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    It's tough to keep your eyes ablaze in these faith free, hope free, charity free days - but a little companionship goes a long way.
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    Flickr album Waamehi-Nui are gorilla-like Rahi that reside in forests throughout the universe. These creatures are more physically imposing than their Lava Ape cousins, but they are also friendlier and more social. Rumor even has it that a troop on the Southern Continent accepted several Bo-Matoran into their ranks. Good-natured these Rahi may be, but provoke a Waamehi-Nui and it will use its strength and horns to wreak the sort of havoc that gives Skakdi nightmares. The term Waamehi-Nui was made using Tolkien's Matoran Language: [wāmehi "(Rahi) possessing hands" < wai-amehi, from the possessive particle wai (originally denoting possession of the object) and amehi "hand"] (Alternate backstory: Good Guy Hordika :P) Thanks for taking a look. I'd appreciate your thoughts!
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    A news post from August 8, 2010 reads: "A couple keen-eyed members noted an interesting item in the news ticker on the Hero Factory's website. If you watch closely, you'll see the following text: "Help! The moons of my planet are being dragged by a 40-million-foot-tall robot down to crush us and our 30-million-foot-tall robot can't stop it! Please help!" I think it's pretty obvious what they're referring to there - very cute Kelly."
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    A few things about the community and where BZ Power sits in it which makes me post here. Bionicle Maskposting (Facebook) I like to lurk there and see what's up, but it's often full of dumb jokes and lewd humor. A lot of stoners and edgelords wrapped up in SJW vs Incel debates there too, which kind of detract from the actual Bionicle discussion. Lastly I think it's no secret I am a fan of G1 & G2, but a lot of Maskposters view G2 as a curse and mock people who use CCBS or other G2 stuff. So while it makes me laugh to check Maskposting a few times a day, I have no reason to join the group and post there. EDIT: I guess I should clarify, Maskposting is a lot like South Park for me; funny in small doses, but oftentimes to obtuse or even offensive for me to ever really join in with it. Its clear the moderators of Maskposting are very lax and allow everything under the sun as long as it doesn't get their group banned from Facebook. Maskposting could be truly great if the admins were willing to curtail some of the nonsense, but they never do. r/Bionicle I don't have a Reddit account so, while it's neat to check it out I have no plans of joining it. TTV, still feels like "the young" forums to me; while BZP has been around most my life I didn't know of TTV until about 2015 or so when G2 started. I watch their YouTube content sometimes, but something about TTV's forums still feels juvenile to me. Like I know most of BZP's active user base is about 25 years old, I'd guess that of TTV is 5-10 years younger. I feel like an old man trying to understand the young crowd each time I get on TTV, and I prefer that BZP's fanbase is closer to my age. YouTube. COPPA killed it. Was nice to talk bonks in comment sections, but now almost every set review is "child friendly" and has no place for discussion. Brickset. Huw still has an anti-Bionicle bent. While the comments section got them to finally get Bionicle back into random set of the day rotation... it's still obvious Huw and most of the Brickset team are System purists regarding their news and reviews. Only a few of the younger guys moderating there really are fans of Bionicle, it's a miracle Sokoda's Lego Ideas projects featured on Brickset's homepage at all. I am a big System fan too, and use Bricklink to catalog all my Bionicle sets, but it's clear that most of the staff there really don't care for Bionicle at all. Eurobricks. Their Action Figure forum is quiet. Almost no action lately there at all. MOCpages... yeah that place has sure gone down hill the last few years. Flickr... My other hobby is railfanning, and I have thousands of train photos that would fill up a free Flickr account in minutes. I couldn't ever imagine paying cold hard cash for a Flickr Pro account just so I can have enough room for my railfan photos and Lego stuff. So yeah, BZP really is the only site that caters to my interests specifically still of all the other possible branches of Bionicle fandom.
