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    Hey everyone. I was in the neighborhood taking care of some unfinished business in Fan Created Games and thought I'd stop by. Glad to see a lot of old and familiar names on this page alone. Congrats on wrapping up the arc. Friar Tuck would be proud!
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    Hi everyone! It's Monday for the GM, so that means it's time for the beginning of the week round up. First I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who filled out the Google Form regarding the handling of the game so far and what you want to see before the timer ends on this wonderful campaign. In the beginning of March I'll be sending out another form regarding the next game I'll be proposing with a start date of April. Almost everyone who replied to the form said they wanted the narrative from SKE to carry over, so unless you all blow the topic up guess what's happening (alright, @EmperorWhenua, it's your time to shine again): we'll keep the train chugging along, but with a twist. Dark Hunter Hit: Go find and eliminate the terrorist from last week. With Dume temporarily in control of the hits, he's wanting this dealt with ASAP. For clues or to get the ball rolling, message @Azibo. The News: Ga-Metru We learned a startling discovery with Tekmo and Nixie Ta-Metru The search for the Ta-Metru great disc is almost to the first puzzle Onu-Metru The Archives team found the Great Disc! (See further back in this topic for puzzle information) Po-Metru Nothing much Le-Metru Great Disc puzzle is in full swing! The party took a tumble off a protodermis waterfall! Ko-Metru Taja discovered something is very wrong with the stars Silver Sea The beach assault reaches the epic conclusion! Vahki took the bluff! Go Go Go! South of Destral The League fighters found the destroyed Tactical Panda as well as a grotto were things are not as they seem... I do believe that is all for major news! You are absolutely crushing this game. We're at 21 pages in the first month of play. Stay lovely, and remember: Happy chat.
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    Hey BZPower. what_year_is_it.jpg It's been a heck of a long while since I've posted anything there. And after years of different PMs going unanswered (sorry), I've finally taken the time to see how many old fangames I could dig up. The point of this is just really for nostalgia. Looking through them takes me back to simpler times. There's no chance that I'm going back to updating that software library anymore. I've more-or-less ridden off into the sunset. But I can at least leave something here and maybe a new topic where people just share old fangames can take its place. Here's the Drive link of games that I've booted up and deemed safe to share. Be sure to look at the Readme document and share this link around: Link Games that I have but won't include: Toa's Quest 3. This game just gave a black screen of death whenever I try to run it. If you think you can fix it and you're not too worried about your own computer, PM me and I'll send it to you as-is. You'll have to run it at your own risk though. Dark709's Comics The Game: This one really did a number on my machine. I don't recommend anyone take this file. But if you have an old computer to experiment on, PM me and I can send you this game. Destiny War 2: Something got corrupted with this one and I can't get it to run. Surprising since it's an RPG Maker XP game and RPG Maker games have shown to be much more resilient than GameMaker or Multimedia Fusion games. Asks: Any copy of Bionicle: The Infestation pre-Silver Edition (released around 2006) would be greatly appreciated.
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    IC: Reliable Narrator The battle for the beachhead slogged on. Jephro stood above the defeated Baron Kareh, perhaps feeling the righteousness of his moral high ground. A ring of footprints surrounded their duel, all that was left after the guards followed their dying lord’s final order. The ring was a bull’s eye target, and the hagah cannon on the bluff took full advantage of the opportunity. Before Jephro could fully process his feelings of victory over Baron Kareh, fully realize he’d single-handedly forced a League retreat, the cannon blast collided with the sands in the bull’s eye in a screaming beam of burning matter... Not for the first time Turaga Dume considered redecorating. His office was cold, unadorned with frivolous niceties. It stood resolute and stark in contrast with his private quarters in the Coliseum. Maybe a splash of color wouldn’t be so bad? What would his people think of such an act? He contemplated. The last time he did something nice for himself it took months of planning. His people demanded the pageantry, the charade of fairness. Contractors were seen, each union lobbied for their skilled laborers, private artisans flaunted their skill in great official contests, and in the end he went for the same pair of basic reading spectacles he’d worn since a matoran. They were black metal, pulled from the waste of the Ta-Metru forges, hammered into a plain square shape that clipped to the front of his mask without fanfare. He filed them himself, blew the glass himself, and learned from the errors along the way while apprenticing in the smithing union. Turaga Dume unclipped the glasses and slipped them into a desk drawer, done with his brooding. His people didn’t need to see such weakness. Rose held the line on the bluff as her companions -- toa, matoran, and vahki -- climbed the distance from the rocky beach below. She knew her armor could hold out only so long before the