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    Adriannnnnnnnnn You should know it's you we strove to appease, not Josh
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    @Emzee bring back Wokapu or we riot
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    IC: Taja | Ko-Metru The city whizzed by as Taja flew through the chute, cradled by air. Outside the translucent green walls, Ko-Metru gleamed under a late afternoon sun. The knowledge towers caught the golden rays and flung them through the air in a dazzling cacophony of light. Though she travelled by chute, Taja still didn't have the luxury of ignoring Dume's speech. There were no Vahki looking over her shoulder, but the calm voice of her Turaga filled the chute, broadcast from speakers she couldn't see. Each word was half a second behind the movements she could see on the screens she passed over. She fiddled with her earpieces, closing them until Dume's voice was at a comfortable volume. So the terrorist still hadn't been found. She was surprised. The Dark Hunters weren't living up to their reputation as, well, hunters. That said, the target had yet to be apprehended by the Vahki either, and the robotic creatures were renowned for their tracking skills. Perhaps the suspect was simply better than their pursuers. That wasn't a comforting thought. As for the Archives... she dismissed the damage as inconsequential, as all scholars surely would. Onu-Metru was far too concerned with the past. They confused proximity for importance, and thus spent all their time on earthly matters. Hearts and minds heavy with Duty, they rarely lifted their eyes to behold anything resembling Destiny. The Archives symbolized that arrogance, in Taja's opinion. To think that cataloguing and recording was important just because it was a weighty task. The past could not be changed. It was dead. The stars, on the other hand, were alive. They spoke, daring Matoran to look to the future and imagine what could be. A gentle ding filled the chute, breaking the De-Matoran's train of thought. It was followed by an announcement for the upcoming stop. Please exit for Ketan, Maru, and Caerus Towers. She emerged into the cool air, taking a moment to orient herself to to solid ground again before walking at a brisk pace toward the doors. * * * "Mistake?" The Ko-Matoran sputtered, following her back to the elevator. "I'll have you know I've worked in this tower for seven years, and Caerus Tower for eight before that..." He continued, and Taja thanked the Great Spirit again that she had adjusted her earpieces early. Even reduced by 75%, the angry scholar's volume was going to give her a headache soon. She hadn't meant to offend him, but she needed to know the truth. If that meant ruffling a few feathers, well, then that's what had to be done. "...and furthermore, where's that Jaa? I've been meaning to give him a piece of my—" "Back in his office, in the western towers," Taja interrupted, her own voice rumbling through her head. She pressed the call button. "You're welcome to visit if you want, but it's a bit of a trip for this late in the day." "A trip that you made just so you could point fingers at my work—" "No pointing. Just asking. You've done a wonderful job, Aaj." He grumbled under his breath as the doors opened. Taja could hear the mumbled words just fine, but elected to ignore them. "It's the iStones," she said. "I thought they might have glitched. I know, I'm old-fashioned. But sometimes I worry if we're too reliant on technology." "I've thought that myself," Aaj conceded, slightly mollified. "Young scholars don't know the value of hard work. Do they even teach handwriting classes anymore? I swear, I'd have more luck reading Muaka tracks than the scribbles my scribes give me—" "Anyway," she interrupted again as she stepped into the elevator, cutting off the older scholar before he could get going. "Thank you for your time. I'll take your regards to Jaa?" "Regards?" He snorted. "You can take my—" The doors closed mercifully. Taja breathed a sigh of relief, and slumped against the wall of the lift. So it wasn't a mistake. Dume's Toa star really was gone again, continuing to blink on and off like flashing light. Aaj didn't know about it: she hadn't told him why she was asking. He might've been more pleasant had she voiced her concerns, but she had elected to keep them to herself. Spreading rumours would only bring punishment down on her. She needed solid proof. Proof of what exactly? She didn't know. Proof of something. Until the stars decided to elaborate, all she had were guesses. And all her guesses were that something bad was happening. Anxiety twisted in her belly and buzzed in her brain. She felt a cold sweat begin to break out on her forehead. She didn't like not knowing. Her brief meeting with the old scholar had produced some more information. Not only had she confirmed the veracity of the phenomenon concerning Dume's star, but she had confirmed the identities of the other missing star, as well as the names of the stars that had moved so far in only a few short weeks. That information was helpful, of course, but it didn't make her guesses much more informed. She was a long way from a theory. The stars had arranged themselves into a pattern of evidence, but she had yet to draw the constellation. She was running out of time. She didn't know where to go from here. What was going to happen? What could she do? Taja closed her eyes, focusing her willpower. She willed her stomach to settle, and commanded her mind to be at peace. She waited until her thoughts quieted, until her mind became calm like a still pond. The elevator doors opened, but she remained standing still, eyes closed, looking within herself. Peace would bring answers. Through peace, she would find her destiny. All she had to do was trust the stars. Start simple. What are the facts? Dume's star was flickering like a dying candle. The stars of Toa Lhikan and Toa Nidhiki were moving quickly across the sky, retreating into the darkness of the void. And Toa Tuyet's star was utterly gone.