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    Chef is a Ko-Matoran who dedicated his existence to cooking the fauna and plant-life of Spherus Magna after the Re-Formation. No one is really sure why, considering the Matoran don't really eat things, but he's really passionate about it. Other Matoran have tried to understand his art, but eventually ended failing at both getting the concept and executing it right. They usually just get yelled at and go home with nothing but questions about the grumpy guy. Chef carries a sharpening stick around as well as at least always one electro-blade, which he likes to sharpen whenever he has time. He wears a black powerless Ruru. On top of his regular Matoran pieces, Chef added-up an extra bit of armor to cover him a little more, especially when cooking. Unlike most Ko-Matoran, Chef absolutely dislikes cold environments, saying he hates everything that is frozen. He prefers to wander around the planet to try and create more food-related creations. "It's burnt! You burnt the bloody thing!" -Chef to Macku The build of this Matoran is fairly simple, with very basic articulations and limbs. The top is obviously based on the 2003 Matoran Sets. The bottom is custom but still very basic. The color scheme is White for the most, with touches of Black, to emulate Gordon Ramsay's general look in a kitchen: White jacket, black pants, and with an extra piece of armor on the front to replace the apron. More pictures of this little guy here: (I'm not familiar with Bzpower's gallery thing so uhhh here have this funny link) https://twitter.com/Nahunicle/status/1122493173375410176
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the following is a list of player groups and missions currently being attempted: Onu-Metru disc hunters on level 7 of the archives Onu-Metru dark hunters waiting for the moment to strike Stannis and Knichou Onu-Metru vahki response interacting with witnesses and participants in the fight surround Nuparu's murder Ga-Metru disc hunters are roaming the streets Ko-Metru disc hunter has reached the first puzzle Metru-Nui faction (Orieus, Iona) is beginning assault on an island to gain access to communications array League faction is engaged with hostile airships in the silver sea traveling to last known Nynrah airship coordinates I want to make sure I stay up to date on the events! If there's anything I'm missing or if you haven't heard from me in a day regarding a post feel free to PM me about it.
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    The thing is from a storytelling perspective, soft magic is actually very appropriate for a mythological setting where the themes of the story are more important than how characters solve problems using their tools. So Bionicle, especially in its earliest years; felt very mythological and as such a looser system makes sense. Its why we have early story material mentioning Turaga Matau flying, and the Toa creating storms while fighting each other... which really aren't seen or shown in the later canon. Look at the stuff that is 'soft magic,' Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, actual Greek Myth... and you can see how the first three years of Bionicle in particular fit that myth style of fantasy stories. I think following Metru Nui, and as Greg took on a more active role in presenting the story things began to lean towards a hard magic system. If the early years were fantasy-myth, the later years were most definitely a more sci-fi setting. Yes it killed some of the mystery from the early years, but generally most weird powers were explained by story's end as part of a hard rule of what residents of the MU were innately capable of. Like the clarification all Toa must come from Matoran of the same element; and the retcons explaining Takua as a Av-Matoran in disguise instead of a Ta-Matoran who became a Toa of Light; all seem like attempts to shift towards a hard magic rule set. There were still a lot of soft elements left over from the earlier years; but they were often retconned to have explanations or just limited to the specific characters that used them originally. I don't know if that was a successful shift or not. Add in the fact Greg spent years answering fan questions... even if somethings were never meant to be explicitly explained, they were eventually codified as canon due to countless Q&A sessions that whittled every mystery down to fact and hard rules. As for G2 since I am a bit more familiar with that story than it sounds like you are; definitely fully a soft magic system if by the de-facto reason the world-building was lacking and never was deep enough to explain how things actually worked in the G2 world. Remember, its was up for debate in G2 if the islanders were called Matoran like the G1 characters, Okotans, or just simple 'villagers' because the world building at best was inconsistent. Okotans is what BioSector01 lists as their canon name, but it includes the mention of them as Matoran from Lego Club Magazine as either an alternate name or just a typo on the magazine's part. Since G2 was meant to harken back though to the earlier years of G1, I have no doubt it would have had a 'soft magic' feel even if its world was fleshed out even more. Anyways... the best piece of media I know that leans towards hard magic is Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. It usually works well when introducing new magic to fit it into the existing laws of the series.
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    I mean if we look at it from maybe a corporate perspective, the 2010's were a good time for Lego. They became perhaps the most influential brand in the world. The Lego Movie launched them to massive fame, and made Lego a bigger powerhouse than Mattel or Hasbro. Not to mention the continued licensed lines like Star Wars, Harry Potter, superheroes etc. all were very successful; while Ninjago remained a huge powerhouse the entire decade for Lego. I don't know if the fame will last, the layoffs a year or so back and the failure of the last few Lego Movies makes me think that the "Lego moment" is over. But I think the company enters the 2020's in a much stronger position than where it was in 2000.
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    A link to what looks to be a well-written epic! May have to check it out when I have a chance.