damage she took proved fatal. Bits of dirt splashed against her as lightstones and heatstones burst into the ground around her. She slid a little further towards the bluff, pushed back by the concussive blasts from grenades. Despite her resolution to hold the line, she was failing. For a third time in the week since the Great Disc search began, Turaga Dume donned the somber mantle of his office, placed the small orb on a chain around his neck, with a practiced air grabbed the handle of his staff, and approached the cameras for another broadcast. He thought back on how long it truly seemed. Time flew with war. Two days ago he proposed the quest, yesterday the Dark Hunters sided with his city, and now he stood again ready to speak words to his people. They were his people. He would keep them that way. They were safe and joyfully ignorant under the umbrella of his leadership. He couldn’t bear to let them see the horrors of the world just yet. He cleared his throat, nodded to the matoran holding the camera, and began; “Metru-Nui…” Orieus and Skyra’s daring plan to turn the sands to glass worked! Their emotions were high, the exhilaration of teamwork apparent, soldiers climbing the bluff whooped with joy, and then the glass began to crack as the skakdi cannoneers urged their legged tank to walk by pushing fully on the throttle. Had they been holding back all along? The large cannon barrel changed direction, swiveling out across the sea toward the Metru-Nui airships. The three airships floated just out of range, waiting for the moment the beach was secured to deliver their cargo. As safe as the crew of the airships felt, were they really? The cannon fired with another blinding flash. When the fighters on the beach could see again only two airships were left. “When I asked you to search for the Great Discs I did so with a sense of pride and hope in my people. Now, I hear reports of damages to the lower levels of the Archives. I beg you all to search thoroughly for these ancient discs, but not destructively. We should not have to sacrifice our home, or our history, to preserve it. This city will stand the test of time, if we only nurture it and remember our destiny is as much a part of who we are as our unity.” Rose felt someone push against her back. They were confident, calming, there to help. It didn’t need to be spoken, but she knew at that moment she was free to push forward. The last soldier had climbed the bluff. The vahki enforcers of Iona’s team lept into the trenches past the edge of the bluff, ruthlessly dispatching the embankment of vortixx as they would any belligerent and violent citizen who did not return to their work functions. Vortixx belonged on Xia making weapons for Metru-Nui. The programming said they did so it must be so. “Despite their apparent dedication to the cause, the Dark Hunters have yet to find the terrorist of Le-Metru as they promised. It is our hope they will make good on their word. I understand only it’s been one day since they stated their allegiance to Metru-Nui, and that you may feel uneasy about mercenaries joining our forces, but this is a time for such measures. We must all unite against those who oppose the very truths of this world: Mata-Nui is our Great Spirit. We must protect them. We cannot let this city, this hallowed sacred land, fall to the clutches of villainy and misguided greed.” Brutaka made the choice and committed the airships to the fight. He knew it was a risky gamble, but if the League was this well prepared and their cannons could hit further than anticipated, then there was no point in half-committing. As he gave the order and watched the coastline grow closer, he remembered the words a friend of his spoke before they last parted: the losing side is the only side worth fighting for. The first airship made it safely to the beach. The League’s embankment on the bluff couldn’t hold off the vahki, and now the hagah cannon tank with legs was unsure of its goal. Did it shoot the small fry scrambling across the beach -- the skakdi and his matoran friend, for instance -- or did it aim at the airships growing closer? A skakdi flipped a widget from their station at the gunnery, and changed targets. As Thom asked for Pardehi’s aid his superior vision caught the glint of sunshine on the barrel as the cannon turned their direction. Then it fired. Metru-Nui’s tanks -- manned by four matoran each -- poured onto the beach from the bulkhead of the airship. They floated by a similar system as the airship that carried them by only a few feet above the beach. The second airship not yet docked stored the reserves of their kanoka disc ammunition. One of the spotters popped his head out of the tophatch of the foremost tank, pointed toward the hagah cannon tank, and screamed, “fire!” “With the aid of our new allies our intelligence has grown. Our intelligence asserts the League is following the rumors of an ancient weapon to aid them in a final assault on our beloved city. We will not let this happen. With the six Great Discs, we can repel any attempts to destroy our way of life. Together we are strong. Together, we are the champions of our Great Spirit.” Turaga Dume relaxed shoulders to their usual slumped posture after the camera stopped recording. He knew his people would not fail him. The Dark Hunters, however, were only one small scent of failure away from becoming a rogue mercenary menace once more. Gaining access to their network proved essential in brokering the deal yesterday, but it was only a matter of time before the Dark Hunters found another way to communicate. When they did, he knew who’s mask would be at the top of their job board: his.
