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    I'm convinced that someone had been sealing people away in a soul gem. And someone finally broke it. Hi, Zeal.
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    Nearing the 50% mark in the lifespan for this game, so I'm once again asking for your support. Please fill out a Google Form about your experience so far and let me know what you'd like to see MORE of in this game before it wraps up. Love you all, U.N.
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    Sorry for the delay in posting with Zecrillia; I've had other things on my mind today, and need to actually stop and think about what she should be taking from the puzzle! It's too late, here, for me to post today now; but I'll make sure to work on that tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know that I wasn't neglecting this! ^^
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    I wasn't expecting this suicide mission to be so developmental to Thom's character, honestly.
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    OOC: I decided to write this post third-person since 1) I feel like it's easier for me to write long posts if they're in third person, and 2) it gives me a chance to actually use 3rd person since I haven’t done so in a while. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru The odd company of Matoran, Toa, and Kralhi made their way down the tunnels of Archives Level 12 toward where the elevator would be situated. The walk was uneventful, save for the occasional cry of an irate Rahi calling from its enclosure. When they reached it, Atamai turned to the group. “Okay, since Kilo is a little large, us four will go up first, and send the elevator down for it. Once we get off the elevator we’ll make a left, and the door to the garage will be on the left as well. I’ll hold the door open so that Kilo can get in- I think he’ll be able to fit.” The elevator doors slipped open and the group (minus Kilo) stepped inside. The ride up was quiet, but if Vashni had decided to peer into the mental plane at that moment, she would have heard many thoughts and feelings, mostly of excitement, and pondering. The ding of the elevator snapped everyone out of whatever thoughts they may have had. The doors opened and the four stepped out onto level 1 of the Archives. Since this part of the Archives was in the back, the area was, luckily, empty. Atamai turned and tapped the elevator to send it back down for Kilo before leading the others down the hallway to the left. They very quickly the group came to a large door with a keypad. Atamai typed in his security code and the door slowly opened. Vashni, Jutori, and Tallea stepped inside the garage while Atamai stood in the door frame to make sure it didn’t close while he waited for Kilo. The garage was very spacious, well lit, and filled with cargo transports similar to those commonly used by the Vahki. Most of these, however, were much bigger, since they were designed for transporting large Rahi. Atamai heard the elevator ding again, followed shortly by the mechanical clanking of Kilo’s legs. The Matoran stepped aside for the robotic enforcer, who after a moment’s pause configured its legs in a particular way so that it could fit through the door frame. There was not an inch to spare. Once the Kralhi had entered the garage, Atamai let the door close behind him. He walked over to where the group was waiting and pointed out one transport in particular. “We’ll take that one,” he said. “The cargo area is really wide, so Kilo will be able to fit inside comfortably. Vashni, if you’d like to get your bike, I’ll swing us by where you left it so you can ride alongside us.” The Fe-Matoran walked over to the back doors of the transport and pushed a button on one of them. The doors swung open revealing the spacious cargo area inside. Atamai turned to Kilo and gestured to the transport. “Hop in,” he said. The Kralhi clankered over wordlessly to the transport and stepped inside. Atamai closed the doors after it. He then walked over to the right side door and opened it. “Alright, all aboard!” he jokingly said as he climbed into the transport. “Whoever steps in last please close the door.” Atamai took his position up in the cockpit while the others stayed down in the passenger area below him. He reached over and pushed a button on the dash. The transport roared to life, and with a push on one of the levers, it began to move forward on its mechanical legs. As it approached the entrance to the garage, the giant doors slide open. Harsh sunlight shone on the group’s faces, causing them to squint. Atamai briefly waited for passing traffic, then directed the transport toward the Archives’ main entrance where Vashni’s bike was parked. Not even a minute later, the iStones the group had all flared to life with an incoming transmission. Tallea was the first to open hers