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    Currently negotiating with a few guys on reddit for some parts and partial sets. Most of my purchases now are geared more toward expanding my bulk for mocs rather than finishing my collection seeing as the last few have been bucket list sets (Maxillos, Roodaka, Tahu Mistika etc) Also mad respect to @Xboxtravis for the Rush sig
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    IC: Triki, Ga-Metru "Is great because you be bigger targets so Vahki sneak-attack you first!" Triki says, once again heading off towards the Great Temple.
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    IC: Triki, Ga-Metru "Welp, I'm Triki, the Trikicator, the Trikiest of the Trikimites," Triki says. "Oh the search-fine for Great Discs to have adventure-fun! So we gonna chatty-chat all day or disc seek?" He was apparently not too concerned about leaving the Hover-Bike behind, nor any of the social awkwardness of the group so far.
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    IC: Skyra Daring - The Silver Sea - Metru Nui Airship - Crunch. There was a rather loud sound of an apple being bitten into from just behind Oreius and Iona. If either of them bothered to look, they’d see a young looking Toa of air clad in black and green, looking somewhat bored and armed to the teeth with weapons as she bit into her apple for a moment before chewing. “Meditation huh? Sounds boring.” She blinked for a moment. “Uh, don’t mind me, I’m just eating this apple. You can go back to talking about yoga or whatever. Pretend I’m not here.” Crunch, crunch. Eating apples was a loud business apparently. @sunflower @Eyru
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    IC: Knichou, Onu-Metru, Undercity streets "Find what you were after?" Well, the toa had caught up to him. Good. He might need the escort, in case the Vahki knew what he was doing. They weren't out of danger yet. "I think so, but I'll have to check once I get back to my airship," Knichou replied, focused on manipulating the iStone. It looked like he was opening a panel on the side, or something. "My airship is docked a few levels above, we just need to take the chute there and we'll be able to get out of here. I'll explain what I know once we're in the clouds." After a few moments of tinkering, Knichou pulled out an iStone component and discreetly put that in his backpack, keeping the iStone in hand. The group continued to walk towards the transport hub where chutes led up to the docking towers. Almost there...
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    IC: Morah - League Airship "Well..." That wasn't quite what she expected. Not the contents, but the container. So... what was inside? Morah carefully approached the boxes to inspect the acid burn, claws ready in case it was more than acid...
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    Image courtesy of BS01. and here. Ties in to this epic, here.
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    It's been great so far. It's nice having something fast-paced to help breathe some life back into the forums.
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    Around two weeks ago, I found a sealed vahki nurrahk at a TJ Max for $13.
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    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (Talking with a colleague) "I got out, didn't I? And Nuparu's sleepin' with tha fishes. Not you, ah mean." He shot back, grunting. Thom's claws fiddled with his weapon as he slowly pushed the laser charge out of the revolver, exchanging the cartridge for a six cylindered firework load. Click.
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    Glad to finally get a start in here! Anyone in/have plans to be in Ko-Metru anytime soon?
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    IC: Thom - Onu-Metru (A stroll by the river) After a brief period of contemplation, the Ko-Skakdi had decided to go for a bit of a recon, to check out what was happening. Perhaps even run into that Vyarik. Something in the protodermis river caught his eye, however. "Never 'eard of Takeas in Onu-Metru." He muttered, the uncovered amber eye glimmering as he focused in on the creature swimming around. OOC: Lookin' at Waveahk.
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    IC: Aksa, Silver Sea, League airship "Yeah, glad to be here. You need someone with a ... delicate touch for these things." Aksa casts a meaningful glance toward the monstrosity that has just entered the airship behind them. Why a zyglak has been assigned to this mission is as much a mystery to her as it would be to all sensible people, she feels. "I mean, I suppose having some extra muscle along can't hurt, though I imagine they would've appreciated one of your light shows back at, uh." She thinks for a moment. "You know, whatever rock it was where we just got BTFO'd."
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    IC Stannis | Onu-Metru ... No sooner had Stannis left the alley that he saw the matoran who accompanied the recently-murdered citizen was under an attack as well, and this one was certainly also not the original assassin. He briefly thought of the ramifications of more than two Dark Hunters on a single task and what doom that foretold before he instinctively acted, gesturing simply with a hand and throwing up a stone barrier between Knichou and his attacker, who also glowed with a red aura. It wasn't meant to stop Victim, but it was a stalling move and Stannis hafted his spear again as he closed the gap between them. He may not have been able to save the Onu-Matoran, but maybe the other one would be key to unraveling this riddle, if he could be rescued. And maybe this all fit into the grand scope of his mission in Metru Nui—few things found in a web of shadows were unrelated. There was not much time left on his programmed power, only a couple minutes, and he needed to make the most of it and try to find the real killer in the chaos, but he could not walk away from helping his people. It was what qualified him as a toa-hero, after all. Well, that and his majestic-looking cloak fluttering as he charged forward like an enraged lion. OOC: That's a wall of stone right in Victim's path.
