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    So I got out of bed this morning (and by "this morning" I mean "midday" because I was up late okay) opened my window for a bit of fresh air, and was greeted by a cat mewing at me from the path. I said hello, and next thing I knew it had jumped up and got in my window. I petted it a bit and then it jumped onto the floor and proceeded to scout my entire room out, because I guess that's what cats must do. It didn't seem in any hurry to leave so I let it up to the kitchen. Long story short, I think I made friends with a kitty? It eventually wandered out another window, but not before it spent like 15 or 20 minutes excitedly checking everything in kitchen out, and also coming over to me and rubbing itself off my legs. I hope it comes back again.
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    So I got the Evo Walker. Mostly for the mini Kaiju, but there are some other pieces. But then I thought, what if I could make this build more of a challenge? Is that even possible? The answer is YES. BUILD IT IN A BAG!! You can totes do this. A big pain is that there's a little bag inside the big one with small parts, so you have to open that one inside the big bag. And for me, anyway, it kept getting stuck on the model. But yeah, if you want a challenge, build your Evo Walker in a set. Better yet, also build your Mixels in their bags (the clear ones, not the main polybags they came in.) The red guy was a little tough because when you added the flames he took up almost too much space in the bag.
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    because you can't do image-only comments
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    Strap on a unicorn horn and release it.
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    I am super good at predicting future events. Like how the Earth will continue to revolve around the sun. Also how my alarm goes off at 7:30. There's also how giant red pandas will become the dominant race. That one is the most accurate prediction of all.
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    Clearly his comprehension and in-depth knowledge contain the makings of a true master builder.
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    It's so pretty! Its eyes are even different colors! I'm glad you made a new friend!
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    Since those first two predictions are certainly accurate, I conclude that the third one has to be, too. I am not sure whether to be delighted or scared by that. The answer is simple; ask yourself, "Do I really mind slave labor for adorable animals?" If the answer is "Yes, I really do," there's gotta be something wrong with you. -
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    Remember that book series I used to talk about? My magnum opus? The one I'm actually going to publish one day and make two dollars offa? I'm most of the way through chapter one. So far I've written over eight pages totaling 3700+ words. For reference's sake, that's roughly 1000 words more than all three Call of Evil short stories combined. So, yeah. TN
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    Since those first two predictions are certainly accurate, I conclude that the third one has to be, too. I am not sure whether to be delighted or scared by that. ... I hope so. ^^"
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    Might be someone's pet, considering how friendly it is. Or it grew up in a constantly busy area where it got used to humans In any event, KITTY! 8D
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    I know, right? C.A. Hapka made good books and they're a wonderful part of my nostalg-wait Sorry, wrong unpopular opinion. ... in all honesty, I have no idea what that is. Eh, to each their own. Everyone would be boring if we all liked the same things and ate the same foods and read the same books and wore the same glasses OR HAD THE SAME FACES! AAAAAAAA IT'S HAPPENING!
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    S4-6 will leave you asking lots of questions. S1-2 were not nearly as confusing, but regardless, they left some things hanging. Has the French woman joined forces with the camp yet? Has she taken them to a radio tower yet? If not, then I'm pretty sure you won't find out about the plans until Season 4 or something. I've forgotten so much of LOST, so I may be wrong, but I think that later you'll find out more about the plans? -Rez
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    Truly his tastes in the finer arts are exquisite and refined.
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    Yep, PayPal only. Thanks to everyone who's donated. It looks like it's taking a while for the progress bar to update, but we've already exceeded the goal!