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    IC: Rose - Beach Assault The screams of the League degenerates burning was music to Rose's ears. A panicking, League-allied Toa--who was no longer worthy of such a title to begin with--dropped to the ground and rolled, clearly remembering some drill or another he learned from a higher officer before coming here. Unfortunately, this was futile, as Rose noticed and engulfed the Toa in flame until he stopped moving. It wasn't as if there was no resistance though. Once the shock and awe of a massive Ta-Toa woman with a flamethrower appearing right before them wore off, the League troops began fighting back. Rose was then forced to raise her riot shield in defense against their weapons. Where her shield could not cover, her suit took most of the damage, and she quickly realized she was completely outgunned. The Ta-Toa cursed. She was now moving backwards, back to the edge of the bluff, as the Leaguers blasted away at her. She would not stand down. These were the frontlines; she was the frontlines.
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    Wow, that is amazing. It takes a lot to have me come out of the woodwork and say something, but this has a lot of potential. I hope you use it for more than just school.
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    Inspired by this thread, specifically this post: ...I've decided to compile a list of all the origins of the names of the Matoran from early G1, as a lot of them seem to be derived from real words and names. I can't figure out all of them, so I figured we might be able to build this together. Bear in mind that I'll have to work with all characters' original names where possible, and I only intend to list the most likely etymological sources. I'll also include all Toa and Turaga. Ta-Matoran Aft: Albanian; "warmth from a fire."Agni: Sanskrit; "fire," also the name of the Hindu god of fire.Aodhan: Gaelic; "little fire," or a diminutive of the name of the Irish cthonic god Aed.Brander: English; denotes a person who brands something, or marks it with a branding iron.Jala: Rotuman; "to burn."Kapura: Maori; "fire."Kalama: Hawaiian; "the torch."Keahi: Hawaiian; "the fire."Maglya: Hungarian; "pyre."Nuri: Hebrew; "my fire."Tahu: Maori; "to set on fire."Takua (who wasn't initially an Av-Matoran): Maori; "ship." Might also be Swahili for "piety" or "devoutness."Tiribomba: Romanian; "firecracker."Vakama: Fijian; "to burn."Vohon: Ukrainian; "fire."Ga-MatoranAmaya: Japanese; "night rain."Gali: Gamilaraay or Indonesian; "water."Hali: Finnish; "hug." 'Cuz she's wholesome...?Kai: Hawaiian; "sea." Japanese; "ocean." Estonian or Basque; "pier."Kailani: Hawaiian; "heavenly sea" or "sea and sky."Maku: Maori; "moist" or "moisture." dontmakeajokedontmakeajokedontmakeajokeMarka: Finnish; "wet."Nireta: Greek; "from the sea."Nixie: English; a treacherous water-spirit derived from European folklore.Nokama: ?Okoth: Luo (or some western African language); "born while it is raining."Orkan: Various languages; "whirlwind" or "hurricane."Pelagia: Greek; "of the sea."Shasa: Unknown African language; "precious water."Vhisola: Unknown African language; derived from "Visola," meaning "longings are waterfalls." Le-MatoranBoreas: Greek; the name of the god of the north wind.Kongu: Maori; "overcast."Kumo: Japanese; "cloud."Lewa: Hawaiian; "sky" or "air."Makani: Hawaiian; "wind" or "to blow."Matau: Maori; "fishhook," "knowledge," or the Uncinia genus of sedge. Can also mean "right," which Lego may have referenced in LoMN.Sanso: Undertale; a fat skeleton with an added "o." Nah, just kidding, it's Japanese for "oxygen."Shu: Egyptian; the name of the god of air.Taiki: Maori; "wicker basket" or "atmosphere." (He's from the Metru Nui arc, but there seems to be some reasoning behind the name nonetheless.Tamaru: "overcast."Tuuli: Finnish; "wind."Vira: Swedish; "to wind." Possibly a pun on Lego's part.Po-MatoranAhkmou: ?Ally: Unknown Celtic language; "stone."Bour: Unknown African language; "rock."Epena: Hawaiian; "stone."Gadjati: Serbo-Croatian; "to shoot" or "to aim for."Golyo: Hungarian; "ball."Hafu: Rotuman; "stone, "brick," or "rocky cape."Huki: Maori or Rapa Nui language; "to strike" or "digging stick," respectively.Kamenrider: Serbo-Croatian; "stone."Kivi: Estonian; "rock."Onewa: Maori; term for a stone adze. Can also refer to basalt.Pekka: Finnish; given name equivalent to "Peter," which is derived from the Greek word "petros," or "stone."Piatra: Romanian; "stone."Podu: Romanian; "bridge."Pohatu: Maori; "stone."Ko-MatoranArktinen: Finnish; "Arctic."Ehrye: ?Jaa: Estonian; "ice."Jaatikko: Finnish; "glacier."Kantaicollection: Japanese; "frigid zone."Kokkan: Japanese; "severe cold."Kopaka: Maori; "ice."Kopeke: Maori; "cold" or "coldness."Kylma: Finnish; "cold."Lumi: Estonian; "snow."Matoro: Maori; "to investigate."Nuju: Finnish; derived from "nujuta," or "to play." Possibly a reference to Bionicle as a toy or a nod to Lego's name, which is a Danish portmanteau meaning "play well."Pakastaa: Finnish; "to freeze."Talvi: Finnish; "winter."Toudo: Japanese; "frozen soil."Onu-MatoranAiyetoro: Nigerian; "peace on Earth," most likely a pun.Akamu: Hawaiian; a surname.Azibo: Egyptian; "earth."Damek: Czech; a diminutive of "Adam."Dosne: Unknown Celtic language; "from the sand hill."Gar: ok this is from '07 but THEY LITERALLY NAMED HIM AFTER A FISH AOIDNEOWHEFSDFISEFUBKaj: Swedish; "quay," which is apparently a word. Also a Danish derivative of the Latin name "Gaius," which is taken from "Gaia," the Greek personification of the Earth.Mamru: Japanese; alternate spelling of "Mamoru," or "earth."Midak: possibly a misspelling of the Greek name "Midas," linking gold to his use of lightstones. Note that this name was only retroactively assigned to this character in '08.Nuparu: ?Onepu: Maori; "sandy" or "sand."Onua: Unknown African language; "earth and strength."Haf--er, Taipu: Maori; "dune."Tehutti: Egyptian; derived from "Tehuti," an alternate name for the god Thoth. Some baby name sites misattribute him as a god of the Earth, sky, and sea.Whenua: Maori; "ground."Zemya: Serbo-Croatian; "Earth," referring to the planet.Other/Non-MatoranGraalok: ?Puku: Maori; "stomach." Could be a nod to the fact that crabs are commonly eaten as seafood.Akamai: Hawaiian; "clever." Ironically, this makes more sense for Wairuha, who embodied wisdom where Akamai is valor.Wairuha: Derived from the Maori word "wairua," or "soul."Makuta: Javanese; "crown," referencing his megalomania.Umbra: Latin; "shadow." Probably a joke by Lego. (Yes, he's from '06, but it's too conspicuous not to mention.)Wairuha: ?Should I make these threads for places and Rahi, too? Let me know if you'd like to see that or if you know where any of these names really come from.
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    Thanks -- you helped me fix my problem. Seeing your troubles with the display made me realize that that's actually the only issue. The music and controls work, just can't see anything. So, I turned off my newer graphics driver, used the default driver, and the game started working (or at least started up and was visible). I knew my comp sci degree was good for something! I still don't know if TQ3's the safest though, so I'll keep testing. If the display's the only problem I could probably host it.
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    Hi Emzee! Miss you come back.
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    I'm gonna go harass The Cap'n about coming back.
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    i won't believe in anything until tiragath comes back
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    IC: ??? Varxii’s consciousness extended to lightning in the orb. At first she felt nothing. Then she felt everything. She felt the trees as they breathed on the shores of unknown islands, the oxygen pumping through their cells. She felt the snow melting. She felt the tremors of the earth below. She felt the death of insects, the birth of life, the heat of the suns and the cool nurturing ocean as it drowned her. She was not Varxii: she was life and death and nothing more than a speck in a system that would go on without her without a care but without her would cease to exist. She could not escape the cycle, she could not break it, she could only be it. Then Varxii was herself again and she remembered… nothing. The orb was, for all she cared, an orb. It was a little ball of lightning with no significance except to be held, admired, and enjoyed like any trinket, just like the life she was given without being asked. OOC: @Darth Jaller
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    Its great in 2020 to know our society has finally killed the Pixar Theory. Boo is not the witch! If you want to connect Chi and Energized Protodermis in a fan work, go for it! I personally have Classic Space and Hero Factory in my headcanon Bionicle world. But I don't think there is enough canon evidence to link Chima officially to Bionicle.