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    IC: Vashni - Onu-Metru - Archives- "You're lucky if you get a choice in the matter..." Vashni said, mostly to herself, she then turned her attention to the current level of the archives, seven. "We should be fine like Atamai said, but be cautious all the same." Vashni reached out with her element to see if she could detect the minds of the Rahi or whatever else lurked there.
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    IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru ”Level seven is live Rahi. The Archives are organized so that every level starting with level six is live Rahi that are too big for stasis tubes. The more dangerous kinds are kept in the lower levels. The lower the level, the more dangerous the Rahi. Those in level seven are moderately dangerous.” Wait. “Did you say someone deleted information? To do that you need administrative access, which is something even I don’t have.”
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    IC: Vyarik - Onu-Metru (Boom, headshot) "Efficient," he chuckled, before doing exactly what all of the other hapless, terrified Matoran would do in the moment - he broke and ran. Hopefully Thom would have the good sense to do the same before the authorities caught on.
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    Thanks for this. Do you know much about the challenge rooms?
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    IC: Iona [Silver Sea Island Beach] Surely this was some kind of test, right? The massive golden commander that she kept her pace brisk to keep up with knew as well as her what had ravaged the universe, yes? "Uh, I 'suppose I never really thought about it. Sir. There are good people out in the universe, not just Matoran and Toa right? Those that want to do right for the people that can't defend themselves." "If you don't mind, I guess I always assumed you were a, ah, rather outsanding example of that."
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    Never fear, The Law has arrived. Hope I didn't typo super hard. Name: Citizen Pacification Unit K1R1 Kilo-M9 Species: Kralhi Faction: Metru-Nui sort of Brief Description: Kilo-M9 is a standard Kralhi in shape and size, a scorpion-like mechanical creation about the size of three Toa clumped together. It has four legs which are able to grip all manner of surfaces and two arms that are usually holding its tools, two wide curved blades for defending itself and the city’s citizens and for guiding and encouraging wayward Matoran back to their workstations. On its rear there is a prehensile tail with two prongs for emitting energy bubbles. Its forelegs and head are metro green, with the rest of its body and limbs being black for camouflage in its home metro. Both of its front legs have noticeable scars and chipping from lack of maintenance and there is a large running diagonally down its face. Side compartments on the main body contain a store of Kanoka discs. It has green eyes during normal operations but will switch to a red-orange color during combat situations or dim them entirely for stealth. On its face is a permanent expression of determined authority which can come across as more terrifying than intended. Background/Occupation: Kilo-M9 is but one of many Kralhi that were created by Nuparu as a predecessor to the Vahki. This particular unit was assigned to the Onu-Metru region, warding overly curious tourists and archivists away from restricted zones and assisting with the often frequent break-out attempts by the exhibits. Unfortunately, the Kralhi’s method of enforcing order by draining the energy of troublemakers was deemed an issue as the affected individuals were too dizzy or exhausted to work for a while after an encounter with the law. Turage Dume commissioned the Vahki as replacements and ordered the Kralhi’s destruction, but the machines would not go quietly. Many rebelled against their fate and were forced out of the city. Others took up hiding in the various Metru. Kilo-M9 is one such unit. After fighting off several attempts at deactivation by Vahki squads the battered law enforcer took up residence in the deeper sections of the archives. The network of tunnels provided ample space to hide and make repairs. Despite its isolation and betrayal, the unit is still given purpose by the same primary objectives: 1. Preserve this unit at all costs 2. Bring efficiency to the city 3. Protect and serve the Matoran Despite the necessity of staying hidden lest the Vahki resume attacking it, Kilo M9 has mostly resumed its primary duties patrolling the sublevels of the Archives, assisting individuals out of the restricted areas whether they want to or not. Flaws: Kralhi are able to analyze opponents and devise plans to deal with them based on their abilities and traits. However, the machines are limited in their ability to think on the fly, and quick improvisation can trip them up. Kilo-M9 is also limited by its primary objectives and will follow them at all costs. It will not take violent action against Metru-Nui citizens unless hostile action is taken against it or there are conflicts with objectives 1 and 2. Kilo-M9 also cannot swim and will avoid having to submerge its body whenever possible. Powers: Kralhi have strong mechanical joints making it somewhat stronger than the average Toa. It is able to climbs on walls and cling to ceilings with its clawed feet and can remain still