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    If you’re someone who remembers BZPower back before the archive deletion and downtimes (I confess, I’m getting murky) and roughly prior to '08-'09, you might know me as a different person. I mostly lurked 'round this little forum called Artwork II, which was the place where all the shops and "sprite kits" were safely hidden from the world. Back then, most of my contribution to BZP came in the form of pixel art. Yeah, it was a different time. Well, I haven’t done any pixel art for quite a while—nothing worth posting, at least. Even so, I get the hankering every now and then. And in fact, for a long time I’ve been wanting to start something long-term: a project to fiddle with in my spare time. Pixel art is quite cathartic, I find, and it’s actually a great stress-reliever. Go figure. Unfortunately I haven’t really had that much spare time lately. That is, until last week. It was spring break...for students, at least. =P Even so, in between the grading, I did find a few moments to get creative: The project is a roughly to-scale isometric map of the island of Mata Nui; 1 pixel = ~.25 kio (these images are at about x3 magnification). I find landscapes to be very enjoyable to do, and isometric pixeling suits that pretty well. The images above should be kinda familiar: the Mangai Volcano and the southern tip of the island coast. This is only a few hours’ work, so it’s absurdly rough, but you should get the general idea. So yeah, the plan is to keep messing around with it, and maybe post some updates as things progress. I confess, even now I’m still pretty much an amateur at this, but I hope I can do it justice. =P JRRT
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    Does the southern tip really have those sheer cliffs? Personally, I'm still waiting for somebody to generate some really great 3D models of the island of Mata Nui from the greyscale bump map that Christian Faber lovingly provided. But sadly everyone who's tried to make it in either LEGO, or Minecraft, or any other 3D rendering software seems content to "wing it". I'd love to see a depiction of Mata Nui that you can view from all angles, because that would offer a fantastic opportunity to get a really legitimate sense of the island's scale and elevation.
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    The reversed happened to me, actually, when I read the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon series, for those who might not recognize the name) a couple of years back. Heard they were the most awful books ever written, but when I actually read them myself, found that they were basically 'eh.' Not great, to be sure, but not worth all the sheer hatred I saw people lobbing at them, at least in my opinion. I've read worse. -TNTOS-
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    Monday, January 9, 2012 Hello friends. It certainly has been a long time. I see now that I managed to go through all of 2011 without making a single post - anywhere on this website! The downtime throughout the entire summer probably did not help any. Now it looks like the Official Greg Topic, has just... stopped. And from reading the home page these days you would hardly know that this is a BIONICLE website. Anyway, even though this is a very busy period of time, I think it is important to take some time to wrap up an old tradition. So just in case you feel like you never got a proper conclusion to the Farshtey Feed, and even though this should be considered way out of date, I give you its last entry ever, corresponding to p328-334; 1-5. Enjoy. =) LIFE ON SPHERUS MAGNA • It has been a month or so in the story since the defeat of Teridax. [source] [source] • There are many species from the Matoran Universe in the new Matoran/Agori settlement on Spherus Magna, but there are far more Matoran than anyone else from the Matoran Universe. [source] • In the aftermath of the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta on Bara Magna, there are probably a little over 40 Toa left. [source] • Kualus and Nuju are not able to speak to the birds native to Spherus Magna in the way they can communicate with bird Rahi from the Matoran universe, because the languages are completely different. The biomechanical birds from the MU speak a variant of programming language, like the other languages in the Matoran universe. [source] [source] • The Order of Mata Nui will stay together. [source] [source] • Lightstones no longer work now that the Matoran Universe is destroyed. The Matoran did not bring any of them to Spherus Magna. [source] • The Makuta stone from the Amaja Circle tales was brought from Metru Nui to Spherus Magna. The Makoki Stone and other items of value would also have been taken when the Matoran migrated from Mata Nui to Metru Nui, etc. [source] • The Matoran did not bring heatstones to Spherus Magna. [source] • The Matoran military