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    I feel like there haven't been that many G2 Mocs after it ended a few years ago... let's fix that! this is Choroko a Protector of Water and the Daughter of Kivoda. she's probably my Favorite Protector Moc I have made and I hope you like her as well so yeah, hope you like the Moc!
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    Hey BZPower. what_year_is_it.jpg It's been a heck of a long while since I've posted anything there. And after years of different PMs going unanswered (sorry), I've finally taken the time to see how many old fangames I could dig up. The point of this is just really for nostalgia. Looking through them takes me back to simpler times. There's no chance that I'm going back to updating that software library anymore. I've more-or-less ridden off into the sunset. But I can at least leave something here and maybe a new topic where people just share old fangames can take its place. Here's the Drive link of games that I've booted up and deemed safe to share. Be sure to look at the Readme document and share this link around: Link Games that I have but won't include: Toa's Quest 3. This game just gave a black screen of death whenever I try to run it. If you think you can fix it and you're not too worried about your own computer, PM me and I'll send it to you as-is. You'll have to run it at your own risk though. Dark709's Comics The Game: This one really did a number on my machine. I don't recommend anyone take this file. But if you have an old computer to experiment on, PM me and I can send you this game. Destiny War 2: Something got corrupted with this one and I can't get it to run. Surprising since it's an RPG Maker XP game and RPG Maker games have shown to be much more resilient than GameMaker or Multimedia Fusion games. Asks: Any copy of Bionicle: The Infestation pre-Silver Edition (released around 2006) would be greatly appreciated.
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    IC: Sans, Protodermisfall? Sans and the others whipped through the chutes. Not knowing what lie ahead for them, Sans remained alert underneath his jovial demeanor. Good thing, because in an instant, he had to act to save them all. The Alpinist was falling. The party turned a bend and saw his icy body plummeting towards a pool of protodermis that surely would leave him dead on impact. The rest of the party immediately followed suit. They all were falling. They all were going to die. Unless Sans could save them. His old age granted Sans a heightened ability to focus. His mind was his greatest weapon. So he performed tow acts simultaneously. One, he activated his mask, growing, and growing, and growing until he was practically a giant. He scooped up the Cartographer and the sickly Matoran in his arms, and as he did so, he conjured every bit of elemental power he could, and rose a strong tentacle out of the pool below to wrap around the Alpinist's body. The tentacle dragged the Alpinist down to the waters a bit softer than his flat impact would've been. Now came the trickiest part. Sans attempted to raise the pool somewhat to give him some leeway here, but relied mostly on his sheer size to soften the impact. SPLASH! It took a bit of maneuvering, but Sans avoided crushing the Alpinist by a slim margin. The impact still hurt, yet Sans had to eat it. As his old body started to float back to the top, he lifted the two Matoran up out of his arms and towards the surface, so they hopefully wouldn't drown. SO there the party was: three Matoran and one huge Turaga, treading water in a forsaken slum somewhere amidst the tangled chutes of the Notch. "After such a long trip to Metru-Nui, I needed a good bath, huhuhuhu." IC: Othorak, Le-Metru Hideaway The endless hours of lying in the dark were mental torture. Yet Othorak knew he had to bide his time. Until now. Now, Othorak knew he had to venture outward. He had to finish his mission. As he crawled off the couch and made his way to his tunnel out fo the rundown apartment, he took one final look at those Matoran corpses which had started falling apart. "Plenty more where those came from," he smugly assured himself. The crawl sucked. the tunnel was just big enough to fit him. A day of digging it with nothing but brute force to move earth and stone and roots left Othorak extra grumpy. Now crawling back through it was having a similar effect. Othorak was driven, though. No obstacle would stop him. After several minutes, Othorak emerged from his tunnel. It was day time. He heaved his big rock out of the way, and climbed out, but his rock tumbled a bit down the beach side. "It's gonna be one of those days," the cranky Steltian thought. He lumbered over to begin rolling it back, and just when he began to push, he felt something. He looked down, and the grassy patch of shoreline seemed... lit up? Othorak whipped his head around to see an airship above him! It's spotlight was directly on him. "FORGET THE ROCK!" Othorak felt panic and adrenaline pumping through his veins. He bolted towards the Metru, leaving his tunnel entrance exposed and fleeing from the line of sight of the airship. "What did they see? Did they realize who I am? Will the alarms sound soon?" Othorak crouched in an alleyway after what seemed a lifetime of