and silent for long periods of time, making it surprisingly good at hiding. It is programmed to be skilled at hand to hand combat with its blades, and while it has primarily fought Rahi it is no stranger to having to engage in battle with the more sentient creatures of Metru-Nui. Its signature weapon is the energy bubble generator in its tail. The tail launches bolts of energy that when striking a target encases it in a bubble which lifts into the air and begins draining their energy into the Kralhi. Said bubbles can drain energy at a fast enough rate to knock out an unsuspecting Matoran or exhausted Toa within minutes. The bubbles are difficult to break out of from the inside and do not burst upon contact with walls or ceilings. Direct force needs to be applied to escape. Kilo-M9 also carries on its person a selection of Kanoka discs, usually 3 weaken discs and 3 regeneration discs of various power levels which it uses against opponents in combat and for field repairs, respectively. It acquires these from individuals it helps and from hunting stray Vahki units that wander into its jurisdiction. Finally, Kilo-M9 features a voice recording functionality which enables it to play back any words or phrases it hears. While it can speak Matoran freely at ultrasonic frequencies much like the Vahki, it usually uses edited and rearranged phrases to communicate directly with Matoran and other sentient beings.
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    the volcano is his mouth! mt ihu is the nose
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    Well, here goes nothing. Name: “Karista” is the closest Matoran translation Species: Krahka Faction: Self Brief Description: As a shapeshifter, Karista can appear as any being she has seen before, but in order to blend in she takes on the form of a short Toa of Water with a Mahiki. She also wears an exotic necklace of talons and bands of colorful feathers around her arms, legs, and back of her head that do not change with her, giving her away if she forgets to remove them. Background/Occupation: Karista fled her homeland to escape the ever-advancing Barraki armies, eventually ending up in Metru Nui. At the far end of the universe, she only hopes to be able to hide until the dust clears, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep herself and her powers away from either side. Flaws: Karista doesn’t get attached to anything, all too aware of how this war can continue to take from her. Yet she’s also young and inexperienced in civilized societies, prone to gullibility and mistakes with powers she hasn’t mastered yet. Powers: Karista’s species has the ability to change their physical shape into any living thing they have seen before (she has never seen a Makuta), able to even change their mass by a factor of two. They also gain any innate powers of the form they take they have seen them in use, from a Toa’s elemental manipulation to a Skakdi’s vision power. However, Karista has not mastered the ability to merge forms and powers.
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    GM IC: Tarutu - Black Spike Mountains. Up close, the pipes revealed little more than they had from a distance. Simply put - they were pipes. Pipes that looked to have once been buried, but had clearly recently been uncovered by liberal application of explosives. GM IC: Kastir - The Arena. Upon stepping back, Kastir would see the symbol that had once been red had now returned to its neutral lack of colour. Attempting to use her mask met with... mixed results. She would find herself unable to see through the dais - or, indeed, any of the material that made up the rest of the arena - but she could discern new symbols and letters in the strange not-stone itself. It appeared that, at some point, there had been different designs etched into some of the surfaces, and a new layer had been added over them. The symbol of the three virtues seemed to be one of these new additions. Underneath, the images were in the same arrangement, but were icons rather than simple circles. The image beneath the central circle was clearly an image of Spherus Magna, perhaps before its initial destruction. One of the other circles bore a man-shaped graphic that Kastir may have recognised as the symbol of the Great Spirit Robot, while the remaining circle - which had been red before she had stepped off it - looked like a many-pointed star. GM IC: Waveahk - Aqua Magna. Indeed, the Diving Bell was not a hoax, for after many long hours of searching, Waveahk caught a glimpse of something, half-buried in the sand, glinting in the sunlight on the shores of the befouled ocean. It appeared to still be intact...
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    i finished Batman: Arkham Asylum recently, and enjoyed it immensely, and now instead of starting Arkham City i've gotten addicted to Subnautica. extremely good game in between my bouts of anxiety that deep water gives me
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    I mean, pretty much nobody except for SOME of the Bionicle community gives a stone rat's behind about HF beyond its usefulness to keeping constraction alive. It's probably been mostly forgotten about except by the kids that grew up with it; and many of them might have forgotten entirely by now. HF never achieved the status Bionicle did, and in the wake of G2's stumble and fall, it doesn't even have a lot of historical prominence to its name, now.