up. Atamai couldn’t see what was on the screen, but he could hear the familiar voice of Turaga Dume. ““Metru-Nui: I come to you today to speak of the tragedies of yesterday… ***** “…We will triumph and rise above even the darkest hours.” Tallea and Jutori immediately began discussing the ramifications of the Turaga’s message. Atamai, on the other hand was too busy driving the transport to have a conversation. His only thought regarding the message was, The Dark Hunters? Really? We’re trusting a mercenary group to help keep the city safe? After reaching Vashni’s bike, he put the transport in park, and let the Toa of Psionics off. Once Vashni was settled on her bike, Atamai turned the transport around and headed northeast toward Po-Metru, with Vashni riding alongside. ***** One long and very bumpy ride later… Atamai brought the transport to a halt next to a chute station. He surveyed the landscape of Po-Metru. In the light of the setting suns, the landscape, usually colored brown, had more of an orange glow to it. “Alright,” he called down to Tallea and Jutori. “Let’s take a quick break to stretch our legs and figure out where to go next.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Snelly @Tarn @Silvan Haven Whew, for me that’s a long post. I hope everyone doesn’t mind me bunnying them a bit, we kinda needed to get a move on to go find the next disk. @Darth Jaller, if you’d like to have Jabali join us, you can have her approach the group or something since we’re right in front of the chute station where she is.
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    hulk snapped his fingers and everyone came back
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    IC: Rose - Beach Assault The screams of the League degenerates burning was music to Rose's ears. A panicking, League-allied Toa--who was no longer worthy of such a title to begin with--dropped to the ground and rolled, clearly remembering some drill or another he learned from a higher officer before coming here. Unfortunately, this was futile, as Rose noticed and engulfed the Toa in flame until he stopped moving. It wasn't as if there was no resistance though. Once the shock and awe of a massive Ta-Toa woman with a flamethrower appearing right before them wore off, the League troops began fighting back. Rose was then forced to raise her riot shield in defense against their weapons. Where her shield could not cover, her suit took most of the damage, and she quickly realized she was completely outgunned. The Ta-Toa cursed. She was now moving backwards, back to the edge of the bluff, as the Leaguers blasted away at her. She would not stand down. These were the frontlines; she was the frontlines.
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    IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Recovery) The Skakdi climbed to his feet, groaning as he used his magnification vision to try and get a look on anything ahead of them. "Ya...you're gonna 'ave to 'ave my back, ya-you know." He said, trying to pull out his revolver with his uninjured hand but finding it rather numb.
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    IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Yoink) The Skakdi breathed in and out as the gauze wrapped around his wound, spines relaxing as he stared at the Matoran, wordless. Suddenly, he snatched up the vial, popping the cork and emptying the contents into his toothy jaws. Gasping and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he threw the vial away. His chest went up and down as the Ko-Skakdi began to notice the edge he was feeling softening. "I...guess I owe ya one." Thom murmured, almost under his breath. OOC: @Biological Chronicler
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    IC - Pardehi Pardehi's face was completely expressionless. This was just the kind of thing he had trained for at the military academy, though he had never practiced with skakdi anatomy. Of course, it couldn't have been all that different from a matoran, and a laceration was a laceration on any species. He carefully cleaned Thom's wound, wrapping it in gauze in a makeshift cast. He wasn't sure the skakdi would be able to use that arm or not until it fully healed. Their safety would be entirely in his hands, a thought which troubled him greatly. Reaching into the depths of his medical bag, he produced a sealed vial of transparent blue fluid. "Drink this." said Pardehi. "It will help with the pain." It would also leave him numb and poorly coordinated until it wore off. It was a fair trade off, Pardehi thought, given that the skakdi probably wouldn't be able to use his gun anyway. OOC: @Dane
