had begun rising upwards, firing on the Taku in retaliation, with Nale's team of jumpers right between the two ships. The Toa of Magnetism spread her arms and legs out into a glide formation to better aim for it and avoid any stray gunfire, while her HUD displayed all the necessary info (although this was all still new enough for her to not know what all of it meant) including her rapidly descending altitude. The numbers and icons flashing across her optics didn't obstruct her vision, but still distracted her as it sat in her peripheral, prompting her to quickly blink twice to close it out. She could eyeball it. As they neared closer to the ship, she extended her spear and aimed it towards the upper deck of the Tranquility, focusing her element through it in an attempt to draw the team closer to their target and make for a more controlled landing. At first the pull was weak, but as they quickly closed the distance it became stronger, until Nale felt they were sufficiently in range and she let go of her element. Breaking off from Skorm and Irna, she hit the surface of the airship and rolled (the thought of ending up off the side of it and impacting the ground below briefly crossing her mind), before stopping in a crouched position. It was then she noticed her HUD had become scrambled, and she couldn't retract her spear--something had, briefly, cut off the communication between her and her nanites. Once the interference cleared, a relieved Nale contacted Knichou, raising her voice to be heard above the wind and gunfire. Despite not really being necessary, she reflexively placed a hand over her audio receptor as if wearing an earpiece. "--ichou? It's Nale. We've made it to our DZ. About to find a way inside. Will update." The Fa-Toa then glanced over her shoulder to check on her companions, before looking ahead to see--what in Karzahni?!--Kat and Keitara on the ship as well. She didn't remember this part of the plan... "Fancy seeing you two," Nale said, raising her voice again. @BULiK@Conway@Keeper of Kraata@Toru Nui
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    IC: Providence - Ruins of Fire Providence's faceplate twisted into an exaggerated frown. "If my understanding of biped morality is correct - and make no mistake, it may very well not be - trying to kill someone who's only trying to run away isn't exactly something a good person does." He cast a sidelong glance at Zak-Yak. Crud. Cover blown; jape ruined. "Yes, yes I am," he answered with a sigh. OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Toru Nui @Snelly @Onaku @Sparticus147 @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @xccj
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    IC: Providence - Ruins of Fire Prov looked at the robotic enforcer with some confusion. It was clear he had gotten himself - and his friends, by extension - into a much-larger conflict with some powerful individual from the giant head. "Uh. Sorry to subvert your expectations, metallic one, but I am fairly certain that I am not a pawn." He looked down at himself. "Indeed, I'm quite sure that I'm an Aspect." OOC: @Vezok's Friend @Toru Nui @Snelly @Onaku @Sparticus147 @Edelgard @Jakura Nuva @xccj
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    Kelpies are aquatic horses from Scottish folk lore, known to collect children on their backs and ride them into the water to consume them. A build for the Mythology and Folklore Redemption Round of BioCup 2020!
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    There's an awful lot of detail on her armor, and while I'd normally expect that sort of thing to detract that from her "older than the Toa Mata" look, it's actually doing wonders for making her look like her armor's taken a beating over the years. Nicely done.
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    • A wolf in grandmother's clothing from "Little Red Riding Hood." Built for Round 1 of the 2020 Bio-Cup in the "Canines" subtheme. reference artwork
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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that 2005 was the only year we got 14 canister sets instead of just 12? While we've gotten canister-sized sets on more than one occasion throughout the years, we never actually got bonus canister sets outside of the Toa Hagah, and that is super special when you think about it. I read some complaints recently as to how the Toa Hagah are an "incomplete series" and were also clearly meant to be Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki. The former statement is downright absurd for the aforementioned reason; did you expect that LEGO would produce 6 extra sets one year for no reason? No, that would've been at the expense at either the Toa Hordika or the Visorak and we would've gotten 2 sets less, not 4 more. Also, while I somewhat enjoy the notion that Iruini could've been Nidhiki (because of his mask shape), if we're being completely honest, Norik would've been a lazy Dume. No change of mask type from Noble to Great? Lazy. Besides, Dume and Nidhiki were from two different "generations" of Toa and they'd have had to be marketed as having lived and worked separately. And they would've had to be given different tools from one another. Given the circumstances, they were handled well enough. What I'm basically saying is that we got a treat and I for one loved it. Especially considering the pair wasn't available in Bulgaria and I had to seek them out abroad; it felt like a treasure hunt.
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    IC: Yaushe - The Taku, Cargo Bay Yaushe emitted a lengthy sigh, in the form of a drawn-out groaning strut. "Yeah," she said. "A lot. You ever had a 'burger'? Don't remember what they are, exactly, but I remember they were great." Her reverie was interrupted by a chill, and for a single horrified second, she thought it was the cold she felt briefly when jumping between vessels, like somehow she was drifting out. But she quickly realised it wasn't that kind of cold, it was physical, it was real. She fired up her heater for Zsann. @Toru Nui
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