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    That was an interesting read, thanks for sharing all this hard work! :)
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    Happy new year to you, too! I hope 2020 will be a good year, I think we all would need one at this point tbh.
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    I had to go digging into our archives to remember that the Billion Brick Race, another spinoff from The LEGO Movie, was announced over four years ago. We never heard much more about the film, and with the recent news that Universal may be taking the helm on future building toy films, it looks like we may never see what the race would have been. In light of that, Jorge R. Gutierrez shared some concept art on Twitter of some character designs he had done for the film for Warner Bros. It's definitely a varied cast, and I would have loved to learn more about them! Perhaps as time goes on more details will be shared about the production and why it never came to pass. View the full article
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    Part III of III: The Date Jerbraz and Johmak dined at Chateau de Strouneé, the finest restaurant on Spherus Magna. As Jerbraz led his lady up the stairs, he asked, “Have you ever eaten here before?” “No, I have not,” she said. “Do you know the story behind it?” he asked. When she said no again, he said: “Oh, it’s amazing! There was a Rock Tribe warrior named Stronius. He did a lot of terrible stuff during the war before Makuta was defeated, fighting for Tuma and enslaving his enemies. But afterward, when he tried leading his own Skrall holdout, it was disastrous for him. His forces were overwhelmed by the Toa and Glatorian in just a few days. When his Skrall were imprisoned, though, they had only one complaint: the food Stronius cooked for them was so much better than their prison food. The government was curious, so they tasted some of it themselves, and it turns out he’s an even better chef than he is evil conqueror! So, they got him to agree to stop pillaging his enemies in exchange for a full pardon and his very own restaurant.” “That’s really cool,” Johmak said. “I love turnaround stories like that.” A Skrall waiter led them to their table. “Welcome to Chateau de Strouneé,” he said in his gruff voice. “Tonight’s special is Blood of Thy Enemy: a well done Sand Stalker patty with extra ketchup and red pepper with a side of strawberry Thronax stew.” “I’ll take one,” Jerbraz said. “Make that two,” Johmak agreed. As they waited, the two looked and smiled at each other a few more moments, both aware of who should talk first. Finally, it was Jerbraz. “When did you get the Glitch?” he asked “It was during the Destiny War,” she said. “I was fighting a battalion of Rahkshi off the coast of Karzahni when I noticed their commander, a Skantang, was… handsome. I didn’t know how I knew what the concept meant, I just knew he was it.” “I don’t suppose he caught the Glitch too,” Jerbraz joked. Johmak laughed. “Guess we’ll never know. I delivered the fatal blow before I could ask if he was single,” she said. “How about you?” Jerbraz shrugged. “I don’t think it happened in me until after we reached Spherus Magna. When we were fighting those Skakdi in the Dune Sea, I just glanced over at you and noticed something I never noticed before.” She smiled and sighed. “So, I’m your first one?” Jerbraz shrugged. “I guess you are.” “It seems like only a few of us ever got the Glitch before we reached Spherus Magna,” Johmak said. “Maybe it’s being around all these Agori and Glatorian who just naturally think that way. Romance and marriage and all that.” “I never had any concept of it, and as far as I know neither did anyone else I knew.” “I once knew a Toa who, now that I think about it, had it,” Johmak said. “He always seemed nervous around me.” “So I have competition aside from just Tobduk?” Jerbraz said. Johmak laughed and put a reassuring hand on him. “You have nothing to worry about,” she said. Then, music began playing in the restaurant. They turned to see a Skrall band playing their instruments. “Good evening folks, my name’s Branar and I’ll be providing your live entertainment tonight,” the lead Skrall said. His rocky, raspy voice limited the musical selections to songs more of the heavy and metal variety. Still, he made it work, and many couples were getting up and dancing. Jerbraz held out his hand, and the two of them danced together. Though they hadn’t danced together before, they fell right into a good groove, and it wasn’t until they finished that they noticed they were the only ones. Everyone else had been so captivated by their natural skill that they had just stopped and watched, and now that it was over they cheered. Stronius walked out, clapping as well, and handed them an envelope. Wiping a tear from his face, he said, “That was the best dance I’d ever seen! Dessert on the house for you two loveshrikes.” The two went outside to sit under the stars, tired from their meal and dancing. “This feels like a great dream,” Jerbraz