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    IC: Jephro-Beach Assault @Dane@Biological Chronicler Jephro exhaled, and nearly fell over, propping himself up with one of his swords. He had never spent so much energy in one attack. He could feel the poison from Kareh's swords slowly infecting his body. But he had done it. Then the ground exploded. A wave of liquid heat impacted Jephro sending him fliying several Bio. He impacted back on the sandy beach, face and chest covered with burns. His whole body hurt. He lowered his own gravity so he could walk without pain. Looking up he saw a barricade where a Skakdi and a Bo-Matoran were hiding and began limping towards them. He glanced around, and saw the cannon that had shot him. It was slowly turning to face the barricade. "JUMP!" Jephro shouted at the two. He sent out another blast of gravitic energy, ligtening Thom and Pardehi to give them a better chance at escaping. In the process he cut off his own support, and fell to his knees. IC: Paju-Ga-Metru Paju rode Ellie back down the road away from the great temple, Ellie had been running hard and she needed a quick rest. As they walked another broadcast from Turaga Dume came over the speakers. "You know," Paju said as she rubbed Ellie behind the ear, "Searching for the disks sounds like a lot of fun! You want to give it a shot?" Ellie shook her head excitedly. "Alright then," Paju said, "Let's go ask around to see if anyone is putting a group together." OOC: Paju Open to interaction.
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    Folks, this here is the fellow had my first BZPRPG interaction with back in October 2011 (eight-and-a-bit years ago what on Earth). Now it's a homecoming <3 But gosh, between then and now I've graduated high school, been through polytechnic (twice!), lost my childhood kitter (RIP Gary) and adopted another kitter just a few days ago. All things considered, I'm pretty content. But I missed you guys! And I can't wait to jump back in!
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    IC: Taja | Ko-Metru Knowledge Tower Aligning the maps by their edges, the movements of the stars were easier to see. Taja adjusted her eyepiece and reached for a ruler. The cold metal under her fingertips sent chills up her arm. She began to measure the distances between the new and old positions, carefully recording each disparity on the iStone at her elbow. The older star map was coloured in blue, and the new map in green. Some stars were motionless, or had moved so little that the two colours blended into turquoise. Others had moved so far that the scholar had to triple-check their identities to confirm they were indeed the same. This verification did nothing to quell the vague uneasiness that twisted softly in her stomach, a leftover emotion from Turaga's Dume's announcement earlier in the day. The stars did not usually speak so forcefully. These kinds of movements were usually observed over years, not weeks. Something was happening. Something important. Another measurement, another entry. Taja looked back to the maps, tapped her forefinger on a specific spot, and frowned. The blue mark showed through the paper, but there was no green mark on top. This star had existed two weeks ago; now it was nowhere to be seen. She noted the coordinates, pencilled carefully in her own hand, and consulted the iStone. She scrolled through the strings again, looking for a match, and found none. With the patience characteristic of a scholar, she searched again, triple-checking the omission. Again, nothing. The star was gone. Stars disappeared sometimes, but it was a rare enough occurrence that Taja considered making the trip to the eastern knowledge tower and confirming her coordinates with the astronomer who had provided the coordinates. But that could wait. She would finish her work first. Picking up the ruler, she went to measure the next star only to encounter the same situation. Another blue mark with no corresponding green mark. Another star vanished. Her apprehension grew as another triple-check came up empty. This coordinate seemed familiar, the shape of its letters and numbers lingering on her brain like the name of an old friend she hadn't seen in a long time. Perhaps she had made a note on this particular star before... Turning her chair back to the filing cabinet, she opened a different drawer. The folders rustled between her fingers—she was moving less carefully than usual. Across the room, Jaa raised his head at the noise, then looked back at his work as she pulled out a large folder. Within this folder were stored a dozen smaller folders, each neatly labelled. Another moment of searching through these smaller folders produced a piece of paper, which Taja withdrew and scanned once, then twice, then three times. Her sharp intake of breath drew Jaa's eyes again. He tapped his fingers twice on the desk to get her attention. What is it? he signed. She placed the paper down. Sorry, she signed back. It's nothing. Just an interesting movement. Might be a mistake. Jaa's face darkened. Scholars did not make mistakes. Mistakes happened when you didn't listen, or when you lost patience. That was unacceptable. Where did the files come from? One of the eastern towers. Tower... she consulted the iStone. Maru. Tower Maru. I'll go check with them. Tower Maru? Jaa signed as she gathered up her papers, rolled the maps up in their tubes, and slid them into her bag. I've had problems with them before. Taja shrugged. I'll be back soon. Her colleague nodded and returned to his work. The De-Matoran slipped out of the office and walked back to the elevator. Maybe the fast-moving stars were a mistake. Maybe the first missing star was a mistake. But the second missing star wasn't. She had observed it before, months ago, and thought it strange then. The star had vanished only to reappear, and now it had vanished again. She wasn't sure what to make of it: stars didn't tend to blink in and out of existence. There was no research concerning this phenomenon, and no one to ask who could clarify. The elevator doors opened. She walked in and selected the chute-serviced floor—the tower she needed to visit was on the eastern edge of the Metru. Too far to walk. As the lift began to descend, Taja's thoughts continued to swirl. In particular, they dwelt on the repeatedly disappearing star. Scholars had not conclusively proved its identity, but years of study had produced a generally accepted theory. Most astronomers accepted it as fact. But now she doubted that theory, because the star was gone but she had just seen the being it represented earlier that day. Either the star was false, or... She hated to even think about the alternative, because it was Dume's spirit star. Either the stars were lying, or her Turaga was.