groups from Mata Nui/Metru Nui have not been disbanded since Makuta's fall. [source] • The Matoran will probably continue their sports and games on Spherus Magna when they have the time. [source] • Old enemies such as the Dark Hunters and Barraki will doubtfully be welcomed in to the new society. [source] • Now that the Matoran Universe and prototype robots have broken down, they will be used to build shelters on Spherus Magna. [source] • Some beings are holding out from evacuating the Matoran universe, primarily those who can survive without heat or light. [source] • The Order of Mata Nui will certainly try to establish a new version of the Pit, in collaboration with the Agori. Greg supposes that guarding the new Pit would be a shared responsibility between Glatorian and the Maxilos robots. Hydraxon's role is unclear, but he may be used as more of a bounty hunter. [source] CHARACTER STATUSES • Takanuva still has yet to fulfill his true destiny. Greg knows what this destiny is, and whether or not it will ever be revealed depends on whether it becomes important to story. [source] [source] • Takanuva and the Toa Mahri should be considered veteran Toa by now. [source] • Tahu is adjusting rapidly to his newfound Rahkshi powers. [source] • After the fall of Roxtus, Branar met up with one of the fragments of the Rock Tribe. [source] • The following characters/creatures have made it out of the Matoran universe and are on Spherus Magna: Voporak, the Rahi Nui, the Kardas Dragon, Tahtorak, the Kanohi Dragon, and Umbra. It is unknown whether Varian has made it. Tren Krom was freed from his island and allowed to escape, but it is unknown who. [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] [source] STORY SERIALS • Greg, on the outcome of "The Powers That Be": "Best answer is to look at the title -- it's about power. BUT -- I will give you a clue -- in the end this story is not going to be about death and murder ... the story is about to take a BIG turn." [source] • Greg strongly hints that the Red Star is "causing trouble." [source] • According to Greg, the reason why Toa and Glatorian characters have been the ones seen settling problems between the Matoran and Agori instead of the Turaga and village elders is because the village leaders are busy trying to set up a social structure for their new society, and are leaving the handling of internal disputes to the respected heroes. [source] • Metus transformed back into an Agori because what Mata Nui did to him wore off. [source] • The gold-skinned fusion creature knew so much about Annona because it is telepathic. [source] • Annona was referring to Zaktan when he mentioned the "one thought dead." [source] • The elemental power inhibitor which Kabrua is using only works on Toa. [source] • Mavrah really is who he appears to be in "The Powers That Be." [source] SISTERS OF THE SKRALL • All of the Sisters of the Skrall who went looking for Angonce fell under Annona's power, as seen in "Sahmad's Tale." [source] • Unlike the male Skrall, all female Skrall have personal names. [source] [source] • The female Skrall of Bota Magna are much like the ones on Bara Magna. They too have psionic powers and do not get along with the male Skrall in their region, having formed an enclave of their own. The Skrall of Bota Magna in general are just as militaristic as the ones on Bara Magna. [source] [source] • If female Skrall have a male child, they give it back to the males. [source] ANNONA • The name of the red, tentacled creature from "Sahmad's Tale" is spelled "Annona." [source] • Annona has always lived on Spherus Magna. [source] • Greg sees Annona as female. [source] • Annona looks like a ball of energy with tentacles. [source] • Annona remained in hiding for so long out of fear of the Great Beings. [source] KESTORA • The Kestora, the beings found living in the Red Star in "The Powers That Be," are of the same species as the black and purple creatures seen in "The Journey of Takanuva," when Takanuva was visiting a pocket dimension. [source] [source] • Kestora are biomechanical and are creations of the Great Beings. [source] • The Kestora are the same beings Gali Nuva saw living in the Red Star through the telescope. [source] • Kestora appear to wear masks and hold bladed weapons, and are a little smaller than Matoran or Agori. [source] [source] • Kestora do not live anywhere else in the main universe besides the Red Star. [source] • The reason why Kestora were found living in a pocket dimension is an unclear topic. Greg once stated that there is no reason to believe that the Great Beings are responsible for their presence there. According to him, the Great Beings did create all of the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran Universe, but they did not put the Kestora in the pocket dimension Takanuva visited. In his words, "How exactly the GBs created these entities [is] not yet known. So what they may have done