said. Beside him Johmak put her head on his shoulder. It was getting late. Jerbraz walked Johmak back to her quarters. “I had a great time,” she said. “I’m glad,” Jerbraz said. “We can do it again sometime soon?” “Definitely,” she said. Jerbraz gave her a quick, PG-rated kiss on the cheek, and they parted. Before he went home, though, he stopped at Trinuma’s house. “Trinuma?” he said with a knock on the door. When it opened, he said, “Trinuma, I just had the best date ever! I--what are you wearing?” Trinuma had on a matching sleep cap and bathrobe set in black, covered in miniature Brotherhood of Makuta symbols. “What?” he asked, petting Kollorak who was purring at his foot. “I found it on Destral after Makuta died. I figured, you know, since he wouldn’t be using it now…” “I just wanted to return this,” Jerbraz said. As he removed the mask, it become visible once more. Trinuma smiled. “Keep it, brother. After all…” He pulled something from behind his back. “This is the real Mask of Charisma!” “Wait, you mean…” Jerbraz said. “That’s right, brother!” Trinuma beamed. “You were wearing a false mask the whole time. You already had everything you needed. I hope you learned a valuable lesson tonight.” “I did!” Jerbraz said. “Deception is morally acceptable in certain circumstances in pursuit of a greater good!” “Well…” Trinuma said. “I guess I can’t tell you that’s wrong. I hope you learned two lessons.” At home, before he went to sleep, he placed the false mask on his nightstand. “Goodnight, placebo mask,” he said, patting its forehead. “You’ll be quite a story for the grandkids someday.” The End
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    A prototype power plant defense drone gone rogue.
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    Part II of III: The Contest Jerbraz traversed the terrain of Spherus Magna with newfound purpose. Crossing another hill, he spotted the Museum in the background, where Tobduk and Johmak were taking turns blasting at the Visorak nearby. Relying on his invisibility, he moved closer to them and listened to their conversation. “We’ve been doing this all day,” Johmak said, disinterestedly firing a Cordak missile at a Vohtarak. “Come on, let’s just finish this pack, and next time we’ll do something you like, I promise,” Tobduk said, lifting a Boggarak and tossing it hard at another one. Yes! Jerbraz thought. She wasn’t having a good time with Tobduk! He couldn’t have been happier. “Hey!” the voice of Toa Tahu cried out. Leading a squad of Toa and Glatorian, he said, “You know the drill, Tobduk. Visorak are to be reported directly to us to be captured and released back into the Wastelands.” “These monsters would just be back next week,” Tobduk said, holding up his spear and charging it up for another blast. As the blast fired, Gresh ducked forward and held out his shield. The blast bounced off and struck Jerbraz in the chest, sending him flying into the wall of the Museum. “Jerbraz?” Tahu shouted. “What are you doing here?” Everyone’s eyes were on him now, invisible or not. “Well, you see…” he started, but Tahu cut him off before he could even think of something else to say. “Never mind. We have work to do,” Tahu said. “Team, let’s get these Visorak onto the transport.” The three Order of Mata Nui members walked away from the site, wondering what to do next. In the distance, they heard a well-known Agori showman, Tarduk, shouting about a competition and prizes. "Beat your opponent and win a romantic evening for two! Perfect way to show up your romantic rival!" The trio wandered over, making their way through the crowd to Tarduk standing on a stage with three small tables, each with a small box on top. "We would like to compete!" Jerbraz shouted. The crowd gasped, and Tarduk pointed his clawed finger in Jerbraz's general direction, and shouted, “Who said that?” “I did! My name’s Jerbraz, and I’m invisible!” he shouted. “I’m Tobduk, and I’m angry all the time,” Tobduk said. “A true Takanuva and Makuta battle!” Tarduk said. “Now, I’m guessing by your diametrically opposed styles of masculinity, there’s one woman between the two of you who hasn’t decided on one or the other?” “That would be me,” Johmak said. Looking from Tobduk to Jerbraz and back again, she said, “Look guys, let’s just get this over with. I like both of you as friends, and it’s annoying watching you glare passive-aggressively at each other while I’m sure you’re engaging in soulful inner monologues about me. So let’s just settle this, I go on a date with the winner, and we see what happens from there. Deal?” “Deal,” two men said together, and the crowd cheered. “This contest,” Tarduk said, “is divided into three portions!” He opened up the first box and read a small stone tablet inside: “The first contest is to retrieve the Stone of Retrieval, and ancient artifact hidden somewhere in the city. And just to make things interesting, to even the playing field, Tobduk must wear weights to inhibit his strength, and Jerbraz must wear a visibility charm so he cannot use his invisibility as