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    IC: Thom - Beach Assault (Spotting an arsonist) His eye squinted as a blazing inferno seems to be ongoing way in front of them, a large figure backing away from the fire. "Oi. D-Do me a favour. Stick that revolver in me hand for me." Thom looked to his Bo-Matoran ally. "Ah can't grab it meself."
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    IC: Kareh - Silver Beach Assault Kareh looked up at Jephro's face, finally realizing that he had been defeated. His bodyguards stood still, completely unmoving. "Go back to the airship." he said to them. "Call for backup". The guards took flight and disappeared into the aether. By the time they returned, the beach would almost certainly have fallen to the Metruan forces and Kareh would be their prisoner. He looked down at the bleeding stump that had been his sword arm. A skilled surgeon might be able to graft a replacement, but for now his sword fighting days were over. His vision blurred. He felt weak and dizzy just looking at it. He looked back at the toa, trying to come up with some kind of defiant sounding response, but when he opened his mouth, no words came out. His eyes rolled back into his head and he fainted, collapsing into the sand at Jephro's feet. Jephro could see he was still alive by the dim glow of his heartstone, though he was certainly in no position to cause him any further injury. Jephro had just won his first major fight. OOC: @Smudge8 Kareh is unconscious, lying at Jepro's feet. Last post as this character.
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    IC: Mazor-Nynrah Wreck Satisfied that there was nothing left to find, Mazor followed the others into the cave. He loaded a freeze disk into his launcher just in case. As they entered the cave Mazor examined the eery Stalagmites while the others gathered around the stone. IC: Informant -Ga-Metru With a crash the informant went sailing through the window, a large gash running down his chest, he fell. That should do the trick He thought, seeing the canal below. He spread himself out in a wide eagle belly flop to maximize impact. As he fell he wrote as much as he could on his left arm. Passers by watched as a strange figure fell out of the appartment building and made a massive splash, spraying protodermis everwhere, and then nothing, he had vanished. Two years ago: The Informant was walking along the halls of the dark hunter's base when suddenly he felt something running down his leg. He wiped it off and reaised it was blood. Then he saw the large gash in his chest. His armor had many small fractures, as if he had just experienced a sudden impact, I must have seen some action. "Hey," Another dark hunter said, "you ok? do you need a medic?" "No," the Informant snapped. "I need paper!" He ran off to his office, examining his body as he went. The Present: The real Informant of the present was currently at a small cute station near the border between Ga and Po-Metru. He was doing his best to look inconspicuous, wearing a large cloak to cover his figure, and a large backpack covered with baubles, that was actually filled with his notes. One of his papers was in his hand, covered in notes about Visohla's appartment, including the Vahki attack. What a waste, He thought, We are completaly comprimized, the bounty is forfit. The Informant sighed and tucked the paper away, it still might be handy at some point. He started walking towards the chute terminal. All he needed was a quick hop over to Po-Metru and he could hide in the mountains as long as he needed. Suddenly pain radiated up his legs. He glanced down and saw that they were heavily burnt. Karz, He thought, Right at the worst time possible. He was sure new notes had appeared on his body, but they would have to wait, he needed to get to safety first. He continued to limp towards the chute. IC: Jephro-Beach Assault (The following post was made with permission of @Biological Chronicler) As Kahreh lunged foreward Jephro skipped bakwards again. Kareh stopped himself for just a moment. What are you doing, He thought, It's just a rookie toa, you can handle this. He drew his sword and dagger again and got ready to charge. The brief break gave Jephro a chance to think. I'm getting good at decreasing weight, maybe I should try increasing it. Kareh activated his flight again and charged. Thinking quickly Jephro sent out a pulse of energy. Targeting Kareh's weapons. Kareh's charge was suddenly halted, his legs flung foreward as his weapons drastically increased in weight. Jephro took his chance and lept foreward. He slashed with his sword and cut off Kareh's sword hand. I did it, he tought I actually did it! But now was not the time to celebrate. Jephro had released his control over the dagger, and Kareh slashed with it, cutting a gash across Jephro's side. Jephro took a power assisted jump backwards. Kareh threw the dagger, which Jephro easily dodged, giving Kareh time to retrieve his sword. "I'll admit," Kareh said, "Your pretty good, It's been a while since I've gotten an injury that bad." He began to fly again, hovering above Jephro's head. "But I've had enough." He swooped down, Jephro barely dodged. Jepro jumped, swinging his swords, but Kareh was too fast. Kareh swooped again, cuting a gash through Jephro's shoulder. "Give up!" Kareh shouted. Jephro just gave Kareh a defiant stare. Kareh laughed at first, then he reailisd something wasn't right, He tried to fly up, but was unable to ascend. Instead as he struggled an overwhelming force of gravity. Soon his feet were on the ground again. Jephro aproached, face crunched with concentration. Kareh did his best to defend himself, but the sheer gravity made it easy for Jephro to disarm him. Jephro put the tip of his sword against Kareh's neck. "S-Surrender." He stamered, still focuing on keeping his opponent in place.