is gotten the ball rolling, but the actual creation took place over time in the two different places, which would then explain some of the behavioral differences between the two groups. The ones in the City of Silver seem to be warriors; the ones on the red star are not." When asked later why the Great Beings put Kestora in such a place, Greg replied with a conflicting answer, saying, "Because the Kestora were good for what they wanted done there." [source] [source] [source] GAARDUS • Gaardus, in addition to teleportation, has the power of flight, enhanced senses, and considerable strength. He also wears a functional Great Kanohi Hau, which is the mask he wore as a Matoran. [source] [source] [source] • Judging from the combiner model of Gaardus, he was originally a Ta-Matoran. [source] • The Nynrah Ghosts who experimented on Gaardus were rogues who had been exiled from Nynrah and forced to work elsewhere. [source] • Gaardus was mutated before the Barraki rebellion and before Phantom was mutated as well. [source] [source] • The Order of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta, and likely Artakha as well all knew about Gaardus. [source] • Gaardus likely had no knowledge of the Red Star before he went there himself the first time. [source] OTHER CHARACTERS • Toa Chiara wears the Mask of Stealth, which she also wore as a Matoran. [source] [source] • The gold-skinned fusion creature does not wear any armor. [source] • Marendar keys in on Toa power to find Toa. [source] • The Element Lords are physically one with their elements. They do not wear extra armor. [source] [source] CHARACTER AGES • Perditus is older than Gelu. [source] • Tarduk is older than Berix. [source] • Tuma is probably older than Stronius. [source] • Greg has estimated how old these characters would be considered to be in human years: Gresh: mid-20's [source] Ackar: late 40's [source] Raanu: early 60's [source] Tarix: early 40's [source] Kiina: mid-30's [source] Tuma: mid-40's [source] STORY DETAILS • Orde, Zaria, and Chiara all fought in the battle against the Rahkshi during the final battle between Mata Nui and Teridax. [source] • In the serialized form of Journey's End, Makuta comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Rahkshi, whereas in the Bionicle comic book that covered that same scene, he comments on Pohatu and Gali devastating half a legion of Skakdi. Greg says that Skakdi were meant in both cases. [source] • Kyry is depicted differently in "All Our Sins Remembered" from his winning MOC contest entry because the artists were never aware of the contest or its results. [source] • The Order of Mata Nui destroyed most of the energized protodermis sources in the Matoran Universe with a counteragent. What's left is still inside the Matoran Universe. [source] • The Mistika Makuta's armor was the same color before they were mutated. [source] • Greg, explaining the different types of physical dimensions that exist in the story: "The main universe is the one in which the 2001-2009 story has taken place. It is the equivalent of Earth-616 in Marvel. We consider it to be the core reality for purposes of story. An alternate reality is another version of the core reality in which events unfolded differently. It is not linked to the core reality, it exists on its own. New alternate realities are formed whenever a decision is made in the core reality. A pocket dimension is a totally separate reality linked to the core reality. New ones are not constantly formed, and it need not have any relation at all to the core reality." [source] • Greg imagines that there were still problem Rahi with infected Kanohi on Mata Nui as late as the start of the 2003 story. [source] • Greg, on how Tahnok-Kal was able to retain its memories after its Krana was stolen in Comic 11: "Well, it would be fairly impractical if everytime a Bohrok changed its krana, it lost all its memories, etc. My guess would be there has to be some mental link between krana to insure things like that don't happen." [source] THE GREAT BEINGS • The Iron Wolves and biomechanical dinosaurs created by the Great Beings were modifications of existing creatures. [source] • Greg, on why Angonce chose to stay on Spherus Magna: "I personally feel it is because he felt more of an attachment to the Agori than some of the others did. Keep in mind, though, that there is no evidence the other GBs actually left the planet, just that they disappeared. No one knows where they went." [source] • Greg, on how the Great Beings built the prototype robot: "[T]hey did not build it with their own hands. There aren't that many GBs, it would have taken them ages to build something that big by hand. They mostly used construction robots and a few Agori." [source] • The prototype robot was not built with a machine analogous to the Red Star, since it was not designed to leave the planet. [source] • The Great Beings already knew how to repair Spherus