sprinting for his life. There were no alarms, and the airship didn't follow him. "Did I really get away?" Othorak was worried, but only until a lone Vahki turned into his alleyway. "KARZ!" Clearly, this wasn't Othorak's day. It wasn't a newer model, yet the Vahki still engaged. It fired blasts from its staff at him, but Othorak jumped behind a dumpster for shelter. "This one has wheels," and it was then he fought back. Using sheer force, Othorak quickly moved towards the Vahki by means of pushing the dumpster down the alleyway. The blasts stopped. As Othorak peeped over the edge to see if his foe had fled, he instead saw the Vahki sprinting towards him on all fours! He could end this now, he knew it. Othorak leaped over the dumpster and drew his sword as he rushed towards the robot enforcer. The Vahki lunged, but was struck down mid-air by a mighty swing of Othorak's blade. Before the Vahki could counter or escape, Othorak jumped and drove his elbow deep inside the Vahki's chest. Sparks flew and a few unintelligible crackles escaped its maw as it powered down, permanently. Othorak took a moment to compose himself. "If the entire city wasn't already searching for me, they surely would be now. I must be quick, yet cautious." Othorak couldn't even hide the body. He took off, making his way deep into Le-Metru as quickly as he could while remaining stealthy and unseen. The alleys were his friend, and he clung to the shadows as he ventured towards his target: one of the many airship docking bays scattered throughout Le-Metru...
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    Thanks -- you helped me fix my problem. Seeing your troubles with the display made me realize that that's actually the only issue. The music and controls work, just can't see anything. So, I turned off my newer graphics driver, used the default driver, and the game started working (or at least started up and was visible). I knew my comp sci degree was good for something! I still don't know if TQ3's the safest though, so I'll keep testing. If the display's the only problem I could probably host it.
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    Hey everyone. I was in the neighborhood taking care of some unfinished business in Fan Created Games and thought I'd stop by. Glad to see a lot of old and familiar names on this page alone. Congrats on wrapping up the arc. Friar Tuck would be proud!
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    Hi everyone! It's Monday for the GM, so that means it's time for the beginning of the week round up. First I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who filled out the Google Form regarding the handling of the game so far and what you want to see before the timer ends on this wonderful campaign. In the beginning of March I'll be sending out another form regarding the next game I'll be proposing with a start date of April. Almost everyone who replied to the form said they wanted the narrative from SKE to carry over, so unless you all blow the topic up guess what's happening (alright, @EmperorWhenua, it's your time to shine again): we'll keep the train chugging along, but with a twist. Dark Hunter Hit: Go find and eliminate the terrorist from last week. With Dume temporarily in control of the hits, he's wanting this dealt with ASAP. For clues or to get the ball rolling, message @Azibo. The News: Ga-Metru We learned a startling discovery with Tekmo and Nixie Ta-Metru The search for the Ta-Metru great disc is almost to the first puzzle Onu-Metru The Archives team found the Great Disc! (See further back in this topic for puzzle information) Po-Metru Nothing much Le-Metru Great Disc puzzle is in full swing! The party took a tumble off a protodermis waterfall! Ko-Metru Taja discovered something is very wrong with the stars Silver Sea The beach assault reaches the epic conclusion! Vahki took the bluff! Go Go Go! South of Destral The League fighters found the destroyed Tactical Panda as well as a grotto were things are not as they seem... I do believe that is all for major news! You are absolutely crushing this game. We're at 21 pages in the first month of play. Stay lovely, and remember: Happy chat.
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    @Zeal I haven't seen you in five years mate, how you doing?
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    hulk snapped his fingers and everyone came back
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    I'm convinced that someone had been sealing people away in a soul gem. And someone finally broke it. Hi, Zeal.
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    Hi Zeal. I remember you. Come play SKE!
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    After the upgrade, there doesn't appear to be a way to turn off the rank images for certain groups, so everyone gets to enjoy them now.
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    Pfft, of course he was. Lewa got Takanuva to do it. What the Karzahni I'm referencing.
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    I don't think the Archduke was assassinated in Bionicle lore...
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    Question: Are the martians these guys?: Or these guys?:
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