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    Well.... they made it to the Kini. A lot was covered in these pages! Feedback is appreciated.
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    OOC: I decided to write this post third-person since 1) I feel like it's easier for me to write long posts if they're in third person, and 2) it gives me a chance to actually use 3rd person since I haven’t done so in a while. IC, Atamai: Onu-Metru The odd company of Matoran, Toa, and Kralhi made their way down the tunnels of Archives Level 12 toward where the elevator would be situated. The walk was uneventful, save for the occasional cry of an irate Rahi calling from its enclosure. When they reached it, Atamai turned to the group. “Okay, since Kilo is a little large, us four will go up first, and send the elevator down for it. Once we get off the elevator we’ll make a left, and the door to the garage will be on the left as well. I’ll hold the door open so that Kilo can get in- I think he’ll be able to fit.” The elevator doors slipped open and the group (minus Kilo) stepped inside. The ride up was quiet, but if Vashni had decided to peer into the mental plane at that moment, she would have heard many thoughts and feelings, mostly of excitement, and pondering. The ding of the elevator snapped everyone out of whatever thoughts they may have had. The doors opened and the four stepped out onto level 1 of the Archives. Since this part of the Archives was in the back, the area was, luckily, empty. Atamai turned and tapped the elevator to send it back down for Kilo before leading the others down the hallway to the left. They very quickly the group came to a large door with a keypad. Atamai typed in his security code and the door slowly opened. Vashni, Jutori, and Tallea stepped inside the garage while Atamai stood in the door frame to make sure it didn’t close while he waited for Kilo. The garage was very spacious, well lit, and filled with cargo transports similar to those commonly used by the Vahki. Most of these, however, were much bigger, since they were designed for transporting large Rahi. Atamai heard the elevator ding again, followed shortly by the mechanical clanking of Kilo’s legs. The Matoran stepped aside for the robotic enforcer, who after a moment’s pause configured its legs in a particular way so that it could fit through the door frame. There was not an inch to spare. Once the Kralhi had entered the garage, Atamai let the door close behind him. He walked over to where the group was waiting and pointed out one transport in particular. “We’ll take that one,” he said. “The cargo area is really wide, so Kilo will be able to fit inside comfortably. Vashni, if you’d like to get your bike, I’ll swing us by where you left it so you can ride alongside us.” The Fe-Matoran walked over to the back doors of the transport and pushed a button on one of them. The doors swung open revealing the spacious cargo area inside. Atamai turned to Kilo and gestured to the transport. “Hop in,” he said. The Kralhi clankered over wordlessly to the transport and stepped inside. Atamai closed the doors after it. He then walked over to the right side door and opened it. “Alright, all aboard!” he jokingly said as he climbed into the transport. “Whoever steps in last please close the door.” Atamai took his position up in the cockpit while the others stayed down in the passenger area below him. He reached over and pushed a button on the dash. The transport roared to life, and with a push on one of the levers, it began to move forward on its mechanical legs. As it approached the entrance to the garage, the giant doors slide open. Harsh sunlight shone on the group’s faces, causing them to squint. Atamai briefly waited for passing traffic, then directed the transport toward the Archives’ main entrance where Vashni’s bike was parked. Not even a minute later, the iStones the group had all flared to life with an incoming transmission. Tallea was the first to open hers up. Atamai couldn’t see what was on the screen, but he could hear the familiar voice of Turaga Dume. ““Metru-Nui: I come to you today to speak of the tragedies of yesterday… ***** “…We will triumph and rise above even the darkest hours.” Tallea and Jutori immediately began discussing the ramifications of the Turaga’s message. Atamai, on the other hand was too busy driving the transport to have a conversation. His only thought regarding the message was, The Dark Hunters? Really? We’re trusting a mercenary group to help keep the city safe? After reaching Vashni’s bike, he put the transport in park, and let the Toa of Psionics off. Once Vashni was settled on her bike, Atamai turned the transport around and headed northeast toward Po-Metru, with Vashni riding alongside. ***** One long and very bumpy ride later… Atamai brought the transport to a halt next to a chute station. He surveyed the landscape of Po-Metru. In the light of the setting suns, the landscape, usually colored brown, had more of an orange glow to it. “Alright,” he called down to Tallea and Jutori. “Let’s take a quick break to stretch our legs and figure out where to go next.” OOC: @pokemonlover360 @Snelly @Tarn @Silvan Haven Whew, for me that’s a long post. I hope everyone doesn’t mind me bunnying them a bit, we kinda needed to get a move on to go find the next disk. @Darth Jaller, if you’d like to have Jabali join us, you can have her approach the group or something since we’re right in front of the chute station where she is.