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    @Silvan Haven On the issue of lifespans, I was thinking of having the matoran, and by extension most other species, being much more like human beings in this respect. Matoran would live about 75 earth years, and individuals would have to be regularly replaced by younger generations. I wanted to reintroduce the concept of matoran clans or subtribes from MNOG (remember how Jaller was from 'the clan of Lhii'?) and I think this would work better for beings with limited lifespans. The Red Star would not exist at all except as an astronomical feature, though most cultures would have some concept of an afterlife. Some other species, like vortixx and upper Steltians, would live maybe ten to twenty years longer, due to advanced medical technology or innate physical advantages. Others, like the skakdi, would only live about forty years, though some remarkable individuals might last longer. Most kinds of lower Steltians would live to about fifty or sixty. The only exceptions would be toa and turaga, who are biologically immortal but can still die from violence, disease and so on. It is also important to note that very few matoran are ever so much as considered to become toa, and most toa die in combat before they have the chance to become turaga. The limited mask powers mostly apply to matoran and non-matoran species canonically capable of interfacing with masks, like vortixx. Toa and Turaga PC's, if they were included at all, would start off with access to at least one great or noble mask, respectively. For matoran, very basic powered masks would be accessible at character creation, though the players would have to explain how they got them and where they learned to use them. Otherwise, their masks are assumed to be completely powerless and only serve as protection and as sources of energy, like in cannon. Spending too much time without their mask, even if it is otherwise powerless, would be just as bad for them as it is for canon matoran. Same applies with other species. Most of them don't need kanohi in the same way matoran do, though they can also include very basic versions of these masks as equipment. All species would be able to receive more powerful kanohi later on as rewards for quests or through special circumstances, though they would need to train to use them. I see your point about canon breaking, though I am breaking canon a lot anyway already. The way I had envisioned it, the game would be very matoran-centric, with matoran being by far the most widespread throughout the setting and acting as the baseline for all other player races. These races would have different advantages and disadvantages compared to matoran. For example, skakdi would be much physically stronger and have access to special powers, but be generally unintelligent and weak willed. Vortixx would be the opposite. They don't have a lot of brute strength, but they are very graceful and agile, and are more likely to posses exotic weapons. I would try to represent these differences as best as possible in actual gameplay. I would probably completely exclude turaga from the game as playable characters, or have turage be a career choice rather than as species. Toa players would be restricted to novices, freshly transformed. This would give them a sense of vulnerability, and allows room for experimentation and creative thinking on their player's part. Again, their choice of career would be severely restricted. Toa fight for matoran and occasionally go on quests, but don't do a lot else. Thanks for your feedback!
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    IC: Pardehi - Silver Beach Assault Pardehi splashed the disinfectant around Thom's wound, preparing to remove the shrapnel. He moved Thom's uninjured arm over his injured one, hoping to hold it in place during this delicate procedure. Hands around the handles of his tweezers, he clamped them tightly around the shrapnel shard, preparing to remove it. OOC: @Dane Is Pardehi successful?
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    @Unreliable Narrator The length is still up in the air. I would probably limit the game to 3-4 months in real time so I can write up a satisfactory conclusion to the campaign and not just have it be slowly abandoned over time. If the players were interested in continuing their character's stories, I could write a sequel to the initial campaign.
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    This really does work a lot better as a tabletop game than a text based forum game. As it is, I'm starting to wonder if I should be worried about being eaten by a Grue. The world itself is pretty cool and very large, large enough that you should really get a co-gm to help you run the game. Player spread is a real issue if you can't actively give them all stuff to do. Something in particular that's been confusing me though. Toa's masks jump all the way up to Great Mask levels when they get transformed and their powers are only limited by practice and imagination, plus whether or not they have a mask on at the time. That's not really what's being described here.