Magna when they created Mata Nui, but for geological reasons the repair of the planet could not be safely done until 100,000 years had passed. Therefore they did not implement an immediate solution and programmed the task into Mata Nui to be completed after his journey through space. [source] [source] • Marendar and the elemental power inhibitor were developed more or less at the same time, but by different Great Beings. [source] • The Great Beings did not stay in contact with the Kestora inside the Red Star; otherwise, they would have known that Mata Nui crashed. [source] • The Matoran universe inhabitant who is a Great Being in disguise is not being controlled remotely. The Great Being put his consciousness into one of the Matoran universe beings at the time of its creation, so he was never who he appeared to be. This Great Being is confirmed to be male. [source] [source] • Greg, on whether the disguised Great Being's intentions are evil: "Who defines evil? All we know is that whatever he is planning to do, Orde objects to it and wants it stopped. But to the GB, it might not be 'evil' at all." [source] • Even though the disguised Great Being would have left his old body on Spherus Magna for the others to find after he transferred his consciousness, the other Great Beings could have done nothing to stop him if they did not know where he had gone, and they had no access to the Matoran universe once it was launched anyway. [source] • The disguised Great Being is not using his real name. [source] • A Great Being would not be able to transfer his consciousness to a non-biomechanical being like a Glatorian or Agori. [source] • The Great Being who was cursed by the Mask of Life affects everything within a certain range of himself, and the effects only last while those things are in range. It would be possible for the Mask of Life to lift the curse or revert affected objects. [source] MATORAN UNIVERSE HISTORY • It was not possible to travel between the Red Star and the Matoran Universe when they were docked together. [source] • The various forms of protodermis in the Matoran Universe were created artificially. [source] • Greg, on Tren Krom's original function: "He ran the universe - basically, he acted as the operating system for the machine until Mata Nui's AI came online. [... T]he MU was not turned on yet at that point, so he did not need to be wired into it to run it. Which is why once it was turned on, he wasn't able to do it anymore. All he had to be able to do was basically oversee the living things in the MU, and being telepathic, that was easy for him to do." [source] • Greg, on what Shadow Stealer did to protect the Matoran universe in the days before the first Toa: "There are always menaces -- remember, there was a giant robot being built in an area where there was wildlife and the robot was not sealed yet, so someone had to be defending the construction site from the inside." [source] • In the case that a planet did not have any large bodies of water, Mata Nui would have had to observe it from space. [source] • The Great Beings created the pocket dimensions tied to the Matoran universe, although we have not yet seen one which really served an important purpose. [source] • The lake of energized protodermis where Keetongu and Helryx encountered the Energized Protodermis Entity has existed in the Matoran Universe since 100,000 years ago. [source] • Lesovikk's mad Turaga, the one who sent all of his Matoran to Karzahni while Lesovikk's team was fighting Zyglak, went crazy all on his own; no external power caused him to go insane. [source] • During the Time Slip, the Order of Mata Nui did not hide more than one Av-Matoran in any one location, in order that they be spread out. [source] • The Great Beings did not create any male Ce-Matoran before deciding they should all be female. [source] • The Energy Hound species of Rahi was created by the Hand of Artakha. [source] • The Toa Mata were in training around the time when Mata Nui was being activated for the first time, and they were not even the first Toa team in existence. Even so, the Matoran Universe was constructed in a matter of months at the most. [source] • Protodites are biomechanical. [source] • Greg says that it is likely that all the Makuta had a Toa Hagah team at some point. Toa Hagah generally followed their Makuta wherever they went. It is likely that the Makuta employed Toa of Magnetism and Iron, given that they wanted Toa with those elements to be where they could keep an eye on them. [source] • Greg's opinion is that the fact that Life, Time, and Creation have legendary masks implies that these powers are considered beyond standard elements. [source] • According to Greg's belief, all the Nynrah Ghosts are Fe-Matoran. Therefore, Phantom was originally a Fe-Matoran, since he was a Nynrah Ghost. [source] [source] • When Av-Matoran become Bohrok, their consciousness does fade away, and they