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    hulk snapped his fingers and everyone came back
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    I'm convinced that someone had been sealing people away in a soul gem. And someone finally broke it. Hi, Zeal.
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    Faintly, I'll go... Lord, I missed this place. I never had the heart to remove the BZPRPG from my bookmarks bar, sat there all those years. Clicked on it on a whim, sad to see the season's ended. To take this, head on... That second season came and I never really got too far into it, wasn't having a great time in the ol' noggin and I guess I just kinda... stopped, without wrapping anything up. Apologies to anyone I was interacting with (four and a half years ago o.o ) Soon I'll come around, lost and never found... I'd set up an arc for my characters, but because I never kept notes back then (because I'm an idiot) I've since forgotten the particulars. I'm better about that now. Waiting for my words, seen but never heard... I remember where I wanted them to end up ultimately though, and once this next arc starts I'm thinking I'll leap back into the fray post-plans, reveal the plot in reverse as it were. Welcome the boys (and girls, mostly girls actually) back home. Buried underground, but I'll keep coming. ...is anyone still here that remembers me or am I just being dramatic for no reason lol
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    A long time ago I got it into my head that Dino Attack is just the Lego embodiment of one of those light gun arcade cabinets from the late 90's and early 00's and it keeps coming to the front of my mind every few months, share this post with 5 friends or you will be cursed with this knowledge as well and condemned to buy only the lame European Dino 2010 versions
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    Does this count as eating?
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    IC: Okuo - Ga-Metru After that, Okuo turned his attention to the door frame connecting the room they were in to the rest of the house, aiming his launcher there to make sure he could catch anyone chasing them the moment they walked in. His eyes on the only entrance, Okuo spoke up. "Listen, I know you've been through a lot before even this, and this isn't the first time some strange matoran came along and made you question your safety and privacy, you said as much at the café. Just know that as soon as you're safe and this threat is over, you won't see me again. Ever. I promise. The only reason I'm here is because someone is of the opinion that you're better dead than alive. And I happen to disagree with that opinion." Okuo visibly winced. "Sorry, bad humor... Again, haven't done this a lot, talking to other people. As soon as the only ones in this house are us two and the vahki, I will take my leave. Hopefully after that you can put this whole mess behind you and forget I ever existed." He turned back to Vhisola as he finished speaking, his tone sincere, and an expression of genuine regret and sympathy on his face. "I'm... sorry. About everything" IC: Arkius - The Taku "Thank you sister. You yourself have shown courage today, and I speak only from what I have seen myself." Arkius looked Nale over now that the two of them were up close. "That wound on your face. It looks fresh. You have taken your share of injury as well." Arkius hobbled along with the help of his fellow toa, using his axe as a makeshift crutch. "But I suppose that is the way of the toa. We take the injuries our smaller kin cannot, and we carry forward despite them. I only regret we could not take that injury for Nuparu..."
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    Hey good question! I've finished catching myself up on most of the major plotlines (rip Echelon and Josk and woah almost Dorian) and I feel like I have a general idea of what happened to Ko. I'm wondering what role Ta-Koro, the place where Korzaa was hanging out, played in Ko-Koro's retaking? Anyone have anything Korzaa or I ought to know? I know things will probably change and get recapped when the new arc starts, but in the meantime I thought I'd put something in the wrap up topic to establish what my favorite characters have been up to.
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    did somebody ring the dinkster
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    Not the BZPRPG: The BZPRPG: Actually the BZPRPG:
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    Beautiful work. I too would love to see more.
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    Very cool! I really like the way he holds his sword-the proportions are a lot smaller but I really like it! How long did this sucker take you?
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    Wow, this is very impressive! I like how the mask is inspired by both the '01 Hau and the prototype for the '15 Mask of Fire.
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