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    So, over the past few years (about 3?), I've had the privilege of being able to travel to a few different countries. Mostly for academics. I started collecting the different bills, because, as a United States resident with a mostly monochromatic currency scheme, the other colors and sizes of foreign currency is one of my favorite things ever. Also, sorry, the coins photographed really terribly, but I realized too late. 这是中国元。 我在大学的时候, 专业是中国文化, 所以我需要学习一个学期在中国。我三年以前是留学生在上海。 Translation: This is Chinese currency. (if you didn't guess). When in college, I studied Chinese, and needed to study in China for a semester. Three years ago, I studied abroad in Shanghai. The two small bills, which are the equivalent of a few Chinese cents, were pretty hard to come by, I think I only encountered two or three of each my entire semester there. Entonces, tengo dinero Guatemalan tambien. (lo siento, mi español es muy muy poco, jaja). Viajé a Guatemala uno año pasada. Creo los dinero Guatemalan esta mucho bonitos. Translation: I've also collected Guatemalan money. (sorry, my Spanish is abysmal). I traveled to Guatemala about a year ago, and I think their money is gorgeous. A fun fact, the exchange rate for Chinese Yuan and Guatemalan Quetzales is almost the same. (or at least, it was when I was in each country, respectively). While I don't think I can say I've been to Colombia, I do have Colombian bill (the little blue one beneath the Guatemalan coins). It was acquired during a layover in the Bogota airport. My personal requirement for being able to say I've been to a country is 1) leaving airport/customs/border crossing property and 2) buying something in the country in the native language. The Colombian bill was more of a gift, and was kept because it's really pretty and makes a good bookmark . Now, what I really need are some widgets.
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    Faintly, I'll go... Lord, I missed this place. I never had the heart to remove the BZPRPG from my bookmarks bar, sat there all those years. Clicked on it on a whim, sad to see the season's ended. To take this, head on... That second season came and I never really got too far into it, wasn't having a great time in the ol' noggin and I guess I just kinda... stopped, without wrapping anything up. Apologies to anyone I was interacting with (four and a half years ago o.o ) Soon I'll come around, lost and never found... I'd set up an arc for my characters, but because I never kept notes back then (because I'm an idiot) I've since forgotten the particulars. I'm better about that now. Waiting for my words, seen but never heard... I remember where I wanted them to end up ultimately though, and once this next arc starts I'm thinking I'll leap back into the fray post-plans, reveal the plot in reverse as it were. Welcome the boys (and girls, mostly girls actually) back home. Buried underground, but I'll keep coming. ...is anyone still here that remembers me or am I just being dramatic for no reason lol
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    IC: Zaliyah - Nynrah Wreck "This island isn't just their grave... it was their intended destination," Zaliyah frowned as she inspected the note, "But not alone... I don't like the sound of that. Perhaps they weren't the only ones trying to reach this island."
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    Two things that while I don't spend as much time doing as I used to, are still able to get me down. The past can be hard to let go of, but I can't stay in it forever. I'm happy for all the memories the good old days bring me. ^^ It's crazy to think about how in just under two months I'll have had this account for twelve years. But anyways, moving on...
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    @Unreliable Narrator Similar in what ways? I will try to keep the plot and setting as original as I can when I actually get around to fully fleshing it out. I have a few general conceptual ideas which I think will help the setting stand out from cannon.
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    Very cool! I went to China a few years ago but did not keep any currency from the trip. Not sure why since I usually do. I have Euros from a trip to Europe a decade ago (floating around somewhere), and every denomination of Guarani from living in Paraguay. My family went to England for a trip when I was a small child and I'm sure I have some pounds floating around somewhere too. If my goal is to hold on to foreign currency for posterity I should probably be taking better care of it...
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    Takanuva: Possibly a mix between Maori taka- "sense of revolution" and Ido nuva "new" Takutanuva: A mix between Maori tākuta "doctor" and Ido nuva "new" I think these characters' names derive from the names of the characters they came from: Takanuva = Takua + Nuva (Takua became a Toa who looked like a Nuva) and Takutanuva = Takanuva + Makuta (the characters who fused to form him). Plus Maori wasn't being used by 2003.
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