effectively die. From their point of view, it is a natural part of the cycle of life, and not something they fear. [source] • The primary color for the Iron element is metallic gray, like Zaria. Iron may also have other colors such as gold, bronze, and gray. [source] • Greg, on whether Matoran-language names are actually pronounced like they are spelled: "MU inhabitants speak programming language, so it may not sound anything at all like what our language sounds like. If I recall, one of the early online animations had them speaking in this very high-pitched way that sounded pretty much like programming noise." [source] • The inhabitants of the Matoran universe have mechanical eyes. [source] • Matoran of Plasma probably prefer hot climates like Matoran of Fire. [source] • Fe-Matoran would settle in environments near where metal can be mined. [source] • Matoran of plant life like to live in forests or jungles. [source] SPHERUS MAGNA HISTORY • According to Greg, the Energized Protodermis Entity is not as old as the Great Beings, since it did not achieve sentience that early. [source] • Vorox have always been aggressive, even before devolving into beasts. [source] • Like the Vorox on Bota Magna, the Zesk there did not regress into savagery either. [source] • The terms "Vorox" and "Zesk" are demonyms for members of the Sand Tribe rather than the names of species. • The Vorox and Zesk's tails are probably biomechanical. [source] • The Element Lord of Rock was not a supreme leader of the Skrall tribe before becoming an Element Lord. Basically, the Skrall were broken up into legions, and each legion had a leader. To Greg's knowledge, there was no overall supreme leader. [source] • Greg, on the whereabouts of Gresh's parents: "No idea. Probably still out there somewhere. Eventually, you do leave your parents and go out and make your own life, and that is what Gresh did." It is "not impossible" that they fought in the Core War. [source] [source] • A very popular delicacy among Glatorian is a particular species of hawk, for the reason that it is so hard to catch. It lives on mountain peaks. [source] [source] [source] • Aqua Magna may have had sand bars for seabirds to rest on in the time before Spherus Magna was reformed. [source] POWERS AND ABILITIES • Kanohi Nuva powers can be shared with the inhabitants of Spherus Magna. [source] [source] • The Kanohi Rau only works with languages of the Matoran universe. The Rau would be able to decipher codes as well, since codes are basically languages. [source] • Toa and Glatorian can channel their elemental powers through any of each other's tools; they are not limited to work with only one element. [source] • In terms of elemental power, the following rank from strongest to weakest: Makuta, Toa Nuva, Toa Hordika/Toa Inika/Takanuva, Glatorian. Toa Hordika have the same level of elemental power as normal Toa but less mental capacity to use it. [source] • Toa Tuyet is much more powerful than a Toa Nuva, but Greg argues that she is not as powerful as an Element Lord, since an Element Lord essentially is one with the element it controls, whereas Tuyet merely wields it. She has more raw elemental energy than a Makuta, but a Makuta has more willpower and mental discipline to be able to use its power more efficiently. [source] [source] • Tahu, with his new Kraata powers, is more powerful than Toa Tuyet with her Nui Stone. [source] • A normal Toa would not be able to use a Toa Kaita mask. [source] • When used above water, Lesovikk's sea sled does not fly, but hovers above the ground. [source] • Krahka would be able to change herself to look mostly like a Glatorian or an Agori but would not be able to make herself mostly organic like on of them. She would be a biomechanical version of one and not terribly convincing to anyone who really knew what one was like. [source] • The Shadowed One is not able to use Kanohi. [source] • A Mask of Rahi Control would not work on Spherus Magna wildlife. [source] • Takutanuva, like Makuta, had the ability to shapeshift. [source] • A user of the Mask of Intangibility avoids falling through the ground by willpower. [source] • It is known that Av-Matoran can access special powers when in contact with a Toa or Makuta. These same powers would be available to them upon becoming a Toa. Takanuva never found out what his Av-Matoran power was as Takua, so he cannot access it. [source] • The Kanohi Hau cannot block unseen attacks, so it would not be effective for blocking attacks from an invisible opponent. [source] • Makuta can only use one Rahkshi power at a time. The particular strength of these powers in comparison to a Kraata depends on the willpower of the individual Makuta. [source] • The quick healing Rahkshi power only affects organic components, not armor. [source] • Rahkshi powers like fire resistance need to be consciously activated. [source]
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