an advantage.” Tobduk added heavy weights to his wrists, and Jerbraz took the charm and wrapped it around his waist. He was still invisible, but the charm did not turn invisible as all other items on his person did. Tarduk counted down from three, and the two rivals went off in opposite directions. Johmak used her power to disperse into a cloud of black shards and flew through the air, checking in on the two men intermittently. They searched many locations, but each, seemingly at the same time, thought the same location: Tarduk said it was an ancient artifact, so it must be at the museum! The two races through the museum, down the hallway to the ancient artifacts exhibition. Jerbraz was in front. Spotting him by his charm, Tobduk swung his arm back and hurled one of his weights at Jerbraz, knocking him to the floor. Now with less weight, Tobduk easily overtook him and seized the item. “I win!” Tobduk declared. “Not exactly,” Tarduk said, walking in through a hidden door on the wall. “You cheated by getting rid of one of your weights, plus you used it as a weapon against your opponent.” “So, I win?” Jerbraz asked. “Nope! You still got knocked in the head. A real winner would have had the foresight to dodge it,” Tarduk explained. “What?” Jerbraz said. “That doesn’t make any sense!” “You know, I gotta agree with Jerbraz on that one,” Tobduk added. “No winner!” Tarduk insisted. “Back outside for contest two!” Tobduk followed Tarduk out, but Jerbraz noticed on the floor a small black shard. He picked it up, and when the other two were gone, the shard flew into a cloud of others like it, which reformed into Johmak. “Hey. Nice try with that search,” Johmak said. “Thanks,” Jerbraz said. There was a quality about the space between them and the silence of the moment he could not explain. Somehow, having beautiful Johmak in front of him, standing there sweetly as if waiting for him to say something, the whole contest just seemed… stupid. He finally remembered why he wanted the Mask of Charisma in the first place. “Hey, Johmak?” he asked. “Yes?” “I know we agreed on Tarduk’s three tests, but… now that you’re here like this, I’ll just ask, do you want to go out with me?” Johmak smiled deeply and looked up at him. “I thought you’d never ask.” Once again, Tarduk emerged from a hidden door, clapping slowly. “Congratulations, Jerbraz! You passed the second test!” Tarduk read from the stone tablet: “’Realize these tests are stupid and just ask the girl out.’” “That’s it?” Jerbraz asked. “Was there even anything in the third box?” “Let’s find out!” Tarduk said. He produced the third box from behind his back and peeked in. “Oh, so there’s where I left that Manutri sandwich!” he beamed. “I’ve been looking for it for almost a month now.” Johmak and Jerbraz almost gagged as Tarduk began feasting on his meal. It seemed that all of them got something they wanted that day. “So…” Johmak said, returning her attention to Jerbraz. “So, what sounds good? Dinner, a performance, both?” “It sounds lovely.” Johmak offered her arm, and Jerbraz led her out. Jerbraz and the Mask of Charisma concludes on Monday, December 30, in Part III of III: The Date!
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    My first exposure to Bionicle was in '07, with the McDonalds Toa Mahri toys. I was under the impression that Nuparu was the bad guy (All black, I guess.) I was around five at the time. I read the chapter books once I was able to. I had a rather small selection at our little summer reading library, so I definitely didn't read them in order. Because of this, I believed that the Mask of Life had sacrificed itself at the Battle of Metru Nui, awakening Mata Nui and killing the Bohrok Kal.
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    There were a number over the years, but my biggest/dumbest misconception was definitely that, back in 2001, I thought Mata Nui had actually been turned into the island. I thought that was why the name was the same. In retrospect, though, I guess I was closer to the truth than I realized...
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    You punched a baby? Yes, officer, this post right here.
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    Your girlfriend complains about not having any shelves to put her stuff on, because every flat surface has a Bionicle figure on it.
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    When you can read or write Matoran at a half-decent pace When you take your Bionicle books to University with you instead of more videogames
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    When you actually come onto this website.
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    if your a bionicle fan if you want to make a fan series but you mom sold all off your stuff
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    Lose two feet. I'm a designer and musican, need my hands! Take a slice down the middle with Tahu's searing magma sword, or frozen solid by Kopaka's ice blade.
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